Sexy Chance for New Year’s

Sexy Chance for New Year’s

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Drey drives up to meet her girlfriends for a much needed girl's night out. However, a chance meeting with a younger man provides a lot more fun than she ever bargained.


Drey drives up to meet her girlfriends for a much needed girl's night out. However, a chance meeting with a younger man provides a lot more fun than she ever bargained.


Submitted: December 31, 2016

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Submitted: December 31, 2016



Sexy Chance for New Year’s


The tall, slender man draped his handsome body next to me when I stopped on the side of the road where he stood next to his Ferrari two-seater.  The sports car looked like it dropped right out of a 1960s movie.  My legs trembled with either fear or delight the moment his eyes met mine.  An indigo, I believed, but his eyes appeared inky and dark like his hair.  Mystery filled them, urging me to solve.

And young… definitely young.  Early to mid-twenties easily.  Sweet Jesus!  He was just a baby.  Mmm-mmm-mmm!  One sexy baby!  Come to momma!

“I can’t seem to get a cell signal from here,” the young man commented with the shake of his head.  “Would you mind dropping me by the next town so I can call for a tow?”

“You sure you wanna leave that sweet ride right there?”  I thumbed back with a glance back at the sharp long hood of his red car and the prancing little silver horse on the front of the grill.  It sure was a beauty and looked expensive.  I’m sure it set him back a few hundred grand easily.

He waved at me with his grin, and my stomach fluttered.  “Not at all.  It’s insured, and I have another in black back home.”

“Where’s home?” I asked when we got underway.

“Here and there.  I never stay in one place too long.”

I nodded.  “I know the feeling.  My ex’s in the military.”

“I see.”  He regarded me in my little black dress (the sexiest I owned) with my favorite cowboy boots.  And then he seemed to look around him at the evidence of my life.  Kids toys, school books, soccer gear, and who knew what other treasures were found in the back. 

Me and my 3 sons and 2 daughters moved back in with Mom in Austin, Texas, and she happened to be home to watch the brood.  My girls, the best of the best since college, called me offering a lifeline, and Mom agreed that I should head up to Dallas to see them.  I needed to unwind.  Let my hair down.  Meet up with the girls, go to the club, get drunk, and whatever adult fun I could get tangled in for the next few days I had off work. 

“I bet you’ve seen some interesting places then?”

Snapping out of my thoughts, I gasped.  Geez, did I just zone out with this hottie next to me?  “Um… yeah, Germany was nice for a few years.  Then there was South Korea and Japan, too.  Nothing beats home though.”

“And by home you mean Texas?”

“Born and raised.”

“Hmmm, a real cowgirl, huh?”

I laughed at him.  “Back in the day maybe.  The kids have me reined in but good.”

“I’m sure that’s not the case at all, beautiful.” 

“So where were you headed?” I asked as I glanced at him being a flirt.  He smelled nice and expensive.  A little sweet and sexy spice.  I licked my lips without helping it.  I wondered if he tasted as yummy as he smelled.  Then I shook my head knowing that was so wrong.  God, I was old enough to be his mother! 

“I decided to drive up to Dallas from San Antonio when I broke down where you found me.”

I blinked over at him with a chuckle at the coincidence.  “Oh, yeah?  Me too!  I’m meeting some girlfriends in Dallas.”

“Girls night, huh?”  He beamed with a glitter in his eye.

I smiled back because it was contagious that sexy smile of his and the butterflies were multiplying in my stomach.  “Several in fact.  I’m really looking forward to it.”

“How long have you been divorced?” he asked while staring down at me with a warm smile.

“Is it that obvious?”

He laughed with a shrug.  “Lucky guess and well your wedding band hand wears a striking amethyst cocktail ring rather than a wedding band.”

“My divorce has been final for a little less than a year.”

“He met someone else.”

I looked over at him and my jaw dropped.  “How did you know that?”

“Another lucky guess.  I’ve always been pretty good at it.  Casinos hate me when I play blackjack.”

I lifted an eyebrow at him.  “Really?  And, did you guess I’m a crazy bitch yet?”

He laughed with the shake of his head and flash of dimples around his mouth.  “You are by far the prettiest if that’s the case, but I don’t think so.  You being pretty is evident to anyone who has eyes.”

His phone began to go off when we stared into each other’s eyes.  My stomach did that funny butterflies thing again.  His smile was sweet but his eyes…  Damn the intense way he looked at me with those dark eyes of his felt like they penetrated me.  Yeah, definitely wouldn’t mind if something else he had penetrated me!

He pulled his eyes off mine and grabbed his phone from inside his vest.  Glancing at it, he grimaced but did not pick it up.  He began texting instead and then put the phone back where he took it from.

“Sorry about that, beautiful.  My name’s Chance Rutherford by the way.”  He offered his hand.

I shook it briefly and glanced at him noticing his charming smile.  I wasn’t used to kids his age addressing me that way although I did find it flattering.  “Audrey, but my friends call me Drey.”

Chance nodded with the quirk of his smile spreading on one side of his mouth.  “Well, Drey, it’s definitely great to meet you.  Who knew how long I would have been stuck out there if you hadn’t come along when you did?”

“I’m sure you would have managed fine.  So… you have bars now on your phone?  Did you want to try to call a tow?”

“I just did.”

I blinked at him a moment and then focused on the road.  “Oh.  Well, I’m coming upon the next town soon.”

“You are?  Outstanding!”  Chance glanced out of the passenger window.  It was still plenty dark with minimal light along the highway.

“But you know what?” I asked and glanced at him again when he looked at me innocently.


“Since you’re going to Dallas and so am I, is there somewhere I can drop you?”

“I wouldn’t dream of imposing on your night out.”

I smiled a little.  “I don’t mind the company for the ride.  Makes the time go by faster.”

I meant it, too.  I was so used to having someone in the minivan because with five active kids I was always in the damn thing carting my kiddos somewhere for something.  By the time, I did get some time to myself it was late, and I fell in bed just to start the whole crazy Mom taxi deal all over again the next day. 

“Well, I’m glad I can keep you company, beautiful.”

The way Chance smiled as he winked at me let me know he liked me.  I found that hard to believe, but Mom told me all the time I still had a good figure.  Then again, who the hell could eat with my schedule?  Between working at the ER as a nurse and my kids, there really was no time for anything much less eating.  Mom teased that I needed more meat on my bones.  I teased if I had any more it would slow me down!

It turned out that Chance was the youngest of four children.  We had that in common.  I was the baby, too.  I had only one older brother who lived with his wife and two kids in Houston. 

Chance was expected to follow in the footsteps of his siblings who had jobs in the family business.  He refused to be involved.  The family squabbles over the years concerning the company’s direction really turned him off.  Instead, he started his own business.  He helped derive an app that consolidated searches through popular online shopping sites so that consumers could get the best deals for their buck. 

“And I just thought you were only a spoiled playboy,” I commented aloud and then laughed because there I go again not curbing my tongue.  However, what else was I supposed to think finding him standing next to an antique sports car? 

“I’m that, too, because I do love women.  Spoiled perhaps a bit, but I do work hard.  I play just as hard, too.  At 28, I seriously have my whole life ahead of me to marry well as my step-mom would put it.”

“We’re here,” I announced.

“Already?”  Chance nearly pouted.

His phone buzzed again.  Chance ignored it as he continued to look at me.  When he was about to say something, my phone went off.  “Sorry gotta check this in case it’s my kids.”  I glanced at the number and saw it was one of my girlfriends instead.  I answered it anyway.

“Where are you at?” Tammy asked before I said a word.  I accidently put her on speaker and jumped at the sound of her voice when I went to put the phone to my ear.

“Sambuca Uptown,” Chance piped up to the chipper voice of my BFF on the line.  He grinned at me.

Frowning at him, my mouth dropped open at his audacity.

“Drey, who’s that?” Tammy questioned in curiosity.  Before I could respond, Chance beat me to it again.

“Drey’s new friend who was about to invite her to his private party at Sambuca.  Why don’t you meet us here?  We’re not quite finished our conversation anyway.”

“Cooooool!  We wanted to go to Sambuca anyhow!”

“Great.  When you arrive have them show you to Chance’s party. Okay?”

“Yessssss!  We’ll be there in a few.  Byeeee!”  The call dropped as I could hear her talking with the other girls who I could already hear squealing with excitement.

I shook my head, stunned.  Somehow this really cute guy crashed my girls’ night and has left me flummoxed. 

“I better find parking,” I mumbled still shaking my head.

He pointed.  “No need.  There’s valet parking.”

The young man came and took the keys from me after offering me a ticket with a smile.  I watched the minivan go around the corner which left me standing beside a very handsome young man who (my word!) was very tall.  With my cowboy boots, I was lucky to reach 5’6” and he was every bit over 6 feet tall. 

“Are you mad at me for inviting you?” he asked looking down at me with the lift of his dark eyebrows.

“Um, you didn’t really.  You invited my friends.”  I crossed my arms over my chest.  A modest B-cup kept me proportionate.  Any bigger and I might have toppled over like my friend Crystal who slung around DDs.

“Technically.”  Chance smiled brilliantly with a chuckle as we walked up the stairs into the venue that boasted live music.  It sounded like live jazz right now, and I really liked the vibe this Saturday night.  The place looked packed for New Years’ Eve as expected.  

Near my ear he said, “I want to repay you for being such great company and for your graciousness in picking me up in the first place.”

I found myself trying to make sense out of what just happened.  This guy was so smooth.  This wasn’t his first rodeo.  Perhaps I should just go with it.  It was sure gonna make one hell of a story.

“You don’t owe me anything.  We happened to be going in the same direction.”

“So how old are you?  Thirty-five?” he asked near my ear again.

I stopped walking and just glanced at him with the shake of my head.  “No.” 

“Older?  With this rockin’ body?  Wow!”

Chance certainly knew how to warm to the ladies as I felt myself blushing under his admiring gaze. 


I shook my head again. 

“No way.”

I liked that Chance was persistent, and he carried himself with such confidence.  My eyes weren’t the only ones following him in Sambuca.  Hey, I totally got it.  Chance was without a doubt beautiful, but what made him more attractive to me was that he seemed so down to earth.  He enjoyed life.

My gosh I followed him to the area where his private party was set up, and I needed to cover my open mouth.  We were set up outside with a cozy fire burning in a fireplace.  Around it were comfortable couches and benches under white canopies.  The Asian inspiration in the decorating details were really nice along with the stone water fountain.  A Buddha statue in gold was a great touch.  So very nice and frankly a bit romantic.  Very classy like everyone present dressed even Chance in his dressy jeans, dress shirt, tie and herringbone vest.  I glanced down at myself and felt dressed down a notch.

“You look beautiful, Drey,” Chance whispered in my ear before taking my hand and kissing it.  Again with those damn butterflies! 

Introductions were made.  Many of the people went to school with Chance.  Others were business associates but no family.  I found that odd. 

“Forty-five?” Chance asked while offering me a piece of cake.

The chocolate tasted sinfully good.  I rolled my eyes.  So light and fluffy with a wonderful buttery flavor.  Really good cake.  “You’re not giving up are you?”

“Nope,” Chance replied with a sly half smile.  “I know I’m close, Drey.”

My friends arrived distracting me and the three of these hot ladies started hopping up and down around me as they swarmed me in a group hug.  Kisses rained around from my girls who looked even hotter than I did.  We were a rainbow of short dresses.  Mine was a shirt dress in black and belted.  Tammy wore a red strapless one, of course.  Priscilla looked great in gold with spagetti straps, and Crystal rocked her jade halter dress that matched the color of her eyes. 

“Good evening, ladies.  So glad you could make it to my party.  I’m Chance,” the hottie greeted as he offered glasses of white wine to my friends.

I could see my best girls each swoon in turn when I introduced them to him.  They each looked at me in shock, and I blushed madly because I could see what they were thinking.  I couldn’t stop thinking about how much of a cougar I was.  It was something I never considered.

“So you know that you should give him a chance.  And, yes, the pun is intended, girlie.  He’s hot for you,” Tammy advised leaning into me as we stood side by side at the bathroom mirror where we checked our make-up.  The evening progressed great.  All the girls paired off with guys from Chance’s party and had a blast.  “Go for it.  Dust the cobwebs off.”

“Stop!”  I blushed.

Priscilla teased her newly golden blond hair and shook it.  “If you don’t I sure will.  He’s a delight.”

“Uh-huh and how,” Crystal agreed with a nod.  She turned her head to have a better look at her ash-blond hair in a pixie hairstyle.  “I bet he’s a great lay.”

“Chance is old enough to be my son!” I exclaimed glancing around at my oldest friends.

Tammy shrugged at me.  “And?  You’re gonna fuck his brains out like the hot momma you are!  You’re a gorgeous single woman, Drey.  He’s a grown man and single, too, right?”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“Yeah, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t break off a piece of that.  I mean the way he’s been looking at you it’s clear he wants you.  You know you want him, too.”

My face was burning as I looked away from them.  I couldn’t believe what they suggested.  What had to be the most shocking thing was that I’d been thinking the same thing since Chance got in my minivan if I were honest. 

When we came back out they nearly pushed me at him.

“Would you like to dance?” I asked because the jazz band was replaced by some kind of cover band, but they played current top 40 hits pretty decent.

The way Chance moved, damn!  He had good rhythm that was in perfect sync.  I stopped thinking about how much older I was and just went with the flow of music.  My friends joined the crowd dancing with each other, the guys they met from Chance's party or watching the band perform.  A little crowded on the dance floor, but I felt it wasn't too much. 

The vibe was so good.  Each song flowed into the next just like his body so close to mine.  I was lost to his touch, so warm and inviting.  It’d been a while since a man touched me like that, and I admitted to myself that I liked it.  I also liked the feeling of his lean firmness under my hand. 

What I never expected was by the close of a song by the Weekend, that I would feel his lips against my own.  They were soft and warm.  I felt the sizzle of heat wash through me with an explosion of butterflies.  Then my hands were in his hair.  I kissed him back, opening up to him in a way that made me think I’d lost all common sense.  His hands cupped my face keeping my hair out of the way.  When he broke from the kiss and I looked into his dark eyes, they were so hungry!  As hungry as I felt. 

The next thing I knew, I ditched my friends leaving them with the ticket for my minivan since they arrived in a taxi, and I left Sambuca with Chance.  We engaged in some heavy petting and serious necking in the back of a taxi he hailed.  I felt like a horny teenager in the back of the bleachers letting Cory Leddleston feel me up for the first time. 

This time around I was no novice and all thumbs.  I knew exactly what I was doing.  It happened to be feeling up Chance’s cock through his hot jeans.  At the moment, I clung on top of the young buck well aware that the taxi driver watched us.  I smiled when I spied the cabbie’s blue eyes bulging in the rearview mirror.  This only seemed to turn me on more when I freed Chance’s cock.  Shock registered on the hottie’s face, but he didn’t hinder me.  He only breathed that much harder.  I shifted my thong aside and capped him inside my wanton heat.

“Fuck,” he breathed as he stared up at me through those thick lashes of his.  I kissed him letting go of the last of my doubt.  In his eyes, I saw he wanted what I did.

Why not give Chance his? 

Shamelessly, I took my pleasure with him.  I grinded my wet crotch against his hard member hitting my nub that ached for action.  I’d been itching for his touch there while dancing with him for the last hour.  I couldn’t help what he was making me feel with those big hands of his touching me with possession on my back, waist and ass.  Boldly, he squeezed my tits through my dress. 

He thrusted up to meet me, lodging deeper inside me… We moaned in one breath.  I grinded faster, cumming in a rush.  Chance crushed me down on his mouth the way I took him deep between my legs. 

It was like I wasn’t myself anymore after that first Big O.  Mom left the building and was replaced by a needy slut.  I remembered her, right?  She was how I caught my husband in the first place, but something happened to her.  Kids and responsibility saw her regression to places unknown.  Not now.  Not with the yummy hottie Chance.

This young cutie seemed able to revive the slut in me from her tomb.  And, boy was she ravenous to come again!  Because Chance seemed willing to give what I needed, the slut in me was ready and able to take it.  Hard and fast, I rocked up and slammed down on his cock that stretched me a little but once fully in fit so damn perfectly.  We both came before we made it to his place, but it was close.

Panting Chance threw a bunch of bills at the cab driver who gawked at us.  He then briskly walked into his building that housed his condo.  The elevator door closed, and the hottie lifted me up in his arms.  Chance pressed me against the wall, locking his hot mouth on mine.  I wrapped my legs around him as I ran my hands through his hair.

“Drey, you’re so sexy,” he panted at my neck he nuzzled before kissing it. 

Panting harder I ground my seeping crotch against his hardness growing already through his jeans.  The doors opened, and he carried us through his modern space but never made it much beyond the elevator.  As soon as the doors closed, he pressed my back against the cool stainless steel.  I gasped but smiled at how hungry he looked with flush to his cheeks.

“Fuck!  I’ve got to have you now!”

Just that quick he was inside me again.  I wanted to slow him down and gripped him from within, which seemed to have the opposite effect.  Chance watched me take each of his hammering thrusts as I gasped at how good he felt in me again.  I gripped his shoulders feeling drunk from him.  I wanted to kiss, but he held back watching me, hungering for me.  I tried to bring his head closer, yet he withheld his kiss to watch me cum on his cock so hard I felt the earthquake deep inside.  Chance stopped moving to let me feel the aftershocks as he carried me to the couch.  Straddling him, with him still hard inside me, he let me kiss him.

“Oh, Drey,” he moaned through the kiss.

“You can’t be tired yet,” I teased smiling down at him and caressed his sweaty hair from his forehead. 

He chuckled sexily.  “Ready for more are you?  I should warn you I can go all night, beautiful.”

I began to move on his stiffy.  “I’m gonna hold you to it.”

I mean of all the chances to have, right?  A younger man with stamina was too good to be true!  However, who was I to question fate?  Chances were I was going to enjoy this New Years’ cumming if the first three times now were any indication of what Chance Rutherford had in store for me.  Oh, and I planned on giving him a night he would long soon forget!

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