Sex Fix for Phineas

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

Playing hooky from work is taken to the next level for these two lovers looking to revive their kinky connection.

Sex Fix for Phineas


Sure enough, I was right.  The place Phineas texted me to meet him wasn’t far from my work or his.  In fact, the cabbie arrived at the fancy condominium in less than ten minutes.  I paid my fare before slowly stepping out of the cab.  The doorman in a bright red uniform tipped his hat and opened the door for me.  In the lobby, my heels clicked on marble floors.  Gazing up at the crown molding and crystal chandeliers, it made me gasp at how ritzy it all was. 

At the front desk, a lively young woman smiled.  Her red hair was pinned up, and she dressed in a smart sage suit.  She greeted pleasantly, “Good afternoon.  How can I help you?”

I received another text at the same time.  My lover always did have impeccable timing.

Phineas:  Ask Valerie 4 a package at the front desk 4 Mrs. McClanahan.

I repeated the last part I read mouthing the name soundlessly in confusion.  Who the hell was Mrs. McClanahan?

Phineas:  U are.  Now ask.

I blinked at my phone with widened eyes wondering how my lover knew what I was thinking and then looked around.  I hated it when he did that.  It creeped me out.  Only a little but reading my mind in other ways was nice.

I looked up to the pretty young thing behind the counter with the creamy white skin and smiled.  “Hi, Valerie.  Do you have anything for Mrs. McClanahan?”

Her smile brightened.  “Ahhh, yes!  Your husband told me that I should give this to you once you arrived!  One moment please.”  She hurried off to the back office.

Okay, so it sounded like we would be role-playing.  Hmmm.  Phineas and I used to do this all the time before when we were younger and married to other people.  He would call me over to his place, or I would invite him to mine for a play date into the weekend where we would let the kink fly.  Neither of our spouses at the time enjoyed being so adventurous.  When we found each other over the internet in a writing forum about sexual fantasies, we felt like soulmates.

It had been a while for either of us for anything other than vanilla sex, sexting, sexy video chat, and phone sex because of our work constraints.  We said that we would never marry again after our divorces but lately it felt like we were married to our jobs.  The higher up the corporate ladder we climbed, the more responsibility upper management bestowed on us. 

I could not remember when either of us was home at the same time for a week.  A month?  Six months maybe?  When my lover said he missed me, I believed him.  I missed him, too. 

Valerie returned to the front desk and settled a large black garment box on the counter with a smile.  Gasping in giddy surprise, I began lifting the side of the lid to see what could be inside.  Another chime from my phone announcing a new text message stopped me.

Phineas:  Down the hall, there’s a restroom where u can change.  No peeking at ur present til u get there, naughty girl. 

Damnit!  He did know me so well.  I couldn’t resist wanting to have a peek considering my love of presents.  However, taking up the box I obeyed the instructions given and headed in the direction of the restrooms down the only hall I saw.  Looking right to the left, I searched for the bathrooms and found them opposite an impressive exercise room.  Some very attractive people worked out there.

I hurried into the bathroom unable to take the suspense anymore.  I tore into the box and what was revealed had me grinning from ear to ear.  For sure, Phineas’ kink was in overdrive as I lifted up what appeared to a pleated mini-skirt.  It was the type of plaid I used to have to wear when in Catholic school.  Along with it was the standard white dress shirt with a starched collar and side pocket.  Stripping off my clothes, I left on my black stocking along with the garter belt holding them up and my black heels I wore today.  The suit I wore, and as an afterthought, my panties and bra went in the box, too.

Two scarlet ribbons were in the box.  I gathered up two sections of my strawberry blond hair tying them in ponytails on each side of my head with the ribbons.  My make-up was pretty conservative and didn’t match my current juvenile look.  I added more makeup with heavier red lipstick that matched my nails for a slutty look I knew Phineas liked.  The best part of it all was that I had my trench coat today because it rained earlier this morning.  I put that back on so I didn’t have to worry about giving anyone a heart attack seeing how hot Mrs. McClanahan looked.

I slipped a mint candy in my mouth to freshen my breath.  Reviewing myself in the mirror, I saw I was ready.  The chime from my phone sounded again as I headed out of the restroom.  I knew who it was since I began a text to my lover asking where I headed now. 

Phineas:  Now run along to 812.  Time’s ticking, lil girl.

I grinned again and headed for the elevators.  On my floor, I found room 812 and tried the door.  It opened to me, and I entered the space almost timidly.  I locked the door after me and looked around.  The modestly furnished space looked dimly lit.  A fire burned in the fireplace casting the only light I saw.  The curtains at the window were drawn.  Removing my trench coat, I put it down next to the other stuff that I laid on the couch. 

I continued to explore and saw the dining room table set with a white tablecloth.  A dozen red roses created the centerpiece in a crystal vase.  Two glasses of gold liquid in flutes waited.  With them, two white plates full of chocolate-covered strawberries enticed.  I licked my lips.

Music sounded now.  A familiar song played that I loved from the 80s.  Phineas knew this because I was such a George Michael fan.  “Father Figure” immediately made me begin to sway to the beat.  I closed my eyes.  Instead of hearing George sing the first verse, my lover sang in my ear from behind.

It was all I wanted.  Phineas’ big hands caressed my exposed midriff where I tied up the ends of the white preppy shirt.  I tingled there as he swayed with my body from behind.  He sang with George better than I thought, but I loved when my lover sang to me, period.  He had a rich, beautiful voice that I remember seduced me long before he ever touched me when we first met all those years ago.

My skin tingled under wherever he touched me.  I gasped at the feeling of butterflies and arousal heating my neck where I felt his breath.  From behind, I gathered that I was not the only one feeling arousal, too.  A bulge of something hard grazed my ass with each grind we performed.  I stroked the tops of my thighs exposing hints of the lacy-topped stockings. 

His hands disappeared from my middle, and then I felt a blindfold over my eyes.  I stiffened in surprise.  At my ear, he told me, “Relax, lil girl, Daddy won’t hurt you.”

“But what if I’ve been very bad, Daddy?”

I felt leather at my throat, which made me gasp.  My fingers dared reach up to it and felt the little spikes on it.  Phineas tightened the collar, while I gasped again.

“How naughty has my lil girl been?” he questioned very low.

I shimmied my body down his front still moving to the music.  He must have had the song on in a loop, which was all right by me.  Of George Michael’s songs, it was my favorite next to “Careless Whisper.”  My hands reached behind me to touch any part of him but especially the package tenting for me in his slacks.  I nibbled my lower lip. 

“Oh, so bad, Daddy, I may need to be punished.”  I rubbed his crotch.  “With this.”

He softly chuckled.  I continued my bold grope of his crotch.  Handcuffs looped around my wrists with a click to my surprise.  My lover followed that act by pulling the chain attached up my spine.  Something clicked on the collar at the back of my neck.  He tugged on the chain and the leather bit into my neck restricting my breathing.

“Have you forgotten so quickly, lil girl?” he asked all seductive and dark now.  I heard the warning in it and drooled in my excitement.

A shiver of delicious anticipation ran through me.  I nodded like the defiant brat I pretended to be and pressed my lips together refusing to speak.  The answer to this was swift.  Phineas tugged on the chain again.  The collar tightened in discomfort making my eyes tear.  My breath burned a little at my throat. 

I held my ground.  No matter how Phineas tugged, I did not follow the taunt of the chain.  My eyes rolling back in their sockets, I gagged.  Oh!  The effect of this restriction!  The lower half of me burned even more!  I struggled against the metal that bound my wrists behind me unable to touch my lover now.  Squeezing my thighs together, I felt my juice box overflowing with need.  It was very juicy in fact and needed some sucking!

Phineas urged me over to the couch where he shoved me over the back of it.  Startled at his roughness, I tried to catch my breath.  At my feet, cuffs shackled my ankles with a spreader.  So poised and middle bent over the back of the couch, I felt my skirt hiked above my bare ass. 

A hiss from my lover announced that he must have liked the view and then I felt his hands touching my stockings, my ass, and the curve of my back.  Back down his hands trailed my body, driving me mad with their faint touch.  Those fingers of his scorched me.  I could barely catch my breath now.  I totally lost it when he spanked me.

“Oh!” I yelped at the sting.  My ass wiggled in welcome of it.  I missed such treatment terribly.  “Oh, Daddy, spank me again!”

Phineas obliged one cheek and the other so softly it didn’t hurt.  Each strike progressed faster and harder.  I grunted when they were the hardest.  His hand cracked over and over again on my cheeks.  I’m sure my rear blazed red with his handprints all over it.  When he stopped, I didn’t realize I whimpered in pain or ecstasy.  So incredible it felt when I felt his face between my ass. 

“Fuck!  You’re so good, baby!” he groaned before licking my lovebox more liberally than before.  His tongue slipped beyond the slit while he moved his head up and down so fast.  I tried my best to grind my clit on his chin in the meantime for the extra fireworks down below.  My stomach tightened in wicked coils I could not control.  Phineas’ mouth pressed me to climax fast. 

“Ahhh, yes!” I moaned loving this type of engagement.  “Fuck!  I’m—”

I couldn’t finish in my shock since my lover pulled away from me completely. 

“Nooooo!” I cried trembling all over.  Damn him!  “I wasn’t done with your tongue yet!”

Not far, Phineas chuckled at my frustration.  Frowning, I could hear that he wasn’t behind me anymore.  The sly devil pulled up on the chain.  Without thinking, I rose up by the waist but not all the way into a standing position.  My face no longer touched the back of the couch.  Phineas stood in front of me on the sofa.  I heard the zipper of his pants feeling my mouth water with what I knew hid behind his zipper.  His hand on my chin guided me toward the salty tip of mushroomed flesh.

I painted my lips with him as if his cock became a tube of lipstick. 

“Open for Daddy,” he coaxed in that same seductive command.

I continued to rub my lips on him as I had before.  Harder, he pressed forward the bulbous head.  When that failed to work, he yanked at my collar forcing me to gag.  With my mouth forced open he shoved inside the opening I involuntarily made.  Opening my mouth wider, I yielded to the rough shove of his cock deeper and deeper between my lips. 

His hold on the collar relaxed for his groans of pleasure.  “Ahhh, fuck!  Feels so good, baby!”

Phineas jammed himself deep in my mouth forcing me to gag and my throat to spasm.  He drew back as I sucked in a deep breath only for him to jam himself deep again and hold for ten seconds longer than the first time.  When he drew back, I coughed wetly feeling almost faint.  My throat burned but in a good way.  It felt used, and I tasted the salt of his pre-cum dribbling out of him he deposited at the back of my throat. 

It seemed I had no time to recover from that when I felt the stinging slap on the crack of my ass and my wet juice box.  “Fuck!”

One finger and then another slipped inside me, tickling my love socket.  Deep strokes of them stabbed me when again my ass felt the slap of his palm.  I shook my ass under the sting of that strike.

“Ahhh!” I cried liking well how that felt. 

His fingers left my juice box for my glory hole above it.  They caressed it back and forth with my juiciness.  Only one of them penetrated me gently, but it still burned unpleasantly the way it always did.  “Phineas!”

“Relax, baby,” he cooed in retreat. 

When I did relax, my lover continued to extend the glory hole with his finger a few times switching fingers gently to allow me to get used to them.  In time, it burned less but was not forgotten.  Soon something other than his fingers teased the dark rose.  It sought entry.  Bigger than either of his fingers, the apparatus pressed forward slowly inside me.  I failed to move while breathing slowly and remained relaxed.  For long moments the intensity of being stretched lingered as my frown did with my sweat lining my brow.  My glory hole eased around the toy though, and a rush of relief filled me.

“That’s my good, lil girl.”

Another spank of my ass followed.  I yelped at how it stung.  With that feeling came the fullness especially when Phineas’ fingers stabbed my juice box so deep very slowly at first. 

“Oooooh!”  The fullness remained and spread across my nether regions so pleasantly.  He continued to stab me with his fingers and allowed me to thrust back to meet him.  Another strike of my ass signaled that at last, the wait was over.  His stiff cock replaced his fingers rubbing me between my legs and attacking my clit.  I ground against the thick veins gasping with need. 

“Oh, Daddy!”  I flattened my hand so I could touch him.  He had yet to remove his shirt.  All I could feel was the heat of his body but no skin. 

Phineas chuckled in that sexy way he has.  “Are you ready for your punishment now, lil girl?”  His cock still teased my smooth lips and clit.  I leaked all over it in eagerness for him to join me inside.

“Punish me, Daddy!  Oh, I want it!  I have been such a bad lil girl!” I told him while using my little girl's voice.

He spanked my ass more than once very hard now.  It jarred my body and made my nipples so hard they ached each time they jiggled against the fabric of the shirt.  I was on fire everywhere.  Tears burned in my eyes.  “Ahhhhh!”

His hands stopped spanking me to roughly shove me into the couch.  My ass lifted into the air, and his cock stabbed me deep at the most perfect angle.  I shuddered.  


I contracted on his cock, and couldn’t stop it.  I fought against it, but I was coming.  Of course, I realized that something else would be coming, too, even as I felt Phineas leave me.

The chain yanked me back against his front, and I gagged immediately standing up straight.  His mouth came to my ear.  “Did I fucking say you could come on my cock?” Phineas questioned in a low stern voice.  His hand struck my sore ass when I failed to answer.

I whimpered at the injury, “No.”

“No what?” he growled.

“No, Daddy,” I replied in a little girl's voice. 

He struck my ass again and a second time before forcing me to bend again over the couch.  His cock jammed inside me again, but I knew better to hold off my coming.  He spanked my ass and fucked me hard as I screamed against my pussy walls wanting to come.  Phineas grabbed me by my ponytails as he drilled me like a jackhammer.

I was hoarse from crying and out of breath.  Sweat poured from my body and his.  He had yet to ease up this course, and I could no longer hold on.

“Daddy, please!  I want to come!  Please let me come!  Please, Daddy!” I whispered desperately with my voice cracking in places. 

The music still played but all I could hear filling my ears was my own breathing and his.  The wet smacks of my pussy taking his big cock also sounded loud and frequent.  He had not stopped or slowed down since he started.  The glory hole puckered around what I guessed to be a butt plug.  It had been a very long time since I felt such incredible sensations of fullness coupled with ripples of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck!  I’m coming!  Come with me now, baby!” Phineas groaned while yanking back on the chain as he shoved into me so deep.  I gagged again relishing the fullness of my trembling muscles inside and out that screamed for this moment of release.  He pumped me deep with his cream as his grip on the chain loosened.  My lover collapsed over me bent on the couch.  Both of us panted for a second before he lifted his weight from me.  My legs still shook.

The blindfold came off, and so did the spreader at my ankles.  The collar and shackles remained as Phineas lifted me from the couch and settled me at the dining room table.  I hissed at my sore bottom but did not complain.  I merely stared across at my lover, the man I loved wordlessly.  He said nothing either as he stared into my eyes with the intensity I loved.  He fed me champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. 

When finished our second little treat of the afternoon, Phineas smiled at me sweetly, looking very pleased.  Standing, he lowered down to me and kissed me with a soft passion that I responded to in the same way.  His lips parted from mine too soon tasting of me. 

Once more, Phineas easily lifted me over his broad shoulder.  Even after almost two decades together, I remained on the petite side.  Small breasts ran in my family, and so I inherited them.  I also kept my long legs with a nice round ass toned by my Pilates classes taken three times a week.  He loved to squeeze the latter as he did absently right now.

My lover was not a muscle-bound man, but tall, average in body with broad shoulders.  The best part of him was his mind, but if strictly speaking of the area of his body I was most attracted to, it had to be that massive cock of his and his big hands.  His hair started thinning at the top maybe five years ago.  More wrinkles filed in at his eyes and mouth when he smiled since we met.  However, Phineas remained the most handsome man to me.  I never wanted anyone more, and in moments like these, I don’t think I ever loved a man more either.  How he felt for me could always be seen in his eyes, and I knew he loved me just as much.

“Where are we going, Daddy?” I asked after clearing my voice in the new excitement fluttering at my belly. 

Phineas took us from the living room and entered a bedroom that wasn’t a bedroom at all in the usual sense.  Dark red painted its walls and ceiling.  Dark red carpet masked his footsteps.  An enormous four-poster bed was a part of this playroom along with all sorts of toys along the walls.

My eyes widened in wonder.  We talked about such a playroom for exploring our kink years ago but never created one.  For one reason or another, we grew too busy for kink, and the discussion I thought was forgotten.  Looks like my lover had other ideas in mind.

“Time to play some more, lil girl.  Are you ready?” he asked with mischief twinkling in his eyes and the flash of his sexy smile.

My smile grew when he uncuffed my wrists to chain me to the door he closed.  I couldn’t wait to be really, really bad now.  I had good reason to be with so much to play with! 

“Oh, yes, Daddy, I need plenty more correction.”

Submitted: May 28, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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I think you misspelled both our names wrong.

Sun, May 28th, 2017 3:30am


Do you really think so, Mr. Nash? Interesting...

Sat, May 27th, 2017 9:03pm


Oh.. I definitely think so Mrs Turner... and stop being a s....
Her name should begin with an A.
And his usually begins with an S.
So go back to the drawing board...

Sun, May 28th, 2017 4:10am


Oh, no, you see, I do like being the naughty one
and a strong hand is necessary to keep me in line
yet in this case though the title works for me. It has
a pleasant "f" sound that goes well with my favorite
"f" word. I think you know what that is...

Sat, May 27th, 2017 9:27pm


Oh Ms Potty Mouth! Juice Box and Love Socket, I love them both. Here doe you come up with these description.. I have a straw that will fit the 'box' or do I drink directly from the opening. I have a bolt and nuts for you to tighten own on with your Socket.
You naughty little girl. Pigtails, small breasts and a schoolgirl costume with ia garter belt and black nylons; Damn that would be a hot sight to see. I can already picture the kink. My pants discarded
XoxoX Ron/SWx

Sun, May 28th, 2017 4:26am


Your method for the juice box would be welcome no matter how employed. All the more fun to mix it up I would bet. We're all naughty girls, with the right guy to bring her out of us. No pants are required... :D

Sat, May 27th, 2017 9:39pm


My pants discarded my little friend stood up and was 'happy' to be free once my kink kicked in. A naughty schoolgirl being punished by her daddy.
Mmmm I can picture a long standing fantasy described by you here. How did you get in my mind and find it.
I loved every word of this but it has created a big problem here that I need to beat down so i can get some sleep.
XoxoX Ron

Sun, May 28th, 2017 4:37am


Ooops... that damn ESP thingy again! I'm not sorry about your problem... big or small. I think it's a nice problem to have regardless. : P

A long standing fantasy? Well, I am not the kind of girl to kiss and tell...

Sat, May 27th, 2017 9:43pm


You are a Naughty little schoolgirl Ms Turner assume the position....little white panties Ooohhhh...can I join in ?? Got Juice ??
You always get things wet and sticky Ms what to do ?? lol XO

Sun, May 28th, 2017 11:02am


LOL! The more the merrier!
My mama taught me to always share!
Well, I don't know about that, but it sure makes it fun! ;)

Sun, May 28th, 2017 6:57am


You damn well better not tell. The girl in ny fantasy was called Amy. ;-))
XoxoX Ron

Sun, May 28th, 2017 12:49pm


You know I have heard that girls so named are sweet as an angel or hot as the devil...

Sun, May 28th, 2017 6:59am


Well if Ms Amy is in a sharing mood and wants us to cum, I mean come ... " Just Whistle, you know how to whistle don't you...just put your lips together and Blow "..Is Amy a Bogey Fan ? Do you think he was really talking about "Whistling" ?? lol. By the way , Phineas is a name made famous by a miracle man / survivor named "Phineas Gage "..If you did Abnormal Psychology in College Amy you would know that Dude...Huge hole in the head and lived to tell....his story is worth a read......So when is this "more the merrier thing " happening Ms Amy haha !! I'll bring the Handcuffs lol ....and the Fresh Cream ....later XO

Sun, May 28th, 2017 4:36pm


Oh, that line was so tightly veiled, but to be honest, sex was so veiled in those old movies. That's what I thought was so cool about them. Very subtle. Not like BS. We're quite in your face about sex around here. LOL! As for Bogey, what's not to like? He was always a gentleman. A real man's man. Gone to soon.
The more the merrier thing will happen when you least expect it, E. Love that you bring your own props. :D

Tue, May 30th, 2017 11:58pm


I can only provide that type of discipline for my little girl if I know for sure that it's the type of discipline that she wants & needs... I appreciate a wet little show of proof! That way I can use that nice wetness to guide my tongue in driving torrential rainstorms & tsunamis out of those tropical zones into the light of a clear spring morning after the storms!! The Princess must be a soaking wet mermaid in the seas of passionate emotions!

Mon, May 29th, 2017 9:11am


Oh, Spy, that is the only way that could happen around her. Consent must be expressed and clearly communicated. Otherwise, this would not be very fun, and I do not approve of that. May be to some others cup of tea but certainly not mine. All the better then for the exchange of power when that comes later for the switch because I believe in being fair. :D

Wed, May 31st, 2017 12:02am


A fantasy of probably every man whose ever had sex, and divinely described. I am probably one of the very few who like the "Daddy" complex of sex, and I'll spank her if I can kiss it and make it better afterwards. But the control, domination and submission is always alluring in sex, and you put it all together so wonderfully.
I'm sure there are many others besides me anticipating and hoping for a reversal of roles.....I don't know if my horny heart could stand it, lol. You're too good at this.....

Thu, June 1st, 2017 3:05pm


No, you are too good with the comments, Ben. Shucks... being spanked definitely would not be so bad if there's the kiss to make it all better. As to the other, it goes without question that they all fall hand in hand at least so it is with me for the enjoyment of both roles being played out. And, with the hint of role reversal? I am sure you could stand it just fine, Ben. Well, just see how well Phineas does... ;)

Fri, June 2nd, 2017 11:38pm

Michael Arlis

"struck my sore ass"
I think you descriptions are abundant and interesting. I am assuming that you are a woman and are writing with a woman's perspective. The words move.
Thnx Michael Arlis

Sat, August 5th, 2017 2:39am


Well, thanks so much, MA, as that story was written from a female perspective of which I am. Thanks so much for reading and thinking it interesting and descriptive. Moving words are certainly the best. :D

Fri, August 4th, 2017 7:44pm


Great bondage story, i really enjoyed it. Im not sure if i would enjoy the butt plug very much though...
- Sexykitten45

Thu, March 29th, 2018 2:24pm


Thanks sweet, Kitten for the read and sharing of your thoughts. Anal play is for those that can appreciate it. I do understand that it isn't everyone's cup of tea but for others they do find such play "intense" while other activities are going on. Proper prep is key though, complete relaxation, lots of lube and starting small. ;)

Thu, March 29th, 2018 4:09pm

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