Rekindling Ecstasy

Rekindling Ecstasy

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



At the start of her wedding anniversary weekend leading into a week-long vacation, a wife is excited about what her husband has in store for her when she gets home from work…



At the start of her wedding anniversary weekend leading into a week-long vacation, a wife is excited about what her husband has in store for her when she gets home from work…


Submitted: August 24, 2018

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Rekindling Ecstasy


The hands of the clock mock me in their insipid game of dragging out this day for as long as possible.  Now that the end of the longest work week is near, I am ecstatic for what’s to come.  My wedding anniversary and a week away from the job leaves me in capricious spirits.  I’m so scatter-brain that I can focus on none of the reports I attempt to finish.  The culprit, Reggie, my husband, hints at the surprise for me the moment I get home. 

Quitting time arrives at my enormous relief.  Before I leave for home, I pop into the bathroom to relieve myself.  While washing and then drying my hands, I steal a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror.  Wrinkles invade with more lines on my forehead and around my hazel eyes than I care to count.  I like to think the years I live up to this point make me wiser.  So don’t we all, right?  Snickering to myself, I touch up my eye-shadow, mascara, and favorite crimson lipstick. 

Approaching my mid-forties, I accept that the years have caught up to me as one would expect.  Not in a sad way where I join the masses bemoaning about mid-life crisis.  No, no, no.  Of all the periods of my life, I am the most comfortable emotionally, physically, and even sexually.  In fact, I thrive now as I reflect on other periods. 

My awkward teens are forgotten where I had been teased for the thick glasses I wore.  Nope, no sexy librarian here like I read about sometimes in my romance novels.  I wished back then that I was the object of someone’s heart beating faster.  Only a nerdy girl with severe astigmatism.  No one chased after me.  Just as well since my head was lodged in the skies where fantasy took hold on some other plane of existence.  In that place, looks didn’t matter because people fell in love by seeing the beauty that only comes from within. 

My blossoming twenties are done where I sought discovery of who I was going to be: a dominant, a submissive or something interchangeable.  That decision meshes up with the type of man I desired and not always for my good, I’ll tell ya!  No more bad romances plague me now with men who used me, cared only about themselves, and never wanted anything to do with my heart I was so ready to give. 

Through my thirties, at last, surpassing mistake after ridiculous mistake in only seeking the sizable clit tickler foremost on my list of preferences, I spent a period, self-reflecting over my life alone with no hefty hose to service my daisy.  Those were the rough years where my pleasure was only found in a battery-operated pink rabbit I named Buster. 

Somehow after I stopped looking for love, it found me!  By chance, I met Reggie through mutual friends on a blind date, hit it off to my shock, and a year later married him.  My husband encountered a much similar journey of hardship to find the love of his life in me.  At that point, he’s the type of man I needed.  Loving, supportive, and trusting in the love we shared.  The same went for Reggie in my regard.  Perfect, right?

The rest, as they say, was history.  Reggie and I settled into routines of work, family life, and kids’ activities.  More common became the rare time for ourselves as individuals or as a couple for that matter.  Something derailed our marital relationship because of it.  Each of us drifted through the motions of our lives with zombie-like expectation.  Our focus lingered on keeping up appearances for neighbors, extended family, and our closest friends that everything’s okay with the Jones.  My husband and I lived the dream after all.

In truth, our situation was in dire need of rejuvenation and realignment.  Reggie and I forgot what linked us together in the first place.  We started taking each other for granted by spending more time at work in accepting more responsibilities away from home.  Bills distracted us as well as the needs of our son and two daughters in their extra-curricular activities.  We developed work crushes on colleagues.  Nothing that we ever acted on, but something that filled a need neither of us could stand to voice. 

How could this happen?  Simple.  We allowed it without knowing.  The temptation grew irresistible to embark on believing the grass was greener on the other side.  It did not matter the lies we told ourselves.

Dull sex sneaked up on us.  Our only excuse was that Reggie and I were too tired to desire connecting that way.  Kept busy with other things, we neglected to appease that vital itch and enhance our relations with each other in general beyond the kids.  So bored with each other, we treated sleeping more like a cherished lover.

What got us out of that rut?  One night two years ago was the start.  Everything drastically changed afterward.  Smiling as I leave my office building, heading for the carpark, I’ll never forget that change in our routine and neither will Reggie.

My dream that night was odd.  It forced me awake from a sound slumber.  My mouth was dry, I assumed from snoring when I got up to get some water.  My husband did not move, of course.  He slept harder than a rock most nights. 

In glancing through the bedroom window, I could see into the house next door in our cul-de-sac.  There I gawked at our neighbor Gwen screwing two muscular studs with gusto.  I couldn’t believe my eyes at the late hour of the night it was or how hot watching Gwen enjoy her men hung like stallions made me.  Without much discussion, I stroked my husband’s cock until it got hard.  When it did, I took my pleasure with it to my shock and Reggie’s own.

After that, my husband could not wait to get home.  Neither could I!  We smiled over dinner and ventured to bed feeling each other up when the kids weren’t looking.  The sex was smoking as I envisioned it was me with those studs Gwen banged.

This went on for days and then weeks until Reggie and I had a candid conversation about the sudden revival of our sex life over dinner.  I fessed up to the reason why I was suddenly so horny late at night.  Reggie didn’t condemn or laugh like I thought he might.  He seemed relieved and so happy to have this part of our lives back.  It didn’t matter how we got there, but I totally agreed with him.  We wanted the trend to continue by any means necessary.

Once again, Gwen put on one of her late-night sex shows.  The curtains were wide open for any to see into her house.  More guys were involved this time, and they were black with long, thick schlongs.  My husband stayed up watching it all unfold as I did wholly mesmerized, but we could not stop masturbating each other.  When we were tired of waiting and ready for some action of our own, Reggie, aggressive in his hunger, took me from behind until we both were satisfied.

The hunger that lives in us was sparked by Gwen’s exhibitionism those first few times we caught her.  However, my husband and I have kept the fire going on our own to present.  If our neighbor happens to perform her bedroom gymnastics, then we become apt voyeurs.  No longer do we need Gwen to be a catalyst for our own sex show.  Reggie and I gladly take matters into our own hands any chance we get apart from the kids. 

Two years later our son is off to college, and there are two more kids to go.  We love it!  Reggie and I love even more, sending off our daughters to spend probably their last summer with their grandparents before they’re off to college like their brother.  Having more time alone together in the evenings has meant that my husband and I dedicate plenty of it rekindling the intimacy in our relationship. 

Some of our favorite things are hanging out at home naked after work, making dinner together while fooling around, and having sex everywhere in the house.  On the warmest days, Reggie and I sneak out to the pool for a dip and then more yummy sex not caring if the neighbors in the surrounding homes of our housing community can see us acting like deviant teenagers.  We grow addicted to the exhilaration of being caught as we were once by Gwen while skinny dipping.  Reggie and I often discuss how much we like the idea of being watched during our act of love.

Raring to put the pedal to the metal and get on down the road, I speed-walk all the way to the mini-van.  With a glance at myself in the rearview mirror, I smile at my reflection.  In my eyes, I view how keyed up I am for whatever Reggie has in mind for me once I get home.  Yay!  The wait killing me meets its end!

My phone dings shaking me out of my thoughts.  As a reflex or compulsion, I dig it out of my purse and gaze at the message I receive.  My smile grows devilish at who texts me.

[Reggie]:  Can’t wait for you to get home, baby.

[Me]:  Missing me already, huh?

[Reggie]:  Can’t wait to show you how hard you’ve made me all day thinking about you wearing that sexy red thong on your amazing ass and lacey bra that makes your tits look so delicious.

I laugh because I wore the tightest dress I could get away with to work today knowing that Reggie would be watching me dress as he does every morning.  The lust in his green eyes as I walked out the door without letting him touch me is priceless.  That comes tonight so I tease him with the sway of my hips right out the door leaving him in what I hope is sexual frustration he’ll use on me later.

[Me]:  Oh, yeah?

[Reggie]:  Can’t concentrate because your sexy body has been on my mind consistently.

I snap a pic of my breasts nearly spilling out of the low cut of my red dress and send it to him with a snicker. 

[Me]:  Oh, you mean this?

[Reggie]:  Ahhh, fuck!

A picture of my husband’s turgid penis up close and personal in a side angle follows.  I giggle.  That’s just the reaction I’m aiming for.

[Me]:  Mmmm!  No rubbing one out.  That’s my job, Mr. Jones.

[Reggie]:  Then get your sexy ass home, wife.

[Me]:  Grrrr, I love when you talk dirty, naughty boy.

[Reggie]:  I love your lips wrapped around my cock, dirty girl.

[Me]:  Mmm… love the taste of you.

[Reggie]:  I only want to do one thing tonight... YOU.

[Me]:  I’m on my way!

In the seat of my mini-van, I squirm all the way home.  I park in the garage and enter the house, but it appears at first glance that no one is home.  The place appears dark and uninviting.  I proceed and see the random flicker of candles lit.  A fire burns in the fireplace casting the rest of the living room in a romantic warmth.  Soothing music plays low, and the furniture in the living room has been moved aside.  A wooden chair has been placed in front of the fire, and on the seat, a bouquet of red roses rests.  My heart melts at their beauty as I lift them to my nose and inhale.

From behind, I hear my husband greet, “Happy anniversary, baby.”

I turn to see my husband wearing his slacks and button-down shirt from work.  We embrace and kiss with a sweetness I adore.  “Happy anniversary,” I reply, beaming in splendor.

Separating from Reggie, I look at the chair in the center of the living room and ask, “What’s with the chair here and the furniture rearrangement?”

“A surprise, but I need to blindfold you.  You cannot take it off until I say.  Okay?”

Lifting an eyebrow at him, I wonder what he’s up to.  We’ve blindfolded each other before and also have tied each other to the bed to spice things up.  Often now we even share fantasies of whatever is on our minds and use that knowledge to please each other in our sensual sessions together.  It gives a whole new kind of excitement besides the vanilla sex which is okay when we do not have as much time to each other.  Having a bit of role-playing in the mix always puts me in the mood.

“Are we playing a game?” I wonder as my heart beats faster. 

Reggie smiles at just one corner of his mouth, and I bite my lip.  He oozes sexy when he smiles at me like the bad boy he is.  “In a manner of speaking.”

My eyebrow lifts in question.  “What does that mean?”

“I’m in control.  No questions; only your complete submission is required.”  He wags his finger at me.  “No matter what happens, no removing the blindfold either until I say.  If at any time, anything done gets too intense, tell me to stop.  Do you agree?”

I nod slowly.  “Okay, sounds easy enough to tell you to stop.  When do we begin?”

“We already have.”

Reggie takes the roses from me and places them on the kitchen counter in an awaiting vase.  When he returns to me still standing in the living room where he left me, a long, narrow cloth is in his hands.  “Turn around,” he orders with the twirl of his finger.

I obey and feel the satin fall over my eyes and knots behind my head.  No more light do I detect.  To compensate for the lack of sight, I strive to hone in on my other senses.  The smell of my husband’s cologne, for example, seems more intense.  A favorite of mine when mixed with his natural scent because of its notes of fresh mountain air.  The soothing quality of the music has no vocals at all, which I prefer.  Not classical either but an acid jazz my husband often employs to help us leave our busy lives of work and children behind and now concentrate on us.  With that lingers the appealing smell of burning wood and the crackle of the fire. 

“I’ve got a whole new way to love you.  Are you ready?” Reggie inquires while touching my arms which makes me shiver in delight. 

I nod again like a bobblehead.  “Oh, bring it on, Mr. Jones!”

Reggie chuckles in that sexy way of his that makes me wet.  He wastes no time in unzipping the back of my dress while I hold up my hair out of his way.  His fingertips outline my bra along the top, halt at the clasp in the back to kiss me there, and continue their progress down my spine to the top of my thong where he kisses me. 

“Mmm, your lips make me feel so good,” I say, thrilled where this heads so far.

Soft lips caress me from shoulder to shoulder in feather lightness.  I moan as Reggie's smooth hands slide my tight red dress off my arms, down my sides and hips, and let it fall to my red heeled feet.

“I’m so hard with love and desire for you,” Reggie replies with a kiss behind my ear, nuzzles it, and lets me go.

“Prove it,” I challenge, biting the corner of my lip. 

At my shoulder, I feel his hot breath and chuckle.  “Patience, Mrs. Jones.  Patience.”

I tremble at his tease in not touching me for a few seconds that dawdles like minutes.  Ready and anxious for more right now, Reggie gives me great suspense in doing nothing.  Shoot!  He doesn’t take the bait like I hope and remains in control.

“Face me as you did before, baby.”

I turn around and part my lips imagining him admiring my body he claims even after the babies he’s given me that he loves. Often he compares my hour-glass figure to Marilyn Monroe which I find a flattering compliment.

“Excellent and simply irresistible.  Put your wrists out and hold them together in front of you.”

Through my body Reggie finds so pleasing, the trembling is more pronounced.  I cannot help it yet do precisely as instructed.  He’s torturing me with anticipation at the pace he moves.  I know that he’s enjoying this as much as I am.  Usually, I am the bossy one in our relationship, and Reggie runs with my plays.  One of his fantasies though involves being a dominant, and I don’t mind being his willing submissive for a change.  I trust my husband explicitly and know he’d never do anything to hurt me.

“Good girl,” he praises, sounding pleased.

Reggie wraps my wrists in nylon rope so expertly that I cannot wiggle them free.  It’s not tight enough to cause discomfort.  He’s really gotten so good at this!  My heart races to the same staccato of my breathing.  The wetness trickles with increased abundance from between my thighs I squeeze together.

Biting my lip, I wait all agog for what comes naturally, voracious for the pleasure I know well comes but not how it may be delivered.  Reggie’s fingertips interrupt my musings.  They take a languid stroll over my shoulders and down the crevice between my breasts pressed together by my red strapless bra.  Reggie reaches within the cup and gropes my boob while his other hand pinches the nipple of my other breast through the lacey cup.

“Ahhh!” I gasp squeezing my thighs together harder.  I want to touch myself, but my husband is in the way, and his hands have not ventured south toward that hungry place.

“Arms up!” Reggie orders when I try touching him instead.

I lift my arms instantly over my head as I pout.  My husband takes his time massaging my cleavage, pressing each fleshy mound together and then pinching the nipples until they're sore. 

“Reggie… please,” I beg when this interchange goes on longer than the minutes I can tolerate.

He does not stop but reaches behind me and unclasps the bra which causes my breasts to spring free as I pant.  I feel the face of my husband between them as he toys with the nipples and slaps each side of his face with them. 

“I love these beautiful melons,” he groans in pleasure.  And, as if to prove it, he sucks at my nipples like he wants to nurse milk out of them.  His tongue is fantastic wrapping around each before he sucks.  “Mmm!”

I’m hissing at his mouth tormenting me.  My arms come down over his head trying to draw him to me, and he renders a stinging slap on my ass in warning.  “Owww!”

“Up, I said!  Keep those arms up!” he orders before grabbing my nipple with his teeth and pulls back before releasing it to give the other nipple the same treatment.

“Ahhhh!” I cry at the bite of pain when he slaps my other ass cheek.  My arms lift back in the air away from him.  I thrust my chest out instead, but he promptly removes his face.  Damn!

Reggie pulls my thong down and the instant his face burrows between my thighs my hands are down on top of his head.  He slaps my ass with both hands at the same time.  Pain radiates from the action, but the pleasure of his tongue at my clit overrules that sensation.  My trembling is an all-out shudder. 

“Oooh!” I yelp and then moan.

Reggie teases his tongue around my little bud and along my lips.  The tip of his tongue revolves around my entryway to paradise, and his tongue soon plunges inside.  Heat and wetness gush from me.

I groan, “Oh, yes, Reggie!  Make me cum!”

Reggie’s tongue retraces his pattern of my undoing.  He pulls back his efforts the closer to the edge he draws me near.  Soon I am all but rocking for my own gratification against his face, but he spanks my ass again until it stings so good.  The nonverbal cue is a familiar one since I have such a hard time following instructions.  Of course, I do it on purpose because I love being naughty with Reggie.  He wouldn’t have me any other way. 

The love tap on my ass reminds me to hold still.  I do although arduous with his wicked tongue coating my vagina better than a glazed donut.  At my clit though, Reggie eases off the sucking and licks.  To compensate, he provides butterfly kisses to my inner thighs.  He does not return to my favorite pleasure of eating me out no matter how I rock my peach in his face.  I feel his breath on me.  Again, he slaps my ass while I pout at his self-control. 

Reggie teases me again in the worst way by nearly making my heart pound with my cumming before he backs off.  “Reggie, please don’t leave me this way!”

My husband has the nerve to chuckle with sexy undertones.  “I just needed a little taste of your sweetness before we proceed, baby.  You make me so thirsty.” 

“I want to cum,” I whine in exasperation.

Reggie ignores me and pulls my thong the rest of the way down my legs.  Little by little he calms me down with soft kisses as he does this.  Once the thong is at my ankles, he helps me step out of it along with each red shoe. 

“Outstanding.  Walk back and sit on the chair, baby,” Reggie commands.

I do as my husband says with his hand guiding me by the wrists he allows me to lower.  When the back of my legs hit the chair, I sit.  My wrists rest in my lap.  The blood boils in my veins as warm as the fire behind me.  I note the change in music.  A more erotic song with the drumbeat matching my heart. 

“Arms up, baby.”  I lift them to my chest without protest because while I like being naughty and defiant, I also like to progress further along where I finally get my send off to climax town.

“Good girl.  Sit still and don’t move until the song is finished,” Reggie says some distance away, yet soon I am straddled forcing a gasp from me.  However, if that's all I wouldn’t be about to lose my mind!  A tight ass grinds on my lap, and a huge cock wedges between my legs.  With each grinding lap dance to the music, I am poked at my clit.  I spread my legs a little for that is all I can manage with the weight of the naked man on top of me.  My bound hands in front of me touch the chest in movement and feel hairs.  I am alarmed since my husband has no chest hair.  The scent coming from this man is pleasant and sweet not fresh like my husband either.

I fight against myself in not moving although these thoughts run through my head.  The poking of the thick hard dick is more pronounced as I revel in my first orgasm of the evening.  The song ends and the hard mass up and leaves.  Dammit!

“Hey!  I wasn’t done yet!” I protest.

“Only warming you up for what’s to come, baby.”

I snort, “I’m so hot I’ll melt!  Come on, Reggie!  Stop teasing me and make me cum!”

My husband laughs in good humor, which vexes me in how he thwarts my best plans for coming.  “Patience, baby.  Remember, I am in control.”

“Oh, I’ll remember this all right,” I grumble while loving every minute of the tease master my husband has become.  He knows that, indubitably, which makes this so much fun.

“What was that?” Reggie asks with an air of innocence.

I mumble in reply, “You’ll see.”

“No, I think you will soon enough.” 

The same sweet musk permeates close when I feel hands lift my arms up and around a bald head which makes me gasp again.  My husband has trim dark blond hair that’s longer on top.  I’m confused but distracted when strong hands lift me up by my thighs and lock my legs around his waist.  A blunt hardness swirls against my clit and then presses within my entrance stealing my breath. 

Oooo!” I moan knowing that this man who holds me is not my husband.  This man stretches me before allowing me time to get used to him filling me entirely without space to spare.  I am hot and buzzing with need.

“Give it to her!” Reggie commands to my shock, and complete joy as the man holding me thrusts that box buster in and out of me.  “Make her cum hard!”

“Ahhhhh!” I cry as the man swings me by my thighs into his thrusts.  Never before have I come to the edge so fast.  I take him in a roughness, bouncing on that guided missile ready to go boom!  Rushing wetness from me coats the one-eyed beast making the ride smoother but louder as we collide.  His breathing is ragged like mine.

My core tightens in the terrific tingling of my cumming.  My trembles grow while my walls compress on the cock filling it often.  A sound cuts through my groans, however.  Something being squirted from a bottle? 

Another set of hands are on me, warm and familiar, confirming my thoughts.  They rub my ass, kneading it like dough, and then specifically my crack.  His fingers dance along my other hole before one invades me.

The other fantasy of my husband is to have anal sex.  I do not particularly care for it, but Reggie loves playing with my ass.  Like my breasts, it is big but firm in his hands.  How could I possibly deny his want when he’s in control and giving my cervix just the raider it wants?

“Mmm,” I purr being relaxed like a kitten, loving the additional nuance to my stimulation.

"That's a good girl."  Reggie’s finger rubs in and out of me in stride with the big cock shuttling me right off to space.  His finger becomes two while the cock in my pussy has yet to feed it any cum even though I have all over it.  My tremors lessen as do the intensity of the big cock’s thrusts when a second hard cock replaces the fingers.

Reggie groans low, "Oh, baby!"

Smooth hands cup my breasts pinching and teasing my sore nipples.  Once more the big cock moves with more fervor in and out of my dripping entrance.  One cock in and the other one out of my ass feels stupendous in the pleasure that pours into my core.  Now I understood how extraordinary my neighbor Gwen felt being used this way.  It had been my fantasy to know that feeling, and now I do.  I am stretched to my limits, stuffed full, and cumming again.

“Oh! Oh! My! Ahhh!!!” I cry in the exhilaration of the release.  It bombards me in decadent ripples of pleasure radiating from my core and through my whole body.

“Mmm,” Reggie moans while nibbling my ear, “I love fucking this tight ass.  Damn, baby, you feel so good.”

So much sensation built without pain.  All experienced sails beyond my wildest dreams and just because Reggie means to please me.  I cannot stave the tears from flowing in how much I love and trust this man.  Overwhelmed, the pleasure saturates me at the same time.  The men hold any further movement in alarm noticing the wet stains forming at my eyes behind the blindfold.

“Is it too much, baby?” Reggie inquires kissing my neck and ear with tenderness.

I shake my head.  “No.  Please don’t stop.  I am just very happy right now.”

They resume pushing inside me their stiffest parts in tandem, slow at first and then heart-pounding, sweat rendering, sandwiching gyration of flesh.  The clapping, down and dirty fucking has me screaming for joy, “I’m cumming!  Oooh, God! I’m cumming so hard for you!”

That’s when I realize that I am not alone as the spurting jets of cum fill me like those cream sticks do.  In a heap, we collapse to the couch which I realize is covered in soft blankets.  Smart prep by my husband.  He lifts off my blindfold and frees my wrists.  Immediately, I am greeted by the grin of a black man I do not know, and I am pulled into the arms of Reggie who has made my biggest fantasy come true. 

“I'm blown away!” I say with a kiss to him on the lips.

Reggie grins at me while squeezing me in a hug.  “Baby, you make pleasing you so easy.  I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I respond as I reach under a couch cushion and snap the handcuffs I stash there last night on Reggie's wrists.  “It’s my turn to give you your present.”

At my queue, our next door neighbor Gwen the buxom bleach blond enters through the back using the key I let her borrow.  “My oh my, I guess when you two get dirty you really like it nasty.  I’m so honored that you both let me be a part of your celebration along with my guy Leeroy.”

Both my husband and I have the same idea of involving the help of Miss Gwen!  No wonder when I tell her about Reggie’s fantasy about her and how I want to help make it come true she's so willing. 

Reggie looks from me to Gwen in shock as the blond takes off her robe to reveal her gorgeous body we’ve seen dozens of times just not so close.  She has the titties that sit right up to a man’s mouth that my husband's eyes are glued to and a perfect pink fortress devoid of any hair.  She does not have big thighs like I do, but slender ones that have some toned muscle like her mid-riff. 

I watch her kneel down between my man’s legs and take his cock in her tiny hands which twitches with life.  It will take Reggie a minute to get hard again, but I doubt even that long once Gwen gobbles his whole joystick in her mouth.  She bobs, twists, and sucks it between hand pumps.  Beholding her work is enthralling. 

My husband moans and observes her in amazement while the black man plays with her boobs.  On the other side of Reggie, I hold Gwen’s straight hair back out the way.  When he tries to reach down, I bite his nipple and tug. 

“Up, Mr. Jones!  Keep those arms up!  I’m in charge now of your pleasure, and you have to do what I say!”

Reggie's arms shoot back up in the air with a sigh of frustration as now I believe he understands how I feel when in the same boat.

Gwen gets him stiff as a tube of baloney when I say, “Okay, that’s enough.”

“Fuck!” Reggie cries as I am sure he was poised to come in our neighbor's cute little mouth or on her in some fashion.  I have other ideas.

“Okay, honey, I want you to lay down on the floor.  My pussy's hungry for more action and needs your dick.  I know you are still thirsty so why not taste Gwen’s pussy?  Remember no touching!”

Reggie scrambles to the floor to obey like I thought he would with his wrists above his head.  I squat over him in a reverse position and penetrate myself slow and easy.  At my back, Gwen mounts my husband’s face and smothers him.  I hear him moan with pleasure as we all do. 

Minutes pass while from the couch Leeroy watches us fuck Reggie however we want.  The black man strokes his massive prick until Gwen calls him over to her.  Sucking noises follow with louder groans from her and Leeroy.  Turning around on Reggie's cock, I scrutinize the attention Gwen pays that thick black pole while grinding her pussy front to back on my husband’s face with greed and speed.

Seeing the lust at play, I am lost in the sensations of my body slamming down on Reggie's swollen dick.  My ass bounces on his lap at will.  I wiggle it around before riding up and down leaning back on his thighs, back arched, feeling my walls constrict around his prick.  My moans join the others as I am close to a new summit.

Wanton and needy for more, I can thank our neighbor for her role in that.  Fitting that our fantasies would center on Gwen, having her at last with Reggie and me, makes our fantasies come true!  Only the beginning of our pleasures tonight, we aim to take this thing to the next level.  It already shapes to be the anniversary to remember for years to come!

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