Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Amelinda has one hell of a time with office machines and requires some assistance from IT. She gets it in more ways than one.


Amelinda has one hell of a time with office machines and requires some assistance from IT. She gets it in more ways than one.


Submitted: March 17, 2018

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Submitted: March 17, 2018





Over the last week since the Office of Information Technology upgraded our network to a new server my computer speed has slowed to the pace of frozen mud!  Our department was assured the new server would be faster than dial-up.  All ridiculous lies they fed us for the 125 days and counting it took to complete the project!

As my abysmal luck would demand, a report to my boss was due this morning for our weekly Thursday meeting.  Everything was locked up tight on my network drive, so safe and secure.  The problem was that because of the horrid upgrade I could not even log on to my damn computer! 

Stabbing the buttons of the phone extension I dedicated to memory, I rang the chief of IT.  This constant love-hate relationship I harbored with this department and its damn equipment was getting old.  The call went immediately to his voicemail.  Fine!  I called the assistant chief instead with more success. 

He answered in his usual chipper voice, “Amelinda Foster, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Good morning, Taylor.  How are you?” I asked sounding overly cheery to his usually flirty greeting as I gritted my teeth.  If he were in front of me, I would have choked him.  I didn’t care how much I actually liked him.

Taylor laughed not fooled in the least. “I think I hear your teeth grinding and because you’re calling me so early means you’re in dire need.  Am I right?”

Settling back in my management chair, I actually wore a bit of a smirk despite how pissed I was.  “Oh man, if you only knew!”  I even managed to chuckle a bit where he laughed with me.  “This computer of yours is gonna make me chuck it out the damn window.  Send someone to help me log on ASAP.  Hell, increase my RAM because I cannot run multiple applications at the same time with any efficiency.  And, please, for the love of God and country, see if you can get this damn contraption to move a little faster than my granny without her walker!”

Taylor cackled.  “Not to worry.  We’re aware of the server issues some have been complaining about but want you to please be patient as we investigate.”

“Sorry.  No can do.  I have to meet with my boss—”  I checked the digital timer on the phone.  “—one hour from now.  After that, there’s a meeting with the director.  If you don’t get me up and running, I’m gonna be skewered and believe me if that happens I’m gonna be skewering IT!”

“Okay, okay; calm down, woman!  I’m sending someone right over.”

“No more students,” I cautioned with the shake of my head, “Last time the printer caught fire.”

Taylor snickered.  “Don’t worry so much.  Once in a lifetime something like that actually happens.”

“Do you know how hard it is to get the ozone smell out of the air?  I do!  Get me an expert please, Taylor.  You know I always have unique problems.  It’ll save time in the long run.”

“Whoever I send will be good and should get you squared away quickly.”

I sighed so glad that I wouldn’t have to wait the customary time to put a damn help ticket in.  “Thanks!”

“Yeah, you can show your gratitude at happy hour tonight.”

I chuckled knowing damn well that was a very small price to pay.  “Oh, you know I’m good for it.”

“Uh-huh, gotta go to a meeting.  Talk to you later, Amie.”

I hung up the phone feeling a little relieved that I would get the help I desperately needed as I watched the clock tick away.  Nothing changed on my computer though.  Of course.  Why would it change?

Five minutes after hanging up from the assistant chief, a knock sounded at my door.  In eagerness, I jumped to open it.  Gia, the receptionist, handed me some snail mail.  Before she could say anything, I shut the door in her face.  I thought I heard a muffled, “Bitch.”

I shrugged not caring about the name calling or Gia, in general.  She always tried to learn what everyone was or wasn’t doing like a little spy for leadership in our department.  Doing her own job just didn’t keep her occupied enough. 

Absently, I put the mail in my “in” basket and paced some more still considering my computer problem.  A minute went by, and I glanced at my monitors to see them switch to a new screen.  With a gleeful sigh, I witnessed my salvation.  The log-in prompt popped up!  I typed in my user ID and passcode.

A new knock sounded at the door.  I approached it where the knock sounded again.

I had not unlocked it since arriving this morning.  While I thought to push the latch to unlock the door when I opened it again thinking Gia returned, I blinked up at the much taller presence of a young man around her age.  Early to mid-twenties, for sure due to no wrinkles on his smooth forehead or beside his eyes.  He cropped his light brown hair short on top and nearly shaved toward the nape of his neck.  His slim body like a runner wore a white dress shirt with a striped tie and worked in blue jeans.  A bright smile pressed the most adorable dimples in his olive-skinned cheeks.

“Good morning, I’m Robert,” he greeted in a pleasant tenor.  “I hear you’re having computer trouble, Ms. Foster?”

For a full minute, I stared at the blue-eyed man knowing that I’d ogled the same cutie around the server closets on our floor for several weeks.  He usually was spotted late after everyone left for the evening working overtime.  By that time of day, my mind drifted if I weren’t careful and conjured this very man in some precarious positions with me.  I had a vivid imagination.

“Can I come in?” Robert asked still smiling and cleared his throat.  “Ms. Foster?”

Smiling a bit in my embarrassment at rudely staring, I opened the door wide to admit him.  “Oh, yes!  Please come in!  I’m so glad you’re here!”

Robert walked in smelling of fresh mountain breezes, and I released my door nearly slamming it closed.  Inhaling deeply, I followed him around my desk lured by that wonderful outdoor freshness coming from him.  I supposed that I stood too close because he stared back at me with a slight tilt of his head.

“So, Ms. Foster, you wanna give me the low down on what it’s doing?” Robert questioned with the rise of his eyebrow.  His big hands rested on each side of his slim waist.

“It took well over two hours just to boot-up.  The more applications I have running, the slower it operates and the performance overall compares to a one-legged dog on tranquilizers.”

He chuckled and turned back to the computer as he sat in my chair.  Robert used his key fob in the USB port.  With the mouse being swallowed by his beefy paw, he clicked quickly through the control panel looking at the performance perimeters of my laptop. 

“For one thing you have a much older system than any I’ve seen around here.”

Smiling that he seemed to like my sense of humor since it was a dry sort, I hoisted myself up on the white boxes stacked in the corner to sit on.  I had a high vantage point to see what he was doing while I crossed my legs. 

“I do?”

Robert scratched the top of his head, and muttered, “I thought we swapped out all of these six months ago.  Hmmm…”

I sat up straight at hearing that.  “What?  You mean I’ve been suffering with this Slowpoke Rodrigues that long when I could have had a Speedy Gonzales months ago?”

“Umm, don’t quote me on it, but I would think you should be up for an upgrade with more RAM and faster processor.”  He tapped his index finger on his full lips thoughtfully.  “Tell you what; I’ll check the disbursement lists when I get back to my office.  If you’re eligible, I’ll go ahead and switch you out today.” 

I watched him click through another menu and access my hard drive space usage.  “Wow, your RAM is practically used up.  I can fix that by compressing some of your files when I remote into your computer.”  Robert took up a post-it note in his right hand and pen in his left to write down my computer number.

“Is there any way you can do something right now to make it just a little faster?  I have this meeting in a few minutes, and I really need to get a report run now.  Please?” I asked sweetly of my handsome company.

Robert clicked on some other menu, clicked off some buttons for the opening applications that I did not need and pinned them to my toolbar like Skype and Outlook.  The others he hid altogether because I had no clue what the hell they were.

“I think that’ll do it for now on what I can do from here.”  He pulled out his key fob and folded up the post-it note into the same jean pocket.  Standing up, Robert turned to see me perched comfortably on top of the white boxes in the corner, which was sturdy enough to hold me.

It was my turn to smile at the surprise marking his blue eyes that trailed up from my high heel shoes up my long legs disappearing under my fitted tan skirt.  It rode up higher than normal.

I held my head up while leaning into my lap with my legs still crossed.  “Robert, you have saved me.  You know that?  I could just kiss you!”

His eyes widened as I hopped down and tugged down my skirt.  I brushed against him as he traversed my desk.  I sat in my chair again, and he stared at me rather stunned.

“I’m not done yet,” Robert said with a puzzled expression.

“It moves so much faster than it did before.”  Finding my report, I finally sent it to the network printer to collate and staple in prep for the meeting with my boss and later the director.

Robert held up his finger.  “I’ll get you even better performance before I’m finished.”  He headed for the door.

“I appreciate what you’ve done so far.”

He nodded.  “It will be even better.  I guarantee it.”


For the last couple hours, I had been away from my office.  The meeting with the boss and the director went off without a hitch!  I hummed in celebration because after such a frustrating start to the day, I believed for sure it would end the same way.  Instead what I got upon my return to my department was that busybody receptionist with her coppery-gold locks rushing toward me.

“Why is that new IT guy Robert hanging around your office looking for you?” Gia bluntly questioned me.

Crossing my arms in front of my chest, I shook my head.  “My computer stinks, and he’s been assigned to fix it if you must know.”

“Oh.”  She sighed deeply as she unbuttoned her yellow blouse to reveal more of her perky cleavage and red bra.  Gia also thrust her chest out when Robert approached with his big smile.  He never once looked her way which made her fume in a pout.  I smirked in pleasure when she huffed away after he passed her as if she weren’t there.

“Ms. Foster!”  Robert waved to me excitedly.  “You’ve got to see this!”

Quickly, I followed him back to my office.  “What do you want to show me?”

He walked around my desk, fell to his knees, and disappeared beneath it.  I walk around staring at him in surprise.  I bent slightly at the waist with my hands braced on my thighs.

“What in the world are you doing under there?” I inquired curiously.

“Keeping my promise.”  His muffled voice pitched up to me as I settled in my seat watching his taut ass filling out those jeans.  I inhaled trying not to whistle knowing how inappropriate that would be in the office and bordering on sexual harassment.  Robert may have been on the thin side, but he had a very fine ass I wouldn’t mind spanking.

I frowned as I observed him wrestle with electrical cords.  “What?”

“Your new computer.”

I blinked around and realized that my laptop was over by the stacked up white boxes in the corner.  “Umm, but my laptop looks like it’s across the room.”

“Yeah, I needed it to make the transfer of all your files to the new CPU.”


Robert turned to look at me from under the desk.  “I’ve given you a tower instead of another laptop.”

I glanced back at my laptop and then at my desk that no longer had the docking station on it.  The dual screens and keyboard with mouse remained.

“I have a desktop now?”

“Yup!”  He grinned brightly very pleased with himself while he finished tying down all my cords nice and tidy.  “And with all the bells and whistles.  It’s the fastest processor that we have and all your files have been loaded into it.”

“But, I cannot take it away or work from home.”  I deflated as I dropped into my chair.  Shit!  I got what I wanted but at a costly disadvantage to me.  The convenience of finishing work at home was lost.  It wasn’t something that I considered at all.

Robert scowled at me.  “Why would you ever do that?  Wouldn’t your boyfriend disapprove?”

I laughed really hard.  “Boyfriend?”

He snorted with the lift of his eyebrow.  “I see, so you’re joined at the hip with your career, huh?”

“What’s wrong with a woman seeking out a career?  It’s not like men have the market cornered on ambition around here,” I queried trying very hard not to be offended by his question.

“No time for a relationship when ambition is at the helm.  Can be lonely there at the top, Ms. Foster.”

“You are far too young to be lecturing me or have any experience to back up such a statement.”  I shook my head.  “Besides, I’m not lonely.  Sounds more like you maybe.”

He snorted a laugh.  “Don’t you think you’re missing out on living always working late here and when not doing that taking it home instead of a man?”

Robert struck a nerve, and I stopped laughing.  Some of my friends told me the same thing over the years when I ceased going on vacations and never dated except on occasion they managed to convince me to go on some blind date.  Always disastrous.  My ambitions, like my fantasies, were far safer, and the reward was my ever-growing bank account and no drama.

What surprised me was that I’d never met a man in my life who so bluntly summed me up.  I liked to think that I held some mystery.  Evidently, I was way off my game.  Robert made it almost sound like I didn’t know how to have fun and was missing out on life because of the choices I made.  Ouch!

“Hey, how I live my life either working my ass off or dating requires no justification!” I exclaimed while taking offense and shaking my index finger at him, “And don’t you dare assume to know me.  That only makes you the ass.”

“Ooo, I think I do know you better than you feel comfortable.”  He finished up at my feet before he stood. 

On my feet as well, I rose my eyebrow at him in challenge.  “No.  You.  Don’t.”  I poked his hard chest. 

Several moments ticked by while we stared each other down with unsmiling mouths.  The air in the room changed instantly to something heated, with our stormy gazes.  Neither of us took a breath, though.

On my tiptoes, I dared to rise and brushed my nose against his.  The contact and invasion of his space made him gasp.  It was all the invite I required even as my lips evaded his.  With the grip of his hair a little roughly, he sucked in a breath.  That was when I sealed his lips to mine.

His reaction as I began to pull away was to chase after my mouth.  Forcibly, Robert backed me against my chair.  Passionate sweeps of his lips sought to seduce as he crushed me in his arms.  I lost my breath that had my head spinning.  He opened his hot mouth to me of mint and man.  My tongue dived right in at his hungry welcome. 

Warm hands roamed over my back and ass seeking the hem of my skirt to edge up.  I didn’t mind his fingers at work.  Mine walked toward his throat to loosened his tie while my lips offered teasing kisses.  In the lift of my leg to the chair, I helped guide Robert’s hand where my thighs met.  I was beyond pretending any further what I wanted or needed from him.  His fingertips traversed along my bikini panties and frequently dove beyond to caress me at my heated core.  With each tantalizing pass, he sank deeper into my wet abyss as I gripped him, wanting him to stir me slower.

Licking his upper lip, Robert bit his lower one.  His fingers never stopped their entry or retreat.  His eyes bore into mine with his rough breathing.  “Don’t hold back,” Robert whispered, lowering his mouth to mine by inches.  “Come all over my fingers.”

“Mmmm,” I groaned and bit the corner of my lip.  I gripped his tie to hold myself up.

The swirl of his fingertips slid up to my clit and coaxed it out to play.  Step by step, he led me to heaven.  I nearly reached the edge.  No more could I pretend.

“Ahhh, Bobby…” I groaned in need.

Both of us glared sharply at my door.  We heard men chatting as they reached it and paused.  One of them was my boss which made Robert’s hand halt in mid-stroke.  I trembled in the arousal I could not control.  He still pressed his body to mine against the chair with his fingers lingering on my moist lady parts. 

Neither of us breathed as the men talked.  They mentioned my name which made me freeze.  A laugh followed until the men walked away.  My door was not quite closed but cracked.  One shove of the door, and we would have been exposed. 

When Robert and I stared into each other’s eyes, I felt the crackle of heat between us.  I knew there was no way after being so far tempted that we could turn away from the flame that burned us.  Tightly wound and at the very cliff of my climax, I did not intend to either.  Not until I experienced complete satisfaction at least.

Such were my thoughts anyway.  Robert?  Well, I saw him quickly turn from me, which left me feeling raw in my exposure.  Would he go after taking such liberties in revving my libido?  Part of me hoped he wouldn’t dare be so cruel.  Making him suffer for it if he did would top my list of punishments to come!

Instead, I saw him shut the door after sucking on the fingers used to play with me.  In two swift strides, Robert was right back in front of me drawing his arm around my waist and kissing me hard.  My hands were in his hair as we devoured each other in the lust we summoned.  Speedily, he hoisted me on top of the boxes in the corner.  With my skirt up, a savage rip sounded.  Robert freed me of my panties.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you just here?  Like this?” he asked with his eyes blazing still into mine.

Shaking my head, I breathed harder but remained speechless.  What came next?

Kneeling before me, Robert rested my thighs on his able shoulders.  His head between my legs, unabashed his tongue took up where his fingers began.  He licked at my arousal brimming at his skill.  My long fingernails raked and dug into his hair with my soft, encouraging whimpers. 

Once more his tongue played with my little bell and rang it until I was shaking and groaning again, “Bobby!  Oh-ohh!  Fuck!”

Robert happily licked away my coming leakage before standing to his feet.  The hunger in his kiss belied anything I intercepted before this moment of reckless behavior, which had me on the edge of excitement that pretending I didn’t know him provided.

“Ooo-ooo, mmm!” I groaned.

No more stalling.  His groans wove around my own while he rammed his cock into my craving pit.  My legs shot out straight on each side of his waist.  He pulled me toward his urgent drilling going more in-depth, seeking bottom. 

If I had not known him before he entered my office, my soggy box felt well informed now!  My moans and his were muffled by the passion of our exchange of kisses.  I held on to his shirt loving every thrilling bit of the flame of danger.  I wanted to scream his name at how good the pleasure building felt while being filled so entirely by him.  It knotted in a grand expansion low in my belly even as his ramming sounded incredibly loud around us where we could be caught.

My legs trembled when I could hold off no more the desire to climax.  It burned in me until Robert constantly worried that spot that made me let go whether I wanted to or not.  He honed in on it, and I crumbled under the precision of his cock making me cum for the second time today. 

“Tell me where you want it, Amie,” Robert grunted out as he continued to drill in and out of me like a fuck machine.

“Let me taste you,” I whispered before groaning again with the bite of the corner of my lip. 

Two minutes later he pulled out announcing, “Oh, fuck!  I’m cumming!”

I jumped down as he wickedly stroked his cock lathered with my cum.  I took over for him and sucked him into my mouth.  Swirling my tongue around his tip that tasted of him and me, I gazed up at him expectantly.  Robert grabbed my head entwining his fingers with my dark hair as if I sought escape.  He forced himself to the back of my throat where he came shuddering.  Fingering my clit in how turned on by his domination of my mouth, I eagerly swallowed each spurt of the salty-sweet firing and then oozing out of his tiny slit.

With a pleased smile, Robert fell into my chair, wiping his sweating forehead and panting a little. “Maybe I don’t know you as well as I thought.  I'm surprised you let me do that.”

“But, I’m sure you want to?  Don’t you?” I asked with a few finishing licks to clean his softening dick. 

“Mmmm, if that’s an invitation, when and where?”

I stood up making sure to fling my ruined underwear at him, which he happened to buy from the last time he failed to remove them properly.  “Not so fast.  You still owe me some new panties, mister.”

“I’d be glad to replace them again say when I come over to your place tonight?”  He gathered me onto his lap while still seated in my chair and stared up at me with the hopeful lift of his eyebrows.

I stroked his face between my palms and kissed him softly.  When pulling away, I saw the spark of heat and amusement in his blue eyes.  “You better, but it won't be tonight.”

"How long will you make me wait this time?" he asked with an adorable pout.

"Long enough for the most benefit to me, of course.  No jerking off either."

Robert’s grin spread by a mile, and he kissed me back.  “Well, you’ve made one of my favorite fantasies come true, and it’s only fair you have yours no matter how much it'll torment me.”

I grinned devilishly.  “Oh, do I have such pleasures in mind for you!  Make sure when you’re summoned not to wear anything but a coat.  I want immediate access.” 

His eyes widened with greed. “I can’t wait!”


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