Put My Fire Out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

Joey is an essential employee as a firefighter, but COVID-19 is the least of his worries while being separated from his tempting girlfriend Llara. Just how long can he hold out under the stay at home order? Read on to find out...

Put My Fire Out


"Oh, Joey, I need you," Llara McKellan's voice imparted with suggestive seduction from the audio file texted to Joseph "Joey" Gifford's Samsung smartphone. "My pussy's burning." He froze as his bite of toasted chicken salad sandwich tumbled out of his mouth that dropped open comically wide.

Behind the sultry voice on the recording, Joey detected a song that he heard before.  For sure, he knew the audio text originated from his girlfriend because Llara was the only person he knew who was a huge fan of Madonna.  Some even mentioned how she favored the younger version of the aging pop legend who crooned about "Burning Up." Stunned was an understatement for Joey as he grasped that he played the MP3 file aloud over the speaker of his phone. 

"I'm burning through and through for you, baby," Llara moaned on her audio recording next.  He heard the shocked gasp of the guys around him as his green eyes widened.  His cheeks reddened, understanding that maybe he shouldn't be listening to such a spicy message while on-duty at the firehouse.  However, this was a side of his meek sweetheart he never encountered before. 

His girlfriend, the consummate good girl who did the right thing every time and never caused any trouble for anyone, stayed home with her parents in London just southwest of Columbus.  Ohio State University, where she attended and resided on campus with a full scholarship, only held online classes for the rest of the school year.  Like most college students in the US, Llara would forgo a commencement ceremony since she completed her last year of study for a master's degree in education and childhood development.  By all accounts but without pomp and tradition, she would graduate magna cum laude for all her hard work.  Her parents expected nothing less.  They were very proud of her academic achievements.  So was Joey.

"Night and day, I crave your touch, your tongue, and so much more between my thighs," Llara expressed with an emphatic conviction that mesmerized him, making Joey believe he dreamed.  No way was this his pent up, hard-to-loosen-up girlfriend.

The thing was that Joey was a creature of habit.  He usually checked his messages at noon.  The firefighter looked forward to seeing what thoughtful love note—always PG-rated—Llara forwarded to him as he ate lunch.  The habit was routine like the nightly video chats, where they shared PG-13 conversations before Llara headed to bed, and he ate a late dinner.  Joey checked his phone so often during breaks because he missed his girl due to the separation caused by the COVID-19 stay-at-home order placed into effect by Ohio Governor DeWine. 

However, there was nothing sweet about Llara's message today.  It was downright raunchy.  Not displeased by his girl's sexy audio, Joey just wished that there was more notice. It's reasonable that he would have been more cautious as he enjoyed lunch side by side with his boys, Brandon and Roger.  The take-out meal was ordered from their favorite local restaurant Woody's Wing House.  Mike just sat down on the other side of the table with his Whopper and Coke.

If everyone in hearing distance of Joey's phone blaring on the picnic table outside hadn't heard Llara's hot confession so far, none could miss her newest baiting question, "Won't a big, strong fireman bring his long, thick hose to put out my fire?"

Joey's entire face radiated a bright stop-light red.  He spewed his Pepsi through his nose and mouth.  It drenched the front of his navy work shirt, phone, chicken salad sandwich, and much of the picnic table.  Joey fumbled to clicked off the audio app on his phone to silence Llara's vampish voice before she said something more libidinous.  Glancing around furtively, he feared the damage was done.

"Dude!  What the fuck?!" came the exclamation of Mike seated across from Joey.  He grimaced as he tried to wipe up the droplets of soda nearest to him.  Mike then promptly moved out of spraying distance from Joey to resume his lunch.  The older black man stared at him vexed with the downturn of his thick lips.

"Sorry!" Joey tried to help clean up his mess faster with the extra napkins he had.  That didn't stop his friends from putting more distance between them.  

"Who was that?" Brandon probed after Joey settled back down to finish soaking up the afternoon sunshine and chomping down his lunch like the rest of his friends.

"Huh?" Joey played dumb as his face got redder than the Buffalo sauce on Brandon's hot wings.

The ginger wiped his copper and gold beard and fingers before he replied, "Come on, you know.  Fess up.  When did you have time to hook up with some random chick during this pandemic?"

Roger's light brown eyes widened. "You're cheating on Llara?"

"Of course, not!" Joey shook his head at the curly-haired blonde.

Even Mike stared at Joey with his mouth open for a second. "What a jackass!  Did you break up with that pretty hot and tempting girl—"

Brandon jumped in by saying, "Way above your station."

"Yeah, but who somehow loves you anyway?" Mike continued. "Why the hell would you fuck that up by cheating on her with some strange ho?"

"Everybody, unplug your damn ears!  I am not cheating on Llara, and we didn't break up." Joey shut his eyes with the rub along the bridge of his crooked nose, which he always touched when stressed. 

"Then who the hell was that dirty girl talkin' just now on your phone?  Huh? You've got a side chick, don't you?  Just admit it, man," Brandon pressed with his snicker at Joey's squirming.

"Oh, that." Joey scratched the back of his head a bit flustered. "Uh, it's nothing.  Just some, uh, uh stupid app.  I forgot to, uh, close the video I was watching from, um, earlier."

Brandon tilted his copper and gold head with pursed thin lips. "Uh-huh and turkeys fly out of my mama's cooch, dude."

"Well, they kinda do fly when agitated," Mike interjected, and everyone looked at him shrug the enormous shoulders of his 6-foot 3-inch frame.

"Shut up, Mike," the rest of the guys said.  Everybody knew that Mike was a big fowl hunter and boasted about his hunting trip every year with his cousins to shoot pheasants and turkeys somewhere in Kansas or Arkansas.

"Whatever.  Damn." The black man waved them off and left the picnic table altogether.  He tossed his Burger King wrappers and containers in the trash before reentering the firehouse.

Neither Brandon nor Roger were willing to let Joey off the hook by the way they studied their friend.  They came through the Fire Academy together and were also hired on Fire Station 8 for the City of Columbus.  All served honorably the last five years as well as becoming the best of friends.  The boys knew each other very well. 

"That wasn't Llara I heard?" Brandon questioned with the skeptical lift of his copper eyebrow.

Roger frowned with the squint of his light nut-colored eyes and said in a more hushed tone, "That was some random slut on a porno?  Bullshit!"

Joey got up with the shake of his head because he couldn't finish his meal.  He almost angrily balled up his trash and shoved it in the garbage can. "You guys need to get your heads outta the gutter.  Just despicable."

"You're one to talk, kettle. Rog and I aren't the ones watching Pornhub on duty, now are we?" Brandon accused with the tilt of his head. 

Roger motioned with his hand like he jerked his cock. "Are you stroking one out when we aren't looking, too?"

Roger and Brandon sniggered when Joey stomped off into the firehouse, lifting both arms in the air and displaying his middle fingers. "Fuck off."

Joey scratched his forehead with another sigh.  From now on, he would make sure to put in earbuds to play any future messages from his lady.  That way he didn't risk another embarrassing scenario unfolding.

At his locker, Joey changed shirts and found his Bluetooth cordless earphones.  He listened to the audio file again through them.  Afterward, he texted Llara with a crooked smile on his face.

Joey:  A different side to you. Where's my sweet girl?

Llara:  Does my dirty talk turn you off?  Be honest.

Joey:  I love it actually.  But you've never done it before.  Why the change?

Llara:  I thought that I'd try something new to express how much I want you and need you right now. 

Joey relaxed because he believed that something might be wrong.  If his girl was just experimenting because she was curious, so be it.  He didn't mind trying out something new with her as long as he was the only one she did it with.  Joey swore that Llara kept surprising him, and he liked that.

Joey:  Is somebody horny?

Llara:  Not somebody.  MY body. Can't stop thinking about you.  All. Day. Long.

Joey:  I long for you. 

Llara:  How long?

Joey: It's so long.

Llara:  Show me.

Joey:  Soon, beautiful.  The governor's easing restrictions. It's only a matter of time before I can see you to make up for all the time we've been apart.

Llara:  You swear?

Joey:  Cross my heart.

Llara:  I ache for you, baby.  I want to feel you right next to me, kissing me, licking me, filling me up with your love.

Joey:  I would much rather be putting out your fire than any real one all day every day, beautiful.  And when this stay at home order is done, you'll be the first person I see.

Llara texted him a pic of herself.  Her long dirty blond hair was tussled, and she wore one of his button-down shirts, with several buttons undone.  One shoulder was bared to him.  She tugged down the front of the shirt over her crotch as she sat Indian style.

Joey:  Damn, you make me so hard. 

He bit his lip and texted a waist pic of himself when no one was in the locker room looking his way.  It was an overhead pic focused down where even in his dark uniform cargo pants, his visible erection tented uncomfortably.

Llara:  Jerk it for me.

His smile spread from ear to ear. 

Joey:  Oh, how I want to, you naughty girl.

Llara:  Later then.  I want to watch.

Joey:  Are you serious???

Llara:  As I finger myself, I want us to cum together.

He swallowed hard as his mouth went dry.

Joey:  Video chat at dinner?

Llara: I'll be waiting.

The texts from Llara progressively grew more sexual.  No shirt, but her hair covered her B-cup boobs in one pic.  Another texted picture featured the cute curve of her booty in a thong.  If Llara didn't quit, Joey knew he would never make it.  When he saw the bikini pics of her by the pool, he rushed to the bathroom to readjust his boner.  He wanted to masturbate so badly but refrained when joined by three guys just coming back from training maneuvers.  There was a hint of smoke coming from them.

Joey played it safe in only taking a piss.  He didn't linger to be tempted to do more to himself.  He would save that for later with Llara.  A first.  He couldn't wait.

Making his aroused crotch go down was a chore without help.  Roger, Brandon, and Mike watched him closely as they whispered amongst themselves, but Joey paid them no mind.  Llara consumed his thoughts, and the torment grew when she shared the latest news. Since the weather grew nice and warm, her parents decided to go down to their cottage on Buckeye Lake.  That further explained why Llara sent him the pic of herself in the itsy-bitsy fire engine red bikini.  Besides it being one of his favorites, the sexy swimsuit would star amongst the others she intended to model while down there playing on the beach, swimming, and fishing for an early holiday.

Joey hated to think of the guys buzzing around his girl when she looked that hot.  Llara mentioned a guy or two from OSU were already down there with family.  A couple of her closest girlfriends since high school intended to hanging out there, too.  Joey knew how wild those girls ran from Llara's stories of them and worried about the mischief his sweet girl might get up to with them.

When the alarm piped over the loudspeakers in response to a house fire in the neighborhood, all thoughts of his girlfriend fled Joey and his friends.  The need to focus on the job was at hand or risk making a mistake that could end lives.  By what he heard over the radio while driving the fire engine, it was an ugly scene.  Two small children were recovered but could not be resuscitated.  A grandmother was rushed to the hospital for first-degree burns.  Another station would be assisting them with the blaze that engulfed three houses and spread to a fourth.  Joey said a silent prayer knowing that they could use all the help they could get.

Llara ran her hands through her hair as she sat at her vanity and stared at her laptop.  She tried pinging Joey for video chat, but he didn't pick up.  Joey never missed a chat; not once in the 56 days, Ohioans had been ordered to stay home by the governor.  Frowning, Llara wondered if something was wrong.  He had been injured before during a fire rescue from a high-rise apartment building before she met him.  She picked up her phone and checked for a text message from him.  No recent ones received.

"Where are you?" Llara asked while nibbling her lower lip.  She pushed up from her seat and paced while wringing her hands.  Worry creased her eyebrows as she texted Joey.  Ten minutes drifted by, yet there was no response from her boyfriend.  Further, the phone number at the firehouse was busy.

Before Llara comprehended what she did, she pulled off Joey's shirt and put on her nearest dress.  Exiting her bedroom, she slid on her flipflops prior to running downstairs.  Her blue jean jacket was nabbed on her way out the door along with her keys.  Llara reached the pier in less than a minute after her sprint and started one of two small motorboats docked there. 

As quietly as she could, Llara cranked the motor to life on her first try.  She backed out and kept her speed low so as not to disturb her parents or alarm them to her action.  When some distance away from the island, Llara punched it full throttle, heading for the marina where her car was parked.

She imagined her current actions could be deemed as selfish and in violation of state regulations.  The thought of being arrested for insubordination did not appeal to her either.  There was just no way on God's green earth that she could stand idly by and not know what happened to Joey.  Llara loved him more than she had any boy before and had such a sick, unsettled feeling growing in her stomach.  It wasn't like him to not respond to her unless something prevented him like an injury or worse.  Llara needed to know what happened to him.  Nothing was going to keep her from her man, not even a damn pandemic.

Llara plucked her phone out of her jean pocket once she tied off the boat on the marina pier.  Her shoulders fell when she still saw no message from Joey.  She began to sprint toward the parking lot when the blare of a truck's headlights stopped her in her tracks.  The vehicle shrieked to a halt almost inches from where Llara stood in the crosswalk.  She hadn't even been looking where she was going when she entered the street.

Dashing forward, once her legs obeyed her again, Llara did not look back.  She believed though that her heart might leap out of her chest in fright.  Being so careless could have meant the rest of her life breathing through a tube had that big truck hit her while proceeding on the green light.

"Llara!" someone yelled.

Llara halted once more as she slowly turned toward who called her name.

"Llara!" the man running toward her hollered from the big truck.  The driver's side door was left open when the tall, muscular man jogged into view as the sun already slipped down the horizon, and the street lamp flickered and illuminated the vacant lot.

"Joey!" Llara bawled as she darted toward him. 

When they embraced, his strong arms swept her off the ground.  Llara let the flood of worry and need wash over her with laughter before the sobs.  She clutched on to his face.  So happy to see him, she showered him with kisses. 

As he slid her down his body, and her mouth met his, they groaned in the desperation clawing to the surface.  Joey tasted the salt of her tears and the sweetness that was his girl.  Llara sucked all the air out of his lungs.  His heart raced as hard as hers. 

Tremors went through her when Joey pulled away from her mouth, gasping for breath. "Oh, Joey!" She caressed his face, tracing every dimple and curve as her eyes emptied of more tears. "I thought something bad happened to you."

"Never, beautiful." He shook his head with a winning smile that she worried about him.  Joey wiped her tears away. "I have too much to live for and a promise to keep in always coming back to you."

Llara pouted as more tears dropped from her eyes. "You didn't answer my calls or texts."

"There was a huge fire that we needed to put out, but no one on our crew was hurt.  Some of the families...are displaced and loved ones lost.  It couldn't be helped."  Joey shook his head with the grim shake of his head at the two little girls that lost their lives. The 78-year-old grandmother who suffered first and third-degree burns still fought for her life to the best of his knowledge.

"Oh, Joey, I'm so sorry," Llara sympathized, knowing how much her man hated losing anyone and took it close to heart.  She stroked his face to soothe him.

He sighed with the slow start of a crooked smile.  "Besides that, my phone's battery is dead." Joey thumbed back to his vehicle. "I've got it charging now in the truck."

She shook her head so glad that it was nothing more serious, which he would not recover.  Joey stood in front of her in one piece, unharmed.  Then she glared at him in shock as she gripped his muscular arms. "What are you doing here?  What about work?" 

No one on earth loved what he did for a living more than Joey.  Every morning the man woke up happy with a genuine pep in his step.  He learned a secret about himself very early.  Not only did he understand himself in his good and bad habits, but he knew his calling in life.  Joey was meant to be a firefighter.  His passion for fighting fires flowed into everything else in his life, including her.

While Llara could be so uptight and wrapped up in her ambitions, Joey balanced her out in showing her that it was okay to be silly and have fun.  Life was short not to enjoy it while you had the time.  Not only did Llara appreciate his positivity, but she also loved to hover under the shadow of his robust outlook on life.

Joey cupped her face in both his hands. "I love you, Llara, but you've driven me crazy all day; you know that?  I couldn't stop looking at your pics and listening to your message about my pussy that I drained the phone battery before I knew it."

"Your pussy, huh?" Llara giggled and blushed as he caressed her hair from her face.  She relished the feel of his big hands along her burning cheek and at the back of her head while Joey's thumb stroked her jaw.  It was all she wanted for so long.  Her stomach burst with butterflies when she stared into his heated green eyes.

"All mine, you naughty girl."

"Did I turn you on, big boy?" she asked suggestively while fingering his wide chest down his firefighter's tee. 

Joey nibbled his lower lip before scooping his girl up in his arms again and hoisted her over a shoulder like a sack of feathers. "Joey!" Llara shrieked and then giggled again when he spanked her cute little bottom barely covered by the darling baby doll dress she wore. 

He carried her quickly back to his truck and loaded her into the passenger side.  For only a second were they separated until Joey climbed in the driver's seat.  He entwined his fingers in hers and then drove them to a secluded spot nearby.  That portion of Buckeye Lake had a small beach that Llara discovered while fishing one day with Joey.  The privacy it offered made it their secret spot.  You could only get there by boat or if you had an off-road vehicle because there were no roads back there.  Joey turned off the lights and killed the engine after he backed up to the narrow beach.

Joey climbed from the vehicle, took a duffle bag from the back seat, and then got Llara's door.  Offering help, he lifted her out.  Hand in hand, they approached the 6-foot truck bed.  He lowered the tailgate and unrolled a blanket taken from the bag.  Joey tossed the old gym bag in the back of the bed before capturing Llara by the waist and settling her on the tailgate.  He hoisted himself next to her as she kicked her feet like a little girl.

Leaning close to him, she wrapped her arm around his.  Llara meshed her small hand in his, too.  Together they looked out over the tranquil waters as their eyes adjusted to the night.  Now and then, they stared up at the stars shining down from the partly cloudy sky.

No words were spoken between them for a while as they enjoyed listening to the night sounds of hooting owls, croaking frogs, and clicking insects making their own sort of music. Llara's hand slipped from his and reached under his work shirt instead.  She felt the hard 6-pack Joey worked on every day.  It wasn't long before she lifted his shirt.  His breath caught at the feel of her little fingers, leaving tingling sensations wherever they ventured.

Joey let her explore.  He was taken off-guard because he was the one to initiate sex.  He kind of liked knowing that Llara wanted him as much as he did her and wasn't afraid to tell him so.  That was what turned him on the most today.  How bold Llara had been to announce what she felt.  Now she showed him that she was willing to take what she wanted from him.  His breathing panted in his thrilling anticipation.  As her chest did, his rose and fell in rapid time.

"Llara," Joey began, but she shushed him with the flutter of her lips.  They were soft as the petals of a flower.  They moved over him, teasing his senses with the hint of mint, while her toned frame climbed over his lap and settled against his straining bulge. 

With a groan, Joey allowed his hands to roam down her back.  They edged up her dress so that his eager fingers could grope her sexy bum in a thong. When her tongue entered his mouth, he was utterly done.  Finally, he tasted his girl the way he dreamed every night for 56 days.  

Llara blazed all over, in the rush of her feelings taking control.  She loved this man.  Every delicious inch of him, and wanted to experience all of him right down to her toes.  First, Llara let her fingertips dance along his strong shoulders, followed by her lips. 

She groaned at how intoxicating and smooth his skin.  Her nails grazed his chest and through the dark hairs dusting it.  Her tongue licked his nipple as her own puckered against the fabric of her clothing. 

Joey hissed and began pulling off her jean jacket.  His lips dove for the curve of her elegant neck.  It frequently tickled her the feel of his stubble against that spot.  A brief giggle surfaced from Llara to his delight. 

Joey loved that happy sound that fired something inside him that he could conjure that in her.  Usually, she pulled away, almost shyly, but not this time.  Llara welcomed the sensation of his roughness.  She grabbed his head by the longer hairs on top and pulled him closer by them. 

Llara moaned at the roughness of his tongue trailing up her throat to nip her ear with his teeth.  Joey practically growled, "Do you know how hot it is to see you turned on by me?"

She wiggled on his lap to test the theory and believed he might have grown tighter in his pants.  Llara craved more sensation as she grazed his hardness against her bud.  Her hunger for him grew exponentially.  Sweet little whimpers escaped her, unable to voice just how her boyfriend could appease her. 

Joey's fingers bypassed the thin material of her panties to feel the wetness seeping out of her.  They sucked air as one when her tongue licked his other nipple before biting down.  Joey groaned as he worked a digit inside of her.  Llara cried out before he kissed her thoroughly.  In and out, he worked the middle finger deeper into her tight warmth. 

Both moaned as Llara helped to work herself into more turmoil that brimmed over with each lift she made against his hand.  Another finger joined the first, adding to the sucking sounds from below.  Llara broke from the kiss, staring down into his eyes with her passion draining down his hand.  Her nails dug into his shoulders.  His fingers could go no deeper now as she bared down on them.

"Ah!  Ah!  Ahhh!" she breathed each time she bottomed out on his hand and rotated her hips.  Suddenly, the quakes from within started, and Joey scooted off the tailgate.  His hand promptly retreated from his girl in favor of supporting her weight in his arms.

"I was so close!" Llara whined with her disappointed scowl.  Joey was one to finish what he began.  She didn't want him deviating from that practice now.

Joey gazed at her with his smirk. "My turn to tease, beautiful." He sat her to the edge of the tailgate.  With her aid, he removed her thong, making sure to get a good sniff of the pussy he was about to dine on. 

"Well, tease me closer where I can have a better look at you." The light by the stars helped, but even better was the moon rising. It never got old how well endowed her man was from his handsome head down to his feet.  Joey was an attractive piece of man flesh that she could not wait to be mounted by over and over again with her making the climb on firm muscles above and below his belt.  Yum.

"Aren't we in a rush." Joey chuckled as he lowered to his knees and stuffed her panties in his pocket for future use.  His head aimed between Llara's smooth legs that he spread with his hands that also massaged her inner thighs.  Joey met with no resistance.  Llara set her legs even wider apart than urged as she panted faster than before. 

"Oh!" she gasped in eagerness. "That's it."

The trail of his tongue swept along her velvet crease just the way she fantasized every morning while in the bath with her shower wand.  Joey in-person beat that 10-fold.  His attentions were testing swipes at first to tease and incite her fire before he seemed to get down to business.

"Oh, Joey!  Joey!" Llara moaned as she leaned back and acquiesced to his talented licking.  She ran her hands through his hair.  If she had only known a little bit of dirty talk would turn him on this much, Llara would have ventured to do it much sooner. 

"Mmmmmm!" He sampled within her folds before he sucked on her clit for a few beats of her heart. 

"Oh!  Oh!  Shhhh—!" She gripped the blanket in two fists as her blue eyes rolled, and her head fell back on slight shoulders.  Her orgasm had never been so intense before.  However, Llara could not remember ever being so inflamed or forward in her wants.  It pleased her that she could be so honest with Joey. "Put that fire out, baby!  Just like that!  Oh!  Oooo!  Ahhhh!"

Joey tasted her nectar and felt drunk at how much flowed.  The first hit was always the sweetest after a dry spell.  Llara smelled like a new rose in bloom and tasted better than any honey known to man.  His cock strained painfully against his work pants.  The torment of the restriction was so worth it, though.  To at last be with his sweet and sexy Llara like he had in every dirty movie running through his mind all day, made him feel like the luckiest man in the world.

"Yes!  Oh, yes!" she encouraged with a huge smile as she stared down at him, licking all her froth while moaning, "Show me how much you love your pussy, baby!"

Joey sank his tongue as he interchanged it with his index finger deep inside her love channel.  A growl rumbled at the back of his throat when his thumb struck her clit in gentle rolls.  Joey was not saddened or upset in the least by the copious juices produced at the urging of his greedy actions.  He lavished in plunging his tongue and fingers in repeated sequences until Llara thrashed inside and out.  Her howl echoed to the night.  When Joey ventured up for air from her seizing thighs, which relaxed, his girl was grinning at him as she caught her breath.

"I want it," Llara managed after licking her lips.  She stared down at his boner, and with hunger in her voice said, "I want that big cock, baby.  Give it to me now." 

Joey stood at her wish.  He removed what remained of his clothes and boots.  Her eyes examined him with lust.  His dick bobbed as he stroked it in front of her. 

"You mean this big cock?" he queried as he slathered spit on his bald buddy. 

Taking his time, he ran his thumb and forefinger over the length that curved slightly to the right.  Joey made sure to squeeze the purple head a little while he stroked his chest and watched her lick her lips.  Her eyes never wavered from his sensual self-gratification.  No video could beat this!

Llara sat with the back of her knees against the tailgate.  She smiled as she flushed so shocked at the slut she acted but so riddled with arousal she didn't care.  Llara wanted Joey so much, needed him hammering her body with that massive womb raider.  He was the only answer to her wildest fantasies. 

"I want you, Llara," Joey professed, "and I'm gonna show you how much as I plow into you until you come all over me."

His girl nibbled her full lip as her hand slipped inside the round top of her dress and cupped her breast.  Joey watched her small hand squeeze and then rotate around her woman's flesh as she moaned.  He moaned with her.  His hand never stopped stroking the length of his erection.

She gestured with a nod. "So get over here and show me," she said boldly, almost out of breath while not even moving. "Can't you see how badly I want it?  If not, come closer."

"Says the spider to the fly." Joey resisted as she scowled in frustration by his denial.  He stood his ground for a few more strokes until Llara tugged her dress over her head so that she sat as naked as he stood. 

"Damn it all." Joey looked at her messy hair, her perky tits absent a bra, the shaved triangle of hair pointing to where he wanted to reside forever.  "You've got me all caught up in your beautiful web," he groaned as he approached her.  He leaped on top of the tailgate. 

To her surprise, Joey stood over her giving her the perfect view of her desire.  Immediately, she sat up at attention with a glint of heat in her eye.  Not even waiting for a cue, Llara shoved his meaty beef fully into her eager mouth.  Her arms wrapped around his muscular legs as she rubbed them and offered an occasional massage to his balls.

Joey tilted his head back as his eyes rolled.  His teeth painfully bit his bottom lip as a curse danced along his tongue.  The hungry slurping sounds Llara made while she devoured his cock threatened to bring him to his knees.  He looked down at her in disbelief. 

She worked him over just the way he liked.  Her tongue rolled from one side of his shaft to the tip and along the other side.  Llara licked both the top and down under as she glanced up at him in ecstasy.  Joey tried to clutch her head to him to keep her hair away from her work, but she was oblivious to that.  She was too busy gagging on him when taking him multiple times down her little throat.

Joey warned before he reached the point of no return, "Beautiful, if you keep that up, I'll have nothing left to fill inside my pussy."

A pout descended her cute face as Llara pulled away from her man's love pump.  Instead, she pushed herself back into the bed of the truck and used his duffle bag as a pillow.  Joey followed as he lowered himself over and inside her in one swift piercing.  Both her lovely legs flexed over his shoulders.  He held thinking he might die or cum.  Llara was spasming around him, squeezing her warm walls, and trapping him in delicious heat.

Joey let his girl's tremors settle before he pulled out.  He lowered her legs around him, where she crossed them behind his back.  With the force of his hands cupping her firm bum, he made her meet each new thrust he drilled inside her tight, slippery cave.  They grunted together with the effort toward the goal.

It didn't take long for Llara's legs started to shake again.  This time he could not stop the forward momentum of his need to embed his seed.  Each thrust was rougher than the last.  The truck rocked until Llara was screaming his name.  She bit his shoulder as she clawed his back. 

His girl had never marked him in such a way before, but neither had he felt his balls seize the way they did as if his dick would explode if he didn't cum.  Joey fought it for as long as he could until Llara's big "O" subsided.  He worked that rhythm, slaying her sweet spot until even he could not hold back.  The exhilaration of the moment demanded his voice in a primal yell.  Never in his life had he cum so hard.

"I love you, beautiful," he panted still cradled inside her.  His body felt limp as he rolled her on top of him and slipped out.  However, he couldn't wait to take full advantage of his proximity as soon as he was able.  It wouldn't be long now.

Llara kissed him with passion as he rubbed her hair cascading over his face.  She then snuggled into his heaving torso while running her nails through his chest hair.  Purring in contentment, she responded, "Love you too, baby.  Thanks for quenching my fire." She glanced up at him as she rested her chin on him. "Do you think we might do it again… a little slower?"

Joey chuckled as he kissed her forehead.  He knew that she was his match in every way that he could hope.  One day soon, he was going to put a ring on it and make it official.  For now, though, Joey sighed in his good fortune to have her. 

"Girl, you read my mind," he said as he rolled her beneath him, which rewarded him with another giggle.  His lips claimed her slowly, making love to her like it was the first time.

Submitted: May 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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And here I thought t was going to be a sappy love story until they got to that beach and you proved me wrong.
You have called me a naughty old man in the past. Now it's my turn to call you NAUGHTY. your true self shows in this dirty little diddy Amy. Or was it Florence that thought this one up?
XoxoX Ron/SWxx

Sat, May 23rd, 2020 3:14am


Well, maybe you're naughtiness rubbed off me. That's possible isn't it? Hee hee! Now you know I love sappy love stories, but I just can't leave it there. Can't help myself really. The naughty just bursts right out. Who am I fooling? :D

Fri, May 22nd, 2020 11:26pm


I'm glad to know 'IT' has rubbed 'OFF' on you.
Knowing that it did I hope 'IT' didn't make too much of a mess 'ON' you.
The next place I'd like to 'RUB IT OFF ON' is 'INSIDE of you where 'ITS MESS' would be can be contained.

Sun, May 24th, 2020 6:45am


Tsk, tsk, as if such a bounty could ever be contained. What an image! :D

Wed, May 27th, 2020 9:50pm


whoa hot

Fri, May 29th, 2020 5:23pm


Thank you so much for reading, CGD and for sharing your thoughts with me. I always love a little heat with my sweet. :)

Sat, May 30th, 2020 6:05am


Hot stuff! My alarm went off...twice.

Mon, June 8th, 2020 5:45am


Whoo! Hoo! That's just what I like to hear and see. :)

Sun, June 14th, 2020 5:49am


Damn, this was quite some steamy shit ;)
Sorry i havent been on here lately, its hard to read steamy stories when u dont have anyone to satisfy u after.
- Sexykitten45

Sun, June 14th, 2020 1:11am


Hello, Sam! I hope you are safe and well!

As for my story, I was feeling rather steamy while writing it. So sorry to hear that and wish there was at least a cyborg stand-in to take the edge off until you find the perfect partner. :)

Sun, June 14th, 2020 5:58am

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