My Sexy Experiment II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Moon's erotica creation's

In this continued story of the same name, Amanda engages further tests of her husband Ronald's new device (in a bracelet) called the "Manatore," and it works to make her biggest fantasy a reality.
The idea of the device is wholly the creation born of the mind of Storywriterx. This second part marks the conclusion of his challenge. If the first part has not been read, it is recommended to start with "My Sexy Experiment" before continuing to read this.

Manatore:  My Sexy Experiment II


My reflection cast by the mirror posted in the elevator shows me with the handsome dark-haired stranger who is not my husband!  The night manager’s mouth dominating mine drops back to my neck with his sensual kisses.  His possessiveness is such a turn-on bearing in mind I haven’t received such attention in a long, long while. 

In the same mirror, I glimpse through my blond hairs the two other men flaming my wanton need egged on by the damned bracelet I cannot remove.  Little shocks at first zap my vag, nipples, and bum hole irregularly.  I can't control it, and the shocks seem to be getting stronger.  They flow through me and to whomever I touch.  The moment I do I can see nothing but lust in their eyes.

Watching us in the tiny metal box heading nowhere, their expressions drive the breath from me faster.  Hunger resides with them.  Both men who reached out to grab me before I fell earlier, now stroke the weight that expands at the front of them.  Weight that I crave to be mine.  My starved pussy drools with anticipation. 

“Oh, oh!” I cry because Tyler’s fingers take full advantage sneaking inside my wet heat hidden beyond my panties.  They remind me that the night manager seeks my undivided attention.  He has from the moment I ran into him in the lobby of the hotel.

My head wants to tilt back and submit to this handsome man.  Yes… submit to my desire and Tyler’s!  The current running through the bracelet reveals his desire to fuck me.  His kisses right now begs for me to give in to him.  Part of me wants to yield to his seduction, but a stronger part doesn’t.  It wants control. 

Giving myself a little shake, I manage to push away from the stranger.  “No, Tyler!”  He tries to grab at me, and I firmly shout again, “Stop it right now!”

The tall dark-haired man looks older than me in his frown.  Tyler stops at my command almost frozen in place.  He looks frustrated at me and then toward the two younger men. 

I pant and lean heavily against the elevator wall seeking none of their support.  Containing my lust is harder than I think, but it heightens my desire knowing what I have allowed to happen so far. 

“I want to go to my room now,” I inform them while looking at their hard cocks still poking out of them in invitation.  I lick my lips.  “Pull up those pants, and let's go.  If you want me, it will be in my suite or nowhere.” 

Pouting a bit, they contain their boners. Tyler waves his key card at the control panel and punches the ninth floor button.  The elevator zooms up before stopping.  The doors open with a ding, ding!

Walking through the metal doors, I wave to them.  “Come.” 

I glance back noticing how the trio watch my hips sway.  Their expressions have not changed.  Each man appears to me like a dazed puppy.  I giggle thinking of myself as the pied piper of penises! 

The door to my suite opens when I step before it.  My husband Ronald stands there with a drink in his hand wearing a tux jacket and slacks but no tie.  Several buttons of his shirt are undone.  He smiles as he watches me and the strange men follow me inside the suite.

In the living room area just before reaching the dining room table, I point.  “Stand over there and do not move.”

Obediently, they do as I command.  None of the men move but watch me attentively.

“Well, darling, are they to your liking?” Ronald asks with his smile growing.  He walks around the men who tower even him.  He approaches me as I stand with my hands on my hips with my pursed lips.

I hold up my arm that carries the silver bracelet and shake it at him.  “Why didn’t you warn me about this bracelet you gave me, Ronald?  Why can’t I take the damn thing off?!” 

I grab him when he walks around me.  He admires me in the beautiful white dress he gave me to wear, but nothing happens like it does with the other men when I touch them.  I feel as I always do.  Horny and frustrated.  Ugh!  Even with his mind-control, lust bracelet in my possession somehow it does not affect the maker?!

“If I did tell you all you would chicken out.”

I nod.  “Right—”

Ronald interrupts, “—and would never be here now for your long overdue and well-deserved gangbang with your chosen men, darling.  That is your fantasy, isn’t it?  The power to control your own pleasure with multiple men?”  He sips his drink, trying to hide his sly smile.

My mouth drops open, and I release him.  I’m shocked that Ronald remembers this obscure fantasy of mine we discussed so many years ago.  I want to lie but feel compelled to tell the truth.  “Yes, but…”

Ronald lowers his glass and grabs me by the shoulders when I trail off contemplating what he's said.  He turns me to face the men I’ve collected who await my command.  “Then show me, the fierce goddess I know you are.  Take your pleasure without fear.  I will be right here.  You’re safe, and if these men will not do, then we’ll find others that meet your needs.”

I look to the side and see Ronald’s sweet smile with that heat of mischief in his eyes.  I know he means what he says.  He wants to watch me having sex with these men!  I look at them stroking their tents and lick my lips again.  There should be no holding back now.  Certainly no guilt over the kink running through me stronger by the moment.  Ronald has given me the green light.  I should take it; shouldn’t I?  Nibbling on my nails, I hesitate, feeling more than a little gluttonous.

“What about you?” I glance back to him seated next to a small rolling cart of food.  He sips his drink again. 

“I love to watch a good show.  You know that.  So put one on for me, darling.  Make me hard for you, until I’m begging you to join in the fun.  I will only do so with your permission.  This is your fantasy after all.  I want it to be everything you ever imagined.”

I walk over to him and kiss him with the sweet gratitude that fills me.  Ronald responds in kind.  Looking into his eyes, I still don’t feel any different than I always do around my husband.  No shocks throughout my body from the bracelet.  No puppy dog eyes from him either.

“Why doesn’t the bracelet work on you?” I ask because I am far too curious.

Ronald shows me that he’s wearing a silver bracelet that forms a Celtic knot.  “This one counteracts yours with a few extras.”

“Of course.”  He would have something like that, wouldn’t he?

“That way I can keep vigil to ensure your protection.”

That makes sense.  I begin to relax more and more because it seems Ronald really thought this through for me. 

A sudden thought occurs to me, and I inquire, “Will they remember what happens?  When they come to their senses will they come after me?”  I worry my fingernail with my teeth when I turn back to look at my men.  They watch my exchange with my husband looking more eager somehow.

Ronald chuckles at me.  “They respond to the pulse of the bracelet because they are attracted to you, darling.  The bracelet does not create sexual desire.  It only breaks down the barriers of social conditioning to the most base form.  Your chosen men can and will remember everything that happens here, or you can command that they forget.  That will be wholly up to you.  You have the power over this situation.  I know you will use it wisely.”

“Sneaky devil.  Did you test these devices of yours yourself?”  I put my hands on my hips again and lift an eyebrow at my husband.

“No.”  He shook his head.  “My assistant Nate has extensively to some let us say interesting results according to his thorough reports.  Any other questions?”

I cannot think of any, so I shake my head.  “Nope.”

Ronald smiles wider and slaps me on the rump.  “You are the boss, darling.  Tell these men exactly what you want and how you want it done.  You know you have me at your command already, and I will do your bidding with or without the bracelet.”

“Then help me out of this dress,” I say as I lift the front of my dress before him flashing my white panties.

Ronald offers my shoulder a kiss while slipping down the straps of my white silk gown.  As his hands move to unbutton the back, I reveal for him a strapless bodysuit, which he also bought.  The white satin garment covers my full breasts in a sweetheart design.  In the back, it takes a plunge near my waste forming bikini panties that disappear in my firm bottom.

“Damn, you have a terrific ass.”  My husband swats it.

“Thank you, darling,” I say loving how he compliments my body.

Ronald nods to me in approval.  I nod back and turn to the men watching me with hunger.  I walk toward them slowly, but not Tyler this time.  He pouts more.  It’s the black man I approach first.

“Tell me your name,” I say as I touch his chest.  His hands instantly close around my narrow waist and reach down to my ass for a squeeze.  He swats it harder than my husband but his hands are far bigger.  I groan with the thought that I always heard the rumor that black men liked big asses or some ass play.  Well, I guess that stereotype is true of this man, and I enjoy it.  However, I like being pawed over.  When Ronald and I would have threesomes in the past, I always appreciated being spanked, to heighten my mood.  Now is no exception. 

“Edlo,” the black man replies low and deep.  I feel the vibration through his chest against my hands. 

“Mmmm, I like the feeling of your hands, Edlo,” I say reaching my hands up toward his neck.  He lowers his head down to me as I reach a hand around his shaved head.  His thick lips reach for mine, and they shock me with softness.  He tastes good like a melon.  Too good for me not to open more of my mouth to him.  His tongue creeps inside, and I moan.  He rubs me up and down his front making sure I feel the hard bulge of him wanting entry within me.

I start to pull away from him playing coy.  The black man growls at the back of his throat.  It sounds like frustration bordering on a warning.

“Now, now, Edlo, patience.”

“I want you now,” he growls in protest.

I wave my finger at him, which his head follows.  “Not yet.” 

Giving him a wink, I walk over to his slim friend.  Looking up at the second man, I smile at the blond hairs hanging in his light blue eyes.  “And who are you?”

“Whoever you want me to be.”

I giggle liking that response very well.  “Naked.”

He grins.  I’ve never seen a man disrobe so fast.  The blond man does it in less than 30 seconds.  The body he reveals is very nice looking. 

While touching the blond guy's slender torso, I glance back at the black man roughly touching himself.  The shocking current from the bracelet resumes its assault of my vag, nipples, and dark rose.  It feels so very good.  The blond man before me shudders at my touch.  I gather he feels the electrical currents of ecstasy, too.  His twitching cock certainly makes me think it does as it drips with pre-cum.

“You, too, Edlo.  Off with your clothes,” I order.

The black man tosses off his jacket and rips his shirt down the back.  At my gasp at such strength, Edlo tosses off the remains like the Incredible Hulk.  Licking my lips, I gaze at his muscled torso.  Slowly, he drops his pants.  I already saw his package back in the elevator but love his sudden pause for effect.  His thick erection makes me take in a breath.  Edlo removes the rest of his clothes effortlessly and stands straight while flexing the muscles in his arms at his side and chest.  No smile does he offer me.  Only raw hunger greets me from the depth of his dark brown eyes.

I pinch the blond’s nipples fiercely.   Nibbling my lip, I watch him groan and squirm.  He drops his head with the grit of his teeth.  At his ear, I ask quietly.  “I asked for your name and will not do so again.  Do you understand me?”  I squeeze his nipples like I want to pinch them off.  “But, we both know you like a little pain, don’t you?  Hmmm?  Don’t you, my puppy?”

His long slender member twitches dripping with more pre-cum as he hisses, “John.”

I release his nipples to his sigh of relief.  My legs strut over to the last of the men who join me in the suite.  “I want you naked now, Tyler.”

In no time at all, he obeys, too.  His body isn’t rippled with muscle like Edlo nor is it tall and lean like John.  As the older man of the three, he has some tone to him.  Not fat by any means, but more average. 

I touch his lips with my fingertips that I tasted earlier, and the shock going through me from the bracelet tells me that he’s a kisser.  In the same way, the bracelet communicated to me that John likes the sweet tease of denial coupled with a little pain.  While quiet, the black man Edlo will fuck me like a beast being so aroused according to the bracelet.  He wants me now as they all do.  The things I learn make me very exhilarated right now.

I steal a glance back at my husband who is already naked.  No command needed.  Ronald has been something of an exhibitionist since we met.  He loves being naked as much as playing with his cock and ass.

“Now you seem overdressed, darling,” my husband observes before taking a drink from the glass he holds. 

“Do you want to undress me, honey?” I ask and watch Ronald swallow.  I turn from him and bend over again.  I shake my ass at him and hear him gasp.  Grinning I glance at him upside down through my legs and then look at the men in front of me.  “What about you, Tyler?”

“Fuck, yes!  Please!” the night manager begs, reaching for me as he approaches.

I stretch my arm and put my palm out.  “No!” I snap.  “I did not say you could move.”

Tyler whines yet stops and puts his head down.

I walk over to Eldo whose eyes glisten with desire.  John’s eyes follow me with lust and jealousy burning.  He does not move though.  Good boy.  I focus on the black man and smile.

“Undress me, Eldo.  I want to feel your big hands on my body.”

His hands are gentle at first until it seems he couldn’t find the snaps to release me.  Before I could instruct him, his thick fingers tore into the sheer material at my back.  One sound yank and the front of the garment fell away from my body.  His eyes feasted on my freed breasts.  The rest of the garment rips from me exposing me completely. 

A moment later, his dark hands cup my white breasts as if testing the weight.  I gasp at the tease of his thumbs on my hard nipples.  “Do you want to taste them, Edlo?  My nipples ache to be sucked.  Will you suck them for me?”

Edlo answers me by lifting me effortlessly in his arms.  Gasping, I wrap my legs around his waist.  His strong arms lift me up to his mouth.  Staring into my eyes, he suckles my nipple greedily.  I groan at the heat that flushes through me at the play of his big tongue. 

“Oooh,” I groan again at the flash of his white teeth that teases one nipple and then the other.  

Nothing that I have ever done is this hot, but I know it is bound to get a lot hotter in here.  I glance at the two men staring at me licking their lips.  My husband on the other side of the room grins too while stroking his cock.

“Carry me to the dining room table, Edlo.”  He does as I ask and settles me on the table where I open my legs as wide as I can.  He stares down at my hairless penis fly trap and smiles for the first time.

“Do you like what you see, Edlo?”

He nods. “Yes.”

“Lick my pussy, Edlo.  Suck my clit.  Only use your tongue and lips to make me cum.”

Instantly the black man lowers to his knees in front of me and begins dining on my pink slit.  I cup my hands behind his shaved head and tremble because he is very good at this.  I lift my slim legs around his shoulders, but he remains on his hands and knees.  He uses his tongue and lips to give me pleasure taking turns sucking and licking my clit.  In constant motion, his tongue passes over my entire slit, and his tongue dives ever deeper into my entrance.

“Come to me, John.”  He leaps to my side.  “I want to stroke that cock of yours.”  I spit on my hand and begin stroking it to his pleasured moans and then squeeze it when Edlo begins sucking my clit.  “Fuck!”

Edlo fails to come up for air and continues to lick and suck me in turn.  Meanwhile, I stroke the lovely cock of John.  “Don’t you come,” I whisper and see him grit his teeth at me.  Then I look to Tyler stroking his cock in a fury. 

“Come to me, Tyler.”  He comes to my other side.  My one hand strokes John’s cock while the other grips the back of Edlo’s head between my legs.  “Kiss me and play with my nipples.”  His mouth eagerly takes mine and his fingers pinch, flick and slap my tits. 

There is so much going on.  So much outstanding sensation.  It feels better than good after having nothing for months.  I break the kiss of Tyler to cry out.  “Fuck!  I’m cumming!”

I tremble, and Tyler holds me while I squeeze John who cries out with me.  Edlo still sucks me as I cum against his thorough tongue.  Both my hands shove his face into me as I hump it until I come down. 

My trembles lessen, and I catch my breath.  “Pick me up, Edlo,” I order.

The black man lifts me in his arms, pressing my hard nipples against his chest.  I kiss him hard loving how he warmed me up with my first orgasm of the night. 

“Lay on the floor, Tyler, with your head facing the table.”  The dark-haired man stretches out on the floor with his eyes glittering at me in anticipation. 

“Let me go, Eldo,” I say, and he does.  “Sit at the table now as I did and open your legs for me.”

The black man sits on the edge of the table and opens his legs wide.  I gaze down at Tyler as I step over him.  He gazes up at me and between my legs licking his lips. 

“Your turn to taste, Tyler,” I say with a smile and then look to John who looks dejected.  I reach a hand to him.  “I want your fingers to play with my ass, John.”

The blond man grins big at that as I sit on Tyler’s face.  Moaning, the man beneath me rolls his eyes closed.  Immediately he starts wiggling his energetic tongue at my core.  It feels so good that I hump his face slowly at first. 

I spit on Edlo’s thick cock he feeds to me while I hold on to his thighs.  I bob my head on his cock in time to my humping and moaning.  Edlo’s so big I’m finding it hard to get him all in my mouth.  It does not stop me from trying.

At the same time this is going on, I feel the play of John at my backdoor.  First one small finger presses in and out of me as I rock my body back and forth.  Feeling full right now, I squeeze my nipples.  I ride Tyler’s face the fastest even when my thighs shook, and I sucked Edlo’s cock very hard. 

Veins protrude along the yummy thick cock telling me that Edlo is almost to the point of cumming.  I do not let up on my sucking and soon gain my reward.  Pulses of cum fill my mouth.  I pull away while swallowing the overflow of salty cream.  Shuddering on the fingers of John, I squirt on Tyler’s face with my yelp.  He licks me up vigorously as I pant with my trembling thighs squeezing his head.

I lift off Tyler’s face and perform a reverse cowgirl squatting over Tyler’s cock that sits stiff.  No wood would be wasted in my presence.  I vigorously ride his cock. 

“Come here, John.  I wanna suck your cock!”

He does not waste any time coming to stand in front of me, legs spread apart.  I take his cock in my mouth much easier than Edlo’s as I ride Tyler’s cock.  Edlo now plays with my ass sticking a finger or two inside me.  It feels so good and full.  All over I tremble when the black man also squeezes my tit.  I cum again on the spot. 

I flip around to straddle Tyler and invite John to kneel down to take me from behind.  Edlo merely watches while stroking his semi-rigid cock.  Ronald does the same but in standing I can see that he now sticks his own finger in his ass, too. 

Tyler, John and I meanwhile find a rhythm that works.  Tyler arches deeper inside me with his hands kneading my breasts, and when he withdraws, John presses forward in my ass gripping my arms at my sides.  Each time each man dives deeper inside me.  All of us are moaning at the feelings of satisfaction we give each other. 

My trembles erupt from within flowing with the wave of my orgasm that forces a scream of pleasure.  My muscles contract on the cocks moving in and out of me faster than before.  Tyler jerks violently beneath me.  A flood of warmth bursts inside my walls.  John pulls out of my ass so I can get up.  My knees wobble. 

I wave to Edlo and he comes.  “Take us to the couch and sit down.”

He lifts me up again.  This time Edlo does so on a newly hard cock.  “Oh my God, you’re so big!”

I wrap my legs at his side as the black man sits on the couch.  He thrusts and lifts me repeatedly on his cock.  We both grunt in delight of how his girth stretches me so divinely while gravity works well in his favor to fill me deliciously up and down. 

Even that is not enough.  I take over working his thick cock completely inside me.  It burns a little but feels so amazing!  I rock and roll up and down his thick cock until I am breathless and full of tremors from my orgasm.

Edlo lets me rest a moment before he takes over where I leave off.  Slowly, he moves my hips up and down his stiff member.  I am moaning my pleasure shocked by the intensity of lust I find in his eyes.  A pounding rhythm from his hips meeting mine feeds my core and clit perfectly.  Several hearty thrusts later, I’ve stopped fighting myself.  The black man has me spasm on his cock again as if I am the hungry beast.

“Oh!” I groan, “I want more!”

Edlo slows down his thrusts as he slaps my ass several times.  That’s when he spreads my cheeks so that John can breach the dark rose already slick from my wet snatch.  He moves gently though.  No hurry motivates him as he feeds me more and more of his long cock.  I clench my walls on Edlo’s cock in the meantime to his groans of need to move.

John works his long cock inside my ass thrusting in and out of me gingerly.  Unable to wait anymore, Edlo starts to move in increments.  I close my eyes when they pick up speed soon.  The last double penetration was intense but nothing compared to when these two well-hung men took me at once.

I’m screaming, “Fuck!  More!  I want more!”

John and Edlo pound into my body and render me a quivering mess.  I scream nonsense now.  That is until a cock fills my mouth shutting me up.  Mmmmm! 

Tyler has recovered, so I thought when I open my eyes.  No.  He watches while stroking his cock looking forlorn.  He wants to join, but there are no more holes to fill.  Even my hands clutch onto the sofa for dear life after this pounding I take.  I notice how he looks to my husband’s sexy backside as it is his cock I suck. 

Knowing my husband is no stranger to anal, I pull away from Ronald’s cock to breathe laboriously for a second.  I command, “Tyler, take my husband’s ass.”

Ronald’s eyes swell with his cry as the other man stuffs his rear he’d been playing with by himself.  Once more while watching me take cocks, I watch him take one.  It makes me hotter to see him enjoy some anal pleasure just like me. 

My husband offers me his cock with lust flaming his eyes.  Nodding Ronald feeds all of it to my eager mouth from the other side of the sofa.  Deep slapping thrusts take him and me.  I am swept away in a sea of moans.  Ronald gives me the first hint of sweet pre-cum before withdrawing from the back of my throat where I gag a little.  Edlo fills my pussy with his seed, and I hear Tyler’s cry as he pulls out of Ronald.  Tyler strokes himself to completion until his seed shoots near the back of the couch. 

Trembling with more shocks going through me from the bracelet, I lay to the side stunned that these men could still want more.  More is just what I need with an insatiability I do not care to control.  I smile as I slap my wet clit.  The action makes me tremble more in delight. 

Edlo who breathes as hard as John watches my show.  John spoons with me also breathing hard, but his cock has yet to leave my ass.  He has not come there yet and refuses to leave.  I do not mind.  I like the feel of him there.  My human butt plug has worked his way fully inside me.

Tyler and Ronald pant tiredly while leaning against the couch.  When Ronald sees me licking my lips, he leans down and kisses me with passion.  I pull away smiling and playing with my clit.

“Was this everything you ever wanted, darling?” my husband asks while stroking my sweaty blond hair lovingly.

“And more.  I want you now, Ronald,” I say feeling breathless and needy. 

He shakes his head and chuckles.  “And more you will get.” 

Ronald comes around the couch.  John rolls me on top of him and spreads my legs wide.  I giggle at being so exposed for my husband.  My fingers trail through my wet lips and stir the soup of my juices mixed with the cum of the others tonight.  I hope to add the warm cum of my husband to the mix. 

“Ready, darling?”  Ronald points his hard cock where the others have been.  He gives me a deep satisfying thrust with the wonderful swirl of his hips before he retreats.

“Oh, yes!  More!  Now!” I demand loving how he teases me with his cock as he always does when we make love.  It only makes me want him more. 

Ronald smiles filling me up and down.  I do not say stop.  Sensitive or not, I need to come again.  It won’t be long before the best saved for last takes me right to heaven.  I roll my eyes and take all that my husband gives.  I soar with it blissfully in the pleasures that consume me better than any dream I can imagine.

Submitted: June 17, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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Damn Amy that device worked so well. I loved every word of it. Just one question onit though. "Penis Fly Trap", What corner of your naughty mind has that three word jem been hiding in? It literally cracked me up when I read it.xoXj

Sat, June 17th, 2017 5:16am


Yeah, it sounds like it works very well for Amanda and Ronald.

Don't know where that came from but considering the nature of the story and Amanda's state of mind and hungry cooch it seemed appropriate and dare I say accurate to her ravenous condition. :D

If I can titillate and amuse at once, then I've accomplished my goal. Thanks for reading and offering your comments, my friend. I appreciate the challenge in the first place but am sorry it took so long to come to fruition. :)

Fri, June 16th, 2017 10:22pm


You had me from "dining on my pink slit" - awesome sex, chaotic almost, wet and wild. The next time you break out the bracelet, I think I know another guy who would love to join me in your next orgy. You can have whatever you want/need wherever you need it! Tremendous story, Amy.

Thu, June 22nd, 2017 12:00am


Why doesn't that seem to surprise me that such phrasing caught your attention? LOL! Everyone seemed to latch on to something different. All in all, I could not be more pleased. I'm just glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

Thu, June 22nd, 2017 8:04pm


I didn't read the whole thing I stopped at the part where the husband came into play. I think it would had been better if the wife had been described even if it was in one person pov. Discribing the guys would had made the juicey stuff better for the people that like the guy parts of the sex scene scenes. I hhad gotten just a bit confused at the beginning part when switching to that one character that had the card thing for a moment each time. I think you misspelled one word from what I read where it says she pierced her lips. Even if I'm not a fan of gang bang stuff I just gave a try at randomally reading something that showed up on the side when I was looking at my own story's stats.

Sun, June 25th, 2017 6:14pm


I apologize for any confusion reading this second part of a much larger short story may have caused. I am certain had you known to read the first part first it would have been clearer and less confusing. I did review my notes in summary and appreciate that perhaps I had not made that aspect clear. I have since corrected that so anyone in the future may understand that this part two of the story is linked to the first. Thanks for pointing that out to me.
Hmmm... there were no misspellings of any words that I could find. If you refer to the word "pursed" all I can say is that it was used as intended not "pierced."
The wife was indeed a bit peeved with her the husband for springing such a dangerous device "bracelet" on her without giving disclaimers of some kind and certainly instructions from the onset of what it could do to render men helpless puppies to their lust for the wearer in other words.
And, so to the last, I do appreciate that you popped over to read something at random. It is an exciting thing to do sometimes and how I often find new authors and stories to read. If you find yourself feeling adventurous again, I would invite you, of course, to read something else of mine not involving a gang bang since you are not a fan of it. I do have other writings that may suit your tastes better if you care to review my portfolio.
Thanks again for reading and for the constructive criticism. Much appreciated. :)

Sun, June 25th, 2017 11:59am


Pied piper of penises!!!! Too funny lady, too funny:) Well, I'd say that her fantasy was played out to perfection. Well done, Amy. This was by far the most energetic/intense group play I've read yet. I'm not really a big fan of group play but your descriptions are great and the detail was phenomenal. I loved it!!!

Tue, June 27th, 2017 2:40am


Yep, the pied piper definitely wanted to play out to perfection and got her wish. Good thing all were up for a performance of a lifetime. Whew! No little blue pills! I am glad you liked it although not a fan of group play. ;)

Thu, June 29th, 2017 6:20pm

Michael Arlis

Just read this. The way things are going this might be coming soon. I think we will all have chips in us sooner rather than later.

Sat, November 25th, 2017 7:07pm


LOL! I sure hope not. Would like to think I operate under my own power and am not influence by someone else's lust. Of course, if I am in control, that's a different story. However, I have to think you are right about the chip thingy. We already have them in our pets, soon to be in our children, and us as we'll have perfect synergy with machines like in Minority Report. Scary stuff.

Sat, November 25th, 2017 7:43pm

Lisa ☺

Damn girl you can write that story should come with a warning label.

Mon, April 23rd, 2018 10:25am


Hee hee! Sometimes it's better to be surprised especially where fulfillment is concerned. Thanks for reading and keeping an open mind. :)

Mon, April 23rd, 2018 4:29pm

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