My Sexy Experiment I

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Moon's erotica creation's

Here is my offering for Storywriterx's challenge of a device with peculiar abilities for the opposite sex. The woman who wields this special gift (the Manatore) gets more than she ever dreamed. Her inventor husband hopes to make her wildest fantasies come true.

Manatore:  My Sexy Experiment


At a half after six, I arrive at the fancy Rosewood Hotel where my husband and I will spend the next few nights.  This comes as quite a surprise to me since his work has stolen him away from me for several months now.  According to his note, I should check-in and drop off my overnight bag.  I do, hoping that when I reach the room, Ronald is there waiting.  He isn’t. 

Another note I find instead along with a lovely white box decorated with a red satin bow.  Reading the latest note of this rather nice scavenger hunt, it informs me that we have a reservation at eight in the historic Willard Restaurant downstairs.  I should get dressed in what Ronald provides and meet him there.  When I open the box to my shock, I use what I find there to make ready for my date with my husband.

“Good evening, Mrs. Carlyle,” the maitre’d greets with a little bow when I approached him at eight sharp. 

I touch my chest surprised the man knew who I was.  The last time I was here was two years ago celebrating my seventh wedding anniversary to Ronald.  I always tell him how much fun I had here and want to come back someday.  I know, of course, that it was very expensive on our modest salaries.  He had to save up to splurge on me as he did, but he always says it was worth every penny to see me so happy while making me a queen for a day.

“Oh, good evening to you, too.  Has my husband arrived?” I ask, glancing around the busy dining room.  It bustles with activity and chatter from wait staff in tuxedoes and formally dressed patrons.  Every table I see looks full, yet I do not spot Ronald anywhere. 

I meet the admiring gaze of the maitre’d who shakes his head at me.  “No, not yet, madam, but he did say that I should seat a lovely blond lady in white.  Mr. Carlyle will be around shortly.  If you will please follow me?”

I nod to him with a smile making sure to lift the front of my white gown Ronald bought for me as a surprise this evening with much more to come.  Eyes follow me as I hold my head up high, feeling the goddess I appeared in the gorgeous silk slipped about my curvy body.  My blond hair is curled and pinned up enough to pull the hair away from my face, but the rest falls down my back. 

The maitre’d shows me to my table by the window overlooking the river.  I settle in my seat with the help of the maitre’d who smiles.  He opens a bottle of champagne that chills in an ornate silver bucket by the table.  The pleasant pop of the bottle follows as he pours golden liquid into a flute and hands it to me.

“Thank you.”  I take a sip and then gaze through the window at the view tonight.  The moon shines brightly without any clouds to obscure it.  I drink more of the sweet drink smiling to myself. 

I try not to fidget, but I am nervous and excited inside.  It has been months since Ronald, and I did anything together.  My husband knows that he has much to make up for neglecting me so many months.  His stupid inventions turn my life upside down.  However, the defense contract he procures for his latest invention is the opportunity he has been working toward.  He signed the contract today, in fact.

No more lonely nights!  Now we could go out again like a normal couple!  With the money made from this contract, Ron can create his own company.  All his prototype crap will be hauled out of my three-car garage.  I could actually park my car inside it again!  Whoo!  Hoo!

“More champagne, madam?”

I glance at him coming out of my thoughts and nod.  The tall, balding maitre’d refills my flute with more golden bubbly.

“Thank you,” I say with a smile and nod.  I take a sip of the perfectly chilled drink.  I’ve never had it before and could not read the label.  French probably and I never learned any languages in school.  Never needed to.  I lived all my life in this city.  I never wanted to live anywhere else.

Looking at my phone, I note 20 minutes have passed.  I text Ronald, wondering where he is.  Promptly he texts back that he is coming.  I wait another 10 minutes and still my husband has not arrived.  Just when I transition from worry to anger that he’s standing me up, the maitre’d returns to my table with a white box.  He settles it before me and then steps away.

I stare at him and then look around the dining room.  My frown descends.  “Where did this come from?” I inquire lifting the box in the palm of my hand.  It is not very heavy.

“Madam, it arrived just a moment ago, and I was instructed to hand it over to you right away.”

“Just now?” I question in disbelief.

“Yes, by courier and this note with instructions to give it to you.”  He placed a folded note beside the box.  Next, the maitre’d raises the bottle of champagne toward my glass, and I lift it to him to fill again.  I nod for him to stop and I take a sip.  I know I should take it easy because I have not eaten anything yet.  Right now I am not caring because Ronald still isn’t here!

Taking a deep breath, I release it slowly.  Before I open the box, I look to the folded note.  The paper appears to be on the hotel letterhead, and the note is written in my husband’s messy penmanship.  He’s around here somewhere I gather, but I read the newest message left for me.


Keep an open mind.
Remember your wish to have a little power?
Now you have it.  Have fun, darling!

With much love,


I pull the red bow off the box with a nibble of my lip in anticipation.  When I lift off the lid, I do not know what I expected to see.  I gasp.  Within the box, I find the loveliest silver cuff bracelet.  It has clear stones within the filigree design.  Immediately in my excitement, I place it on my wrist.

I yelp with the shock felt at my wrist.  Frowning, I find it quite unpleasant and try to take it off only to find that I can’t!  What the hell!  Another jolt hits me, making me yelp again.  This time not only in my wrist but my nipples and vag.  The last and most shocking jolt from my wrist seems to target my bum.  All these areas feel oddly sensitive like there has been some play there.  Well, there hasn’t been for months! 

I hope that would all come to a screeching halt tonight.  The notes Roland leaves tell me that the kiddos stay with his parents for a few days so that we can have some adult time to ourselves.  I was so looking forward to this, yet now I don’t know what is going on.  None of this makes any sense.

A warm hand trails my neck.  Smiling, I look up thinking that Ronald finally arrives.  I gasp when I see the maitre’d.  He does not smile at me.  He pants and his eyes fog with need.  Instantly I rise to my feet astounded by his boldness.  I am even more alarmed by the subtle squeeze of his hand at my shoulder as his hand moves south toward my full cleavage.

“No!” I cry, slapping his naughty hand away.  I grab my phone and key card for the room knowing that it is time to leave.

When the maitre’d has the audacity to try to grope me again, I lift my skirt and run from the restaurant.  I run head first into another man dressed in a dark suit.  I nearly fall if not for his firm hands bracing me against a solid chest.  The man smells sweet, and I felt my mouth water and eyes widen when he stares down at me with wonder.  He’s well tanned with neat brown hair and sparkling blue eyes.  All his enchanting features make me draw in a breath in how turned on I am at the moment.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I say blushing madly because everything on me, vag, breasts, and dark rose feel on fire.  Aching with need to be touched in those areas, I breathe very hard.  My nipples tighten and my vag lubes with anticipation.  Need fills me with thoughts of this man ripping my clothes off right here in the hall and fucking me on the floor.  It terrifies me the power of this need.

“I’m not.  Mrs. Carlyle, isn’t it?” the man in the suit asks in a husky voice that makes my thighs tremble.  I swear more wetness seeps out of me.

I frown.  I do not remember meeting this man before.  “How do you know my name?”

“I’m sorry.  I’m Tyler the night manager of the hotel.  My colleague checked you in at the front desk.”  He holds out his hand to me.  When I take it, that shock thing happens again.  It originates from my wrist where the bracelet rests.  That shock travels from me to the strong hand that I shake.  Tyler gasps and then groans with the shut of his eyes for a moment.

“Madam!  Please, madam!” the maitre’d clamors heading right toward me.

Tyler pulls me protectively against his tall frame and snarls at the maitre’d.  It stops the balding man in his tracks.  I clung on to Tyler’s arm that bunched and flexed with his fists rising in a fight.

“Back off!  She’s mine!” Tyler growls and swings at him.

He raises his hands and backs away fast.  “I meant no harm.”

“Go!” Tyler orders and frowning the maitre’d listens.  He returns to the restaurant.

I back away fast too because this situation is too weird for comfort.  I run to the elevators hoping that I may be safe in my room.  Just when I step on the elevator, I find two big men on it.  One is a bald black man who towers over me like a building.  The other has blond hair and is just as tall.  I trip over my long dress but do not fall.  The two men each grab an arm.  Two powerful jolts run through me from the bracelet and head to the point of contact where each man touches me.

All of us gasp as one.  We each look at each other with lust.  The doors close as each man brought me nearer to him.  Tyler jumps on at the last minute.  He waves a key card before the elevator can move and it locks in place before reaching the second floor. 

“I want her,” Tyler says to the men who hold me protectively near them.

“She’s ours,” the white man replies.  He scowls at Tyler the way the silent black guy does.

Tyler flips his tie back and falls in a fighting stance.  “We share her, or you die.”

“No!” I struggle against the men, and they look to me in a daze.  “Let me go.”

They release me as I ask to my amazement.  This is so crazy!  Why the hell are men suddenly fighting over me?  The longer I stare at them all three look at me like they are in a trance, but are wide awake. 

Now I feel the subtle surge of power.  It sends waves of pleasure through me from the bracelet right to my vag.  It makes no sense, but my thighs tremble more.  I am swaying on my feet.  Closing my eyes, I recall Ronald’s words from his last note to me.  I know it was a riddle of some sort.  My husband really loves them.  Even more, he loves playing games especially the sexual kind.  Could this be what he referred to?  Must have been.

The more I think about that note; I remember a conversation we had once.  We lay in bed late.  The kids are sound asleep.  Ronald and I snuggle after a particularly hot session of pleasing love making. Out of the blue, my husband asks me about my ultimate fantasy.

“I want control,” I say to him.  “Control of my pleasure and to command sex with multiple men.  I want them all to give me orgasms until I can’t take it anymore.  Safely, of course, and then while full of their cum, you fuck me in my vag and my ass before cumming in my mouth."

Ronald looks at me with raised eyebrows, and I feel a little ashamed at this dirty fantasy, but it's true.  “Really?” he asks.

“Yeah, but it is only a fantasy.  I would never do anything like that for real.”

It is kinkier than anything we’ve done before or since marrying Ronald.  We’ve done some swinging at a private club we used to visit before the kids came along.  We also did a few threesomes a while back.  Nothing even remotely vanilla lately though.  His inventions took up so much of his time, and the kids took up mine.  The only servicing I’ve seen is from my dildo Black Mamba as I call him.  It is big, thick and got me off when I'm in need and Ronald's nowhere to be found.

I am eager to test my theory on the three men who stare at me entranced.  None of them move.  They breathe heavily.  One of them even adjusts himself.  I notice for the first time that all three of them sport eye-popping tents at the front of their trousers.  I could not help my reaction of licking my lips, but it is not lost on the men surrounding me.  They all groan together.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I almost whisper because I cannot believe those words are coming out of my mouth.

They nod with growing smiles. 

“Show me what I’m working with," I say still licking my lips.

All three drop their trousers and pull down their underwear.  Each man has something going for him.  A long cock for Tyler sure to hit my cervix with ease.  Big and long dick for the black man for complete pleasure of cervix and G-spot I guess.  His friend is not as big but is damn impressive.  I whistle at my luck to happen upon three well-hung men.

“Do you want to come to my room and show me how much you want me?” I ask now wondering if this is really happening.

They nod as they closed in on me. 

“Can’t we show you right now?” the tall blond guy inquires as he touches my breast.  His friend, the black man, cups my other breast through my dress.  My nipples are so hard against their hands.  Each of them kisses my cheek and then tweak the nipples at the same time.  I gasp in pain and pleasure while they continue to grope me.

I hold my arms out and shake my head as I back away from their greedy hands.  I back into Tyler though.  “Stay,” I say holding my arms out.  The two guys obey but look none to happy about it.

Tyler grabs me by the waist allowing me a moment to feel the hardness of him at my ass.  He then turns me toward him.  Both of us are panting.  That jolt of a sexual current runs through me stronger than ever.  I see it’s effect in his lustful eyes.  I know what he wants.  I want it, too.

Before I can stop him, his lips glue to my throat.  My leg raises up his side.  My hand grabs in his hair.  My other draws him more to me.  Then his lips meet my own.  The kiss is so deep he makes me moan.  I feel the rush of ecstasy down in my toes.  What Tyler does with his tongue is criminal and is lethal in its taste of me.  

My mind demands I pull away, to regain control.  Tyler tastes so full of promise even as I feel hands on my ass and fingers entering me where I ache most to be touched.  It all feels so good.  I forget where I am.  My body needs this as the desire builds in me, craving sweet release.  I grind on the fingers that bypass my panties as more of them enter me.  I welcome them seeking to make me cum.

“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” I cry before Tyler's mouth clamps back on mine.

The night has just begun, and my control is slipping.

To be continued…

Submitted: June 08, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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Holy shit Amanda. That must be your secret fantasies name. Nobody but Any F. Turner could write something this hot. How did you know I was working on a Manator and how the hell did you get your hands on the prototype. I can't wait until you reveal how good it works and I get a shot at the three spots after they are done with you.
Shit Amy, I can feel it working on me from afar. Find a way to turn the damned thing off after they leave. I'm in agony here from the tightness in my jeans.
XoxoX Ron

Thu, June 8th, 2017 3:32pm


Oh my! The bloody thing didn't come with instructions! Damn that Ronald! So forgetful! I suppose you will have to endure just as Amanda does. I look forward to finding out the same. Working on it. :D

Thu, June 8th, 2017 5:23pm


'to be continued' part is a very rude kind of torture applied to me!!!!!!! you climax me and say " no , wait a little baby" .................. come on, dont make me wait !!!!!

Mon, June 12th, 2017 2:23pm


It is true that I am a tease. Can't help it really, but I will definitely not keep you waiting too long. Promise. :P

Mon, June 12th, 2017 9:31am


Are you kidding? This is one of the best Westerns I've read in a long time! Get along little doggie, or you're going to be hog-tied... A bracelet that over controls our already rampant hormones?!? No chance at all for any dignity... Even if I were John (The Duke) Wayne!

Tue, June 20th, 2017 11:42am


LOL! I love westerns. So simple and straightforward storytelling. This story has some twists in it though to make it interesting.

Oh plenty of dignity in the right hands of course but like any power can be subjected to abuse. It comes with a great responsibility.

Thanks for reading and the funny comment.

Tue, June 20th, 2017 5:34am


Any time a woman tells me she wants control, I automatically drop to my knees and ask "how much and how soon?" lol. I love the way this grabbed our attention, drooling for the sequel, which was well worth the wait. Dynamite story, even better sex!

Thu, June 22nd, 2017 12:11am


I hoped that you would enjoy my offerings. Thanks so much for reading, my friend. :)

Thu, June 22nd, 2017 7:54pm


Holy shit woman! You really know how get me on the edge of my seat... damn this was hot and there's a part two as well... forge this one, I have to find out what happens. Off to the next one :)

Loved it girlie. This was an awesome read, but really, I'm off to part two...

Tue, June 27th, 2017 2:20am


Thanks so much, A, for taking a look and offering our thoughts. I'm glad it held your attention and makes you want to read the second installment. :)

Thu, June 29th, 2017 6:17pm

Lisa ☺

Wow thats hot

Sun, April 22nd, 2018 3:58pm


Thanks, Lisa. I hope you think the same about the second part in "My Sexy Experiment II."

Sun, April 22nd, 2018 11:02am

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