Making Up for Roughing It - My Turn

Making Up for Roughing It - My Turn

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Here is my take on Jenna's response to her boyfriend Ben's great makeup sex in "Making Up for Roughing It" written by Benawriter. Hope you all enjoy this one, too! -- Amy :)


Here is my take on Jenna's response to her boyfriend Ben's great makeup sex in "Making Up for Roughing It" written by Benawriter. Hope you all enjoy this one, too! -- Amy :)


Submitted: August 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



“Hi, Ben,” I greet when I pop of my head into his office late Thursday mornin. 

He blinks up at me, surprised.  Knowing my hectic schedule, I don’t usually have time during the day to talk or play.  Regardless, I’ve thought non-stop about how kinky things got between us.  Golden showers?  Yeah, not really my thing, yet he opened that door.  All I can say is I hope I closed that particular one. 

Anyway, the make-up sex was PHENOMENAL!  No bullshit, just fucking lovely.  Must have been the best like ever!  That night Ben pleases me so well it brought tears to my eyes!  Believe me, I’m no crier.  No one in memory has ever been so attentive to my needs, and I feel my man certainly deserves some of the same mind-blowing sex he gave me.  As I recall, he never came that night.

“Jenna?  What’re you doing here?” Ben asks lowering whatever sheet of paper he studies against his computer monitor.  He stands with worry lining his brow.

I fully enter his office shutting the door after me and walk over to him behind his desk.  Grinning, I slide my hand up his golf shirt before my lips aim for his.  He opens his mouth to mine, and I slide my tongue in finding his for a bit of play.  Almost as much as teasing, I love kissing, but with Ben it’s so much more.  His yummy mouth comes alive under mine.  He quickly reminds me why I love his wicked tongue.  What skill he initiates in the flick and slide of it inside my mouth!  I feel my entire core tighten, moisten, and purr with each tender stroke partaken.

“Mmmmm,” I purr before drawing away.  Gazing up at him half-lidded, I wonder if he could make me come just by kissing my mouth like he fucks my entrance.  I nod, knowing well he could when I nibble my lower lip and then cup his groin.  He’s already responding to me as he groans at my boldness.  Gotta love Ben’s state of readiness.  “I know we’re supposed to meet up tomorrow, sweet cheeks, but I can’t wait.  Can you get off?”

“I haven’t all week actually, but would be glad to with you now!”  He nods eagerly with his enlarging grin.  “Let me make a few calls, and I’m yours.”

Ben makes his calls while I wait with the patience I’m so known for.  Twenty minutes later, we walk away from his place of work hand in hand.  Glancing at me, he probes, “So tell me, sweetness, what did you have in mind for my family jewels this time?”

“You’ll have to wait and see, won’t you?”  I smile up at him and walk toward my truck.  “Leave your car.  You won’t be needing it.”

Our route is green and scenic while we chat about her work week.  The drive affords us with a view full of rustling trees shading our path away from the city.  Ben smiles at me asking where we’re going until we enter the state park.  I follow the signs that lead us back to the cabins.  Every year, I buy a package on discount for the whole summer so that I can come up any time I want.  It’s just about the closest thing to camping this city girl is gonna get. 

Ben’s grin grows even bigger when we pull up to a log cabin that overlooks a small lake nestled in cozily by firs.  Very peaceful with only the sounds of nature greeting us since it’s a weekday.  The park gives the feeling that we have the whole place to ourselves, and that’s just fine by me today.

I hop out of the truck and glance at the lake twinkling with peeks of sunlight along the waters.  Gradually, there appears to be dark clouds gathering.  Perhaps, it might storm as the weatherman predicted?  Shit, so much for skinny-dipping.  Maybe next time.

“Grab the box in the back for me?” I ask before entering the cabin.

Ben goes to the bed of my truck and carries the covered brown box into the cabin with him.  He settles it to the kitchen table.  Returning to the door, he shuts and locks it.  At the fireplace, I start a fire since the cabin feels a little chilly.  I also love the smell of burning wood.  Always have.

I stand from my bit of work slowly since Ben’s been eyeing my fine ass the whole time bent over the fireplace.  Wasting no time, I begin shedding my blouse.  Ben pulls off his golf shirt and kicks off his shoes.  Unzipping my skirt, I let it fall to my feet as he drops his pants and takes off his boxers.  I remove my bra, slip, and panties.  My red fuck me heels stay on.  My hair is done in a French braid today so there’s no chance for it to get in the way.

When Ben sweeps me in his arms, his lips meet mine in the way that tells me he wants me now.  Need feeds through it.  It’s the same I’ve felt eating away at my resolve all week until I couldn’t take it anymore.  I crave the grope of his hands that rub my hardened nipples rising and falling with my excited breath.  His teeth grazes my ear and tugs as he murmurs, “How do you want me, sweetness?”

“Floor.  Now,” I order glancing down at Lil Ben already quite happy to see me. My red nails stroke his arms and then I slap him on the ass.  “Sit facing me.  Lean back supporting your arms behind you.  Legs out in front.”

Ben complies looking up at me expectantly.  I smile with the wave of my fingers at him.  “No hands, Ben.  No mouth either.  Keep that fucking tongue inside your head.  Sit still and don’t move.  Clear?”

“Yes.”  He nods with glittering excitement filling his eyes.  It makes his chest rise and fall as mine already does.

I widen my legs, step close to his face, and then turn away.  At the waist, I bend straight down over his athletic body.  He gasps at my wet pussy lips I can imagine because I’ve been wet all day thinking about him.  His member throbs sitting up for me to take fully in my mouth if I want.  Hmmm…maybe later.

So situated, I slip my own hands over my slit back and forth.  Wetting them one digit at a time this way, I gradually press each of them within me for a pump or two knuckle deep.  I remove them and repeat with the next finger.  Throughout this teasing pleasure, I shake my ass in a gentle sway and moan.  I hope the show I give Ben is worth the wait.  Then again, he does sit front and center in perfect view of what he craves.  Scenting my arousal of course, but denied a taste of my goodies.  Like a good boy, he doesn’t move, but I hear his breathing change considerably.  It’s rapid like mine. 

In no time, all my fingers visit my pussy making it drip even more.  My cream seeps down my sex steadily.  Ben groans softly but does not move, “Ah, Jenna, you’re killing me with this.”

Looking back between my spread legs, I grin at him seeing the frustration creasing his forehead.  “Just the way you like it.  You love every minute of my denial.  Don’t you, Ben?”

“You know it, girl.  You make me so hard for you,” he responds with a nod as he watches my ass sway in front of him.  I see his hands curl behind him in support, but other than that, he does not shift his position beneath me.  Good.

“I am not opposed to giving you what you want, Ben.  It lines up perfectly with my desire to make you explode before I’m done.”

His mouth drops open as he watches me spit into my hand full of slick digits.  My focus drifts down as I spit on the other hand, too.  Rubbing my palms together, I lower them down to Lil Ben.  I massage his pecker with my whole hand coating him with my juices and spit.  This makes my boyfriend stiffen with his newest groans. 

“How does that feel, Ben?  Good?” I solicit stroking up and down from the base of his erection to the tip with both my hands seizing him in a tender fist.  My desire is not for my pleasure this time, but only his.  “Hmmm?  Do you like how my soft hands love your strong cock?  How they worship it?”

My strokes are moderate to start and explore every part of his hardness at my leisure.  As I move on to faster pumps to get his heart racing with mine, additional spittle stretches down from my mouth to the head of his cock.  My hands work to coat him in a faster, firmer drive.  Ben groans tilting his head back.  My strokes of his cock become more aggressive but deliver only pleasure by the hissing sounds he makes.

Ben nearly reaches the edge when my eager hands lightly squeeze his cock and also tug down gently on his balls as I massage them.  “Oh, Jenna…” he moans softly, “I fucking love your hands.  Don’t stop!”

I smile as I stand up straight and step away from him seeing and feeling how close he is to coming.  With the slow sway of my hips I saunter up to the table where he places the box.  Lifting the lid, I pull from it a blue bottle of Risata Moscato d’Asti and a corkscrew.  I use it to open the bottle with a pop and then stuff the cork back in it.  I return the corkscrew to the box and then retrieve a brown sack from it. 

“Come along, Ben,” I say with a glance over to him.  By now, his breathing calms, and he looks to me with curiosity.  “Time to get more comfortable, and I find I’m definitely ready to experience more of you,” I invite as I walk off to the bedroom.

Ben immediately scrambles off the floor to follow me.  I settle the items to the nightstand.  I turn in time to see him enter the small bedroom.  The only light in the room is natural since the curtains are wide open giving us a fine view of firs.  “Lay down on your stomach, Ben.” 

From the brown shopping sack, I pull my trusty restraints to bind him.  Ben lays on the bed as I order and looks at me a little puzzled.  His breathing rushes more than it did before, and I smile sweetly at him.  “Relax and enjoy, sweetie.  I plan on teasing and pleasing you until you’re ravenous,” I assure him as I tie down both wrists to the bed on either side of him.

Also from the sack, I pull out a black silk blindfold and settle it over his eyes.  The last item I retrieve is my Sony MP3 player.  I scroll to find my favorite instrumental piece “Car Ferry” from a favorite movie of mine and set it to repeat.  Very romantic with a bit of a Spanish flare in the acoustic guitar filtering through it along with strings and a synthesized-organ.  A charming breezy trip it is.  It holds all the right tones for the mood I’m in and for what I wish to immerse Ben in as well.  Attaching the earbuds to his ears, I press play and rest the player next to his head so I can readily see the display with the minute count.  I’ve heard the song countless times and could hear it playing in my imagination quite easily.

Now that most of his senses are occupied, the focus on the only two that matter to me right now will be paramount.  His sense of touch and smell.  I pop the cork and take a sip from the bottle of wine.  Fruitiness greets my palate along with a lightness of it, too.  It carries the right amount of fizz, which is nice.  Settling the bottle to the side for the moment, I remove the covered bowl from the sack.  I open the lid and inhale.  Once I slosh the contents around a few times, I put the bowl next to the wine bottle. 

Next, I take hold of my edible oil that holds traces of citrus.  I caress a generous amount of it on my hands and begin my massage at his feet.  Ben gasps but lets me press into his arches and balls of feet.  My thumbs rub up and down his foot from the ball to his heel and back again.  I also rub between his toes.  Using my chin to stretch them, I then pop each one in my mouth to suck.  This brings another gasp from him. 

Adding more oil I knead my way over the back of Ben’s calves, knees and thighs.  I’m in no hurry.  He’s got a nice athletic body for the older man he is and I love touching every part of him in my deep tissue rubdown.  I hear him groan in his pleasure as I work over his glutes, up and down, side to side and with my nails.  It’s one of the things I notice about him when I first meet him.  Such a fine ass indeed.  I give a lick and kiss to each cheek.

More oil is added for me to enjoy the feel of his strong back.  I roll my thumbs up and down his spine, flaring my fingers out at his shoulders for a squeeze.  To get into a better position, I straddle him.  He groans as I dig my fingers hard into his tense shoulders and neck in tune to the music he listens to.  I spend several minutes here until I feel him moan with his sigh at the relaxing muscles in his back and shoulders particularly.

I kiss his neck softly and embrace his backside with mine.  Ben groans more than once.  Like me, I’m sure he likes the feel of me this way.  Hard nipples of my full breasts caress his back.  My wet core presses against some part of his body letting him know how much he turns me on.  How much I want him right now. 

Climbing down to the floor, I gently massage each long arm before releasing him from his restraints.  I time it perfectly to the end of the song.  Off goes the music and pull the earphones carefully from his ears.  “Turn over, Ben.  Gotta make sure to do this right, you know.”

“Of course.”  He does as I ask with a quickness.  A big smile plasters on his face.  His breathing increases marginally. 

I reinsert the earbuds pressing play on the MP3 that goes back beside his head.  I capture his wrists again in restraints but not before I offer a quick peck to his lips.  He tries to kiss me back, but I move away too quickly.

Like before, I add oil to my hands and start at his feet focusing on the top of them this time with my thumbs in circular motions.  I lick each of his toes when done.  My thumbs work their way up his calves, taking their time and then rest at his knee.  I add more oil to my hands, work light pinches and the heel of my palm into the muscles between his legs.  Ben widens them for me for easier access.  My touch alternates between firmness and softness especially nearer to his throbbing cock that oozes pre-cum.

I climb on the bed again, this time between his legs.  At such an angle, it’s easy to add soft kisses to my massage at his inner thighs.  Ben pants, and I haven’t even touched his cock or balls yet.  I ignore them, in fact, as hard as that is for me.  Instead, I travel up to his navel with kisses and walking fingers.  There I offer my tongue, which makes him shudder a bit.  Not lingering, I add more oil and continue my sensual caress up his chest and through the hairs.  Down the center of him, my tongue journeys summoning more shudders and groans from Ben.  My nails scrape gently down the sides of his body.  At his pecks, my fingertips spread out over the contours found and knead him.  My teeth nibble at his nipples and my hands run circles over his arms again.

Once more, I lift off him.  The song reaches its end.  I shut off MP3 device; remove the earbuds and his blindfold.  I return the items to the sack and then grab the bowl, and wine bottle.  I straddle him once more yet set my things aside within easy reach. 

“So how did you like that so far, Ben?” I ask pleased with the progression of denial to heighten the mood for both of us.

He nods with his content smile.  “I like it a lot!”

“Are you hungry?” I question with my devilish smile and then nibble my lower lip.

“Oh, very!”  His eyes glitter into mine with zeal. 

I nod also.  “Good.  I have a special treat for you.  Are you ready?”


“Let’s see if you like this wine.”  I take some from the bottle, but do not swallow all of it.  I lower my mouth over his and kiss him.  In the process, I share some of the sweet liquid still in my mouth.

Ben groans and responds to deepen the kiss I offer.  He explores my mouth of that taste, his wicked tongue lining my teeth before seeking my tongue to duel.  From his seducing mouth, I break before I lose control.  Licking my lips, I stare at his and then his eyes.  “Well?” I ask almost breathless in the damn good kisser he is indeed.

“Tasty.”  He grins knowing well what he does to me the devil.  “Just like you, sweetness.”

“Oh, but you must try it with this.”  I grab a sliced peach from the bowl and present it with my lips to him hands-free.  Ben takes it from me and we both chew down the fruit at the same time.  I take another swallow of wine and present it to him as I did last time.  We repeat all of this until all the peach slices are gone and only the wine remains while we kiss in the sensual unhurried play of our tongues.

I lick around his lips as his tongue darts out to meet mine claiming me deeply.  Pulling away to catch my breath, I lick down his neck where he groans.  I graze it with my teeth and bite lightly at the curve where his neck and shoulder meet.  I gather up the wine again and pour some of it down the center of his chest where I lap it up.

“Mmmmm,” I moan for this is delicious and fun!

Quite a bit of wine pools in his bellybutton, and I slurp it out happily as he shivers with his own moan.  Taking more wine in my mouth, I also push his throbbing pecker in.  I suck in my cheeks a little to play with the wine stirring it with his member inside my mouth.  Both of us moan at the sensation. 

Ben tugs at his restraints when I swallow the liquid and him deeply.  My nose wavers in his public hair.  Moaning lightly, I graze him with my teeth from base to crown where he hisses.  Then my lips clamp down and mimic his slow entry inside my pussy.  Lil Ben thickens in my mouth as my tongue twirls around him like my favorite lollipop.  My moans continue as I enjoy licking up and down and all around his shaft.  Diving low, I suck his balls gently into my mouth while I moan my pleasure.

“Yes…fuck!” Ben growls.

To join the party, my hand soon adds firm strokes along his shaft while I spend time worshiping his sweet nut sack.  Switching between them, I make sure to lick and suck Ben’s balls sloppily.  I allow them to slide in and out of my juicy mouth multiple times sounding off with a pop as I do. 

“You taste so fucking good in my hungry mouth, Ben.  I want to devour you,” I rasp and begin sucking on his cap again.  Moaning I want to milk all that he withholds from me.  Ben trembles before he stiffens on the cusp of release already.  More pre-cum bubbles up.  Thrilled I suck harder taking every drop he produces.

Smiling up at him around his meat when the flow lessens, I stroke him with less urgency.  I spit on his cock, pause as the spittle coats his head like cum, and then lube him for a slow jerk along his head.  Lifting my head up, I inquire, “Are you still hungry, Ben?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he responds in his pant as he grips his restraints.

I lift off him and free his arms.  Suddenly, I turn from the bed altogether leaving the room.  Naked, I head toward the kitchen.  Before he could say anything, I yell back to him, “Good!  I’ll make some lunch!  I’m starving!”

Neither one of us have come.  I sigh knowing that I’m even hungrier for him.  Maybe next time...

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