Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Here in Book One, Angela’s awakening to what she had been missing all these years had been incited in one night completely by accident. Locked out of her apartment in only a sleepshirt provided the opportunity of a lifetime...a chance encounter with her hunky neighbor, Roland Hamilton. She felt more alive than ever now. Even BOB could not seem to dampen even an iota of her sexual desire kindled by him. Her fantasies seemed to be taking a life of their own, but nothing could compare with how much she wanted them and all of her heated dreams to come true.


Here in Book One, Angela’s awakening to what she had been missing all these years had been incited in one night completely by accident. Locked out of her apartment in only a sleepshirt provided the opportunity of a lifetime...a chance encounter with her hunky neighbor, Roland Hamilton. She felt more alive than ever now. Even BOB could not seem to dampen even an iota of her sexual desire kindled by him. Her fantasies seemed to be taking a life of their own, but nothing could compare with how much she wanted them and all of her heated dreams to come true.

Prolog (v.1) - Induction

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The short story "Induction" added to make this more convenient for reading the rest of the story that follows.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 17, 2016



Prologue - Induction

My hunky next-door neighbor materialized from his apartment the moment I opened my door in nothing but an oversized sleep shirt I’d gotten when I went on a cruise with Mom last year and not a stitch of anything else.  No shoes, no shorts, and a big ass problem, I’ll tell ya! 

I’d just gotten out the shower and had nothing on the agenda tonight but some me time with my clit.  It had been a long week, and I was in need.  You know how it is. 

I heard the UPS courier knocking so I tossed on the nearest thing I could find that wasn’t some skimpy towel and headed for the front door in excitement.  Shopping online last week, I’d found a new toy.  What every girl needed in my opinion…a battery-operated boyfriend who was always there when you needed him.  The Adam and Eve website I bought it from professed that BOB would light me up but good.  I looked forward to the experience since I never used one before, but I hadn’t much experience to begin with. 

Too much of a bookworm maybe, or it could have been the thick headgear I wore during most of high school.  Whatevs.  By the time I started college not only did I get contacts, (thank God!) but I cut my hair and dyed it an awful shade of crayon red.  I hated it!  Felt like a freakin’ neon sign.  Look at me!  Look at me!  Definitely not my style.  Live and learn.  Never get drunk on Tequila Tuesday looking for a change.  Duly noted.  Check the box!

I was glad when the semi-permanent faded, and my natural dark roots settled in to stay.  Frankly, so were my parents.  I think they thought I'd turned to drugs or something.  More like a rebellious phase that thankfully passed.  Only now, I started to grow my hair long again, and I lost a total of 50 pounds at the end of my junior year.  Whoo hoo!  I’d gotten asked on several dates, too, but they never went anywhere.  Too busy holding down a full time job at Macy’s and a full load at school as a Psychology major, to be thinking about some boy, you know.

The last thing I expected to see exiting said front door was my hunky neighbor Roland in nothing but his sleep pants paying some pizza delivery guy for his dinner.  He usually didn’t get home ‘til late, and I heard when he got in usually because I was such a night owl.  No more than 5 hours sleep max, and I was awake doing homework or studying.  Roland must have taken a rare day off his fast-paced life. 

More than once, my roommate Cynthia and I ogled him as he joggled every morning like clockwork at 5 AM.  Such an ungodly hour of the morning when nothing but old cat ladies and kids like us staggered back from partyin’ our brains out at a frat or the club.  Cyn thought that Roland had to be at least 50, but all guys older than 30 seemed to fall under that magic number with her.  Realistically, I knew he was closer to 30.  He didn’t have any gray yet, but the start of lines formed on his forehead and crow’s feet by his yummy green eyes.

Yeah, I know.  Still old as dust, but I couldn't help it.  If you saw Roland, you'd totally understand.  Too old for me maybe, but I always had a thing for older guys.  They were more mature just like I felt.  I gravitated toward them and fantasized about them while playing with my clit because they always turned me on so I could get the job done.  None of the younger guys I knew ever did, not even the ones I dated.  Weird, huh?

Anyway, so I stood outside my apartment door almost freakin’ naked, and for me that’s like way out of sync from the norm, because I was Miss Proper Always Dressed to the Nines and all that shit, but today I was kinda feelin’ that Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.  My best girl and roommate spent the night with her boyfriend, and for a change, the whole damn place belonged to me for the evening.  I looked forward to taking full advantage of some me time.

Dripping with wetness, I rushed out, not even finished drying off.  Excitement filled me over my present to myself.  I didn’t even properly dry my hair.  It plastered to my face, yet I could see through the hairs just fine to view my shoeless neighbor in his plaid sleep pants.  The higher up my gaze went the more I noticed.  How those same pants hung low on his narrow hips with the hint of pubes near the danger zone.  Mmmmm...

The top half of him was slender like an Olympic swimmer but muscular where those fair hairs from his crotch thinned deliciously.  Clear definition could be seen in his long arms and only a hint of a six-pack along his torso though.  His shoulders were broad and oh my can you hold me? … masculine.  His hair didn’t look so dark in the hall light.  A bit long, it curled around his face with glints of gold running through the dark caramel of his medium cut.  I sucked in more than a few breaths as I tried to turn around and duck back inside my apartment, but it was too late.

“Shit!”  The heavy door shut in my face!  Trying the doorknob, it was locked.  Greeaaaatttttt!

“Hey…you okay?” Roland asked with alarm sounding off in his voice.

I turned and there I stood face to face with the man of my hottest fantasies.  He’s so far out of my range I quivered in my sleep shirt.  Like literally, quivered.  I couldn’t believe this was happening to me!  What did I come outside the apartment for again?

“You’re cold and shivering!  You locked yourself out didn’t you?”  He shook his head at me like some poor waif.

Too shamed to speak I nodded.  It was freakin’ Roland!  A second ago before I heard that knock on my apartment door I thought about how I would use Roland as I played with my clit.  I know my face turned scarlet like the letter and all, but hey, no one needed to brand me or anything.  I knew exactly what I was in that moment and the burn felt much lower.

“Do you want to use my phone and give your roommate a call?” Roland inquired trying to be a gentleman.

I nodded again…totally mortified at how I would explain this all to Cyn.  She’d kill me if she had to come back and let me in.  She hadn’t seen her guy Ryan in 8 days since she’d been on her period.  While I loved her like my own sister, Cyn could be a real bitch during that time.  However, she usually was if she didn’t get her “some on the regular” as she called it.  Point being, I’d never hear the end of it either way.

Roland motioned me to come into his bachelor pad.  Dark colors on the walls, dark wood finishes and leather everywhere.  It’s the kind of place I expected from him.  Sophisticated and manly.  A real guy’s place.

“Cool decor.”

“Thanks,” Roland replied as he shut the door and headed to the kitchen counter where his phone charged.  He put the pizza down and unhooked the newest Samsung, which he handed to me.  “Here.”

I nodded and took the phone obediently still at a loss of what to say.  I swore I was such a dork sometimes.  There I stood with my fantasy guy and you’d think I could find something more to say to him than the lame conversation I mustered so far.  Shaking my head, I dialed up my friend shocked I even remembered her cell number and held my breath.  The phone immediately went to voicemail as I suspected it might.

“Damnit,” I muttered in frustration.  Leaving a message for Cyn, I let my shoulders slump and shook my head again at the pitiful creature I was.  Should have known I was out of luck.  I settled his phone back on the kitchen counter.

“Did you get her?” Roland asked with a towel in his hand.  He began helping me dry my hair with it as I shivered.  He brushed up against me so close I could smell the clean scent of Ivory soap on his skin.

I gasped in my leap away from him realizing that my breasts were exposed through the wet cotton of my pink sleep shirt.  My nipples were harder than little rocks as I folded my arms protectively over them shocked at the realization I was so visible to his eyes.

“Could you … er… put on a shirt?” I requested and looked away from him bashfully.  I know my face had to be the color of my pumping blood because this situation was not getting any less awkward for me.

“Why?” he asked while still holding the towel in his hands.  “Don’t you find me attractive?”

I stared at him blankly for a minute shocked that he would even ask me that stupid question, but for some reason I must have forgotten my filter before I stepped through the door of his apartment, because I said, “I do.  That’s the problem.”

Roland looped the towel around my neck and used it to pull me toward him.  When I stumbled into him, I braced my hands against that hard chest I fantasized falling into so many times.  He released his hold of the towel to wrap his limber arms around me.  My heart beat even faster than it did before he cupped the strands of my drying dark hair behind my ears.  When still I failed to look at him, Roland turned my head toward him with his warm palms against my cheeks.  “That’s not a problem at all, angel.  I’m attracted to you, too.”

“I call bullshit,” I whispered stunned by the look on his rugged face that was a mixture of amusement and something altogether steaming hot.  That heat transferred down my face, my neck, right to my hard nipples and so much lower.  It took me off-guard just like his words to me right now.

“Why because you’re younger than me?” he wondered with a half-smile I found sexy as hell.

I glared at him flatly though.  “Your girlfriend looks like a Vogue model?”

“And real girls have curves … like you.”

I laughed then unable to help it, and Roland smiled alone.  It met his green eyes that burned with that insane heat that shot right through me.  I tingled and suddenly pressed my thighs together.  That smile was it for me.  Stick a fork in me.  I’m done!  I never wanted to play with my clit so bad in my whole life!  My lips parted so that I could breathe more regularly.

"Stop playin’.  Like I really turn you on.”  Roland couldn’t be serious.  I mean I was not even wearing any makeup!  Come on, I looked like a wet dog with really hard nipples and freakishly long legs. 

Mom always teased that I was all legs and should have run track or hurdles, yet that joke was on me.  I seriously lacked the coordination of a gazelle.  Believe me, I quit while I was ahead and kept it in a book where I was safe.  Being the klutz I was, I fractured the same foot on the same stupid step of our new house three times in the same year.  Let’s face it, I didn’t have a graceful bone in my gangling body.

“I’ve not even begun to play with you yet, but give me a chance to put in some work.”  Roland lowered his mouth to mine and dropped a soft kiss on my lips.  A test for chemistry, maybe.  In my mind, there was no doubt in how the air always crackled around him when I saw him, but I had no idea if he was for real right now or if he felt anything near what I did for him.

I pushed out a breath and licked my lips of his taste that was chocolaty and malty, too.  His lips hovered inches from mine.  A pause to collect himself or to let me get over the shock, could have been it.  What I wanted was more.  Like in my fantasies, the kisses we shared had never been brief.  Long and wet, they dragged on to infinity and left me feeling weak-kneed.  I wanted to know that feeling for real. 

Roland must have read this from me somehow because when he moved in again for the newest kiss he stole while still pressing his palms against my cheeks, he tilted my head where he wanted it and dipped his tongue inside me.  I’d not been prepared for that particular treat.  I moaned unable to help myself at the new sensations he gave me.  More chocolate and malt.  Roland tasted better than either alone. Pulling away this time, I swayed a bit, feeling lightheaded and breathless.  Now that was more like it!

“You like?” Roland asked looking smug.

“I don’t know what’s happening here… did I just enter an alternate universe or something?” I asked trying my best to get my bearings but failing to be anything near smooth.  This went so much better in my fantasies!

Roland looked at me puzzled.  “What are you talking about?”

“I…I don’t do this.”

He lifted a dark caramel eyebrow at me.  “I’ve seen how you and your friend have looked at me.  You leave nothing to the imagination in how you undress me with your eyes.”

“We w-what?” I stammered shocked that it was so obvious to him what we did every time we saw him, and I thought that I had been discrete at least. 

“Two college hotties lusting after me is quite a fantasy of mine,” he revealed with his smile turning sexy.  He lifted my hands away from his chest and then lifted them up instead to have a better view of my breasts through the wet sleep shirt.

“You think…I’m hot?” I asked as I blinked up at him.  Guys thought I was okay to look at once I put a little effort in shaving my legs, flat ironing my hair and donning a favorite cocktail dress.  Next to Cyn though I couldn’t hold my own.  That girl had been blessed with luscious big ole gozongas and me the dreaded bee stings that a lot of the time seemed more nipple than anything else.  I had the height and legs that came with them though.  In fact, I loved to show off my legs any chance I could.  By far, they remained my best asset.

Roland took my hand in his big one, drew it down to his crotch and let me feel the hard length of him tenting his sleep pants.  “Lil Ro knows so.”

Snatching my hand away from him as if he scorched me, I backed into the front door.  My chest rose and fell with the quickness of my breath.  “This isn’t happening.”

“What?  Sleeping with a man you’ve only seen in passing?”

“I don’t sleep around period.”  I covered my face mortified by my lack of a filter.  This was just too embarrassing.  In this day and age, Roland probably would think me a prude.  Everyone else did which was why I never told anyone about my inexperience with sex.  Hell, I avoided the subject like gasoline sheets in hell.

“Wait… you’re…” he began flabbergasted with the rise of both dark caramel eyebrows, “Aren’t you 21?”

I rolled my eyes.  “Yeah, but I’ve never… aww, hell.”


I shook my head and covered my face with my hand.  No way I could look at him.  “I-I’ve never found the right guy, I guess.”

Roland grabbed my hand I held to my face and pulled me gently into his arms.  Gasping at the heat and proximity to him, I shivered.  His warm hand cradled my cheek and lifted my head up toward his sexy mouth. 

“You are an angel, aren’t you?” he asked but didn’t wait for my answer when he brushed my lips softly with his. 

The shaky little moan I produced was not expected again.  It sneaked up on me just like my response to his neither too thin nor too full lips.  Swept far from the sweetness he sought, my hand reached around his hard body and squeezed him to me. 

Heat blazed through me at the teasing flicker of the tip of his tongue that lured me even as I tried to pull away.  I felt too much, too overcome in how crazy this all was.  Roland followed in boldness, his clinging lips stunned me.  Half-lidded, his green eyes conveyed his lust for me in the drunk passion that sizzled to life between us.  His breath matched mine as he explored me in growing excitement. 

Roland held nothing back.  His kiss told me that he wanted me, and he conveyed this with each hungry stroke of his lips over mine.  His hands squeezed me in contact with his hard body and Lil Ro.  Rubbing my back, he soon edged up my sleep shirt and discovered my secret.  His lips pulled from mine as he panted harsher than before, and he lifted the sleep shirt over my head before I could protest. 

What happened next was a blur of movement from him.  Roland swept me up in his arms and rushed me to a bedroom that was decorated much like the rest of his place.  The king-sized bed held white linens.  When he lay me down in the midst of them, I sighed in the softness of them. 

Roland followed, covering my nakedness with his hard body, separating my legs with his own.  Hungry nips trailed down my neck before he offered revered kisses to my hard nipples.  Before long, he sucked them into his mouth.  His tongue tormented them in a way I never knew I could appreciate.  I cried out feeling the pleasure deep in my core as I seemed to feel a moistness collecting between my thighs.  My clit hungered for my touch. 

“Look how fuckin’ hot you are, angel,” he groaned his appreciation and nipped at my hard nipples.

I sighed at length running my hands through his silky hair with one hand.  The other hand trailed slowly down his toned back and boldly cupped his tight ass.  I could not find words for what I felt burning in me, but did not want him to stop.  I wanted more!

“Oh my God!” I declared as I trembled when he nipped my hard nipples again before he licked them. 

Slowly his hips embarked on their deliberate movement up against my clit and down.  Repeated and again.  But, I never liked it slow when this turned on.  I wanted it hard and fast and I showed him that. Gripping his muscular back to me, I grinded on him until I erupted against his hardness. 

Roland groaned as I whimpered at his mouth and trembled in the aftershocks of my cumming.  He lowered his pajama pants and reached into his nightstand drawer.  From it, he retrieved a foiled packet, tore it with his teeth, and rolled the contents on his long member pointing toward his belly at attention. 

In fascination, I watched Roland's movements in how he handled his maleness to point that rod right down to my entrance that had never known a man.  I’d never even seen a naked one in the flesh, but Roland was beautifully made.  His skin looked lightly kissed by the sun, where he did not appear so pasty white anywhere.  It gave his skin a bit of an appealing warm glow evenly all over in contrast to my peachy skin.

He merely aimed himself at my entrance, but nothing more as his mouth dove for my nipples again.  When he nipped me with his teeth, I gasped at the pull he made and then the release of his even teeth.  I drew my arms around him and caressed his strong back.  My hands curled and scratched it when he nipped me again.

Roland hissed before his lips claimed mine in a groan.  His hips began to grind his hardness into my clit once more.  I broke the kiss to cry out at his rough grind that took my breath, and I began to shudder only for a wholly different hardness.

“Relax, angel,” he cooed before he invaded my virgin entrance.

I shuddered around him cumming and feeling a pain I’d never known could be worse than my monthly cramps.  Roland’s hips still moved but slower as I tried to relaxed at his command.  This was happening...right now.  I had sex with my hot neighbor, but it wasn’t like I was used to that kind of pain.  Damn! 

Panting and hungry for more pleasure though when the pain was replaced with the sweet need for him to keep moving deeper inside me, I cupped both his ass cheeks to urge him in me.  It felt better than when I played with my clit.  The pleasure compounded the deeper Roland sank inside me.  It was so different but so good! 

Eager to know more of these feelings, I moved to meet him.  The pleasure shot through me, and I only wanted to feed it. Groaning in need, I swirled my hips, worrying my clit at the same time.  So hungry for more sensation, I sped up my hips in meeting him.

“Roland, please,” I begged, knowing I would sell my soul just to feel more of his cock inside me.  “Please stop teasing me and fuck me!”

With my permission, he really seemed to move then, pumping into me as he nuzzled my neck groaning my praises.  Before I knew it, the bed shook, sounding like a freight train.  His long cock entered me deep and fast.  Roland worked a scream out of me that I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I shuddered so hard from how deeply he burrowed causing me to lose control of my arms and legs. 

Still Roland fucked me like an animal, and I loved every single jackhammer thrust that he gave.  Sweat poured from him and mingled with mine, his full weight pressed every bit of air from my lungs making me grunt with him in the effort to hold on to the wild man.  Overwhelmed, I rode the wave of Roland’s lust while he fucked me senseless, understanding that he was far better than any fantasy I conjured combined. 

Suddenly, he stiffened in his release that propelled his hips to hammer me deep two more times.  It forced my shriek while he shouted, “Fuck!” 

Panting heavily he rose his head above mine at last and stared into my eyes with a smile that looked thoroughly satisfied.  I sure knew I was.  Wow.

“How was that, angel?”

“I don’t know,” I said honestly while still trying to catch my breath.  I did know it was incredible, but Roland didn’t need to hear that.  “I’ve nothing really to compare it to.  It was my first time.”

Roland stroked my lips before his head lowered to my sore nipple for a tease with his wicked teeth. I gasped followed by a hiss, loving every minute of his attention to my bee stings.  My hand ran along his back encouraging his further torment of them.

He chuckled in amusement as he released my nipple in favor of the other one.  Roland murmured, “Then I guess I best get busy again, huh?”

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