Hot Office Retreat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

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Anica Styles attends the annual office retreat, and this year knows that all her fantasies come to life.

Hot Office Retreat


Wearing my favorite patriotic bikini, I laid out by the pool in the 95-degree sun.  No clouds marred the scrumptious blue sky on the perfect July afternoon.  Two handsome colleagues of mine approached as I watched them chat with each other, wearing snug summer shorts, and no shirts.  If one didn’t look too closely, you might have thought Chandler and Karel were twins.  Dark wavy hair combed back from chiseled faces.  Toned torsos, arms, and legs had been waxed smooth like models. 

In the last six years, where I solidified my career, I also pondered frequently banging the hot duo working under Liza, the VP of Operations for Weles Corp.  Our company was one of the fastest-growing regional banks and just last year started an insurance company, which serviced mid-west America.  Like any other company, it had its quirks.  People made it a fantastic place to work and people like Chandler and Karel turned it into a damn soap opera.

Along with the hotties, I worked at headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, where I was recruited right out of Butler University.  My co-workers both were graduates of Notre Dame University and were a part of the same fraternity as the owner of Weles Corp.  During that time, I observed how these boys worked and played hard, but usually together.  More than once, I heard the rumors of how Chandler and Karel tag-teamed women they favored, giving them the time of their lives. 

Some of the girls foolishly got hooked on the attention these gorgeous guys provided while sharing her. The frat brothers effectively tricked weaker-willed ones into doing whatever nasty thing they wanted probably like they had in college.  These girls never lasted long at the company before they were convinced that they were in love with the assholes. 

Outrageous scenes resulted next that often got the girl fired because she was acting crazy.  The boys feigned having no idea what was wrong with the girls.  Chandler nor Karel was worth all the trouble.  The manipulative manwhores loved the attention, even if it was negative.

“Hey, Anica!  Lookin’ good, girl,” Chandler approved while giving a thumbs up.  He stopped in front of where I lounged soaking in the sunrays. 

His buddy Karel standing at his side in matching blue shorts nodded his agreement with a long whistle as he tipped his Aviator sunglasses down his nose at me.  “Good enough to lick all those luscious curves.”

I sighed as if bored, which was true.  Nonetheless, I comprehended very well what these ladykillers were on the prowl for.  As the first arrivals here at the gorgeous summer house on the westside of Lake Michigan, they had to warm-up on someone.

Jamieson Burke, President and CEO of Weles, owned the home where we stayed.  He graciously allowed for a two-week office retreat.  The locale was a secluded stretch of private beach where the 24-room mansion sat on a rocky cliff.  It housed two Olympic-sized swimming pools (one indoors and the other outside), a tennis court, and a basketball court.  Accompanying it on the property was a smaller house situated on the beach level used for changing into swimsuits, collecting a drink or snacks, as well as using the facilities if needed without having to hike back up the stone stairs to the main house. 

All the top executives at the company had the opportunity to be pampered by Mr. Burke’s generosity.  The retreat was packed with plenty of beach volleyball, swimming, tubing, and jet ski races.  A bonus was that employees were allowed to bring their immediate families.  Friendly staff attended to everyone’s needs.  Still some elected to stay in a hotel at a discounted group rate while participating in all the activities at the mansion and beach house.

The first week of the retreat was typically reserved for the singles.  All the employees with families worked out the scheduling to visit on the second week.  Mr. Burke hosted this event for years, and many looked forward to the tradition.  Everyone saw it as a free vacation with some team-building exercises during the day, which engaged people as much as they entertained. 

The evenings involved social hour with cocktails before catered dinners and dancing with a DJ or live band every night.  Beach activities were the norm most days crowned with a trip on Mr. Burke’s yacht for a day as well.  The retreat ended with a huge bash where all company employees were invited with food, carnival rides, and fireworks to celebrate another ridiculous year of growth.

“As if I’d ever let your tongue near my bod,” I retorted with the rise of my eyebrow and lowered my Gucci sunglasses.  I also stopped giving my vanilla ice cream cone a generous lick.  “Besides, neither of you could handle any part of my lusciousness even if you tried.”  A couple of drips of my soft serve landed between my C-cup cleavage.  I wiped it up with an index finger that I sucked.

“Ooo, would love to put that to the test,” Chandler teased, watching me closely.  Karel mirrored his action with the added lick around his lips.

I shook my head with a snort.  “Never gonna happen.  Keep it moving.”  I pushed up my sunglasses and went back to licking my treat a little faster before it became a puddle of cream.

Karel pursed his full lips.  “We’ve made a lesbian go straight with our skills.  I’m sure we can handle anything you’ve got, hon.”

Chandler puffed out his chest, squared his shoulders, and rubbed his impressive abs.  “I’ve seen you checking us out.  You know you want some of this hot beefcake.”

“So open those sexy legs, girl.  We want in to rock your world.”  Karel blew me a kiss with the adorable tilt of his head.

I stared from one to the other and laughed so hard that tears sprang from the corner of my eyes.  Shaking my head, I dabbed at them with my napkin under my sunglasses.  The pathetic pickup lines these two hauled out of storage were hilarious!  No woman in her right mind would take such a conversation seriously, would she?  This couldn’t be the way they talked sensible girls into doing all the crazy pegging shit I heard about, or was it? 

The thought made me laugh harder, especially with their dual expressions of fury descending dark eyebrows.  They were serious!  Oh, fuck!  Chandler and Karel tried to get me to give up the goods after that pitiful spiel!  Did they think I was desperate? 

Our boss, Jamieson Burke, frowned on office romances.  He felt that such illicit interpersonal actions interrupted productivity with emotional baggage.  He never desired to infect his company with it.  I agreed with him because I saw how the mighty had fallen when folks caved in to office affairs.  Very rarely did I observe how this worked, anyway.  Several of my friends confessed to hooking up with a co-worker and regretted it. 

Now, if the company was large enough and the two who knocked boots weren’t in the same department, then sure I could see that (in the only case of my friend Saul and his partner Matt).  What if it was an employee you worked with?  Yikes!  What if things crashed and burned as it had for my girl Cristin?

The married co-worker (with whom Cris didn’t know was hitched until after she fell in love with him) and she had a messy break-up.  Then the bomb was dropped on her with having to deal with the same ex being promoted to become her boss?!  She’d be stuck day in and out looking at and having to still work with that selfish jackass of an ex-lover?!  Oh hell no!  No thank you very much! 

I saw how miserable Cris was in such an awkward or uncomfortable wreck of a situation.  Why?  As a single mom with a shitty ex-boyfriend who fought her every step of the way over child support, she needed the job.  Out of all the positions she landed in the past, this one was the best.  It came with benefits of full health coverage and a stipend for childcare of her two- and three-year-olds right in the building where she worked.  There was absolutely no way Cris could afford to leave. 

When done with an ex, it was finished for me.  Fin.  He and I were not friends to begin with, so there was no hope afterward.  Even if we were, there was no way we continued such a relationship.  My girls (and gay bestie Saul) were the only friends I needed.  They said that I was too harsh on this point, but I knew myself.  I moved on, knowing my ex was dead to me.  I was okay with this if he wasn’t.  Not my problem.

Chandler’s voice broke into my thoughts and dying laughter in his weak attempt at wooing me.  “We know you’ve been curious about what it would be like to be with us.”

“Admit it.  You want it.  You need to feel the strength we pack between our legs,” Karel prompted with a cocky grin.

Chandler pointed at his crotch and announced, “We’re long.”

“We’re strong.”  Karel clenched his fist and pumped it up and down in front of his dick.

“And we wanna get the friction on… with you.”  Chandler gave me the shooter pistols gesture with his thumbs and index fingers.

While these guys I worked with renewed my cackling at the tragic effort of seduction, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a telltale movement at the sliding glass doors which led right out to the patio where I laid like a queen.  A silhouette of a tall, muscular man appeared. He draped a towel over his strong shoulders as he eyed the scene, playing out between the three of us.  Chandler and Karel seemed to get madder than ever at me with the downturn of their wicked mouths.  I loved teasing and riling them up because they made it way too easy for me. 

“Let’s not pretend, Anica,” Karel uttered with wavering confidence.

I snickered, making them flinch.  “Who’s pretending?”

“Why don’t you crawl that sexy ass over here and put that lovely mouth where it belongs,” Chandler directed boldly while gesturing a hand at the bulge in his thin shorts.

“Not on your life or your buddy’s.”  I waved them off with my free hand.  “Buzz off, little boys.  I’m into men.  No exceptions allowed.”

I saw Karel turning red about to say something else when from the sliding doors, a newcomer joined us on the patio.  Both men visibly swallowed before they started waving with fake smiles.  They shuffled off toward the stairs that led toward the beach without another look at me. 

Chandler overrode his friend by saying, “We’re heading down to the lake for a swim.”

“See you later,” added Karel over his shoulder louder than necessary.

Chandler and Karel disappeared behind the manicured hedges, yet I could hear their flip-flops receding fast.  I inhaled deeply, detecting the clean yet mountain pine scent that I registered to one person as I discarded my melted ice cream cone to the trash nearby.  I was done eating it, anyway.

A new napkin appeared before me.  The silent visitor handed it off.  Without surprise, I gazed up to the older, virile man filling my vision and making my heart race.  The big boss, Mr. Burke flashed a sympathetic smile.

“Looks like your cone finished before you could.”  He chuckled with light amusement only after I did at how sticky it was.  I felt like I wore more ice cream than I ate.

“Yeah.  Thank you, sir,” I said with a warm smile in return as I cleaned up the drippings along my hands, arms, and chest. 

From the second the boss shook my hand for the first time in a firm but dry shake at a college fair, I liked him.  Okay, maybe a fraction more than liked.  I felt weak in the knees when this 50-something-year-old man’s hazel eyes bore into me as if summing up all that I was in that one sweeping assessment.  It was something that unnerved me because men never did this sort of thing to me.  I didn’t get disconcerted with a lone look, as I was more of the type to do this to guys.  I preferred it, honestly.  A lot more fun to me was in having the upper hand.

The command of his manner was natural to Mr. Burke.  Confidence was in his aura, and the sweet smell of his sweat right now.  It drew me, doing things to my core that no man before or since managed.  Today and every meeting with him over the years made me feel like Mr. Burke simply oozed sex appeal. 

His full head of neat seal brown hair only started to mix with a few hints of silver strands.  His eyes flanked by thick lashes, his lips full and kissable, and his body primed and ready for action, whether he worked or played, urged my prayers for such a man to be mine.  My ardent dreams at night of him made my rabbit play delicious since I wasn’t dating and seemed to find no time for it.  The occasional hook-up on Tinder was the other way I had been fulfilling my needs for the last few years, which worked out fine. 

Mr. Burke’s skin glowed from his workout, and I had to stop myself from biting my lip in staring so hard.  The dusting of chest hair narrowed down the center of him, disappearing into his loose swim shorts.  My boss was not as defined in muscle as his younger front office staff members who left us in a hurry, but he was no pushover.  There was strength in those arms and a hint of a six-pack over his belly.  His legs were more impressive, remnants of his days of soccer as a boy.  He ran most mornings, and it showed.

“A pleasure as always,” he replied in a lower pitch like it was a secret only for me to hear.

I reached for the waterproof sunscreen on the table beside me and asked, “Would you mind terribly helping me out with this on my backside, sir?  I’m due for a new application.”

He shook his head.  “I wouldn’t mind at all, Anica.  Can’t have this gorgeous skin getting damaged.” 

I flipped over with my grin widening.  He’d never complimented my sun-kissed skin before.  With the twist of my coffee bean-colored tresses with toffee highlights to the side, I closed my blue eyes.  When for the first time, I felt those strong, big hands of his rubbing the lotion into my shoulders and back, I stifled the moan of pleasure that threatened to slip from my lips clamped shut.  In heaven, I soared wishing those blessed digits massaged my front. 

Mr. Burke almost reached the edge of my boobs on the side, down my back to the generous curve of my ass, small waist, and wide hips.  He skipped that area and reached dangerously close to the inviting gap of my upper thighs.  Thrilling it was to feel his fingertips dancing so perilously close to where I soaked the blue and white stars of my bottoms.  I breathed harder than I had in a while wondering if he could read my thoughts wishing him to be as naughty as I felt. 

“Are you all right, Ms. Styles?” Mr. Burke inquired, but if I weren’t mistaken, his voice took on a deeper tone that made me want to shiver where I laid.  I remained still somehow.  My nipples were so hard, and there was no controlling that.

“Better than all right.  I’m perfect, sir,” I purred at his hands that relaxed me more than I had been since I arrived that morning.  There were perks for arriving early.

Although Mr. Burke hadn’t asked me to, I finished up on an important project for him and turned it into his financial assistant Theresa.  Afterward, I managed only five hours of sleep before I made the four-hour drive up to the summer house that morning to ensure everything was in order.  I didn’t need to because Mr. Burke arrived yesterday unbeknownst to me.  He double-checked all for readiness in the retreat’s kick-off today.  While I was supposed to know his every move, he kept me guessing.

“You’re quite tense.  When was the last time you had any time off?” Mr. Burke asked casually, and it took me off guard.  It was more personal than our conversations usually ran.

“Oh,” I moaned when he applied a little more pressure at the top of my shoulders that were a problem area over the last three weeks.  It was nice to take a break and be pampered.  It had been a while since I experienced either.  “Other than now?  Honestly, I can’t remember taking any, sir.”

“Neither can I.  That needs to change.”

“You think so?”

He kneaded my shoulder muscles for another minute or two where I coasted in bliss.  “I know that you definitely could stand to have someone looking after your needs, Ms. Styles.”

His angelic hands pinpointed the problem areas and loosened up the muscles of my thighs and calves before stopping at my feet that were terribly ticklish.  I squirmed to move them out of his grasp, but he held on to them fast.  I giggled outright as I tried to turn over. 

“Oh, please!” I begged.

A mischievous but sexy chuckle emitted from Mr. Burke where he bent to attend to me.  Before either of us could say anything else as I playfully fought to retrieve my foot, we heard a throat clear.  A sharp but cold female voice followed in declaring, “There you are.” 

I grimaced and heard an exasperated sigh escape Mr. Burke before he turned to who spoke.  So it wasn’t my imagination that his other assistant got on his nerves, too.  I tried to repress a giggle with a hand over my mouth.

“Were you looking for me?” he asked without even a hint of his prior feelings in his calm tone.

“While I know that you didn’t want to be disturbed, it’s an urgent international call,” said the nasal voice of Theresa.  She was Mr. Burke’s other capable assistant who vied for his attention at every turn, especially when I was around.

I mourned my reverie being interrupted by the dour appearance of my rival in her red one piece and sheer cover-up.  Somehow, I was not surprised that it was because of Theresa Yardley.  The jealousy of this bitch toward me began from day one.  I had no chance to make nice.  Ree-Ree, to her friends, was thought to be the queen bee amongst the executive office staff until my arrival.  She had been chasing after Mr. Burke for years.  

Theresa, who currently appeared smug while combing her fingers through her pixie cut, was older than most of the girls in the office and my 29 years.  It pissed her off why I was hired to the position that I was with so little experience.  She demanded to know why when she could efficiently work circles around anyone, including me.  The truth was more like the other way around.  What I lacked in experience compared to the 40-odd years Theresa had been on the planet, I achieved in pure talent.

“The one I have been waiting for?” Mr. Burke questioned with some interest in his tone.

Theresa nodded her blond head.  “I think so, Jamie.”

Four years of interning and running team projects, I knew what to do out of the gate for Mr. Burke, which Theresa failed to do.  While she chased off exemplary staff who threatened her hold on the boss as she saw it, I proved time and time again how to get work done despite her interference.  Mr. Burke hired me to be his right hand while Theresa remained his left.

However, over the last year since he made me his executive assistant above poor Ree-Ree instead of just a management analyst, I operated as both hands of the boss.  I spent a lot of my time shadowing him while prepping him for his meetings.  More often, he included me in his presentations rather than Ree-Ree.  She was envious of how close Mr. Burke and I seemingly had grown. 

“Ah, thank you, Theresa,” Mr. Burke said while wiping his hands of sunscreen lotion on his towel still around his neck.  He took the offered cordless phone and placed it to his ear.  “Hello?  George!  So good to hear from you!  How’s Portugal?”  He chuckled lightly.  “Yes, I did reach out to you as I have a proposal for you.” Mr. Burke walked off back inside the mansion through the sliding doors.

I sighed, already missing his presence near.  A dark cloud blocked the brightness of the sun, and her name was Theresa Yardley. 

“Hussy,” my rival grumbled, hiding none of her open contempt for me.  “Like he’s going to fall for the oldest trick in the book.”

I flipped my loosely curled hair to the back as I rose smoothly to my feet.  Ignoring Theresa most days worked, and I did so now.  I didn’t want any of her hater-aid drenching my start to relaxation.  The bitter crone needed to retire, although I understood she was too young. 

Damn!  Theresa should get a life or get laid.  Mmm, wondered if I could set something up?  Not with Mr. Burke, of course, never him.  But, there were two other horn dogs around who didn’t care what musty vault of horrors they raided. 

In removing my sunglasses, I dove in retreat to the pool with a sly grin.  Tonight, I would play waitress for the drinks that would be flowing.  It wasn’t uncommon for things to get out of hand.  However, what happened at the office retreat singles party each night, stayed at the singles party each night.  Cellphones were banned.  After Mr. Burke retired for the evening, anything was liable to happen.  No one wanted to remember what transpired either.  Some things didn’t need to be memorialized.


“Anica, thanks again for the outstanding idea for a theme,” Mr. Burke complimented when I handed him a mask to go with the black linen shirt and slacks he wore this evening.  He looked more comfortable than I was used to seeing him.  Usually, he donned a suit, but I liked his taste in casual, too.

“Cellphone?”  I pointed to the basket that one of the house staff held for me while I held a tray of drinks.

The boss patted himself down.  “I left it in my room.”

“Excellent.  Do enjoy yourself, sir,” I said with a smile and wink as I waved him into the indoor pool area decorated with streamers, balloons, and flashing lights.

Mr. Burke nodded with a lingering look at me.  “Don’t forget to enjoy yourself as well.”

I flashed him a toothy grin even though I didn’t bank on it.  “I’ll try.”

The theme for tonight was a masquerade.  The employees of Weles Corp wore a black mask covering their eyes like Zorro that I handed out to everyone who entered the party area inside or out with the help of some servers.  They did not wear masks, which made things easy to distinguish them, but I did.  Mine glittered to match my silver cocktail dress.  It was integral to my plan for everyone to let their hair down.  More than a few of us needed to let off some steam.

To help the cause and this was key, I spiked the punch with Absinthe found in the boss’s bar.  Since I was in charge of the drinks, I strolled around and kept the glasses filled.  DJ Link made sure the party sounds continued with dancing and conversation that grew cozy.  After eating the dinner buffet, many Weles employees were deep into their cups.  A few confessed to having a super time when they sought to turn in for the night once Mr. Burke retired for the evening.

As the pounding beat of the EDM set a sensuous vibe past midnight, a few hardcore party people jumped in the lit-up pool with nothing on but their birthday suits.  Others took to stripping down to their underwear while dancing in their little worlds.  Amongst these people, I found Chandler, Karel, and Theresa.  I purposefully settled her seating arrangements during dinner right between Chandler and Karel. 

As I anticipated, they took the bait.  These three, like many of the attendees of the evening’s party, became friendlier in ways they never would at work.  Dirty dancing replaced the modest distancing of couples.  Those who gyrated orgasmically the night away soon found a quiet spot on the beach for some amorous shenanigans producing lots of moaning.

I made my rounds.  It was not difficult to find Theresa with the much younger men who tried without success to land me in the sack earlier.  Naked with only their masks on, the three rutted like animals in heat.  The men entered her holes with one going in and the other moving out to the pulsing beats.

“Oh, no!  No!  Please!  I can’t take another one!” Theresa screamed as she shook sweat from her head.  “Oh, my God!  You’re both huge!”

At first, I thought there was cause for alarm.  Theresa appeared and sounded like she was in pain.  She hollered while convulsing wildly.  I glimpsed from my position hidden behind the bushes the huge grin on her face as her shaking subsided.  A smile spread on my face yet in relief. 

“Oooooh, yes!” she shrieked when one of the guys facing her front chewed on her nipple.  The other kissed the back of her neck.  Neither of them stopped the skin-smacking grind into her.  “Oooooh, shit!  I’m coming again!” 

Theresa’s eyes rolled back, and I gathered she was having a splendid time being pawed over by the younger guys who did sport big pogo sticks.  Maybe for once, I was a little envious of her.  I sighed as I sneaked away.  My work completed like the awesome matchmaker I was, I got my revenge on her in the best way.  Theresa got laid, and now she would calm down.  Thoroughly pooped, I slipped up to my room knowing I more than satisfied my hostess duties. 

On the second floor, far across from the pool party, I bent to ease off my heels.  I saw two drunk couples going to their rooms opposite me.  There was one set that didn’t make it to the privacy of a room.  The blond guy from accounting had a brunette secretary up against the wall with her legs wrapped at his waist.  I watched in awe for a second as he pumped her several deep strokes as she gasped each time he did.

Shaking my head, I could not believe how well my plan had taken off.  Why then was I not happy?  Was it because I was sober?  Perhaps.  I didn’t drink much alcohol, but none this evening. 

Getting drunk was something I never cared for even in college.  My girls told me I could be a party killer like that, but a best friend in high school died because she got behind the wheel of a car when she shouldn’t after drinking six wine coolers and killed herself as well as one of my other friends who was also drunk.  I wasn’t there to drive because I was sick with the flu.  Alcohol lost all of its appeal for me after those losses.

“It’s just as well.  I’m pretty dead on my feet anyway,” I murmured to myself as I walked through the door into my designated bedroom at the far end of all the action I missed.  The noises from neighbors getting it on and the music from downstairs were thankfully muted, so I was guaranteed a good night’s rest.

“Someone has been very naughty,” came the low voice of a man before I could turn on the light.

My heels dropped out of my hand as I gasped and froze where I stood.  Did I accidentally go into the wrong room again?  “Who’s there?!  What are you doing here?”

“Why is it you saw to it that everyone’s paired off except yourself?” the voice inquired as he took my hand in a large, dry one.  The light remained off.  “Doesn’t anyone at this company make you wet?”

“Excuse me?” I asked in shock of the straight-forward manner this man spoke to me.

“You heard me.”

“Mr. Burke f-frowns on—”  

The male voice, as soft as silk, broke in, “Is that really what you think or what you think he would like to hear?  I mean, you spiked the punch and spied on your co-workers in the act of getting down.  Didn’t any of it turn you on at all?  Or do you plan on playing with yourself alone in this room to work out all that tension and frustration you’re carrying around on your shoulders?”

I frowned because whoever this was knew a lot more than he should have.  That meant that he had been observing me when I thought that I had been somewhat covert.  But that last part?  How the hell would he know I intended on diddling my clit and finger warmer to put me to bed? 


“What’s the matter?  Pussy’s got your tongue?”

“What?!” I shook my head as the taller man moved me away from the light switch.  He laughed.  “This isn’t funny.”

“Isn’t it, luscious?  I never imagined that you might have nothing to say.”

“What do you want?” I trembled because I was put off by this man who knew too much about me. 

He held my hands and rubbed his thumbs over my palms and wrists.  He made a tsk-tsk sound.  “I want you.”

“Who are you?  Let me put on the lights.”  I went to grab for them, but he captured my hands again before I could flip the switch.

“We don’t need them right now.”

I shook my head, not liking any of this.  “I’d like to know who I’m addressing.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Why the hell not?” I snapped, but my breath seemed to come even faster.

“You’re not calling the shots right now.  I am.  I can see this is something you are not used to, is it?  Elevated pulse.  Hmmm.  You’re uncomfortable.”  He edged closer, and I instinctively moved away.  “It changes nothing.  There’s no place you can go where I won’t find you.  You can’t escape.”

I swallowed as I slipped out of his hands and reached for the door.  I never made it.  He was on me, pressing me into the door with his firm body leaning against my back.  Panic rose in my throat, but also something far more alluring.  Teeth nipped my ear, and I yelped as I jumped.  With one hand, he subdued both of mine behind me.  He caressed my hair that had fallen out of its bun once he removed the sticks holding it in place.

“How long has it been since a man or even two have shown you what it is to be a woman?” he asked in the same strange tone riddled with longing.  I didn’t imagine it.  I could feel it in my bones that wanted to turn to mush.

I struggled regardless, not approving that I was not in control.  I turned to face the man who would dare ask me such a brazen question.  My chest rose and fell in rapid hitches.  “Why?  Do you think you’re man enough to satisfy me?”

“I’m not like those boys you discarded earlier who play at what they want like a cat with a mouse.  I’m the eagle.  I take what I mean to have, and there’s no question about it when I have you in my grasp.  You, my fine prey, are mine.”

The strange man leaned down with his arm braced over my head.  His mouth sought mine, but I noted that I was not the only one breathing hard.  At the last moment, I seemed to gather my sense and turned my body as I squirmed away from him.  His hot lips fell on my neck in a gentle stroke before he let me go. 

I panted, so lured into his seduction that I would break my own rule.  For sure, he was a co-worker.  Who?  Then, I detected the familiar scent of mountain pine body wash coming from him as he stepped closer.  No, it couldn’t be him, could it? 

Over a chair, I clumsily stumbled, but the intruder to my room caught me around the waist.  Strong arms snaked up and around my back, making me pant harder than ever.  His mouth lowered to mine, where I expected he desired to kiss me, but he didn’t.  Instead, he stood me to my feet, but they wouldn’t support me.  His arms did without effort as I touched a firm chest.  He wore a linen shirt, and the tickle of chest hair struck my nose as I gathered more of the fresh scent of his skin.  My eyes widened, but I couldn’t stop my hand from stroking his chest, where I felt the small hairs curling causing another button to come undone.

I stared up into his eyes when he flicked a switch that turned on the gas of the fireplace.  I jumped, but he didn’t let me go.  He held me closer and chuckled.

“Let me be anything you want.  Anything at all.  For tonight,” the masked man offered.

His hands were in my hair.  Before I knew what was happening, his lips were on mine.  So much liquid heat poured into me.  I thought their brand would make me pass out, but no.  His tongue finished me, invading with a hint of whiskey as it tangled with mine.  I moaned without helping how I tasted him back.  God, I didn’t know how long it had been since a man kissed me like my mouth had what he needed to live. 

As suddenly as he swept inside, he slipped out.  He even pulled away, looking for my answer in my eyes, I guessed.  The firelight was behind him, making him seem larger as I clutched onto a chair for support.  I trembled for a second in resolve of the rules and my desire.  The man stepped closer again, and I dared to attempt the lift of his mask.  I needed to see the eyes I felt burning into me wanting what I did.  Deep inside, I already knew who he was despite the shadows.  I merely required confirmation with the clues I discerned. 

“No,” he told me with the shake of his head and took my hands.  Each finger he brought to his lips briefly.  “This stays on, luscious.  Let me be your fantasy as you are already mine.”


“No rules save the mask.  No business or work.  No past or future.  Only now.  Only this moment where I want you, and you want me.”

“Pretend we don’t know each other?” I guessed because that seemed the best answer for what he proposed.  It allowed an out; one, I never imagined.

“We’re just strangers in the night.”

I giggled at that, but it died at his head nod.  “Strangers,” I repeated, actually giving it some thought.  What happened at the office retreat stayed at the office retreat.

“For one night,” he urged as he unzipped the back of my dress and caressed my back where it gaped open.

When he kissed me again, there was no further fight in me.  I didn’t want to when he tasted like every sweet thing I’d ever wanted.  Our clothes couldn’t peel off fast enough where his lips trailed down the skin he exposed on my body.  The dress dropped, bra discarded, and panties left as his shirt flew, and his linen pants dropped.  Sandals kicked off. 

Before the fire on the bed of our clothes, he laid me down.  He kissed down the center of my body, taking my panties down with his teeth as I tried breathing normally.  My hands were in my hair, wondering what the hell I was doing with this masked man.  But then my back arched as he tossed my legs over his shoulders and dove headlong into my moist snatch.

“Oh, fuck!” I whimpered because he wasted no time sucking on my clit before the eruptions began.  He eased off and licked me softly, forcing my hips to grind on his face.  I needed to cum, and by God, I would.  He tried to pull back.  Nope.  My thighs tightened around his head, trapping him right where I liked. 

He groaned while licking and sucking with more vigor.  His finger and thumb joined the fun of penetrating my holes deeper with each insertion at the same time.  My core tightened in the shock of both holes being filled.  His thumb at my ass entered the rose hole with slow, deliberate strokes as I was already so very wet.  I could hear the sucking sounds of his play.  The sensation of his tongue and mouth interchanging motion with his hand sent me through a powerful climax of flaying.  I howled before going limp ultimately and gasping for breath.

I couldn’t catch it, and there was no way I would when I felt the broad head of his cock stretching my small sheath.

“Fuck, it’s tight, luscious.”  He lifted one leg over his shoulder and worked small circular hip motions at an angle that had me gasping the deeper he went.  He pulled out his nightstick, tapped my clit with it, and then repeated the slow insertion of his member. 

Torture!  He slew me with the compounding ache of his King Dong.  Already I whimpered for it all to split me to the core.  I needed to be dominated until I cried.

“Oh, fuck me.  Please fuck me.”  I grabbed his neck, urging his head down to my mouth.  I tasted me on his tongue, the sweetness of him, and I wanted more.  My hips met his every thrust.  The passionate stranger did not hold back as he scooped both my thighs and pressed forward like a locomotive.

The second climax came and went as our position changed.  I was on top as he twisted my nipples and let me ride his cock that was entirely inside me.  I could not get enough of it as his pelvis hit my clit with each grind.  His hand soon moved to my ass.  He lifted and lowered me on his cock for juicy smackdowns.  My back arched.  I held on to his thighs, and I bounced.  When his thumb added to the pressure at my clit and inside my bum, I squirted.

“Yes, luscious!” he growled with excitement.  “Squirt me so good!”

No rest for the wicked it seemed because he had me on my knees, face down to the floor with our clothes damp from sweat and our fluids.  I didn’t care.  The euphoria of satisfaction permeated my body, and I was ready for him to cum. 

“Cum inside me,” I pleaded.  “Fill me up till I can’t take anymore.”

With that, his drive into my hungry cunt began.  I couldn’t say when I’d ever felt so insatiable.  The more we fucked as if possessed by sexual demons, the more I wanted to cum.  His thumb was lodged in my ass that met him stroke for stroke.  He gripped onto a hip, as he no longer seemed in control the way he had been before. 

Somehow, his prick was thicker inside as I cried in the abandon to the moment of his release and mine.  I trembled all over from the climax I could not hold off again.  He pumped into me at fierce speeds I knew would result in bruises in the morning, but I would welcome it in the savory fuck I was taking at the hands of a stranger I had never known like this.

“Oh, luscious, I’m cumming for you!” he cried.

Several more of the hardest pumps I endured before he held me by the waist so I could feel him explode inside my pussy.  On our knees before the fire, we panted.  His head was buried in my neck.  I reached back and caressed his sweaty hair.  Both his hands squeezed my tits and toyed with the hard pebbles.  His cum slid down my thighs as he slipped out of me.  We laid on the floor in our exhaustion, spooning before the fire, and it was with its crackle I found sleep.

The next morning I laid naked in bed alone, wondering how much I dreamed was real.  The fire had been put out, and the clothes were gone.  My dress had been folded up in a chair with my shoes neatly under it.  Beside my bed was my black mask, and I smiled.  A fantasy come true was what I wanted, but reality set in.  It always did, although I was satiated and thoroughly relaxed. 

My phone beeped a notification of a text.  I reached for it on reflex and saw that there was a message from Mr. Burke.

Him: [Good morning.  How are you?]

Me: [Feeling fine, sir.  Thank you for asking.  How are you?]

Him: [After having quite the workout, I’m feeling fine as well.]

Me: [Glad to hear it.]

Him: [Great party last night, by the way.  I’ve received glowing reviews from employees of the beautiful time they had.]

Me: [Thanks, sir.]

Him: [And it goes without saying that the afterparty was luscious. I can’t wait to experience what tonight brings from your passionate talents.]

I shut my eyes and smiled wider, knowing everything I needed to know.  Maybe certain fantasies could become a reality when you had the right partner or another 13 days of the office retreat to go.  I texted back. 

Me: [Someone told me that I’d been naughty.]

Him: [Really?  Ms. Styles, I had no idea.]

Me: [You still don’t, but might find out tonight.]

I cast the phone to the side as it chimed again.  Ignoring it, I headed for the shower.  Might as well get the day started right because it sounded like it would be another busy one.  I couldn’t wait!  The game was afoot, and I grinned from ear to ear as I aimed to tease.

Submitted: July 12, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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Dick Wood

This was a hot story. Very well written.

Mon, July 13th, 2020 4:47pm


Thank you for the compliment and for reading, DW. :)

Mon, July 13th, 2020 6:57pm


Very delicious. I loved it

Tue, July 14th, 2020 6:50am


Very happy. Love this comment! :)

Tue, July 14th, 2020 6:40pm


You write beautifully. The build up in erotic tension was palpable.

Fri, July 17th, 2020 4:04am


Thanks so much J for the lovely compliment and for stopping over to read. :)

Sat, July 18th, 2020 6:00pm

Joseph Wicke

That was incredibly sexy, erotic writing. I'm ready for the office retreat now. Where do I sign up for this? ;)

Sun, August 30th, 2020 2:38am


Coming from such an incredibly sexy and erotic writer yourself is a fine compliment indeed. So step right up, I think you'll fit in fine. No need to sign up. You're hired! Hee hee!

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me, my friend. Much appreciated. :)

Sun, August 30th, 2020 1:28pm


I'm dying laughing over here. Such a fun story to read. I truly hate those obnoxious bastards Chandler and Karel (Neil and Bob) haha!! As for Theresa, I feel sorry for her after they return to work knowing those two guys reputation. But then she shouldn't be behaving like a jealous shit either. Will she fold like the others? Now Mr Burke, he's a yummy vision to conjure. Hell, he gave me goosebumps just reading about him. Is Anica gonna tease and string him along ? I'm not sure it'll work since he's just dripping with his own sexy intoxicating confidence. This should prove to be an interesting chess game. Love it!!

Thu, March 3rd, 2022 5:50am


Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! I'm so thrilled you loved this short story. It turned out better than I imagined and pleases me immensely that others found it enjoyable. ;)

Sat, March 5th, 2022 1:39pm

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