Epiphany's Getaway

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Contemporary erotica

Two long-standing friends meet up at a cabin in the woods for a getaway of fun and games.




Epiphany’s Getaway


Early in the morning, Andy and I go for a nature hike with a sled in tow up one of two main trails at my family’s cabin in the woods.  It ends at the top of a winding path leaving us with a great view from on top of a hill.  Behind us, we can see the smoke threading up from the log cabin.  Ahead we view nothing but miles of other snow-covered hills.  While taking a rest to admire our surroundings, we share a plaid blanket I wear like a shawl for extra warmth. 

The best part of this hike is going down.  We appreciate the little sled we dragged along with us when at last we pile on it together.  With both our weight as momentum, we fly down the slope careful to avoid the evergreens.  I scream most of the time while Andy laughs at me.  It’s the most fun either of us have in a while.  We decide that we have to do that again before we leave the cabin in a couple of days.

“You can’t best me!” I cry after tossing a snowball.  It struck Andy square on the back of his head.

Some of us have to be adults around here.”  Dutifully my friend assumes the manly task of chopping wood while shaking his head.  A generous pile of it collects, which I help stack neatly beside the one-story log cabin that’s been in my family for generations.  My friend has a tremendous repetitious groove going which exceeds my output in conjunction. 

“Oh?  And what’s that supposed to mean?”  I scoop up more snow and slowly begin forming it into a ball.  Quietly as possible, I traverse him.

“Well, duh!  This wood isn’t going to chop itself,” Andy grumbles while swinging the ax.  To be a slender man, he’s got some strength to him.  Before the ax connects to the wood he places on the chopping block, I pitch the perfect shot of my snowball right in the center of his face with his arms still raised above his head.  Curtis, my oldest brother, who taught me how to throw, would have been proud. 

“Really, dude?” Andy says with a grimace.  His eyes close, and he shakes his head.

I snicker in amusement at the ax Andy buries in the chopping block.  He wipes his angry red face with hands clad in mittens like me as I reply in a snarky fashion, “I would have never imagined wood that chops itself.  I’d love to see it.”

“You’ll pay for that, Epiphany!” Andy’s narrowed glare finds me dashing behind a tree giggling. 

The rapid crunch of snow under his boots gives chase.  I hear his approach and how he gains on me fast.

“Gotcha!” Andy shouts, grabbing me by the shoulder and attempting to pummel handfuls of snow in my face and hood of my parka.

I twist away from him avoiding most of the snow.  Another snowball smashes to his face as I squeal and dash in escape.  Along the way, I try to make a new snowball as fast as I can. 

When a snowball whacks me at the back of the head, Andy roars in triumph, “Fuckin’ bullseye!”

I catch my friend’s celebratory leap and then his subsequent punching of the air like Rocky in Andy’s favorite boxing movie.  “Da-da daaaaaaa, da-da, daaaaaaa, da-da, daaaaaaaaa, da-da, daaaaaaa,” he sings the theme song to rub it in I know.  I hate that movie so much especially right now!

Laughing, I toss my snowball at him as fast as I can hoping to catch him unawares in his smug festivity.

Andy’s laughing too as he ducks my throw and spins to the side.  My snowball glides by his shoulder, leaving him unharmed.  “Shoot!”

“Ah-ha!  Missed!”

“Lucky!  I won’t miss again!”  I take off, running hoping to find shelter behind another tree.  A snowball wizzes toward me but hits the tree.

“Missed, loser!” I taunt while forming another snowball. 

I sneak a peek around the tree and see him nowhere.  Frowning, I scan around the other side, and Andy tackles me to the ground.  I scream in the puff of snow that flies around us.  With his significant weight on top of me, I sink into the snow that already comes up to my calf. 

Straddling me, Andy takes full advantage of his superior position by dumping snow on my face.  I shriek at the cold freshness melting at its contact with my pale skin and the burn as I try desperately to wipe it away before my friend shovels more on me.  He laughs his ass off now.

“Who’s the loser now, huh?” he teases, never letting up burying my face in the snow.

I concede just so he’ll stop, “You win!  You win!”

He scoops more snow on me and smooshes it in a little before he lifts off me in joy.  Like a gentleman, he helps me to my feet.  In the process, I press the last bit of snow I gather in his face.  Snatching myself away from his touch, I sprint back to the cabin while wiping at my wet face with the back of my mittens.  Bright with firelight, I stomp, giggling into the warm interior out of breath. 

Andy follows me.  Chuckling, he catches me by the waist as I turn to face him.  He lifts me off my feet.  “I’ve caught you, and you're completely at my mercy!”

He turns to head back outside, and I know I’m toast if he makes it out there.  So, as my giggles die down, I do the only thing that I can think of before Andy gets me through the cabin door.  I kiss him square on the mouth.  As I anticipate, Andy freezes in mid-step.  Nevertheless, what I never count on is my friend responding to my kiss in a way that makes my heart beat faster than it already does.

His lips soften with his moan.  The sound surprises me and encourages new strokes of my lips over his to see if perhaps I might elicit more gratified sounds like what flutter from me.  Never before have I been so impulsive except for that one time I got drunk and went topless one late night in a hotel pool in Cancun.  Andy joined me although fully clothed and probably just as drunk.

I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to kiss him but have been sure that I’d hover the rest of my life in the friend zone.  Why?  Well, because good ole Andy is in the unique position of having dated all my girlfriends.  From every one of them, I heard the stories of his antics in and out of bed.

To sum it up, Andy’s a no-good boyfriend.  His redeeming quality is being a great fuck due to his supreme skills getting a girl to orgasm, at least, so Katie told me.  All warned, he was trouble with his wicked smiles, slender bod, hazel eyes, and beachy hair in waves.  Even with the stories, I’ve had the biggest crush on Andy since the day we met. 

Unlike any of my girlfriends though, he’s my oldest friend from college.  We’ve flirted plenty over the last eight years.  Hell, we do it as our favorite pastime.  I've convinced myself that this is what works best for us.

Andy’s tongue explores the interior of my lips and along my teeth.  Such a tease he is even in this, making me want more.  I let him in.  How can I help it when the man positively makes me light up brighter than Polaris? 

What happens next has me forgetting all about how cold it is outside or about how hot my face feels.  I turn my head for a better angle and even lift my arms around Andy’s neck to get more comfortable as I slide down the front of his parka.  My friend lowers his head down toward me never releasing me of the lip lock.  Our exploration is slow, showing no signs of awkwardness, I anticipate.  The more time we take engaging in the shift of intensity of this first kiss, the more confident I grow in claiming what I want.

Andy stuns me in the taste of him, which is fantastic!  Don’t get me wrong.  As flaky as others accuse him of being, Andy always finds his way to be at my side at the lowest points of my life.  If I have a terrible break-up, he’s the one that rallies me out to the club followed by my girls.  If I lose my job, Andy prevents me from lingering long in my pity party helping me find something else.  Even that time my brother got in a horrible car accident, he stayed with me at the hospital for hours until we knew Curt would pull through. 

I pull away with my hands braced against Andy’s chest.  Shaking my head, I stare at my friend.  His hazel eyes regard me with heat that flushes his skin red.  All the blood runs to my face also because this is a reaction I do not count on from him.  Before I can think it through, I jump him where he stumbles, but stays on his feet clutching me firmly.  The door slams with the weight of his back against it. 

When I kiss him again, it tastes even better than the first time our lips meet!  Bizarre, I know, but I have to see if it’s a fluke.  I soften our kiss, taking my time.  A moan escapes him.  Part of me wants to turn away, to let go of this crazy train I’m hanging on to, but the other part of me wants this badly.  I desire Andy.  Closing my eyes to the warning thoughts, I lose myself in this unprecedented moment. 

Andy wants this, too, in how he moans into my mouth while kissing me back.  He is no more immune to the attraction ignited between us than I am.  Perhaps the spark has been there masked under our friendly but flirty play because we weren’t ready for it?  We like our dance along the edge of meaningfulness, careful not to tip beyond our strong friendship. 

My tongue flickers in a tease at the little spark nurtured between us.  It grows like the heat of my body pressing against his.  My friend's arms tighten around me, and I gasp with a moan wanting more of that.  More sensation of Andy responding to me feeds the need building inside.

I push away again, trying to catch my breath and tremble for it.  My head swims in a fog of need.  “What the holy fuck?” I question barely audible.  I can’t be horny for Andy or am I?

He lowers me to my feet and smiles with a warmth that washes over me the way it never has before.  I feel hotter than ever.  “Do you regret it?”

“No,” I reply with the shake of my head before thinking.  I do not even want to think about what any of this means.

Andy releases me altogether.  “Good because you’re a damn good kisser, girl, and I want more.  But… first, I need to get more wood for the stove and fireplace.”

I nod understanding.  Of course, he’s right as the day slips away from us.  The light dims with the sunset close.  “I filled the generator full of gas, too.”

“Great, I won't check it then.  Do I need to get anything for you from your truck?”

I shake my head.  “Nope, brought in everything yesterday.”

Andy bends with a quick kiss on my forehead before walking out of the cabin.  "I'll be right back."

For a full minute, I stand there stunned and warmed inside as much as I am outside.  I cannot begin to understand what any of this means if I dare read anything more into kissing my friend.  Or how about the fact that I want to do it again, too?!

Getting ahead of yourself, girl.  Two little kisses don’t mean I suddenly have a boyfriend in the non-boyfriend material guy.  Calm down.  Yeah, the kiss is pleasant, but that's all.

So, I begin the chore of peeling out of my hat, scarf, jacket, and boots.  My skinny jeans are soaked through though, and I’ve sweated through everything else!  Yuck!  A quick hot shower is definitely in order.  I could go for longer than the five minutes I’m in there but don’t want to be greedy.  Using up all the hot water wouldn’t be fair in case Andy would like to get cleaned up. 

Back in my room refreshed despite the brevity of my shower, I slip on a fuzzy robe over my clean undies and thick wool socks.  I brush out the tangles in my damp hair before returning to the fireplace.  That area is the most toasty of the cabin. 

This is what I call relaxing.  A soothing fire crackles and pops while warming the place.  Hot chocolate cup in my hands from the thermos made earlier.  I bring it to my lips.  It just doesn’t get any better other than the man who keeps me company in my refuge from the city. 

Speaking of that man, Andy must have come back in already.  The shower runs now.  By the fireplace, I find the extra wood stacks with melting bits of snow on it.  The front door is secured while his outerwear drips on hooks next to mine with both sets of our boots.

“Hey, you hungry?” Andy asks. 

I jump not realizing he’s rejoined me.  Must have been daydreaming if I didn’t notice the shower stop.  I turn to see my friend wearing gray sweatpants with a long-sleeved black t-shirt with matching gray and white cotton socks.  He rummages through the cupboards investigating what we have to eat.  He ignores the potato soup that I prepared that morning warming on top of the wood-fire stove.

“Hot dogs on sticks sound good.  What do you think?”

Andy searches through the cooler and guzzles down some water in a bottle until it’s gone.  “A girl after my own heart.”  He grabs the package of kosher beef hot dogs from the cooler and the campfire forks he brought and left on the rustic table next to the kerosene lamps.

He hands me a fork as well as a cupcake with a single-lit candle in the middle of it.  I smile with a chuckle as tears come to my eyes when I take the cupcake.  Andy begins to sing albeit off-key, “Happy birthday, to you!  Happy birthday to you!  Happy birthday dear, Epiphany!  Happy birthday to you!”

My hand trembles, but I blow out the candle and make my wish wondering when he gets the cupcake.  I do not remember him bringing it in with him when he came last night.  “Andy, you didn’t have to do this,” I sniffle so surprised by his sweetness because he’s never been that kind of guy.  He’s always been the one I joked with all the time.

“What’s a birthday without cake.  Go on and take a bite.” 

I do as he says while watching him open the package of hot dogs.  “It’s my favorite!  Double chocolate!”  I gobble the cupcake until only crumbs remain.  “Mmmmm!” 

Andy laughs as he sees my eyes light up like the night sky.  He skewered one hot dog for himself and rests it over the fire in the fireplace.  With ease, he takes up the other fork and does the same.  He roasts both hot dogs over the fire balancing them between two logs.

“Good?” Andy asks with a knowing smile towards me.

Licking my fingers, I leave behind no evidence other than the yellow wrapper the cupcake once stands in.  “Oh, the best!  Thanks so much!”

Andy points to the side of his mouth and chin with two fingers.  “You missed some right here and there.”

I blink at him and lick at the side of my mouth.  I also wipe my chin.  “Did I get it?”

He laughs at me more.  “Here.  Let me help.”  He licks my mouth before he kisses me again.  I squeal and then moan into his mouth that works to seduce me again.  With the chocolate taste in my mouth, he tastes absolutely delicious.

“You’re right.  That does taste good,” Andy says smacking his lips as he leans back on the couch where he sits beside me.

“Don’t forget about your wiener,” I say breathlessly.

His hazel eyes fall to seductive slits.  “Fuck!  How can I?  It’s hard as a rock.”

“Umm, it’s burning,” I whisper with my heavy breathing wondering what’s come over me.  I’ve been kissed plenty of times before.  Profoundly, I puckered up while falling in love with a guy.  The way I feel right now because of Andy is weird.  Heat flushes me all over yet mainly I notice the hotness originating between my thighs. 

Andy leans closer, and my breath leaves me even faster than before.  “That, too.”

I smile understanding his meaning realizing he doesn’t get mine.  “No, umm, I mean the one over the actual fire.”

His hazel eyes widen as he turns and notices the curling meat being charred to a crisp by the fire licking at it.  He lifts it away from the flames, but it’s a sizzling, crispy critter.  I nearly fall over laughing my ass off at his boyish pout until I note a substantial bulge below his waistband.  Blinking in surprise, I blush.  He isn’t kidding about his own wiener being hard.

Andy tosses the burnt dog outside so it doesn’t stink up the cabin and locks the door again with a shiver.  The wind picks up quite a bit and howls with the cold swirling in white.  Good thing he chops extra wood and brings more inside. 

Jogging back to the fire, my friend quickly turns the other hot dog still sizzling over the fire.  It is a little charred when he hands it to me a minute later.  Nowhere near the appearance of the first though and I giggle.  Andy finishes cooking his new hot dog and settles next to me waiting for it to cool before he pinches an end to eat.

I smile in contentment.  My hot dog is perfect.  “Thanks again for coming up here with me, Andy.  It would’ve sucked to be here by myself.”

He offers a half-smile.  “Pffft!  Where else would I be?”

I lift an eyebrow at him.  “At home like everyone else I asked who refused to brave the weather to get here or with some other girl you seem to have waiting in the wings?”

Andy laughs.  “Why don’t you start by telling me why you wanted to come way out here in the middle of nowhere?  Shit, there isn’t even a TV or radio.  The kicker is the reception.  I barely have one bar on my phone.”  He glances at it and shakes his head before tossing the useless thing away on the log end table.

“Isn’t it great?!  I mean talk about unplugging from everything.”  I take in a deep breath and let it out slowly in my pleasure.  I haven’t heard one beep or chirp from my phone notifying me of something happening on social media. 

“Uhh, no.  It sucks,” Andy corrects.  “It’s my connection to the rest of the world, and you’ve effectively cut me off.  What did I ever do to you, huh?”

I glance at his frown and slap his arm.  “Big cry-baby!  As if you couldn’t survive without it for a while.”

“Whatever, girl.  It sucks, and you know it.”

I cross my arms over my chest after eating the last of my hot dog and setting my fork aside to the coffee table.  “Well, if everyone came here as planned, we could have played cards the old fashion way with an actual deck.  I also have some old board games, too, like Clue, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit.  And there are always those other modified ones we could play.  We would have had a blast playing them all, telling stories and probably making new memories.”

“And now you are just stuck with me to make new memories with,” he says with his charming smile.

I smile back into his sexy hazel eyes flecked with a bit of green regarding me with the mischief they always do.  It is the implied sexuality of the constant flirt in him that amuses me in the familiar roles we play. 

“The best person in the world to be stuck with.”

Andy flashes a full smile at my confession.  “So how about Truth or Dare to start?”

“I thought we do that already?” I nudge him in the ribs to validate my point.

He chuckles with the lift of an eyebrow.  “Not the kind I’ve always wanted to play between you and me alone.”  He sipped his cocoa and licked both his lips as he did it.  “Anything goes okay?  You ready?”

I bite my lip feeling a sudden thrill shiver through me in delight at his words.  “Okay.  You start.”

“So, truth or dare?”

“Uhhh, truth!”

Andy tilts his head at me for a moment as he looks into my eyes.  “When was the last time you had a really good fuck?  Orgasms not faked and the whole shebang?”

My face flushes blood-red at the question.  It’s the last thing in the world I ever expect to hear come out of his mouth.  However, I do agree with the game; so I am resigned to answer his question.  “That’s awful nosey.”

“That’s the question, E, now lay on me the truth.  Come on.”

It’s not hard to answer though I feel embarrassed.  “Never.”

Andy laughs with a glitter in his hazel eyes.  “Never?  Not with Chuck, Don, or Ralph?  Not even Chad?”

I poke his chest.  “I believe it’s my turn, mister.”

He pouts while sitting up.  “Well, spill it, girl.  I’m not getting any better looking.”

Giggling at his mock irritation, I question, “Truth or dare?”

“A bit of truth is good for everyone, even me.”

I regard him through my lashes.  “Why have we never dated?”

His face brightens with a full-blown smile.  “What and fuck up a terrific friendship?  Hell, no!  I never want to risk it.  Besides, you’re seeking someone for the long term, and I’m always in the moment.  You mean way too much to me, E, to ever fuck up what we’ve got.”

I consider what he says with a nod and then ask, “And what if I do just want something in the moment?  Would you?”

He lifts a blond eyebrow at me while running his hands through the unruly waves of his hair.  “My turn.  Truth or dare?”


His smile grows sly and rubs his hands together.  “I dare you to take off every piece of clothing you wear right in front of me except your socks.  You can leave them on.  Never been much of a foot man and besides the floor is cold.”

“Are you serious right now, you perv?” I ask with a glare and punch his arm.  Confusion fills my mind.  My heart beats under my hand several miles a minute.  Am I furious by what he suggests?  Maybe but I think it falls more on the side of excitement.  The fuel for this has to be the way his eyes watch my hands line my robe now.  Andy also scoots to the edge of the couch as he draws closer to me to watch my every move.

“That’s the dare, sweetheart.  You agreed to the game, remember?  Anything goes.  So, are you going through with it or will you chicken-out like you do every time something gets uncomfortable?”

I stand up in a huff with him striking a chord.  “I do not chicken-out.”

“With every guy that ever crosses your path you sure do.  You toy with them like a cat with a mouse and when you grow bored toss them away.  No one wants to be tossed out like some old shoe, E.”

“Fuck you!” I attempt to storm away, but he grabs my wrist.  My angry blue eyes meet his hazel.

“Do it then, Epiphany.  Show me I'm wrong.  I dare you.” 

His hazel eyes are filled with heat.  His voice, though fills with a husky command that startles me in how it makes me feel even wetter down there.  I step away from him.  The pull of him is undeniable.  His heat transmits through his eyes to every nerve and fiber of me.  It makes me sway on my feet. 

Trying not to allow the tremor thoroughly working through me to be noticed in the shake of my fingers, they work to loosen the knot in my belt.  I open the robe slowly feeling my breath working out of me faster than before.  My fingers let the heavy robe drop from my shoulders.  My bra and panty set has a simple floral pattern I find very pretty rather than sexy.  I remove each without taking my eyes off my friend who stands back and watches me.  The lust in those hazel orbs grows when I lower my bikini panties.  His eyes trail up my short legs, slim hips, small stomach, and average breasts.  He touches the bulge of his cock expanding out of him and tenting the material for my eyes.

“Fuck, Epiphany, your body is exceptional.  You know that, right?”

My cheeks warm that he finds my pale body attractive.  Without formality, I say, “Take off your clothes.”  At this point, I figure there is no point beating around the bush anymore since mine is already exposed in its little landing strip.

Andy gives me a smirk but does not protest.  His black shirt goes over his head.  The sweatpants and boxers go off to the side.  He stands before me erect with an impressive banana-shaped prick.  I lick my lips at the lean flash of muscles over his tall body as he relaxes before me.

“Do you like?”

I nod and nibble my lower lip.  “Can I touch you?”  I reach out to touch him but hesitate, stopping short.

Andy nods, and I step before him.  My fingertips engage his shoulders first.  His skin is smooth in the palms of my hands.  I bring my fingers to his chest and rub them down the center of him.  They follow the dusting of golden hairs down his middle heading for his dick.  His abs are hard and distinct. 

“What else do you want, Epiphany?  Tell me your fantasy?”

I stare into his eyes that glow in the firelight.  “Are we still playing games?”

Andy shakes his head with a reassuring smile.  “No.  It’s truth or dare tonight, remember?”  He runs his hand through my dark curly hair while searching my eyes.  “Tell me what you want and let’s see if I dare accomplish it.”

I grab his hard banana like I want and begin to stroke it up toward the little head and down toward the base where he seems a bit thicker.  It twitches and grows as my thumb spreads the pre-cum around the tender head before I continue to stroke his staff faster with his own lube.

“So you want me, right?" I ask while jerking him faster with each stroke.  "You want to feel your way inside me with this big dick that excites me?”

“Fuck, that feels good.  Don’t stop!” Andy groans before licking his lips.  He doesn’t take his eyes off mine.  For a moment the only sounds between us are his harsh breathing, the burning snaps of the wood in the fireplace, and my hand traveling up and down his slick dick bubbling up with more precum. 

When suddenly my hand stops to grip him in a fist near his head, my other hand comes down over the head like a blunt wall.  Andy shivers.  "Like that?"

He bites his lip briefly when I start the handjob all over again.  “I want to do more than excite you, though.  I wanna blow your mind, girl.”

“I think you already do,” I say with a smirk as I still stroke his lovely dick the way I want.  It is much more fun than my dildo.

“Lay down with me, E.  Let me show you what I mean,” he urges nodding toward the log couch with a baby blue wool blanket tossed over it.

My excitement overtakes me, and I follow his instruction.  Instead of draping that sexy body of his over me, Andy kneels on the rug.  He also widens my thighs while lifting my legs over his shoulders.  His head dives right for my exposed honeypot to my shock.  Bewildered for a second, I have no time to stop him before he begins licking me dry along my nether lips. 

“Fuck, E, you’re so juicy when wet!” Andy groans and licks gently at first, which tickles with the faint whiskers lining his jaw.

I giggle nervously.  When guys have gone down on me in the past, I would rather they didn’t.  Most comply with my wishes.  Others claim to like doing it yet are far too aggressive.  I don’t relish being bitten.  I’m somewhat sensitive down there when a guy starts pawing at my goodies like a beast.  I bruise easily.  Hence, while fucking, it isn’t so bad.  The pleasure overrides any pain I feel later.  However, with the oral, I am not distracted enough with pleasure.  Anxiety reigns making me stiff.  For some reason, I cannot relax. 

Unlike most situations where I’m getting intimate with a guy for the first time, I am calm inside.  My body is limber.  No stiffness or worry creeps upon me.  I know there’s no way Andy would ever hurt me.  I trust him.  That eases my anxiety some. 

His hands taking mine that worry his blond hair at the roots mollify me further like his eyes.  Those beauties radiating with their own heat are filled with confidence while watching me.  His thumbs massage my hands as his tongue does my clit. 

A teasing flicker from Andy’s hot mouth on my most sensitive lady part tests the right amount of pressure on those nerve-endings at the right speed to give me maximum pleasure.  No discomfort do I encounter from his play.  I enjoy thoroughly the little shocks of joy transmitted by his tongue.  When the sucking starts on my clit trapped between those skilled lips, I shoot off like a rocket.  No words summon from my open mouth.  Without any warning, my whole body seizes in the grip of uncontrollable quivers locking his head between my thighs.  Once they pass at the ease of his sucking, I feel like I can breathe again and my body falls limp. 

I sit up though panting when he starts that sucking again.  “Stop, stop, s-s-stop!”

Andy mercifully looks up at me in complete innocence.  Those hazel eyes of his blaze with knowledge.  “Why?  Doesn’t it feel good?”

“Fuck! Yes!  B-but it’s too much!  Too intense, please!”

He chuckles with a huge grin when his thumb rubs circles on my sensitive clit.  “Now that’s what every man wants to hear; that his lover is given too much pleasure.”

I grab him by his ears and groan, “Come here, smartass, and kiss me.”

Andy follows and nestles comfortably between my legs I open wider to admit him.  We still kiss hotter than we have so far.  I taste myself on his tongue and his lips while I moan. 

I find it harder to breathe normally with him laying on me.  It helps though that I’m even more turned on right now feeling the heat of his smooth skin against my hard nipples.  There is a subtle move of his hips, and I feel his cock grazing through my wet lips but not intruding between them to my waiting core.

“Open up for me,” Andy says as he lifts a bit on one arm to look between us.

He aims his dick for my entrance that is even wetter than before he went down on me.  I spread my lips for him and watch as he points his thickness inside me and his head disappears.  His eyes meet mine the moment he enters me.  I frown at the girth of him traveling down.  When I stroked his banana earlier, it did not feel as big as it does now moving inside me.  I groan with his slow movement that feels sensational. 

Andy kisses me as he begins to pull out.  I exhale.  When he rushes forward before his head can escape me, I breathe deep.  I exhale when he retreats.  Each time he does this, it feels more intense than the last until he’s deep.  So deep I lose my breath.  He holds there, staring down at me.  I feel the pulse of his heart in his hard dick.  It beats as fast as mine exciting me more. 

“Andrew Lake, I swear if you don’t fucking move your ass I’ll kill you,” I whisper in desperation after the minute that passes.

Andy chuckles in a way that makes me wetter, but he doesn’t move a muscle outside of me at least.  “Oh, no can do, E.  I kind of like it here all snug as a bug in your rug.”

“Fuck you!” I shout as I laugh because even as frustrated as I am with him at the moment I can’t deny loving every minute of his tease.

“I love you, too, potty mouth,” he fires back and kisses me like he means it.  Both scare me more than anything else until his head falls to my neck and he nibbles at it like he does my ear.  “Always.”

Scratching my nails over his tight ass that fails to move provokes his groans.  I whisper, “Show me.  I dare you.”

He gazes at me raising on his arms.  I look up at him, and at last, I get the movement I want from his narrow hips.  The sweet ache of friction between our bodies gives me the satisfaction I need.  His thrusts are tender at first while cupping the sides of my face so that I look nowhere but up at him.  Once Andy grips the arm of the couch for more leverage, I bow my back yielding to the onslaught of powerful shifting up and down on the couch. 

It’s almost animalistic the sounds he makes while grinding into me.  I have lost my breath but cleave on to his ass.  One of my legs clings around his.  The other I can't even feel anymore.  Whimpering is all I can manage for him to make me cum.  I am so close. 

Andy becomes more frenzied in the hellbent thrusts he plunges into me to make it happen.  He’s groaning, too, and his eyes have not left mine.  We are consumed in the need until sweat covers us both in the effort to cum.  Again, I rocket off in tiny shocks that curl all my toes.  This time Andy follows in sporadic thrusts as his dick relinquishes his warm seed inside me. 

We both collapse on our sides still clinging to one another on the couch.  No words do we speak when Andy pulls the wool blanket around us.  Instead, snuggling close, a blissful sleep falls over us with the soothing sounds of the burning fire. 




Submitted: January 20, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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Michael Arlis

No matter what the weather, the postman always delivers! Especially after truth or dare, to be bare! ;-) MA

Sun, January 21st, 2018 12:54am


Whoa, baby! What a delivery! LOL! Thanks for braving the read and offering a comment. :D

Sat, January 20th, 2018 4:57pm

Lis Cas

This was just brilliant, Amy! I love the theme, love the word play. And I enjoy how keen with your descriptions you are. I like the playfulness and how natural this story is. Well done.

Wed, January 24th, 2018 2:41pm


Thanks so much for reading, LS, and for thinking this brilliant. It was fun to write and edit. I'm pleased to hear that it was so well received and enjoyed by you. :)

Sat, January 27th, 2018 11:02am

Pepper Gold

LOVE this! My My my..the build up between friends. This is a story that can definitely happen in real life.

Sun, February 25th, 2018 6:13pm


Well, thanks, PG, that is quite a compliment as I try to write something real in my stories whether based on my own experiences, that of friends, or one composed by my own mind. The old saying goes that you should write what you know, and so I try to adhere to the principle to the best of my ability to deliver something authentic and relatable to others. :)

Sun, February 25th, 2018 12:45pm


Another story that's lost my comment. Damn! I definitely remember this gym. Andy is my husband's name. This is one of my favorites. The most significant thing is the theme...this friendship taken to the next level. I love the fact that Andy is the 'bad' boyfriend that E has been hearing all about her whole life. She's been warned. Well, this is what happens.

The way you build this piece is fantastic. The truth is, it starts kind of slow. But the reason that's appropriate is it mimics the relationship. These guys have been friends forever, and we hear all about it. The beginning is light a playful. Then things get serious...and I love the truth or dare method.

I think it's also good for you to detail the expectation that other friends were invited and should have come. It's hard to swallow these two meeting by themselves, not expecting something to happen in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere with no bars on the phone and no electricity. They didn't really plan this - so that makes it okay. Though circumstances probably play a role in the intimacy, you're convincing with description and dialogue that feelings are probably legit.

What I like most of all is the introspect of the speaker. Normally I'm not big on narrative. I like to focus on action and dialogue. But this story is different. We need to know what the protagonist is thinking and feeling all along the way. We need to know the juicy details of her past with Andy and other men, of Andy's past with all her girlfriends. We need to know this is a jagged edge and a potential emotional pitfall. Even Andy admits that he didn't want to mess up the friendship by dating. Then he dives right into the deep end. And the speaker seems confused about her feelings as well. It's that special situation where friendship meets a fork in the road and the traveling can get treacherous.

The sex is extremely hot. This is largely due to anticipation. For a short story, it takes a while to get there. But it's worth it. And the tease just continues, because these two are playful and fun. Great character development.

Finally, the ending is what it is. They don't walk into the sunset together and live happy ever after. They just fall asleep...because that's what you do after mind blowing sex. And we all realize that in the morning, both of them might view this differently. But at least for tonight, it's a log cabin fairytale.

Extremely well written, Amy. Just a delightful journey.

Sun, January 23rd, 2022 7:39am


Thank you, girlie! It is one of my favorites. I believe I made mention of that the last time you commented on the story. Once again, I appreciate you sharing your insights on this piece about friends and lovers. You are right; they are very fun and playful. It is something I would expect because they have been friends for a long time. However, neither have any illusions about a future beyond what they have always shared and the ending is perfect in that regard. You are free to imagine whatever you like. I like to think that they wake up and probably choose another game to play all snowed up in a cabin alone. Who knows? :D

Sun, January 30th, 2022 3:09pm


I love the romance in this story, it’s adds more meaning to the sex. I like Andy’s hidden confession, that maybe he’s wanted her for a while but never wanted to lose her friendship. He knows he’s a player and she’s not the kind you play with. I’m sure her sudden kiss changed all that. I would be curious to see if they leave the cabin with a relationship in hand or an agreement that this was just a moment to explore. It has the potential to be a great story either way.
Great post.

Sat, February 19th, 2022 2:35pm


Sex in and of itself is nice but for me is best with context. Andy and E have history. It is complicated and them having sex makes things very interesting. I often wonder this time of year what more they could or could not be between them. I leave that to the reader's imagination. Thank you for sharing your thought, T, and thinking this a great post. :)

Wed, February 23rd, 2022 2:04pm

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