Deadly Beauty

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Outer_Limits

While being wrapped up in a sexy package, Tsunade dishes out her own brand of justice for those hardened, violent criminals who dare believe that they are above the law. She operates as the hand of fate that leads the world's greatest monsters to their much-deserved end.

Deadly Beauty


“Tsunade…” Hikaru said as I walked out the door of our shared flat.  Turning to the skinny young man, not much older than me, I knew he was just as determined to make something of himself in college as he had in high school. 

“Yeah?” I replied, halting at the threshold, wearing a micro-mini bodysuit over that a fitted black leather jacket.  Finishing the ensemble was my favorite stiletto heels.  My lips were crimson blades of blood.  Equally as red was my head full of long tousled curls.  The dress left little to the imagination, which was the point.  My creamy skin etched with colorful tattoos were the stars, showing off my crouching tiger sleeve, and nothing was hidden about my menacing dragon coiling around my thigh and down my calf to my manicured toes.

Hikaru approached me, removing his glasses with drama while focused on my almond-shaped eyes.  He kissed me with sweet passion. 

I gasped in surprise when he pulled away too suddenly for me to respond in kind.  Hikaru cupped my face with tenderness as he implored, “Be careful.  Come back to me.  Okay?”

I nodded speechlessly at the emotion of his soft brown eyes and the kiss.  Both acts spoke volumes beyond the words he coupled with it all.  Very out of character for him to be so forward.  Hikaru was a sort of meek, quiet boy in the years I grew to know him. Cute as he could be; there wasn’t a bad boy bone in his body.  And, bad boys were somewhat a weakness of mine that I could never pass up.

Hikaru was everything good, safe, and bo-ring.  He could not help that any more than he could help being smart.  His computer skills were awesome.  A savant; there wasn’t a thing Hikaru couldn’t do on them or to them.  If playing video games against him in a player-versus-player arena, hang it up!  He never lost a game.  Rightfully, I considered him the master of a virtual kingdom.

Hikaru sighed as he watched me go.  What he was thinking showed all over his face when I glanced back at him and waved.  He didn’t believe I would take care.  That was because I only narrowly escaped the last time I slinked amongst the sewage this city produced.  Strolling away, still wordless to his boldness, I cracked a smile.  Hikaru was being my little worry wort, yet I think I liked this role of his the most. 

So, I almost lost my life in my previous rendezvous with death.  Big deal.  Being a risk-taker meant getting hurt sometimes as long as the goal was met.  Many suffered far more than I did at the hands of the demons I hunted.  If not me to stop them, who?  Besides, no one else could get that slithery demon who preyed on high schoolers via Twitter like he did me. 

My friend had every right to question my faculties to get the job done.  I was too personally invested.  Perhaps I acted on irrational emotions when I needed to keep my wits.  Maybe I should have taken every precaution.  Hindsight would go so far as my next mission.  I either learned from my mistakes or allowed some stinking demon to kill me.  I’d be damned if I let that happen.  In some ways, I believed I already was.

Hikaru, though not a fighter, saved my life in the nick of time because he secretly had been monitoring my nocturnal activities.  He didn’t buy my excuses over the new bruises showing up on my face, arms, or legs being the latest Judo lessons I had taken along with some mixed martial arts. 

Hikaru also picked the lock on my bedroom door.  He snooped through my room, finding my demon board.  All the information on the targets I chose had been based on the police’s or court’s inability to do its job and protect the public from these revolting beasts.  When such inhuman monsters (or demons as I saw them) were released to prey on the weak, the innocent, or the young, I became their salvation.  The predators had someone to fear who was not held to the same rules as the police or the judicial system. 

My role was much like a calling I served well.  I never resisted or questioned it.  Sometimes you needed to be a demon to exterminate one.  I was okay with that.  Someone needed to add balance against such evils in the world.  Therefore, I rose to the occasion by making the sacrifice others couldn’t. 

Killing came with a purpose: in self-defense and as a last resort.  This meant that I hunted those demons who did not find justice.  The guilty slipped through the cracks in the system.  They were free to commit mass murders, rapes, serial killings, and human trafficking, but not on my watch. 

I did not blindly pass judgment; I followed the facts.  Where justice failed, did I step in to sow death to those who most deserved it for their heinous crimes.  These demons could be dealt with in no other fashion to prevent them from harming others.

As I was saying, Hikaru, my roommate, was not just the regular run-of-the-mill hacker as a hobby.  His cop father taught him how to shoot early on so he and his younger brother Akira would respect weapons and not be foolish in their handling.  What neither Hikaru nor his father Michael could stop was some sick pedophile pretending to be another little boy on a gaming site and coaxing Akira to meet him at the neighborhood park.  The boy, only seven years old, was never seen alive again. 

Hikaru nor his family ever got over that loss.  His mom committed suicide in the depression that overtook her.  His dad was never the same.  He shut himself away from his remaining son and everyone except work.  Learning well from him, Hikaru never let people in either.  I understood his ways better than anyone.  For the last few years, we had been friends in school.  Not really close, but closer than we let others get.

That night I sought my revenge, so did Hikaru.  He followed me.  So brave, Hikaru saved my life by putting a bullet right through that demon’s skull.  Blood splattered on me but not my own.  I relished the end dealt the demon.  I also mourned it because I no longer would get the pleasure of snuffing out his life like he tried to do mine.  Staring up at me with the light vanishing from cold eyes, gave me some satisfaction as I shook away the demon's hand from my bound feet.

Hikaru carried me out of that death trap and nursed me back to health.  As he did this, I fessed up my secret to him, considering he guessed the rest.  Instead of trying to convince me to stop hunting dangerous demons, Hikaru insisted on helping me.  Having little choice in the matter, I warned him that he should not get in my way. 

Hikaru never made me regret the decision I made that day to make him my partner.  He showed himself to be invaluable in the information he could dig up.  In addition, any computer access problems I encountered he could resolve far quicker than I. 

Hikaru desired the same outcome I did.  He never wanted another family to have to face such loss at the hands of a violent criminal without knowing justice.  So grateful to have his help on my nocturnal missions, at least I knew someone credible had my back.  I really required it tonight, too.  Getting into the Yakuza club was the easy part.  Now, how in the world I would get out alive would prove an interesting feat.

“Nice,” I whispered to myself when I stepped out of my Lyft in front of the Lotus club owned by the Yakuza. 

At first glance, it was one of the most trendy new clubs in River City.  Good music and good drinks, according to Yelp and my Google search.  No bad reviews, which meant long lines like I saw.  However, I always did my homework. 

One of my leads from a previous hunt, a mule for the Russian cartel, shared that in the other club, the secret one underground called Yomi, all kinds of debauchery went on.  Forced prostitution of the strippers who doubled as sex slaves, sex trafficking of underaged girls for the most exclusive clients, and drug running to name a few of the crimes happening beneath this roof were commonplace.  It sounded like my best bet to find the latest target. 

Kin Nakamori was said to be one of the founders of the club.  Japan grew too hot for him fighting with the other clans, so his father sent him to the States.  Word on the street described him as a vicious sadist that made his domineering father look like Papa Smurf. 

The police could not seem to make anything stick to him.  Kin learned quickly to line the right city officials’ pockets.  He may have been temperamental, but he was shrewd in his business dealings.  In the months since his arrival, he muscled in on other turf run by the Blacks, the Mexicans and looked to rival even the Russians.  Above all, Kin would bring no shame to the Nakamori name.

I removed my little jacket and strutted everything I had to gain the attention of the sumo wrestler bouncer.  “Hi, sexy,” I greeted with a suggestive smile and licked my red lips.

He grinned at my approach while I stared up at him, batting my green eyes at him.  They were contacts, of course.  No more real than my blood-red hair.  The velvet rope went up.  “Hi,” he replied.  “Please enjoy your night.”

I traced my manicured nails over his chest.  “I sure will.”  With that, I sauntered inside.

Lights winked on and off to the thumping sounds of the EDM pop.  The DJ was flawless in the selection of tracks that kept the vibe high and the people partying.  I headed for the bar remembering that this was not a social call.  I had business to attend to, but there was no reason I could not enjoy a drink.  Approaching the bar, I ordered a cocktail.

“Kin here tonight?” I probed the tall bartender who eyed me with appreciation.

“In the VIP room.”  He pointed up.  “If you get tired of trying to get his attention, I’m here, sweetheart.”

I smiled and sipped my daiquiri.  “Thanks.  I’ll keep that in mind.”

Plenty of cube platforms stood around the club for anyone to dance upon.  I waited my turn while enjoying my drink and then tossed my jacket to the side as I stepped up on my small stage.  The music made me want to move.  The alcohol warmed my insides, and I fell into the character I needed to be tonight.  I tapped into the dark side. 

I thought of my alter ego as Oki.  A master of all things, she knew how to get the job done where I, Tsunade, would let my feelings get in the way.  There could be no hesitation.  Such a mistake hastened my inevitable death.  The Yakuza were ruthless and would show no mercy.  Neither would I.

The welcome buzz of my drink aided me.  I danced like my life depended on it.  Time seemed distant as the music surrounding me entered my heart.  My hands roamed over my athletic body.  Hips rocked and swayed to each beat of the drum.  I spun, bent over, grabbing between my legs. Revolving around the pole at the center of the cube, I lifted my weight and let go.

A small crowd of guys gathered, hooting me on.  Many begged for me to show my boobs.  Others offered me drinks.  I continued to dance, oblivious to them, as I embraced Oki right before their eyes.  A hot slut, looking for action.  It was not long before a bodyguard from the VIP room came to me. 

Reaching out his hand, the bodyguard said in a deep voice, “An admirer wants to meet you.”

I giggled for effect, but I was excited in more ways than one.  “Is he cute?”

The bodyguard refused to smile.  He opted to tip his sunglasses at me.  “Come with me now.”

I took his hand and stepped down.  Releasing his hand, I picked up my things.  When I turned back to him, the bodyguard still held out his hand to me.  I accepted it and allowed him to guide me away from the crowd of pouting men.  We did not go upstairs as I thought we might.  It was where he had come from, after all. 

“Where are we going?” I asked with a frown.

“Someplace private.”

I followed him into what appeared to be a supply closet, but it wasn’t.  At a far corner, the bodyguard pressed something.  The whole wall moved to the left side.  Shocked to see stairs that lit up when we walked on them, I smiled, feeling more than a little giddy.  Had I drunk that much or was the daiquiri that potent?

“Cool,” I commented as I looked around at the ambient lights.

The wall behind us slid closed. I knew that I would need to find another way out.  Once at the bottom of the stairs, more bodyguards like the one who led me here stood at the ready.  They opened the door, and there I found Yomi.  Where the other club was full of light, this one held plenty of shadows. 

Cones of light panned the stages where naked dancers in spiked collars clung to their cages.  Others tied down to racks by their wrists and ankles were whipped.  Women were suspended and bound by rope in an elegant design.  Other women were shackled while being prodded with vibrators at their pussies and bums.  More stages showed couples having bareback sex while groups of people rutted on display like animals in heat on the floor in tangles of bodies in motion.  The club was full of watchers in the dark.  The moans of pleasure were almost louder than the music playing.

“Come!” the bodyguard ordered with impatience.

In disbelief of what I saw, I lagged behind.  Forward, I stumbled out of this large common space and found myself in another room.  It held many cushions and a two-way mirror showing all that happened outside.  There were also several monitors of both clubs along the walls.  A few of the monitors flipped through various individual sessions in smaller rooms where men dominated girls. 

No way I could say these were women by their look.  Clenching my jaw, I recognized that they were the ones I wanted to save if I could.  But how?!

From a darkened corner, a man emerged once the door I entered shut at the leave of the bodyguard.  The new man was tall, muscular, and handsome, with his dark hair swept up away from his olive face.  The smile he offered stunned me in the warmth it held.  His black eyes roasted with hunger as he reviewed me in my tight dress.  I settled my purse and jacket on the desk.

An involuntary tremor coursed through me.  It was not fear I felt precisely shooting to my core.  I was well aware of the monster that stood before me.  I read about the hideous crimes the demon had been accused of and what he needed to suffer for now.  The craving in his eyes took me off guard about what he could possibly want to do to me.  I licked my lips because this concept did not frighten me at all despite Kin Nakamori deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others.  His look, though, called to something dark in me that I could not hide even from myself.

“Thirsty?” Kin inquired in a voice as liquid as his movement toward me.

I nodded, not sure I trusted my voice at the moment.  The pictures I had seen of the demon did not suit him.  In person, he was so virile and gave off a vibe that was pure masculinity wrapped in a rippling package.  Broad shoulders, a wide chest well-inked and visible through his open white shirt, powerful abs that disappeared beneath his charcoal trousers.  He kept in shape.  His body looked firm, youthful, and absolutely to die for.

From a small bar adjacent to the desk, I watched him pour two drinks from a crystal decanter into tumblers.  One glass he handed off to me.  He drank from the other.  I held my drink, hesitant if I dared trust that the alcohol wasn’t drugged somehow, although I scrutinized him pouring the brown liquid into clear glasses. 

“I thought you were thirsty?” he questioned with a smirk that was sexy as hell.  I didn’t know what was coming over me, but I was unbelievably wet.  I felt it dribble down my thigh without any effort from me.  This had never happened before in meeting a bad boy for the first time, even someone as despicable as him.  Perhaps I followed my slutty role too well?

“Oh, I am.”  I nodded with a smile of my own as I gazed down at his crotch. 

A tent expanded there, and I wondered if it were for me or the various shows he watched on his numerous TVs.  I watched him drink some more as I approached him boldly, never answering his question.  Instead, I got right up in his face and kissed him.  I tasted the liquor in his mouth and moaned when he released it to me for a taste.  It coated my tongue and overloaded my senses with his earthy flavor.

Kin dropped his glass as it shattered to the floor.  Mine fell from my hand, too, with another crash of glass as the kiss turned into a torrid battle.  His hands were at the back of my head, guiding it where he wanted it.  Soon one of his hands lowered to grope my ass.  It pulled up the material of my bodysuit to find that I wore no panties this evening.  His fingers found my wet crevice as he groaned and dipped the tips inside before pressing the assault. 

“Fuck,” I whimpered in shock at how I trembled in his secure arms.  More than I cared to admit, I liked this sort of dominance. 

Kin chased my mouth, which sought to retreat and regroup.  He would not allow it, and I knew I was in trouble.  Hotter than sin, his finger pressed deeper.  At the same time, his tongue took root in my mouth, conquering me before I comprehended the scope of what was happening. 

My fingers betrayed me and yanked at his trousers with hunger surfacing.  I starved for what hung between his knees.  Out of his underwear, I dug for it.  His cock sprang with weight and wetness.  Attempting to close my fist around his shaft, I rubbed him faster, wanting the monster in me.  Now! 

“Mmm, what a beautiful blossom you are.  Tell me your name?” he murmured against my lips.

“Oki,” I barely managed in how far gone I was.  The moment I tasted him, I craved more of his mouth and tongue on mine.

“Oki,” he purred, filling me to the knuckles of two fingers while staring into my eyes he held captive in the dark rapture he created. 

Groaning in response, I rode them with delight in my smile.  “Oh!  Mmmm!  Ahhh!”

Chuckling deep in his chest, I felt the rumble against my own, making my nipples harder than they already strained against my bodysuit.  “Ahhh, you like that, don’t you, Oki?”

I bit my lip, but even his fingers seemed not to be enough.  “Yes!”

My thoughts on the reason I was here vanished.Muddled by desires greater than I could know or grasp, my brain took in only the sensory data collected.  The heat burning inside me and the answer found in the blunt flesh plunging to the core.  I wanted... I craved... I would be quenched! 

If not so blind by lust right now, I would be shocked in my response to the masterful seduction of this demon!  Had I been drugged after all to lower my inhibitions so much?  But how?  Soon even such questions faded to the background in the fire, building a knot inside me Kin worried with his expert touch.  It coaxed eager drippings from my core, wanting to be filled.

“Your pussy's so tight.  I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you!”  Kin lifted my leg against his chest and over his shoulder.  He then fit his prick inside me, making good on his statement. 

Too late to hinder this course, my body fought no more.  It yielded to the pleasure coming out from where we fiercely joined.  Each thrust inside let me know how big he was.  He even banged my clit against his pelvic bone, which sent me over the edge before I could stop it.  My core seized on his cock, pumping in and out of me in perfect motion with me balanced on one leg.  Kin rocked me clear into another orgasm. 

I quaked in my bones as he lifted me effortlessly over to the couch.  He shed his shoes and clothes so that I could have a better look at his rugged body and his beautiful tattoos of dragons and lions.  Kin also did away with mine offering a caress of my body as I touched his smooth skin. 

Kin stuck his thumb in my mouth so that I would suck it.  Like a dick I needed, I ran my tongue around it.  With a chuckle, he then dove between my legs and licked my thighs and slit of wetness.  His wet thumb I sucked played with my clit.  He groaned during his licking feast as I panted, clawing the cushions.  His tongue fucked me right to the edge of desire that built stronger than before.  Kin found my hard clit swelled and throbbing to be sucked. 

“Ahhh, fuck!” I screamed, being way too sensitive for his tongue in there, lapping away as I came again.  This time his hand clasped my throat.  I could not breathe much.  I fought his hold in alarm, but it was no use.  His eyes showed no malice, only dark desire. 

His cock grew, or I shrank.  In any case, the hot rod fit better with each rapid insertion.  The robust actions of his pivoting lower body forced the jiggle of my breasts and the clutch of my hands on the cushions.  Overwhelmed, I gagged in the tumult of seizures that racked my body with the asphyxiation battled.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I could not say I was conscious after that.  As bizarre as the experience was, it ranked the best fuck ever.

When I woke, my wig was gone.  I didn’t even care or remember when it was lost.  Kin’s incredible body lay on top of me.  His hard cock was still inside me, too.  When I moved, so did he to meet me in the way that had me moaning.

This time I flipped him.  He didn’t fight the position change in dominance with his grin of hunger igniting mine.  Kin stared up at me while cupping my breasts in his brawny hands, and I sank upon his hard ridges finding my own heaven to be lost in for several bliss-filled minutes.  The only sound was the moaning effort, our rushed breath, the wetness and slap of our meeting skin, and our juicy kisses. 

“What sweet fruit you are,” Kin encouraged as I held his wrists down.  His eyes hypnotized me to follow him down in the dark again.  “That’s right.  Fuck me harder, slut!”

Just as he wished, I squeezed the walls of my pussy with him inside even as I moved like a restless wind.  I could not control myself or the greedy need that consumed me for his cock, and I did not care.  Only more pleasure rested on my mind at the moment, which I understood he would willingly give.  Having another quaking orgasm tear me apart was what I wanted.  I was so close.  By how Kin pulsed, I could tell that he was getting there, too.

When my movements were the hardest that I could hardly catch my breath, he challenged, “Will you at long last be the one to drain the last of this old man’s strength?  Will you, Oki?  Will you take the hot flames of my lust deep inside your sweet pussy?”

“Yes!” I screamed and threw my head back as I slammed him balls deep.

Old man? I pondered even as I rode his long cock up to the moment I could not fight the tremors.  Kin’s words echoed in my mind with each rough fuck of his prick I took inside me.  Like an addict, I could not get enough of the sensations he conjured. 

Looking down at the demon I would kill, I saw the fine lines around his eyes squinted up at me in his ecstasy.  What the fuck?!  It was not imagined then that he was different.  This was not the demon sought.  No coldness lived there in his eyes.  I frowned because my climax fell upon me again but so did Kin’s as he thrust to meet me repeatedly.  He broke my hold on his wrists and grabbed my throat once more.

Father and son.  I lingered on that thought while gagging with the final grind of my hips against him. 

Examining the information I dedicated to memory, I knew I missed something vital.  Realization dawned on my widened eyes as I looked at the sweating older Nakamori beneath me.  Both father and son were named Kin.  Oh, no!

“I’ve been waiting for you, Oki.  So nice to finally meet the one who has been stalking me,” another voice said from a corner, watching me squeeze the last of the cum from his father’s delicious cock.  Finally, my target made his move, coming for me with a chortle.

A suppressed gunshot whispered across the room, but it never touched me.  By then, I leaped off the resting father.  Instead, the shot found the elder Kin’s head.  His spent prick leaked further as it shriveled.  His brains offered a splatter design that blended well with the red cushions of the couch. 

“Noooo!  Shit!” the younger Kin cried in anguish that he missed and murdered his father.

I teased with the obvious, “You’re a terrible shot.  I’m over here, demon.” 

The fan of gunshots followed my sprint behind the desk I turned over to shield me.  Everything on it crashed to the floor.  One of his shots must have hit the bouquet of flowers, considering a few of the petals drifted down around me. 

Kin taunted as he reloaded, “What’s the matter?  Don’t you want to play anymore, you bitch?  Well, I do.”

“I don’t play with demons,” I advised with the roll of my eyes.  “I kill them.”

More than a bit frantic at the moment, I searched around.  Was there anything at all I could use for a weapon?  On the floor, I found not even a letter opener.  Dammit!  I needed a plan and fast to minimize the gross misstep on my part.  Shaking my head because I was still a bit groggy, I spotted something useful at the corner of my eye.  Above me, on the wall, two crossed katanas rested.  I hoped that they were not dull display replicas but the real deal, sharp killing tools of the samurai. 

Kin sneered, “Poke your head out!  Let’s see if I can make it pop!”

“I’m no weasel, demon!  But you are, aren’t you?  Kidnapping little girls, drugging them up, and making them your slaves to be raped in this dump.”  I leaped up.  Bullets flew, but none made their mark.  They landed too high or too far on my side, striking the wall.  My razor focus lingered on taking both weapons in hand and ducking back behind the desk to hide from the last shot that hit the corner of it.  Licking along the blade, I found it sharp and well-weighted like its sister.  I struck a pose reserved for making the killing strike.  One sword raised to my side.  The other held low in wait for my next move.

The voice’s owner emerged, looking more like the slender version of Kin I had been stalking.  “Give it up, bitch.  You can’t win.  You’ll never make it out of here alive once they learn you killed the Yakuza boss.”

“I didn’t kill him.  You did, but don’t worry.  You’ll be joining him in hell soon, demon!”

Making tentative head gestures, he came around the corner of the desk aiming his weapon at me.  I never hesitated.  In my leap up from the floor, I launched myself at the demon's aiming hand hacked at his wrist in one fluid movement with the very sharp katana.  The severed hand spasmed to pull the trigger of the weapon held.  None of those shots struck him or me, for that matter.  The hand and gun bounced off the desk and clattered across the floor. 

Kin howled in horror while stumbling back and clutching his bloody nub gushing with blood, “My hand!  Owwwwww!  Fuckin’ bitch!  I’ll kill you!”

I already spun on the ball of my foot in my next lunge as I jabbed with one hand, and then my dominant hand aimed for his head.  Kin tried to swing too late in defense but did manage to kick me to my stomach.  Both of us dropped to the floor, but I was faster to spring up, only having the wind knocked out of me. 

I heard him gurgling, red bubbles appearing in his mouth.  Blood gushed from his hand clamped at his sliced neck.  His stump still pumped away his life by the seconds. 

The secured door crashed open with bodyguards at the ready.  I tossed one bloody katana and then the other.  One struck a guard to the chest.  The second caught the meat of his forearm.  The bodyguard raised his gun at me, but I dived for the gun belonging to Kin.  With his finger still on the trigger, I put two slugs in the guard’s head. 

From the floor, I aimed for the head of each of the fools that dared rush through the door.  When they stopped coming, I carefully came to my shaking legs.  I picked up another gun and quickly dressed.  My shoes, wig, and purse were wrapped together by the small jacket I carried under one arm.  I held the gun in the other.  No one attempted to enter the room, but I sensed that there was someone outside the door.  Hesitant peeks around the door frame showed me no immediate threat.  I ducked around again and viewed the line of dead bodies on the floor. 

From the shadows, a smoking gun before him, my friend materialized as if from a dream.  His glasses cracked at one lens.  A bruise formed on the right side of his jaw.  Otherwise, he looked unharmed.  I swear I'd never been so happy to see him!

“Come on!  Let’s get out of here!” Hikaru shouted as he waved to me with his free hand.  He put his jacket over me, pulled his shirt out of his jeans, and hid his gun at his back.  We cleared the hall of bodies, jittery from the killing done.  We moved in calmness through the main area where all forms of sex appeared in practice under the spotlight. 

Hikaru led me by the hand and ran up a corridor lined with more bodies.  I glanced back at them in shock.  Damn.  Hikaru was a badass in disguise, just like me! 

When we burst through to the top floor and a back door, both of us felt relieved, I was sure, despite the rain falling on us.  Hand in hand, we ran away from the club, hoping that we were not followed.  However, we heard the whirling shrieks of sirens.  We glanced upon the fading blue and red lights at our backs.  Any Yakuza left had their hands full with the police to worry about us.  Several blocks away, we halted in an alley where we breathed fresh air that smelled like garbage.  For a moment, we smiled at the lives we still held and lifted our faces to the rain. 

When glancing at my wet friend, I took that opportunity to pull his body close to mine.  I let go of my bundle to do it.  Then I lifted off his glasses and kissed him with my arms wrapped around his neck.

Hikaru said not a word of protest.  He gave in to the sweet kiss like I did.Shoving me against the brick wall, he pressed his tongue inside me.  Unlike the demon’s father, there was no darkness here.  Only light as we tasted each other.  His hand combed through my wet hair.  When I pulled my head away from him, I smiled with a slight pant. 

“Thank you,” I said with tenderness, meaning it as I handed him back his glasses.  Fighting my way out of the club seemed daunting on my own, but thanks to Hikaru, I made it through another tough spot.  Thank goodness it didn’t get him killed in the process.  I didn’t think I would be able to forgive myself for that.

“When the comm went out, I knew I had to come and call for backup,” he replied with a shrug while stepping away from me.  He attempted to clean his glasses with his shirt before putting them back on.

I sighed as I picked up my stuff.  “I’m glad you did since I… I messed up.”

“Is Kin alive?” he asked in alarm.

I shook my head with the nibble on the side of my lip.  That wasn’t what I meant, not that it mattered now.  “No, that demon is in the land of the dead, where I hope he suffers for all time.”

Hikaru cupped my face in his hand so that I would look at him.  “And, you're not.  That’s all that matters.”

I blinked at him for a moment in the lessening rain and then nodded in agreement.  I slipped my heels back on.  Hikaru helped me balance while I did.

“Let’s go home,” I said because my sore body was ready for a nice hot bath before I started plotting my next demon target.

Submitted: October 08, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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Illustrated sensuality!
The asphyxiation phase of this story is darkly projected to our minds.
I am reading another side of you that has been hidden or has recently changed.
MA (BTW, writer's block for me. I need some kind of laxative to coast my mind.)

Tue, October 9th, 2018 12:16am


Well, hello there, MA! Missing you, my friend! Ahhh, yes the asphyxiation is interesting is it not? Nothing has changed, I can assure you, just one of many sides of me, albeit a darker one, eh? This time of year always brings that out in me. Hee hee! Thanks for the read and comment. :)

Tue, October 9th, 2018 4:45pm


Your stories are amazingly deadly as always...

Tue, October 9th, 2018 5:33am


And you, sir, should know this better than most...

Tue, October 9th, 2018 6:13pm


WOW, fair skinned Shadowhunter(look it up if you don't know what they are) in a tiny form fitting body suit hunting demons from hell in human form.
I loved reading this as it brought back the memory of reading The Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare. Thanks for that. Read them if you can find them online or get them in hard cover from your local library.
XoxoX Ron

Tue, October 9th, 2018 7:40am


Oh the demons of this world are very real and need no supernatural help although I wrote it in such a way that it could be viewed with a supernatural slant. Yes, I am familiar with that author but have not read any of her stories. I do know that her books have been made into a movie which I've never seen and a TV series which I have watched the first season which I am told covered the happenings of the first of her books.

Because of the time of year that it is, my writing tends to go dark and this tale seemed perfect for my Outer_Limits house created for that purpose or whenever the dark side decides to rise. Thank you for reading and offering your comments. They are always appreciated.

Tue, October 9th, 2018 6:17pm


I agree with angel Eyes, your stories are BADASS! I like that you use Asian background in this. Hot read Hun!

Tue, October 9th, 2018 9:48pm


Thanks, Lola! I really love this time of year that inspires a different tone to what I usually write. I'm happy you enjoyed. :)

Tue, October 9th, 2018 6:18pm


Amy, the Vampire slayer! Bad*$$ girl on the loose! But the old man sure got his worth out of it!

Thu, October 11th, 2018 12:36pm


Oh, that would be Tsunade better know as Oki when in slayer mode. I'm a pussycat which is what I will be channeling for Halloween this year. As for the old man, she sent him off with a bang. :D

Fri, October 12th, 2018 10:28am


Amazing and hot read. I always stick to your every word. Loved it.

Sun, October 14th, 2018 11:50pm


Thanks, SK4U! That's very nice of you to say. :)

Wed, October 17th, 2018 5:14pm

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