Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Rhiannon travels from her Nanna's house one night that changes her life forever...


Rhiannon travels from her Nanna's house one night that changes her life forever...


Submitted: September 22, 2016

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Submitted: September 22, 2016



“Donna dawdle after dark, sweet,” Nanna warns with the shake of her wrinkly old finger at me.  We stand in the foyer of her tiny cottage.  “This old forest hungers after tender youth.”

“But, Nan, I must go to market wit’ Pa early morn.  You know this,” I whine with an impatient sigh. 

I am so tired of everyone treating me like a child.  A woman full grown can certainly make decisions for herself!  Other girls a score in years like me already marry with bairns in their bellies and run their own houses.  All I have to say for myself is that I scare each would-be suitor in my fierce independence and refusal to heel at his foot.  Ridiculous! 

Pa blames my willfulness on Nanna.  He accuses her of filling my head with her useless stories as he calls them.  Useless?  Never!  I love Nanna’s stories.  I sense the hint of truth behind them.  Little do I know…

Nanna and I argue for a good long while about me leaving her cottage so late in the day.  Real rumors spread throughout the neighboring villages that a new pack of vicious wolves moves into the Black Forest.  Everyone knows that wolves primarily hunt at night.  The beasts use their best advantage.  It makes them dangerous.

“Much prefer you stay the night wit’ me, sweet.  Return in the morn.  Safer,” Nanna reasons with the nod of her head, hoping I’m sure, that would be the end of it.  If only…

“This forest is no stranger.  I know it well.  No need to worry,” I persuade confidently, because it’s true.  I often search for herbs wit' Ma who had been taught the same by Nanna.  From memory, I know where every rare herb grows.  I know every stretch of wood, and every felled tree.  As a small child, I explored the Black Forest without fear so many times against Pa’s wishes.  It calls to me.  It’s my home! 

I always have been a very head-strong, enterprising girl.  Mayhap too much for my own good, but that’s who I am.  No changing that now.  I don’t make excuses for it, and have never minded being a bit on the wild side.  It meant that I didn’t much fit in wit’ the other more conventional village children while growing up.  Only the miller’s son proved the exception, but that’s another story.

The old woman shakes her white head at me and clicks her tongue in her common way to show her annoyance.  Wit’ me, Nanna does this often.  She sighs now and then waves me away.  “Hurry to the village if you mean to go, Rhiannon.”

“Will do,” I profess as I tie the new cloak Nanna just made under my chin.  A birthday present, she says.  The grand bit of cloth she saves for such an occasion humbles me.  I rub the soft but sturdy fabric of the dark grey cloak along the sides, smiling at the luxury.

Nanna gives me my basket full of new threads I should present to Ma in exchange for the bread rolls and sweets I deliver.  The old woman just loves the sweets Ma makes as everyone does.  The best seller at market customers often clamor for more.  Even with Pa increasing the price, no one is deterred. 

Nanna and Ma often make these exchanges after a fortnight.  I serve as the best courier.  My older brother Dirk cannot be bothered wit' visiting the old woman.  He prefers his study under the famed blacksmith Othmar.  I never mind the visits really.  Nanna teaches me how to weave and always has a new story to tell.  She seems so full of them.  My favorite, and the one I always have her tell me, is the one involving the little wolf boy, Bliedd.  According to Nanna, he lived in the very forest I call home.

The little wolf boy lost his parents very young.  His parent were set upon by bandits who stole everything including their lives.  The small family moved from one village to another due to a drought and had so little already.  While the bandits left Bliedd unharmed, the boy never forgot this lesson of human cruelty. 

He wandered the forest sad, alone and hungry when discovered by wolves one winter’s eve.  One among them had pups and having pity upon the boy adopted him.  The wolf raised him as her own. 

When the little wolf boy’s human family discovered that he still lived and tried to claim him, he rejected them for his adopted family among the wolves.  Bliedd remained their protector for the rest of his life.  He even found a mate wit' the wolf alpha.  While unusual for a man and wolf to share such a bond, their differences never mattered to the pair who remained inseparable in their impossible love for the remainder of their lives. 

Bringing me from my thoughts of my favorite story, Nanna gives me one last kiss upon my head.  I smile at her and turn to leave.  For the first time, I observe that the day, which had been bright when I arrived, is not now.  Night descends wit’ its blanket of mystery.  The crimson and gold leaves rustle in a warm breeze reminding me that autumn is newly upon us.

“Remember… stay on the path,” Nanna calls after me when I head away.  Shortly afterward, I hear her shut and bolt her cottage door.

I sigh and did just that.  All my life I hear the same, you see.  It is not like I would suddenly forget.  In the dark of night, it is so easy to get turned around and lost.  If you stay on the path, one way or the other you would find your way to a village either to the north or south. 

The north one is friendly and full of warm people like my Ma and Pa, which is where I head.  The south, well, that’s the dwelling place for more affluent people.  I hate visiting there.  My aunt and uncle live there, and I find them very cold.  No one from that place is ever nice to strangers, just like them. 

Nanna lives on the edge of the south village, but everyone knows her.  Her weaving makes her famous in all the surrounding villages.  She is the best at it and fast, too.  Her loom is the envy of many, and a treasure of her own design made for her by my last Pap.  Ma says he was not my blood Pap, but the second and last man Nanna married before he also made her a widow once more.

I stay on the small dirt track of land until I meet the wider main road.  No skip to my step as usual with a song in my heart.  I walk briskly to get home.  The path through the forest yields the fastest path although I contemplate for a moment skirting around it.  At the fork in the path, I pause before I continue pushing toward the main road. 

While the moon is bright this night, I am grateful for it at least to show me the way in the dark.  No torch did I possess to light the way otherwise.  The forest grows sinister at night and encourages my imagination.  I know the way without sight, but every sound I hear distracts me.  Someone feels to be watching me.  I cannot detect from where though.

To abate my growing fears because it is too late now to turn back, I am committed; I decide singing might help soothe my anxiety.  The miller’s son taught the song to me.  Innocence of youth still clung to my child’s eyes then and in some ways I wish that it still did.

Treat me gay,
know the way,
don’t ever play,
just stay away.

Stay away from the forest is the message of the song taught early.  Most children’s songs are of that type to keep the youngest from wandering in the wood and getting lost.  It is not unusual to find more songs like it in other villages around the forest.  This one is the only one that comes immediately to my mind.

Quick steps make my pace pretty good for a little while until I look up to a sky that gradually becomes more overcast.  Clouds blot out the stars and moon I need to light my way.  No sooner than that happens, I hear the first growl.  A cold sound.  Hungry. 

I halt unsure that it is not all in my mind.  When I look back, I see nothing.  I don’t hear a peep, a creek, or a chirp.  No sounds of the night come to me that I am so used to hearing!  Fear ripples through me wit' gooseflesh.

Pulling my brand new cloak closer, I walk faster.  The growl sounds, and this time I do not doubt it.  It drifts closer.  That follows a yap.  Teeth snap at me before my path.  Startled I release a small scream.

Slowly stalked from the trees before me, a form of shadow emerges.  I gaze at it blinking rapidly hoping it will go away, but it doesn’t.  It slunk its big body onto the path I follow, blocking my way.  I know it’s really there.  The yellow of its glowing eyes tells me what I refuse to believe. 

In the chase I give in my sprint from the shadowed mass blocking my way home, I lose my sense of everything including my direction.  Nothing matters more than escaping the beast wit' yellow eyes and sharp teeth.  I need no greater motivation than these in the fear that envelops me to escape harm.  I run forward and back again depending on the obstacle.  The dense forest has many steep slopes and bubbling brooks winding through it.  Blindly, I reach out before me in the pitch black hoping against hope that I avoid a tree head on at the frantic pace I keep.  The fact that I suffer no more than a few scrapes is amazing.

No matter how many times I topple over my own feet, I rise again, but slower each time.  I am so exhausted.  My mouth is arid wit' my rapid breath.  When I splash through a cold brook, I want so badly to drink.  I don’t dare as I could spare no moments.  My booties sloshes wit' wetness, but still I run even when each breath stabs me repeatedly to the side.  A cramp seizes my thigh, and I slow down even more wit' my mewl. 

The trees seem to finally thin a little, and I move through them with better ease.  The light grows, and I nearly burst free of the final branches that sought to hold me captive.  Bent over I dare take a celebratory break and lean against my knees in a clearing.  My breath wheezes in pants and my side eases a little.

Standing straight, I smile in the relief I feel.  “I’m free!” I puff out wit' excitement.

When I glance to the forest, whatever that chases me seems no longer to follow.  I back away slowly when a lone howl sings.  It is not answered.  In that moment, the clouds break apart and the moon shines down upon me bright and proud.

“Not so,” he says in a gruff tight voice.

With a gasp, I turn in surprise to find a man standing behind me.  Where does he come from?  Why don’t I notice him before now?  I certainly should have because he is the most handsome my eyes ever behold.  He wears nothing upon his moon-kissed skin save his own dark chest hair that leads to a much lower patch of dark hair around his manhood.  I swallow when my eyes snap back up to his mesmerizing golden eyes.

“W-who are y-you?” I stammer in my shock and blush.  I am not unfamiliar with the male body.  In secret, I have lain with a boy out of curiosity.  We were good friends at least at the time.  It now seems so long ago.  The miller’s son Jonah, likes all the girls though, until he marries the prettiest of our village Efa.  They have two children now, and it is said she is quick wit' child again.  They hope for a boy this time.

This strange man in the clearing wit' me looks nothing like the skinny fair-haired Jonah.  This man towers above me, thick of muscles that bunch when he walks toward me now.  It is his most male part that makes my eyes swell.  Between the chords of his legs, it hangs hard and thick pointing toward me.  Why would a naked man be at the edge of the forest at night?  No answer can I summon and begin to back away from him.

“Yours,” he claims wit' sudden softness.

I freeze.  “What?”

“Yours,” he repeats softer and comes closer despite my reaction.

I shake my head and back away fast.  The cramps at my side and leg pain me, but I don’t stop.  I cry out and nearly tumble when he catches me and brings me near him.  The strange man lowers my hood and chases the wind through my golden hair.  His lips skim my temple and cheek.  I feel so feeble and weak.

“No,” I whisper my fright, “please, don’t hurt me.”

He listens to me not and kisses my mouth.  It is not rough, but like his lips, so soft.  When his tongue meets mine without hurry, taking his time, my heart leaps wit' a new thrill.  I’m stunned at how my fear recedes and is replaced wit' need.  What is wrong wit' me?  I don’t kiss strangers.  In my mind though, he tastes familiar, but I know that can’t be true.

At my mound, his hard maleness presses gently but with increasing force.  Each time he does, I gasp and become even more lost.  Unable to fight him or myself and not really wanting to despite how odd this all is, I grab him to me tasting him deeply.  I moan because he tastes of sweet meats.  I know this taste!  I want more.

The strange man brings me to the ground kissing all over my body.  This reminds me of a dream I have at every full moon like tonight.  How could my dream lover come and visit me for real?!  Could it be he’s made flesh somehow?

His long hair, darkest dreams slides over me.  I pull back the curtain of strands, silky and light.  The stranger smells of the forest, so fresh and right.  I know that smell.  My eyes swell in recognition.  I cannot deny it anymore.

Two long years have passed since last we met.  Often I wonder during that time if I dreamed my lover to be in my loneliness.  “Bliedd?  Is it really you?”

“You are mine,” he murmurs low and nips at my breasts through my clothes.  I gasp in shock that he finds my nipples and makes them hard through my shift.  Bliedd keeps up the fierce nipping making me squirm and yelp beneath him.  It also serves to make me pool in arousal between my hot thighs.  My fear turns to confusion, and it is fresh.  My sweat in the heat he brings to my body awakens a need that burns everywhere he touches.  I am without breath. 

When I turn my head toward the forest, I see the yellow eyes that glow from it.  My heart starts palpitating.  “The wolves!” I mutter as I try to push myself away from Bliedd, but I cannot.  I am trapped firmly in his embrace.

“Watch over us,” he says.  I look to his golden eyes for reassurance and tremble.  “You are my mate.”

The wolves do not venture from the forest or make a sound.  As he says, they watch.

My mouth drops open when I stare at the man above me after such a declaration.  “No!” I whisper and shake my head.  “This canna be.”

“Yea, Rhiannon.”  His hand dove under my peasant skirt to my shock as I fight him, but he is too strong.  His strong leg wedges between both of mine.  His hand rests on the wetness of material at my thighs but moves no more.  “Do not fear me.  I am your Bliedd.”

“Please…” I beg in confusion as I shake against him.  It could not be true.  It had been so long, and he was just some fantasy!  This could not be the little wolf boy from my Nan’s stories!

“Scent the air around us.  Feel me in your blood.”  His eyes hold mine, urging me to believe, and I cannot look away from the strength or conviction in them.

Deeply, I breathe in the night.  He’s right.  I smell him and me! 

The moon!  So large above, looming near us.  She sings the truth of the lovers he and I are, and always have been.  Goddess Moon declares in her song that we are made one for the other.  How could I deny her?  I feel it is so as I do feel my beloved Bliedd now in my blood.  How could I doubt this?  Hasn’t it always been this way from the moment we met those couple years ago?

His fingers find me vulnerable, ripping through the cloth until he meets my wet folds.  Softly, he groans.  His golden-yellow eyes brighten peering at me with need.  Hungry they seem as I swallow the lump in my throat.  I want to fight wit' the last bit of reason that lingers, but it flees like the wind.  He’s stolen it somehow.  I do not regret this. 

All reason vanishes to the rushing of my blood everywhere Bliedd touches me.  Fire.  I’m on fire and all centers below my waist where his fingers caress my wet folds growing wetter by the moment. 

“Mine,” he growls wit' possessiveness and sinks his finger inside me.  I clutch on to him arching into the movement and shuddering in the explosion of pleasure that riddles me.  “Mine,” he growls again wit' the shove of another finger.  “Mine,” he repeats wit' each deep shove of more fingers until four of them are inside my heat, sending me screaming wit' my shudders of pleasure pressing near his hard body above me.

I cup his face when my shuddering ceases at his possession.  This does not feel like a dream.  Not like those innocent things where we touch gently, exploring each other.  It feels primal.  I hold his hard body to me and then his long dark hairs from his strong face.  He moans his pleasure rubbing his face into my palms. 

“Missed you,” he says wit' tenderness that reaches through to my soul.  How could this be?

“Bliedd, it is you isn’t it?” I whisper wit' tears in my eyes.

Bliedd removes his fingers from inside me and licks them slowly.  He moans softly.  “I am your Bliedd.  Are you still my Rhiannon?” he asks softly and gazes down at me uncertainly.  Waiting.

His glowing yellow eyes burn through me.  I burn under his watchful gaze.  I pant but for a different reason.  I am flushed with my arousal that burns there below where his fingers took me.  My lover in my dreams who did such things to me two years ago, looked different.  This man is bigger, stronger than my lover, but his eyes are the same.  His touch is the same and his scent…  My heart beats in my ears.  My juices flow wit' it.  I ache for fulfillment caught up wit' the essential need to be…

“Fucked,” he whispers as if reading my thoughts aloud.

I stiffen wondering how he could know that and how to touch me as if he has done this all before.  As if he had me before in his arms.  Did this happen before?

“Rhiannon, we have always loved,” he explains wit' a nod still staring down at me, studying me.


“You are my mate.”

My mouth drops open again in the shock of hearing such words.  His mate?!  How could that be?  But, then I look in his eyes, those familiar glowing yellow eyes and I remember the months of innocent loving I engaged wit' him.  I accepted him as he was and felt the bond to him immediately.  I could not explain it.  The wildness of him reminded me of the little wolf boy stories Nanna told me, but Bliedd was no boy that visited my dreams.  He was a man grown and made to love me. 

Flesh is what my hands travel over.  They trace the curves of his huge biceps, shoulders, and chest.  They line the thatch of hairs over his chest.  Like pelt…so soft against my fingers.  I dive my nose against it and his chest.  I breathe in his scent and all the yearnings he summons in me in dreams burn to life for real right now.

Bliedd grits his teeth and then his hand captures mine.  He does the strangest thing.  He licks my palm like my dog would.  The look in his eyes though.  Affection.  Love.  How is it that it stirs something awake in me.  My deepest yearnings coming alive.  I smile wit' my exhale.

“My mate,” I say softly as if that answers all.  Somehow it does.  It rings true to me.  I cannot say why.  I spoke them into being like I had him.  Bliedd…my mate.  I touch his face gently again.  “Is it really you, my beloved?”

“Be one with me now, Rhiannon,” he says wit' earnest need filling his eyes.  “The moon…she calls to us…to our blood.”

“Lovers’ moon?”

“Yea!” he says and smiles as he searches my eyes, “Remember?”

The last time he came for me all was cast in silver light.  His eyes and skin glowed as if there were a flame beneath them.  I blinked my eyes, and we lay in a bed of soft grass naked at our place by the brook.  He gave me pleasures I never felt with the miller’s son.  His body felt made for me. 

When Bliedd came inside me, I could feel his blood rush.  I could feel his breath.  I could taste the essence of what he was and the gift of his love filling me.  His heart and mine beat as one, and that was how he moved within me.  Our joining was more than flesh.  Spirits linking from some ancient place that kept them bound in the universe.  I felt liberated from my body, adrift in mind.  My heart soared and my soul joined his as we frolicked and chased moonbeams. 

My world slipped away where everything was boring but safe and where all the people I loved dwelled.  Ma, Pa, even my brother Dirk.  Mostly, I would miss Nanna, who no one but me visited of our family. 

A change in my consciousness felt underway, and my ties to my old life far from me.  It frightened me because it was all that I knew even as I understood that I loved Bliedd with my soul.  I knew we were old ones hunting for the other across the cosmos until we were complete in each other.  My mate.

That’s when I awoke suddenly as if snatched from the jowls of death.  I shivered and gasped for breath for I was face down in the brook.  Drowning had I not awoken, but it was Nan’s shrill voice calling for me that woke me.  Naked in the dew of morning, dew lined my thighs.  I never felt more alive than in that moment or more empty for I was alone.  Always in the dawn, my lover would leave me.

“I-I remember,” I say stroking his hair gently.  How could I forget what Bliedd meant to me?  I still waited for him to come back for me.  Faithfully I did as he did in my dreams.

“Mine,” he murmurs low when his lips took mine.  Pulling away he asks, “Trust me?”

“Yea, Bliedd.  I do.”  I nod unable to let go.  I never want to let go because if I do, he will disappear.  I do not think my heart could bare another separation like that.

From me my clothes, he rips.  These materials of men have no place in his world.  I gasp at the violence of the act, but I comprehend Bliedd would never hurt me.  He loves me.  I feel it as sure as I breathe.  There just could be no barrier between us anymore.  Time to shed my old life and join him in my new one.  It is time his eyes tell me. 

I trust him to be my guide.  I burn from within and feel exposed to his eyes, to his lips on my nipples and his hands on my hips.  Bliedd rears back and bites me deep at my shoulder.  I cry out at the pain his teeth usher, but I return the gesture, marking my claim.  He howls deep to the moon shining above us. 

Spreading my legs, his hard maleness takes me wit' the urgency rolling through us.  I feel Bliedd throbbing deep.  My very soul he breaches.  The pleasure rocks me unlike anything we’ve experienced up to this point.  This feels like immersion in him and he in me.  I could not tell where I end and he begins.  So intimate this feeling from him.  A true mating of all we are.

Bliedd ebbs and I flow.  Our blood courses like a flood, and the moon sings her call to it.  Blessing us in its bath of silvery light.  We become the beasts of the night.  One heart; one breath.  He humps with the abandon of his desire and I grind to feel him deeper.  We nip and claw taken by the heat of our mating.  Our sacred and most primal marriage of flesh.  We howl our cumming, thrusting wildly.  For his last, Bliedd plants his seed deep, and I shudder around him taking it lovingly into my body until I am overflowing.

When I wake, I find the dark wolf laying at my side watching me.  I open my eyes fully, and he rises his head.  I feel differently, but free as I gaze at my paws of white.  He howls to the wind, and the wolves in the forest join him in a chorus.  Then he looks to me with his golden-yellow eyes.  I stand on my four paws feeling their strength.  When my mate…my alpha howls again, I join him in excitement.  He runs toward the forest with the others, and I follow.  It is like my dreams of us, but better!  The night is ours!  In this form, as the wolf, I find my place where I belong.

I never see my village again.  The ones I love will never understand me.  Instead, I discover a new community with my mate in the company of wolves.  Bliedd leads me and the pack to the safety of his home he has been preparing for me.  A treacherous journey that takes many days and me far from my simple village and the Black Forest.  It tests our bonds and the measure of our love.  In the end, I know it is worth it.  There could be no other decision for me.  It is all fated in the stars.  In the mountains of his ancestors at last, Bliedd and I live the rest of our lives and raise our family with our pack.

I regret nothing, but at times miss my old life and its simplicity.  I miss Nanna, but wish her well.  I remember her stories and especially that of the little wolf boy.  I know now that it is true.  The wolf boy found his mate, but she was not a wolf.  She was a woman transformed by the Goddess Moon.  His mate was I.

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