Dante's Conquest

Dante's Conquest

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Chelsea's in need of a new place to live and is introduced to Dante who has everything she needs.


Chelsea's in need of a new place to live and is introduced to Dante who has everything she needs.


Submitted: September 22, 2018

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Submitted: September 22, 2018



Dante’s Conquest


Chelsea almost froze once laying eyes on the tall man in a white Polo shirt she was told to look for.  With that, he wore biege-colored cargo shorts and flip-flops.  His hair, medium in length, dusted the top of broad shoulders.  From the back, he looked athletic, and she found herself licking dry lips.

As she drew closer to him down the sidewalk, the man turned around and smiled with his phone to his ear.  Chelsea’s heart beat so fast to see someone smile at her that way.  The warmth it brought to his light brown eyes smoldered like desert sands.  He rose a hand and waved as he ended his call.  The phone went in his front pocket. 

“Hi,” Chelsea greeted, also smiling.  She waved back feeling awkward, but really pleased at the same time.  A nervous hand ran through her loose dark hair that was still damp from her shower.  She didn’t have a clue the guy she would be meeting would be so hot!  “You must be Dante.”

“I sure am, pretty girl.”  Dante held out his hand to her happy that she was as sweet in person as she sounded over the phone that morning when expressing interest in housing near the university where she attended.  She shook his offered hand as he continued to say, “And you’re Chelsea.  How ya doin'?”

Never had she heard a more loaded question.  While Chelsea showered before her meeting with Dante, she wondered the same thing.  As luck would have it, she chatted with some classmates after lecture that morning about whether they could suggest leads on housing nearby that wouldn’t break her bank.  The problem Chelsea suffered involved her bank already being raided by rent and related bills for an apartment she couldn’t afford alone. 

It didn’t work out with the previous troll of a roommate she acquired through mutual friends in May at the end of her freshman year.  Like a rat, the shady girl sneaked out in the middle of the night mid-July leaving Chelsea with all the bills and not paying one cent for anything!  Rumors soon surfaced that the bitch moved in with her cousin across town!  By the end of the month, Chelsea needed to get out of her apartment since she burned through any savings just to stay current.

Her classmate Nick knew a guy named Dante who looked for students to rent out some property in the area and gave her his number.  Chelsea called him right up.  Dante confirmed that not only did he still have available properties to rent but that he could meet her later that afternoon if she would like to see one of the studio apartments he had for rent.  Afterward, they could discuss it further or something else that might interest her.  She agreed.  When he texted her the address, she realized that the other apartment was within walking distance of where she already lived. 

Chelsea fanned her face with her hand because she hoped that the weather cooled down some since that morning.  Nope.  Even after her shower and changing clothes to a maxi dress, she felt to be burning up in the 85-degree heat.  The humidity alone made it feel like it was 100 degrees. 

She puffed out a breath in not wanting to relate all that to a stranger and make him think she was crazy.  First impressions and all.  So, Chelsea chose something safe to say like how the weather made her feel. 

“Whew!  I’m sooo hot!”

“You sure are.”  His smile grew as he reviewed her in the cute dress she wore and the most adorable glasses that did nothing to hide her appealing blue eyes that widened at him.  Dante chuckled.  “How about we head inside where it’s cooler?”

“Oh, yes, pleeaaaassse!”  However, this sexy guy had to be teasing her and not flirting with her right?

Dante gestured before him toward the stairs.  A path led up and down.  Chelsea glanced back at him unsure of which direction to head.  His eyes lowered toward her ass she thought, and then he looked up toward her eyes.  He smiled in his friendly way.  She pretended that she didn’t notice where his eyes had been as she cleared her throat. 

Nobody ever checked her out because Chelsea had the habit of dressing for comfort not hooking-up unless she headed to the club.  The way things stood right now, she was way too poor for a social life.  She would ask her mom and dad for money, but they were barely holding on themselves.  Feeling guilty even going there, Chelsea didn’t bother pondering it further.  She needed to figure out how to stand on her own.

“Um, which way?” Chelsea inquired with a shrug when she halted.

“Up.”  This girl’s heart-shaped ass was just visible against the thin material of her dress, and Dante saw the outline of her thong.  He licked his lips as he watched the flash of her slender legs from the slits on both sides of her dress to her feet.  He loved the delicate look of girls feet, and Chelsea had a high arch and her toes painted.  Damn.  Around her ankle was a little charm that jingled when she walked.  So sexy.

Chelsea headed up the stairs with the rock of hips unbeknownst to her how much Dante’s body responded to the view.  Without her knowledge, he even shifted his sack and bat to a more comfortable position in his shorts.  He sighed with the shake of his head, but his smile had yet to leave.  The end of this day looked promising to say the least.

Chelsea halted and tried the door which was open.  As she entered, the studio apartment was cozy and already furnished.  The stainless steel appliances of a stove, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher made her jaw drop.  She looked in a closet and found a washer and dryer that were also stainless steel stacked upon one another.  Chelsea was thrilled.

“A total of 500 sq. ft. including a small deck,” Dante informed as he followed Chelsea through the small apartment.

She went to the back door and walked out onto the deck that could fit three or four chairs and a small table.  While leaning over the ledge, Chelsea glanced down on a fenced in yard of green grass and a stone fire pit with a few patio chairs around it.

“As you can see, you may enter your apartment from right here after entering the driveway.  And there’s plenty of space for you to park a car if you have one.”

Chelsea shook her head in disbelief of all this.  “Cool if I could afford a car.”  She walked back into the studio and inspected the bathroom that had no tub, but a standing shower, toilet, and sink.  A good use of space but beautiful and modern like the rest of the place.  It all seemed too good to be true that this would be cheap.

“Yeah, so what about this furniture?” Chelsea asked as she gestured around to it.

“Sorry; does not come with the place.  Only for show.”

“Okay.”  She tried to hide how very excited she was by all she saw and cleared her throat.  “How much are you looking for?  Being a student at AU, I…”

“That’s the beauty of renting with us.  Our student rate is so affordable, Chelsea.  The landlord’s starting price is $350 per month.”

She stared at him knowing that she couldn’t have heard him right.  It must have been a mistake.  “What?!” 

“After the utilities, which are included being gas, trash, electric, water and sewage, it comes out to something like $400.00 per month for a one-year lease.  It goes up if you decide you want to go month-to-month but no more than $500.00 on average.”

Chelsea stuck both small fingers in her ears and dug.  She needed to clear out the wax that must have blocked her hearing when the handsome man before her said that the Tenleytown studio apartment would cost her no more than $500!  The two-bedroom apartment where Chelsea stayed now was almost five times as much and not even with such nice fixtures or stainless steel appliances with a washer and dryer inside.  Most apartments like where she stayed didn’t have a washer and dryer at all!  Chelsea and her roommate needed to hike it down the street to the laundromat.  Such a pain in the ass on rainy and snowy days. 

“Are you okay?” Dante inquired with the touch of her shoulder because she looked like she was about to pass out if she didn’t take a breath.

“No more than $500.00?!”

“Yeah.  Are you interested?”

Chelsea crossed her arms over her chest.  That drew more notice of her breasts sitting up without a bra.  Dante could see the tips of them pointing out at attention over the thin material of her orange-pink dress.  His dick sought to join their status, but he didn’t know how well that would be received.

“What’s the catch?” she questioned with the tilt of her head.

He smiled trying hard not to let his stare linger on her chest and focus on her eyes that were obscured a bit by her big framed glasses.  “Hard to believe, huh?”

“What do I have to give in exchange for this apartment, Dante?  A lock of my hair.  A pint of my blood?  My firstborn child?”

Dante raised his hands with a chuckle at her sarcasm.  He liked how cheeky she was.  “Nothing so dark as that.”

“Then what?” Skepticism painted her face in a scowl.  “We both know this studio is worth way more than that.  Tell me the truth.  Is there mold under the new coat of paint?  Somebody get murdered in here or what?”

Dante threw his head back and laughed a good minute in amusement at her saying all that with a straight face.  “The landlord wants to offer affordable housing for students only.  No rich kids; they can pay full price elsewhere.  Just the regular person who’s trying to better themselves with higher education.  Maybe they didn’t get the grades for a full scholarship but got some money for tuition and need a little help with the rest.  It’s the landlord’s way of giving back."

"Wow, that's the preference, huh?" Chelsea questioned, stunned.

"Think about it; not many can afford the real value of what this studio is worth, and since the properties are so close to universities, the landlord wants to offer worry-free housing to responsible students who seek an education but may not be able to afford the cost of room and board within their institution.  That’s the mission.  To help these down and out students achieve their dreams of academia without the worry over bills and how to pay them in terms of reasonable housing.  They can focus on their studies and maybe even save some money so that the debts upon graduation aren’t so crushing.”

“So he just gives these units away?  Sounds so gracious.”  Or suspicious.  And maybe really stupid, Chelsea thought because of all the money he would be losing.  However, she gathered that the goal was not to make money if Dante’s statement was to be believed.

“Looking out for the underdog has always been the landlord’s thing.”

“I want this studio,” Chelsea said without having to think about it.  “Tell me what I have to do to get it.  I know you said you have some other interested parties.  I want to be at the top of the list.”

“The interest is high, of course.  The price is a steal.”

“Exactly!” she said excitedly and tried to keep herself from jumping for joy.  “This studio is perfect in every way!  Please tell me what I have to do.”

Dante stared at the cute brunette with a growing grin.  He swore that he felt his dick twitch at such a tempting declaration.  Instead, Dante pulled the apartment application form from his back pocket.  He instructed, “Fill this out.  We’ll process it and let the landlord assess it.”

Chelsea took the form and the pen Dante offered.  She used the breakfast bar counter to complete it.  When finished, she handed the pen and application back to him and asked, “Okay.  So how long before I hear anything?”

“A couple of days tops.”

She deflated a little.  “Thanks for taking the time to show me everything, Dante.”

“It was a pleasure.”  Dante walked her out and locked up the apartment. 

“Thanks again.  I look forward to hearing from you.”

She waved, and Dante waved back as he watched her go.  He then looked at the application form.  “Yes, Miss Andersen, I look forward to it, too.”

True to his word, in a couple of days, Chelsea heard back from Dante giving her the best news she’d been presented in a while.  At his request, she met him for a coffee after her morning class and before he headed to work.  They sat outside Bourbon Coffee and negotiated what worked best for her.  Chelsea signed a year-long lease at a significant discount. 

From there, the tension lessened between the two.  Being more relaxed since the business was taken care of, their meeting turned surprisingly personal.  Dante’s questions ranged from school, to family, and what they enjoyed when they had spare time. 

Both said simultaneously, “Sleep!”  They laughed about that and having two jobs that ran them ragged with a full load of classes. 

Dante looked as yummy as the last time Chelsea saw him.  She had been looking so forward to seeing him again.  Not just the excitement over the apartment which was over the top, but also just to be near him.  Her heart ran the way she wanted to do in circles just to quell the butterflies summoned the moment the handsome man smiled at her.  After the meeting though, she found even more reason to like him because of their collective feelings of being sleep-deprived.

“Need help moving out of your old place?  I have a truck,” Dante asked before sipping his espresso.

Chelsea nearly choked on her latte.  “You would do that for me?”

“Of course.  We’re friends right?”

“Um… sure?”  Chelsea could not believe her change in luck or that this well-built, attractive guy thought of her as a friend.  Could he be teasing her again?

“How soon would you like to move in?”


Dante laughed.  “I have some free time on Friday.  How does that sound?”

“Great!  I’m off on Friday.”

“Then it’s a date.”

Chelsea blushed wishing that it was a real one where Dante would confess that he felt the stirrings of something that made him feel all hot just like her.  However, she knew how stupid that fantasy was.  Every night since Chelsea met him, she wondered what it would have been like to have him bend her over the couch and have his way with her.  She even played around with the idea of seducing him for the apartment in doing whatever nasty thing he could think of with her.

“Thanks, Dante.  Now I don’t have to beg my little cousins for help.”  She gestured like she wiped sweat from her brow and gave a dramatic eye-roll.  “They’re so lazy involving anything outside of football or basketball.  They’re starters on their high school teams.”

“You're welcome.”

With his Chevy Silverado, Dante appeared on her doorstep ready to work with his panty-wetting grin.  Chelsea wanted to melt where she stood.  However, she got into the groove of haphazardly packing up her meager belongings in used boxes she got from the Whole Foods store.  Dante carried out what she packed.  By the time they had everything loaded in the back of his truck and tied down, they drove two blocks over and one up to the new place.  They set up everything in no time.  Since Chelsea had so few items, the new studio looked even more spacious. 

Afterward, she invited her new friend to her join her for a meal of a large Supremo pizza from Angelico’s.  Dante never turned down good pizza and bought a six pack of beer which Chelsea didn’t mind considering she loved anything wet.  Although she didn’t recognize the brewery, its name she could never forget as she laughed at it.  Dead Guy Ale was tasty, especially with the pizza pairing.  Chelsea found herself drinking down two 12-ounce bottles of it like water.  Dante drank his fill; bottle for bottle.

They watched the sun go down feeling no pain.  Both were totally relaxed and laughing as he explained how every date he’d ever had was a disaster.  Each seemed to get even more epic than the last, and Chelsea caught on quickly he was telling fibs.  She didn’t care because she appreciated his company about as much as the occasional zephyr they received while sitting on her deck eating pizza. 

“The perfect end to a productive day,” Chelsea hickuped for a minute before she drank more of her long neck and then giggled.

Dante loved hearing her laugh and tried his best to make her do it often.  It seemed she stole a piece of his heart every time she did.  “So true.” 

“You’re a good guy; you know that?”  Chelsea found her company to be a down-to-earth guy who did not seem to be pretentious like some of those pretty boys she crushed on in high school.  She learned that Dante went to Catholic University for his MBA concentrating on Finance and Management.  Just like her, he had another job to make ends meet.  Dante worked in an up-and-coming hedge fund company downtown.  Funny, he said that he didn’t like working so much, yet learned a lot.

“I try.  Don’t always succeed, but I try.”

Chelsea rested both fists under her chin as she looked at him with interest.  “So tell me what your future looks like?”

“One thing’s for sure,” Dante admitted after taking a swig of beer, “I want to work for myself.”

“So you’re gonna be an entrepreneur someday, huh?”

He nodded with pride.  “That’s my dream.  I’m working on the business plan in my spare time and hope to finish it soon.  With any luck, I’ll have it up and running before I graduate a year from now.”

Chelsea wiped her mouth with a napkin as she stared at her new friend who was very easy on the eyes in his denim jeans and a Polo shirt.  As usual, she channeled her inner frumpy style in an old tank top and frayed jeans.  Her dark hair was captured in a messy ponytail.  Wiggling her bare toes on the deck, she was glad to free them from the confines of her sneakers.

“Your parents must be so proud of you.”

Dante shook his head when his smile slipped off his sexy lips.  “I lost my parents when I was eight.”

“Holy shit on a cracker; I’m sorry.”  Chelsea reached a hand to touch his arm which she felt the hard cords flexing like his jaw muscles. 

“Don’t be.  I didn’t know them well.  My uncle Gino raised me for as long as I can remember, and from what he says he’s very proud.” 

She blinked at the name and the conclusions she drew. “You’re Italian?”

He winked at her.  “Why do you think I insisted on Angelico’s when you ordered pizza?”

“Are you related to the owners?”  Chelsea’s eyes widened.

Dante looked into the blue pools liking very much what he saw there and all over her slim body frankly.  Once again she did not sport a bra not that she needed one.  Her adorable titties stood up on their own without support.  The dime-sized nipples were just visible points against the alluring white ribbed-cotton. 

Dante drank more beer as he watched her slip a stray tendril behind her ear.  He noticed that her fingernails that were painted a plum color to match her suckable toes.  The tank top was loose over her tight jeans that left little to his imagination.  Many times he had been distracted by the tight curve of her ass sashaying away from him as she arranged her furniture or unloaded a box of dishes to the cupboard.  No time today did she wear her glasses, and Chelsea was so much prettier he thought in not hiding behind them.

“What?” she questioned, a self-conscious frown creasing her eyebrows.  “Did I ask something that I shouldn’t?”

Dante assured with the wave of his hand.  “No.  I was just lost in thought about you.”

“About me?” Chelsea gestured to herself and lowered her head with the shy shake of it.  “That’s gotta be the beer talking.”

Dante reached out with the crook of his finger and raised her head.  Her stunned blue eyes seemed darker somehow while locked on his.  “I’m not wearing any beer goggles, Chelsea.  I mean what I say.  I see you for who you are, and that’s sensible, decent, and so different from any girl I’ve met before.”

In boldness, he leaned over and tilted his head.  Going for it, Dante stroked his lips lightly with hers.  Edging his head away mere inches he confessed, “Mmm, I’ve wanted to do that all day.” 

Dante licked his upper and lower lip of her saccharine taste as he stared at her lips and then her eyes that never swayed from his.  Something stirred within them.  Hope that he told the truth maybe?  A particular desire he saw heating her eyes.  He could not resist going in for another taste.  His tongue sought hers out, coaxing it to respond. 

Chelsea did not hinder him.  How could she?  At the back of her mind, her fantasy came to the forefront.  She’d wanted Dante from the moment she met him, but such a guy could never be interested in a frumpy nerd like her.  As sexy as he was, he probably had a girlfriend or several girls he juggled drooling over him the way she did now. 

What was left of her pizza fell from her hands.  They had better things to hold.  Chelsea reached to touch his chest, that was firm under her hand.  It rose and fell with his rapid breath which she matched.  Her lips engaged his now, returning the kiss with more aggression than he expected from such a reserved girl.  Dante moaned in the pleasure that gained in the kiss.  When he pulled away this time, they both panted for a second or two.

A flurry of movement found them both on their feet at the same time.  They met in the middle.  Dante cradled the back of Chelsea's head.  She rubbed him beneath his shirt.  It came off a second later along with her wifebeater t-shirt.  Chelsea didn’t block his view of her berries as he saw the lust emerge while her hands trailed over his smooth chest and stomach.  He didn’t have much of a six-pack, but a hint of them was present with each breath. 

Dante backed her onto the edge of the deck before lifting her up and depositing her on the ledge.  “Molto bella.”

Chelsea gasped while holding on to his neck until he backed away to look at her.  “Are we doing this?” she whispered suddenly seeming unsure by the scowl on her face.

“Don’t you want me?” he asked wondering about her change of heart.  Was she playing games?  If so, it was working.

“I…uh…um… yeah,” she professed, feeling like a dope.  Chelsea looked away from him. 

Dante prompted because he gathered that perhaps she wasn’t, and there was a more profound struggle at root, “But?”

“I’ve never…um…done,” her voice lowered with a sigh when she said, “it.”

Dante stood between her legs and tipped her head up to him by the crook of his finger.  Her face beamed a bright red in her embarrassment at such an admission.  He knew that she wasn’t lying and that her shyness made sense.  “Thank you for trusting me enough to share that.”

“I’m sorry,” she said sheepishly with the bashful turn of her head.

Dante shook his head at her courage and scowled.  Perhaps he should do the right thing for once, and go.  Her piercing blue eyes though begged him to stay.  They stirred compassion in his heart and a desire that only mounted in her favor.  Dante never considered himself a very sensitive man, but with Chelsea, he discovered that he wanted to be. 

“There’s nothing for you to be sorry for, bella,” he informed, feeling magnanimous, which shocked him.  “You’re in control, okay?  It’s your body, and if you want to save yourself for someone special, there’s no shame in that.  Just like there isn’t any in sharing your body with me now.”

“I know, but—”

He shook his head again cutting her off.  “I’m attracted to you and have been since we’ve met.  You’re a great girl, Chelsea; clever, friendly, sensual.  Damn, I won’t deny walking away from you would be fucking hard, harder than I am right now from wanting inside you, but I’d walk out of here anyway if that’s what you need me to do.  I won’t think any less of you no matter what decision you make.  We’ll still be friends.”

Chelsea never thought that she would be having this conversation today.  She believed that she would take the secret to the grave.  The fact that she hadn’t had full on sex with anyone was astounding to her when she thought of the stories of her friends all having sex before they graduated high school and one even in middle school.  Sheesh!  There were opportunities, of course, yet she didn’t feel ready or something happened where another night she remained a virgin.

She could not believe that she just shared that intimate truth with him when a few days ago she and Dante had been strangers.  Chelsea felt exposed.  She worried that he would judge her or tease her.  It was the first time anyone had said something so sweet to put her completely at ease though.

While she made out with a sufficient amount of guys, things never progressed this far this fast.  Chelsea felt comfortable with Dante.  He gave off this aura of safety.  Either real or imagined, she did not care to examine that at the moment.  She wanted her brain to shut off and let her body take over that wanted him.

Dante was worth the risk.  Chelsea would never forgive herself if she let this moment pass just because she was afraid.  Not being naïve, she comprehended what this was.  Not love and nowhere near it.  People didn’t just magically fall in love over a few scarce moments together.

Reality set in that people sometimes made connections where lust stirred into an inferno.  That’s what it felt like with Dante when he touched her or kissed her.  A great fire blazed to life inside her.  It required an urgent release.  Dante was man enough to help her do it.

He searched Chelsea’s eyes in worry because she was so quiet.  “Just be honest with yourself and tell me what you want.  Do you want me to leave?”

Swallowing hard, Chelsea straightened her back and leaned forward with a sigh.  Her lips aimed for his, yet she held just shy of them.  Her breath on him was hot at the parting of her lips.  It flowed from her as fast as his.  Dante took in a sudden breath when her eyes met his heavily lidded.

“What I want, Dante, can’t be answered any other way but like this.” 

Chelsea’s arms looped around his neck.  Her hands ran into his hair at the back of his head.  She took to his mouth like she meant to relay all the passion that built inside her for him.  His arms surrounded her while Dante responded to her with the hunger that threatened to overtake him the way his dick did his jeans.  He would have to free it soon, and so scooped his hands under her ass.  He lowered her to the deck where their clothing already scattered.

Chelsea experienced the tingling at her core.  She wanted a night with him she would never forget even if he never called again.  The sun sank low, but streaks of light passed through the trees.  Neighbors from either side and from across the alley might spot them.  Her heart ran in a tight beat.  Their kiss continued, unbridled and unnerving as they rolled with her on top and then beneath him.  It was like they fought for dominance with neither gaining ground.

Dante worked away from her lips, down her neck to where he sucked on her breasts until his heart was content.  Chelsea moaned, “Mmmm, oohhh, mmmm!”

He worked his kiss down her belly and unbuckled her jeans.  She lifted her bum off the deck and allowed him to peel her jeans off with her panties.  Dante kissed her hip and drew down to her tidy brush.  So fragrant he groaned in his reach into his jeans to adjust his cock that strained uncomfortably. 

His hands then sought to widen her thighs as he shouldered his way down between them.  Dante’s tongue darted within her shaved lips seeking her clit and finding the nub swelled.  He moaned again at her sweet heat leaking on his tongue more abundantly.

Her hands turned to claws, and her nails dug in his hair.  Chelsea could not decide if she wanted to push him away because it was too much or draw him in to build the sensation of his mouth and tongue along her groove.  Part of her craved more.  With a fist of his hair, Chelsea tried to pull him closer in the incredible pleasure his mouth offered her.

Dante glanced at Chelsea's ecstatic cries that mixed with the sounds of the city.  His own excitement began to get the best of him.  Her hips lifted up and down on his face.  So greedy she was to get off, and he intended to help her get there as his tongue pressed for the goal. 

When his sucking of her clit happened, Chelsea screamed in the explosion that went off behind her closed eyes as her body shook.  Her thighs seized his head, and his tongue sought another unexplored space deeper within her easing her down but also building a new pleasure.

“Oh, oh, fuck!  That w-was so… ooo-mmm!” she began until her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Wet fingers replaced Dante’s tongue.  His thumb rotated over her clit.  A burning at her entrance felt to increase to something unbearable.  Dante suddenly bit her sore nipple hard, and she felt two fingers press in relentless pressure inside her.  Her body shuddered from too much sensory information. 

Tears stung her eyes without her knowledge in her cry of pain and pleasure so convoluted.  His fingers moved to retreat, and the sensation of them finding no resistance made her moan anew.  Her hips aided Dante in this because the pleasure of it compounded above the pain.  Chelsea met his thrusting hand in thrusts of her own.  Once again that tingling burn was upon her intensely.  Her muscles all seemed to grip her core for what felt like minutes.  She soon laid panting in the delectable wonder of what Dante made her sweaty body feel.

When she looked up at him dazed, Chelsea saw him standing there looking down at her in need.  She sat up watching him drop his jeans to his ankles.  He removed his socks, shoes, and underwear.  When he stood up straight, Chelsea had done the same looking at the well-toned physique of the tanned man.  She had seen naked men before on the internet porn sites she watched to satisfy some of her curiosity about sex. 

Some of the porn she viewed was made up scenarios like wrestling, but other parts of it she found credible in showing how men liked their pleasure.  She knew different areas of men’s bodies were sensitive like hers, but what all men had in common was that they loved penial action.  Using her knowledge, she spat on her hand and used it along with his own secretions to stroke his hard shaft jutting out of him.

Dante groaned wanting to speak but was unsure how he could with her assertive hand swirling over his dick.  She seemed to be enjoying herself which made it better.  He loved having women play with his dick.

“You like that?” Chelsea asked with the innocent bat of her eyelashes, yet there was a smile of devilment developing, too.  Dante was stunned when she fell to her knees on top of his jeans before he could answer.  “So, I bet you’ll like this…”

Her mouth devoured Dante, and he could not stop his hips from pumping all of him in and out of her warm, beautiful mouth.  Chelsea massaged his balls and a special place just behind them with skill.  Dante pulled her hair from its ponytail.  While gripping her hair, he bottomed out at the back of her throat causing it to constrict around him when she gagged.  Her hands braced at his hips, urged them faster.  Dante found a way to stop before the girl stole from him the very essence he needed to finish what he started.

“Christ! Where did you learn that!” he panted when she stood.

Her smile of pride said it all.  “I may be a virgin, but I never said I hadn’t done everything else.”

Dante shook his head and hoisted her up in his arms.  Biting her lower lip, she wrapped her legs around him as he kissed her deeply where they could taste each other.  Her arms looped around his neck as he walked them inside her apartment.  He laid her down on the mattress where they both moaned. They rolled from one side to the other, kissing with passion again until Dante pinned her to the bed with her wrists above her as he kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples until she squirmed before returning to her mouth.

“Do I need to stop?” he inquired with the last of his reason as he released her with his hands on either side of her body.

Chelsea said not a word as she reached down and put him inside her hot slick hole.  She wiggled around moaning at the tickle of his bulbous head.  Dante followed with the first push inside her virgin walls and felt her stretching.  Her breath came in sharp pants as she relaxed and let him in. 

From there, all became a blur of heat and need.  Dante tried to hold back his hips, but they took on a life of their own.  Her legs wrapped around him to draw him closer.  Their mingled cries announced how close to the flame they danced.  Her body already trembled in the foregone surrender, and he tried like hell to make it last.  Chelsea felt too fucking good squeezing on to his cock with each shove deeper, and even lifting her hips to try and meet him.

“Ahhh, bella!” Dante moaned while stroking her pussy shallowly a few times before he paused, “You like that big fucking cock in you?  Hmm?”

“Mmm, ahhhh-ohhhh!”  Chelsea nodded as he teased her with a shallow thrust before going deep again while she answered him, “Ooooo, Dante, yesssssss!  Make me cum with your big dick!  Ahhh-hhh-hhh!”

Dante could go no slower.  The torture of her sexy mews in how her arms clung to him, how her lips dueled with his was too much.  The fire he had been building with patience raged out of control.  He welcomed the inferno, allowing his body to act on instinct, and give them the release they both desired.

Chelsea tried to clasp on to him but as she came her arms lifted up to brace against the headboard instead.  Her trembling legs flailed around him.  Dante lifted above her staring into her eyes as he pounded her into her bed in rapid, insistent strokes.  Chelsea cried out in the fiery eruption from her core.  Her release overcame her with such intensity that her whole body no longer obeyed her.  Shudders greater than any so far wholly astonished her by how debilitating they were. 

Timed perfectly to Chelsea, Dante’s orgasm began with the tenderness of his sack ready to fire.  Keeping eye contact with her, he pulled out prior to ejaculating.  He sat up on his knees and fisted his dick that he pumped hard.  “Awww, fuck!  Oooo, bella, here it comes!”  Dante jerked, heaping spurts of cum on her belly.

Collapsing to the side of her, he tried to catch his breath.  Dante ran his hand through his sweaty hair in his face as he looked around for a tissue.  He didn’t have to worry because Chelsea merely took two of her fingers to his creamy deposit and ate it without any pretense at all.  Once again, Dante shook his head at how remarkable she was laying there flushed and so sexy while licking her fingers. 

Chelsea glanced at him with a wink.  “I think I’ll like very much being friends with you.”

Stealing the words right out of his mouth, Dante chuckled.  He stretched back out beside her grinning from ear to ear.  His elbow propped him on his side so that he could push his finger into her mouth where she sucked off his lingering cum from it.  “Mmm, I couldn’t agree more, bella.”

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