Birthday Licks

Birthday Licks

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Sam is quite stubborn and foolishly teases to resume his non-writing habits. Once again his muse pays him an unexpected visit for a bit of coerced inspiration.


Sam is quite stubborn and foolishly teases to resume his non-writing habits. Once again his muse pays him an unexpected visit for a bit of coerced inspiration.


Submitted: September 11, 2016

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Submitted: September 11, 2016



Birthday Licks


Ever so often I ring your phone to see how you’re doing.  I do so now.  You answer immediately.  “Hello.”

“Hi, Sam,” I greet.

“I apologize,” you tell me almost sheepishly.

“You haven’t done anything to apologize for.  Guilty conscience?”

You chuckle lightly.  A good mood encompasses you.  “No.  I’m sure I will if you’re calling instead of emailing me.”  

I wish I could say the same of me.  “I realize you have a life outside writing and responsibilities.  Such a busy, successful man you are.”

“Naturally.”  You chuckle again.

“It’s been 9 days since I last saw you post anything, Sam.  Where are you with your writing projects?  I’m aware you have a collaborative with another author and projects of your own.  So where do you stand with these, hmm?”

“Oh, Amy, I am very, very, very sick,” you tell me with a cough for effect as you place your luggage in the trunk of your car parked at the airport.  It has been a long flight, but you do enjoy the sound of my voice even if it sounds a little strange to you.  You just return to your parts of the world.  Finally some down time works through your mind. 

The next sound you hear is me clearing my voice, and not over the mobile phone.  “No,” I say rustily and try to clear my throat.  “I’ve been really sick, but I’m here, Sam.”

You turn looking stunned while lowering your phone from your ear.  Yes, that’s right.  Your crazy stalker lady is back in her uniform of a tan trench coat and black heels looking none too pleased.  I remove my black gloves and stuff them in my pocket.  

“Amy?” you finally manage after finding your voice.  “What are you doing here?  How did you—“

I grab you around your neck and kiss you hard on the mouth.  I taste of cough drops:  lemon and honey.  You moan into my mouth.  I moan back.  Since our last encounter, I lust for your taste.  Mmmm, so sweet you are to me. 

Of course, I am more than the gorgeous dark-haired woman before you.  You guess right that I have been watching.  I always do.  As a muse that is my duty assigned, my sole purpose for existence.  To inspire.  To motivate.

“Oh, but you, Sam, do try my patience,” I say when I break away from your lips and look up into your puzzled face.

At our first meeting in the flesh, I warned you to leave your burdens with me and not pick them up again.  Someone who looks remarkably like you has been obstinate and in need of correction.  Not to worry.  We will sort this all out in good time.

Opening the door to the back seat of your car, I shove you in roughly.  Yep, muses are very strong, and I am no exception, but I am also beautiful.  You don’t want me sweet though.  I become what you need.

“All the way back, Sam,” I order as I follow you into the roomy sedan.  It will do nicely for what I have planned.  “Against the door.  Now.” 

Astonished, you do as I say.  You pant with excitement watching me come closer.  It gleams in your eyes that regard me with desire and fright.  I’m excited, too.  My nipples harden to pebbles and my pussy moistens.  I feel flushed and not just because of the medicine I’m on or the stuffiness of the car’s interior.  Yeah, even muses can catch a cold!  We do have our limitations.

Ahhh, but you, Sam, you have done this!  It’s your fault that I’m here at all in the realm of men again instead of in my fluffy bed.  Now you must pay.  So stubborn.  I warned you.

I climb over to you and begin wrapping your wrists that I raise above your head with the seat belt.  I also use the handcuffs I pluck from my coat pocket.  Your eyes widen when I click the shiny steel bracelets on your wrists.  I test the hold.  Your arms will stay up just as I wish.  Very good.  You won’t be going anywhere which I communicate with my latest smile.  I peel out of my coat.  I don’t need it anymore.

“Amy!  What the hell?!  Where are your clothes?!” you ask me.  I look down because technically I’m wearing a pearl necklace and high heel shoes along with my classic pinned up hairdo.  With a shrug, I shake my head because I don’t really know.  My focus though is on unbuckling your trousers.  I pull them and your underwear down just enough to expose Mr. P hardening for me.  My smile grows like he does. 

I stare at you communicating only with my eyes.  You know what I want, Sam.  I’ve told you so many times that I get what I want.  Sighing, I shake my head again.  Hard heads make soft nether regions.  Humans.

Off go your shoes.  They are just in the way.  Now the trousers as I drum my fingers.  I go ahead and tug them off, too.  They land in the front seat with your shoes I tossed up there.  You won’t be needing those either.  I tug down your underwear further but not off.  Oh no.  I like you tied up!

I remove your belt from its loops on your trousers, but I don’t stop there.  I’m sure you wish I would.  I lift your legs with a grip behind your spread knees.  Ahhh, very nice.  I expose that cute ass of yours. 

You thought I can’t possibly get to it.  A-ha!  You’re wrong, of course, as I press your legs toward your chest.  This is easy with your underwear used as leverage, you see? 

Your lovely green eyes go wide as they should.  You begin to understand my intent but certainly not how far I’m willing to go.  You will.  I don’t do anything half ass.  I’m committed to finish what I start.  Therefore, I will beat the same into you if I must concerning your writing. 

“Make sure to count every lick of your birthday spankings, Sam,” I instruct with my amused little smile. You gasp with a look that tells me you don’t trust that smile.  You shouldn’t, of course.  Your eyebrows draw together in suspicion.

“What?  No!  Do you even know how old I am?” you ask in fear that makes your voice warble a bit.

I chuckle wickedly and that makes you cringe.  It is not a light sound but dark as my intent.  “We are the same coin.  Just different sides.  You are light and am… well…” 

I lift the belt and whip your ass with it.  Whack! 

“OUCH!”  You try to squirm away but it’s no use to struggle.

Whack!  I love the sound that fine leather makes against naked flesh.  Riveting.  You have been a very bad boy, Sam.  Hehehehehe!  Now your ass is mine. 

“Amy, what the fuck?!” you whine when you see me raise the belt again making ready the newest assault on your ass.

My eyes narrow at you.  Sam, you and I both know how much I hate when you do that.  I hate that whining as much as you calling your writing crap or you offering lame excuses for not writing anything at all.  Whack!  Whack!  You deserve those two licks just for that insolence alone. 

“No!  You count.”  Whack!  The belt sounds hitting your vulnerable ass for good measure of my point.  “Every time you fail to follow instructions, you get another lick on the ass with your own belt.  I’m sure you have plans today seeing as how it’s your birthday, but I don’t.  You summoned me here and need to take your medicine.”

“Summoned you here?  What do you mean?” you question me in confusion. 

Whack!  Your ass receives a new strike.  It’s already turning quite a brilliant red.  What a lovely color on you, Sam.

“One,” you state somberly.  Your eyes glisten with pain, but something more.  Need?  Yes, perhaps it is.

Whack!  Gentler this time comes the crack of your belt on your tender flesh.  I am not a complete witch.  Yet… 

“Two,” you snivel. 

Ahhh, but your cock gives you away, Sam.  Your face is a mixture of anguish and other emotions, but your cock?  Mmmmm, he sits up at full mast between your thighs.  I have not disturbed him and smile in my pleasure of how stimulated Mr. P is.  Soon we’ll play, but first things first...


My lashes on your ass are quick and to each cheek with your belt.  I avoid and completely ignore your throbbing cock.  From it leeks pre-cum.  A smell permeates the car, too, one of fear, but also arousal.  Very pleasing.

I examine my work after your 10 lashes I deliver to each of your flaming red cheeks.  You barely hang on with sweat beading your brow.  Blood rises to your face, neck and disappears beneath your professional clothes up top.  Your breath is hurried.  So delicious this scene playing out before me.

“Amy…” you whisper huskily the way I like it.  “Please, Amy…”

“Awww, come on!  You like this, Sam.  You have another 20 licks coming.  Do you want them hard or slow?”

“Amy, pleeassse,” you beg with wide eyes seeking mercy maybe.  Too bad.  You won’t find that here. 

I leave your legs in the air still holding them where I want them by your underpants.  I bend down instead to your sweet hard cock.  Yes… it has teased me for some time leaking with excitement.  I lick from the base of your cock to the tip of your head with only the tip of my tongue very slowly.  No rush at all really.  I have all day to torture you.  And torture I will with every fiber of my being.

“Fuck!” you bark.

“No.  Not yet.  That was one.” 


I whip your ass again and you yelp.  I repeat the subtle lick of your cock.  Only the very tip of my tongue touches that sensitive skin from the base to your head.  My eyes flick to you expectantly.

“Two,” you moan meeting my eyes with your pant.  I nod smiling and repeat my licking.  I don’t whip you again because you are a quick learner of the punishment I’ll deal you if you disobey me.  I almost wish you would.

“And you better not fucking come until I tell you, or I’ll tear this ass a new one.  You got me, Nash?”

“Yes…yes, Amy,” you manage hoarsely.  I continue my teasing licks to the underside of your cock as stated before until my final lick.

“Twenty,” you nearly cry trembling all over.  So badly your body wants to come.  I am seeping in my own wetness wanting the same. 

“Just how old are you, Sam?  Hmmm?  How many more licks would you like?  You do want me to stroke this cock of yours some more don’t you?  To feel the softness of my hands twisting and jerking you up and down your shaft?  You know with my tongue wrapped around it too like a lollypop.  Licking you of your cum I know you want me to have?”

“Please stop teasing me,” you implore.

“Why?  This is what I do!  It’s not like I didn’t warn you.  You did summon me here after all.  I know well my duties, Nash.  As your muse, I will fulfill them.”  One finger traces the veins bulging along your cock. 

“Fuck!” you cry as you squirm. “Please!”

I grip your cock in my hand and squeeze the head several times as you try to squirm from my touch, but there is nowhere to go.  You’re completely at my mercy.  Just the way I like it.

“You like pain and pleasure, Sam.  I can happily deal both until you get it through your thick head…or rather both heads that you’re mine and I am yours.  Entwined…”  I take your cock in my mouth.  Just the head.  You try to thrust fully in my hot little mouth.  I remove my mouth and whip you with the belt you must have forgotten I still hold.


“Ouch!  Shit, Amy!” you shout with your frustration.  Well now you know how I feel every time I hear an excuse from you.

“So you will mind me, Sam.  When I fucking tell you to do something, you better do it.”  I rise up pinning you down with your own legs and slam my wet pussy on your hard cock.

“Holy shit!”  Your eyes go wide on me straddling you while you’re so helpless to do anything but take what I dish out.

I slam down on you and swirl my hips.  Fuck!  That feels nice, but I remain focused.  “You will do what you promised me and finish what you started, won’t you?”  Another slamming thrust I offer.  Your head falls back as you roll your eyes closed and groan.  “Hmmm, Sam?  Can’t fucking hear you!”

“Fuck, yes!” you shout in reply after another groan, but I don’t move as I stare down at you.  You open your eyes and shout almost desperately, “Please don’t stop!”

I ride your cock hard, frenzied, because I want this as much as you.  I am fevered.  I see the same in your eyes gazing up at me.  Both of us fuck and curse and cum.  Oh, God do we cum with quakes and spasms inside and out!  The whole of the car shifts at our lust.

I brace my hands against the roof of your car while pressing down onto your throbbing meat deeper than before.  You rock me to my core.  I enjoy this wild ride pressing your legs to your chest with you all tangled and helpless beneath me.  Like you, I am lost in the sensation of your hard cock and my hot tight walls.  The heat of arousal in our joining burns up inside us only to be released in the backseat of your sedan.  Mutual need urges us on despite potential onlookers discovering us so amorously occupied in so public a location as an airport parking garage. 

“That’s right, Sam!  Give me your cum!” I demand bouncing on your cock.  My full breast give you a nice show as they jostle up and down.  Too bad you can’t feel them and my taunt aching nipples.  They would feel good in your mouth, coated by your curling tongue.  Maybe next time if you’re lucky.

Our desire for release crests until we spill forth, trembling over the pinnacle.  Wave after wave we flow and endure, relishing our closeness, oneness with the universe.  Both of us tremble in the strength overcoming such a needy consumption of flesh.  A release of stresses and all that ails.  All that’s left is relief and pleasure.  Balance returns to our spent bodies. 

We rest for a moment and then I fetch your pants.  I help put them back on for you before I unlock your cuffs.  I drop a kiss to your sweaty forehead.  “Happy birthday, Sam.”

Someone taps on the window of your car where you rest your head.  You jump with a start not realizing that you fell asleep.  As you look around you see that you’re in the backseat of your car alone.  As you look to the window, you note that there’s a man wearing a security guard uniform standing outside your car. 

“Are you all right, sir?” he asks with concern.  “There was a report that there sounded to be a fight coming from this location.

“Oh, yeah?” you question with genuine surprise because you wonder if all that happened was in your head or if your muse was summoned there to you as she stated.  You step out of the car wearing no shoes and stretch with a yawn.  At least you feel rested and relaxed.  “Everything’s fine.  Just a little tired after a long flight.  Must’ve fell asleep.”

“Okay.  Have a good day, sir.”  The security guard looks you over and then the car.  With a nod, he continues his patrol.  You hear him update dispatch over his radio on the incident being a false alarm.

Once alone, you sigh with relief.  Reaching in the car for your belt, you find it on the front seat with a note on top of it along with one long stem red rose.  The small note states: 

Get writing or else.  I love you.  A.


© Copyright 2017 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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