Aspiration of Rapture

Aspiration of Rapture

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Sam, a writer, is down in the dumps. Much is not going well for him, but especially writing. One night he meets a mysterious woman who may be the very cure for what ails him.


Sam, a writer, is down in the dumps. Much is not going well for him, but especially writing. One night he meets a mysterious woman who may be the very cure for what ails him.


Submitted: August 11, 2016

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Submitted: August 11, 2016



“What’s the use?” Sam muttered miserably to the empty hotel room.  “Why bother caring anymore?” 

His friends deserted him, too caught up or busy in their own lives.  None asked after him.  They claimed to have enjoyed his writings but not one of them questioned why it had been so long since last he posted anything new.  Okay, all except oneUgh! 

Sam could hardy identify her as a friend.  In his thorough consideration, Amy didn’t count.  Recently while in a downward swirl of mild depression, Sam reached out to Amy on social media or she reached out to him.  He couldn’t really remember how it happened exactly.  They chatted a bit.  Their interactions distracted him temporarily at least from his problems until it started getting weird with her.  He backed off immediately.  All the alarms went off.  No way in hell was he dealing with some crazy stalker lady.  Oh hell no!

Then his girlfriend no longer seemed interested in him.  Too preoccupied with the responsibilities of her new job, Diana could find no time in her busy schedule.  Too many late nights at the office, time with her children from her ex and simple indifference to any type of sexual intimacy whatsoever with Sam.  An entire month of this dry spell wore thin his patience, though. 

Often he traveled for work, but always made time for her.  Diana unfortunately could not bother to return the same courtesy.  Maybe this was her way to let Sam know that it was over?  She didn’t know how to outright tell him the truth?  He guessed that she found another to fulfill her needs.  Intuition told him it must have been her boss or co-worker.

The final blow to crush Sam surfaced in his inability to write.  No words.  No phrases of thought.  Not one poem or short story.  Hell, nothing in his life right now seemed colorful enough to influence him to paint a story with words.  Writing in the past served as his refuge when life weighed him down and smothered like a wet cloak.  Sam could count on writing like therapy, a constant friend when all others failed.  A release to what ailed him always.  However, even this gift cursed him.  Abandoned him.  Alone, Sam contended with his feelings of restlessness, dissatisfaction, and detachment without an outlet.  His melancholy compounded.

With a sigh, Sam shut his eyes and ran both his hands over the short fawn hairs on his head.  Pushing to his feet in frustration, he slammed shut the lid of his Apple laptop.  It was useless!  The sight of the machine pierced him with a dull ache of longing.  Shit!  He wanted to write!  So badly.  Sam just couldn’t.  Something blocked him at every turn.

In fact, the insufferable room made him feel a prisoner.  Unfulfilled.  Desolate.  No answer would come for Sam trapped inside those walls.  Rather, if he spent another damn minute in some cold dark hotel suite, he gathered he might lose his mind!

Seeking fresh air in hope of improving his glum mood, Sam decided to visit the rooftop lounge that was also a cigar bar.  Sam wasn’t a smoker, but admitted to enjoy an occasional cigar and whiskey combo.  It would be something different and at least something to do besides people watching.  Sulking these days was a given.  He couldn’t seem to help that.

On the roof there appeared no one yet to watch.  It was just his luck he supposed.  Sam found a comfortable chair, and smoked a cigar that complimented his whiskey with hints of vanilla and oak.  He tried to ignore the lights of the city.  Instead, tipping his head back, he struggled to find a couple of tiny heavenly bodies twinkling at him from the blanket of the big empty above. 

“Who am I fooling?” he told the clear night.  “Why bother with it?  Why not just give up?  Shut down my accounts and disappear?  Huh?  I’m not a good writer anyway.”

“But you never have been,” the soft, yet clear female voice uttered behind him out of sight.

Startled, the voice sounded like it was just at his ear.  Sam dropped his cigar before he could take another drag.  He quickly picked it up and put it out in a glass ashtray.  The cigar lounge must not have been as deserted as he thought.  Another soul was with him by the sound, and he had no idea.  Sam swore that he was alone up there besides the bartender. 

A strange woman stood behind where he sat, less than five feet away.  She was not a part of his imagination while she stamped out her own cigar albeit thinner and more lady-like.  Taking in her slender frame, Sam watched her pick up her drink at her pointy-toe boot and finish it.  The empty glass found its rest on the coffee table near her. 

Sam frowned deeper while gazing at her.  Odd.  Late spring was upon them, and a trench coat certainly would not be necessary.  The night was actually pleasant for a change.  “Excuse me?” he questioned for her comment resonated with him still.

“You’ve never been, Sam… a good writer that is.”  The strange woman returned his direct gaze.

“I’m sorry; do I know you?” Sam queried in whispered confusion.  Her words came to him like a blow to the stomach though.  Perhaps it was the conviction of her soft tone or the fact that she addressed him by name.

Emerging out of the shadows behind him, the strange woman drew into clearer view.  Her approach on the skinny high heels was carefully deliberate.  Sexy as hell with the beige coat cinched at her waist and hands in her pockets.  She stopped beside where he now stood.  Her height came within reach of his shoulder with the black boots.  The dimness of the lounge could not hide her skin.  It was flawless in its tan coloring.  Her eyes electric and mysterious.  Her hair dark as the night itself and lightly tussled along her shoulders with loose curls.

“No, but you will before the night ends,” she replied with the hint of a smile curving her red lips.

Sam pulled in a ragged breath.  By far, the strange woman stood the most striking his eyes ever beheld.  His heart began to thud, and his cock stirred in his slacks that instant.  He frowned at her mystified.  “W-what’re you talking about?”

“Humans are so hung up on technical things!”  She shook her head with an amused chuckle.  “So many questions!”

“Aren’t you human?” Sam asked even more puzzled by such a comment.

The strange woman really cackled then.  It brightened her cheeks a rosy glow.  The musical sound tickled Sam’s ears.  His trouser snake stirred more in interest, and she looked down right at it.  It was as if to see for herself at reading his thoughts!  A knowing smirk appeared on her face with the flick of her electric eyes meeting his again. 

“So something in you is still alive then.  That’s a good start, old man!”

Sam cleared his throat in his increasing discomfort of the situation with the unusual woman.  He gathered more and more that she was familiar to him even though a stranger.  What a paradox!  Every thought though went out of his head when she stepped even closer.  Brazenly, the strange woman palmed his crotch with her hand testing his hardness with her fingers dancing along his tenting slacks.  Sam hissed and she made her move even bolder by kissing his mouth with the softness of her own.  He moaned against her lips, wanting her.  No question of that existed at the burn she ignited in him. 

Damn.  Strawberries.  The woman smelled of his favorite among fruits!  She tasted just the same with a dash of cream in the mix as she licked slowly into his mouth.  Seducing his tongue with her own, no hurry marked how she wove her spell of enticement.  Sam’s breath huffed out of him now.  Her hand at his crouch lightly squeezed his expanding length and stroked along it.  His hands rose from his sides and ventured to touch her when she backed away.  She spun fast and headed toward the exit. 

“Come along now, Sam.”  She beckoned him with the wave of her fingers to follow.  She never looked back.

“No,” Sam protested thinking that he could resist the alluring pull of her.  When she disappeared from his sight, he found his legs sprinting to catch up to the sexy sway of her hips.  She called the elevator and stepped on when it arrived as he reached her.  He stepped to her side.  Nodding the woman pushed for the floor she wanted, which happened to be the same as his! 

Sam sought to say something, yet the strange woman put a finger to his lips.  Her hand did not stop there.  It caressed the side of his face with tenderness.  Her thumb drew down the center of his lips to the point of his chin and the dimple that pierced it.  The strange woman shook her head but said nothing more.  The elevator stopped on their floor, and she headed in the direction of his suite ironically.

“Tell me who you are,” Sam entreated frowning even more now.  He felt unsettled and wondered once more why the woman felt familiar to him.

“Are names really so important to you right now?” she asked ahead of him leading the way.

“Answer me, damn you!” he retorted with irritation.

The strange woman halted in front of his suite.  From his pocket, she fished out his key card and opened the door to his astonishment.  She walked in without being asked.  Amazed and more than a little concerned, he followed the strange evasive woman into his hotel suite.  She tossed his key card on the table where the TV was situated.

Sam stopped short watching as the strange woman took in her surroundings ending with assessing the view of downtown from his room’s vantage point.  How did she know where he roomed?  The woman ventured near the desk where his laptop was.  She shook her head when she turned to face him with a sigh.

“You go about this all wrong, Sam.  Don’t you get it?” she asked with the tilt of her head.

“Get what?”  His frown deepened as he attempted to understand just what the hell was going on here.

“You are a storyteller.”

Sam’s eyes widened as he lifted his hands.  “How do you even know about me?”

Her smile was soft, almost smug to him.  “I know quite a bit more than you know.”

Sam didn’t understand it as he shook his head.  “How?”

“That does not matter right now.”

He blinked at her and shook his head in disagreement.  “It most certainly does matter, lady.  You accuse me of—“

The strange woman cut him off and finished his statement, “—what you already know to be true in your mind, Sam.”

He shook his head knowing she was right, but he couldn’t admit that to some stranger.  Maybe he really was going out of his mind, and this was all just a damn figment of his overactive imagination.

“Reality and fantasy are two different things here, Sam.  And, so are writing and storytelling.  There’s a big difference.”

He frowned at her because he never made any distinction between the two things before.  “No, there isn’t.”

“Yes, there is.”  She first pointed to her head and then her chest.  “Writing comes from your head.  Storytelling from your heart.”

Sam crossed his arms over his chest with a sigh.  His mouth formed a stubborn line.  “Well, my heart is closed for business.”

The strange woman approached him and touched his chest through his button down shirt and pullover sweater.  “It yet beats.”

His expression turned bitter.  “A shell of its former self.  I can’t do it, and I suck at it anyway.”

“You need a muse.”

Sam laughed dryly.  “Who?  You?”

Her face brightened with a smile that made his heart skip several beats.  “Sure.  Why not?”

“You don’t know me.  So can’t possibly know what I need.  Please don’t pretend to,” he snapped in anger, trying to shove her away from him.  In truth, it was the last thing he wanted.  He yearned to pull her closer.  Feel the softness of her tanned skin, the lightness of her hair between his fingers, taste her mouth again.  His cock certainly had a mind of its own, and hardened for her.

“You are so pigheaded,” she stated with her fading smile and fists on her hips.

Sam rolled his eyes at her.  “What else is new?”

“So smart!  All those degrees of yours.  You’ve exercised that brave mind.  It is alive with your curiosity.”

His eyebrows knitted as he brooded.  “How could you—“

She pinches his lips closed and continued, “Still you doubt your worth as a storyteller, which is not learned.  You are born with it.”  She released him to point at his chest.  “In here.”  Then she pointed to his temple.  “Not here.  If so, you should fail.”

“Who the hell are you?!”  The woman did know far too much about him.  It made him more uneasy, but no less intrigued by her or the situation he found himself.  Still, Sam comprehended very well what he wanted.

The strange woman took off her trench coat, reading his thoughts again, he guessed.  “Tonight.  Yours.”

Sam’s eyes widened at the bountiful breasts that emerged from that coat.  They were barely contained by the thin layer of silky cloth.  Already the nipples hardened to little berries against the fabric, and he found his hands wanted to cup them.  To see if they were real, if she were really with him.  God!  He wanted this to be real! 

The strange woman took his hands and cupped them on those firm peaks of hers.  Sam felt the soft mounds as his hands squeezed around them and knew their weight.  His thumbs caressed those hard little nipples.  His breath ran in rapid puffs now until her mouth took to his again.  She groaned into his mouth guiding his hands in touching her tender rib cage, stomach, hips, along supple thighs.  Sam pulled her closer to his arousal as he hungered.

“Why?”  His mouth broke from hers because still he was full of questions despite the need of his body.

“So many questions and never the right one, Sam.”  She shook her head with her demure smile.  Her eyes were so strange to him.  He could not figure out their color.  Were they hazel or green or brown or a mixture.  In the light, they seemed to change with her mood.  They fascinated him as she continually did. 

“What is the right question?  Tell me.”

“Now there is the spark of something interesting.”  She bent down and picked up her trench coat belt.  She tied it around his neck and proceeded to lead him by it like a dog on a leash.  The sexy boots she wore hugged her shapely calves leading up to toned thighs and a round bottom accentuated by the lacy red and black lace of the peekaboo lingerie she wore.

“Damn,” he rasped as she walked him to the bed.

She waved at him with her free hand.  “Off with them.”  She released her hold on the belt at his neck.  When he tried to remove it, she halted his wrists.  “Leave that alone.  Take off your clothes only.”

Sam did as she requested and watched as she whipped his belt out of the loops of his slacks.  His eyes widened when he saw her snap it in the air.  He swallowed.  “What are you—“

He felt the slap of the leather on his ass and flinched.  “Fuck!”

“No!”  She snapped the belt on his ass again.  “You say:  thank you, may I have another?”  His belt slapped his naked ass again, and she tugged on the trench cloak belt tied at his throat.  “You’ve been a bad boy, and now you must be punished.”  She smacked him on the ass again with his own leather belt.  It stung yet made his cock thicken in delight.

“Thank you.  May I have another?” Sam almost whined.

“You bet your cute ass you will.”  Her smile was devastating.  “Bend over and take your medicine for being a stubborn, mouthy boy.”

Sam panted and bent over his bed.  He could not understand why he was so ready to submit, but it excited him to be dominated by one so beautiful.  His girlfriend never wanted to play such kinky games.  Whenever Sam suggested anything beyond the vanilla, Diana firmly resisted, but he would have gladly taken that action over nothing at all.

The strange woman did not seem to mind taking control.  She arrived ready for it.  No time did she waste in fact to crack his belt over his own bare ass.  All the while, she tugged on the belt of her coat still around his throat.  His head snapped upright, and Sam breathed with the pain.  It was getting tender back there, and her strikes harder.  He groaned with the spreading sting. 

“Thank you.  May I have another?” Sam whined without hesitation.  He guessed that it might get worse.  To run the risk of pissing her off when in such a vulnerable position just didn’t seem wise.  He was obstinate, but not stupid.

“Music to my ears,” she commented after the fifteenth time she struck his ass.  It sounded like the belt finally dropped out of her hand.  Thank God!  He released the deep breath he held.

Her long fingernails dug into his bright red cheeks with glee he thought.  Stiffening at the feel of her nails clawing his sensitive flesh, Sam felt her cool breath blow on the angry skin as well following the path of her fingernails once and then twice more.  While he did not snivel precisely, his breath was ragged with his pain and pleasure.  She kissed his back and shoulder lightly.  Her nails dragged along his spine.

His arms struggled to hold him up as Sam held on to the bed in two fists.  They trembled.  He wanted to come but resisted the urge.  Sam preferred to do so in her in whatever capacity she would allow.  Secretly, he hoped buried deep in her pussy.

“Love is not what you take out, but what you put back in it,” she said near his ear before she licked it.

“What?” he asked in confusion over her comment that seemed random.

“Turn and face me,” her soft voice ordered, but there was demand.  He would obey.

Sam did with a sigh of his excitement.  She looped his wrists together with his belt retrieved from the floor. 

“Hold your hands up over your head.  Leave them there and don’t move.”  She caressed his chest, pinched each of his nipples making him gasp.  Her hands continued down his torso.  Sam was not crazy athletic, but kept himself in shape.  His muscles were toned.  Not washboard, his stomach was flat though.  He ate right and exercised at least three times a week. 

Her long nails grazed over his body until Sam saw her kneel before him.  Yes!  That’s the image he finally wanted to see.  This beauty on her knees before his hard cock.  His hands still above his head, he watched her grab his meat with both her little hands.  God!  How long had it been since he felt anything like this? 

The strange woman spat on him!  Sam hissed when her eyes met his, and she smiled with her pleasure.  “I’m gonna take care of this cock, don’t you worry.  You deserve it.  Earned it.”  She worked the spittle slow over his throbbing dick.  Sam knew that she said something about love earlier, but in that moment, he thought he was in love.  Her smile widened at him.

More spit flew from her mouth.  With care, the strange woman worked it over his neglected appendage.  Then her fists pumped his cock in a fury from base to tip over and over.  It was continuous this jerk.  She moaned while looking up at him smiling. 

Sam felt the glorious pressure building in his balls.  It had been so long.  On the edge of release, he opened his mouth to announce it.  He heard before he could, “You have to trust your instincts and embrace the unknown.”

His eyes that closed for a second flew open again to look down at her.  Her mouth capped his head, sucking on the tip with a moan.  His bound wrists lowered to her head.  Sam thrust his hips forward to fit more of him into her hot little mouth. 

The strange woman snatched back with sudden force and stood.  Displeased, she grabbed the coat belt at his throat, and yanked it toward her.  Sam bent forward suddenly with a gasp.  She slapped him on the ass.

“I did not tell you to move!”  She slapped him on the ass hard with her palm to both cheeks four more times to make her point.

Sam winced and trembled with the pain that made him only want her more.  “Sorry.  It felt so good.”

“Lay on the bed.  Now!” she barked.

He scrambled to do as she requested though difficult with his bound wrists.  Expectantly, Sam waited for her.  Laying on his backside was uncomfortable, but he ignored it when the strange woman began climbing her sexy body over his own.  He gulped down in his dry throat.  She secured his wrist to the bed above him.  He licked his lips and inhaled deeply her scent of strawberries.

“You’ve got to have faith,” she said gently.

“I do…in you,” Sam breathed with his pant when she looked down at him.  Straddling him, she lifted her inviting breast near his mouth.  He darted his tongue out to lick the hardened little nipple.  Drawing it away from his mouth, Sam pursued.  No more of that did she allow, but it didn’t stop him from trying.

“Never give up,” she encouraged in a gentle whisper.  “Remember that even when tangled you can never give in.”

“Who are you?”

She lifted herself up and away from his mouth, but allowed for her pussy near which she flashed at him from behind the alluring red lace crotch.  She was smooth and glistening with heat.  He licked his lips imagining her taste.

“Do you want to lick my pussy, Sam?” she invited with her wicked smile.

He nodded eagerly.  “Please.  May I?” 

“Perhaps later,” she teased with the lick of her own red lips.

“What must I do?”

Looking him seriously in the eyes she answered, “Give me all of what ails you and do not pick it up again.”

Sam frowned unsure of how he would do that.  He was about to voice the same concern when suddenly she turned around and pressed her ass into his face.  Immediately, he groaned licking her through the cloth.  Sam didn’t care.  This strange woman was the loveliest of memory and so enchanted him.

When she moved her ass away, he asked in a new pant, “What’s your name?”

She ignored him to his delight because she took a mouth full of his cock instead.  The whole goddamn thing!  Sam journeyed deep down her throat.  Her lips hugged him so soft and snug.  Her head pumped him more times than he could count.  Shaking his head first, the quake overtook his entire body in no time. 

“Fuck!  Fuck!  I’m cumming!” he shouted.  The strange woman failed to cease her effort to please him.  She moaned when her hands joined in unison with her hot mouth vigorously jerking his cock. 

His hips rose to meet her.  Neither of them needed to wait long for the rush of the warm essence building in his balls to shoot through his dick into her hot awaiting mouth.  Sam heard her swallow his cum down.  He felt her sucking vigorously at the head seeking all the milk he released.  His arms still above him, he withered into the bed.  No memory surfaced where he came so hard before.  Then he felt something slip on his cock and slide down the base. 

The strange woman turned around still holding on to his semi-hardness.  She smiled at Sam’s staying power.  Climbing off him, she ran her nails down his legs.  When she stood, she slipped off the last bits of clothing she wore.  The boots were the only thing that remained.  As he witnessed already, her body was a pure delight to his senses.  His cock responded, twitching and throbbing.  In record time, it rose ready to play some more.  With the cock ring she produced from somewhere, he imagined he would stay hard as long as she desired. 

The strange woman mounted him slowly.  Nothing with this woman ever seemed urgent.  The feel of her tight walls was unreal.  Sam thought for sure he would come in that instant.  Ahhh, but the cock ring…she was clever! 

Her control of him captivated him.  He rose his hips to meet her downward grind.  Sam couldn’t help it.  She leaned on his chest to ease him.  “How does that feel, Sam?”

“I want more.  Please,” he whined with his body humming with need.

The strange woman asked already knowing the answer, of course, “You want to come again inside me, Sam?”

“Yes!  Please,” he begged in ecstasy of how slowly she rode him.

“You want to give me all your cum?” she asked sweetly with a little moan of her own.  God!  She was so sexy taking her pleasure as she liked.


“Good boy,” she praised and he smiled with her in the warmth of it.

The strange woman took him for a ride he couldn’t believe.  He saw the stars in her eyes.  All the past seemed to fade with her like that.  In this world of pleasure, there was no room for anything or anyone but her.  Never had he wanted to touch anyone more.  The desire of it heighted his cravings.  His need made him struggle against his bound wrists. 

The strange woman road his dick slowly for so long and then gradually sped up.  Sweat poured from both of them when she began bucking into him.  Over and over, the tide took them, dragged them through the race for a common end.  They tipped and crashed but happily groaning their release.  Gratefulness marked their breath with effort. 

Sam was still hard when the strange woman began sucking him of his and her juices combined.  He tasted the same when she climbed over him to share that taste.  Both moaned in the pleasure taken at their playful tongues enjoying each other.  Exhausted was not the word for what he felt…for what he needed still.  Sam wanted her again but could not seem to keep his eyes open. 

“Amy,” he whispered the name that drifted through his mind.  It felt right, and he smiled.

All of his body tingled with rapture in the knowing.  Sam made a wish on the morning star that appeared behind his eyes.  Yes!  His crazy stalker lady wandered through the secret parts of his mind.  His muse made flesh and bone, was with him now.

“Go to sleep now,” Amy whispered back in his ear.  She released her belt from his neck and his from his wrists.  Able at last to hold her in his arms, Sam pulled her into a tight embrace with the last of his strength.  Amy did not bar him as she sighed with him and chuckled.  “My weary warrior.”

“Will you stay with me?” Sam whispered because he knew he needed only to rest a moment.  He would have her again, but his body felt so exhausted after the fight with his frustration over everything in his life up to this moment, of course.  It demanded sleep.  Elated, he did not feel it rule him anymore. 

“Hold me in your dreams, Sam.  I won’t be far away,” she whispered at his ear.

“Kiss me?” Sam asked trying with all his might to open his eyes but couldn’t.  No matter how he fought.  Damnit, this wasn’t fair!

Her lips caressed his like her hands along his relaxed body.  “Don’t fight it, Sam.  Say goodnight.”

“Mmmm,” he murmured and snuggled against her breast.

“Everything’s gonna be alright,” Amy said as she ran her hand gently through his hair.


© Copyright 2020 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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