All She Wants for Christmas

All She Wants for Christmas

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Where had this thrilling excitement been hiding all her life? Evie thought herself so strong not to succumb to this kind of temptation. Maybe she never found the right man who could tempt her? Was Sky that man?


Where had this thrilling excitement been hiding all her life? Evie thought herself so strong not to succumb to this kind of temptation. Maybe she never found the right man who could tempt her? Was Sky that man?


Submitted: December 11, 2016

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Submitted: December 11, 2016



All She Wants for Christmas…


A man dressed handsomely in a tuxedo well-fitted beneath his camel wool coat entered the elevator.  He glanced at his phone with focused intent.  When the doors closed behind him, the elevator moved down in its descent.  He glanced to the side at the display seeing the lobby button illuminated.  His head rose then to the other person standing in the car with him.  Their heads lifted at the same moment their eyes met. 

Evie frowned slightly for she took a sudden breath.  Was that the heat of interest in his gorgeous blue eyes?  None of that mattered when the elevator paused, dropped several feet and then came to a neck-jarring halt between the 3rd and 4th floors. 

Both lost their balance as they bumped into and fell on top of each other.  Evie screamed tossing down her coat, phone and handbag in an attempt to catch herself against the railing.  Twisting her ankle in the 5-inch high green heels she wore, she toppled fast.  She also had the breath knocked out of her when hot Tuxedo man fell on her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” the tuxedo man apologized a bit out of breath.  He lifted himself up bracing his arms on each side of her petite curves.  When he looked into her brown eyes, he froze in the same moment she did.  Recognition registered at his question,  “We’ve met before haven’t we?”

Evie shook her head slowly when the lights dimmed for a moment before flickering up to the normal light setting.  “Not like this.”

The man gulped down in his dry throat knowing then that it had not been his imagination.  The woman was the same cute black one encountered in the lobby of their building when he moved in 5 weeks ago.  Then she wore form-fitting yoga pants with a sport’s bra both in turquoise blue that made her bronze skin glow.  Her backside had been to him while she checked her mail, and he checked every cranny of her perfect ass.  It had been a warm 65 degrees that day with a high of 70.  Probably the last really warm day in November if his memory served. 

“Maybe when I moved in?” he asked with the lift of his brown eyebrow and glitter of sea blue eyes intent on her.  He knew it was her and could have kicked himself for not chatting with her then.  However, he hoped to get another opportunity to see her again from the front.  Now was that moment and he certainly wasn't disappointed.

How could Evie forget the first time she saw him?  Whoo!  How hot the white guy looked in ripped jeans and no shirt as he carried one end of a sofa?  She hoped that he moved in next to her because he was oh so hot! 

Evie messaged all her friends because she couldn’t believe her eyes.  She snapped a sly pic of his yummy backside all muscled out and the tightness of his ass in those worn jeans that had her drooling for days on end.  Her friends professed when she sent the pic to them that they were drooling right along with her.

Tuxedo man shifted to move to her side, and Evie yelped in pain when his leg brushed against her injured one.  The spell of lust seemed broken at least temporarily. 

“Did I hurt you?”  He looked down at her cute but frowning face.

“My ankle…I think I twisted it,” Evie complained finally with a soft breathy voice.  When she sat up too, and leaned against the elevator wall, she hissed and reached to touch the offending ankle tentatively. 

Tuxedo man looked down at it with a grimace.  He saw how the slender ankle swelled in a sexy green shoe with the broken heel found in a corner.  Carefully, he lifted the same leg of her injured ankle, and removed her shoe to her sigh.  Lifting the same foot a little higher as her green velvet skirt slipped higher up her toned thighs, Tuxedo man noted that she wore sheer nylons that he could see the lacey tops of.  He examined her injury. 

Alarmed, Evie winced at his touch and presumption of handling her with such familiarity.  “Hey!  That hurts!” she protested.

“It’s all right.  I’m a doctor,” he assured giving her a friendly smile that warmed her immediately even as her nerves clenched her hands in tiny fists.  The man was disarming in his model-like attractiveness.  She blinked at him and hissed with the pain of the tiniest movement made. 

“As in MD and not the other?” Evie asked with the arch of her eyebrows.

He tilted his head at her a moment.  “You sound skeptical.”

Evie shrugged.  “You look awful young.”

Tuxedo man’s smile spread large with bright even teeth.  “I appreciate the comment but studied the required number of years I assure you to be accredited and board certified.”

“Sure hope so or you’ll be getting my good foot shoved up your ass.”

He chuckled at her last comment.  “Looks like you sprained it good.”  He removed the silk scarf around his neck and bound it around her ankle with expert ease.

“What are you doing?” Evie asked with widening eyes.

“Compression is needed to reduce the swelling.”  Tuxedo man shrugged when done tying the scarf.  He tested it for security and to see if too tight.  “It’s the best I can do.  No ice.  If it feels numb or increases your pain, I can adjust it.”

Her frowning face relaxed a little in how “doctorly” he sounded just then.  Who said all the cute docs were just on Grey’s Anatomy?  “It hurts, but doesn’t feel worst.  Thank you for helping.”  She glanced to his handsome clean-shaven face, and Tuxedo man rubbed his trim dark almond hair that fell onto his forehead before smiling at her charmingly. 

“You’ll need to elevate it, too.”

Evie laughed as she looked around her.  She tried to reach her phone and purse since she sat on her coat.  Tuxedo man stood and gathered the items for her.  He then squatted beside her to give her the items.  When she took them, he held out his hand. 

“Dr. Skylar Henderson at your service.”

Evie nodded with a small smile, feeling her cheeks warm at the twinkle in his eye and bright smile.  She took his big hand in hers for a brief shake.  “Evangeline Peale,” she replied softly.

“Evangeline, huh?  Pretty name for a pretty girl.”  He removed his camel coat and folded it neatly before propping it under her injured ankle gently.

Evie glanced at him and sighed with mixed feelings. “You think so, Dr. Henderson?”

“And that’s Sky to you, pretty girl.  And yes, I do.”  Sky nodded as he continued to stare at her in the black and green velvet outfit that clung to her curves with full skirt drawing down to the tops of her knees.  He almost wished she left the skirt pushed up so that he could admire her toned legs.

Taking a big breath, Sky turned suddenly and went to the elevator panel with the rub of his mouth before he voiced his thought aloud.  He pushed the emergency button and then lifted the red phone receiver to his ear.  When he looked to his cell phone, he found no signal. 

Sky looked down at his only companion, and she rose her own phone around her.  She suffered the same problem by her scowl.  No signal bars either.  What the hell did they make these metal boxes of anyway?

“Maintenance,” barked the bored male voice over the receiver.

“Hello?” Sky asked in relief with the brief close of his eyes.  “The elevator’s stuck.  There’s an injured young woman with me.  Please tell me you can get us out?”

“We’re already working on it, sir.  We have the signal indicating the malfunction to Car No. 2.”

“Great.  How long?”

“Just sit tight, and we should have you out shortly.”

“Thanks.”  Sky hung up and shook his head with a grumble, “As if we can do anything else.”

“What did they say?” Evie asked with the hopeful clasp of her hands in front of her chest.

“They’re working on it.”  He eased back down to the floor beside her. 

“How long?”

Sky smiled a little.  “Shortly we should be out.”

Evie looked to her phone and already they had been in the metal box for 22 minutes.  It felt a lot longer than that though.  Evie sighed while leaning her head back against the wall briefly and then watched the handsome doctor through her lashes while he reviewed his own phone. 

“Can you get a signal?” she asked to make conversation.  Her mind was jumping time as her mother would say.  Evie couldn’t seem to stop dwelling on morbid thoughts of being trapped with no hope of escape if the cables were to suddenly break and then plunge the little metal box to her death.  Her only glimmer of a bright spot was that at least she wasn’t alone.  That would have been ten times worse.

Sky shook his head.  “No, it’s just buffering as I try to log on Instagram.”

“Shoot, I hate this.”  Evie tossed her useless phone into her green purse in frustration.

“Not more than me.  I had a hot date tonight at a fancy Christmas party my chief throws every year at his house.  They told me it’s one not to miss.”

Evie looked up at him in critical review to the sleek shine of his dark blond hair neatly combed away from an angular face without blemish.  The tuxedo was definitely tailored to contour to his broad shoulders and tall frame very nicely.  “Some nurse with big boobs, blue eyes, kinda slutty, huh?”

His grin turned sly with the flash of even white teeth.  “You know her?”

“Lucky guess.”  Evie giggled with a shrug. 

And it’s my birthday.”

Evie looked at him and smiled brightly as she sang, “Hap-py birth-day to you!  Hap-py birth-day it’s true.  Hap-py birth-day, Sky-lar.  Hap-py birth-day to you!”

Sky glanced to her and saw the sincerity in her eyes like the color of nutmeg that came alive all of a sudden.  Then her voice in this rich thundering soprano overwhelmed him as he settled back in awe.  The tones of color to her voice were meaningful…playful and so full of passion, he was sad when she stopped singing, but that such a moving voice came from such a soft-spoken woman amazed him. 

“That was quite superb and unexpected.  Thank you, Evangeline.”

Evie shook her head with the tick of her tongue.  “You win at this sucking with that last bit.  This is the last way you hoped to spend your birthday.  Trapped in an elevator of all things with a clumsy black woman.”

Sky lifted his knee and leaned his arm on it comfortably as he turned to her in study.  “But, it’s looking up by the moment.”

“Is it?”

He nodded with a growing smile.  “Since our phones are down-right useless…” Sky said as he lifted her injured ankle onto his other outstretched leg to elevate it a little bit more and propped on her coat. 

“Yes?” Evie asked in curiosity because she was eager to think about anything but the pain and how long shortly really meant about being rescued.

“How about we play a game?” Sky offered with a sexy glimmer in his eyes.

Evie shifted a little at the feel of his hands on her injured leg.  His touch was warm, and it did things to her body she could not understand especially the fact he was a white guy.  She’d never been attracted to one before.  However, the fact that she was a black woman did not seem to stop him from staring at her with interest. 

“What kind of game?” Evie asked suspiciously.

“Two truths and a lie.”

Her eyes widened.  “What’s the point?”

“A way to pass the time and get to know one another in this confined space.”

Evie touched her forehead and then looked around wondering why she wasn’t losing her mind.  When she looked to the calm grinning doctor at her side, she knew it had everything in the world to do with him.  It felt so weird to feel so at ease with him near.  But, boy was it easy to look at him.  Damn! 

“Please don’t remind me.”  Evie swallowed the sudden lump in her throat.

“So sit back and relax.  Help’s on the way and I can start if you like?  I’ll tell you three things about me.  Of the things I tell you, you will have to guess what the lie is.  Then it’ll be your turn.  Ok?” he asked with the lift of his dark eyebrows.

“Ok,” Evie agreed not very sure, but supposed it would be a good way to keep her mind off the fact she was stuck in a tiny metal box suspended by cables.  She wasn’t alone though.  Face to face she sat with the hottest doctor on record!  What were the chances?

“I recently landed a job as general surgeon at George Washington University Hospital.  I enjoy the fast pace of the ER in its never-ending excitement.  Absolutely don’t like blonds.”

Evie smiled with a chuckle.  “You do like blonds considering you are one.”

Sky smiled lightly very amused.  “Ok, maybe I made that a little too easy.  Now it’s your turn.”

“Ever since I could remember I liked to sing.  My Dad said that I was destined for it because I would sing myself to sleep at night when little.  Today, I’m classically trained and still love every minute of it.  It seems amazing to me that people pay me to do something that I love doing.  I finished my apprenticeship recently with the Washington National Opera.  So busy, dating’s a challenge, but when I do I don’t date black guys.”

Sky touched his smooth tanned face and tapped his dimpled chin with his index finger.  “Oh…let me see.  You’re totally giving me a softball here.  I bet the truth would be you’ve never dated anyone but black guys.”

Evie giggled but nodded in surprise while gazing at him through her lashes.  She couldn’t say that the opportunity ever arose for her to consider a white guy.  The circles she traveled in other than work didn’t necessarily provide her with a bevy of hot white guys to potentially date.  “And you have?”

“Nope.”  Sky shook his head with the raise of both hands in mock surrender.  “I’m totally into girls myself.” 

Evie covered her face in embarrassment, and he chuckled at her as he pulled her hands away.  He lifted her head with the touch of his fingertips to meet her warm nutmeg eyes she would hide from him.  “Especially pretty ones like you, Evangeline.”

Her eyes gazed into his, and she swore that she saw that amongst his charm a teasing mischief with heat at play in his deep blue eyes.  His sexy smile grew melting his way through to her heart.  What a damn flirt!

“Evie,” she whispered wondering what happened to her breath.  Did the air get thin in that enclosed elevator car or was the heat she felt all over her face her imagination.  She frowned.  “Only my grandmother ever called me that because she liked that name, yet she should since she named me.  Oh, yeah, and Mom calls me that too when she’s not happy with me.”

“Ok, Evie, then you have to call me Sky.  Deal?”

She nodded with a small pleased sigh.  “Yes, Sky.”

“So who’s turn is it, anyway?”

Evie said quickly, “Yours.”

“Sex really is overrated, you know.”  He watched her eyes widen at his comment, and Sky pushed on as if he didn’t notice how he shocked her.  “My older brother Matt and two younger sisters Erica and Sonya tell me so all the time now that they’ve all managed to tie the knot within the last few years leaving me the most lucky stud on the planet to stay single this long.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed myself, but I think you can stay single too long.  I’ve dated some very hot women, naturally, but medical school and my residency have taken all of my free time for concentrating on anything like a relationship.  Nothing serious in all that, but I wouldn’t have been ready for anything like that then anyway.”

“Was there a lie in there?  I couldn’t tell unless you meant the…” Evie frowned and felt her cheeks burn.

“Sex?” he finished with a growing grin.

“Come off it.  Sex could never be overrated for guys because you look at it way differently than women do.”

Sky gestured toward his chest.  “Me personally or men in general?”

She covered her face again with her hands.  Sky chuckled again in amusement at how easy it was to embarrass her.  He pulled her hands away again.  “All the men I’ve met have thought that.

“What do you think?” Sky asked staring into her eyes.

Evie shook her head after a moment of studying him.  “I don’t believe the hype.  Physical love could never be more important than all the other kinds.”

“It’s by far the most pleasure-filled expression.”

“But alone it’s not fulfilling all needs, Sky.”

His smile widened.  “You’re a romantic.”

Evie swept her hand along her blunt cut bangs.  “And what’s wrong with that?  Doesn’t every girl want to be swept off her feet?”

Sky smirked at her.  “Am I your idea of a handsome prince?”

Her smile fell away like her eyes from his.  “There are no princes.”

Sky’s dark eyebrow rose.  “Oh…so you’re really an undercover cynic?”

“No, I only don’t have illusions of a Hallmark movie going off in my head.”

“Oh, the cruelest liar.  Gettin’ your hopes up like that.”  The hint of his smile resurfaced along his sensual lips.

“I know.  Life’s not so cut and dry like that.  No perfect males.  Only the experiences we can seize when opportunities of a lifetime weigh in the balance.”

Sky licked his lips as he studied her for a long time.  Such a comment was not expected nor his feelings rushing through him at her passionate words.  His heart beat a little faster and a little harder.  “Like right now with you, Evie?”

Evie glanced into his deep eyes and found the same heat that burned her face burned within too.  She breathed a little faster.  “Is that what you want, birthday boy?”

“Ooo, and I thought you were shy?” he asked with a sexy chuckle that made her shiver when his hand caressed her calf.

Evie fanned her face as she as stared at him in a side-glance.  “You bring out the flirt in me.”

“Not the only thing I wanna bring out in you.”

She giggled and shoved his shoulder.  “You are so bad!”

Sky chuckled and nodded.  “Where were you headed tonight looking so hot?”

“A date and party like you.”

He nodded.  “Ahhh, a sensible black man, I’m sure.”

Evie blinked at him.  “Sensible?  Well, Freddy is an accountant.”

“Of course, and he’s dull as hell.”

Evie giggled and then slapped her hand over her mouth.  That was not nice but true.  “He’s kind.”

“And unexciting.”


“Ahhh, no risk means nothing to lose.  Certainly not your heart, am I right, Evie?  But, without risk there is nothing gained either.  No passion.  No heart-pounding sex either I bet.”

Her frown returned.  Evie looked down in consideration of his wisdom at odds with the gorgeous man he was.  Then she dared glance into his heated deep blue eyes.  She had the urge to clamp her hand over her heart to keep it from pounding out of her chest, and they hadn’t even had sex.  It felt to be running so hard.  How did Sky do that?

“With a mouth like that, it’s no wonder the list of babes you’ve charmed and sexed.”

His smirk curved the corner of his mouth.  “Have I charmed you, Evie?”

“Is this where I fall in love with you, Prince Charming?” she asked suddenly with the lift of an eyebrow.  “No chance of that.  I’ve been warned about guys like you.”

Both his eyebrows rose at that untruth.  She giggled as she peeked at him.  “You’re teasing me now,” Sky said with wonder and believed he liked it.  He liked everything about this conversation.

“Oh, you better be able to dish it as well as take it, honey.”

“I think I’m in love with this sassy side of you, Evie.  Maybe there’s more beneath this sweetness you give off once one gets to know you.  A fiery woman dying to get out with the right motivation.  Your singing voice implies it.”

Evie could not sit still, but there was no where to go with her ankle propped on chords of his strong thigh.  “And, Charming would like to be that motivation, right?”

“I already am.”  He tilted her face up to him and stared into her eyes as he leaned in.  His smug smile dropped from his face when his lips parted.  The pink little tongue wetted his lips and darkened them.  Evie sighed when he leaned in closer allowing her a better hint of his musky aftershave.  It made her want to reach out to him and draw him closer so that she could get a better whiff.  His fingers boldly lined her oval face.

Evie shut her eyes and immediately shook her head.  However, she could not deny the burn she felt at his touch or how she felt the instantaneous attraction sizzle right to her heart.  The heat of his eyes on hers spoke of things good girls should run from.  Temptation that would corrupt any good girl’s sensibilities.  Regardless of the warnings of the bad boy Sky was, Evie knew without question that she wanted him.  The raw need the stranger brought to her shocked her at the wetness he summoned between her thighs, but she could not stop it. 

Sky lined her earlobe with the tip of his tongue.  Evie trembled like her breath.  His dazzling smile and wicked caresses made her fall under his seduction willingly.  His fingertips drew down her neck along her string of pearls and rested at the top of her breasts revealed by the black off-the-shoulder top she wore.

Evie gasped not wanting to fight what she felt burning within her.  She could not seem to resist Sky or her thoughts of wanting more.  Before she knew what she was doing her hands reached to his smooth face.  His eyes burned into hers and Sky brushed her lips softly with his own.  The soft little moan she produced was not expected.  Neither were her full lips responding to him in tender stokes.  Her hands reached up into his hair. 

Heat blazed through him at the teasing flicker of the tip of her tongue at play.  It lured him deeper even as she drew away.  Sky followed the boldness of her clinging lips mesmerized by them.  Her soft fully lips urged his response before she broke away from him panting.  Her nutmeg eyes were half-lidded like his, drunk from a passion that sizzled to life in both of them.  His breathing matched hers in his excitement at the seductress he awakened.

Sky kissed her mouth yet held nothing back this time.  He wanted her, and he conveyed this with each bold stroke of his lips.  His hands squeezed her tiny body to him.  She groaned.  His hands drifted down at her urging and lifted her skirt.  Sky revealed her nude thigh highs.

Sky kissed her lips in hungry nips before he offered soft kisses down her neck.  He stroked the edge of the lace panties found.  “You are so beautiful, Evie,” he complimented softly as he slipped his finger inside the moist heat.  “You’re skin reminds me of milky chocolate.  So smooth,” Sky said slipping his fingers between her lips and rubbed her nub gently.  “I like how you feel against my hand.”

Her breath caught when at the same time his other hand searched her breasts.  Her nipples hardened more in reaction. “I like how you taste of sweet things,” he murmured while kissing along her neck while his hands were busy pleasing her pedals.  Her hands still ran through his trim hair and the other held on to his shoulder.

Sky loved the feel of her nylons now and the slick folds of her flower.  How feminine Evie seemed.  She clearly was born out of the wrong era.  Refreshing in her pearls of white at her neck still and at her ear.  Her ebony hair was lightly curled behind her back with blunt cut bangs.  She was so damn adorable!  Sweet in temperament, yet every bit a seductress in her smile to him now. 

Sky lowered to kiss her thighs softly seeming to relish her as she looked down at him.  Already she trembled and his hands massaged her legs gently.  He kissed her other thigh and drew her panties down her hips inch by inch with the lift of her bottom.  Sky drew the bit of green lace away from her toned legs.  He pulled them apart as he kissed the arch of her good foot, behind each calf and knee until finally he lay between them.  He massaged her thighs tenderly at his leisure, tracing his fingertips above and below the sheer thigh-highs, which made her breathing rise in little pants of excitement.  He didn’t slight in his plant of light kisses.

Sky’s soft mouth on the heart of her desire was hotter than hot and forced more of her juices to flow.  Evie groped her breast and sucked her own thumb as she groaned with him.  His tongue escalated things in a hurry like her heartbeat and wetness in a shower.  Wicked strokes Sky delivered through her intimate lips from end to end before centering attention on her little bud for flickers and suckles. 

When Evie couldn’t bare anymore, she tried to push him away to catch her breath.  It was too much as her body quaked out of control.  Sky reached for her hands and held them to the elevator floor making sure to mesh his fingers between hers.  He never stopped suckling her sweet engorged nub and making it his own. 

Evie arched her back and came in wave after wave of pleasure.  Lost to the sensations running rampant in her she trembled in the release of her body in sweet whimpers soaring from her mouth.  Again his tongue eased in effort and massaged her slower to let her catch her breath.  Sweat broke from her when at last he pulled his hot mouth away.

The way Evie flowed over his tongue told him she was ready.  Sky licked his lips of her essence as his finger found its way within her entrance.  He watched her eyes intently adding another finger, and groaned when she closed over his digits. 

Evie whimpered into his mouth when he sought to kiss her.  This man was blazing hot, and she wanted more.  Mmm-mmm, she sure tasted delicious on his naughty tongue.

Sky’s kiss drifted away from her lips again and trailed down her neck.  Her pelvis began to shift to ease the ache that built even as she moved against a hardness that grew pressed so near.  Evie cried out when he nipped her nipple through her lace top.  At the height of some new exhilarating shudder, she felt his finger draw away from between her trembling thighs.  She stared at him stunned while breathing at bit easier.  His head hovered above hers as he smiled sexily.

Evie gulped down wanting some nameless thing from Sky.  She burned like everywhere at once, and wanted him badly to quench that burn.  In his eyes she saw he wanted the same.  Sky nodded and then so did she.

He kissed her softly again before thinking better of that.  Sky pulled a foiled packet from his jacket, tore it, and rolled the contents on his member he freed.  When done, it pointed toward his belly at attention.  He shifted still looking in her eyes and rimmed himself along the wetness she still produced for him as she whimpered.  Sky teasingly nibbled at her lips, and she arched and then sought his lips with her own. 

When he sank his head within her, he paused to lower his body in contact with hers.  Evie panted and reached to rub his back.  Sky stroked her face gently with his thumbs.  He kissed her chin and neck softly.  Her thighs spread wide for him when he felt her foot hook around his leg and caress it.  She gasped when his head rose above hers again.  His hardness rubbed at her entrance with the deliberate shift of his pelvis.

Evie kissed him with her whimpers of need.  She burned and her breathing raced in time with his.  She rubbed Sky in the same slow speed he shifted with maddening slowness until her body worked through another shudder and compression of her walls. 

Sky whispered softly against her lips, “Oh, feels so good.”

Evie gripped his hair until the throes of her pleasure released her.  She lay before him and whimpered her agreement.  Evie could find no words for such tenderness, and it made her want to cry at how outrageously good Sky felt inside her. 

“Damn, Evie,” he groaned with need for a breathless moment at his pause.

Then suddenly Sky surged back and then forward after a time that lasted forever.  She cried out with a giddy laugh.  The pleasure exploded through her, forcing her walls to contract around him.  Burying himself only to withdraw again before surging forward renewed that pleasure.  Her eyes rolled and his head descended to her neck for kisses he could not ignore. 

Evie grabbed his head bracing for impact and crying out at how splendid Sky felt moving slow and deep.  Over and over, he renewed that sensation as good as the last, and Evie felt drunk with the pleasure of his tender strokes.  His tuxedo clad body slid over hers with such wonderful control and tenderness. 

Sky sped up without pausing this time to let her breathe.  Sending her to soar beyond anything she discovered so far, Evie felt the bone-shaking tremble of her body starting at her legs.  She opened her eyes in the same moment he rose his head to look at her caught in the quake with his blazing blue eyes.  In them, she understood he felt the same intense pleasure at their joining.

“I’m coming!” he rushed out huskily, thrusting deep before he collapsed on top of her.

Evie clutched him tight as he gripped her in his own shudder that finished him.  She stroked his head while their breathing calmed like their excited hearts.  Closing her eyes Evie smiled, knowing that the elevator being stuck was the best Christmas present given this year.  For some reason the pain in her ankle wasn't so bad, and she wasn’t even in any hurry to be rescued!

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