Too Cute (The Brokenhearted Necklace)

Too Cute (The Brokenhearted Necklace)

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


A year after reuniting from a five-year separation, Paul and Lonny return to the lake where they shared their first kiss. A little reminiscing, playful banter and heartfelt gift turn a warm summer afternoon scorching hot.


A year after reuniting from a five-year separation, Paul and Lonny return to the lake where they shared their first kiss. A little reminiscing, playful banter and heartfelt gift turn a warm summer afternoon scorching hot.


Submitted: April 27, 2017

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“You're as cute as a button

The things you do sure are something

Are you running out of breath

From running through my head all night?

Can you get a little closer

And help me out a little bit?

Because I scraped my knee fallin' for you

But, baby, a kiss will do.”






“Do you remember the very first time I brought you up here?”

Even after a year, Lonny's heart skipped and stuttered every time Paul touched him. He pressed his back against Paul's hard chest as Paul slid his arms around neck and kissed the nape softly. A tiny series of shivers skittered down through his body, tingling the surface of his skin from head to toe, and prickling his scalp.

“As if I could forget.” Lonny smiled. “I almost died that day.”

Paul's lips touched Lonny's ear, played with his earlobe as he murmured, “Why is that?”

A chuckle bubbled in Lonny's chest, and he nudged Paul's ribs with his elbow. “You know why.”

Laughing softly, Paul's arms tightened around his throat without choking him and pulled him back closer. They were sitting on the grass at the edge of the lake, and Paul wrapped his legs around Lonny's waist and kissed his neck hard.

“Yeah, I know.” He grinned, and Lonny could feel his teeth rake his earlobe. “Because I was so damn hot and sexy.”

Shaking his head, Lonny couldn't help but grin. “You really think you're all that and a bag of chips, don't you?”

“Shit, baby.” Paul kissed his neck again. “You know it. Got you, didn't I? I remember that day, too. You about had a meltdown when I shrugged off my jeans, and you got a pretty decent glimpse of what would soon be yours.”

Lonny ducked his head and felt a warmth in his cheeks as he grinned. “Shut up.”

“Aww.” Paul nibbled the back of his neck. “Am I embarrassing you, baby? Isn't that cute? You still blush after a year of me doing all kinds of naughty things to you.”

“Stop it.” Lonny laughed softly, nudging him again with his elbow.

“Who are you putting on a show of shyness for?” Paul nuzzled his neck just below his ear, and Lonny laughed, scrunching up his shoulder; Paul knew he was extremely ticklish there. And the faint dusting of whiskers on his face made it tickle even worse. Paul chuckled and rubbed his chin against his ultra sensitive skin.

“Stop it.” Lonny laughed louder, nearly screaming.

“Not until you stop pretending to be shy.” He tortured him more with his slightly rough face.

Lonny squealed and tried to untangle from Paul' s arms and legs, but Paul had him locked in securely.

“Stop!” He choked on a laugh as tears began to squeeze from his eyes. When Paul ignored him and continued his assault, Lonny shoved back hard, knocking them both back onto the grass, but Paul didn't let go. Lonny bucked and pulled at Paul's arms.

Paul laughed. “Yee-Ha! Got a wild one on my hands.” His lips wriggled against Lonny's ear. “Bet I can ride you to stand still.”

In a swift move, Paul flipped them over and straddled Lonny's waist, holding his arms by the wrists and pinning them to the grass above his head. He grinned down at the boy and raised an eyebrow.

“Whatcha gonna do now?” Paul smirked. “I got you where I want you.”

Lonny stared up at him, so in love with the guy his heart was about to explode. “You think so, huh?”

“I know so.” Paul leaned down closer, his lips a bare breath from Lonny's mouth. “You're totally at my mercy.” He dropped his face to Lonny's neck and kissed him as he rubbed his course chin and jaw against his sensitive skin.

Lonny screamed and tried to use his shoulder to wedge between Paul's face and his neck as he squirmed under the weight of Paul's body. “Get off!” He laughed.

“No worries,” Paul growled low against Lonny's ear. “I plan to.”

“That's not what I meant!” Lonny laughed again and shoved up against Paul's weight with his hips and torso.

A deep chuckle rumbled through Paul's chest. “Too bad. It's what I meant.” He kissed Lonny's neck then tugged at his skin with his teeth.

A shiver ran through Lonny, and his breath quickened so suddenly it caught in his throat. His eyelashes fluttered a bit as Paul's warm mouth grabbed at his throat and sucked sensually. Lonny moaned and gasped softly, twisting his head to provide Paul clearer access.

Paul squeezed his wrists then slid his hands up across Lonny's palms, intertwining his fingers with the other boy's. A quiver rippled across the surface of Lonny's skin from head to foot. Paul's lips moved slowly along Lonny's jaw, gradually working their way to Lonny's slightly parted lips. He grabbed Lonny's lower lip with both of his, sucked on it gently then when Lonny whimpered an unspoken plea to be fully kissed, Paul took possession of his mouth.

A staggered  - “Mmmph!” - rose in the back of Lonny's throat and Paul smiled through their kiss. It always excited Paul when he could make Lonny whimper with pleasure.

Stretching out, Paul pressed his nearly naked body against Lonny's, their swim trunks the only things keeping them apart. On an exhale of breath, Lonny released a low drawn out - “Uhhhh” - as Paul gently ground his hips against Lonny's growing passion.

“Paul...” Lonny gasped unevenly into Paul's mouth. His fingers squeezed Paul's hands tightly as he strained against the other boy's strong grip which still pinned his hands to the grass.

Paul released his mouth and kissed down over the curve of his chin and straight down his throat, grabbing at his Adam's apple with his lips.

“Mmmm...” Lonny moaned, tilting his head up and back. His breath shuddered from between his lips. Paul's warm breath puffed against his throat as the boy's mouth glided lower to the hollow of his throat. He held Lonny's arms secured above his head and dropped firm kisses across the upper swell of his lean pecs and onto the edge of his armpit. He kissed the underside of Lonny's stretched bicep, teasing the tip of his tongue lower into Lonny's pit hair. Lonny jerked. This was another extremely ticklish spot. Paul knew this would drive Lonny crazy.

He grabbed Lonny's course hair with his teeth, tugging and biting, then swirling his tongue through the blond tuft. Lonny jerked hard - “Uhh!” Paul's tongue was too much, he was about to scream and start kicking. “Paul!” He half laughed, half cried. “Quit!”

Chuckling, Paul shoved his mouth against his underarm and kissed hard, sucking loudly. Lonny bucked against the unbearable ticklish sensation and squawked loudly.


Lifting his head, Paul grinned. “You say it, but you don't mean it.”

“Yes, I do.” Lonny laughed. He bucked a little. “Let me up.”

A smirk twisted Paul's lips, and he kissed Lonny's mouth quick, then murmured smartly, “You're already up.”

An instant heat rushed into Lonny's cheeks when he realized how right Paul was.

“Shut up.” He turned his face away, smiling, his face burning. He didn't know why he was embarrassed, it wasn't any secret to either himself or Paul that the guy turned him on like crazy. That reality had been established multiple times over the last year.

Paul laughed low and kissed Lonny's warm cheek. “Do you know how freaking sexy you are when you blush?” He kissed the corner of Lonny's mouth. “I bet you do. I bet you blush on purpose just to get me all hot and horny.”

A soft laugh fluttered through Lonny. “When are you ever not hot and horny?”

Paul's mouth sought out Lonny's soft lips. “Are we complaining?”

“No.” Lonny breathed out as he gazed up into Paul's liquid blue eyes that poured love down on him like a cool, refreshing waterfall.

“That's good,” Paul whispered and kissed his lips. Lonny's lashes fluttered a bit once more as his eyelids went heavy and half closed as Paul's warm, delicious mouth took possession of his own.

“Mmmm...” Lonny moaned through their kiss and ached to wrap his arms around Paul's strong body, but the guy still had his hands pinned to the ground. He opened his legs a bit and drew his knees up, squeezing Paul's hips with his inner thighs, arching up lightly against Paul's groin.

A staggered gasp pushed up Paul's throat as he broke their kiss, just barely, his lips still caressing Lonny's as his hot breath puffed into Lonny's mouth. He felt the cool metal of Paul's necklace as it hung from the boy's neck and rested lovingly against Lonny's chest. The only half left of their brokenhearted necklace. Paul had tried to give it to Lonny, to replace the half Lonny's dad had destroyed, but he'd insisted Paul wear it. He'd given it to him six years ago, and it had helped heal Paul from the evil that men had done to him, had been his hope to keep him going through a life that could only be described as hell on earth, it had guided him back to Lonny. It belonged around Paul's neck, never to leave.

A rush of emotion swept through Lonny; Paul's love for him was beyond his comprehension. He kissed Paul's lips. “I love you, baby.” He whispered. “I love you more than life.”

Paul deepened their kiss, and Lonny could feel the truth and depth of Paul's love in that kiss. But when the boy drew back, the teasing glint was back in his beautiful blue eyes. “You're just trying to trick me into letting you go by showering love on me.”

A smile tugged at Lonny's lips. “I wouldn't do that.” He said. “I'm too sweet and innocent to do anything so conniving.”

“Yeah, sure you are.” Paul grinned, released his hands quick and began tickling him on his ribs.

Lonny screamed and grabbed at Paul's hands, squirming and twisting beneath him, laughter exploding out of him. “Nooo!!” He choked on a hard laugh. “Stop! Paul!”

Dropping his face into his neck, Paul laughed and grabbed at his skin with his lips as he continued to tickle up his ribs and under his arms.

Another screaming laugh wrenched out of Lonny as he fought Paul's hands, grabbing his wrists and trying to shove them away. “Stop, Paul! I'm gonna be sick!” He laughed.

Paul relented and ceased his assault, rubbing his hands down Lonny's ribs to his waist. He squeezed Lonny's skin gently and kissed his neck, chuckling low, breath quick.

Lonny slid his arms around Paul's neck, gasping softly for air. He combed his fingers through Paul's hair, up the back of his head. Paul raised his head a little and kissed his lips again. A soft sigh danced up Lonny's throat. His fingertips played with the chain around Paul's neck, then followed the length of the chain down to the half of broken heart with the partial inscription Te Amo. Spanish for I Love You.

Pushing up on his elbows, Paul looked down at Lonny's fingers as they caressed the piece of heart, rubbing softly over the elevated letters inscribed on it. When he met Lonny's warm gaze, there was a shadow of sadness in Paul's lovely eyes.

“You miss it, don't you.” He said softly, it wasn't a question.

Lonny didn't have to ask what he meant. He nodded slowly. “Yeah. I do.” He smiled but could feel the sadness in his own eyes as he shifted his gaze to the necklace again. “Even after a year, I still feel like there's something missing like I'm never fully dressed or something.” He looked at Paul's face and smiled. “Dumb, huh?”

A smile that made Lonny's heart melt slid across Paul's lips. “Why is it dumb, baby?” He whispered. “It was the part of me you carried with you for five years. Of course, you're going to miss it. Me being here now doesn't change how important it was to you.”

Lonny pressed his lips together and smiled then relaxed his mouth and kissed Paul. “Well, if I had to choose...I would take you over the necklace any day.”

A grin cut through Paul's smile. “Well, that's good to know.” He laughed softly, then stroked his fingers through Lonny short, soft hair and pressed his lips to Lonny's brow, kissing him lightly. Lonny's eyes closed momentarily at the feel of Paul's warm lips on his skin; it was a touch he would die without.

His eyes opened when Paul's lips withdrew and the weight of his body lifted. A tingle of disappointment skittered through Lonny as it always did whenever Paul's touch receded entirely. “Where you going?”

Paul winked. “Got something for you.” He grinned. “Be right back.”

Shoving up on his elbows, Lonny watched him sprint over to his motorcycle, dig into the pocket of his jacket, take out something that Lonny couldn't make out, then jog back to where Lonny lay on the grass. He dropped down next to him, his breath quick.

“I was thinking about your necklace and how it must feel strange not having one to wear.” He smiled. “And since you won't let me give you mine...” He lifted his closed hand, then opened it. A chain necklace dropped free, the top wrapped around Paul's finger, so it swung and dangled in the air.

Lonny scooped up the pendant hanging from the chain; a full heart with rainbow colors and a single line inscription. Sitting forward, Lonny cradled the pendant in his palm and stared at the inscription, then recited it aloud, “Two, Q, Two, B, S, T, R, eight.” He lifted his eyes to Paul's face. Paul gazed at him, grinning. “What does it mean?”

Paul's grin widened as he took the necklace, unfastened it and reached around Lonny's neck, fastening it onto him. He kissed his neck and murmured, “You have to figure it out.” He drew back and kissed Lonny's mouth. “But right's too hot to lay here in the sun any longer contemplating it. Let's go swimming.”

Paul jumped to his feet and dragged Lonny up off the grass. Before Lonny could object, Paul hoisted him over his shoulder and sprinted for the water. Lonny laughed and grabbed at his back, steeling himself for the plunge as Paul launched off the edge of the bank.

They hit the water and plunged below the surface. Paul released him as they both turned and swam back up, breaking out of the water, laughing. Paul grabbed Lonny's hips under the water and pulled him against his body, kissing him deep then drawing back with a gasp. “Water feels good, huh?”

Lonny laughed lightly and ran one hand across the top of his head, swiping away the water in his hair. His other hand gripped Paul's wet shoulder. “Yeah, feels great.”

Chuckling low, Paul leaned close and nibbled his earlobe. “Remember this?”

“What?” Lonny breathed out, his pulse quickening.

Paul suddenly disappeared beneath the surface, and Lonny yelped when his shorts were yanked off. Paul burst out the water with Lonny's swim trunks balled in his fist, laughing. He wiped the water off his face with his other hand and grinned at Lonny. “Last time, I thought your face was gonna burn off when I stripped off your underwear.” He chuckled. “Was just too fucking cute.”

At Paul's recollection, Lonny's face warmed a bit. He remembered it well. Paul had swept into his life like a hurricane and carried him away so fast, and with such intensity, he didn't know what to think of the guy. He remembered the distrust, and fear that it was all just some ploy instigated by quarterback Jack Flemming to humiliate Lonny even more than he already had. But even then, deep down, a part of him had recognized Paul – and knew he would never hurt him.

Paul tossed Lonny's shorts up on the bank then shed his own and chucked them up with Lonny's. Then his arms were around Lonny again and his hunger not to be denied. He kissed Lonny's lips and groaned, “I couldn't wait for summer again.” He whispered into Lonny's mouth. “I've wanted so bad to bring you back up here, get you in the water again, and this time...finish what I started last summer.”

“Oh really?” Lonny raised his eyebrows. “Just like that? You think you can just bring me up here, dump me in the water and have your way with me? You think I'm just gonna be that compliant, huh?”

“You're not?” Paul grinned. His hands moved from Lonny's hips and around his back and down just enough for his fingertips to play across the swell of Lonny's butt cheeks.

Lonny shoved back suddenly, too quick for Paul to respond. He lost his grip as Lonny moved around behind him and wrapped his arms around his neck, his lips touching the nape of Paul's neck. “Maybe it's not your call.” Lonny murmured. “Maybe you're not the one in control like you think.”

“Who are you?” Paul said. “And what have you done with my sweet, innocent boyfriend?”

“You never had a sweet innocent boyfriend,” Lonny whispered against the back of his neck.

“You mean I was horn swaggled?”

Lonny laughed and kissed his wet skin. “Yeah...I think.” He laughed again and kissed Paul's shoulder then drew his arms from around his neck and slid them around his chest, caressing his hard muscles. “I love your body.” He moaned as he kissed all over Paul's upper back and shoulders. “You're so damn sexy.”

“I'm so damn hard.” Paul groaned. “You're fucking turning me on.”

“Am I?” Lonny licked under Paul's ear lobe. “Should I stop?”

“Only if you want me to die right here and now.”

Lonny chuckled softly and let his fingertips play down over Paul's hard, rippled stomach. He paused just below Paul's naval, fingering the thin line of hair that trailed from his navel on down. The short hairs floated slightly in the water as Lonny lightly rubbed his fingertips through it, feeling the rough scars underneath and all across his lower stomach. But he refused to let his mind travel down that dark road to the source of those scars. This was a good moment, and he wouldn't let it be ruined; Paul's horror was over, left far behind him in the past. And that's where it would stay. He was in Lonny's care now.

“Fuck, baby.” Paul groaned in agony. “Stop your teasing.”

“You tease me all the time,” Lonny whispered in his ear. “Fair is fair...what comes around, goes around.”

Paul groaned and smiled. “Well get around here...and I'll come around.”

A shiver of electricity swept through Lonny's body at the thought of Paul taking possession of him. The guy had a way of stopping Lonny's heart and curling his toes. But sometimes he liked to be the one doing the heart stopping and toe curling. His first time topping, Lonny was nervous, wasn't certain he could bring Paul as much pleasure as Paul did for him. But when Paul nearly lost it the first time Lonny entered him, he was encouraged, and some of the nervousness receded. By the end of that session, he'd overcome his worries of not being able to pleasure Paul in a satisfactory manner when Paul came without having to touch himself. He'd assured Lonny that was the first ever for him, and it blew his mind.

Overall, Lonny preferred the bottom. He loved the feel and weight of Paul's strong body, and the way Paul so perfectly guided their lovemaking, his aggressiveness at times that expressed the depth of his passion and need for Lonny. At the start, Paul had resisted Lonny taking the top, had had severe issues with bottoming...for good reason, Lonny had learned. But they had worked through it all and Paul trusted and loved Lonny enough to take either position with him now.

Lonny rubbed his lips through the tips of Paul's hair at the nape of his neck and felt the guy tremble. “Lonny...” Paul groaned again and covered Lonny's hands with his own. “I'm going to beg you now.” He smiled and closed his eyes as he slowly moved Lonny's hands down lower. “Please use these beautiful hands on me.”

Not allowing Paul to guide his hands directly to his need just yet, Lonny flattened his palms against Paul's lower abdomen and rubbed down around his fierce hardness, caressing his sensitive skin, and teasing his testicles with his fingertips as he nibbled on the back of his neck.

“You are a way worse tease than me.” Paul whimpered. “You're downright cruel.”

Lonny smiled and drew patterns on Paul's shoulder with the tip of his tongue, causing him to draw in a slow, deep breath and swallow thickly. Lonny rubbed his hands back up to Paul's hips then down behind him, massaging his firm butt, playing in between his cheeks with his fingers.

“Fuck, Lonny...” Paul breathed.

Pressing his hips in closer, Lonny touched his throbbing member to Paul's cheeks, rubbing in between, gently probing Paul's entrance. Paul flinched then released a tight groan.

“Ah fuck, baby.” Paul shuddered. “Now you're just being plain evil.”

The cool water on their heated flesh stimulated Lonny even more. He ached to be inside Paul, let his intense heat surround his hunger as the water soothed and cooled the fire on the surface of his skin.

A sudden tremor ran through Lonny's body, and his fingers dug into Paul's cheeks. His breath quickened with the fierce need to take him. Paul wasn't oblivious to the sudden change in him, and reached back with both hands, grabbing Lonny's firm ass, pulling him in closer.

“Do it, baby.” Paul gasped, his voice shaking with anticipation. “Do it now, Lon. Fuck me, baby. Please.”

Breathing fast, Lonny slipped his arms under Paul's then reached up and gripped his shoulders from the front, locking him back against Lonny's chest. Paul tightened his grip on Lonny's ass as Lonny pressed the thick head of his member to Paul's tight door. Paul's fingertips dug into Lonny's flesh and pulled at him harder, pushing Lonny inside him slowly.

“Uhhh!” Lonny gasped then sucked in a sharp breath, his teeth grabbing the curve of Paul's neck and biting down.

“Fuck!” Paul's body flinched but didn't resist. “Oh fuck, baby...”

He pulled harder at Lonny, forcing him in deeper.

“Oh my God.” Lonny's hot breath exploded against Paul's wet shoulder. He wrapped his legs around the front of Paul's legs, gripped hard and used his hips to shove deeper inside Paul's tight body.

“Ahhh!! Fuu-uuck!!” Paul's body arched and he released Lonny's ass and grabbed his hands, squeezing, shoving his ass back onto him until Lonny was buried in as deep as he could go. “Oh fuck, Lonny! Shit! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me so good!”

Tightening his legs around Paul's, Lonny used the leverage to thrust into his lover, slowly at first. His arms squeezed Paul's chest and shoulders, his short nails digging into Paul's trap muscles as he panted hard against the back of his neck and shoved himself into him again and again. Their bodies rocked in the water, sending rippling waves across the surface of the lake that rolled up against the bank, breaking against the earth.

“Oh god, Lon.” Paul moaned loud. “Harder, baby!”

Lonny tightened around Paul and drove his hardness into him with force, his cries melding with Paul's. “Fuck! Paul!” He choked on his ecstasy, pressing his lips hard against Paul's hot skin, the rocking water splashing against their shoulders. “I love you, baby! I love you so much!”

A strangled groan twisted up Paul's throat as his breath erupted out of him in rapid bursts. “Fuck, baby.” He gasped hard. “Lets...move over to the edge.”

Without really separating, they made their way towards the bank where the water was more shallow. There was a slight ledge to the bank, and Paul rested his arms on it and planted his feet in the sand beneath the water. Lonny untangled his legs and stood on the bottom, his toes digging into the soft sand as he rubbed his hands over Paul's ass then up his back. He leaned forward and kissed Paul's spine between his shoulder blades then pushed deep inside him again.

“Fuuuck!” Paul ground out between clenched teeth and clawed the grass, his biceps popping as he pressed hard against the bank, his body straining and arching back to Lonny. “Come on, baby! Fuck me hard...deep.”

Lonny leaned over his body and slid his arms under his chest, intertwining his fingers in Paul's necklace then clutching his pecs. Paul reached back with one hand and gripped Lonny's ass again as Lonny shoved into him hard and deep, as per his request.

“Holy Fuuuck, Lon!” Paul cried and dropped his head, shoving his forehead against the ground with force as he thrust back against Lonny with renewed urgency.

The intensity and need resonating out of Paul were like a lit match to gasoline for Lonny. The heat and tightness of Paul's body squeezing and stroking him were fast shoving Lonny over the edge. His thighs burned as he dug his feet into the sandy bottom of the lake and used the strength of his legs to bury himself inside Paul over and over, faster, harder, deeper.

A wrenching - “Uuuhhhh!!” - tore up his throat as a searing heat spread through his groin and his balls tightened.

“Yes! Baby!” Paul clawed Lonny's ass and held him securely as they fucked wildly, desperate for the satisfaction only they could give each other.

Lonny bit down on Paul's shoulder and squealed as the orgasm within coiled and began to tighten. Paul's hand dropped away from Lonny's back side, and he grabbed his throbbing member, working himself as Lonny once more claimed him as his own.

“Fuuuck!!” Paul yelled loud and threw his head back.

The muscles inside Paul began to tighten and squeeze Lonny's hardness as Paul's body began to lock up and clench. He felt his back muscles contract beneath his chest, felt the increase in his heart rate, heard and felt his breath exploding out of him.

“Oh fuck, Paul!” Lonny cried, tears squeezing out of his eyes as the intensity overwhelmed his mind and body. “I'm gonna come! Fuck!”

“Do it!” Paul's voice shook erratically as he stroked himself with urgency. “Fuck, Lon! I want to feel you come inside me! Do it, baby!”

A strangled scream ripped from deep in Lonny's throat, and he slammed hard into Paul, bursting with force. “Fuuuu-uuuck!!!”

“Fuck, Yes!!” Paul cried then released a wailing yell as his own orgasm exploded. “Oh Fuck! Fuck!” He worked himself rapidly as Lonny emptied inside him, his body shaking and pumping against him hard, then gradually slowing.

Lonny shuddered hard, his breath uneven and broken as he panted against Paul's back and shoulders. His trembling lips kissed the nape of Paul's neck, his hot breath puffing against the tips of his wet hair. He sucked for air as his lungs felt inflated with scalding heat. Paul sagged against the bank, folding both arms under his head and gasping for breath that seemed to evade him.

His arms relaxing, Lonny caressed Paul's chest and stomach. He kissed the back of his neck, his hair. “I love you, Paul.” He shook with the after effects of his intense orgasm. “Baby, I love you so much.”

Paul pushed up then turned around and pulled Lonny into his arms, squeezing him tight against his body. He kissed his lips and let his mouth linger on Lonny's. “You know what?” Paul murmured, breathless, as he pressed his forehead to Lonny's brow. “You really are.”

“Really am what?” Lonny breathed, still panting softly and aching for Paul to kiss him again.

Paul reached up and lifted the rainbow heart necklace he'd fastened around Lonny's neck as he slid his thumb over the inscription: 2QT2BSTR8.

He smiled and kissed Lonny's lips softly.

“Too cute to be straight.”

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