The Ghost of Devon House

The Ghost of Devon House

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Since the death of their parents, Rowen’s older brother, Sean, has been a firm believer in all things supernatural, while Rowen remains grounded in reality. When Sean meets Bane in an online chat room and the two become good friends, Rowen takes one look at Bane’s picture and falls for him. Bane tells Sean of a legend in his town about a haunted house, and Sean sees it as an opportunity to make his little brother a believer in ghosts. Steadfast in his belief that there are no such things as ghosts, Rowen is nonetheless eager to get up close and personal with Bane, and offers no argument when Sean packs up and moves them to Blackwell –a town much more special than Rowen could have ever imagined.


Since the death of their parents, Rowen’s older brother, Sean, has been a firm believer in all things supernatural, while Rowen remains grounded in reality. When Sean meets Bane in an online chat room and the two become good friends, Rowen takes one look at Bane’s picture and falls for him. Bane tells Sean of a legend in his town about a haunted house, and Sean sees it as an opportunity to make his little brother a believer in ghosts. Steadfast in his belief that there are no such things as ghosts, Rowen is nonetheless eager to get up close and personal with Bane, and offers no argument when Sean packs up and moves them to Blackwell –a town much more special than Rowen could have ever imagined.


Submitted: October 31, 2015

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Submitted: October 31, 2015





“There it is.” Bane leaned against the side of the Camaro, hands stuffed in the front pockets of his Levi’s, and nodded up the hill at the old house. Bane’s leather jacket hung open, exposing his muscular chest and rippled abs. He thought it was “sexy” to wear the jacket without a shirt underneath.

He was right. Rowen was more interested in Bane’s bare skin than the supposedly haunted house that Bane and Sean –Rowen’s older brother –had brought him to.

“This is the right of passage for all the gay boys of Blackwell,” Sean told him as he gazed at the house. “If you don’t do this…” Sean turned and looked at him in a way that Rowen guessed was supposed to creep him out but didn’t really. “…You’ll be forever haunted by the ghost of Devon house.”

“You’re so full of shit,” Rowen scowled and rolled his eyes. “I don’t believe in ghosts, dumb ass. I’m not a little kid anymore, I ain’t falling for your bullshit scary stories.” Although Rowen was the younger of the two, he found it rather juvenile and gullible that Sean had such a fixation on all things supernatural and actually bought into almost every “other worldly” encounter that he heard or read about. This was just one more. Rowen allowed Sean to drag him along on this wild ghost chase only because of Bane. The guy was too fucking hot for his own good, and much too sexy for Rowen to refuse an up-close opportunity to drool over him.

Bane cocked his head toward Rowen and Rowen’s knees nearly buckled. He’d been secretly lusting for his older brother’s friend since Sean had met the guy in some online chat room and showed his picture to Rowen. He had never been more thankful that his brother was straight –especially upon learning that Bane was gay. Not that Rowen had a snowball’s chance in hell of landing a guy like Bane, but at least he didn’t have to watch with envy and jealousy as his brother dated him. They were friends and nothing more. Rowen suspected his “crush” wasn’t so secret, though, as Sean teased him plenty about the guy, even before they had met Bane in person. It seemed to take Bane a mere instant to pick up on Rowen’s interest as well, and he seemed to delight in flirting with him. He knew Bane wasn’t serious but, shit, it got him cock hard every time just thinking that he might be.

“It’s true,” Bane said. “Jerry Devon –Blackwell’s first gay boy –died a virgin in that house on a Halloween night back in the early 1900’s. No one knows if it was foul play, suicide, or an accident, but legend tells that ever since then, his ghost seeks out virgin gay boys every Halloween for a de-virginizing fuck-fest. And if you don’t let him do you, he’ll haunt you for the rest of your days.”

Rowen stared at him incredulously. “You’re out of your fucking mind. Jerry? I’m supposed to be scared of a ghost named Jerry?” He shook his head. “And that story is the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever heard. It isn’t even creative. A gay virgin ghost named Jerry looking for a Halloween fuck? Seriously?”

“Seriously,” Bane nodded and smiled.

“Uh-huh.” Rowen chuffed and looked up at the house. The place had been long abandoned and the front yard was more weeds than grass, engulfing the broken down fence and the porch steps. Most of the windows were boarded up and the roof appeared to sag a bit. “So tell me…” He looked at Bane and Sean. “Who do you know who’s been fucked by Jerry the ghost?”

A quirky smile twisted Bane’s lips. “Yours truly.”

Caught off guard, Rowen stared at him. “Huh?”

Bane swept his hand through his soft black hair as the strands sprung free of his fingers and fell across his brow and partially into his captivating crystal blue eyes. “Yep,” he nodded. “No way I wanted to be haunted by a horny gay ghost the rest of my life. I was seventeen on the Halloween night that I went in there.” He shook his head and whistled low. “That was a Halloween I’ll never forget. I swear it took me a week before I was walking normal again.”

“Fuck,” Sean laughed. “So Jerry’s packing, huh?”

“Oh my God,” Rowen groaned. “You guys are high.”

“No, man,” Bane grinned. “I’m fucking serious. Jerry is hung like a horse.” He winked and dug into his jacket pocket. “No worries, though. I was thinking of you, little buddy. Here you go.” He withdrew a tube of lube and handed it to Rowen.

Sean busted up laughing and Rowen scowled at Bane. “Just because my dumb ass brother laughs, doesn’t mean you’re funny. He’s just an idiot.”

“I’m telling you, man…” Bane waved the tube at him. “…you’re gonna want this.”

“Fuck.” Sean choked on a surge of laughter and toppled onto the edge of the grass, holding his stomach. “Better take it, little brother,” he gasped. “Like they say…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” He snickered. “And I do mean pound.”

Rowen stared at him, dumbfounded that they were actually related. “I’m not even from Blackwell,” Rowen pointed out. “Shit, we just moved here less than two weeks ago.” It was just Sean and Rowen since their parents died two years ago, and it was nothing new for the two brothers to pick up at a moment’s notice and move to a new location. Sean was like a storm chaser, except with ghosts and paranormal shit. Rowen humored him and didn’t resist the relocations because he was convinced that Sean’s obsession with proving there was something beyond this life –hinged on the sudden loss of their parents. Though he’d never told Rowen, he needed to know they were okay. Maybe Rowen did, too.

Sean made a strong show of being fine, though. And Rowen knew that what his brother needed was for Rowen to be his “brother”…not a sympathetic sibling who treated him with kid gloves. So Rowen didn’t resist the banter, the jabs, the joking, or even arguments. Rowen didn’t believe in ghosts or any of that crap, and Sean knew it. But Sean was determined to make him a believer. Hence, their venture this Halloween night.

“You don’t have to be born here,” Bane smiled and waved the tube back and forth. “Once you’re a citizen, it applies to you as well.”

The guy was holding his ground –and his gorgeous crystal blue eyes holding Rowen’s stare. Good God, I want to fuck him so bad. Rowen blinked when the smile on Bane’s lips stretched a bit and Rowen was convinced the guy had read his thoughts loud and clear. He cleared his throat. “Whatever.” He snatched the waggling tube from Bane and absently stuffed it in his coat pocket. “Can we get this over with? How long do I have to stay in there?”

“Till you get nailed,” Sean snorted and crawled to his feet. He cleared his throat and wiped his eyes.

“Uh-huh…” Rowen rolled his eyes, exasperated. He looked at Bane and wished he would be the one lubing up his cock and giving it to him. Yet despite his playful flirting since Rowen and Sean had arrived in Blackwell, the guy hadn’t shown any real interest in him. He treated him like a little brother to be teased and, at times, tormented. “So what’s really going on? What’s your end game here?” Rowen glanced between them. “I’m not gonna get freaked out by your stupid ghost story. I’m not scared to go in some old house. I don’t believe in ghosts, and I’m not scared of the dark. So what’s the deal?”

“No deal,” Bane insisted, smiling. “We’re not lying. Jerry’s really in there and he’s really gonna fuck you if you go in there as well.”

Exhaling slowly, Rowen nodded. “Right. Let me guess…you had one of your friends go in there and dress up all spooky like to make me think the ghost is real.”

Bane gazed at him with exaggerated innocence. “You think I would do that?” He poked himself in the chest. “Me? I’m not that crafty.”

“Yeah, right,” Rowen muttered. “And besides, even if ghosts were real…how the hell could they fuck anyone? They’re ghosts.”

“Except…” Bane held up a finger. “…on Halloween night. At least in Jerry’s case. It’s the one night he becomes flesh and blood.”

“Of course,” Rowen replied sarcastically. “How stupid of me.” He grunted and shook his head. “Just give me a damn flashlight and let’s get this over with.”

“No flashlight,” Sean said. “All you get is a candle and some matches.” He smirked. “Jerry don’t like artificial light.”

They really were out of their fucking minds. Rowen couldn’t decide if Sean honestly believed there was a horny ghost in that house, or if he was just finding amusement in fucking with his little brother. “Fine. Whatever. Don’t want to piss off scary Jerry. Just give me the fucking candle then.”





Weeds and thistles snagged the cuffs of Rowen’s jeans as he approached the old house, a white pillar candle gripped in his fist. Sean and Bane followed him to the porch –which Rowen stared at skeptically. The thing didn’t look safe to bear the weight of a preschooler, much less that of a ‘slightly buff’ eighteen year old.

“Is it safe?” he asked doubtfully as he stood at the foot of the weather faded and moss covered porch steps. Dead grass flopped over the end of the steps, the wilted stems beginning to sparkle with frost as the cold evening closed in fast. It wasn’t dark yet, but would be within the hour and the chill in the air nipped at Rowen’s face. He glanced at Bane, hoping to catch a quick glimpse of a stiff chilled nipple, but the guy had tugged his jacket closed. Dammit.

“Yeah, it’s safe, you weeny.” Sean shoved his arm. “Quit stalling.”

“I’m not,” Rowen scowled. “But that fucking thing doesn’t look like it would hold anyone.”

Groaning, Bane climbed the steps and stood on the porch. He held out his hands to the side. “See? Safe. If it’ll hold me, it’ll hold you, scarecrow.”

“Fuck you,” Rowen muttered, hoping Bane would accept the offer.

Bane chuckled. “In your dreams, baby.”

Fuck, the guy knew him too well. Rowen’s dreams were filled with the two of them fucking their brains out. But he wasn’t about to admit it out loud. “Yeah, whatever,” Rowen mumbled. “Not everyone is as in love with you as you are. Get over yourself.”

Bane smiled. “Maybe not everyone,” he smirked and descended the steps, then patted Rowen’s face as he stepped past him. “But you are.” He kissed him quick and strong on the cheek with a loud smacking sound.

“Get off me,” Rowen grunted and shoved him away. “I’m not in love with you, fag.” His hand slipped inside Bane’s jacket as he pushed the guy back, his thumb raking over a hard nipple. Oh fuck. His cock jumped as it seized with a hard throb.

“That’s the pot calling the kettle black,” Bane grinned.

Sean was snickering and laughing, but Rowen ignored him as he tried to control the sudden swell of his crotch. He could play “annoyed” all he wanted, but Bane’s lips touching him anywhere caused his cock to turn to steel in an instant. Unfortunately, he was pretty damn sure Bane knew it. And that hard nipple…oh fuck, let me suck it just once.

Rowen cleared his throat and was thankful for the cold air as his face tried to flush with a surge of sexual heat. He almost wished Jerry was for real, because he suddenly needed to fuck like mad. He was careful to keep his eyes averted from Bane and turned his focus instead on the house. “So, what do I do?” he asked, a slight rasp to his voice. “Just walk around until Jerry jumps me, or what?”

“Wait for him in the bedroom at the top of the stairs, to the right,” Bane said. “He’ll find you and then…” he grinned and pumped his hips, propelling Sean into another fit of laughter. “When the house is a’rockin’, we won’t come a’knockin’.”

“You guys are idiots,” Rowen sighed. “And you’re wasting your time. I’m not falling for this shit. I’m only going in there to get you off my back.”

“Really?” Bane smiled smartly and cocked an eyebrow. “I thought you wanted me on your back.”

“Uugh,” Rowen rolled his eyes. “You really are an egomaniac.”

“Quit your yapping,” Sean pressed. “And get in there. Don’t want to keep Jerry waiting. If he gets too horny, he might get rough.”

A quick glance at Bane and the recollection of his hot lips and stiff nipple…Rowen welcomed a bit of rough sex.





When Rowen had awakened this morning and wished to get fucked on Halloween –this was not what he’d had in mind. The “Wish Fairy” was one fucked up, twisted little bitch. Rowen sighed and tried to see the humor in it, yet found none. He had thought that hanging out with Sean and Bane on Halloween night would be a blast –mostly because of Bane. Sean could have stayed at home and Rowen wouldn’t have minded at all. This was hardly a “blast” though. He’d rather be at home watching a scary movie, than traipsing through an old house that smelled like mold and the lingering decay of rodent.

Rowen held the lit candle at eye level and moved slowly down the dark hallway. He was convinced one of two things would happen. One –Sean or Bane would sneak in and try to scare him, make him think there was really a ghost. Or two –they had someone stashed in here, as Rowen had previously suggested, who would attempt to frighten him. Why else would they be so adamant about him coming into the house?

He raised the candle a bit higher and squinted against the darkness. “Come out, come out, wherever you are,” he murmured, then smirked, “You better be one hot-ass ghost, Jerry…’cause I don’t want to lose my virginity to some ugly fucker.” He chuckled –then quieted when a wisp of cool air seeped up under the back of his shirt. An instant chill swept through him, prickling his scalp and his skin all the way down his body.

Get a grip, dumb ass, it’s fucking arctic in here and drafty as hell. It isn’t “Jerry” tickling your back.

“It’s pretty damn cold in here, Jerry,” Rowen said. “I hope you plan on doing all the fucking, ‘cause there ain’t no way I can get it up in this fucking ice box.” Of course, if Bane were in here with him and wanting to get down and dirty then he would have no problem conjuring up some “wood” –artic freeze or not.

The candlelight flickered off the walls, faintly illuminating the occasional old painting hanging haphazardly in faded wooden frames of decorative design. Surely at one time they were polished and gleaming, the paintings emanating with bright colors. Rowen couldn’t be sure if these pictures had actually been owned by previous occupants, or if they had been put here for effect.

Whether props or not, Rowen paused at the next painting and carefully straightened the picture on the wall. It was a portrait of a young blond boy about eight or nine, as far as Rowen could tell. He held the candle closer to the painting. Whomever the artist, he had captured the boy’s features perfectly –even more so, the emotion in his face. Though a smile pasted his slightly pouty lips…it failed to reach his expressive eyes. This was not a happy boy. Sadness and loneliness radiated out of the portrait. Rowen found himself hoping this was just a prop.

What if it wasn’t, though? He didn’t believe for one second that a ghost resided in this house, but…what if a young man had really died here? What if it was the same boy from the portrait? Had his sadness consumed him and…

Rowen looked away, startled by the sudden strain in his throat. If there really had been a “Jerry” who lived in this house…had he died by his own hand?

Knock it off, man. The whole story is made up. This is just an abandoned old house, nothing more.

The portrait drew his stare again. The boy gazed out at him, lost and alone. You can’t know that’s how he felt. It’s a fucking painting –not even a photograph. Don’t make something out of nothing.

The floor creaked to his left and Rowen jerked around, directing the candle that way. The glow barely reached a couple feet in front of him. A shadow shifted within the darkness…or so he thought. There was no way to tell, really. Just a flicker of the candlelight disrupting the darkness?

Another creak…like someone taking a slow step. Toward him.

Rowen narrowed his eyes and stared in the direction of the sound. It was an old house and he could hear the wind slowly picking up outside. There was nothing there. Just his imagination working overtime, influenced by Bane and Sean’s crackpot ghost story. Was he really going to let them succeed in scaring him?

“As if,” Rowen muttered and turned away. He glanced at the portrait again, straightened it a tad more and then touched his fingertips to the boy’s face. “I hope it’s just a story,” he whispered. “All of it.”

Startled by the emotional effect the painting had on him, Rowen withdrew his hand and moved on. It wasn’t like him to get choked up easily. He wasn’t the most sentimental guy. He could sympathize with the pain of others, but he rarely got drawn in too deep “emotionally”. It didn’t mean he didn’t care though.

He found the stairs and started to go up when another low creaking drifted down the hall behind him; the sound of a door opening or closing, old hinges protesting. Rowen held the candle that way again, eyes tight and focused. This time, there was no mistaking the movement in the darkness.

“Sean?” Rowen stared into the shadows. “Bane? I told you, I’m not falling for it. Did you really think I wouldn’t know you’d sneak in here and try to scare-” Muffled, distant laughter sifted through the night outside. Familiar laughter. Sean and Bane were out by the car…not in the house. So it’s someone they sent in. Rowen held his ground. “The jig is up, dude,” he spoke to his unseen stalker. “I know Sean and Bane put you up to this.”

The shadow shifted again and grazed the edge of the candle glow. Rowen caught a glimpse of a hooded cloak and then –it was gone. Vanished. Since entering the old house, Rowen’s pulse did its first skip.

They didn’t fucking disappear. They just slipped into another room. Except…there were no rooms leading off this portion of the hallway. The closest one was down at the other end, where he’d heard the creaking of the door.

“All right,” Rowen spoke up. “I’ll play along. You want me to believe in you, Jerry…then show yourself. I only believe in what I can see.” He waited. Silence met him like a thick wall. He sighed. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Rowen turned toward the stairs. “This is so lame-”

The candle flame extinguished beneath a tiny gust of cool breeze, engulfing Rowen in heavy darkness. He stood rigid, immobile. Pale moonlight pushed weakly between the boards on the windows, but it wasn’t enough to create sufficient visibility. Don’t freak out. It was just a breeze. This place is hardly insulated.

Rowen flinched when he felt the chill creep under the back of his shirt again –this time like icy fingertips dancing up his spine. A hard shiver surged through him and he swallowed with effort, his pulse suddenly off kilter. It’s just the cold air. That’s all. That’s fucking ALL.

Cool “breath” puffed across the nape of his neck as the cold “fingertips” drifted down his back, the chill lingering at his tailbone.

It’s just your fucking imagination. There’s no one –nothing –there.

His hand shook as he slowly dug into the front pocket of his jeans and tugged out the book of matches Bane had given him along with the candle. The chilling presence at his back and neck receded. Rowen’s fingers trembled, the matchbook unsteady in his grip as he struggled to hold onto the thick candle and tear off a match –which resisted him. “Fuck,” he hissed and yanked harder. The match detached then slipped from his partially numb fingers, growing stiff with cold. “Shit!” He managed to get another match loose and raked it across the coarse strike strip. The tip burst into a bright flame –illuminating a hooded face right in front of him.

Rowen yelped and stumbled back, tripped and fell, hitting the hard, cold floor with an audible grunt. The match went out, thrusting him into darkness again. Somewhere between standing on his feet and landing on his ass –he lost the matchbook and the candle. His heart pounded, hammering against his ribs. The presence remained –felt more than seen.

Get a grip! Get a fucking grip! It’s just someone fucking with you!

His sudden start had short circuited his rationality, though, and kicked him into panic mode. Rowen scrambled to his feet and ran up the stairs, his breath surging in short hard gasps. He burst into the bedroom that Bane had mentioned and slammed the door behind him. He fumbled for a lock and found none.

“Fuck!” he gasped and bent over, gripping his knees. He sucked air deep into his lungs and tried to calm his erratic pulse. What the fuck was he running from? This was just a fucking prank and he was letting them get the best of him. Rowen straightened up and took another deep breath. “Just calm down,” he whispered tightly. “There’s no ghosts in here.”

There were no boards on the second floor windows and the faint moonlight caused the old thin curtains to illuminate with an eerie glow. Rowen walked over and ripped down the filmy coverings, letting in some light. Dust particles exploded through the pale moon beams and Rowen coughed, tossing aside the decaying curtains.

His heart continued to beat a little too fast as he stared at the closed door. Score a point for you fuckers, he thought sourly. You scared me for a second.

Someone was coming up the stairs…one slow step at a time. Rowen didn’t know how he could hear it above the swelling wind outside, rippling against the house, but he heard it. Each footstep getting closer and closer, nearing the top of the staircase. Every scary story he’d ever heard as a child ran rampant through his head; The Red Velvet Robe, The Black Velvet Ribbon –two that had secretly freaked him out as a kid, though he’d never admitted it to Sean. And both involving the sound of dead footsteps climbing the stairs…approaching the bedroom.

“For fuck’s sake!” he berated himself harshly. “Are you seriously falling for this shit?” He swallowed hard and moved toward the door then halted uncertainly when the footsteps paused outside the bedroom. Rowen cleared his throat, started to speak and was troubled when he couldn’t. He waited but silence lingered behind the door. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, Rowen glanced around the room. From what he could see, it seemed like it could have been a teenage boy’s bedroom. Although he had no idea what the bedroom belonging to a teenager from the early 1900’s would actually look like.

Rowen went rigid suddenly when he heard the door knob twist, the old metal protesting as the latch disengaged and the hinges squeaked as the door slowly swung open behind him. His rational mind told him to turn around, but his body refused to obey. A cool draft ushered across the floor, swirled around his feet then sifted up inside his pant legs –again feeling like icy fingertips trailing over his skin, climbing higher. The sensation crawled up his shins, his thighs. Rowen shuddered, frozen in place. There was no way that Bane and Sean could make this happen. It wasn’t possible. Oh fuck.

The cold, probing fingertips ventured further up his thighs –then into his crotch.

“Huh!” Rowen gasped, startled. His cock instantly hardened as the cool “touch” enveloped his member and began to pulse with a rhythmic pressure that caused his eyelids to flutter slightly. A sudden conflicting heat exploded through his body, burning away the fear and panic that struggled to take over. Despite the arctic chill inside the house, Rowen broke out in a sweat, his breath quick and irregular. “Oh fuck…Uuuhh…”

He squeezed his eyes shut and swallowed hard. Holy fuck, this can’t be happening. They slipped something into my drink back at our house. It’s just a hallucination. This had to be some kind of trick. Sean would do anything to make Rowen believe ghosts were real. But how could he fake something like this?

As suddenly as the ecstasy gripped him –it was gone again. Rowen trembled and slowly opened his eyes. He could feel the emptiness of the room around him. There was no one here. He was alone.

Just him –and his raging erection.

Thanks a lot, “Jerry”. Rowen groaned and squeezed his crotch. There was no fucking way he had imagined that. Yet his mind refused to accept that it was an encounter with Jerry the ghost. There had to be some kind of explanation. There always was.

If he’d learned anything from the scores of Scooby Doo episodes he’d watched as a kid – and just last week –it was this; the ghost was never real.






It took Rowen a few minutes to regain his composure and reset his mind to rational thinking mode, only to have it disrupted and shaken to its core yet again when a gray mist began to rise out of the floor. Rowen backed away, a rubbery wobble to his legs. His recent erection died in a hurry as all thoughts of ‘getting off’ fled his mind.

The mist rose high in the air –taller than Rowen –and shifted until it took on the vague image of a person, though as yet without distinctive features.

What the fuck is happening? This can’t be real.

He’d been at least half-convinced that Sean didn’t really believe this place was haunted…but maybe that was wrong. But if he honestly believed there was a ghost –why would he send Rowen in here? Wasn’t that…dangerous? He couldn’t imagine Sean deliberately putting him in harm’s way, even if it meant making a believer out of him.

The figure floated forward and Rowen retreated, his heart rate through the roof. “No…” his voice squeaked a little and he shook his head. “This isn’t…real. You’re not real. I don’t…I don’t believe in ghosts.” The back of his legs bumped the bed and his pulse spiked a fraction higher as the specter advanced. He squeezed his eyes shut. “You’re not real…you’re not…” A shiver swept through him when the cool fingers touched him again, sifting up under the front of his shirt. He shuddered. “No…” His protest lacked conviction as “hands” caressed his chest and stomach and his deflated arousal began to regain life.

The snap of his jeans popped loose and the zipper dragged down ever so slowly. Rowen trembled, unable to open his eyes. His breath puffed off his lips in short, sharp bursts. That mind shattering pressure returned to his crotch, squeezing his cock –pumping him. His erection came back in full and he went lightheaded, dropping onto the bed.

“This isn’t really happening…” the words tumbled weakly off his lips even as he lifted his hips to the intense ecstasy. He didn’t resist when the front of his jeans were drawn down and his hard cock sprang free. The chill in the air did nothing to discourage his arousal as the pulsing pressure continued to pleasure him. “Uuuhh! God…” He clawed the bare mattress, his nails snagging on the springs pressing up against the aged fabric. “Oh fuck…uuh…”

Fingers raked down his torso, gaining solidity. Rowen’s heart pounded harder, faster. He wasn’t mentally equipped to grasp any of this. He dealt in reality. Yet how could he deny what was happening to him right now?

His thought process short circuited as physical lips formed around his cock head, squeezed, and sucked.

“Fuck!” Rowen choked. Still, he couldn’t open his eyes, terrified of what he would see, unable to put it all together so it made sense. Just keep your eyes closed and later you can tell yourself you were dreaming. That’s how you will deal with it.

The lips pushed down his shaft, engulfing his cock in a tight mouth, taking him all the way in.

“Oh my God…” he gasped and clutched at the mattress. He thrust on reflex as he was sucked and stroked until he thought he would pass out. “Uhh…fuck…” he panted. “…you’re…you’re really real…”

The blow job ceased and moments later, wet lips brushed across Rowen’s mouth. “Open your eyes and see for yourself.” The whispered voice was pleasantly masculine.

Rowen shivered as the presence hovered over the top of him, a slight weight resting on his body. He opened his eyes with hesitation. The face was right there, a blurred image within the shadows of the cloak hood. As it began to come into focus, take on features, Rowen raised a trembling hand and slowly peeled the hood away. Crystal blue eyes gazed back at him.


“Whoa!” Rowen freaked and scrambled across the bed, tumbled onto the floor in a panic then stumbled to his feet, hurriedly stuffing himself back inside his pants. “What the fuck…what…” He thrust out his hand and backed away, body shaking, eyes wide. “Wh-what…how…”

Bane stood up and shed the cloak, exposing his naked body. “Are you disappointed that it’s me?” he asked low and moved in Rowen’s direction. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“Wait…wait.” Rowen thrust his hand out harder, with emphasis. “How…how did you…” he shook his head. “How did you do that? It…it isn’t possible…you couldn’t…”

Bane paused and looked at him silently.

“No…” Rowen swallowed thickly, his throat working. “No…I don’t believe…” What the fuck was going on? There was no way Bane could have pulled off that stunt…

“The name Jerome never suited me,” Bane murmured. “And certainly not Jerry. I mean…” he made a sweeping motion with hands, indicating his body. “Do I look like a Jerry? Bane is my middle name. Much more fitting, don’t you think?”

Jerry? Bane was…

Rowen shook his head and backed up against the wall. “No…it isn’t possible…you can’t be a…”

“Ghost?” Bane smiled. “Why can’t I? Because there’s no such thing?” His smile widened. “If I recall, you were starting to believe a moment ago.”

Despite the craziness of the situation, Rowen couldn’t stop his eyes from running up and down Bane’s body –his stare catching helplessly on the guy’s stiff cock.

“Did I lie?” Bane grinned and wrapped his fist around his shaft. “I told you Jerry was hung like a horse.”

Rowen tore his eyes from Bane’s massive dick and looked him in the face. “I-I don’t understand,” he whispered. “This…this can’t be real. You’re tricking me somehow. You and Sean. You’re not…you’re not a fucking ghost, Bane.”

“Well, not yet,” he smirked. “I would have been fucking by now if you hadn’t scampered away.” He stepped forward. “But we could remedy that quick and easy.”

“Just…stop.” Rowen trembled and scooted along the wall away from him. “What the fuck is going on? How can you be a…” He shook his head. “Sean met you online. In a fucking chat room. We’ve been hanging out with you for almost two weeks. This is bullshit. Just some…some elaborate prank.”

Bane shrugged. “If you say so,” he mused –then vanished in a wisp of smoke.

“Fuck!” Rowen yelped and stumbled further away, nearly losing his balance. “What the fuck?

“Pretty fucking elaborate, if you ask me.” Bane materialized right next to him.

“Shit!” Rowen jumped away and tripped over his own feet, toppling onto the bed. “What the fuck?”

Bane chuckled. “Calm down, little buddy. You’re gonna give yourself a coronary.” He clucked his tongue. “And although it’s kind of cool being a ghost…I really don’t want to see you expire too soon.”

Rowen’s words abandoned him as he stared at the guy wide-eyed.

“In case you’re wondering…” Bane approached the bed. “Sean knows. He’s always known. Yes, we met in a chat room. A very special chat room.” He leaned over and planted his hands on either side of Rowen, and grinned darkly. “Where the dead outnumber the living.”

Rowen licked his lips slowly. “So this…this is for real?” he whispered unsteadily. “You really are a…?”

“Yeah,” Bane nodded. “I really am.”

Averting his eyes, Rowen turned his head and stared at the wall, a sinking feeling sifting through him as his mind struggled to grasp this new reality.

“You look disappointed,” Bane said quietly. “Are you?”

“Maybe.” Rowen met his gaze. “I guess I just…” He shrugged. “Nothing.”


Rowen shrugged again. “I don’t know,” he mumbled and looked away again. “I guess I was hoping that maybe someday things might…develop between us.”

Sinking onto his elbows, Bane rubbed his hard member against Rowen’s crotch. “I’d say things are already developing.”

Rowen swallowed thickly as his cock responded. His breath shuddered. “I meant…”

“I know what you meant,” Bane smiled. “So why can’t things develop still?”

Rowen frowned. “Because you’re…”



Bane dipped down and kissed him soft on the lips. “Details, baby…details.” He kissed him again, a little deeper. “By the way, though most of the Jerry story was fabricated…the part about him being a horny ghost was not.” He smiled. “So…do you still want to de-virginize?





Rowen had a bottomless well of questions, but he was willing to postpone the inquiry in the face of Bane’s desire for him. He didn’t pretend to understand any of this and was pretty sure he was at least partially in shock at the moment; he knew he wasn’t reacting properly, as in freaking the fuck out. Rest assured, it would hit him before long. Until then…ghost or not, Bane remained his most sought after fantasy.

“Yes,” Rowen rasped in answer to Bane’s question. “I do.”

“Good to know.” Bane backed off him and dragged his fingers down his body, snagging the open fly of his jeans. “Tell me…” Bane kissed his crotch and firmly squeezed his bulge. “…how is it a sexy guy like you is still a virgin?”

A low groan stuck in Rowen’s throat as Bane continued to massage his package. “I don’t know,” he breathed out shakily. “I guess I was just waiting for the right…dead guy to come along.”

“Aww.” Bane grinned and kissed his lower stomach where the skin was exposed. “I must say, you’re taking this very well.” His tongue slithered lower and teased the base of Rowen’s hard cock, making it twitch and swell.

Rowen shuddered. “No…I’m not,” he panted softly, aching for Bane to suck him again. “When the shock wears off…I’ll lose it.”

“Fair enough,” Bane murmured against his navel and slipped his fingers under the loosened waistband of Rowen’s jeans, dragging them off his hips.

Rowen touched Bane’s head tentatively, half expecting him to have no physical presence even though he could feel Bane’s hands and mouth on him. His fingertips tingled as they slid through Bane’s soft, black strands. He’d wanted to bury his fingers in the man’s hair from the instant he first saw his photo. Thoughts of pictures brought to mind the painting in the hallway downstairs. Was the boy Bane? In the painting he was blond, but even so…

“Uuh!” Rowen gasped suddenly, sharply, as Bane took his cock in his mouth. “Oh my God…” He clutched Bane’s hair, ecstasy coursing through him as the man sucked him deep into his throat. So fucking deep. “Fuck…” He lifted his hips and clung to Bane’s head. “Uuuhh!” His body arched and writhed as he pumped his throbbing member into Bane’s mouth and throat. “Oh fuck…fuuuck…”

Moans rumbled in Bane’s throat and quivered through Rowen’s cock. Bane pulled off him and licked his lips. “Yum.”

Rowen lay trembling on the bare mattress while Bane stripped off his jeans and briefs, then peeled away his jacket and shirt. Rowen stared at the man, somehow more awestruck that they were about to have sex –than the fact that Bane was a ghost. He was overcome with the unexplainable need to caress Bane’s body from head to toe, savor every inch of him. It struck Rowen rather suddenly he didn’t just want a sexual relationship with Bane –but everything else as well. He’d never really saw himself as a romantic kind of guy…yet to his surprise he was craving it now.

“You okay?” Bane smiled and laid down on top of him. “You’re not gonna freak out about doing it with a ghost, are you?”

“No,” Rowen whispered. “I-I mean, no I’m not going to freak out.”

“So you’re okay?”

He nodded and ran his fingertips lightly up Bane’s flanks, and delighted in the shiver that rippled through the man. “Yeah…I’m good.”

Bane winked. “We’ll see about that.” He kissed him then drew back and murmured, “Turn over.” When Rowen twisted onto his stomach, Bane rubbed his hands over his tense ass. “Since this is your first time…” He leaned down and kissed each of Rowen’s cheeks. “It’s imperative we prepare this sweet ass for action.” Rowen didn’t protest. Bane was indeed ‘hung like a horse’ and could surely split him in two if he wasn’t careful. He welcomed all the preparation he could get.

Electrical sensations surged through his body when Bane spread him open and licked between his cheeks. “Fuck…” Rowen gasped softly and clawed the bed. He was barely aware of the stale, musty odor of the mattress as Bane probed his tight, virgin hole with the tip of his strong tongue. “Oh my God…” His ass lifted to Bane, his throat tight and his breath quick. “Yes…fuck…that feels so good.”

Bane groaned and spread him wider and pushed his tongue in a fraction deeper, wrenching a tight whimper from Rowen. “Damn, baby, you taste good.” His lips grabbed at Rowen’s inner cheek walls, sucking his heated flesh. “I knew you would.” He groaned again and Rowen shivered pleasantly when his slick tongue slid from his balls all the way up through his crack to the small of his back where Bane kissed him firmly. “Still have the lube I gave you?” he murmured.

Swallowing hard, Rowen nodded. “In…in my jacket pocket,” he breathed.

Bane retrieved the tube from the discarded jacket and squeezed a small glob of the gel between Rowen’s ass cheeks then worked it in. A single lubed finger pushed inside him and Rowen’s breath caught. Bane kissed up his spine as he buried his finger deeper and found that magic button within.

“Fuck!” Rowen choked as a burst of sexual ecstasy exploded through him. “Shit…Uuh!”

“Like that?” Bane whispered against the nape of his neck, a smile in his voice. He stroked him deep and firm, massaging his prostate, then inserted a second digit and worked his fingers around, loosening him up. “Fuck, baby, you feel so good inside.” He kissed Rowen between the shoulder blades, his breath uneven. Bane’s steel cock dug into Rowen’s thigh, dripping cum juice and smearing it over his skin. “Oh God, Rowen…I want to fuck you so bad.”

Rather than take him then and there, Bane slipped a third finger inside him and continued to stroke him and urge his inner muscles to relax and expand. Who would’ve thought a ghost –and Bane in particular –would have been so attentive?

Rowen’s head was spinning, his mind fogging with sexual heat as Bane nearly stroked him to orgasm before withdrawing. Rowen panted against the mattress as the man slowly pulled his fingers from his tingling, sensitive ass then massaged his cheeks with strong hands.

“I’m gonna fuck you now.” Bane’s voice trembled with anticipation as he lubed his huge cock. “Ready?”

“Yes,” Rowen whimpered, his body aching to be filled. “Please…fuck me, Bane.” How many times had he begged the man in his fantasies? Whoever said fantasy was better than reality were out of their mind.

Bane urged him onto his hands and knees then ran his thumbs between his ass cheeks. “God, Rowen, you have a beautiful ass.” A shudder swept through both Bane and Rowen when Bane touched the head of his cock to Rowen’s tight entrance –and began to push through. “Ohhh…Fuuuck…Uuuhh!

“Uuh!” Rowen choked on a hard gasp. His body tensed, muscles straining as Bane grabbed his hips and carefully pulled him back onto his cock as he shoved in deeper. “Holy fuck…Uuuhh! God!” Rowen gouged the mattress, trembling as a slight burning pain coiled in his groin as Bane slowly forced his massive member further inside. He had expected it to hurt more than this. And somehow found this pain to be pleasurable as well. “Oh my God, Bane…” he panted erratically. “…don’t stop…uuh! I want it…I want you…”

Bane squeezed his hips, his short nails digging in as he pressed up snug against Rowen’s ass, his cock buried to the hilt inside him. “Fuck, Rowen…” he shuddered. “Oh God, you feel so fucking good.” He slowly rotated his hips, working his thick, hard shaft around and around until the pain receded and Rowen experienced only pure ecstasy.

“Fuck me, Bane,” he whimpered unsteadily and pushed back onto his lover. “I want you so fucking bad.”

Bane shoved in deep, stealing Rowen’s breath, then pulled out until the head of his cock nearly slipped free –and thrust in again with mild force.

Uuh!” Rowen yelled and sucked in a sharp breath. “Fuck! Yes…fuck me!”

Bane repeated the drill…sliding out and thrusting in…pushing and pulling, pumping his cock into Rowen with a steady rhythm that Rowen quickly matched. “Shit,” Bane gasped hard and fucked him with added force. “Oh God, baby,” he groaned tightly and clutched Rowen’s hips, his pelvis smacking firmly against Rowen’s ass and rocking him on the bed. “You feel so good.” He panted and grunted, fucking Rowen harder. “I almost forgot how good it felt to fuck like this.”

The force of Bane’s thrusts pushed Rowen down onto his stomach and he was suddenly engulfed in Bane’s arms as the man hugged him tight, his body melding to Rowen’s as his hips pumped urgently, driving his cock in again and again.

“Uh-uh-uh!” Rowen’s breath burst up his throat and off his lips in short, sharp puffs. The mattress groaned and shuddered as their passion and hunger heightened by the moment. “Yes…Bane…uuhh-uuhh!”

Rowen gasped when Bane shifted hurriedly and flipped Rowen onto his back so they were face to face. Bane shoved inside him again and wrapped Rowen in his arms and crushed his mouth in a passionate kiss as he fucked him with increased urgency. Rowen curled his legs around Bane’s body and thrust himself onto his cock. His fingers dug into Bane’s back as the man’s muscles flexed and strained.

“Oh my God!” Rowen cried and tore free of the kiss, his head pressed hard into the mattress. He fucked Bane wildly, begging the man to give it to him harder, deeper –make him come.

Bane’s hot breath blasted Rowen’s face as his body worked overtime to give Rowen all he asked for. His hand shoved down between them and grabbed Rowen’s pulsing cock and began to pump him swiftly. “Come on, baby,” Bane panted erratically, his blue eyes locked into Rowen’s heated stare. “Come for me.” He groaned tightly. “I’m so fucking close…come with me.”

Uuuhh…uuh! Fuck-fuck-uuh!” Rowen’s body seized with the orgasm as Bane squeezed his cock and stroked him faster, harder as he drove himself into him, hips pounding, pumping. “Fuuuck!” Come burst out of him, hitting both his and Bane’s fevered skin. “Uuuhh!

“Yes!” Bane groaned hard and loud then clutched the bed on either side of Rowen and fucked him wild and erratic. “Fuck!” His body jerked and his thrusts intensified as he came inside Rowen. He dropped down and crushed Rowen in his arms, fucking erratically, emptying himself until he was fully spent.






Rowen trembled beneath Bane as the two clung to one another. Bane kissed his damp neck, his ear. “Still in shock?” he whispered breathlessly.

Shuddering, Rowen nodded. “More than ever.”

Smiling, Bane lifted his head and slid his fingers through Rowen’s damp strands and kissed his lips. “Understandable,” he murmured. “You did just fuck a ghost.”

That isn’t what shocks me, Rowen thought as his heart thumped hard against his ribs. He rubbed his hands up Bane’s back and kissed his mouth.

“So…” Bane whispered through their kiss. “Have I ruined you for live boys?”

Rowen shuddered and nodded. “Definitely.”

His eyes softening, Bane caressed the back of fingers down Rowen’s cheeks. “Would you ever date a ghost?”

“If that ghost is you then yes,” Rowen said quietly. An unexpected swell of emotion knotted his throat, stung his eyes. Until this moment, he hadn’t been certain if Bane wanted more than sex. But he was suddenly seeing so much more than sexual desire in the man’s beautiful blue eyes.

Bane smiled and kissed him. “There’s just one condition.”


“We have to stay here, in Blackwell,” he said. “I can’t…” he shook his head. “I can’t leave. This is the only place I can…take physical form.”

Rowen frowned. “Why?”

“I don’t know,” Bane murmured. “It’s this town. It’s…special somehow. None of us really understand it.”

“None…of you?” Rowen’s pulse shuddered. “There are other…ghosts here?”

Bane nodded. “Yeah. At least one other, that I know of. Sebastian. But more will come. And it isn’t just ghosts…even the living people are different, some of them. They have…abilities.”

Rowen swallowed thickly. “Are they…dangerous?”

“There will always be good and bad people wherever you go,” Bane said. “But it’s nice here. I haven’t encountered any truly dangerous people.” Bane lifted off him and lay down beside him.

“Bane…” Rowen turned his head and looked at him. “How much of the Jerry story was true? Did you really live here, in this house, back in the 1900’s?”

Bane was silent a moment then shook his head. “No. Not that far back.” He looked at Rowen and smiled. “I just added that for effect. Sounded good. But I did live in this house and…” He shifted his stare to the ceiling. “I did die on Halloween night.” He glanced at Rowen with a quirk of his lips. “But I wasn’t a virgin. And I didn’t stalk virgin gay boys every Halloween since.”

“How did you…?”



Bane sighed. “I was ice skating on the pond at the edge of town,” he said. “I fell through the ice. I was by myself, no one there to help me. I didn’t make it out.”

Rowen trembled. “You must have been so scared,” he whispered.

“It happened so fast,” Bane said. “I didn’t really have time to be scared.” He looked at Rowen and smiled. “Which is a good thing.”

“Yeah, I…I suppose so,” Rowen nodded. He hoped it was the same for his parents –that everything happened too fast for them to register that they were about to die…and leave their children behind. The image of the sad boy from the painting drifted into his mind. “That painting downstairs…of the young boy. Who is he?”

Bane shook his head. “No one. Just a painting.” Something in his voice suggested otherwise, but Rowen didn’t have the stamina at the moment to question him further. He scooted closer and laid his head on Bane’s chest and traced his fingertips over the crests and valleys of Bane’s ab muscles. “Why didn’t Sean tell me about you?”

“Would you have believed him?”

Rowen thought about it a moment then shook his head. “Not a chance,” he smiled. “But why did you wait till tonight to reveal yourself?”

Bane chuckled softly. “What better night than Halloween…” he rolled over and kissed Rowen with warm passion. “To prove to you that there are such things as ghosts?



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