Prime Submission (Prime #4)

Prime Submission (Prime #4)

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Now living under the same roof, Rick and Hale have immediate access to one another, but being in such close quarters with Jake as well make it difficult to hide their intense attraction to one another – and their budding D/s roles in the bedroom. But they aren’t the only ones keeping secrets—Jake is hiding a secret or two of his own.


Now living under the same roof, Rick and Hale have immediate access to one another, but being in such close quarters with Jake as well make it difficult to hide their intense attraction to one another – and their budding D/s roles in the bedroom. But they aren’t the only ones keeping secrets—Jake is hiding a secret or two of his own.


Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



Jake Brigham hadn’t known from the very start—unlike Hale Cooper—that he had a taste for cock. It wasn’t until two weeks before graduation that he was consciously aware that he was gay. He suspected that some part of him—such as his dick—had always known. Somehow he had made it through high school, dated and fucked girls, without fully understanding who he was inside. For most of his teen years he had thought he was cursed with a low sex drive. Sure, he bragged a lot about his sexual endeavors to keep up appearances, but only a portion of that was steeped in truth. The “real” truth was—it had always been a struggle to ‘get it up’ when he was with a girl. He had managed, and didn’t leave them disappointed, but his orgasms felt weak and unfulfilling.

For whatever odd reason, he had never associated his prevalent hard-ons in the locker room to him being turned on by other guys. He did recall wishing he was that jacked up when he was on a date. It wasn’t until he walked in on Lloyd Laramie jerking off in the locker room shower that he became “enlightened”. There was no denying at that moment how fast his cock hardened and began to throb. So intense was it that he nearly came on the spot, his body instantly on fire as his eyes crawled lustfully all over Lloyd’s perfect physique—the baseball captain’s muscles contracting as one hand pressed firm against the wall and the other pumped his cock vigorously, his feet shoulder-width apart and tight ass cheeks flexing with each thrust of his hips as he fucked his fist. The sounds rolling up Lloyd’s throat, his quick breath—Jake had never heard anything so fucking stimulating.

Sweat beaded his skin and his own hand dropped to his crotch before he could really consider what he was doing. The white cotton towel around his waist tented over his rigid member and he began to massage himself. Except for Lloyd, the locker room was empty—the other guys having finished showering and dressing. Jake typically waited for it to clear out before he took his turn. He was modest enough that he preferred to shower privately. But that modesty abandoned him as he watched Lloyd getting off.

“Uuh! Fuck…” Lloyd gasped sharply and stroked himself faster, urgently. His head lifted and fell back, eyes squeezed tight and jaw clenched as hard breaths hissed between his teeth, billowing his cheeks in and out.

Oh my God! Jake thought wildly as he rubbed himself harder. His confusion was buried in beneath the burning need to come at the same time as Lloyd—it bordered on desperation. He swallowed hard as droplets of sweat rolled down his face and body, and his hand wrapped around his cock through the towel. He stifled his whimpers and pumped himself erratically. The towel dampened with cum juice and he leaned his shoulder against the hard tiled doorframe of the shower entrance and pressed his fevered brow against the hard surface. His eyes clamped shut and he bit his lip, almost gagging on the need to cry out.

It struck him suddenly that Lloyd had gone quiet—though he was sure the guy hadn’t come. He opened his eyes quickly and froze in panic. Lloyd remained in his stance, but now his head was turned, chin resting on his arm as he stared at Jake with an indiscernible expression on his face.

“Shit!” Jake choked fearfully and backed out of the entrance in a hurry. He practically ran to his locker and grabbed his clothes, hands shaking, knees weak, as he struggled to dress in a flash. He didn’t bother with his underwear, and as soon as his jeans slid up over his ass, he clutched his t-shirt in his hand and turned to run—colliding with Lloyd’s hard chest instead.

The guy’s wet, fevered skin was hot to the touch as Jake pushed off him and stumbled back, ducking his head, humiliated in having been caught. His confusion swept back over him as he tried to puzzle out why he’d gotten so cock-hard at the sight of Lloyd jacking off.

“I-I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice trembling. He avoided the baseball captain’s eyes. “I-I don’t know why I did that.”

“Seriously?” Lloyd murmured deeply. His breath puffed loudly through his nostrils. “You don’t know why?”

Jake shook his head without looking up. God, this was so fucking embarrassing. He’d never known Lloyd Laramie to be a prick, but what if he took it upon himself to tell others what happened here? Even a typically cool guy might not take it so well if another guy invaded his “personal” time and took the initiative to join in. Would Lloyd beat the shit out of him? Could he blame him if he did? Jake wasn’t small, but he was no match for Lloyd.

“Shit.” Lloyd laughed. “This is great.”

“Huh?” Jake frowned and raised his head.

“I’ve never witnessed an awakening before.”


“That moment when a ‘straight’ guy realizes for the first time that he’s more bent than he is straight.”

Jake stared at him, his mind refusing to compute what the guy was implying.

A short laugh huffed out of Lloyd. “When a guy finds out he’s gay, dude,” he clarified with a snort.

“Gay?” Jake’s frown deepened. “I’m not…”

Lloyd cocked an eyebrow and lowered his stare to Jake’s crotch where his jeans remained unfastened and his hard cock bulged partially through the open fly. Jake hurriedly closed up his pants as it occurred to him quite suddenly that Lloyd hadn’t bothered to grab a towel and was standing before him bare-ass naked—his fierce erection intact.

“When you get that hard over another guy…” Lloyd smirked. “Uh, yeah—odds are, you’re playing for the rainbow team.” When Jake didn’t answer, Lloyd chuckled. “You seriously had no clue? Isn’t your dad and your best friend gay? I would’ve thought your gaydar was fully operational.”

Jake turned his back to him and pulled on his shirt, his whole body shaking. How could he not know before now? Or maybe—this was an isolated incident? Just one of those flukes? It might never happen again.

“How the hell did you make it through puberty without figuring this out?” Lloyd wondered with genuine curiosity.

Jake shook his head silently and tugged on his shoes. His throat began to knot, causing his eyes to sting, and he didn’t understand that either. What the fuck was wrong with him?

“Hey…” Lloyd gripped his shoulder.

“Don’t!” Jake spun around, startling himself as well as Lloyd. His eyes swam and he backed away. “Just…leave me alone. I-I’m sorry about…” He swallowed. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

Lloyd stared at him, intrigued. “You really didn’t know?” He smiled. “Fuck, I knew before I hit my preteens.”

“What…” Jake’s eyes widened. “You’re…”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Lloyd grinned. He looked down at his hard member. “I’m standing here naked as a jay bird in front of the guy who was watching me—and I’m still hard as a rock.” He cleared his throat and raked his fingers through his wet hair, flicking water drops off the back of his head. “In fact, I think I might be even harder than I was a few minutes ago.”

Jake tried not to look, but his stare was like a flint of steel being pulled to a powerful magnet. Clear juice pushed out of the tip of Lloyd’s cock and drained down the underside of his shaft, other droplets collecting together, dripping off the head in an oozing string of cum drool. Jake swallowed again and was shocked when he was struck with the sudden urge to lick Lloyd’s cock clean. His cheeks flushed at the bold, raw thought.

“You’re blushing.” Lloyd laughed low. “That’s fucking cute…and hot.”


?  ?


“Do you remember what happened after that?” Lloyd grinned darkly and scraped his teeth down Jake’s bare skin, sliding over Jake’s thigh and crawling between his legs. He rubbed his palms along Jake’s hips and up his naked body as his grin widened and he flicked the head of Jake’s stiff cock with the tip of his tongue, making it twitch and quiver and harden a fraction more.

Jake shivered and smiled as Lloyd tilted his head lower and slowly licked up the underside of his shaft, using his full wet tongue. “Fuck…” Jake groaned. “I remember…not dropping to my knees and sucking you off.”

“Ah but you wanted to,” Lloyd murmured and snaked his tongue around the base of Jake’s dick and sucked his taut skin. “It was in your eyes…the way they burned with lust as you stared at my raging hard-on. I think you might have licked your lips, too, when you saw all that drool bubbling out of my cock.”

“I didn’t lick my lips.” Jake breathed with a chuckle and shifted his hips on the bed. But he did recall wanting to lick the guy’s dick clean. Surprisingly, Lloyd hadn’t made a move on him right then, even though the guy had to have been in agony needing to come. He’d played the “gentleman” instead, gotten dressed, then the two of them skipped the rest of their classes, had a few beers, and talked about this new reality Jake was ‘awakening’ to. Lloyd had understood that Jake was shaken by this unexpected turn of events, trying to process it in his mind…and his body. And he’d given him time to do so before approaching him as anything other than a friend.

“I think you did.” Lloyd lathered Jake’s shaft then gently nibbled the head.

“Mmm!” Jake flinched and smiled. Truth was—he and Lloyd had only started getting sexual about a month ago. It had taken Jake almost a year to come to terms with everything. He didn’t know why it had been such a difficult transition—he clearly had no issues with gays—nor could he understand why he had yet to tell his dad or Hale the truth. Of course they would be one hundred percent supportive, as he had been for them. And it bothered him that he continued to keep it a secret—from them and everyone else. Lloyd wasn’t “out” either. But he had a good reason. Jake didn’t.

Lloyd pushed his mouth down on Jake’s cock, slowly sucking him in deeper and deeper.

“Uuh…” Jake arched and grabbed Lloyd’s head. “Mmm…” He rocked his hips, dipping his dick into Lloyd’s throat again and again. “Fuck…that feels so good.”

His continued silence about his sexual preferences made no sense to him. He liked being gay, and wasn’t consumed with any desire to be ‘fixed’ so he could date girls. Lloyd drove him wild and he couldn’t imagine any girl affecting him to this degree. He certainly hadn’t had a girl suck him like Lloyd could—the guy could win the Cocksucker of the Year award, hands down.

“You taste so good.” Lloyd moaned as he pulled off him and blew warm breath down his wet shaft, causing a wonderful cool sensation. He reached for a pillow and tucked it under Jake’s hips, elevating his ass, then ran his thumbs between Jake’s firm cheeks and spread him open as Jake drew his legs up toward his chest. Lloyd massaged spit into his hole with the pad of his thumb, causing it to flex with anticipation. He flinched pleasantly when Lloyd probed his entrance with his tongue, plunging the tip in and out.

“Fuck!” Jake gasped and hugged his legs tighter to his chest. A tight whimper followed as Lloyd inserted a wet finger, found his magic spot, and worked him as he stroked Jake’s cock in his fist and engulfed his full balls in his mouth, sucking hard. “Uuh! God!”

Lloyd had a strong tongue and knew how to use it, massaging and sucking Jake’s balls as his lips tightened and tugged them away from his body a little. Jake gave a small buck of his hips and cried out. Pre-cum trickled down his shaft, caught by Lloyd’s hand and used as lube to slick his cock.

“Holy fuck…” Jake choked and dug his short nails into the back of his thighs as the tension in his body mounted, his orgasm burning through him. “Oh fuck…I’m gonna come…Uuuhh!

Lloyd released all parts of him and sat up on his heels. His face was flushed and his eyes burned with passion and lust as his chest heaved with erratic breath. He grabbed the bottle of lube off the stand and squirted a generous amount into his palm, used half to coat his dick, the other half to lather Jake’s cock. Jake let his feet drop to the bed as Lloyd covered his body and wrapped his hand around both their slick shafts, squeezing them together. His other hand went under Jake’s head and he pulled him into a hard kiss as they began to thrust their cocks through Lloyd’s fist.

“Oh my God!” Jake broke from the kiss, gasping loudly. His hips lifted urgently, raking his dick against Lloyd’s solid shaft. “Oh fuck—I wanna come!”

“Uuh—Come!” Lloyd gripped the back of his neck tensely, his body straining, hips pumping furiously. “I’m there—Fuuuck!”

Warm, thick cum shot out of Lloyd seconds before Jake released. “Fuck! Ahhh!” His body contorted as the orgasm twisted through him and he fucked Lloyd’s hand wildly, erratically, gasping hard as he emptied himself onto both of them, his cum mixing with Lloyd’s and oozing down their sweat slick skin.

Fuck!” Lloyd exhaled hard and collapsed next to Jake, half draped over Jake’s wet, hot body. He pushed his face into Jake’s neck and panted heavily, his breath scalding. “Shit.” He kissed Jake’s neck, his collar bone, all over his throat, and finally his mouth. “Jake.” His voice shook a little and he swallowed thickly as he tried to catch his breath. “I want to fuck you so bad, baby. It’s all I think about lately. I can’t help it.”

Nodding slowly, Jake’s breath surged through his nostrils. “I know…me, too.”

“I’m not trying to rush you,” Lloyd panted and laid his head on Jake’s shoulder. “I just want to be with you…completely. You know? Sometimes I think I’ll lose my mind, I want to make love to you so bad.” He lifted his head and ran his hand through Jake’s damp hair and kissed the curve of his jaw. “But you’re worth the wait.” He smiled. “If I didn’t think so, I’d have been long gone by now. And besides…” He leaned closer and kissed Jake on the mouth again. “You never deny me your delicious mouth or skillful hands. Two out of three ain’t bad.” He sucked Jake’s lips. “For now, anyway.” He chuckled, and Jake laughed.

Lloyd Laramie was definitely a keeper.




A week living under the same roof with Rick—and trying to conceal his feelings from Jake—was both exciting and exhausting for Hale. He had to admit, though, it made for some crazy wild sex when he and Rick could grab time alone together. Even so, sharing a house with Jake continually reminded him that he was keeping a huge secret from his best friend. Jake would never do that—hide something so important from Hale. But how the hell did a guy confess to his best friend that he was fucking his dad?

Hale sighed as he stepped through the front door, passed through the short entryway and glanced into the kitchen on his way by. The room was empty. Neither Rick nor Jake’s cars were outside. Hale looked at his watch. Rick would be home from work soon, and Jake…well, he wasn’t predictable these days. Since he started dating “Vicky”, he was always running off at odd times whenever she called or messaged him. Hale had never seen his friend this hung up on a girl before. And if she really was imaginary, Hale didn’t know where the hell Jake went when he took off.

At first, he was just fucking with Jake about her not being real, but he was beginning to wonder. It seemed very odd that Hale hadn’t met her even once. Yet Lloyd Laramie had, and surely others. Did Jake really think Hale was so “unpresentable” that he wouldn’t even introduce him to his girlfriend? How was he any different from Lloyd? Or even Jake himself? Maybe he should have gone to the bonfire last week to see if she actually showed up. Hale paused mentally and replayed that night with Rick through his mind. No…that night was far too important to wish it undone simply to meet an elusive girl.

That had been the night he and Rick had truly “made love”, freeing their hearts as well as their bodies.

Hale smiled and walked down the hall. He was still on an emotional high from Rick’s declaration—This is what I want. You. Just you. All of it was still sinking in and this was a sweet process, coming to the full realization that the man of his dreams loved him. Love. He repeated the word over and over in his head, and it tasted better each time. On occasions, he’d had a guy tell him he loved him, even said it back once or twice. But it hadn’t been love, not really. Mostly chemistry and infatuation and lust. There was something overwhelming about being loved by a mature man. It filled him with warmth and safety…and excitement—especially when that man knew exactly what Hale wanted and needed, and gave it to him without question or hesitation.

He checked his watch again as he opened his bedroom door. Rick had been on his mind all day. They usually had their mornings together, on account of Jake’s early classes, but this morning suddenly felt like eons ago.

Hale stopped short as he entered his room. A medium, oblong box had been placed on the center of his bed, wrapped in metallic blue paper with a silver ribbon. He closed the door slowly and approached the bed. A small sealed envelope was tucked under the edge of the bow with Hale’s name on the front. He opened it and slid out a plain white card with embossed borders and a short message in decorative gold lettering.

‘Prepare yourself for me—but do not touch what is mine.’ Signed—‘Your Master.’

“Master.” Hale loved the flavor of that word as well. He smiled and unwrapped the box, his cock already throbbing before he even got it open. When he lifted the top off, his pulse staggered and dick jumped against the crotch of his jeans. Inside the box was an array of “toys” that he and Rick had picked out together in one of the online stores hardly a week ago. Rick must have chosen express shipping for it to have gotten here so soon.

Reaching inside, Hale picked up a black leather collar with silver studs and small O-rings on the front and back. Within the contents of the box was a chain leash as well. Hale took it out then walked over to the square mirror hanging on his wall. He stared at his reflection and wrapped the collar around his neck, fastened it, then clipped the leash to the front. The corner of his mouth quirked. He rotated his head. The collar was snug, even a little tight, but that was good. It made him feel restrained, under control.

His cock began to pulse as he gave the leash a firm tug. “Fuck, yeah,” he whispered and yanked a little harder while resisting the force. He returned to the box and took out a pair of matching studded leather cuffs with ring attachments for overhead suspension or whatever his master chose to secure him to.

He discovered a strip of leather with clips at both ends—one to attach to the back of the collar and the other to attach to the cuffs, restraining his arms behind his back.

Shit, I’m so fucking hard right now. He glanced down to confirm that thought and smiled at the prominent tent in the towel. He tugged the towel off and dropped it to the floor, started to grab himself then halted as his Master’s command—Do not touch what is mine—came back at him. Rick knew this would get him good and hard, and he wanted it all for himself when he got home. Hale was certain that his Master also understood the sexual agony Hale would suffer being so jacked up and having to wait for even a simple hand job.

The thought of suffering stimulated his senses to a greater degree. He could touch himself and never be found out, but his Master commanded his abstinence. And Hale would always obey.

He began sifting through the remainder of the contents, discovering some interesting items that Rick had apparently picked out on his own, because Hale didn’t recall looking at them online. He picked up the leather mask—which matched the collar—black with silver studs along the sides and small silver rivet holes for breathing. It covered the entire bottom half of the face. A hard throb twitched Hale’s member as a single drop of seminal juice seeped through the groove beneath his cock head, then dripped to the floor.

Quivering sensations tingled through his body as he ran his fingertips and palm lightly over the studded leather. He returned to the mirror and put the mask on, fastening it securely. Both the mask and the collar were equipped for small padlocks, ensuring the slave could not remove the items themselves.

Hale’s breath puffed through his nostrils, heating the inside of the mask, sifting out through the tiny silver holes, as he stared at his reflection. His deep blue eyes stared back and in them he discovered something that had never been there before.





Rick swore he felt it in his soul and body the moment Hale wrapped the collar around his neck. There was no rational foundation to this…sensation…and it was surely all in his head. Hale had displayed a special fondness for the collar, so it naturally made sense that it would be the first thing he tested. Knowing approximately when Hale would be home was more likely the cause behind the feeling of spiritual connection. Rick was merely excited as he imagined Hale with his box full of toys.

Yet he clung to the notion—if only momentarily—that they had somehow bonded on a cosmic level. It made everything so much more erotic. Not that he needed added “eroticism” between them; the kid was already rocking Rick’s world on its axis.

When he arrived home thirty minutes later, Hale’s car was the one parked in the drive. Inside the house, Rick sensed a sexual static in the air that strengthened his current growing erection. He didn’t pause at the kitchen to grab a cold drink, but went straight to his bedroom. The door was closed and Hale’s presence within was like a raging force pulling at him.

Rick took a deep breath then opened the door. The vision on his bed nearly blew his heart from his chest, yet he maintained his poise and composure, moving slow and casual as he entered the room, his eyes locked on Hale. He closed the door behind him, locking it without averting his attention from the young man.

Hale rose up on his knees—with some effort—and lowered his eyes in submission and respect, waiting for Rick to speak first, and perhaps give him permission to speak as well. Rick remained silent and moved to the end of the bed, surveying the boy. Had Hale looked at his face just now, he would have detected Rick’s pleased expression, though he kept it mostly veiled. Inside, he was going crazy—and would have to learn to control himself as well as Hale.

His gaze traveled down the young man’s body, beginning at his head. He wore the leather mask, which muted his mouth, and the collar. The chain leash was attached and hung loose in front of him. His hands were secured behind his back with the leather cuffs and he wore the black leather harness Rick had chosen, along with the black leather G-string—the crotch a woven leather cage that provided a glimpse of Hale’s confined erection and bulged around his hardened muscle. A trickle of wetness seeped through and glossed a small portion of the leather.

Rick stood at the foot of the bed and clasped his hands loosely behind his back. “Did you touch yourself?”

Hale shook his head.

“Close your eyes.”

Hale obeyed. Rick placed one knee on the bed and reached out, flattening his palm on Hale’s chest. As he applied pressure, the boy sank down against his heels and slowly leaned back, submitting to Rick’s silent command, until he was nearly lying down flat. His thigh muscles strained as they stretched and pulled. Rick wound the chain leash around his hand and gripped it in his fist up close to the collar and dragged Hale’s head forward. The kid held his eyes closed, unwilling to open them until he was given permission to do so.

“You are well-mannered,” Rick murmured with a gentle yet firm tone. His lips grazed the face mask as he held pressure on the leash. “Listen to me always, and I will take care of you. Do you understand?”

Hale nodded, a tremor running through him. Wetness glistened at the corners of his eyes and a single tear seeped through his lashes, sliding slowly down his temple. Rick kissed it away then pressed his lips to the boy’s closed eyes, one then the other. His gaze shifted to the nightstand where the key to the cuffs had been placed alongside a small flogger.

“Do you trust me?”

Hale nodded again.

“Turn around.” The boy complied and Rick retrieved the key, unlocked the cuffs and removed them, then re-cuffed him with his hands in the front of him. “Lean forward, hands against the wall.” This caused Hale’s ass to arch upward to Rick just a bit. Rick traced the thin leather “string” with a single fingertip, down between Hale’s ass cheeks. The kid shivered with pleasure. Picking up the flogger, Rick rose up on his knees and dragged the leather “tails” lightly down Hale’s back. The boy’s skin prickled and his body tensed as his breath puffed a little louder against the inside of the mask. Rick rubbed his free hand up Hale’s back then down again and over his ass, caressing his firm yet wonderfully soft cheeks. He massaged each side—then gently spanked him without warning.

Hale flinched, startled, and whimpered.

Too many opposing elements would force Rick to cut this session short, though he desired much time to play out this scene. Jake could arrive home at any given moment. And Rick’s own throbbing erection wasn’t going to allow for prolonged play before he would have to empty himself.




Hale shivered as Rick continued to graze his back and ass with the tails of the small handheld whip. His eyes were still closed and his arms were beginning to ache as he pushed the weight of his body against his hands, but he barely noticed the mild discomfort. His excitement and sexual high took precedence, his body in a perpetual state of tension as he anticipated the sting of the leather whip with which his Master taunted and teased him. His cock throbbed in its leather cage, swelling thicker and harder, straining against the woven leather crotch of the G-String.

Every now and then, Rick ran his finger down the leather strip between his ass cheeks, massaging his hole through the material. He wanted to beg his Master to fuck him, but it wasn’t his place to decide when or where.

His face dampened with sweat and condensation from his quick, unsteady breath inside the mask. But though it fit snug to his face, he was able to breathe without effort.

Rick leaned against him as he reached around and unsnapped the leash from the front O-ring of the collar and switched it to the rear. Hale shuddered when the man’s bulging crotch pushed against his ass for a brief moment. He was still fully dressed in the suit he had worn to work—yet about to burst out of his pants. It heightened Hale’s sexual excitement how quickly and perfectly Rick accepted his role…and what a wonderful Master he was, even though he was only just beginning to venture into this much coveted sexual lifestyle. Once he was a fully experienced Dominant, Hale had no doubt that Rick would set an entirely new standard for other Doms to aspire to.

Using the leash, Rick urged Hale into an upright position. “Move forward.” He touched the back of Hale’s right thigh. “Up against the wall. Hands stretched above your head.” Rick moved the pillows so Hale could follow his orders as he scooted forward on his knees until his chest touched the cool surface of the wall at the head of the bed. Rick tugged on the collar, drawing Hale’s head back a fraction, tilting his face upward as his hands slid up the wall, stretching his arms out as straight as possible with his wrists being shackled.

Hale’s pulse quickened, his body burning with sexual fire as his crotch rubbed against the wall, causing his cock to jump and throb and ache. He was inclined to rock his hips forward but resisted; his Master was the only one allowed to bring him sexual pleasure and, ultimately, to orgasm.

“Your previous master…” he nearly spit the word out, drenched in distaste. “…was not a Dominant, but a domineer.” His mouth was close to Hale’s ear. “He was reckless and lacked control, thus—dangerous.” He stroked the handle of the flogger along Hale’s ribs. “Did he whip you?”

Hale nodded.

“With what?” he asked. “Speak and answer my question.”

“A belt.” Hale’s voice was muffled inside the mask. The first sting of the belt had felt good, but the guy’s aim was haphazard, striking him all over, and as his sexual hunger swelled out of control—the force of his swings increased, harder and harder, leaving small welts on Hale’s body. It would have been worse if he hadn’t come and lost his sexual high. Hale’s pleas for him to stop had gone ignored.

“He hurt you.”


“I ask you again,” Rick said. “Do you trust me?”

Hale swallowed, emotion squeezing his chest and throat. “I do.”

“We will only experiment today,” Rick murmured. “Time is of the essence.” He moved away from Hale and peeled off his suit jacket then removed his shirt and tie. As far as Hale could ‘hear’ he didn’t remove his pants just yet.

Silence thickened the air for a brief moment—then he was struck with the whip. Not hard, though a wonderful sting snapped through his body as the leather tails connected with the center of his back. He sucked in a sharp breath and trembled with an explosion of pleasure.

Again! Please!

His silent plea was granted and he gasped, his fingers gripping the wall as his body strained and pushed against the vertical surface. He squeezed his eyes tighter as tears began to seep out as his excitement surged his emotions. His Master maintained a firm grip on the leash, tugged to the side, keeping his head tilted slightly back, though not so much that he was in danger of striking Hale in the head with the whip.

Another lash in the same spot and Hale nearly came as his sexual stimulation skyrocketed through the roof. Another strike and he couldn’t keep quiet, his cry of sheer pleasure pushing through the leather mask. Rick’s breath puffed erratically off his lips and Hale could feel the man’s sexual energy racing up the chain leash, through the collar and into Hale himself. His balls tightened and churned with cum, his cock pulsing, throbbing, dripping cum juice through the woven crotch of the G-String underwear.

The flogger struck him again and he choked on a sob of sexual anguish, the biting sting of the whip setting him on fire—bringing his soul to life.




The transformation that took place in Hale from the first strike of the whip left Rick in exhilarated awe. The “spiritual” bond he’d sensed earlier, before arriving home, now surged through every facet of his being with consuming force. Though he and Hale weren’t touching in body, they were more connected now than the first time they had fucked.

He watched as the tears rolled down Hale’s temples and into his thick, soft hair…listened to his cries of pleasure as Rick brought the whip down with controlled force and aim. He shifted his stance slightly and his next swing slapped the leather tails across Hale’s ass cheeks.

“Uuh!” Hale’s body jerked and he shoved harder against the wall, his hips pressing tight. The young man was close to coming. So was Rick.

He watched Hale’s perfect buttocks stripe red with each lash of the whip, the flush fading only to reappear with the next strike. Rick’s cock thumped inside his pants, dampening his crotch as his juices flowed stronger each time he flogged the boy. He knew Hale didn’t want this to end, not yet—neither did Rick—but he had to move on.

Rick was trembling as he dropped the flogger on the bed and moved up close to Hale. He rubbed his hands over the areas the whip had struck, caressing the lightly reddened skin. He cupped Hale’s fevered ass, massaged his cheeks, then regained a grip on the leash as he buried his fingers in the boy’s ass, working past the leather ‘string’ and plunging two digits deep inside.

Fuck…” Hale choked inside the mask, his body shaking.

Seeking out his prostate, Rick began to firmly massage him until Hale was writhing and whimpering and gasping. Rick let loose of the leash and reached around in front of Hale, cupping his rock hard cock. Hale instinctively pushed into his hand, silently begging for release.

“Not yet.” Without removing his fingers from his ass, Rick used his other hand to work the underwear off Hale’s hips and down enough to free his raging hard-on. His cock was drenched with precum, and pulsing. Rick rubbed his hand along Hale’s inner thigh and up close to the base of his cock, brushing against his heavy, tight balls. Hale whimpered and panted. “Open your eyes.”

Hale’s eyelids fluttered and thicker tears drained out as he stared up the side of the wall.

Rick tormented the kid’s prostate as the boy’s body jerked and spasmed, milky droplets pushing from the tip of his cock. “Don’t come,” Rick order quietly, and stroked his sensitive spot a couple more times, then withdrew. Hale shuddered hard, deep gasps pushing up his throat. Rick unfastened his own pants then removed the mask from Hale’s face, but left the collar intact. He brushed his lips up the back of Hale’s neck, causing shivers to race down the boy’s body and prickle his skin. “I’m going to fuck you till you come,” he whispered into his hair. “But you will not touch yourself or aid in any way. You must submit your body and mind to my cock—only then will you find release.”

Nodding unsteadily, Hale swallowed and his breaths grew deeper and shorter.

Rick shoved down the front of his pants and freed his stiff cock—also wet and sticky with seminal fluids. He retrieved a bottle of lube from the nightstand drawer and generously slicked his dick and Hale’s hole. One hand rubbed up Hale’s back and his fingers slipped under the collar, gripping it in a tight fist. His other hand directed his cock to the young man’s willing ass—and squeezed inside in one long steady push.

Uuh!” Hale cried out and shoved back a little to take his Master’s rod all the way in to the hilt. “Fuck…” Hale shuddered.

Once buried in his slave, Rick reached around in front of Hale with his free hand and clutched the harness, squeezing his fists tighter on both the harness and collar, locking Hale in place and pinning him against the wall. His elbow and forearm pressed firmly into Hale’s back, his knuckles whitening as he clenched the collar and began to thrust his slippery cock into the young man’s lubricated hole.

He administered controlled, long strokes, grinding extra deep with each inward thrust. The boy’s cries and moans rose higher, louder as Rick assaulted his prostate with the plump head of his cock. The tremor in Hale’s body was a plea for Rick to fuck him harder, faster, but fighting his own will to do so—Rick refused to give in.

“Feel your Master’s thick cock, little slave,” Rick panted. “Sliding in…out…” He rocked his hips slowly, bumping Hale’s flexed ass cheeks, the wet stroking drifting up to his ears, making him harder. “You’re going to come for me—for my cock. He is your Master as well. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Hale choked out. His rigid cock was pressed against the wall, tilted downward and draining fluids.

Rick pumped a fraction harder, knocking Hale lightly against the wall—again and again. The boy whimpered and choked on agonized sobs. His need to come was beyond anything he’d ever experienced before—Rick could feel it in his tense and strained body.

He tightened his hold on the collar and harness, and fucked him a little harder. “Yes…” he grunted. “Come for me, my little bitch slave.” He thrust with added force, burying himself deep, fucking and grinding until he was panting and gasping and pounding his cock urgently into Hale’s ass. “Uuh!” he growled tightly, breath hissing. “Take it!”

Hale bounced his ass wildly on Rick’s cock, his limited range of motion allowing only tiny thrusts, but they were eager and erratic, smacking his ass against Rick’s pelvis as Rick fucked him furiously.

“Oh fuck!” Hale yelled brokenly. “Uh-Uh-Uh! Fuu-uuh-uuck!!” His body jerked hard and cum shot from his cock, squirting down the wall—a thick, heavy load that kept coming, pumping out of him.

“Yes—fuck!” Rick crushed Hale against the wall and slammed into him fiercely, drilling his ass as he burst inside him, coming so hard it sucked the air from his lungs and speckled his vision with black spots. “Uuuhh!”

If just a trial run alone did this to them—what the hell would a full-on session do?




“I wish I could wear it all the time,” Hale admitted wistfully when Rick removed the collar. They were dressed and Rick was storing the toys away in a small lockable trunk that he would keep in the back of his closet. “I like how it makes me feel.” He rubbed his hands up Rick’s chest and kissed his throat. “Like I belong to you in every way.”

“I want you to.” Rick cupped his head and kissed his mouth.

“I do,” Hale breathed. “It’s common for a sub to wear their Dom’s collar. In the BDSM community, it’s a lot like a wedding band. I don’t think it’s usually given this early on, but…” he sighed and slipped his arms around Rick. “I would wear yours.” He looked up and gazed into Rick’s eyes. “You’re my Master and I never want to be free of you. I know that much right here, right now.”

“I don’t ever want you to leave me,” Rick whispered and stroked his face. “The giving of such a collar, though…isn’t it performed in a special ceremony, similar to a wedding? I would want it to be special for us.”

Hale drew back a little and smiled. “You know about that?”

“I’ve been…educating myself,” Rick said. He ran his fingers through Hale’s long, dark strands. “If we’re going to do this, we need to do it right. And I need to know how far you want to take it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you just want to implement a few things into our sex life, or do you want the full-on D/s relationship.”

There was no guessing which one Rick wanted; it was there in his eyes. But then, hadn’t they pretty much just said it all? “I told you I would wear your collar,” Hale murmured. “I want it all.”

Rick sighed and smiled. “I want it all, as well. But like I said, we need to do it right, educate ourselves.” He touched a fingertip to Hale’s chin and lifted his face, kissing him deeply. “I want you to be safe, at all times. And to feel safe. I won’t perform any act unless I know what the hell I am doing. If I fucked up and hurt you, I would never forgive myself.”

“That’s why I trust you,” Hale whispered and hugged him. “Because you have the heart and mind of a true Dom.” He leaned back and kissed him softly on the lips. “A loving Master.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Rick urged Hale onto his lap and held him close. “If we’re taking this all the way,” he said softly. “We won’t be able to keep our feelings a secret. What we did here today…I swear it felt like our souls fused.” He kissed Hale’s throat. “I can’t so much as hear or say your name and pretend I don’t have these incredible feelings for you. There’s just no way. And I don’t feel right about keeping this from Jake. We have always been honest with each other.”

“Yeah,” Hale whispered. “Jake and I have, too.”

“I can talk to him.” Rick kissed him softly. “It’s my responsibility.”

Hale leaned back and looked at him. “Why is it your responsibility? He’s my best friend. I should have been honest with him as well.”

Lifting Hale off his lap, Rick stood up. He slid his thumb gently along Hale’s jawline and cupped his neck. “I’m the master.” He kissed him. “It’s my place to make sure this relationship is secure.”

Warmth rushed through Hale. He had hoped that Rick would accept his Master role in all areas of their lives, not just their sexual relationship. Still, telling Jake the truth felt like something they should do together. Hale sighed and nodded. “I understand. But if it’s acceptable to you, I would like to be there when you talk to him.”

Rick gazed at him a moment, then smiled. “Of course.” He kissed his head. “Wait right here.”

Remaining stationary, Hale watched him walk to the bureau and open one of the upper drawers. He took out a small polished wooden box, placed it on the bureau and lifted off the top. Rick retrieved something from inside and returned to Hale.

“My mother gave this to my dad on their wedding night.” He held up the gold chain necklace, from which hung a small, golden Master key. “She said she chose a Master key because there was no part of her, who she was, that she wanted to lock away…and if she ever tried, then this key would override the lock and he could get in…and remind her that she had nothing to fear from him, that he would always love her no matter what.” Rick’s throat worked a little as his eyes glistened. “My mom had a lot of fears, insecurities…but she loved my dad enough to never want to be able to hide from his love. She wanted to make sure he could always find her…get to her…regardless of how scared or insecure she felt.”

Hale pressed his lips tight as an ache squeezed his throat.

“She passed away before I reached my teens,” he whispered. “And I never saw my dad take it off, even once, until the day he died.” He cleared his throat. “I was eighteen when he passed. The night he died, he took off the necklace and gave it to me. He made me promise that I wouldn’t give it away unless I knew for certain that the person I gave it to was the one true love of my life.” He gazed into Hale’s eyes. “I cared for Jake’s mother, but when we met, I was a very confused young man with conflicting feelings and emotions. By the time I accepted that I was gay, she was pregnant with Jake and I refused to walk away from that. I wanted to be a part of my child’s life. I was honest with her about myself, and we did get married, but we couldn’t give each other what we needed. She had dreams she longed to fulfil and when Jake was three, I let her go. Leaving her son wasn’t easy for her, but she promised to visit him regularly, still be a part of his life. And she did, for a while. Around the time he was seven or eight, her visits were reduced to phone calls, and soon after, they pretty much stopped as well. Now, she calls on holidays and his birthday, but she hasn’t visited him in years.”

Hale had known very little about Jake’s mom. And had never met her. In all the time he’d known Jake, the guy hadn’t said more than two sentences about her, though he didn’t appear bitter. Hale was certain that he just didn’t think about her.

“I’m sorry,” Rick murmured. “I didn’t mean for all that to come out. All I really meant to say was that she obviously wasn’t my one true love. We had just gotten together when my dad got sick and passed away. He knew I was gay and never mentioned her when he gave me the necklace, except to stress that it should go to my true love. It never once crossed my mind to give it to her.”

Quiet tremors rocked Hale’s heart as Rick lowered his eyes to the necklace and unfastened the clasp, then met Hale’s stare.

“Turn around,” Rick whispered. Tears blurred Hale’s vision as he obeyed and Rick drew the necklace around his neck, drawing it up snug against his throat, refastening the chain. Rick brushed his lips over Hale’s ear and rubbed his hands down his arms. “I am your Master…and this necklace—this key—you will wear as a declaration that you are mine.” He kissed his neck softly. “My possession.” His arms wrapped around Hale and drew him back against his chest as he pressed his lips to his hair. “My love.”

They had hardly dipped their toes into the deep waters of the BDSM lifestyle, yet even without set boundaries laid down…Hale knew this was right. That from this day forward, he would desire to be bound—to submit—to no other than this man.

He fingered the key and his heart began to pound as Rick held him in his arms.

My Master.


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