Prime Preference (Prime #5)

Prime Preference (Prime #5)

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Rick and Hale tentatively delve into their new relationship, growing more comfortable and confident in the roles that seem come to them naturally. Jake makes a life-changing decision to finally be open and honest with his dad and Hale.


Rick and Hale tentatively delve into their new relationship, growing more comfortable and confident in the roles that seem come to them naturally. Jake makes a life-changing decision to finally be open and honest with his dad and Hale.


Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



Jake arrived home and entered the kitchen just shy of six o’clock to find his dad and Hale well into preparing dinner. He smiled and went to the fridge, grabbing a soda. “Well, dad…” Jake opened the can and took a drink as he leaned against the refrigerator. “You’ve done the impossible.”

“What’s that?” Rick grinned. There was something different about him these days. Definitely more relaxed and almost perpetually in a very good mood.

“I believe you’re actually domesticating Hale.” Jake snickered. “Didn’t think I’d live to see the day.”

“I’m just helping with dinner.” Hale scowled. “Some people don’t mind lending a hand.”

“I help,” Jake chuckled. “It’s just, lately, I’ve been…preoccupied.”

“With Vicky.” His dad winked at him.

Hale snorted. “There’s no Vicky.”

“Let it go.” Jake laughed. “She’s not imaginary, for crying out loud.”

Hale glanced across the kitchen island at Rick and chuckled.

“Don’t infect my dad with your delusions.”

Rick scooped chopped vegetables into a large salad bowl. “We’re making plenty.” He glanced at Jake. “Why don’t you invite her over for dinner?” His eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Yeah, invite her over,” Hale quipped.

Jake shook his head and downed more soda. “Maybe some other night,” he smiled. “Not tonight.” He watched the two men…so comfortable in their identities, at ease with who they were inside and out…and felt envious. He didn’t understand his reluctance to tell them the truth—or even to tell it to everyone. He had never put stock in the negative opinions of bigoted assholes. It wasn’t about being “persecuted” that held him back. He just didn’t know what the fuck it was. But more and more lately, the secret seemed to be forging a gap between him and his dad, and Hale. At least that’s how it felt to Jake.

He pushed away from the fridge and stepped over to the island. “So what are you making for dinner?”

“Lasagna and salad,” Hale answered.

“Any dessert?”

Hale grinned and wriggled his eyebrows. “Something with whipped cream.”

“What’s the something?”

Laughing, Hale shrugged. “Don’t know. You have to provide your own something.” He looked at Jake. “Like Vicky.”

Jake groaned and his dad laughed. “He is what he is, son. You just got to accept it.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured that out years ago.” Jake laughed low. He cocked his head and eyed Hale’s necklace. “What’s this?” He reached out and teased the gold key. “I’ve never seen you wear this before. Something new?”

Hale tensed a little, then nodded. “Yeah.”

“What’s with the key?”

Shrugging, Hale cast a quick glance at Rick. “I just thought it was cool.” Hale absently fingered the key—almost affectionately.


“It seems like you’re hardly ever home anymore,” his dad said. “I’ve never known you to spend this much time with your previous girlfriends. You and Vicky getting serious?”

Guilt riddled Jake. “Maybe. But it’s all still new. You know how it is, when a relationship is fresh and new, you can’t get enough of the other person.” He and Lloyd had been close since that day in the locker room, but their actual romantic relationship had just started a few weeks ago. Jake was pretty sure it was serious, and felt that Lloyd was as committed as him. Maybe in reality, they had been falling in love from the moment they learned the truth about each other.

“Yeah,” Rick murmured and smiled. “I’ve been there. It feels like you need to be close to them, even more than you need air to breathe.”

Jake gazed at him as his dad met his eyes. “Exactly,” Jake said quietly.

His lips pursing, Hale looked at Jake. “Aw is our wittle Jakey wakey in wuv?”

Rick shook his head and chuckled.

“You know.” Jake narrowed his eyes at his best friend, dark amusement in his stare. “I can’t wait for you to fall in love.” He poked him in the arm. “I am going to fucking torture you.”

“If I’m in love with the right person. Hale smirked. “They’ll do it for you.” He laughed.

Jake rolled his eyes and looked at his dad. “Are you sure you want this little freak living under your roof? Roaming around freely and unsupervised in the dark hours of the night?” He grinned. “You might want to lock your door. I know I’m going to from now on.”

Casting Rick an exaggerated flirty look, Hale cooed, “I’ve always wanted to sample the flavor of an older man. Nom-nom.”

“Shit.” Jake laughed as his dad just chuckled quietly and continued to add to the salad. “I’m gonna go change.” Jake cocked an eyebrow at his dad and moved toward the doorway. “Watch your back when you’re alone with him.”

Rick saluted and laughed softly.




“Watch your back?” Hale looked at Rick inquisitively and grinned. “As I recall, it was my back taking a lashing.” He circled around the island and pushed up close to Rick, flicking his tongue against his throat.

“Did you like it?” Rick’s breath quickened as Hale licked up over his Adam’s apple.

“Fuck yes.” Hale moaned and nipped his skin. “Shit, just thinking about it is making me hard.”

“I don’t know if I did it right,” Rick admitted with a note concern.

Hale smiled, his brow pinching. “What’re you talking about? It blew my fucking mind. And besides…” He sighed and pushed his hands under Rick’s shirt, caressing his stomach, up to his chest. “Practice makes perfect. What we don’t know, we’ll figure out. Like you said, we’ll educate ourselves. But as far as what we did today…” He groaned deeply and nuzzled Rick’s throat. “Fuuuck, I’ve never been so turned on in my life. It felt out of this fucking world amazing.” He kissed Rick’s neck. “You were perfect. Everything you did, it was just…perfect.”

Rick relaxed and kissed his mouth. “I’m glad. It makes me feel better. Causing you unpleasant pain is not an option for me.”

“Trust me,” Hale grinned against his lips. “There was nothing unpleasant about today. And I can’t wait to do it again…and again.” His hands rubbed around to Rick’s back then lower to cover his ass. “There are so many things I want to do with you…that I want you to do to me.” He smiled. “Does that make me a freak, like Jake implied?”

Laughing softly, Rick kissed him. “If so, then I’m one, too. Because I’ve never been more turned on than I was today, either.”

“Do we need serious psycho-therapy?”

Rick chuckled. “No.” He pushed his hands into Hale’s hair and kissed him deeply. “I think we’re actually pretty normal. A lot of people enjoy this kind of thing.”

“Normal.” Hale sighed. “I don’t want to be boring old normal.”

“Boring?” Rick laughed. “Baby, you are anything but boring.” He pulled Hale tighter against him and raked his teeth over his earlobe. “Boring boys don’t make me come so hard I nearly pass out.”

“Good to know,” Hale whispered and squeezed his ass. He rested his brow against Rick’s shoulder. “When we tell Jake about us…are we going to tell him everything?”

Clearing his throat, Rick touched his lips to Hale’s hair and wrapped his arms around him. “No,” he murmured. “This…other…is just for us. And not everyone can understand it. As long as we’re honest with Jake about our feelings for each other, we’re allowed to keep other aspects of our relationship private.”

Whether or not Jake would understand it and accept this part of them wasn’t really the issue for Rick. Keeping it just for themselves somehow made it more special, more intimate and…spiritual. Had someone asked Rick to explain, he wouldn’t know how. It wasn’t something to be expressed with words. It was felt—deep within heart, body, and soul—and had to be experienced to be truly understood.




Most nights, Jake and his dad ate dinner in the living room while watching a movie. Nothing in their routine changed after Hale moved in. In fact, it wasn’t really any different now than before—as Hale had often eaten dinner with them.

Jake was having to make the effort in cleaning his plate on this night. The food tasted great, but his stomach was twisted in knots. It was time to be honest with his dad and Hale, and though he knew his anxieties were irrational and unwarranted, they remained present and strong.

“You feel okay, son?” His dad was looking at him from where he sat in the easy chair.

“Hm?” Jake shrugged and nodded. “Yeah,” he mumbled and set his plate on the coffee table. “I just have some stuff on my mind. Guess it’s killing my appetite.”

“What kind of stuff?” Rick asked. “You want to talk about it?”

Hale sat on the sofa with Jake, at the far end, eating his dinner as his eyes jumped back and forth between the TV and Jake.

“Uh…” Jake released a slow breath. “Maybe…” His anxiety mounted as his courage fled. “But not right now. Maybe later.”

“Want me to leave so you can talk in private?” Hale asked with genuine sincerity. He smiled. “I know how to entertain myself alone in my bedroom.”

Jake chuckled. “I’ve no doubt.” He shook his head. “No, I don’t really feel like talking about it.”

“Everything okay with you and Vicky?” Hale asked.

“What part of ‘I don’t feel like talking about it’ don’t you understand?” Jake cocked an eyebrow.

Hale nodded. “So it is about the elusive Vicky.”

Groaning, Jake muttered, “No, it isn’t. I mean, sort of, but not directly.”

“Well, that wasn’t vague and confusing at all.” Hale smiled.

“Hale.” Rick looked at the younger man and held his stare. “He will talk about it when he’s ready. Don’t pry.”

Rather than his usual cocky response, Hale remained locked in Rick’s gaze—then gave a slight nod as the corner of his mouth quirked a little. “Of course.” He looked at Jake. “My apologies for prying.”

Jake stared at him uncertainly. “Your apologies?” He snorted and frowned, lips twitching. “Who are you and what have you done with my friend who knows no boundaries?”

“Respect is a sign of maturity.” Hale smiled.

“Uh-huh…” Jake chuffed. “And that applies to you…how?”

“Shut up.” Hale laughed. “I can be mature.”

“That’ll be the day,” Jake snickered.

“Don’t underestimate the boy,” Rick murmured with a smile. “I happen to think he has…growing potential.”

Jake glanced between them suspiciously. “That wasn’t oregano you were sprinkling in the sauce, was it?”

Hale fell against the back of the sofa, laughing. “Fuck. You think we spiked the lasagna?”

His dad chuckled as Jake shrugged and grinned. “I think maybe so.”

“This is pretty bad.” Hale sat forward and cleared his throat. “A guy tries to show some maturity, and he gets accused of being high.”

“Well,” Jake smirked. “All things considered, can you blame me?”

Hale shook his head and laughed and stood, picking up his plate. “You done with yours?” he asked Jake.

“Yeah…” Jake looked up at him with narrowed eyes as Hale took Jake’s plate, then retrieved Rick’s as well. “See, this just isn’t normal,” he mused. “Since when do you clean up after others—or yourself, for that matter?”

“Don’t discourage him.” Rick smiled and looked up at Hale who stood beside his chair. “Taking initiative to tend to others is commendable.”

Hale appeared genuinely pleased as he left the living room and took the dishes to the kitchen.

Jake stood up. “You two are freaking me out.” He laughed low. “You’re definitely on something.” His phone vibrated with an incoming text and he tugged it from his pocket and looked at the display. Lloyd. He opened the message. ‘Can you come back over tonight? Pleeaassee!!!’ A long line of emoticons followed and a soft, quiet laugh slipped out of Jake as his heart rate instantly leaped.

“Good news?” his dad murmured.

Glancing at him, Jake smiled. “Apparently…I’m needed elsewhere.” He chewed his lower lip. “Do you mind if I go?”

“You don’t really have to ask my permission.” Rick chuckled.

“I know,” Jake said. “But like you said, I haven’t been around much lately. And you and Hale did cook us dinner and…”

“And you feel obligated to hang out with us.” Rick nodded. “I understand. But you were right, I understand how it is when you’re in a new relationship. You want to be with that person every second of every day.” Rick stood up and pulled Jake into a hug. “You don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to go.” He kissed his head. “I’ll be here, pretending you’re out being a good, innocent young man.”

“Dad.” Jake groaned.

Rick grinned and drew back. “What can I say? You’ll always be my little boy.”

“You do realize you’re not a normal dad, right?”

“How so?”

Jake smirked. “Most dads are proud of their sons for banging chicks.”

“Does that make me a bad dad?” Rick wondered with amusement.

Shaking his head, Jake laughed. “No. Just the opposite. That’s a stupid reason for a dad to take pride in his son. You’ve always been proud of me for the right reasons.”

“Yeah.” Rick cupped his son’s face and kissed his brow. “There’s much to be proud of.”

“Thanks.” Jake didn’t need anyone to tell him how lucky he was to have a dad like Rick Brigham. He’d raised Jake alone without ever making Jake feel like a burden, or that he was somehow robbing him of a better life; Rick was a natural born father.

“So, go on.” Rick stepped back. “Have fun—but keep the details to yourself.” He winked.

“Deal.” Jake looked past his dad when Hale came back into the living room. “Although I’m not sure it’s safe to leave you alone with Hale.” He grinned. “I think he might be a pod person.”




The bond forming between Rick and Hale grew a little stronger, a little deeper—more spiritual—with each instance they were left alone for prolonged periods of time. Already, Hale was beginning to sense the “adjustment” in his and Rick’s interaction whenever Jake left the house. And his own desire—need—to submit to his Master was becoming a ‘constant’ with him, and having to suppress it to a great extent before Jake that evening had been emotionally agonizing.

His simple tending to the dishes had been a subtle effort on his part to “serve” his Master, though it wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy his longing to give everything over to Rick. It had actually thrilled him to the point of sexual arousal when his Master had quietly corrected him concerning Jake’s personal matters. He’d never realized there could be such joy in correction and the idea of being spanked as a form of discipline sent his heart into a frenzy.

Hale didn’t yet understand his own reactions to all this, or why something so simple as Rick’s subtle reprimand had made him so happy. Maybe it was the realization that—inwardly—Rick was maintaining his place as Hale’s Master even with others present, thus confirming that this wasn’t just some level of sex play between them when they were alone—but that Rick took it serious as a real aspect of his and Hale’s everyday lives.

With Jake out of the house, though, they were at full liberty to be their true selves.

“Go to my room,” his Master said. “Remove all your clothes and put on my white bathrobe. It’s in the closet. In the right nightstand drawer, you will find a small black bullet vibrator. Bring it to me.”

“Yes, Master.” Hale kept his poise, but walked with purpose to the bedroom, stripped out of his clothes and laid them neatly across the foot of his Master’s bed and found the robe in the closet. As instructed, he retrieved the mini-vibrator from the stand drawer and returned to the living room as promptly as possible.

The vibrator was placed on the coffee table and forgotten for the moment as Rick stood before him. Hale kept his eyes lowered while his Master untied the robe’s belt. “Always leave the robe open unless otherwise instructed,” Rick said.

“Yes, Master.”

The man drew the belt from the loops. “You listen well,” he murmured.

“I will always do my best to please you, Master.”

A fingertip touched Hale’s chin and lifted his head, drawing his eyes to his Master’s face. “You will succeed.” He kissed Hale softly. “We both have much to learn. But we will take that journey as one, and grow as one.”

Hale’s pulse skipped with a surge of excitement. There were no words to describe the feelings and emotions exploding inside him. This was so much more than simply being relieved of responsibility for a time. He felt his heart and mind and spirit fusing with Rick’s. He wanted to laugh and cry, all at the same time. Was this the euphoria a person experienced when entering the gates of heaven and understanding for the first time that they were saved and eternally embraced in love by their “Master”? Suddenly he understood the tears and joy that burst from those truly submissive to God, fully open to His spirit that it flowed through them, became one with their spirit.

Hale blinked and a tear rolled down his cheek.

Caressing it away, Rick whispered, “Why the tears?”

His throat working, Hale answered with a quiet strain to his voice, “Because I am so in love with my Master.”

Rick cupped his face and ran his thumb gently over Hale’s lips. “Your words please your Master,” he whispered. He kissed him deeply and brushed his mouth against his ear. “You will be rewarded for your love.”

“Thank you, Master.” Hale’s body began to tingle. His Master knew what he liked, what he would view as a reward.

Rick walked over to his desk at the far side of the living room and returned with a pair of scissors. He cut the belt of the robe in half and discarded the scissors. “Turn around, slave,” his Master spoke low, with gentle yet firm authority. “Put your hands behind your back.”

Hale obeyed and Rick tied his wrists with one half of the belt, cinching it tight—as Hale preferred; he didn’t want to get loose. The other half of the belt was used as a gag, and tied around the back of his head.

“Sit.” Rick indicated the sofa and Hale sat down, his bound hands pushing into the crack between the cushions. Rick sat on the edge of the cushion next to him and folded open his robe until Hale’s naked body was fully exposed. His cock was already hard as stone and begging for attention—weeping for it. A light graze of Rick’s palm against his shaft caused it to jump and harden a fraction more. His Master trailed his fingertips up the center of Hale’s torso, his short nails barely raking his skin, causing wonderful shivers to skitter through him like erratic electrical currents. Rick circled one nipple with a single fingertip until it pebbled and swelled up, then rubbed the pad of his thumb across the surface. Hale felt the effect in his crotch and released a shaky moan. “Silence,” his Master murmured, and Hale shivered again; was he meant to not make a sound at all as his Master teased and aroused him mercilessly? Was that the “reward” he had been promised?


Hale remained still when Rick withdrew and stood up, then left the living room. Hale had been ordered to sit and he wouldn’t move until he was given permission to do so. He laid his head against the sofa and stared at the ceiling. The belt gag strained the corners of his mouth, but he liked it—loved it, in fact; unable to free himself or shout even if he wanted to.

The sound of Rick’s footsteps led back to the bedroom and Hale could vaguely hear him moving around in the room. When he came back, he brought with him the studded collar and a black handkerchief.

“Lift your head.” Hale complied and Rick folded the handkerchief lengthwise and blindfolded him. Next, he fastened the collar around Hale’s throat—and it was like coming home. He loved the collar and longed to wear it 24/7. “Much better,” his Master murmured.

This time when Rick’s touch withdrew, Hale couldn’t see what he was doing. His body began to tingle with anticipation, uncertain where Rick would touch him or with what level of intensity. The cushion depressed next to him and he felt the heat of Rick’s body…then his lips, brushing against his stomach, traveling upward. Hale bit down sharply on the gag, his breath catching stiffly, when Rick began flicking the firm tip of his tongue on his right nipple—then pinched it between his teeth, tugging it into his mouth and sucking hard.

Shit! Hale’s body strained as he struggled to hold the whimpers and groans at bay. His cock began to twitch and drool.

Something smooth, metal, and cool touched his inner thigh. Hale suspected it to be the mini-vibrator and had his suspicions confirmed when it pressed against the smooth skin beneath his balls—and came to life.

Hale jerked and a rogue yelp escaped up his throat, only slightly muffled by the gag. Fuck! He trembled hard as Rick rubbed the smooth, rounded tip of the tiny vibrator back and forth along the patch of skin between his balls and ass—an extension of his cock muscle which was growing harder by the second.

“Shh,” his Master commanded in a low tone and ran the small toy up over Hale’s balls.

He jerked again and clamped his teeth on the cloth gag, grinding fiercely as he squeezed his eyes shut behind the blindfold. His shoulders dug into the back of the sofa as his hips arched instinctively. Holy fuck—fuuuck!

The leash snapped onto the rear O-ring of the collar. Hale hadn’t noticed that Rick had brought the leash as well. He felt his Master wind the leash around his hand and tugged, pulling Hale’s head down against the back of the sofa and holding him in place. The collar sucked up tight against the base of his throat with just enough force that if he tried to lean forward, it would impair his breathing. If he remained stationary, his airflow continued uninhibited.

His Master’s intense eyes were as stimulating as a physical touch as Hale felt them moving up and down his naked body. Hale’s breath hitched in his chest, stuck in his throat, when the vibrator ventured to the base of his cock. He swallowed hard and the balls of his feet gouged into the carpet as his legs spread open wider and his heels came off the floor, straining his calf muscles. He choked on a cry and began to pant around the gag. His cock pulsed and twitched as Rick slowly rubbed the quivering toy up and down the bottom of his shaft, keeping a firm grip on the leash at the same time.

Oh God! Oh fuck—he’s gonna make me come!

His breath cut out and broke into erratic gasps, and he shoved his hips up and held, his legs shaking, as the vibrator grazed the underside of his cock head. His fingers clawed the cushions behind his back and his teeth ground into the gag, the cords in his neck straining against the collar.

Oh fuck-fuck-fuck! I’m coming-

The tormenting vibration ceased as the toy shut off and was taken away. Hale shuddered hard, his breath rushing around the gag and through his nostrils. He slowly sagged against the sofa, taking as deep gulps of air as he could manage, his chest heaving. His cock throbbed. Cum juice streamed down his shaft and his balls ached like a bitch, they were so fucking full and tight.

He quivered…waiting…certain the sweet and agonizing torture had only just begun.




“Where’s Vicky?”

“Out with friends.” Lloyd tugged Jake into the apartment and closed the door, then pushed him up against it and kissed him hard. “We have the place to ourselves,” he panted against Jake’s lips.

“Lucky us.” Jake gripped the front of Lloyd’s shirt and kissed his throat, but his enthusiasm wasn’t ‘up to par’ and Lloyd immediately picked up on it.

Pushing back, his hands pressed to the door on either side of Jake’s head, Lloyd frowned. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” Jake started to lean into him, when Lloyd stepped back.

“Come on, Jake,” he said quietly. “What is it? Did you talk to your dad? Hale?”

“No.” Jake sagged against the door and sighed. “I wanted to…and I could have.” He shrugged and thumped his head on the door. “I don’t know why I didn’t.”

“Hey.” Lloyd kissed him. “You’ll tell them when you’re ready. It’s okay to wait till you’re ready.”

“That’s just it,” Jake murmured. “I feel ready, but when I’m standing in front of them, something holds me back. I don’t know what it is.”

Lloyd looked at him. “Maybe it just means you’re not quite there yet. You feel ready because you’re almost there. Don’t stress it. That will just make it worse. And you know damn well that your dad and Hale are going to totally understand your struggles with this. I seriously can’t see them being pissed at you for keeping quiet about it.”

“I know.” Jake nodded. “I’m not really worried about them being pissed. It’s just that they’ve always been the two people in my life that I’ve confided in, no matter what, since I was a kid. I don’t want them to think that I didn’t trust them…or something.” He groaned. “I don’t know.”

“I said…” Lloyd’s elbows bent as he sank in close and ran his lips across Jake’s mouth. “…don’t stress. Let me help you relax.” He grinned and nuzzled Jake’s ear. “I know what to do.”

Jake laughed softly. “I know you know what to do.” He shivered with pleasure.

In Lloyd’s bedroom, they undressed each other and Lloyd sank to his knees before Jake. He caressed Jake’s legs and lathered his growing erection with his wet, skillful tongue as he squeezed his balls in one hand and tugged them firmly—something Lloyd had learned very quickly was a great pleasure for Jake.

“Mmm…” Jake laced his fingers behind his neck and stared down at the god-like athlete as Lloyd snaked his tongue all around Jake’s stiff shaft, then up the length to tease the very sensitive underside of his cock head. “Fuck…” He swallowed unsteadily, his throat suddenly dry. His knees went weak when Lloyd swallowed his cock in one go and sucked him hard, stroking up and down the full length of his dick. “Oh my God.” His hands dropped down and he grabbed Lloyd’s head. “Fuck…you do that so good.” He moaned and thrust with Lloyd’s strokes. “Oohhh…God.”

Jake closed his eyes and gripped his lover’s scalp—and imagined he was sliding in and out of Lloyd’s perfectly sculpted ass. To imply that they hadn’t made love at all wasn’t entirely right. Jake had fucked Lloyd. But Jake had never bottomed. And it was in that respect that Lloyd refused to rush him. As with his inability to be honest with his dad and Hale—he didn’t understand his reluctance to bottom for Lloyd. He wanted to—so damn bad. Even Lloyd knew it.

Groans rolled up Lloyd’s throat and vibrated through Jake’s member. Lowering his hand, Lloyd took hold of his own cock and stroked himself as he sucked Jake and worked his balls.

His jaw clenched tight, Jake growled low and strained. “Fuck, baby, I already want to come.” Lloyd’s hands and mouth were magical. It took no time at all for him to get Jake to the breaking point.

Lloyd pulled off him slowly, his wet lips sucking up his shaft with an intoxicating slurping sound that totally turned Jake on like mad. “Mmm.” Lloyd licked all over his saliva-slick cock. “Want to give me a drink, do you?” He sank lower and fed Jake’s balls into his mouth, sucking and tugging, wrenching panting gasps from Jake.

“It’s too soon,” Jake whimpered. “I don’t want to come yet.”

Releasing Jake’s sack, Lloyd lifted his head and smiled, his tongue slipping over his lips. “Then what do you want to do?”

Minutes later, they were sprawled on the bed, Jake stretched out between Lloyd’s legs and giving the guy a world-class blow job. At least Lloyd’s responses implied it was world-class as his lover writhed and groaned and pumped his hips, breath puffing hard up his throat. They’d worked each other out just shortly before Jake had gone home, but it hadn’t been enough to satisfy. Jake was as hard and horny as if he hadn’t come for days.

“Turn over,” Jake gasped as he pulled off him and lightly smacked his muscled thigh. “I’m craving that gorgeous ass of yours.”

Lloyd grinned and eagerly flipped over on his stomach, dragging a pillow under his head and hugging it. He opened his legs wide, allowing ample room for Jake to maneuver.

“Hale got one thing right.” Jake groaned and rubbed his hands on Lloyd’s ‘buns of steel’. “You have the body of a god.” He squeezed the firm glute muscles and thrilled to the feel of them flexing against his palms. “He was probably right about me falsely equating myself with you, as well.” He chuckled. “You are so out of my league.”

Lloyd sighed and smiled. “When he looks at you, he doesn’t see what I see.” He twisted his head and grinned at Jake. “If anything, you’re out of my league.”

Jake laughed softly. “You’re just flattering me so I’ll give you some cock.”

“Hm. Maybe.” Lloyd snickered. Jake smacked his ass lightly and Lloyd laughed. “Is that supposed to be punishment? ‘Cause all it did was tickle my butt.” He rocked his ass back and forth. “Do it again.”

Groaning, Jake chuckled. “Shut up. You’re starting to sound like Hale.”

“How would you know that he likes to have his ass spanked?” Lloyd asked with mock suspicion.

“I’m just assuming,” Jake snorted. “He’s a kinky little shit.”

“Oh really?” Lloyd looked at him over his shoulder again and cocked an eyebrow. “Hm. Makes you think, doesn’t it?” His lips twisted teasingly.

“About what…” Jake started then shook his head emphatically. “Don’t even. Some things I really don’t want to know.”

Lloyd just laughed and buried his face in the pillow, arching his ass to Jake.

“It should be illegal to have an ass this succulent,” Jake moaned and grabbed two handfuls of the tight cheeks. “Fuck, you should be bronzed and mounted.”

Lloyd snorted. “Forget the bronzing—just mount me.”

“Soon, baby, soon,” Jake cooed and grinned. He dipped down and licked over the swell of his left butt cheek, then raked his teeth against his skin. Fuck, his ass was so firm and hard that Jake suspected he might break a tooth if he bit into the steel mounds. But it was worth the risk. He spread his cheeks and grabbed a mouthful, embedding his teeth into his granite flesh.

“Uh! Fuck…” Lloyd shuddered. He pushed his face deeper into the pillow and clawed the softness, groaning loudly. “Yes, baby…chew on my ass.”

Jake let loose—leaving deep teeth indentions in his skin—and sucked his finger, wetting it good, then squeezed it inside Lloyd’s tight hole. He bit into Lloyd’s ass muscle again, sucking his cheek, and worked his finger deeper inside.

“Ahh shit…” Lloyd gasped quietly. “You have the most awesome fingers.”

Most of his life, Jake had had people tell him he had the hands of pianist; slender with long, elegant fingers. Before he’d realized he was gay, he couldn’t have foreseen them being such an asset to…ass play. Now they served him—and his lover—quite well.

He smiled and slipped a second digit inside, seeking out the deeper sphincter muscle and massaging it until it began to relax, then teased Lloyd’s prostate just enough to torment him.

“You’re a wicked little devil,” Lloyd trembled. “So how about you fork me?”

“I’ve already got two prongs inside you.” Jake smirked and wriggled his fingers. “Want more?”

“That wasn’t the forking I was talking about.”

Jake chuckled and kissed his ass. “So you want the handle of the pitchfork, huh?”


“In a minute.” Jake continued to pump his fingers in and out of his ass. Lloyd’s inner muscles were as strong as his outer ones, and they began to flex, squeezing his digits. It felt so damn good when those muscles flexed around his cock. When Lloyd really put his mind to it, he could get Jake off simply by working those inner muscles, without Jake thrusting at all. He’d accomplished it a couple times and it ignited a surprisingly intense orgasm.

He removed his fingers and pushed Lloyd’s cheeks wide open, and began to tease and probe his hole with his tongue. Lloyd swore tightly and squirmed against the bed. His anal ring was one of the most sensitive spots on the guy and Jake had nearly made him come a few times simply by rimming him vigorously and relentlessly.

“Uuuhh!” Lloyd bit the pillow, growling and groaning. “Fu-uuck.” He pulled his knees up under him, his thighs resting on his calves, elevating his ass. He thrust a hand beneath him and began stroking himself. “Fuck, Jake …” he panted with his face buried in the pillow, muffling his strained voice. “You’re gonna make me fucking come, baby.”

Jake grinned and stabbed his tongue repeatedly into his hole. Lloyd’s breath staggered and broke, and he pumped himself faster. Jake ceased his assault on his ass and reached between Lloyd’s legs from behind and grabbed his hand, halting him. “Okay, enough,” he panted and kissed Lloyd’s lower back and the upper crease of his ass. Lloyd withdrew his hand and rested on his elbows and knees, his breathing ragged. Jake retrieved a condom and tube of lube from Lloyd’s bedside stand and prepared himself, then greased his fingers and slicked up Lloyd’s ass inside and out.

“Oh God,” Lloyd moaned unsteadily. “I want your cock so bad.”

Rising up on his knees, Jake gripped his lover’s strong, firm hips. “As you wish…” he murmured with a smile and touched the tip of his dick to Lloyd’s entrance. “…so shall it be.” He pushed forward and gasped thickly as the plump head of his cock squeezed through his lover’s slick ring and into his tight, velvet inner sleeve. “Fuck.

Lloyd sucked down a deep, sharp breath and balled the pillow under his upper chest. “Uuh! God—yes! Fuck, baby, give it to me.”

All of this still felt new to Jake—and so damn exciting. Before Lloyd, he’d never fucked a guy. Hadn’t been aware that he wanted to. But fuck—there was no greater feeling in the world than this right here. Except maybe ‘getting’ fucked. Jake shivered at the thought as he shoved his cock deeper inside his lover’s ass…and imagined he was in Lloyd’s place and it was Lloyd’s cock sliding into him. His erection swelled and throbbed. He wanted it—so fucking bad.

Jake rubbed his hands up Lloyd’s developed back and over his straining, flexing muscles. “God, Lloyd,” he gasped shakily. “Every time I get inside you, it feels like the first time.” He slid his hands over Lloyd’s shoulders and squeezed his hard trap muscles—and began to thrust into him, bumping against his steel ass cheeks. “Oh my God,” he panted, his fingers gouging his firm flesh. “Fuck…Uuuhhh…

Sinking down on his stomach, Lloyd stretched out his legs as Jake melded to his hard body. He wrapped his legs around Lloyd’s thick, hard thighs and used the leverage to thrust deeper, with greater force.

“Uh! Fuck me, Jake!” Lloyd curled his arm around behind him and clutched Jake’s ass, gripping a flexing cheek, pulling Jake against him—into him—as he matched Jake’s rhythm and fucked him back with urgency. “Fuck! Yes, baby—fuck me-fuck me!”

Jake shoved his face against the man’s shoulder and bit his flesh, their bodies growing hot and slick with sweat. “Oh fuck, Lloyd.” Jake gasped hard. “Oh God, I’m gonna come!”

Slowing his movements, Lloyd panted hard. “I want to ride you. I love to look at your face when you come.”

Jake pulled out and rolled onto his back. Lloyd was on him seconds later, straddling his body, impaling himself on Jake’s cock. Jake loved to fuck this way because it gave him full view of Lloyd’s incredible body. He slid his palms up Lloyd’s muscular thighs and grabbed his hips as the guy laced his fingers behind his head and began to rotate his ass on Jake’s throbbing member. The man didn’t just have an amazing body—he fucking knew how to use it.

“Oh my God,” Jake choked and rocked his hips. “Shit—you fuck so damn good!” His eyes went hazy as they followed the mesmerizing ripple effect of Lloyd’s sharply defined ab muscles flexing and relaxing with each roll of his hips, moving and shifting beneath his skin like an exotic creature living within. “Uuuhh…” Jake arched and contorted and gouged Lloyd’s flesh, his orgasm squeezing his balls, burning through his groin. “Fuuuck—Lloyd…oh God…oh fuck, I’m gonna come…I’m gonna come.

Sweat trickled down Lloyd’s body, coursing through the valleys of his cut muscles. He wrapped his hand around his cock and pumped vigorously, his breath bursting off his lips as he stared into Jake’s eyes and fucked him faster, harder. The bed trembled precariously as the intensity of their combined orgasms pushed them over the brink.

“Uuh!” Lloyd yelled and rode Jake’s cock wildly as his fist whipped up and down his own shaft, flicking cum juice all over Jake’s glistening skin. “Fuck! Aaahhh—I’m coming!”

Jake clutched his hips and pumped his ass erratically, his chest tightening as his body began to lock up and cum rushed up through his cock. “Fuuuck! Lloyd! Uuh-uuuh-uuh!”

Creamy ropes of cum burst from Lloyd’s cock head and rained down on Jake, splattering his chest and stomach. His body jerked and wrenched a cry from him as he unloaded inside his lover, filling the condom. Lloyd dropped forward, gripping Jake’s chest, and fucked him furiously for a few more seconds then collapsed onto the bed beside him, gasping hard.

Fuck.” He choked on a panting laugh and rubbed his hand over his sweaty face. “Shit, baby, you’re my most intense workout.” He turned his head and grinned at Jake. “And my most favorite.”

Jake laughed breathlessly and twisted onto his side. He rubbed his hand over Lloyd’s damp, heated chest, his fingertips roaming over the crests and crevices of his perfect muscles. “I’m happy to do my part to keep this hot body of yours immaculate.”

“How considerate and selfless of you.” Lloyd chuckled. He kissed Jake and caressed the back of his knuckles down his flushed cheek and gazed at him for a quiet moment before whispering, “I’m in love with you.” He traced a fingertip across Jake’s lips. “You know that, right?”

Jake shivered and smiled. “I do now.”

“You didn’t before?” Lloyd murmured with a small smile. “I thought I was being rather obvious.”

“Mm. Well…maybe a tad bit.” He laughed softly and leaned closer, stealing a kiss. Lloyd pulled him into his arms and deepened the kiss, wrapping himself around Jake.

“I just figured I’d say it and remove any guesswork on your part.” He pressed another soft kiss to Jake’s lips and slid his fingers through his hair. “You don’t have to feel obligated to say it back,” he said quietly. “No one should have to say it until they’re ready-”

“I’m in love with you, too,” Jake whispered. “Wildly, crazy in love.”

Lloyd moaned and buried his face in Jake’s neck. “You know what you just did there?”

“What?” Jake hugged his head against his shoulder and kissed his hair.

Smiling, Lloyd wrapped his arms around Jake and crushed him in a powerful embrace. “You just made me the happiest man alive.”

The sincerity in Lloyd’s words swelled Jake’s heart until his chest ached. He’d been almost certain that Lloyd loved him, but didn’t realize until just now how much he needed to hear him say it. There was power in those words and they surged through Jake, planting seeds of courage and confidence all through his heart and mind.

“I’m ready,” Jake whispered unsteadily.

Lifting his head, Lloyd looked at him with guarded uncertainty. “Ready…for what?”

Jake licked his lips slowly, nervously. “To be honest with my dad and Hale.”

“About…everything?” Lloyd gazed at him inquiringly.

“Yes.” He kissed Lloyd. “Will you come with me? I don’t know if I’m brave enough to do it alone.”

Smiling, Lloyd stroked his hair. “I’ve got your back, baby.” He kissed him tenderly. “Always.”


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