Prime Confession (Prime #6)

Prime Confession (Prime #6)

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


As Rick and Hale explore new aspects of their relationship, Rick begins to doubt that he has the true heart of a Master. Yet with Hale’s tender assurance that he is his perfect Master, Rick begins to understand that Hale needs and desires his Master’s discipline as well as his love. Together, the two of them agree that it is time to tell Jake the truth about their love for one another. But will they be the ones left stunned and in shock when confronted with Jake’s secrets?


As Rick and Hale explore new aspects of their relationship, Rick begins to doubt that he has the true heart of a Master. Yet with Hale’s tender assurance that he is his perfect Master, Rick begins to understand that Hale needs and desires his Master’s discipline as well as his love. Together, the two of them agree that it is time to tell Jake the truth about their love for one another. But will they be the ones left stunned and in shock when confronted with Jake’s secrets?


Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



The waiting became the core of his torture. Hale could feel Rick’s presence—smell him—and even sensed his touch hovering at the surface of his skin, almost connecting but not quite. Now and then, warm breath blew over the tip of his cock, causing a cooling sensation against his damp flesh. He resisted the moans and whimpers—his Master had commanded silence—but was unable to prevent his body from trembling in agonizing anticipation.

The pressure of the leash had eased but he could feel the chain moving and was certain it remained wrapped around his Master’s hand. The only thing more exciting than wearing the collar—was being tethered to his Master through the leash. Images raced wildly through his mind as he waited…images of venturing out into public, his Master walking ahead of him, leading him like an obedient pet. Himself showing the utmost respect and adoration for his Master in front of all. The notion—which seemed so improbable at the moment—caused his skin to prickle with intoxicating excitement which coursed through his groin and into his cock. A small surge of cum juice bubbled up and trickled out, streaming down his shaft.

Please touch me again. The need to feel his Master’s touch was growing as emotionally painful as it was physical. It stunned and startled him how necessary and essential his Master’s direct physical attention was to him. Almost overnight he’d come to need him in a way that surpassed every other necessity. And now—a week later—his Master was the very air he breathed. He lived to please him and pleasure him. Being away from his presence caused a physical anguish in his heart, his soul. Was this how all slaves felt about their Masters? He couldn’t imagine anyone feeling more strongly for their Master as he did for Rick. The idea of them ever becoming separated actually caused a nettle of fear to burrow into his heart—followed by a quick image of Jake’s face. Jake Brigham was unarguably open-minded…but how much so? Open-minded enough for…all of this? For any of it?

He closed his thoughts to Jake. It was disrespectful to his Master to let his focus drift elsewhere when the Master demanded his undivided attention. Hale allowed himself to submerge in the moment at hand and forget all else. His shoulders and arms ached, and he longed for a cool drink to wet his mouth and throat—yet being forced to wait for his Master to grant his relief was like a drug in itself.

The smooth rounded tip of the tiny vibrator touched his right nipple a split second before it came to life. Hale jerked and sucked in a sharp, stuttered breath as his back thrust against the sofa and a surge of blood swelled his cock so suddenly he feared he might ejaculate on impulse.

He bit down on the gag, panting around the strip of cloth belt, chest rising and falling erratically as the toy traced a humming, tickling path across the center of his chest to the left nipple. He jerked again and choked on a whimper as electric currents of stimulation raced straight down to his pulsing erection, leaving in their wake tingling sensations running wild all through him.

Hot breath shuddered against Hale’s neck and the slack in the leash went taut suddenly, cinching the collar tight against Hale’s throat as his head was tugged backward again and held in place. Hard breaths surged through his nostrils and hissed around the gag. Teeth raked the curve of his jaw, then wet, hot tongue…licking up the side of his face. He shivered fiercely then flinched hard as the toy pushed firmly against his skin and circled his left nipple.

“Uuuhh…” His body strained and back arched.

“Quiet,” his Master ordered low, his lips on Hale’s temple. As if in reprimand—he raked the vibrator over Hale’s nipple with added force, then dropped his hand and ran it up the underside of Hale’s throbbing, drooling cock.

Fuck! Hale choked back the cry. His balls churned and ached, sending pulses up his shaft. He was in such a state of heightened sexual stimulation that a few more caresses of the quivering toy would launch him over the edge. He ground his teeth into the gag and lifted his hips, trying to push his member firmly against the vibrator, tears burning his eyes from the sheer need to unload.

“Never forget, Slave…” his Master spoke into his ear. “You don’t come until I give you permission.” He dragged the toy down to the base of Hale’s cock and lower, rubbing it all over his tight balls.

His throat worked against the constricting collar and his legs spread wider, shaking. Please…please! He didn’t voice his plea—that would be considered an act of rebellion and disrespect. His sole purpose was to please his Master, not himself. If his Master chose to torment him all night long, never allowing him to come, then that was the Master’s prerogative.

Strong lips slid down his neck to his chest and sought out a stiff, sensitive nipple, and sucked hard as the toy delved beneath his balls again and firmly massaged the smooth patch of skin—back and forth, teasing his ass and balls. He lifted his hips again and Rick shoved the tip of the bullet vibrator into his hole.

Hale’s whole body shook. The tension on the leash released again as Rick shifted and Hale’s cock was suddenly buried to the hilt in his Master’s mouth as the man sucked him hard, stroking fast and urgent as he nudged Hale’s ass with the toy.

Oh Fuck! Fuck! His balls burned and cum began to push up into his cock. His breath went erratic and he pumped his cock into his Master’s mouth desperately.

Rick pulled off him and withdrew the toy. Hale could hear the unsteadiness of his breath as it rushed up his throat, puffed off his lips. Hale’s cock continued to pulse and leak a steady stream of precum. He wanted to cry—he needed to come so fucking bad.

His Master stood up and lifted him to his feet, turning him around. He tied the leash securely to the cloth belt binding his wrists, tightening it enough to hold his head erect. The gag was removed. “Undress me, slave.”

Hale stood motionless. His hands remained bound. His brow inched with uncertainty. A light slap to his cheek made him flinch in start—the mild sting rushing directly to his cock.

“When I tell you to do something,” his Master spoke firmly. “You do not hesitate or resist. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Hale whispered.

“Now…” Rick pressed a fingertip firm against Hale’s lips. “Undress me.”

Hale inched forward until his face touched his Master’s throat. He shifted his head as much as the restraining collar would allow and his lips grazed the top button of Rick’s shirt. Hale considered just biting off the buttons, but that would be destroying the Master’s property and taking the lazy route; something warned him the Master would not be pleased. Using his teeth in a more skillful manner, he tugged at the material until the buttonhole slipped over the top button. He freed the next one, and it became easier. He sank to his knees as he slowly opened the front of his Master’s shirt down to where it tucked into his pants. Gathering the fabric in his teeth—careful not to pinch his Master’s skin in the process—he worked the hem of the shirt free of the waistband of his master’s slacks, then proceeded to loosen the few remaining buttons.

On his feet again, he used his mouth to peel the garment off his Master’s shoulders and down his arms. When he finally stripped the shirt free, he knelt before the man once more and opened his pants with his teeth, biting the lip of the zipper and carefully dragging it down. With each accomplishment, his cock jumped and swelled tighter until it was like a steel rod between his legs, swaying heavily, dripping cum juice all over his inner thighs and the carpet.

Behind the zipper, his Master’s cock bulged his briefs. Hale shivered with longing, but continued with the task at hand, tugging and pulling at the man’s slacks until they slipped off his hips and dragged down his thighs. Hale left them bunched at Rick’s knees and went back to work on the briefs. When he freed the Master’s cock, his mouth began to water and he instinctively licked up the thick shaft and grabbed the head with his lips.

He realized immediately that he’d made a mistake when fingers sank into his hair and gripped, pulling him free of the coveted dick and forcing him to his feet. His heart pounded with a rush of fear and excitement as he was pushed down on the sofa, his ass in the air. Ragged pants puffed out against the cushion as the robe was flipped out of the way—and he was slapped hard across the ass. Not the kind of slap he received during sex, but a ‘you disobeyed’ spanking. He gasped and tears sprang to his eyes from the burning sting of his Master’s palm. His chest heaved and he trembled, waiting tensely for another, but it wasn’t delivered.

A hand grabbed the chain leash and hoisted him up on his feet again. His Master pushed against him from behind, gripping the leash, his mouth on Hale’s ear. “Nothing is yours for the taking, slave. If you taste my cock—it will be my gift to you. Do you understand?”

Hale swallowed thickly and nodded, his mind and body wild with emotions. “Yes, Master.”

The man’s grip eased and he rubbed his hands down Hale’s arms, his lips brushing his shoulder. “I didn’t enjoy that,” he murmured. “I will never enjoy disciplining you. But you must learn.”

Tears filled Hale’s eyes behind the blindfold. “I understand, Master.”

Rick stepped out of his pants and briefs, then removed the handkerchief. He lifted Hale’s chin and the dampness in the man’s eyes broke Hale’s heart. “Thank you, Master,” he whispered with a tremor. “For your correction. My one and only desire is to please you. I welcome your discipline, as it helps me to grow and become more pleasing in your sight.”

Rick cupped his face. “Your passion to please me warms my heart.” He kissed him softly then turned him around and unfastened the leash from the belt, then removed the belt and freed Hale’s hands. He switched the leash to the front ring of the collar and tugged gently as he stepped away. “Come, slave…” he murmured with a shadow of a smile. “I desire your tender love.”




For a split second, doubt and uncertainty had consumed Rick. Until now, he hadn’t struck Hale for any other reason than erotic effect—which they both enjoyed. But this—spanking him as pure discipline—did not feel good at all. It isn’t supposed to—for either of you. He understood; discipline was for correction, and shouldn’t be enjoyed. He recalled the many times he’d had to correct Jake as a child, sometimes with a spanking, and sometimes not. In either case, it had hurt him as much as Jake. One of the most difficult responsibilities of a parent was taking the role of disciplinarian. And it wasn’t any more fun for him as a Master, as it was as a parent.

Had Hale seen the doubt and pain in his eyes? The fleeting moment when he wondered if he could do this part of it?

I welcome your discipline.

The truth in Hale’s words had rung clear—he wasn’t just playing a role or a game. It was in his eyes, his voice, his body language…he sincerely desired to please Rick. His Master. And he was willing to take his punishments along with the joys and thrills of this new and unchartered relationship.

And with that understanding—Rick fell in love with the young man all over again, deeper and stronger.

Rick unclipped the leash and placed it on the nightstand. Hale stood still, his eyes respectfully averted downward, as Rick removed the robe. “Look at me,” he murmured. Hale raised his eyes and Rick’s throat knotted with the depth of emotion that reflected forth. He cupped the boy’s neck with both hands and gently stroked his warm cheeks. “For the rest of the night, you may pleasure my body as you see fit…without fear of reprimand.”

The corners of Hale’s mouth tugged gently. “Thank you, Master.” He folded back the blankets and stepped away for Rick to lie down, then crawled in between his legs. Rick tucked pillows beneath his shoulders, propping himself up, and watched as his beautiful slave began to use his hands and mouth on his stiff member.

Rick drew a deep breath and released it on a controlled exhale, his pulse quickening and stomach quivering as the young man took him deep into his throat again and again. “Mmm…” He shoved his hands through his own hair and gripped the back of his neck. His legs spread wider and hips lifted. Hale’s warm, silky wet mouth glided up and down his thick shaft, his tongue like velvet massaging and sucking his hard flesh. “Yes…” he moaned. “Your mouth pleases me very much.”

Hale stroked him a few more times, then sucked up and off him. He kissed Rick’s stomach, his navel, following the center groove of his abs up through the middle of his chest. His thumbs found Rick’s firm nipples, circling and massaging the hard buds, fingertips pinching and twisting gently.

“Fuck…” Rick shuddered and tilted his head to the side as Hale licked a slick path up his throat, his lean body slithering over the top of Rick’s strong frame. Rigid cock dug into his stomach as Hale’s lower half swayed with feline grace, smearing Rick’s skin with warm cum juice. “Uuh…” Releasing his neck, Rick rubbed his hands down Hale’s back and squeezed his lovely ass. “Make love to me, my slave,” he whispered. “I want to be inside you.”

“Yes, Master,” Hale moaned softly and kissed his cheek. He sat up and reached over to the nightstand, taking a bottle of lube from the small drawer. He slicked Rick’s cock and worked a generous amount into his own ass, then pushed down on his Master’s thick member, undulating his hips sensuously as he sank down lower and lower. His head tilted back and he gasped unsteadily, his short nails raking lightly down Rick’s chest.

“Yes…take all of it.” Rick pushed up deeper inside him, stealing the boy’s breath. The small smile playing across Hale’s lips as his eyes weighed heavy with passion and ecstasy, intoxicated Rick with hunger for his sensual slave. He took hold of the boy’s slender hips and long-stroked his cock into Hale’s tight ass. “Uuh, fuck.”

Rick sat forward and wrapped the young man in his arms, his fingers hooking in the rear of the collar and gripping tight as he began to thrust more firmly. Hale shuddered and whimpered and embraced Rick’s head, clinging to him as he rode his cock with wanton urgency. “Yes, Master,” he moaned out loud, his head dropping back, giving in to the pressure of Rick’s grip on the collar. “Uuuhh-uuhh! More, Master—please.”

Panting hard, Rick squeezed the boy in his arms and clutched the collar fiercely, his hips driving upward, drilling his cock into his slave’s hot, constricting cave.

“Uuh!” Hale cried and grasped handfuls of hair. “Yes…fuck me, Master…please…harder.”

Rick rolled them over and thrust between Hale’s thighs, burying himself deeper and harder into his lover, again and again. The boy’s cock was as hard as steel and his face pinched with sweet sexual agony as he neared orgasm. Rick shoved up on his arms and fucked Hale with powerful strokes, his eyes on the kid’s face.

Fuck…” Hale arched and writhed and grasped at Rick’s arms, his hips pumping, impaling himself on Rick’s cock urgently and erratically. “Master!”

Rick smiled as his slave strained to hold back his orgasm. He dipped down and kissed Hale’s chest. “Come for me, slave,” he panted and grabbed Hale’s cock, stroking him furiously as he fucked him harder and harder, shoving him over the edge.

A strangled wail wrenched up the boy’s throat and his body jerked with an explosive orgasm, thick cum erupting from his cock.

Yes!” Rick grunted and pounded his ass. He shouted and came, his body contorting as the force of his orgasm threatened to twist up his insides. “Fuuck! Uuuhhh!” His strength left him seconds after the orgasm ran its course, and he sagged down on top of Hale. His erratic breath matched the wild beat of Hale’s heart as he listened to it pound inside the boy’s chest. He shifted off him and rolled onto his back, sucking gulps of air.

“Did I please you, Master?” Hale turned onto his side and rubbed his palm over Rick’s hot, slick stomach that quivered and jumped with each erratic inhale and exhale. Hale kissed his chest.

Rick groaned and dropped a weak hand onto Hale’s head, his fingers slowly combing his damp strands. “Very much,” he breathed heavily. “Very, very much.” He smiled and kissed Hale’s head. “I love you,” Rick whispered.

“I love you, too.” Hale pressed his lips to Rick’s heated skin. “You are a wonderful Master.” His head sank onto Rick’s chest and he closed his eyes as exhaustion set in.

Rick stroked his hair as the boy’s unsteady breath began to even out as sleep overtook him. His eyes traveled down the young man’s glistening body to the lingering handprint from his earlier reprimand.

Did he truly have the heart of a Master—that he could be consistent about administering discipline as well as the sex play? Hale had accepted it with grace and poise, even thanked him for it. The boy had faith in him—trusted him to give him what he needed…teach him to be the perfect slave.

If Rick couldn’t do it—would Hale eventually seek out another Master? Rick didn’t trust anyone else with this kind of control over Hale. Images of Hale in another Dom’s hands heightened Rick’s protective instinct over the boy. His arm curled around his shoulder and he drew Hale closer to him.

I’ll learn to be the Master you need me to be…in all ways.




Hale stirred from his slumber as night was just beginning to creep into dawn. He lay on his back and rubbed his eyes, his pulse thumping with the thrill of waking up next to Rick. The man was stretched out on his stomach and hugging his pillow, fast asleep. Most of his nude body was exposed and barely visible in the pale light trying to push into the bedroom through the think drapes.

My Master, my lover. Hale smiled and sighed tiredly, then shifted and slid over, planting a soft kiss in the gentle depression of Rick’s lower back, then another on the upper swell of his butt cheeks. He laid his head on his back contentedly and started to drift away again—when the glowing red numbers of the digital clock brought him to attention.


Shit. Had Jake come home last night? If so—was it late enough that he’d just gone straight to bed? Hale quickly left the bed and pulled on his pants and started to leave the bedroom when he remembered he was still wearing the collar. He removed it and quietly placed the collar and leash in the nightstand drawer, out of sight.

Slipping out of the room, Hale closed the door carefully and walked quietly down the hall. Jake’s door was closed, but it had been closed last night when Hale and Rick had gone to bed. Picking up his pace, Hale entered the living room and approached the sofa. Rick’s clothes lay where they had fallen and Hale gathered them up, along with the pieces of the cloth belt and the mini-vibrator. Wrapping them all into a ball, he walked hurriedly back to Rick’s bedroom and experienced a measure of relief once he had the evidence behind closed doors.

Hale set aside the belt strands and toy, then neatly folded Rick’s garments and placed them on top of the bureau. He caressed his palm over the man’s shirt and smiled at the recollection of undressing his Master with his mouth, and hoped he would continue to present other challenges. His hand stole to his throat and he fingered the key lying against the base of his throat. A rush of warmth swept through him and made his heart beat faster, his body tingled with pleasure.

“What’re you doing?” Rick mumbled, his voice groggy with sleep.

Hale turned and the man was watching him with heavy eyes. “Your clothes were still in the living room,” he said quietly. “I didn’t think you would want Jake finding them there.” He indicated the tended garments. “I folded them and placed them here on the bureau.”

Scooting up in bed, Rick looked at the clothes then at Hale. “Thank you,” he whispered. He looked at the clock and anxiety strained his face. “Is Jake home?”

“I don’t think so. But I didn’t look in his room.” He gazed at Rick. “I should probably return to my room.”

Rick stared at him as some of the sleep cleared from his eyes. Hale was quickly learning to distinguish between the look of Rick his ‘lover’—and Rick his ‘Master’. An aura of dominance glimmered in the man’s eyes, and when he spoke, it was a gentle though firm order. “Check Jake’s room. If it’s empty, come back to bed with me.”

A small smile played at the corners of Hale’s mouth. “Yes, Master.” He left the bedroom a second time. It made sense that if Jake wasn’t home by now, he’d decided to spend the night at Vicky’s and likely wouldn’t be returning for at least two or three more hours.

Upon opening Jake’s door, he found the bed made up and empty. His smile broadened and he retraced his steps to Rick’s bedroom.

“He isn’t here?”

Hale shook his head. “No, Master.”

“Take off your pants. I want you naked as often as possible.”

Complying, Hale went to the bed when Rick beckoned to him. With permission, he crawled in his Master’s lap and Rick drew the sheet and blanket around his ass and hips, then caressed Hale’s ribs with tender fingertips. In moments, they were one flesh with Hale rocking sensually on his Master’s hard cock.

“You feel so good inside,” Rick whispered with a tremor. Emotions churned in his eyes as he gazed at Hale and leaned forward, sliding his arms around Hale’s body, and pressed his face into his throat. “Is this really what you want?” He shuddered as Hale circled his hips smoothly. “Without a doubt? After last night…”

Squeezing his eyes shut, Hale hugged Rick’s head and kissed his hair, rocking against him with heightened passion. “Last night was perfect.” He buried his fingers in Rick’s hair. “You were perfect.” He caressed the back of Rick’s neck as the man held him tighter with quiet desperation. “Last night didn’t instill doubts.” Hale cupped Rick’s head and lifted his face and kissed him deeply. “It removed them.” He ran his thumbs down Rick’s cheeks. “You proved that you’re strong enough to discipline…as well as love. And that makes you the perfect Master.” He kissed Rick again. “My perfect Master.”

Rick’s eyes glistened. “Everything you say and do, Hale…it pleases me so much.” He swallowed. “I want to please you, too.”

His throat working, Hale bit his lower lip. “Then don’t run away from this,” he whispered thickly, his hands trembling against Rick’s face. “I see it in your eyes…you have the heart of a true Master. Don’t be afraid of what that requires of you. Just…just embrace it.” Hale’s chin trembled. “I have never felt more joy than when I gave myself over to you completely. I need you, Rick. I need you to be the one—you are the one—to do this with me. No one else can be my Master.” His lips shuddered against Rick’s mouth. “No one but you. I love you.” He kissed him. “I adore you and worship you with every beat of my heart. I never knew I could feel this way…that anyone could feel like this. I want to be yours—to be owned by you; body, heart and soul.”

Tears rolled down Rick’s face and his arms tightened around Hale as he laid him down on the bed and covered him, pushing deeper inside him. Hale shuddered, his breath catching. “I’ll be everything you need me to be,” Rick whispered and thrust into him. “I will find someone to teach us, guide us.” Rick kissed hale passionately and thrust again. “I won’t take the chance of hurting you, in any way.”

Hale curled around him and stroked himself on Rick’s hard cock, trembling with ecstasy and consuming emotions. “I’ll do whatever you wish,” he moaned. “If it will help you feel confident about being my Master.” A sharp gasp escaped him as Rick thrust in harder, crushing Hale in his arms, his emotions—like Hale’s own—crashing over him, submerging him. “Love me, my Master,” Hale cried thickly and clung to him as Rick fucked him with greater intensity. “Uuuhh—yes! Fuck me…yes!” Rick rocked and circled his hips urgently, hitting Hale’s sweet spot just perfectly. “Fuck! Yes—right there—Uuuhh! Oh God—don’t stop! Just like that—right there—right there!”

Cum was surging up Hale’s cock before he had time to register the full force of his orgasm. He yelled as he released his load, his short nails gouging into Rick’s back as they fucked each other furiously. Rick let loose a strangled cry and filled Hale with his hot seed.

“Uuuhh—God.” Rick gasped hard, shaking. “Fuck…” He collapsed on top of Hale and panted against his throat. “It’s you…” he breathed unsteadily. “…who’s taking care of me.”

Hale smiled, his chest rising and falling in an erratic rhythm. “It’s my place to take care of my Master.” He stroked his damp hair and kissed his head. “To see to his every need, want…and desire.”

Lifting his head, Rick gazed into Hale’s eyes. “You have a beautiful, submissive heart,” he murmured. His lips brushed Hale’s mouth in a soft kiss. “If only all Masters were as lucky as me.”




Certain they had time before Jake returned home, Rick and Hale showered together. Rick took his time washing Hale’s beautiful body, worshipping every inch of him. As he knelt before the young man and caressed the sponge along his thighs, Rick’s love for the boy consumed him and warm tears mixed with the hot spray of the shower, streaming down his face.

Until Hale—Rick would have never envisioned a Master/slave relationship as a thing of beauty, something that could invoke such love and adoration and loyalty that it crushed the heart—shattered it—then pulled it all back together again so much stronger than before. Rick felt like he was being born again; not as a different man, but as the same man finally awakening to the truth of who he is. It was an exhilarating, natural high and he never wanted to come down from it.

“Are you okay, Master?” Hale murmured and cupped the back of Rick’s head.

Rick realized he was hugging Hale’s wet body, his face pressed into his firm stomach, trembling. He swallowed and looked up at the young man. “Yes.” He stood up and lifted Hale’s face, kissing him deeply. “I’m more okay than I’ve ever been in my life.”

Hale smiled and pushed up against him. “Even in all my fantasies about you,” he whispered. “I never imagined it like this. Never imagined it could be like this.”

Squeezing his hand gently around the key necklace, Rick drew Hale a fraction closer and into another kiss.

They finished their shower, dried each other off, and then left the bathroom wearing just towels around their waists. Rick hugged Hale from behind as they approached the kitchen, nuzzling his neck and causing him to scrunch his shoulders and laugh as Rick’s light beard stubble tickled his damp skin.

“Ticklish, hm?” Rick grinned and buried his face in his neck again, deliberately rubbing him with his whiskered chin.

Hale laughed and tried to squirm out of his arms as they practically stumbled into the kitchen, Rick’s arms locked securely around Hale’s nearly naked body.

“Good morning.”

Rick and Hale froze as if suddenly turned to stone, eyes wide with shock as they stared at the two young men lounging at the kitchen island. One was a stranger to Rick, but the other—his son.





The light, playfulness of Rick’s touch instantly shifted to a guarded tension. His arms tightened briefly around Hale before releasing him. Hale sensed another shift as well when Rick’s hand grazed his back as he slowly stepped around him, partially shielding Hale behind his body.

A good Master protects his slave. The thought jolted Hale as he realized that’s what Rick was doing—protecting Hale from the potential fallout from Jake. Even as his own fear and anxiety churned up his gut, he felt safe in Rick’s presence. His Master would do everything within his power to assure his slave’s emotional as well as physical well-being. And to interfere, try to take control of the situation would be a direct act of disobedience…and disrespect—as if Hale were implying his Master wasn’t capable of handling it.

“Jake…” Rick met his son’s stare—which flickered back and forth between Hale and his dad. “You’re home early,” he murmured. “I wasn’t expecting you until later.”

Jake held his dad’s eyes, unwavering. “Clearly.” His focus jumped to Hale, eyes scanning down to his towel-shrouded waist, then looked at his dad again, observing his matching ‘garment’. “Is this why you were so understanding about me not spending much time at home lately? When you spoke about new relationships…you weren’t really referring to mine and Vicky’s, were you?” His stare turned on Hale. “And you…best friend…that was quite a convincing act you put on when I suggested you rent our spare room—‘Do you think your dad will be okay with it?’” Jake snorted. “You knew fucking well he would be.”

Nausea twisted Hale’s insides. How had he expected Jake to react to all this? He blinked and started to speak, when Rick reached back and touched him, silencing him.

“We were going to tell you, Jake,” Rick said, his tone level, controlled. “Today, in fact. In any case, it was my responsibility as your father to speak to you about this. Whatever anger you’re feeling, you direct it to me.”

“Hale is my best friend,” Jake said and met Hale’s stare. “Best friends shouldn’t keep such huge secrets from each other. Don’t you agree, Hale?”

Swallowing hard, Hale nodded. His eyes flickered to Lloyd Laramie and wondered what the guy was even doing there. Hale and Jake were friends with Lloyd, but they’d never been the “hanging out” kind of friends; mostly just mingled in social situations. Something about the guy felt off; he seemed far too “relaxed” for this current situation they were caught in, simply observing the repertoire with a casual air.

“Jake.” Rick regained his son’s direct attention. “This only started a week ago. Even so, I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about it. Honestly…I wasn’t sure how to approach you with it. But don’t undermine my sincerity about you and Vicky. I do understand the irresistible attraction of a new relationship. And I have never once wished for you to leave the house just so I could be alone with Hale.”

Hale was in awe of Rick’s calmness and control. Had they been in a typical relationship—would Rick be so ‘together’ right now? Something had emerged from deep within Rick when he’d embraced his Master persona; a strength unlike anything Hale had witnessed in him before. And more than just strength—but true Master leadership. Right here and now, he was taking charge of the situation, exerting his authority as both Hale’s Master and Jake’s father. And Hale had never admired a man more than he admired Rick in this moment.

“So…what?” Jake stared at his dad. “You guys are in love?”

“Yes,” Rick replied without hesitation—and Hale’s eyes stung. It would have been natural for the man to hesitate under these circumstances, if only for a moment; but he hadn’t.

Jake shifted his eyes to Hale. “Is that true?” he asked, his expression unreadable. “You’re in love with my dad?” His brow knit. “I thought it was just a crush.”

His voice shaking, Hale whispered, “It was never just a crush. I always loved him. I just didn’t know that…” He looked at Rick as the man turned his head and met his gaze. “…that he could love me, too.” His eyes began to fill as Jake’s face swam. “I’m sorry, man. I am. I never wanted to keep secrets from you, but…but I didn’t want to hurt you, either.”

Rick ran his hand affectionately over Hale’s hair as Hale ducked his head, his throat working as he struggled for control.

“So this is for real?” Jake stared at them. “You’re seriously in love? My dad and my best friend. And how do you think I’m supposed to react to that? Just shrug and be cool with it?”

“No one is expecting anything of you, Jake,” Rick said. “But we do need to approach this as adults.” He looked at Hale. “Sometimes who you are, how you feel…” He shook his head. “It’s an undeniable reality.”

Jake exchanged a quick glance with Lloyd that Hale couldn’t quite interpret. “I know,” Jake mumbled and leaned his elbows on the island countertop. His head sank down and he shoved his fingers slowly through his hair. “When…exactly…did the two of you…” his head rested in his hand. “…hook up?”

“The night my date stood me up,” Rick murmured.

“Yeah,” Jake whispered. “That’s what I thought.”

“Jake…son…” Rick stepped toward him. “I know this isn’t easy for you to wrap your mind around. And I don’t expect you to just accept it right here, right now. I realize I’m asking a lot by asking you to try and understand. But I’m asking anyway.”

Lifting his head, Jake stared at them both for a long moment—then a small smile slowly stretched his lips. “You two are clueless.”

“Excuse me?” Rick frowned.

Jake straightened and glanced at Lloyd who rubbed his hand over his mouth, barely concealing a grin. “We totally played you.”

“What?” Hale asked uncertainly. “What’re you talking about?”

“That blind date…” Jake spoke to his dad. “It wasn’t real.”

Confusion clouded Rick’s face. “Jake, what the hell are you trying to say?”

“We set you up,” Jake clarified. “Both of you.”

“We?” Rick inquired.

Jake motioned to Lloyd. “This is Lloyd Laramie—my partner in crime. And consequently…the man you spoke to on the phone who you thought was your blind date.”

Rick and Hale exchanged a puzzled, bewildered look.

“It was a fake date,” Jake said. “You weren’t really stood up—because you weren’t actually going out with anyone that night. But I wanted you to think you’d been stood up…” He looked at Hale and smiled. “…so Hale could step in and…make you feel good about yourself, show you that you still have a lot to offer.”

Shaking his head, Rick exhaled heavily and raked his hand through his hair. “It doesn’t make sense. Why would you throw us together like that?”

“Because I knew you two would never make a move on your own,” Jake said. “So I figured a little push was in order.”

Exchanging another look with Rick, Hale mumbled, “I’m fucking confused. Why would it even cross your mind to put us together?”

Jake absently rapped his knuckles lightly against the countertop and gazed at Hale, a look seeping into his eyes that caused Hale’s throat to knot up unexpectedly. “I’ve known for almost two months…that you loved my dad,” he said quietly with a strain of emotion.


“A couple months ago,” Jake murmured. “When I slept over at your apartment…we’d stayed up late watching movies. I crashed on your couch.”

Licking his lips slowly, Hale nodded. “I remember.”

“You had a bad dream that night,” Jake whispered. “I think someone was hurting you. You were crying and telling them to stop.”

Hale trembled and Rick moved back toward him.

“You told them that it hurt…and you didn’t want to do it anymore.”

Tears formed. He had thought that what had happened with Barry Mandrake was just an unpleasant experience. At least that’s what he told himself now, after the fact. But as he stared at Jake, he remembered the nights following the incident…afraid at the thought of having sex again…crying himself to sleep. How had he blocked out the trauma of that Prom night?

“When I tried to wake you,” Jake said quietly. “You grabbed onto me—clung to me—and you…” His eyes flickered to his dad before coming back to Hale. “You called me…Rick. You wouldn’t let go, kept calling me by my dad’s name…begging me to stay with you.” His voice thickened. “So I held you. And when I did, you calmed down and slept peacefully.”

Hale’s chin trembled, his vision blurring. His hand was suddenly encased in a strong grasp as Rick took hold of him.

“That’s when I knew,” Jake whispered. “Just what my dad really was to you. And what you were to him…” He met his dad’s eyes. “Even when he wasn’t aware of it himself.” He cleared his throat. “But I knew that under normal circumstances, neither of you would take that step. Whether out of fear of rejection, or because of me…I knew it would never happen—if I left it up to the two of you.”

Hale blinked and a tear escaped. He wiped it away and just stared at Jake.

“I don’t know what happened to you,” Jake murmured. “Or what caused that bad dream…and you don’t have to tell me. All I know is that when you were caught in that nightmare and was my dad that you reached out for as your refuge…your safe place.” His eyes glistened. “I knew then that what had started out as a crush on my dad…had grown into so much more.”

Hale ducked his head and wiped his eyes, his throat working.

Jake stepped toward his dad. “I know I should have just talked to you,” he said thickly. “Instead of manipulating the situation. But I was afraid that maybe you wouldn’t admit how you felt…and you needed to, dad.” His chin trembled. “I know you thought you hid it so well, but I saw how lonely you were. And it seemed so unnecessary when Hale was right in front of you. Maybe you didn’t even know that you felt this way about him, but I knew.” He bit his lower lip. “You devoted your life to me, dad. You never made me feel like I was anything less than a blessing to you. You deserve to be happy…to be loved. And if it takes giving you my best friend to make it happen, then he’s yours.”

Hale lifted his head and raised an eyebrow, tears in his eyes and a smile jerking his lips. “What am I—a piece of property?” Warm tingles skittered through him when Rick squeezed his hand, reaffirming that he did, indeed, belong to him.

Jake chuckled and nodded. “Yep.”

“Hm.” Hale laced his fingers through Rick’s and gazed up at the man with a smile. “I guess that makes you my…Master.”

“I guess it does,” Rick murmured, a fevered gleam in his eyes.

Jake laughed. “You better be good, too,” he warned. “He spanks hard.”

Hale shivered pleasantly. I know.

Rick cleared his throat of a stifled chuckle and ran his hand across his mouth. “So...does your elusive Vicky know what a swindler you are?”

Releasing a long breath, Jake looked at Lloyd, growing visibly anxious. “About…Vicky,” he mumbled, turning his eyes onto Hale and his dad.

Hale smirked. “I was right, wasn’t I? She is imaginary.”

Drawing a deep breath, Jake released it slowly. “Yes…and no.”




The lingering anxiety was irrational, Jake knew this. He had nothing to fear, yet his gut continued to churn and his pulse raced erratically as his dad and Hale looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to explain. Getting straight to the point would be best—like ripping off a bandage—but the words ‘I’m gay’ stuck in his throat and refused to dislodge.

He tried to clear the passageway and bring the announcement to the surface, but it wasn’t working. “Uh…” He rubbed his lips together and wanted badly to grab Lloyd’s hand. Maybe he should; show rather than tell. He sighed. “Vicky…she does exist.” He looked at Hale with wavering amusement. “I didn’t have an imaginary girlfriend…at least not the way you implied.”

“Meaning?” Hale asked with interest.

“There is a Vicky…and I didn’t lie whenever I said I was going over to her place.” He exhaled slowly and glanced again at Lloyd. The guy encouraged him with a slight nod and small smile. “But she isn’t my girlfriend and…and I wasn’t going over there to see her.”

His dad frowned. “I don’t understand. Why would you tell us she was your girlfriend if she wasn’t?”

“Is the girl you were going to see…a stripper?” Hale smiled wryly. “Didn’t think we’d approve?”

Jake groaned and laughed softly. “No…not a stripper.” He shook his head and released another pent up breath. “Vicky…” Jake pressed forward. “Is Lloyd’s sister. She moved out here a few weeks ago to be closer to him.”

“I didn’t know you had a sister,” Hale said.

“Half-sister,” Lloyd told him. “She lived with my mom in California.”

“So…what…is it one of her hot friends you’re seeing?” Hale inquired. “The ones that you said were out of yours and Lloyd’s league?”

Jake fidgeted. “Not exactly. Although…the one I’m seeing is definitely out of my league.”

“I disagree,” Lloyd mused quietly.

“So why are you beating around the bush about it?” Hale asked with a bit of exasperation. “Who the fuck is she?”

Jake looked at his dad as the man stood back silently, eyes intent on his son. “It’s not a…she,” Jake confessed quietly.

“Huh…?” Hale frowned, confused, and cast a puzzled look at Rick.

Licking his lips slowly, Rick held Jake’s stare. “You’ve been secretly dating…a guy?” he murmured.

Jake nodded.

“What?” Hale’s eyes snapped back to Jake. “What?”

It took all of a few seconds for his dad to make the connection as his attention shifted to Lloyd. “You were going over to Vicky’s…to see her brother.”

“Yeah,” Jake whispered.

“Wait…what?” Hale shook his head and stared at Jake dumbfounded. “You’re serious? You and…” He looked at Lloyd. “No…I don’t buy it…it’s just…” He shook his head again. “Nope.”

“You were the one who said the apple don’t fall from the tree,” Jake reminded Hale. “Is it so hard to believe that I’m gay?”

“No, that’s totally believable.” Hale snorted, then thrust out his hand, indicating Lloyd. “But that you could land that is what I can’t grasp. You’re right—he is way out of your league.”

Jake stared at him for a moment—then the tension broke as he, Hale, and Lloyd began to laugh.

An amused smile stretched his dad’s lips, but faded just before it reached his eyes.




“You okay, dad?” Jake asked with a note of uncertainty as the laughter died down. The young man retained a measure of nervousness.

“Yeah,” Rick murmured, though he felt a little dizzy. Everything coming to light at once was a bit earth shaking. “I’m just wondering why you kept this from us? I mean, you surely didn’t think us—of all people—wouldn’t understand.”

Jake shook his head. “No, dad, of course not. I just…” He shrugged, his throat working a little. “I don’t know. I was just trying to process it, I guess. It kind of took me by surprise.” Anxiety tightened his brow. “Are you mad…that I didn’t tell you?”

“No, Jake,” Rick assured gently. “This is something that each person has to come to terms with themselves. Only you know when you’re ready to be open about it.”

Leaning against the counter, Jake gazed at the floor distantly. “But why wouldn’t I tell you?” he murmured. “Especially this? For almost a year, I’ve felt like something is blocking me from just accepting it. I think that’s why it took me so long to tell you.” He raised his eyes. “Like it wasn’t really real until I told you.” He glanced at Hale. “Both of you. And…other things I’m having a problem with…and I don’t know why?”

“What other things?” Rick asked.

Jake hesitated.

“Maybe we should let them talk alone,” Lloyd told Hale. He squeezed Jake’s shoulder and whispered something in his ear, then walked toward the doorway.

Hale looked at Rick. Even in this distracting situation, he was seeking permission to leave Rick’s presence in the company of another man. Rick nodded.

Falling in next to Lloyd, Hale looked at the guy suspiciously. “Since when do you like dick?”

Lloyd just chuckled as they left the kitchen.

Jake glanced after them with a quiet laugh. “You sure you want to hitch yourself to that, dad?”

“Yeah, well…” Rick smiled. “It should be an adventure.”

“Might want to keep him on a short leash.” Jake chuckled. “He can get kind of wild.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Rick’s insides warmed with anticipation of having Hale at the end of a leash again—with any luck, very soon. He cleared his throat and stepped over next to Jake, and leaned against the counter beside him. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? I would understand if it felt strange to you.”

“Dad, if I wasn’t sure about it, I would have never set you up together.” He smiled. “I’m cool with it.”

Sighing, Rick smiled and nodded. He wrapped his arm around Jake’s shoulder. “So what exactly is it that’s bothering you about your situation?”

Jake shrugged. “That’s just it…I don’t know, really.”

“Have you and Lloyd…” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Jake looked at the floor. “I mean, I’ve…made love to him. But for some reason I can’t…”

“I see,” Rick murmured. “Are you afraid of doing it that way?”

“No,” Jake whispered. “I want to. But…I get uneasy and anxious.” He rubbed his eyes and glanced up at his dad. “Are you okay talking about this?” He smiled uncertainly. “You never wanted any details before.”

Rick smiled and nodded. “I’m good.” He rubbed Jake’s head affectionately. “And, too…maybe it’s easier for me when you’re talking about you and another man. But regardless, I would have always listened if you’d really needed to talk—about your relationship with a girl or a guy.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jake murmured. He exhaled and asked, “So any ideas what’s wrong with me?”

“Well, first off…” Rick laughed softly. “There’s nothing wrong with you. And second, let’s consider your main issues. Your two problem areas were coming out to Hale and myself…and submitting yourself to another man, sexually. Right?”


“And in doing those things…it would be the final step in accepting yourself as a gay man.”

“Yeah, I…I guess so.”

Rick pursed his lips and stroked his fingers down the back of his son’s head. “Maybe your problem is psychosomatic. A fear left over from your childhood.”

“What do you mean?” Jake frowned.

“When you were young, about eight or nine,” Rick explained, “you started asking about why your mom left, and for a while there you were convinced that her sole reason for leaving me was because I was gay. Which, of course, would have made it impossible for us to have a proper marriage and relationship. But even if I had been straight, it wouldn’t have worked out. We weren’t meant for each other, and I don’t think that fact would have changed had I not been gay. And I tried to explain that to you. But you were a kid, and like most kids, you thought on simple terms and believed that your mom wasn’t with us because I liked men.”

Jake’s brow knit tight. “I blamed you for mom leaving us?”

“No,” Rick said gently. “You believed that’s why she left, but you were never upset with me.” He sighed. “But you did ask me a few times if I thought she would leave you, too…stop visiting or calling…” His throat tightened. “Stop loving you…if you started liking boys as well.” He cupped Jake’s head and kissed his hair. “I assured you that she wouldn’t, but I think you were really worried about it then.”

Jake shook his head. “But she hardly has any contact with me now, anyway,” he whispered. “Why would my problems have anything to do with that?”

“Like I said,” Rick murmured. “It could be psychosomatic. A leftover fear. Maybe some part of you is hoping she will one day want to be a real part of your life again, and you’re afraid if you openly embrace your homosexuality…she won’t want anything to do with you.”

Leaning against his dad, Jake’s voice strained as he whispered, “She hasn’t wanted anything to do with me for a long time, dad.” He swallowed thickly. “But if that’s what it is…then I’ll get past it.” He rubbed his eyes and sniffed. “I won’t let someone who doesn’t care about me, ruin my relationship with someone who does.” He looked up with tears in his eyes. “I’m glad that everything is the way it is, dad. I’m glad you’re gay…and that you love Hale. You deserve someone who cares about you the way he does, and sees you for the amazing man you are. Mom didn’t deserve you.”

Emotion squeezed Rick’s chest and he hugged his son. “I think we faired just fine, you and me.” He kissed his head. “I have no regrets.” He lifted Jake’s face. “And what about you…are you glad you’re gay, too?”

A slow smile formed on Jake’s face. “Are you kidding?” he choked on a small laugh. “Have you seen Lloyd?”

Rick chuckled and hugged him hard. “I’ll take that as a resounding yes.”




“You feel better?” Vicky was out of the apartment when Jake and Lloyd returned later that afternoon. Lloyd smiled at Jake as he closed the door upon entering. “You look like you feel better.”

“Yeah.” Jake nodded and returned a smile. “Actually, I do.” He exhaled deeply. “Like I can breathe again.” For almost a year he’d bore the weight of his secret and now it was finally lifted. And it felt amazing.

Lloyd pulled him into a kiss and a hug. “You have an awesome dad,” he murmured against his lips. “And even a pretty cool best friend.” He grinned. “But don’t tell Hale I said that, he’s cocky enough as it is.”

“No worries.” Jake chuckled. “I won’t tell.”

“Good.” He kissed Jake with growing passion. “After your talk with your dad, I noticed you seemed a lot more relaxed.”

“Yeah, I was,” Jake admitted. He rubbed his palms over Lloyd’s chest and squeezed his pecs through his gray t-shirt. “A lot more relaxed.”

“Should I read something into that?” Lloyd gazed at him with a hopeful gleam in his eye.

“You should.” He kissed the base of Lloyd’s throat and followed the cord in his neck with his tongue.

Lloyd shuddered and released a shaky breath. His arms tightened around Jake. “Are you sure?”

Jake slid his arms around Lloyd’s neck and kissed him again. “Yes.” He dragged his hands down Lloyd’s handsome face. “I want to share everything with you…experience everything.” His thumb caressed Lloyd’s lips. “I want you to make love to me.”

Emotion churned in Lloyd’s hazel eyes. “As you wish.” Lloyd’s mouth grazed Jake’s lips and he walked Jake toward the bedroom without releasing him. When he laid Jake down on the bed moments later, he smiled and mapped Jake’s face with tender fingertips. “You’ve inspired me,” he whispered.


“By being honest and open with your dad and Hale.” He sighed and ran his fingers over the tips of Jake’s hair. “I think maybe I’m ready to come out to the rest of my family.” He didn’t look one hundred percent certain, but he did look sincere nonetheless. “I mean, I have Vicky to buffer the negative energy.” He laughed softly, though it was clear he was very serious. “And you…” He dipped his head and kissed Jake’s mouth. “…to comfort me when they freak out and insist I’m going to burn in hell.” His smile warmed and he pressed his head to Jake’s brow. “I’m dating an angel from heaven…how can I go to hell?”

“You’re not.” Jake rubbed his hands down Lloyd’s back. “Everything will be okay. Even if your family goes ballistic…you won’t be without family.” He hugged his strong body. “When I claim someone for my own, my dad claims them, too.” He smiled. “You became a part of our family today.”

“I think I understand now why Hale feels so safe with your dad,” Lloyd said quietly. “I feel the same way with you.” He kissed him. “Must be genetic…some ‘awesomeness’ gene that runs through your family line.”

It startled Jake how deeply touched he was that Lloyd felt safe with him. If others had heard that statement and taken it in a literal physical sense, they might have found it amusing, considering Lloyd’s size and build. But the ‘physical’ had no bearing on the emotional. One could be the strongest man in the world, and still not feel safe at heart.

“Are you really serious about telling your family?” Jake asked.

“Yeah.” Lloyd nodded. “I want to be with you, Jake. Really be with you. I want everyone to know you’re my boyfriend. And I can’t do that when I’m hiding in the closet.” He stroked his hair. “Like I said, you inspired me to take that step.”

“You’re going to come out to everyone?” Jake murmured. “All our friends?”

“I want to. But only if you want to as well. If you’re not ready for that yet, I’ll wait.” He pushed his arms under Jake and held him tight, then rolled onto his back, dragging Jake on top of him. “We can talk about all that later.” Lloyd moaned as Jake sat up, straddling his body. “Right now…” He leaned forward slowly and peeled Jake’s shirt up over his head. “I just want to make love to you until we both pass out.”

His fingers sliding through Lloyd’s short, soft hair, Jake said, “We are men of like mind.”

With a soft groan, Lloyd laid him down on the bed and stripped away the rest of his clothes. He knelt between Jake’s open legs and removed his own shirt, then rubbed his hands up Jake’s naked body. “You should really stop saying I’m out of your league,” Lloyd whispered and leaned down, kissing Jake’s chest. “You are fucking gorgeous, and sexy as hell.” He ran his tongue around Jake’s left nipple and the nub hardened instantly, swelling up for Lloyd to wrap his lips around.

Jake shuddered and pushed up to him as he ran his hands up Lloyd’s muscular arms, his biceps hard as steel. A man like Lloyd made men like Jake long to be artists—to capture such perfection on canvas or sculpt it in stone. His eyelids fluttered with a rush of ecstasy when Lloyd sucked firmly on his nipple, his member stiffening beneath the guy’s denim-clad crotch.

“You…” Jake moaned. “Are out of everyone’s league.”

Kissing up to his throat, Lloyd grinned and nibbled his skin. “Be careful,” he whispered. “Flattery will get you fucked.”

“I’m counting on it.”

Pushing up on his elbows, Lloyd looked at him, teasing the tips of his hair. “This will be the best experience of your life,” he said quietly with a smile. “I’ll make sure of it.”

Jake drew a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I know.”

“And you’re sure you’re ready to do this?”

Jake swallowed and nodded. “Yeah,” he whispered. “I’m still kind of anxious about it, but…” He nodded again. “I want this. I don’t want to keep anything back from you. I’ve fantasized about this since our encounter in the locker room.” He caressed Lloyd’s ribs, his palms gliding down to his hips. “About you making love to me.”

“So have I.” Lloyd kissed him and smiled. “But believe me when I say…you making love to me has kept me quite satisfied and fulfilled.” He sucked Jake’s lower lip. “You are a fantastic top.”

Covering Lloyd’s denim encased ass, Jake nuzzled his neck. “Let’s see if you’re as fantastic.”

Lloyd chuckled. “Challenge accepted.” He rose up on his knees and wrapped his hand around Jake’s cock. He stroked slowly up and down the full length, then leaned down and took the head in his mouth, sucking strongly.

“Fuck…” Jake gasped softly and started to lift to him when Lloyd withdrew and licked his lips.

“Tasty.” Lloyd squeezed Jake’s bare thighs. “Turn over. I must prepare you for my fantasticness.”

Jake shivered with anticipation and twisted onto his stomach as Lloyd stepped off the bed and finished undressing. When he came back, he brought a tube of lube with him, and a condom packet, and set them on the bed while he urged Jake to open his legs.

“Damn, baby,” Lloyd groaned. “You have the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.”

You must’ve never looked at your own in the mirror, Jake thought with amusement and shivered again as Lloyd squeezed his cheeks and massaged firmly, spreading him open. He dipped down and licked through the crease of his ass with his full tongue. Jake trembled—he fucking loved it when Lloyd did that. Lloyd knew what he liked and did it again, and again, letting saliva trickle into his crack, wetting the path. Jake clutched a pillow under his head and groaned loud.

“Your ass is delicious.” Lloyd moaned between his cheeks and tongued his hole, then spread him wider and sucked at his tight ring.

“Uuh!” Jake jerked and shivered hard.

“Like that?” Lloyd murmured, grinning. He grabbed up the lube and coated his fingers and squeezed a small glob into Jake’s entrance, tossed the tube aside then commenced to work the gel around and into his ass. Lloyd had very masculine hands and strong fingers that stole Jake’s breath when they sank inside him.

“God…” Jake swallowed unsteadily as one, then two, digits pushed through his tight, greased ring. He’d had Lloyd’s fingers inside him before, but this time felt different as Lloyd skillfully used them to massage and relax Jake’s inner muscles, preparing him for a ‘pleasant’ sexual experience. A third finger slipped in and Jake’s skin prickled, his heart pounding. He lifted his ass, breath quickening as Lloyd grazed his prostate now and then, getting his cock good and rock hard. “Mmm—fuck…”

Lloyd kissed the center of his back and began to stroke his fingers in and out. “Shit, baby,” he panted softly. “You feel so damn good inside. I’ll try not to come too soon. But as good as this ass feels…” He grinned against Jake’s spine. “No guarantees.”

Another wave of shivers rushed through Jake. “No worries.” Jake moaned. “We can just do it again.”

Lloyd chuckled. “I like how you think.” He pressed his lips firm to Jake’s skin. “And yes we can.”

As Lloyd continued to stroke and massage him deep within, Jake could feel his body relaxing inside—even as it heightened with sexual tension. Lloyd backed off and reapplied another dose of lube to Jake’s entrance, working it inside again, then opened the condom and sheathed his own cock before coating himself with plenty of the lube.

Lloyd leaned over Jake and kissed his shoulder. “You ready, baby?” he whispered.

Jake swallowed and nodded, hugging the pillow tighter.

“You’re going to love it,” Lloyd murmured and kissed his ear. “I promise.”

The ecstasy Jake saw on Lloyd’s face whenever Jake had been inside him was testament enough that there was as much pleasure in bottoming as there was topping. Jake suspected it might quickly become his favored position. His suspicions were confirmed when Lloyd began to slowly give him his cock, pushing into his tight ass, filling him up like he’d never experienced before.

Fuck!” Jake sucked in a deep, stiff breath and his body tensed. He had expected there to be some pain, but there was none—Lloyd had done his job well in preparing Jake for entry—just pure glorious pleasure. “Uuh!” Jake choked on a sudden cry and pushed back to his lover. “Oh my God! Fuck…”

“Feel good?” There was a smile in Lloyd’s voice and he shoved in a little more…pulled out a fraction…then slid in deeper. “It sure feels fucking good to me.” He groaned hard and grasped Jake’s hip with one hand while the other flattened against the bed, supporting him on one arm. “Ahhh fuck, Jake.” He shuddered and pulled back again before thrusting forward. “Shit…Uuuhh…God, baby, I knew you’d feel amazing, but…Fuck!

Jake trembled and moaned and rocked his ass on Lloyd’s cock, his erection swelling with the incredible sensation of Lloyd’s slick, hard dick sliding in and out of him. “Lloyd…Mmmm…” He panted unsteadily. “Oh God…fuck me, baby—harder.”

Tucking a spare pillow under Jake’s hips, Lloyd leaned over the top of him, hands against the bed just under Jake’s arms—and put added strength into his thrusts. “Holy fuck…” Lloyd gasped. “Uuh! Fuck, Jake! You feel so good!” A moment later, he pulled Jake up on hands and knees, and grabbed his hips firmly, driving into him deeper, harder. “Uuh! Fuck! Jake—I love you! Oh God—I love you so much.

An unexpected rush of emotion swept over Jake and tears sprang to his eyes as he clutched the bed, body rocking wildly in rhythm with Lloyd’s thrusts. “I love you, Lloyd.” He choked on a gasping cry. “Oh God! Don’t stop!” Ecstasy exploded through him as Lloyd’s cock assaulted his sweet spot—again and again—as the man squeezed Jake’s hips tighter and fucked him with growing urgency; his strokes shortening, quickening, coming at him harder and harder. “Yes! Oh God—right there! Fuck me like that—don’t stop!”

Jake grabbed his own throbbing dick and pumped himself vigorously, panting and gasping as he felt Lloyd’s orgasm surging to the surface—along with his own.

Uuuhh!” Lloyd cried. “Oh fuck, Jake! I’m gonna come! Aaaahhh!”

“Yes-yes-fuuck-fuu-uuh—uuck!”  Jake choked on a wrenching gasp—and unloaded, blasting cum all over the bed. “Uuuhh! God!”

He was suddenly flat on his stomach, pinned to the bed and crushed in Lloyd’s strong arms as the man fucked him erratically, grunting and gasping and shouting—and coming hard. “Fuuck!” Lloyd yelled out loud and pumped Jake’s ass until his powerful orgasm finally ran its course and released him. “Oh my God.” Lloyd sagged onto Jake’s back, panting, then rolled onto the bed. “Fuck, Jake…” He swallowed thickly. “I think my heart almost exploded.”

Mine, too, Jake thought quite happily. With love.

“So…” Lloyd grinned as Jake twisted over and faced him. “Do we get to do it again?”

Jake groaned and kissed him hard on the mouth, and pushed up against his hot, sweaty body. “Again…and again…and again…and…” He laughed softly and hooked his hand on the back of Lloyd’s neck, drawing him deeper into the kiss.

“Damn, baby.” Lloyd moaned as his trembling hands caressed Jake’s damp, fevered body. “I don’t know what your dad said to you to get you to this point…but I may have to buy him a thank you gift.”

Tugging Lloyd’s lower lip with his teeth, Jake smiled. “Can it be from both of us?”




Hale cuddled Rick’s body and played with the buttons of his shirt, igniting images of the previous night’s activities in Rick’s mind as he stroked his fingertips through Hale’s dark hair and rested against the pillow, his eyes on the ceiling. “Have to admit,” he murmured. “I never saw that coming.”

“Which part?” Hale asked quietly. “The part concerning us? Or Jake being gay?”

Rick chuckled softly. “Either.” He shifted his gaze to Hale. “I think what I love the most about this…” He sighed and traced Hale’s lips with the pad of his thumb. “We get to fall asleep and wake up in each other’s arms…sleep in if we want…kiss and touch at our leisure.” He smiled and brushed a strand of hair from Hale’s brow. “We don’t have to try and pretend we’re not in love.”

“Now that we don’t have to be secretive, you don’t think the excitement will go away…do you?” Hale asked quietly with a note of concern. He kissed Rick’s chest. “For some people, it’s the ‘secret’ that makes it so fun and exciting.”

“Hale.” Rick lifted his chin. “True love doesn’t need to be secretive to be fun and exciting. Hiding this from Jake—or thinking we were—it was already filling me with guilt and anxiety. All that’s gone now and if feels so much better.” He caressed his face. “Does it feel less exciting to you now?”

“What?” Hale shook his head. “No. You are the most exciting man I’ve ever known. I can’t imagine that ever going away.”

“Me neither.” Rick smiled warmly and trailed the line of Hale’s necklace with a single fingertip, pausing when he reached the key. “And besides, we still have a few secrets that we will keep to ourselves.”

“I’m glad,” Hale whispered. “That this part of us, is just for us. I like having something that is just between you and me, and no one else.” He slid over on top of Rick and sat up. He caressed Rick’s chest and sensually rolled his hips. “I love that you’re my secret Master.”

Rick leaned forward and wrapped Hale in his arms, kissing him deeply. “I love that you are loyal to me as your Master, in front of others.”

“I will always be loyal to you.” Hale hugged his head and brushed a kiss across his ear. “Always obey my loving Master.”

There had been a moment of uncertainty when Rick had wondered if their status of Master and slave would phase out when Hale was in the presence of Jake and others outside their private relationship. But today, Hale had banished those doubts when he had silently looked to Rick for permission to leave the kitchen with Lloyd. The young man had maintained his light, cocky personality that Jake knew so well, yet in his heart and mind—Rick remained his Master at all times.

Rick stripped them both down to their bare skin, drew back the blankets on the bed and laid Hale down on the cool sheets. He entered the boy and became consumed with his love for Hale, allowing their passion to wash over them, submerge them in one another until their kiss alone saved them from drowning.

In every touch, kiss, profession of love that Hale offered him, Rick experienced the depth of the young man’s full submission of his body, heart, mind, and soul to Rick as his lover. His teacher. His Dominant.

His Master.






The house was located just outside the city limits and looked like any other single story family home; neatly kempt lawn, single car garage, even a tree in the yard. Rick parked the car in the driveway, just outside the garage, and turned off the ignition.

Hale stared at the house, curious about why they were here. But he held back his questions, sensing this was one of those times that his Master would enlighten him when he decided it was time.

“Come inside with me.” Rick exited the car and Hale opened his door, climbing out. He followed the man along the stone walk to the front door and waited quietly as Rick produced a key and let them inside.

The place was furnished and decorated with a classy touch. Hale looked at Rick inquisitively.

“This will be our home away from home,” Rick said. “Our secret retreat, if you will.”

“Secret retreat?” Hale murmured.

Rick smiled. “A place where we can be free to…” He ran his fingertip beneath Hale’s necklace chain. “…be ourselves.” He chucked Hale gently on the chin and winked. “Call it our…playhouse.”

Playhouse. Hale liked the sound of that.

“We will spend our weekends here,” Rick went on and touched his hand to Hale’s back, moving him forward. “Keep all our playthings out here, and just a few toys back at the house to entertain us through the week.”

Hale felt a little lightheaded—but in a good way. “When did you get this place?”

“A few days ago,” Rick replied. “Even with Jake aware of our romantic relationship, it still makes it difficult for us to truly immerse ourselves in…the other. Back at the house, anyway. We need our privacy.”

“Did you…buy this place?”

“No.” Rick chuckled. “I can’t quite afford that just yet. I rented it…from Julian Rose.”

The way he said the name implied the man wasn’t just another landlord. Hale frowned. “Who’s that?”

Rick directed Hale toward the hallway that backed into the bedrooms. “He manages The Leather Lounge.”

“What’s that?”

“A high-end, classy BDSM club.”

Hale’s steps faltered and he looked at Rick. “Is that a coincidence?”


“That you rented a house from the manager of a BDSM club?”

Shaking his head, Rick smiled. “No. I found the listing online and it had a five-star rating, many positive reviews. I emailed Julian Rose, explained our interest in finding someone who could perhaps guide us into the world of BDSM. Told him a little bit about ourselves, our relationship.” Rick shrugged. “He seemed intrigued and offered to meet with me. So I took a day off work and went to speak with him. He was a very likable man. When I explained our living situation and the need for privacy, he mentioned he had a small house that he rarely made use of anymore and offered to rent it to me.”

Hale stared at him. “When did you do all this?”

Laughing softly, Rick said, “Last week. I didn’t want to tell you about it until I could bring you out here and show it to you.”

Hale nodded. “Did this Julian guy know of anyone who could help us?”

“Yes.” Rick urged Hale on down the hall. “He said he would be willing to work with us. He invited us both to the club as his special guests, so he could meet you as well. Give us all a chance to get acquainted and make sure we both felt comfortable with him.” He kissed Hale’s head. “But you will like him, I assure you. I feel confident he’s the one. But this is something we’re doing together, so I will respect your thoughts and feelings in the matter.”

They entered the master bedroom—which looked like any typical bedroom—and across to the walk-in closet. Rick motioned Hale inside.

“We’re going into the closet?” Hale mused. “After we’ve been out all this time?”

“Funny,” Rick drawled and gently pushed him through the closet door.

It was much larger than it appeared from outside, and at the back was another door. Rick led the way through the second door which opened onto a small carpeted landing. Carpeted stairs led down to a lower level that was shrouded in darkness.

Hale paused at the top of the stairs when Rick started to descend. “You’re not a serial killer, right?” He smirked. “Or a sexual sadist? I mean, I like the rough stuff as well as the next guy, but I’m not too keen on being strapped naked to metal bed springs and having my ass shocked.”

Resting his hand on the banister, Rick looked up at him, his face partially in shadow. “Are you questioning your Master?” he asked in a low, ominous tone.

A shiver raced down Hale’s spine, but rather than chilling his blood—it zapped straight to his cock. “No, Master.”

Rick raised his hand and beckoned to him with his index finger. Hale swallowed and descended the few steps until he was standing next to Rick. “If I chose to strap you to a bed spring…” he whispered and traced a slow fingertip along Hale’s jawline. “Would you resist me?”

Hale gulped and shook his head. “No,” he whimpered with a slight squeak to his voice. “But I would probably cry a lot and piss myself.”

Rick stared at him—then broke into laughter. “Okay,” he grinned and kissed Hale. “No metal bed springs and jumper cables.”

“Thank you.” Hale exhaled hard and laughed. “You had me worried there for a second.”

“You’re a silly boy,” Rick mused and took his hand, walking him down the stairs. He flipped a light switch at the bottom and the under level lit up from one end to the other.

It looked like a private lounge—how Hale imagined a gentleman’s club might look. But then he began to notice all the toys that accentuated the expansive area…racks for restraining…large metal rings hanging from the low ceiling. A vault horse occupied one corner and Hale’s ass cheeks tingled as he imagined his Master bending him over the “horse” and flogging or paddling his ass.

“Julian Rose said that he used to host private parties here,” Rick explained. “But as the parties began to accumulate more guests, he eventually moved them to the VIP floor at the club.” He looked around then smiled at Hale. “But it’s fully stocked and at our disposal.”

“Wow,” Hale breathed out and walked over to a padded, black leather bondage table with thick rings at the four corners for securing hands and feet. He ran his fingertips over the sleek surface as he moved slowly around the perimeter, then ventured to the vault horse.

Rick approached and stood behind him, hands on his shoulders—then gently yet firmly bent him forward, urging him to bend over. Hale obeyed and Rick rubbed his hands down Hale’s ass. “Perfect position,” he murmured and swatted his butt without force. “Looking forward to putting it to use.”

Hale moaned, confirming his own eagerness. Rick lifted him up and wrapped his arms around him.

“Are you good with all this?” he whispered against the curve of his neck. “This place? This room?”

Hale drew his arms tighter around him and leaned back against Rick’s chest. “All of this is my heaven on earth.” He twisted in Rick’s embrace and slid his arms around his beloved Master’s neck. “And you…the Lord and Master of my body…” He kissed him softly. “…my heart…” Another, deeper kiss. “…and my soul.” He kissed him again, drawing it out in passion and love, and breathed softly with trembling lips, “Forever.”


Rick and Hale’s story continues in a brand new series

“Dominant Hearts”

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