Prime Choice (Prime #2)

Prime Choice (Prime #2)

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


(Continuation of "In His Prime") Caught up in their new sexual relationship, Rick and Hale struggle to keep their love affair a secret from Rick’s son (and Hale’s best friend) – Jake – uncertain how far this sexual adventure will take them or if it will last beyond a momentary fling. But when Hale reveals to Rick a quietly kept secret about his passion for D/s sex – as well as his first experience in rough sex play – Rick feels a new and deeper bond forming between him and the younger man.


(Continuation of "In His Prime")

Caught up in their new sexual relationship, Rick and Hale struggle to keep their love affair a secret from Rick’s son (and Hale’s best friend) – Jake – uncertain how far this sexual adventure will take them or if it will last beyond a momentary fling. But when Hale reveals to Rick a quietly kept secret about his passion for D/s sex – as well as his first experience in rough sex play – Rick feels a new and deeper bond forming between him and the younger man.


Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



“Hey. What’re you doing here? Did you spend the night?”

Hale jumped, startled by Jake’s sudden entrance into the kitchen. He dropped two pop-tarts into the toaster, his heart rate spiking wildly. “Uh, yeah,” he mumbled, feeling uncharacteristically exposed in just his jeans and no shirt. “I crashed in the spare bedroom.”

“How come?” Jake grabbed a foil pack from the Pop-tart box and opened it.

Hale shrugged and conveniently kept his back to Jake so he didn’t have to look him in the eye. “I was going to head home but then your dad’s date stood him up and so I thought I’d stick around and keep him company.”

“The guy stood him up?” Jake groaned. “What a fucking prick. Was dad really bummed?”

“At first,” Hale said. “Thought he was past his prime and that’s why he was stood up.”

“Whatever.” Jake snorted and ate his pop-tart cold. “He’s in great shape, and good looking, too. He must be—everyone says I look like him.” He chuckled.

Hale turned and looked Jake up and down. “He’s way hotter than you.” He smirked, then grunted when Jake nailed him in the arm.

“Fuck you, dick wad.” He laughed.

“No thanks.”

“Shut up.” Jake shook his head, grinning. “I hope you made my dad feel better. Maybe you should have told him that bit about him being hotter than me, that would’ve boosted his ego, I’m sure.”

Hale turned back to the toaster, a small smile forming on his lips. “No worries,” he murmured. “I got him back in good spirits.”

“Great.” Jake smacked Hale on the shoulder. “At least you’re good for something,” he snickered.

“Yeah, yeah,” he scowled. “I’m good for a lot of things.” Just ask Rick.

“Sure you are.” Jake smiled. “So where is dad? Still asleep?”

Hale nodded and quickly plucked the Pop-tarts from the toaster, dropping them on the counter. He sucked his fingertips. “We were up late watching movies and…stuff.” He glanced at Jake. “What time did you get in?” Hale and Rick had kept a sharp ear out for Jake’s car, but it had been hard to hear anything over their activity. Even so, Jake still hadn’t returned by the time they had exhausted one another. Hale had wanted to spend the night in Rick’s bed, but the risk of Jake walking in on them was far too great.

“About two or three this morning,” Jake said.

“And what were you doing all that time?” Hale chuckled. “I know you don’t have that much staying power.”

“How do you know?”

“In case you forgot, we shared an apartment for a couple months last year.” Hale smiled darkly. “The walls were thin and you and your hand wasn’t exactly shy. If memory serves…you usually gave out before your hand did.”

Jake scoffed. “Your memory sucks.”

Hale snickered. “So what’s up with this Vicky chick? I keep hearing about her—but you never bring her around.” He looked at Jake inquisitively. “Is this another imaginary girlfriend? If so, you’re still just dating your hand.”

“Fuck.” Jake laughed and socked him again. “Vicky is real. She’s just too classy to bring around the likes of you. She thinks I have good taste. Meeting you might convince her otherwise.”

“Sure that’s it.” Hale nodded. “Truth is, you know that girls think gay guys are fucking hot, and you’re afraid I’ll steal all her attention.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about.” Jake snorted. He looked at his watch. “Shit. I gotta go. Classes start in half an hour.” He grabbed a small bottle of Sunny D from the fridge. “Feel free to hang out and mooch off us.” Jake smiled wryly.

“I always do,” Hale mused, his thoughts on mooching more than just breakfast.

“Yeah, I know.” Jake laughed and headed out of the kitchen. “I’m outta here. Catch you later.”

Hale waved him off and leaned against the counter, eating one of the pop-tarts. The front door open and closed, then the sound of a car door…engine starting…and Jake leaving. Hale dropped the remainder of his pop-tart on the counter, wiped his mouth, then left the kitchen.




Rick was dreaming of Hale, reliving last night in full Technicolor—the events as vivid as they had been in reality. Rick groaned as Hale’s hot mouth pushed down on his throbbing cock, taking him in deep, sucking up off him…then doing it all over again…and again…and—“Fuck…” Rick shuddered and lifted his hips, stroking his rigid shaft between Hale’s strong lips, into the back of his throat. “Uuuhh…fuck…” He gasped shakily. His fingertips found Hale’s hair and dove into his soft strands, gripping and squeezing as he pushed his cock into Hale’s mouth with added urgency.

Images of fucking Hale on the sofa—fist wound up in his hair—as Hale begged him to slap his ass, fuck him harder, exploded through his head. "Oh my God." Rick swallowed a stiff gasp and thrust his hips up again, sinking his hard cock into Hale's moist, tight throat. "Oh fuck, baby." He moaned loudly. "Suck me off...I want to come."

The heavenly pressure and suction suddenly ceased, and lips grazed his ear. "Don't be in such a hurry," a breathy male voice cooed seductively—then the wet tip of a slick tongue dipped into his ear.

"Huh!" Rick jerked awake, heart thundering and cock as hard as steel—and fully exposed, the blankets stripped away from his naked body.

Hale hovered next to him—gloriously nude and stiff as a board. He grinned and nipped Rick's earlobe then tugged at his lips, panting heavily, the smell of cock on his breath. It wasn't just a dream. "Sleep well?" Hale sucked Rick's lower lip as he straddled his body. "Any interesting dreams?"

Rick lifted his hips, aching to plunge inside the young man. "A few." His own breath surged up his throat, his pulse racing wildly. He grabbed Hale's hips and pushed him back a fraction, centering his ass over Rick's raging hard-on.

"Eager to fuck, hm?" Hale smirked. "I must have made a good impression last night." He shoved his hands into Rick's messy hair and clutched fistfuls, kissing him hard. "Jake thought it was nice of me to...keep you company, make you feel good about yourself." He thrust his tongue into Rick's mouth and groaned. He stroked his ass cheeks along Rick's rigid shaft and groaned again. "If he only knew how good I made you feel." He smiled and narrowed his eyes. So damn sexy. "I did make you feel good, didn't I?"

"That would be an egregious understatement." Rick squeezed his ass and raked his member through Hale's crack, smearing cum juice along his crease. Hale's words struck him suddenly and he went still. "Jake?" He swallowed anxiously. "He doesn't know..."

"Sure." Hale snickered. "First thing this morning, over pop tarts and OJ, I confessed to fucking his old man. That's how I like to start my mornings—with a healthy serving of knuckle sandwich."

Rick leaned back and looked at him. "Do you really think he would have punched you?"

"Knowing me, and the way I like to tell my stories..." He nodded and grinned. "Probably."

His stories. His sex stories. Hale made it easy to get caught up in the illusion of being "special" to him. Hale was a good guy, but he was still a young stud and obviously had no qualms about sewing his wild oats with the other young stallions out there. This right here was just another escapade. When—if—the kid did finally settle down to one guy, it sure as shit wasn't going to be with a man old enough to be his father.

"Did I say something wrong?" Hale asked. "You got all quiet and serious."

Rick cleared his throat. "No." He smiled and kissed the young man, tightening his hold on his ass. "You're saying and doing all the right things."

"Really?" Hale mused and rolled his hips sensually. He draped his arms around Rick's neck, hovering over the top of him. "Does that mean that you want to keep this thing going?"

"Do you?" Rick murmured, suddenly nervous about his answer.

Chuckling low, Hale took Rick's right hand and wrapped it around his rock hard cock. "You tell me."

Rick shoved into a hard kiss and pumped his shaft vigorously.

“Uhh!” Hale straightened quickly and dropped back, gripped Rick’s thighs, eyes on the ceiling as he thrust his dick through the man’s fist. “Yes—fuck! I love your hands. Squeeze it, baby.” He groaned loudly. “Squeeze it hard.”

Tightening his grasp, Rick raked his fist up and down Hale’s throbbing rod. “Fuck, Hale,” he panted, face pinched as the kid rocked his ass urgently back and forth across Rick’s cock. “Shit! You’re gonna make me come if you’re not careful.”

“And if I am careful?” Hale flopped his head forward and grinned, panting.

“You’ll get a good hard drilling.”

Hale wagged an eyebrow. “I can be careful.”

Leaning forward slowly, Rick wrapped his arms around Hale’s lean waist and dragged his tongue up the center of the kid’s chest, his throat, over his chin and into Hale’s mouth.

Hale groaned and grabbed fistfuls of Rick’s short hair, grinding into the kiss. He pulled back with a sharp gasp, eyes blazing. “I want you to fuck me,” he rasped against Rick’s mouth, nipping his lips. “Like you did last night—hard.

“You like it hard, huh?” Rick grabbed his throat skin with his teeth and ran his hands down over his ass again, gripping forcefully.

“Fuck yes.” Hale shuddered and raked his teeth across Rick’s shoulder. “I love having my ass slapped, my hair pulled, held down and pounded till I scream.” His whole body shivered in Rick’s arms. “Last night, you proved to me just how good you are at pleasing me exactly the way I like it.”

The young man’s shivers transferred to Rick, causing his skin to prickle with excitement. He’d never been a rough lover—until last night. Hadn’t known he even enjoyed it like that. But Hale’s boldness and raw lust to be man-handled had awakened something in Rick that both startled and thrilled him.

Rick loosened his hold on Hale and reached for the nightstand drawer, tugged it open with his fingertips, and retrieved a condom packet. He closed the drawer and straightened up again, his eyes holding Hale’s stare as he ripped open the packet with his teeth.

“Umm…” Hale took the condom and pursed his lips. “Maybe we could…” He held up the packet and cocked an eyebrow. “…go bareback?”

Rick looked at him with uncertainty.

“Rick…” Hale dropped the condom on the bed and slid his arms around Rick’s neck. “I know I…get around. But never once have I ever had unprotected sex. I’m not a risk.” He kissed him. “But if you’d feel better wearing the raincoat, it’s cool.” He smiled and kissed him again. “It’s just, the thought of you fucking me raw—and I do mean that in every sense of the word—just turns me on to no fucking end.”

It turned Rick on, too. His cock throbbed between Hale’s warm cheeks. “You’re one hundred percent sure of me?”

“Shouldn’t I be?”

“I’m clean.” Rick squeezed Hale’s ass and pulled him further up onto his lap. “But then, why would you worry, huh? It’s isn’t like I’ve got them lining up at my door every night.”

“Lucky for me.” Hale grinned. “Or I might not be where I am right now. Some other dude would be doing you.” He rubbed his hands all over Rick’s chest and kissed his neck. “And the only reason they’re not lining up, is because you’re not making yourself available, putting yourself out there on display.”

“Hm.” Rick chuckled softly. “Sure—that’s why.”




A ragged shudder rippled up Hale’s throat as he impaled himself on Rick’s hard, thick cock. Shivers prickled his skin and tingling sensations snapped through him like shots of electricity. Shit, no other dick had ever affected him like this. Was it because he’d been secretly lusting and longing for Rick since he hit puberty? The man had been a main player in his fantasies for years—a fantasy he hadn’t really expected to play out in the flesh. Last night with Rick had blown his fucking mind. Hale had imagined Rick to be a great lover, but Rick had surpassed his expectations by a lot.

Hale scraped his fingers through Rick’s short hair and pushed down on his stiff rod until his ass touched Rick’s lap. The man gasped thickly and clutched Hale’s ass cheeks.

“Fuck…” Rick shivered as their raw flesh became one. “You feel so damn good.”

Hale grinned and kissed him, snaking his tongue in Rick’s mouth. They took turns tongue-sucking while Hale began to slide up and down Rick’s steel shaft. Hale groaned into his mouth and squeezed Rick’s hair in his fists—and stroked faster. Images from last night exploded through his head, inspiring him to fuck Rick harder. He tore out of the kiss with a loud gasp, his head dropping back as he panted and moaned, bouncing vigorously in Rick’s lap. “Fuck!” His head came forward again and he seized another forceful kiss.

He was flipped onto his back a moment later, hands pinned above his head, Rick’s tongue dominating his own as the man drilled him deep and hard. When Rick broke the kiss, Hale panted and grinned and pumped his hips, meeting Rick’s urgent thrusts. “Fuck…Yes!” Hale shouted. Pressure encased his wrists as Rick squeezed harder, pushing his arms down into the pillows as he drove his cock into him, balls deep with every thrust. “Uuh! God! Fuck me, Rick! Yes…fuck—harder!”

Rick pounded him, shaking the bed, then suddenly backed off and released Hale’s wrists. Before Hale could speak, Rick flipped him onto his stomach and shoved into him from behind.

“Fuck!” Hale contorted in pleasure, his face pushed into the pillows. “Pin my arms,” he gasped. “Behind my back. Make me submit.”

Without hesitation, Rick pulled his arms around behind him and clamped his wrists together with one hand, holding them firmly against the small of his back as he commenced to fuck him with a swelling air of dominance. Hale’s mind nearly combusted when Rick’s other hand slid into his soft hair and twisted the longish strands around his fingers and gripped hard.

“Uuh!” Hale arched back a little as Rick dragged his head up off the pillows. “Holy fuck—Yes!”

Hale’s arms strained, his wrists grinding into his lower back, as his lover took control and fucked him like a slave with no choice but to submit to his master’s wishes. Oh fuck, Rick—you are my dream come true!




Rick was running on pure sexual adrenaline, barely thinking about what he was doing. Before Hale, he’d never gotten so forceful with a lover before. What if he went too far and hurt the boy? He would never forgive himself. His grip on Hale’s wrists and hair started to ease up when the young man protested and begged him not to stop, that he liked it that way—wanted it that way.

Surely Hale knew what he was doing, what he was asking. He’d likely had many rough, dominant lovers before now. And his eagerness for Rick to control him, fuck him mercilessly, strummed that primitive cord deep inside Rick that he suspected all men possessed on some level.

Rick let himself go, embracing the role that Hale pleaded him to take, and slammed his cock into the young man’s perfect ass, to the hilt, bouncing against his firm cheeks as they flushed an intoxicating pinkish hue. “Fuck!” Rick grunted short and sharp, and thrust hard, watching as Hale’s ass cheeks deepened from pink to a reddish flush. He released the kid’s hair and squeezed a handful of his ass, fingers gouging into his hot flesh, spreading his cheek.

“Spank me.” Hale moaned loud, shaky, the thrill of this experience coursing through his body.

Squeezing his ass harder, Rick suddenly released his cheek and smacked his already flushed skin, open palmed, leaving a red handprint behind. Hale grew more excited and fucked him back harder, with greater fervor.

“Yes…fuck! Again!”

Rick’s balls tightened and his orgasm churned through his groin. His hand stung as he slapped Hale’s ass a second time—a sting that sent an erotic shock straight to his cock. “Uuh!” he gasped and drove his dick in to the hilt and held it there as he leaned over Hale’s back and wound his hand up in his glorious hair once more, his lips against the boy’s ear. “You like the pain, little boy?” He panted erratically, his hot breath puffing unevenly onto Hale’s neck. He gave a firm forceful thrust, forcing his cock in deeper. Hale wailed his confirmation and trembled with excitement. “You like being my little bitch slave?” Rick shoved in again, pushing deep and grinding, knowing full well he was assaulting the young man’s prostate.

Uuh!” Hale yelled, his body struggling to writhe and contort, yet held immobile by Rick’s stronger frame pinning him to the bed. “Yes—fuck yes!” Hale gasped. “I love it…I fucking love it!”

Rick let his hand slip from Hale’s hair and slowly slide around the front of his throat. A shudder swept through Hale and the boy whimpered in ecstasy as Rick applied a firm hold on his throat. His teeth raked Hale’s ear. “Your every breath is mine to grant, you breathe because I let you breathe.”

Hale’s whole body quivered beneath Rick, his muscles straining—not from the attempt to get loose, but rather from an intense impending orgasm. The kid was consumed in ecstasy.

“Your orgasm is mine to command,” Rick went on as he began to once again thrust in and out of Hale’s tight, hot ass. He tightened his grip on Hale’s throat just a fraction and squeezed his wrists, pushing them more firmly against the small of his back. His breath puffed hard from his lips as his own ecstasy and excitement matched that of Hale’s and he fucked him harder, faster. “You will come when I tell you to come.”

Hale nodded and swallowed beneath Rick’s hand, his jaw clenched and breath short and ragged as his orgasm swelled. Rick pumped his ass until Hale was crying out, his body tense and rigid. Hale was right there, ready to come.

“Not yet,” Rick panted into his ear. “Not before me. The master comes first.”

Hale pursed his lips tight as his face pinched, breath surging through his nostrils. He squeezed his eyes shut as more whimpers pushed up his constricted throat. Rick fucked him wildly, bouncing them on the bed. Hale was shaking and gasping, his need to release evident in the sexual agony twisting his face.

“Fuck!” Rick choked and hammered the young man’s ass, panting and grunting and moaning. His arm slid around Hale’s throat as he buried his face in the boy’s shoulder and bit his damp, fevered muscle. His balls tightened and cum surged up through his cock. “Uuh! Fuck! Now—come now!”

Hale didn’t need any hands-on aid as he was rocked and grinded against the sheets. The instant he ceased resisting his orgasm—he burst, his body twisting and writhing as he screamed out in sheer pleasure. Rick filled him with hot cum, fucking him urgently as his orgasm drew out longer than usual. Their cries mixed and wound up together, echoing through the bedroom.

Pulling out of the young man, Rick hurriedly turned him onto his back and engulfed his pulsing cock in his mouth, sucking him hard. Hale yelled and clawed Rick’s head, pumping his hips erratically as he emptied the last of his juice down Rick’s throat.

When a final fierce shudder raced through Hale, Rick raised up and hovered over the top of him, kissing him deeply. He sank down against him, prolonging the kiss as he stroked his fingers through the boy’s damp strands—oh, how he loved Hale’s hair—and rocked his body gently against him. Hale’s hands trembled as he dragged his fingers lightly up and down Rick’s back, causing pleasant shivers to bump his wet, heated skin.

“Rick…” Hale breathed out his name on a soft, shaky gasp. “I-”

The front door open and closed—and footsteps that Rick recognized as his son’s came down the hall toward the bedroom.





“Is that Jake?” Hale’s heart jumped into his throat. “Shit.”

The footsteps approached the bedroom door from down the hall—closer and closer. Hale quickly scooted from underneath Rick and rolled off the far side of the bed, hitting the floor with a dull thud and short grunt as he wriggled under the bedframe that allowed barely enough room for him to fit. His heart pounded when he heard the door knob twist with a click.

Above him, Rick hurriedly righted himself in bed and he could feel the man’s panic in his own thundering pulse.


Hale twisted his head to the side and saw the bottom of the door push open a few inches.

“You awake yet?”

Rick shifted on the bed and cleared his throat. “Yeah, Jake.” The man was good. The tremor in his voice was hardly detectable, though to Hale it rang out loud and clear. It was unlikely Jake picked up on it at all. “Shouldn’t you be in class?” Rick asked, adopting a ‘sleep’ slur to his voice.

“I was headed that way,” Jake said, pushing the door open wider. Hale watched his feet as they approached the bed. Jake snorted. “I forgot my essay. I figured it was better being late than being there on time without it.”

“Of course.”

“Did Hale take off?”

“I guess. I wasn’t awake.”

“So, uh…” Jake sat on the edge of the bed. “Are you okay? Hale told me about your date standing you up. What a douche.”

Rick chuckled quietly. “It’s okay.” A brief hesitation, then – “I’m sure I had a better time hanging out with Hale than I would have on the date, anyway.”

Hale bit his lip to stifle a snicker. He knew that little confession was for his benefit.

“Yeah, probably.” Jake laughed. “Hale can be pretty entertaining. I’m glad he made you feel better. I wouldn’t want you getting bummed out over some dickhead who clearly doesn’t deserve you.”

Entertaining. Hale smiled. Rick certainly hadn’t been bored last night…or this morning, for that matter. He shivered pleasantly at the recent memory, an ache lingering in his shoulder sockets from the strain of his arms being pinned behind his back. Fuck, Rick—you are one red hot lover.

With that thought, Hale’s dick twitched and hardened a fraction.




Hale’s presence beneath the bed sifted up like a heat wave, engulfing Rick as he struggled to remain calm and casual. “I appreciate your concern,” he said with sincere gratitude. “I know you’re not always comfortable with…this.”

“Come on, dad.” Jake smiled softly. “I’m cool with who you are. And I don’t have a problem with you dating other guys. You deserve your happily ever after.”

Rick chuckled. “Thank you. That’s a nice thought. But I may be getting a bit long in the tooth to be competing with the hot young gay boys out there. I may have to leave the fairytale endings to them.”

His heart pinched unexpectedly as Hale’s declaration from last night—I dreamed of having all of you—danced through his head. The young man might have thought that, while Rick remained a conquest. It was startling how fast things could change once something no longer possessed mystery or intrigue.

“So why compete?” Jake grinned and winked as he stood up. “Why not just get yourself a hot young stud of your own? Hale insists you’re better looking than me. I don’t know if I agree…” He chuckled and rubbed his chest. “But even so, you got it going on. You’re hardly over the hill.”

A funny tickle nudged Rick’s navel and seeped down into his crotch. Excitement and guilt stuttered through him. Whether or not Jake really thought he should get himself a young lover, he sure as hell wasn’t talking about Hale.

“Yeah, well. It’s something to think about,” Rick mused.

Jake snapped his fingers and pointed at him with a wink. “You do that.” He grinned. “Anyway, I better get my ass in gear and get to class. Maybe I’ll hit up Hale later and buy him lunch for entertaining you last night.”

Sliding his tongue over his lower lip, Rick nodded. “That would be nice. He certainly kept my mind off my failed date, and made me feel good about myself in the process, so yeah…he deserves a happy meal.”

Jake laughed. “With my skinny wallet, that’s probably all he’s gonna get.”

“At least he’ll get a toy with it.”

Jake snickered. “I’m pretty sure they don’t give out the kind of toys he plays with—they would be sued.

“Shit.” Rick chuckled, experiencing another tingle in his crotch at the sudden image of Hale playing with his toys. He shook his head and laughed. “Get to school before you corrupt your old man.”

“Yeah. Me corrupt you.” Jake snorted as he walked to the door. “Something tells me you’re not nearly as innocent as you appear, pops. Bet you got some dirty little fantasies playing around in that noggin of yours.”

“Go!” Rick laughed and threw a pillow at him.

Jake chuffed and grinned. “I’m going.” He slipped out the door, closing it behind him.

Rick sat tensely, listening as Jake stepped into his room down the hall to grab his essay, then left the house. Hale scooted out from under the bed when Jake’s car started and drove away.

Crawling beneath the covers, Hale pushed up against Rick’s naked body. And—shit—the kid was already hard again. “So I get a free happy meal, huh?” Hale grinned. “Jake’s right about the toy thing, though.” He snaked his hand down beneath the covers and grasped Rick’s cock. “Unless they have one of these in that box, I won’t be happy.” He squeezed and slid his fist slowly up the length of the shaft. “Your happy meal comes with much better toys.”

Rick groaned and sank back against the pillows as Hale stroked him.

“Wanna go again?” Hale breathed into his ear, teasing his earlobe with the tip of his tongue.

Another groan rolled up Rick’s throat. “I don’t bounce back so fast anymore.”

“Really?” Hale tightened his fingers around Rick’s hard dick. “Feels like you’re bouncing back just fine.”

“Even so…” Rick chuckled and scooted up, resting his back against the wall. “I may need a moment to catch my breath.” His eyes darted to the door and lingered briefly.

Sitting up beside him, Hale released his shaft. “Feeling guilty about Jake?”

“Yeah.” Rick sighed. “I feel like I’m lying to him.”

“He did tell you to get yourself a hot young lover.” Hale smiled and kissed him. “Don’t I qualify?”

“You more than qualify,” Rick assured. “But I doubt Jake had you in mind when he said that. And he probably didn’t mean it.”

Hale leaned against him, his head laying back on Rick’s shoulder, his thick soft hair tickling Rick’s throat. “Where’s the harm in this?” he asked. “Jake doesn’t have to know. It isn’t like he’s my boyfriend and I’m cheating on him with his hot, sexy dad.” Hale turned his face up to Rick. “You’re not lying to him, Rick. You’re…shielding him from details that might not set so well with him. If he found out, it could mess up his relationship with us both. We’re just having a little fun, what’s so bad about that?”

A little fun. Rick lifted his hand and dragged his fingers through Hale’s soft strands. Was that all this was?

Things can change in a hurry, remember?

Rick pressed his lips to Hale’s head. Regardless of Hale’s implication last night that he wanted Rick’s heart as well as sex, Rick knew it was foolish to invest in this thing that could never truly be anything more than ‘a little fun’. Reality wouldn’t allow it.

So enjoy it while it lasts. It’ll be over soon and Jake never has to find out. Hale was right—where was the harm?

“Nothing,” Rick whispered and kissed Hale’s hair. “Nothing bad about it at all.”




Hale brought Rick toasted cinnamon pop-tarts, chilled orange juice and hot coffee.

“Breakfast in bed?” Rick smiled at him. “Don’t I feel special.”

“You are.” Hale grinned and placed the tray over Rick’s lap then sat on the bed beside him. He snagged a corner of a pop-tart and tossed it in his mouth. “You’re like the coolest guy ever.” He leaned over and kissed Rick’s neck. “And the hottest lover I’ve ever had.”

“Ever?” Rick looked at him doubtfully and broke one pop-tart in two, handing a half to Hale. “I find that hard to believe.”

“Believe it, baby.” Hale bit into the toaster pastry and smiled.

Rick gave a short, quiet laugh, then cast him a sidelong glance. “Can I ask you something?”


“Why do you like to be dominated so roughly during sex?”

Hale shrugged with a grin. “It relaxes me.”

“How?” Rick wondered.

“Well, it’s like…” Hale sighed and looked at him. “I control my life, every part of it. Every decision, no matter how difficult…it’s on me to make it. If it turns out to be the wrong one and I fuck things up for myself, I have no one else to blame. I’m responsible, for better or worse. And it’s been that way since I graduated high school.” He shook his head. “Don’t get me wrong, I like being in control of my life. But having no one to fall back on, to shoulder the responsibilities at times…it can get kind of stressful. Sometimes…” He gazed at Rick. “I just need to let go of the control—completely. Hand it all over to someone else.” He looked down and shrugged. “It’s a relief, you know? To relinquish the reins, not have to make the decisions or take responsibility for my actions, just…” He sighed again and smiled at Rick. “…do as I’m told.”

Rick stared at him silently.

Hale chuckled softly. “Was that too deep? Should I have just said I get turned on by pain and domination?”

“No.” Rick rubbed his hand down the back of Hale’s head. “I like that you understand your motives and reasoning.” He withdrew his hand and took a sip of orange juice. “Have you told this to all the guys you’ve had rough sex with?”

All the guys. Hale picked at the half piece of pop-tart. “I’ve only had this kind of sex with one other guy.”


“I mean, I’ve had plenty of sex…just not the rough stuff.”

“Why?” Rick asked. “If that’s what you like, I mean. Why just the one guy?”

Hale placed the remainder of the pop-tart on the tray and drew his legs up, resting his arms on his knees, his chin on his arms. “After that first time,” he murmured. “I was too scared to try it again.”

“Too scared?” Rick set the tray on the bedside stand and leaned forward, his hand on Hale’s back. “Why?” A note of concern entered the older man’s voice.

The unpleasant experience caused a pinch of nausea in Hale’s gut. “I didn’t understand at the time, that it takes a certain type of person to be a…safe dominant. Not everyone can be one. I just thought of it as sex play and urged him to take control.”

Rick’s tension seeped out through his touch as his arm slid around Hale’s body. “What happened, Hale?”

“He…lost control,” he whispered. “He started getting rougher…meaner…and it was like he couldn’t stop. The power of control…it got him high or something. When it stopped being fun for me, I told him I didn’t want to do it anymore, but he treated it like part of the game, like I was just playing my role.” He shook his head slowly. “But he knew I wasn’t. He didn’t care, he just kept at it until he couldn’t hold out anymore and finally blew his wad. Then he just laughed about it and was like ‘that was fucking fun’.” Hale exhaled deeply. “It wasn’t. Not for me.”

Rick kissed his shoulder softly. “Did he hurt you? Really hurt you?”

“Some,” Hale mumbled. “I think more than anything he just frightened me. If he’d held his wad longer, he would have hurt me a lot worse. It scared the shit out of me.”

“When did this happen?” Rick murmured.

“Prom night.”

“Does Jake know?”

Hale shook his head. “I never told anyone. I don’t know why, but I felt…humiliated. I didn’t want anyone to know, not even Jake.” He sighed and licked his lips. “The thing was…I still wanted to do it afterward, but I was too afraid to trust anyone again not to lose control and maybe seriously hurt me next time…or even just humiliate me again.” He looked at Rick. “Until last night…with you.”

Stroking his hair, Rick asked quietly, “Why me, Hale?”

Hale leaned over and kissed his mouth. “Because I know what kind of man you are. I’ve known you at least half of my life. I wasn’t afraid to let you take control, because I knew you’d never hurt me. And if things started to go too far, you’d stop if I asked you to.” He kissed him again. “You’re my perfect lover, Rick. Not because of how you fuck me…but because I trust you one hundred percent. I know we could do anything together and I would feel safe.”

Nodding slowly, Rick kissed his face. “You are safe with me. Nothing could ever make me hurt you, Hale.” Rick drew him down on the bed and caressed his body. “Control…it doesn’t always have to be rough. Sometimes it can be sensual…” He kissed Hale’s chest, his stomach. “…even tender.”

Hale smiled and combed his fingers through Rick’s hair. “I think I would like to explore that side of it as well.”

Lifting his head, Rick touched his lips to Hale’s mouth. “I think we could manage a healthy mix of the two.”

Hale shivered pleasantly as Rick’s hand ventured down between Hale’s thighs. He swallowed thickly as Rick’s other arm cradled his head protectively while he began to stroke him slowly, sensually, gazing down at him—the older man’s eyes radiating a myriad of desire, passion, and…love?

Another shiver rippled through him. The notion of love excited and terrified him all in a single beat of his heart.




Something changed between them the moment Hale revealed the truth about his experience with the other man. Or rather—other boy. It was a wonder Hale hadn’t been badly injured. Rick might be a novice when it came to even the mildest forms of BDSM, but plain and simple common sense told him that when the experience ceased to gratify both parties involved—it was time to fucking stop.

It affected him deep within to hear Hale confess how safe he felt with him. There was something intoxicating about taking full control during sex, but what Rick found even more sexually charging was the “trust”, Hale putting his complete faith in Rick to not only dominate him as he desired to be dominated—but keep him safe while doing so.

An unexpected bond formed with this new realization about his younger lover. Would this be the beginning of a tie that slowly wove through their hearts, bodies, and minds that eventually bound them together for all time? Or would this momentary bond weaken…dissipate…allowing them to drift apart? In years to come, would Hale even remember this moment in time that was forever etched into Rick’s heart?

Hale’s warm lips melded to Rick’s, deepening their kiss as Rick took his time pleasuring the young man. A soft moan swelled in Hale’s throat and he pulled gently from the kiss with a shaky gasp. “Maybe we could…go shopping,” he panted low and smiled up at Rick.

“Yeah?” Rick murmured and stroked him more firmly. “For what?”


“What kind of toys?” Rick breathed against his lips with a trace of amusement.

Hale’s lovely blue eyes sparkled with mischief—sending tickles squirming all through Rick’s body—as his smile stretched and he pulled Rick back into a kiss, his hips rocking in time with the smooth rhythm of Rick’s hand.

Oh God, Rick thought as his body began to ignite. How am I going to stand in the same room with Jake and Hale and pretend I’m not completely consumed by this boy?


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