In His Prime (Prime #1)

In His Prime (Prime #1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


After being stood up for a date, Rick is feeling like an old shoe about to be tossed out. But when his son's friend, Hale, talks up his hotness and sexiness, he begins to think maybe men his own age isn't where it's at, and decides to call Hale's bluff and see if he truly thinks Rick is as sexy and hot as he insists.


After being stood up for a date, Rick is feeling like an old shoe about to be tossed out. But when his son's friend, Hale, talks up his hotness and sexiness, he begins to think maybe men his own age isn't where it's at, and decides to call Hale's bluff and see if he truly thinks Rick is as sexy and hot as he insists.


Submitted: January 03, 2016

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Submitted: January 03, 2016



Rick paced the living room, his anxiety mounting as he checked his watch. What was taking him so long? He walked to the window and looked out. The neighborhood street was dark and quiet. No approaching cars.

“He isn’t here yet?” Rick jumped when Hale entered the living room and dropped down on the sofa.

Rick scowled and shook his head. Exhaling heavily, he turned and looked at his son’s best friend –shirtless and wearing only jeans. “I thought you and Jake were going to see a movie this evening?”

“Vicky called,” Hale shrugged and smiled. He was a good looking young man with lovely blue eyes and thick jet black hair that always looked extremely soft. Hale absently slid his fingers through the longish strands. “She told him she had a surprise for him. So he took off.” Hale snickered. “I can bet what kind of surprise she has for him.”

Groaning, Rick held up his hand defensively. “Please. I don’t need to hear about my son’s sex life. I’m still in denial about his adulthood. As far as I’m concerned, he and Vicky are just friends.” Hale laughed and Rick smiled then glanced at his watch again before taking a seat in the armchair near the sofa. “Well, clearly I’ve been stood up.”

Hale sat forward and shrugged. “Maybe his car broke down. Or he’s just running late.”

Shaking his head, Rick replied dejectedly, “Or maybe it just dawned on him he was about to go out on a date with a broken down old man and decided against it.”

“Broken down old man?” Hale laughed. “Seriously? You’re freaking hot. This guy would be nuts to stand you up.”

Rick smiled and sighed. The boy was a gem. “You flatter me, Hale. But you don’t have to say that for my benefit. The mirror doesn’t lie. I’m resigned to the fact that I’m well past my prime. Even the older men want hot young guys.”

Sliding down the sofa closer to Rick, Hale rested his elbows on his knees and cocked an eyebrow, a gesture that Rick found surprisingly sexy. “Well, I think there’s a lot to be said about a hot older man. Sometimes all that’s fine about a younger guy is his looks, but get him in bed and…” He shrugged and shook his head. “…Doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.”

Rick suddenly felt fortunate –and grateful –that his son’s best friend was gay. Jake had no problem with his old man liking men, but when it came to romance –and especially sexual matters –they had a difficult time getting on the same page. Rick had walked the straight road at one point in his life, when he’d met and married Jake’s mother, so he still had some understanding of Jake’s relationships –even if Rick was in denial. But Jake had never been attracted to guys, and he couldn’t quite wrap his mind around it. Hale was different. He was an out and proud gay man, and had no qualms about discussing their mutual gender attraction with Rick.

Even so, this was the first time he and Hale had directly spoken on the subject of sex. Rick stared at him, then looked away, lips tightening with an uncertain smile. “We probably shouldn’t be talking about this.”

Hale chuckled. “Why not?” He winked. “Maybe you just need a young guy to let you know you’re still in your prime and a hot item.”

Suddenly nervous and not certain just why, Rick stood slowly. “Well, I appreciate your vote of confidence, Hale,” he said quietly, an unexpected wave of disappointment washing over him as he added, “But it’s easy to say such things when you know you don’t have to back them up. You might not be so quick to flatter me if you weren’t safe.”

Hale rose from the sofa and again cocked a glossy black eyebrow –this time causing a disturbing tingle in Rick’s groin. “Why am I safe?”

His heart rate suddenly spiking and disturbing Rick even more, he stared at Hale. “Because…” he said slowly, “…you’re my son’s best friend. And I’m considerably older than you.”

Hale grinned and flicked his eyebrow teasingly. Please don’t do that, Rick thought with growing anxiety. “I wouldn’t say considerably.

Rick swallowed hard, his throat dry. “Nevertheless,” he mumbled and moved toward the living room doorway. Hale followed and stepped in front of him, halting him in his tracks.

“Do you want me to…back it up?” Hale smiled, but his gorgeous blue eyes were dead serious. “Are you calling my bluff?”

A sudden, strong throb thumped in his crotch, inciting an instant erection. No…no, God, this isn’t happening. He looked at Hale. “Come on, Hale…” he murmured uncertainly. “Stop goofing around.”

Hale reached out and rested his hands on Rick’s waist and drew him a little closer. “Who’s goofing around?” he asked softly. A cock-hardening smile played across the boy’s lips. “You’ve been a permanent fixture in my fantasies for a long time.”

Shivers prickled Rick’s skin beneath his clothes and he tentatively touched Hale’s bare chest. At nineteen, the young man had an athletic build and wonderfully firm, developed muscles. The heat of his taut skin beneath Rick’s fingertips swelled Rick’s member until there was no “growing space” left inside the crotch of his slacks.

Hale’s desire reflected in his deep ocean blue eyes as he pulled Rick tighter against him and rocked his hips slowly, temptingly, letting Rick feel how much he wanted him. “Does that feel fake? Like I’m just playing?” Hale breathed out, a bit unsteadily, his lips so close to Rick’s mouth he could smell the scent of cinnamon gum as the young man’s warm breath sifted up his nostrils. Rick’s throat worked nervously and then Hale’s lips were brushing over his mouth. “I’m so fucking horny for you right now I can’t see straight.”

“Hale…” Rick shuddered when the boy rubbed his hands down over Rick’s ass and squeezed his cheeks hungrily. Nothing else came out. He had no will to back up a protest as Hale continued to roll his hard crotch against Rick’s throbbing cock.

Smiling, Hale kissed him again. Rick groaned and kissed him back. His hands caressed the young man’s chest, then up his neck to cup his head. His fingers dove deep into Hale’s thick hair –oh God, it feels like silk –as his tongue thrust into his mouth. A stuttered moan rolled up his throat when Hale worked his hands beneath the rear band of Rick’s slacks, under his briefs, and gripped his bare ass cheeks.

“Fuck,” Hale trembled through their intense kiss. “You have a sweet ass.”

Rick shivered again as Hale slid his middle finger into the crack of his ass and rimmed his hole. Hale withdrew his other hand and reached down between them and unfastened his own jeans.

“Touch me,” Hale panted quietly, a quiver to his voice. “Feel how much I want to fuck you, how fucking desirable I think you are.”

His breath ragged and shaky, Rick slowly pushed one hand down inside Hale’s pants. “Shit,” he gasped softly and kissed Hale harder as he rubbed his dick, which was so hard and wonderfully thick.

Hale groaned. “Take it out,” he whispered thickly.

There was no hesitation on Rick’s part as he tugged Hale’s cock from his jeans and stroked it in his hands.

“Do you like it?” Hale moaned and sucked Rick’s lower lip, then the upper.

“Very much,” Rick shuddered and slid his fists up and down the impressive length of Hale’s shaft. Hale panted and pushed it through his hands with slow thrusts.

“Fuck,” Hale swallowed hard, his finger slipping from between Rick’s cheeks. “I’m told it tastes real good.”

Sinking to his knees, Rick looked up at Hale as he tugged the front of his pants a bit lower. “I’ll be the judge of that.” He stroked Hale’s cock in his fists a few more times then licked the drooling head. Hale’s hips jerked and he clutched Rick’s hair, groaning loudly as his cock jumped in Rick’s hands. He dragged his tongue up and down the shaft, tracing the swollen veins then sucking along them.

“Shit,” Hale choked and squeezed Rick’s strands tighter. “Suck me…oh fuck…please suck my cock.”

Rick smiled and nearly unloaded in his shorts. He had been convinced he was too far along in life to ever hear a hot young guy beg him for anything sexual, ever again. Hale wasn’t only fucking hot and sexy –his status as Jake’s best friend rendered all of this taboo. And there was something damn erotic about partaking of forbidden fruit. On that thought, he engulfed Hale’s cock in one shot, sucking it into the back of his throat.




“Fuck!” Hale yelled when wet heat enveloped his dick all at once and his cock head pushed into Rick’s tight throat canal. He’d been fairly certain the man would be good at sucking cock –but to deep throat him? He didn’t suspect Jake knew that his dear old dad could swallow dick like a seasoned porn star.

Rick moaned in pleasure and began to suck up and down his throbbing cock, doing things with his mouth and tongue that Hale had only ever experienced in his fantasies.

“Oh my God.” He gasped unsteadily and clutched Rick’s hair in his fists, then pumped himself into the man’s mouth. “Oh fuck yes…suck me…oh my –Uuuhhh! Fuck! On my God, that feels so good!”

Jake had been his best friend since junior high, but Hale was pretty sure that fucking his dad’s mouth was on the ‘Best Friend Unacceptable Things To Do’ list. The guilt was there, churning inside him. Yet Rick was steadily sucking it out of him.

Uuuhh…” Hale panted. “Shit…I wanna fuck…now.”

Stroking him harder, faster, until Hale was sure his legs would give out –Rick pulled off him and stood up. Sufficiently cock hard and turned on, Rick wasted no time taking the dominant role, which Hale had been hoping would happen. Rick was no small guy and Hale had always fantasized about the man getting a little rough and demanding with him. Yet Hale wasn’t beyond taking the initiative, and began to hurriedly unbutton Rick’s shirt. He stripped the garment off the man’s shoulders then rubbed his hands over his chest, squeezing his nicely developed pecs and pinching his nipples.

Rick groaned and shoved his hands down the back of Hale’s jeans. His fingers slipped under the elastic band of Hale’s jock strap as his palms caressed lower and conformed to the swell of his ass cheeks and squeezed firmly. He crushed Hale’s mouth in a hard kiss.

His hands functioning on autopilot, Hale unfastened Rick’s pants and thrust his hand down inside, finding the man’s cock steel hard and oh so thick –and already drooling for Hale. All his fantasies spun through his head. Vivid fantasies of feeling Rick slowly squeeze his thick cock into Hale’s ass –then fucking him deep and hard until Hale was screaming his name, begging for more.

“Fuck me, Rick,” Hale shuddered into the man’s mouth, his whole body trembling in anticipation. The words were hardly off his lips before he was on his back on the soft carpet before the sofa, Rick’s urgent hands stripping him naked.

Rick shed his own pants and dropped to his knees between Hale’s legs. The unobstructed visual of Rick’s large, rigid cock, wrenched a deep groan from Hale. He sat forward and grabbed the man’s shaft then shoved Rick onto his back and took his cock into his mouth, sucking hungrily. Oh fuck! You taste even better than I dreamed.

“Uuh!” Rick arched and grabbed his head, clawing his thick, soft hair. “Fuuck! Uuh! God…yes!” His hips pumped, ass bumping the carpet as he panted and thrust his stiff member into Hale’s throat. “Oh fuck, Hale…yes…Uuuhhh…” His fingers twisted Hale’s strands and with clear reluctance, lifted Hale off him. “My wallet…” he panted hard, eyes closed. “…condom…now.”

Hale understood ‘I need to fuck now’ language and snatched Rick’s wallet from his discarded pants, rifling through the contents until he found the condom. Hale didn’t know if Rick had expected to get lucky on his date tonight, or if the condom was just “wishful thinking” –but either way, tonight was Rick’s lucky night. Who are you kidding? It’s “your” fucking lucky night!




The soft carpet threads dampened beneath Rick’s sweat slicked body. His skin was already glistening and they hadn’t even gotten to the real exertion yet. It had been a long while since he’d been this jacked up and hot to fuck. His last couple times –too many months ago than he cared to admit –had sure as hell not been with some young, energetic stud. Those times had been nice, but they had also been rather low-key fucking. During orgasm, his heart hadn’t pounded as hard as it was right now while he watched Hale tear open the condom packet with his teeth then roll the contraceptive down over Rick’s stiff cock.

Don’t give out on me now, he pleaded with his erratic heart. He really didn’t want his son to come home and find him expired from wild sex with his best friend.

Hale spit in his hand and coated Rick’s sheathed shaft, his fist slipping up and down his cock. The boy met his heated stare and smiled. “I’ve been dreaming of this since you gave me my first hard-on,” he murmured, his smile stretching when mild shock widened Rick’s eyes. “I’m dead serious…you were the one who inspired my very first boner.” His hand squeezed a fraction and continued to stroke him. “I was almost thirteen. You, me and Jake were washing the jeep. You were wearing these loose silky shorts that sucked to your crotch when they got wet. Your body dripping with sweat and water. I just about had my first orgasm right then and there as well.” He rubbed one hand sensually across Rick’s quivering stomach muscles. “Started fantasizing about you that day…and never stopped.”

Swallowing thickly, Rick just looked at him. The first time Rick had acknowledged that Hale was no longer a “child” was on Hale’s seventeenth birthday. Jake had thrown a birthday party for Hale at their house. Rick had retired to his bedroom, away from the party. He recalled Hale coming to his room, drenched in beer, asking if he could borrow one of Rick’s t-shirts. His story back then had been that Jake’s room was “occupied”, so he couldn’t get a shirt from there. The moment Hale had stripped off his shirt, Rick realized he now had the body of a young man…rather than a teenage boy.

Rick hadn’t allowed his gaze to linger, nor had he let his thoughts wander even for a moment –Hale had only been seventeen, for crying out loud, and his son’s best friend. Rick quickly vanquished any notion of “attraction” he felt for the young man and hadn’t gone “there” since.

Until tonight.

And from what Hale was telling him now, Rick was fairly certain that Hale had made a point of coming to his room that night…maybe to show him that he was fast becoming a full-fledged man.

He might still be Jake’s best friend –but he isn’t seventeen anymore.

Rick slid his hands over Hale’s bare hips and drew him forward. Hale straddled him, his eyes heavy with passion and lust for the man of his wildest fantasies. The reality that he had made up Hale’s dreams for so long now was a massive boost to Rick’s ego –and confidence. Hale wasn’t doing this just to make Rick feel better about himself –he was literally living out his fantasy.

Maybe I am too, he thought with a jolt of realization. Maybe I’ve been secretly fantasizing about him as well.

Hale reached behind himself and grasped Rick’s erection, then guided it between his ass cheeks. His stare held Rick’s eyes as he began to push down on his cock. Shivers raced through Rick and his skin instantly prickled, his stomach quivering and jumping as he entered Hale’s tight, hot body.

“Fuuuck…” Rick choked on a gasp and clutched Hale’s hips, his fingers digging in to the young man’s heated flesh. “Uuuhh…” his body arched as his knees drew up, his feet pressing hard against the carpet as he shoved himself deeper inside Hale’s velvet soft ass. His breath came quick and ragged as a smile played on Hale’s lips, a slight strain to his handsome face as his chest heaved a little with his own quickened breath.

“Oh my God…” Hale shuddered suddenly. His head dropped back and he gripped Rick’s knees, leaning back a fraction on his arms as he began to rise and sink on Rick’s cock, hips rolling slowly, sensually. “Oh fuck…Rick…oh my God, your cock feels so good.”

Rick ground his heels into the carpet and shoved up, driving his stiff erection to the hilt inside Hale, his ass cheeks squeezing, flexing as he pushed in extra-deep, inciting a breathless grunt from Hale, then pulled back and shoved in again.

“Fuck…” Rick gasped hard and thrust in again…and again…faster and harder. Hale’s short nails gouged Rick’s slick thighs as the young man clutched him and rode his cock like a seasoned cowboy. “Yes…Hale. Fuck me…Uuuhh! Ride me harder!”

Dropping forward, Hale clawed Rick’s chest and drew his feet under him and squatted on Rick’s cock. He bit his lower lip and groaned loud –and began bouncing on Rick’s rigid shaft. “Fuck!” Hale cried as his wet lip slipped from between his teeth and he clenched his jaw. “Uuh! Fuck, Rick! Oh my God!”

Rick fucked him back with equal urgency, their slick bodies connecting wetly, loudly. Rick groped Hale’s ass, spreading him wider, as he slammed his cock in harder. The young man wailed in delight and begged for more.

In a swift, smooth motion, Rick hoisted Hale off him. “The sofa,” he ordered, and Hale flopped onto the cushions, sitting up. Rick crawled to his feet and leaned over the young man and kissed him hungrily, then smacked his leg. “Turn around.”

Hale grinned and complied. He positioned himself on his knees and leaned his arms on the back of the sofa as Rick stepped up behind him. He rubbed Hale’s perfect ass cheeks then moved in and buried his cock inside the young man once again. Hale gasped and clutched the sofa, panting and smiling. Rick pushed in deeper as he lightly slapped Hale’s ass, imprinting his flesh with a red handprint.

“Mmm!” Hale moaned and shuddered –then shoved back against Rick, taking his cock a fraction deeper. “Yes…spank me…slap my ass, baby…”

Another smack, slightly harder, stinging Rick’s hand as well as Hale’s cheek. A hard throb pumped through his cock and he thrust in with heightened need. The kid wailed and groaned and pumped his ass on Rick’s dick. Rick slapped his ass again and fucked him harder, driving Hale wild. The young man gripped the back of the sofa and used his arms for leverage as he drove himself back on to Rick, over and over, harder and faster.

Hale tilted his head back, his hips arching, pumping, his body rocking and swaying as he cried out in ecstasy. Rick grunted and leaned over him, smothering Hale’s left hand beneath his own, gripping fiercely, and slipped his arm firmly around Hale’s throat as he lathered his neck and cheek with hot kisses and wet licks –and rammed his cock into his ass.

“Fuuck!” Hale choked around Rick’s strong forearm. “Yes! Fuck me! Make me your bitch!”

Rick slammed into him again and felt the orgasm surfacing quickly. It had been too long since he’d been this charged up, he wouldn’t last long.

Hale twisted his head and nipped Rick’s lower lip. “Pull my hair,” he panted hard, almost whimpering. “Like in my fantasy…get rough…make it hurt so good.”

You’re a little freak, Rick thought with extreme delight.

Releasing Hale’s throat, Rick drove his hand into the boy’s lustrous hair –just the feel of which made his whole body tingle and shiver. He clutched a fistful of his glorious strands and squeezed, tugging his head back as he pumped his ass, hips smacking the young man’s damp, flexed cheeks and knocking him against the back of the sofa.

“Uh-uh-uh!” Hale cried as Rick gripped his hand, grinding it into the soft cushions, and yanked on his hair as he bit his neck then sucked his hot, salty skin. “Uh-uh-fuuuck! Fuuu…fuuuck! Yes…oh God…do it to me, Rick! Harder!”

Rick kept on ramming his ass, in and out. “You like that?” he grunted thick, low, feeling the boy’s excitement pulsing through his body, knowing just what he wanted of Rick. “You like my cock in your ass?” He slammed him again and Hale wailed out his pleasure. “You like it hard? Like a little pain?”

“Yes!” Hale choked out. “Fuck yes!”

Rick shoved forward, urging Hale further up on the furniture until his stomach was pressed against the top back of the sofa. Rick advanced with him, stepping up onto the cushions. He reclaimed his grip on Hale’s hair and commenced to fuck him, driving him against the back of the couch.

Uh-Uh-Uh!” Hale grasped the sofa, elbows bent to prevent himself from propelling over the back. “Fuck! Rick! Yes…Uuuhh!”

Sweat dripped onto Hale’s back and ran down the furrow of his spine. His thick hair dampened in Rick’s fist as Rick twisted his head to the side and kissed him furiously on the mouth. He ripped out the kiss suddenly with a loud gasp. “Fuck!” Rick yelled. “I’m gonna come! Oh fuck!”

He slipped his arm around Hale’s waist and hurriedly shifted them. Rick dropped on his ass on the sofa with Hale still impaled on his cock and facing away from him as the young man took the initiative and began fucking him wildly, fingers digging into Rick’s knees as he lifted and dropped urgently. Rick watched Hale’s beautiful ass swallow his cock again and again.

“Oh my God…” he gasped and reached around, grasping Hale’s stiff cock as he began to pump the boy with fast strokes.

“Fuck yes!” Hale shouted and Rick pulled his body back against his chest and kissed the young man’s slick neck and shoulder as he jerked him off. Hale stiffened, his muscles locking as a strangled cry wrenched up his throat and he unloaded, tendrils of come squirting out across the carpet in powerful shots. “Uuhh! Fuck!

Hale curled his arm up around Rick’s neck and dragged him into a passionate, desperate kiss as he fucked him harder, bouncing in his lap. “Come for me, Rick,” he whimpered breathlessly. “Oh God, I want you to come so bad!”

Ahhhh!” The orgasm coiled instantly, entrapping his body and squeezing, laboring Rick’s breath as a cry swelled and burst out of him as he released, filling the condom. “Fuuuck! Uuh!” He held Hale’s hips in a death grip and pumped his cock into him, working out his orgasm. Hard pants burst off his lips and blasted the boy’s wet skin.

In seconds, they both lay immobile, gasping and trembling. Hale’s fevered, slick body rested weakly against Rick’s heaving chest, and Rick slowly wrapped his arms around the boy and hugged him with what little strength he had left.

Hale smiled tiredly, eyes closed in exhaustion. “Rick…” he mumbled and swallowed thickly, breath shaky. “Tell me…this really happened…I’m not just dreaming.”

Nuzzling his ear, Rick whispered, “It happened.” He kissed his neck and let his lips linger. “Right or wrong…it definitely happened.”

Hale trembled and rubbed his hands along Rick’s damp forearms. “Do you think…it might happen again?” Hopefulness thickened the boy’s voice.

Rick pressed his lips more firmly against Hale’s hot skin. “That may not be a good idea,” he murmured and held the boy tighter, an unexpected pinch in his chest. “I might start falling for you.”

Hale reached up and trailed his fingertips down Rick’s fevered face and smiled. “That’s okay…it’s about time you catch up.”

Shifting, Rick twisted the boy partially around and looked him in the eyes. “What?” he asked uncertainly.

“What did you think?” Hale asked quietly and kissed him softly. “That I only fantasized about you giving me your cock?” He smiled and kissed him again. “I dreamed of having all of you.”

It occurred to Rick how probable it was that Hale might just have all of him right now. “And in your…fantasies…” Rick murmured, “…how did Jake take it?”

Hale laughed softly and kissed him more deeply. “We didn’t tell him.”

Not tell Jake?

Oh God, Rick groaned with a mixture of dread and delight, this is not going to end pretty.


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