Frostbite (Winterhaven BK 3)

Frostbite (Winterhaven BK 3)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


"Being an ass - can get your ass in trouble." Nolan both anticipates and dreads hotshot skier Lane Cassiter's annual appearance at the Winterhaven ski lodge where Nolan works. His natural physical attraction to the guy is offset by his internal disdain of Lane's bigot attitude. When Nolan is caught in the cross-hairs of Lane and his friends, a wager is made that might just get him the one thing he never dreamed possible - Lane Cassiter in his bed. But when circumstances arise that instigate Nolan to propose a counter-offer that involves both his and Lane's best friends, events take an unexpected turn that catches them all in a whirlwind of confused emotions and unacceptable realities.


"Being an ass - can get your ass in trouble."

Nolan both anticipates and dreads hotshot skier Lane Cassiter's annual appearance at the Winterhaven ski lodge where Nolan works. His natural physical attraction to the guy is offset by his internal disdain of Lane's bigot attitude. When Nolan is caught in the cross-hairs of Lane and his friends, a wager is made that might just get him the one thing he never dreamed possible - Lane Cassiter in his bed.

But when circumstances arise that instigate Nolan to propose a counter-offer that involves both his and Lane's best friends, events take an unexpected turn that catches them all in a whirlwind of confused emotions and unacceptable realities.

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The cell phone barked out a text notification while Nolan was still drying off, having just stepped out of the shower. He did a quick swipe of the towel over his head then wrapped it around his waist and returned to the bedroom. The phone lay on the bedside stand, the display currently dark. It lit up again with a reminder notification as Nolan reached for it. Drew’s name and photo splashed across the tiny window.

‘You still have company?’ the message read.

Nolan clicked off the message and speed-dialed Drew’s number. “Company left,” he said when Drew answered. “Yours gone, too?”

An uncharacteristic silence followed; Drew was usually quite talkative, pretty much at any given time.

“Drew?” Nolan frowned. Maybe they’d gotten cut off-

“Yeah,” Drew murmured. Another odd silence followed his brief answer, then a low, mumbled, “Wanna come cuddle with me?”

Something in his voice caused Nolan’s chest to tighten. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was. All he knew was that he’d never heard it in Drew’s voice before now. “Do you even have to ask?” Nolan said quietly with a smile. “I’ll be right there.”

“Thanks, babe,” Drew whispered with a notable strain then the line went dead.

Nolan lowered the cell and stared at it as if it could give him answers if he looked at it hard enough. What the hell was up with Drew? He sounded…subdued. That wasn’t like him at all. Drew was the life of the party even when there was no party. By nature, an upbeat cocky guy.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Nolan murmured as he replaced the phone on the stand. It had to be something to do with Lane’s friend. But even that made no sense; Drew never let anyone get to him. It was virtually impossible to piss him off or intimidate him. What the fuck had happened tonight?

Nolan thought about Lane—and the effects of that experience on himself. The numbness around his mind remained, and he was dreading the moment it began to fade away. He wasn’t trying to deny any of the emotions that Lane had stirred in him tonight, but neither was he ready to face them head on just yet.

But that can’t be Drew’s problem. Drew wasn’t swayed by the same things as Nolan. Sure, he expressed emotion with Nolan, and they had a deep, unbreakable bond—but it was still just a friendship bond. They loved but weren’t in love. Drew didn’t let guys get that close to his heart. Nolan wasn’t offended or hurt by that fact; even if Drew were open to falling in love with someone, it wouldn’t be Nolan. They just didn’t have those kinds of feelings for each other. And it was highly unlikely that some random straight guy had somehow slipped past Drew’s defenses. Especially not Lane’s friend—he despised Drew. And Nolan hadn’t gotten the impression that Drew was overly fond of him either.

So what the hell was up with Drew?

Pulling on his clothes, Nolan stepped out into the hall and headed for Drew’s room.

“Hey.” Lizzy appeared around the corner and approached Nolan. “I was just looking for Drew? Is he in his room?”

“Yeah.” Nolan nodded. “I was just headed that way. What do you need?”

“Do you think he would mind taking the late shift in the lounge tonight? Behind the bar?” She shrugged, and her pretty face scrunched sheepishly. “I know it’s his night off, but I got a big date tonight that I can’t break, and he’s the only other one here right now who can work the bar.” She sucked air between her teeth and looked at Nolan anxiously. “Do you think he would mind? I’ll owe him. Take a shift for him anytime he wants a night off, or whatever.”

Nolan smiled. “I’ll ask him. I’d do it for you, but we both know I’m no bartender.”

“Well, it’s the thought that counts,” Lizzy laughed and kissed his cheek. “Thank you. You’re a darling.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Nolan smirked. “I’ll let you know what he says.”

“Great. Thanks.” She practically bounded away just as two other girls appeared in the hallway.

Nolan recognized one of them as the girl who had been at the table with Lane and Todd—Todd’s girlfriend, from what Nolan could tell. He moved forward as she eyed him with a cool stare.

“Is that the girl you’re going to fuck when you lose the race tomorrow?” She smiled dully.

Nolan glanced around at Lizzy’s retreat, then met her eyes unwavering. “If I lose, she would be my first choice. Yeah.”

“She would actually do a queer?”

Nolan smiled. “A lot of girls find us queer boys quite hot and sexy,” he mused. “The classy girls, anyway.”

“Yeah, whatever.” She and her friend rolled their eyes as if he were nuts. “Hope that’s true for her sake,” she said. “Because there’s no effing way you’re going to beat Lane tomorrow.”

Just the sound of Lane’s name spoken aloud gave Nolan funny tickles in his navel…and below. “It’s nice that you have so much faith in your friend,” he said honestly. “I’m sure he appreciates your support.”

The girl appeared at a loss for words, no doubt searching for a justifiable bitchy comeback. Nolan had given her nothing to work with, though.

“Yeah,” she huffed and gave another eye-roll as she and her friend moved past him. “Just be prepared to lose, queer bait.”

“You know…” Nolan spun slowly on his heel as the two girls paused and looked at him. “Queer bait is really not the correct term. That’s actually what you would call a boy who might attract queers. I’m the queer who would be attracted.” He winked and smiled. “Something to keep in mind the next time around. Don’t want to misuse those hate terms, it takes the air right out of the insult.”

The chick scowled. “Go fuck yourself, you little faggot.”

Nolan chuckled. “I am well-endowed, but not quite to that degree.”

“Ugh.” The two girls walked away in disgust.

Amusement quirked Nolan’s lips, and he moved on down the hall in the direction of Drew’s room.




His hands flattened against the shower wall, Todd leaned on his arms, head hung down, as the hot spray cascaded over his body. He stared at the shower floor, watched the water swirl down the drain—and relived every second of his shower with Drew. It wasn’t intentional; he didn’t want to think about it, didn’t want to fucking remember it at all. But it was there—seared into his god damn brain like a fucking brand, forever burned into his memory.

I know you’ll try to forget it later, but I’m not going to let that happen…I’m going to make it too good to forget.

Todd tucked his chin tighter to his chest and squeezed his eyes closed as his jaw clenched, knotting the muscles in his face. He battled the memories, the images, the lingering sensations of Drew sucking his cock and pounding his ass. Even those would have been bearable—if it hadn’t been for the “other” stuff; Drew’s soft, passionate kiss…his tender, sensual caress…his warm, inviting words.

“Fuck…” Todd choked out and swallowed hard. He opened his eyes, and his focus was pulled to his dick; thick and heavy, slowly stretching as thoughts of Drew assaulted his mind…and reminded his body just how fucking good it had all felt.

Until those last few minutes.

I won’t tell anyone you’re a fag.

His abrupt about-face felt off like it wasn’t really him at all. At least not who he usually was. But how the fuck could Todd know? He’d just met the guy. Maybe the “tender” Drew was the fake one, just a ploy to get Todd to serve up his ass without a fight.

Todd pulled one hand from the wall and dragged it across his eyes as they began to sting. Would that change have taken place in Drew if Todd had made love to him? Had he felt rejected somehow?

You’re out of your fucking mind. He didn’t give a shit about you and sure as fuck wasn’t “hurt” because you didn’t want to make love to him. He got what he wanted—your ass! He didn’t have any reason to keep pretending he liked you.

He didn’t want to think about it—ever again. How the hell did a person turn off their thoughts? There didn’t seem to be a fucking switch anywhere, and the longer his thoughts ran on that single track that led straight back to Drew—the longer his cock stretched out, growing stiff, aching for all the wrong things.

“God…” Todd whimpered and grabbed his dick, stroking slowly. It’s just the aftershocks. It’ll fade. You’ll stop thinking about him, stop wanting him. His breath turned ragged and rushed as he squeezed his shaft and pumped a little faster. Fuck, he’d just come not very long ago—how the hell could be this hard again so soon?


Shit. Todd spun around abruptly and nearly lost his footing as his feet slipped on the wet floor. His shoulder struck the wall, and he caught himself before he landed hard on his ass. “Yeah?” he rasped shakily.

Tonya’s distorted form shifted outside the frosted glass door. “You okay in there?”

“Yeah, I…” He laughed nervously. “You startled me. I almost ate shit.”

“Do you need me to come in there and bathe you?” She laughed.

Todd shivered as Drew’s words rippled through his mind; Did you think I was joking when I said I would bathe you? His breath quickened as he felt Drew’s hands on his again, slick with body wash, caressing his skin.


“Huh?” He swallowed hard and cleared his throat. “I think I can manage.”

“I’m sure you can.” Her voice tinged with a sensual tone. “But maybe I want to take care of my man.”

No. Todd willed her to leave. He didn’t want her in there. Not right now. His cock hung stiff and heavy, the erection inspired by memories of Drew—not Tonya.

The shower door opened, and Tonya stepped in. Todd didn’t turn around. She closed the door and approached him from behind, sliding her arms around his waist. “We used to love to fuck in the shower,” she murmured against his back. “Does this bring back good memories?”

Todd choked back a whimper. Yes. But not the memories she was referring to.

“I know you still want to fuck me,” she whispered. “All we need to do is get your body working again. I know you’re stressed about things. So…let me help you relax.”

Todd tensed as she slid her hands down around his cock—and paused as she gripped his hard shaft.

“Mmm. See? We should have showered together sooner.” She stroked his cock then moved around in front of him and sank to her knees, sliding her delicate fists hand over hand along his stiff rod. She looked up and smiled. “I knew you’d come back to me.” She flicked his cock with her tongue and licked around the head. “Like that, baby?”

Todd shuddered. Baby. He closed his eyes and flattened both hands on the wall again—and let the images and memories of Drew pour back in without resistance. If he didn’t—his cock would deflate and Tonya would bitch at him, ridicule his status as a man…and he just didn’t have the fucking energy to deal with it.

When she took his dick into her mouth, he felt Drew sucking him and his cock stretched. Tonya moaned and handled his shaft with her small hands as she bobbed up and down on his rigid member. He tried not to desire Drew’s strong masculine hands in place of hers, but there was no fighting it.

“Fuck,” he shuddered and held his eyes closed, afraid if he opened them and saw Tonya instead of Drew, the illusion would vanish, and he wouldn’t be able to maintain a hard-on.

I won’t tell anyone you’re a fag.

I’m not.

You almost sound like you believe it.

Todd began to tremble. What the hell are you doing? Your smoking hot girlfriend is blowing you—and you’re thinking about a fucking GUY?! You’re not a fag—just be “here” with Tonya and you’ll be fine. Drew is wrong about you—he IS!

Fear twisting his gut, Todd slowly opened his eyes and looked down at Tonya. Her full lips wrapped his thick cock and glided up and down the swollen shaft, her skillful mouth taking nearly every inch of him. He used to love to watch her suck his dick; God, it got him so fucking turned on.

It still does. See? You’re okay. You don’t need him. You just need to get your brain functioning right again; functioning “straight”.

He took a deep breath and tried to relax as he watched his sexy girlfriend pleasure him. He pushed his hips forward, slowly pumping his cock into her warm, tight mouth. His eyes drifted close, and he groaned. Why had he been so afraid this wouldn’t all come back? He was still a bona fide straight guy who loved to fuck girls. Relief washed through him, and he fully relaxed. He was okay—really okay. The thing with Drew was just what Drew said it was—his body simply needing the release. He wasn’t gay-

Tonya pulled off him. “Are you fucking serious?”

“What…?” Todd opened his eyes and blinked. “What’re you…” The sight of his softening dick squeezed his chest with dread. No…

“What the fuck, Todd?” Tonya stood up, her eyes cold. “You were stiff as a fucking board a minute ago. Why…?” Her words drifted away as she stared at him with growing suspicion. “You were already hard when I got in the shower, weren’t you? It wasn’t me that gave you a hard-on, was it?” A deadly look crept into her eyes. “Where were you tonight? I asked Lane, and he lied through his fucking teeth. I know he’s just covering for you.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“What—you can’t get it up for me, but you can fuck some other cunt? Is that how it works?” She shoved him back. “Who the fuck is she, Todd? Huh? Some fucking ski bunny whore?” Her face twisted in fury. “Who the fuck is she?!”

“I’m not fucking some other chick!” Todd yelled back. “And who the fuck are you to talk? You think I don’t know you’re getting nailed by that fucking ski instructor? How many others, huh, Tonya?”

She glared at him, eyes narrowed. “Don’t fucking turn this around on me. Something had your dick hard—and it hasn’t been hard for weeks. Where were you tonight?”

Todd looked at her, suddenly feeling drained and tired.

Life is too short to waste it on people who don’t give a shit about you.

“Answer me, dammit.”

Todd shook his head. “None of your fucking business.”

Her lips tightened, and eyes narrowed to slits. The slap came sudden, though not by surprise. Todd winced as the sting of her palm burned through his cheek. “Go to hell!” she screamed and shoved open the shower door and practically lunged out.

Sighing, Todd sagged against the wall and rubbed his cheek. “Ladies first,” he mumbled.

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