Cold Turkey (John & Luke #1)

Cold Turkey (John & Luke #1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


John comes home for Thanksgiving after being gone away to college for two years. While in his old bedroom, he takes notice of the house next door where Luke, the source of many of his teenage fantasies, lived. To his shock, Luke shows up at his window and climbs in. John realizes he's still as attracted to him as ever...and Luke reveals his own secret attraction to John as well. Yet John is about to discover that there is much more to Luke Rivers than meets the eye.


John comes home for Thanksgiving after being gone away to college for two years. While in his old bedroom, he takes notice of the house next door where Luke, the source of many of his teenage fantasies, lived. To his shock, Luke shows up at his window and climbs in. John realizes he's still as attracted to him as ever...and Luke reveals his own secret attraction to John as well. Yet John is about to discover that there is much more to Luke Rivers than meets the eye.


Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016





John dropped the overloaded sports bag on the bed and rotated his shoulders to relieve the kink from lugging the heavy baggage up the steep staircase of his parent’s home. He looked around his old room. All his things from his teen years remained. College life was great, but it felt good to know a piece of his younger years was preserved in this room. It filled him with a sense of nostalgia to see his posters of muscle cars and rock bands still tacked to the wall, some on the ceiling. On the back of his door was pinned a poster of a hot chick with large tits who was scantily clad with a bright pink bikini.

The practically naked woman had done nothing to inspire his fantasies or conjure boners. The poster was there for his dad’s benefit. Mitch Eckley had surely suspected his son’s sexual preferences, but his unease concerning it all had kept John from coming out to the man. It hadn’t caused tension or hurt feelings in John. He understood his dad was old school, and didn’t quite know how to deal with a gay son. John knew his dad would never disown him or even feel disappointed in him, his mind just wasn’t equipped to handle the reality. So John had done him a favor and kept his “gayness” out of sight. It didn’t bug him, he’d known he would be going off to college after graduation and he could be as openly queer as he wanted.

He supposed that if he ever decided to marry one day, he and his dad would have to sit down and have a long talk, but until then…

John walked to his closet and opened the door –on the back of which was tacked a poster of a hot male model in tight speedos that left little to the imagination. “Hello, gorgeous,” he murmured. “Did you miss me?” John trailed his fingertips down the old poster, caressing the model’s chest, then lower to his crotch. “You and I had some good times, didn’t we?” He rubbed his own crotch and recalled the many fantasies he’d had of speedo guy. Of course, even as hot as he was, Speedo had had his competition. John glanced toward the bedroom window, and smiled wistfully as he walked over and looked out.

Luke Rivers. High school all-star sports guy. He’d excelled at everything; football, baseball, basketball and track. John hadn’t been a geek and he’d had plenty of girls and guys after him, but he was grounded in reality well enough to know his place –and accept that Luke Rivers, even if he had been gay, was out of his league. But it hadn’t stopped John from capitalizing on his view of the guy’s bedroom across the street. Luke hadn’t exactly been shy, and often left his curtains open. John had spent many accumulated hours with his own bedroom light turned out and standing at the window, watching Luke undress. His “voyeurism” often ended with him jerking off and shooting his wad onto the glass.

If he hadn’t unloaded by the time Luke shut off his light, John would take his fantasies of the guy to his bed and get creative, prolonging his orgasm as he imagined all kinds of unrealistic scenarios of him and Luke Rivers fucking in wild, heated passion.

John sighed and pressed his brow to the cool glass of the window, and gazed at the house across the street. As far as he knew, Luke’s parents still lived there, but like himself, Luke had long since moved away, gone to college…fuck, maybe even got married. The thought twisted John’s gut with disappointment. What a travesty, he thought, all that manly hotness wasted on a chick. What I could’ve done with that body–

“Boo!” The face appeared out of nowhere, right on the other side of the window.

“Fuck!” John jumped back, his right foot catching on his left ankle, tripping himself. He hit the floor on his ass, eyes wide and chest heaving. The window shoved up and Luke Rivers crawled through then sat on the window sill, a grin splitting his face. Fucking gorgeous face.

“Still spying on me, I see.” He snickered and pushed away from the window. “You’re just a dirty little peeping Tom, aren’t you?”

John swallowed hard as he leaned back on his hands, immobile as he stared at the guy in disbelief. Luke was as hot as ever –hotter. His snug t-shirt hugged his thick chest and swollen biceps, and his jeans conformed to his crotch beautifully, accentuating a glorious package. John had never actually seen the guy’s raw “goods” but the bulge in his pants had always promised much.

“Get up off the floor already.” Luke thrust out his hand and grasped John’s arm, hoisting him onto his feet with little effort. The man’s strength sent a shock of sexual excitement through John as his old fantasies of the guy tossing him around on the bed, up against the wall –came back with a vengeance and hardened his cock in an instant.

“Wha…why…” John stammered and glanced at the open window then back to Luke. “I…how…”

“Fuck,” Luke laughed. “For a college boy, your vocabulary sucks.”

John swallowed again and cleared his throat anxiously. “What…are you doing here?” Surely he had unwittingly slipped into one of his old fantasies. Luke couldn’t really be here…could he? The guy didn’t even know John was alive. Never had.

“It’s Thanksgiving,” Luke looked at him as if that was a stupid question. “Unlike some children, I come home for the holidays –every year.”

“I’m home,” John mumbled.

“Yeah,” Luke snorted. “For the first time since you left for college.” He shook his head and pursed his lips. “Bad, bad son.”

John frowned as Luke casually stretched, causing every muscle in his torso to flex and pop –and in turn swell John’s crotch –and looked around the room. John licked his lips slowly. “Wait…how do you-”

“Whoa,” Luke raised his brow at the poster of the woman on John’s door. “Damn.” He cast a sidelong, smirky smile at John that only enhanced John’s hard-on. “I didn’t know you…dangled this way.” He tossed a nod at the poster.

John sighed and looked away. “I don’t. But my dad…he…”

“No, no, I get it,” Luke chuckled.

He gets it? What exactly did that mean? He gets why John’s dad would have a problem with his son being gay? He’d never taken Luke to be a bigot, on any level, but in all honesty, he didn’t really know the guy personally. John shrugged and mumbled, “Yeah, well…” He left it at that and quickly changed the subject. “How do you know I haven’t come home for the holidays?”

Luke grinned. “I’m observant.” He chuckled. “And every time I’m home, I come over here and ask your parents if you’re going to be home as well.”

What? John shook his head doubtfully. “My parents never mentioned that.”

“I asked them not to tell you.”

“Huh?” John’s frown deepened. “Why?”

Chuckling again, Luke walked toward him and John’s heart immediately hammered at his ribs. “Because,” Luke smiled, the left corner of his mouth turning up just a little in that fucking sexy way that had always made John weak in the knees. Nothing had changed. “You…” he reached out a lightly poked the tip of his finger against John’s chest. “…were a bad boy for not spending the holidays with your parents. You didn’t deserve the thrill of knowing I was asking about you.”

John shivered pleasantly. “What makes you think it would have…thrilled me?”

Luke dropped his head back and laughed out loud. “Fuck, John boy,” he grinned. “I don’t know. Could it have been all the times you wanked off watching me strip for you?”

“What? I…” John’s face flushed with heat –then Luke’s word hit him hard in the crotch. “You stripped…uh…what?”

“There’s that winning vocabulary again,” Luke tsked and grinned. “Don’t tell me –you’re majoring in English?”

John just stared at him, stuck on his former loaded words –watching me strip for you. His breath surged through his nostrils and cock thumped in his pants, hardening by the second. You’re fucking dreaming. That’s what it is. You dropped on the bed and fell asleep. Luke Rivers isn’t fucking here for real, telling you that all those times he was stripping for you. But –holy shit –it felt real. “Stripped for me?” he managed with a slight squeak to his voice.

“Sure,” Luke mused and slowly dragged his fingertip down John’s chest, his short fingernail snagging gently on the buttons. “Why did you think I left my curtains open? I knew you were watching. You weren’t as discreet at school as you thought. I saw you looking my way many times.”

“You…” John remained convinced this was all a dream. It had to be. “…knew I existed?”

“Fuck,” Luke laughed low and hooked a fingertip between two buttons, lightly scratching John’s bare skin underneath. His whole body quivered. If the guy’s fingertip could affect him that much…what would other parts do to him? “A lot of people knew you existed. I was no exception.” His lips twitched and he suddenly felt very, very close as he added, “A lot of people wanted you, too.” He popped loose the button and slipped two fingers deeper inside his shirt. “Again…I was no exception.”

Fuck. John shuddered as cum juice wet his shorts, his balls tingling and tightening. “But…but you’re Luke Rivers,” he rasped, unable to disguise his shaky breath.

“Yeah,” Luke murmured and used his thumb to flick open another button as he burrowed more fingers inside John’s shirt and temptingly stroked his firm abs. “So?”

“So…” John swallowed hard. “You were like a…a fucking superstar at our school.”

“Superstar?” Luke chuckled low and inched closer, slipping his other hand inside John’s shirt, loosening additional buttons. “I think that’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you?”

John’s mind was growing hazy, making it difficult to formulate thoughts, as Luke rubbed his palms slowly up and down his ribs. “You were…to me,” John stammered, his throat working. His fingers ached to reach out and touch the guy, feel the heat of his body…the firmness of his muscles. He kept his hands to himself, though, a little bit afraid if he touched Luke, then the guy would vanish and this would prove to be his imagination working overtime.

“Aren’t you sweet,” Luke whispered, lips pursed in a smile as they drifted toward John’s mouth.

Oh fuck –will he kiss me? But he’s straight! Isn’t he?

To his own horror, the disparaging words slipped out. “What…what’re you doing, Luke?” Shivers raced up and down his spine, tingling the surface of his skin. “Stop…fucking with me.” No, I didn’t mean that! Fuck with me some more –so much more! In fact –just plain “fuck” me!

Luke’s hands paused against John’s trembling body. “You think I’m just playing with you?” he smiled, his voice soft, low.

“What am I supposed to think?” John mumbled. “You’re not gay…you dated Kelly Landon all through senior year.”

Luke shrugged. “Maybe I’m bi.”

John’s pulse spiked at the possibility, but quickly lagged. If Luke had had any shred of “gayness” in him at all, John would have detected it long ago. “I don’t think so,” John whispered and averted his eyes. What’s wrong with you, dumb ass? You could have at least waited to see how far he would’ve taken it. Maybe you could’ve at least gotten a kiss out of it, maybe some groping. What the fuck?

A wave of depression and disappointment washed over John. Maybe it would have better if this were just a dream. To get this close in reality…only to have it taken away…there was nothing fun or fulfilling about it. What do you care, really? It’s not like you were in love with the guy –just in lust.

Something in that thought tightened John’s chest in a disturbing manner. “Listen,” John rasped thickly. “You should…go home.” He stepped back to pull away from Luke’s touch, but the guy gripped his waist beneath his shirt, holding him in place. John shifted his eyes to Luke’s face. “Luke-”

Luke kissed him before any more words could follow. Not a light, inconsequential kiss –but deep and strong and…passionate. John trembled against him, his hands tentatively grasping Luke’s t-shirt as the guy wrapped his arms around John’s waist and tugged him snug against him. John moaned and was sure he would pass out, when Luke withdrew just a fraction, his lips grazing John’s mouth. “I used to watch you, too,” he said quietly, a roughness to his voice. “Although you didn’t provide nearly the clear view that I gave you.” He shook his head ever so slightly, lips twitching. “So not fair.”

“Why?” John breathed as he savored the warmth of Luke’s body. His heart rate went through the roof when Luke shifted his hips and John was alerted to the massive bulge in his jeans. You think he’s faking “that”?





“Why what?” Luke asked.

“Why would someone like you…want to watch me?” John couldn’t wrap his mind around that one –even if he was wrong about Luke’s preferences. The guy had still been a “superstar” and John hadn’t been the only other gay guy in their school. There were plenty a lot hotter than him who would have surely killed to get in Luke’s pants.

“I thought you were cute,” Luke said simply. “And I found it kind of charming that you secretly spied on me every night.” He smiled and rubbed his lips back and forth on John’s mouth.

John shivered. “Charming?” he whimpered as Luke teased him with the promise of another kiss. “Looking back on it…it was surely more pervy than anything.”

“No,” Luke grinned and pressed his head to John’s brow. “It was adorable.” He kissed him, soft and quick. “You were fucking adorable. Trying to be all discreet, here and at school. You have no idea how hard I got over your damn cuteness.” He chuckled. “Fuck, you don’t know how many times I had to lie to Kelly and make her think she was the one giving me a raging hard-on.”

John stared at him. “Are you serious?” he mumbled doubtfully.

Pushing his crotch tighter against John, Luke smiled. “Well, I’m hard now and I don’t see Kelly anywhere around.” His fingers danced up John’s spine. “Just you, John boy.”

Licking his lips anxiously, uncertainty knit John’s brow. “If you liked me so much…” he asked quietly. “Then why didn’t you…?”

“Tell you?”


“Honestly?” Luke murmured. “I thought you might reject me.”

“Reject…” John shook his head. “But you knew I liked you. Why would you think…?”

Luke shrugged. “You admired me from afar,” he said. “But whenever I started to approach you…off you scurried, avoiding me like the plague. It didn’t give me a lot of confidence that you would agree to go out with me.”

Confusion clouded John’s mind. “When did you ever try to approach me?”

Luke laughed softly. “Oh, let’s see…about every time I was walking in your direction, it was an attempt to approach you and talk to you. But you immediately made yourself scarce every time.”

John lowered his eyes and absently worked Luke’s t-shirt between his fingertips. Luke was right. In school, John had made a point of avoiding any close encounters with him. He’d been convinced that Luke didn’t know he was alive…but he hadn’t wanted it to be proven to him by having Luke look right through him as they passed within inches of one another.

Clearing his throat, Luke pressed his fingers firmly into John’s back, his grip strong and masculine. “Perhaps I should’ve been more assertive.”

John exhaled a shaky breath. “Perhaps,” he whispered and raised his eyes.

“Well…” Luke smiled and slowly urged John toward the bed as he steadily tugged John’s shirt from the waistband of his pants. “I’d had this plan to tell you right after graduation.” He peeled John’s shirt off his shoulders and tossed it away then squeezed his waist as the bed bumped the back of John’s legs, halting them. “But while I was working up the courage to sneak over here…” He moved John onto the bed, crawling forward as John slowly scooted up toward the pillows. “…you up and left for college.” He pushed up over the top of John as John leaned back on the pillows, his head sinking down into their softness. “And you didn’t come back…until now.”

The weight of Luke’s lower body gradually settled down against him as he supported himself on his arms, elbows bending just enough to bring his mouth down close. He brushed a kiss across John’s lips and lightly pushed his hips into John’s crotch. John shivered pleasantly and his cock jumped against the seam of his jeans. He opened his legs and Luke smiled then rubbed his bulge against John’s throbbing erection.

“You…you didn’t seem to have any qualms about climbing in my window today,” John shuddered.

“Fuck,” Luke groaned and tugged John’s lower lip, sucking it sensually. “I knew this might be my only chance to get at you. No way in hell I was going to waste it.” His tongue slid into John’s mouth as he claimed the full kiss. A deeper groan rumbled in his chest and his whole body sank down on top of John.

Fuck, he feels so good laying on top of me. John hesitated then curled his arms around the guy, rubbed his hands down his back…then up under the hem of his t-shirt. Luke’s strong back muscles flexed beneath John’s fingertips as he slowly rolled his hips, grinding their crotches. John moaned and sucked Luke’s tongue deeper into his mouth. His hands sought out Luke’s ass and gripped, pulling the guy harder against him as John lifted to him, rocking with his rhythm.

“Fuck, John,” Luke gasped through their kiss and shoved his fingers into John’s hair. His mouth shifted to John’s throat as his teeth raked sensitive skin. “Should we go out on at least one date…” he whispered, dragging his lips up to John’s ear. “…before we fuck each other’s brains out?”

Shivers coursed through John like static electricity. “Can we consider this…our first date?” he moaned and squeezed Luke’s ass.

A groaning laugh stuck in Luke’s throat and he kissed John on the mouth. “Works for me.” He lifted off John and sat back on his heels between John’s legs. Heavy, heated eyes roamed over John’s bare torso and he began to rub his hands firmly up and down John’s chest and stomach, squeezing his pecs, his abs, massaging his stiff nipples between thumb and index finger.

“Mmm…” John arched a little, lifted his hips and scooted his rear a fraction up Luke’s thighs, aching to be pressed against the man’s hard crotch again.

Luke smiled and dragged his palms down John’s body and grabbed his hips. “You want me.” It wasn’t a question, by any means –but a simple fact that had been established quite some time ago. He slowly pulled John’s lower half up his legs until his ass was nestled against Luke’s bulge. “I want you, too.” He leaned down and kissed John’s chest, then his throat. “Thought I should tell you, in case the steel rod in my jeans wasn’t evidence enough.”

Laughing quietly, John ran his fingers through Luke’s hair and curled his legs around his hips, pulling himself tighter against him. “I can’t believe you like me.”

Luke raised up on his arms and stared down John. “Don’t worry, baby,” he murmured. “I plan to convince you…” he bumped his crotch to John’s ass. “...over and over…” another bump, and another. “…and over again.”

John whimpered as his cock strained against its denim cage. “I need convincing,” he breathed unsteadily. “Because, seriously…I don’t get it.”

“What don’t you get?” Luke sank to his elbows and kissed John. “How insanely gorgeous you are?” he kissed him again. “What an awesome guy you are? What exactly aren’t you computing here?”

An uncertain smile quirked John’s lips. “You really think I’m all that?”

“And a bag of chips,” Luke nodded with a grin.

Would Luke’s “fascination” fade once they had sex, though? Would John’s? Staring up into Luke’s face as the guy gazed back with undeniable desire, John was certain that his attraction to Luke would heighten by leaps and bounds after sex…but he couldn’t be sure the same would be true for Luke. Was his talk of going out on a date, just that –talk?

Again –what do you care? Can you really see yourself in a relationship with Luke Rivers? Weren’t your fantasies all about fucking the guy, and little else?

John wasn’t ready to analyze all of this too deeply. Not at this precise moment, anyway. Probably never, if this was all Luke wanted from him. Maybe one good fuck was all John wanted as well.

“What kind of chips?” John smiled.

“The spicy kind,” Luke growled and nibbled his ear. “That leave my lips and tongue sizzling hot.” He raised up again, and once more rubbed his palms down John’s body until his fingertips snagged on the waistband of his jeans. His thumb flicked at the button without releasing it. “Say you’re sexy.”

“You’re sexy.”

Luke laughed quietly. “Say…John is sexy.”

“Maybe John isn’t sexy,” John mused.

“You know you are.”

“I know you are,” John countered with a smile.

Luke shook his head. “Are you always going to be this difficult?”

Always. The implication flooded John with warmth…and a smidge of uncertainty. “Define always.”

With a quirk of his lips, Luke rubbed his palm along the accentuated swell of John’s denim-clad cock. “Every time we fuck.”

John stared at him, his mind growing muddled as all his blood rushed to his crotch, drawn to the firm massage of Luke’s strong hand. “Every time…” he rasped.

“What?” A small smile played across Luke’s lips and he leaned forward on one arm, his other hand remaining stuffed between John’s thighs. “Were you planning on doing me then brushing me off?” Luke descended, his elbow bending slowly, bringing his mouth down closer to John’s own. “Am I just a one-time fantasy fuck for you?”

A faint, barely notable glitch caught Luke’s voice. Was he half serious? Did it matter to Luke either way? John started to speak when Luke kissed him and squeezed him. “Uuhhmm…” John moaned into his mouth and pushed against Luke’s hand.

“Wanna know a secret?” Luke panted softly through their kiss.

John swallowed thickly and nodded.

“I’ve never fucked a guy.” Luke drew back a fraction and stared down at John, surely curious to see his reaction.

“What…” John frowned. Was he serious?

“I always wanted you to be the first,” Luke said. “Why do you think I was so anxious for you to come home?” He smiled. “I was fucking horny…but it had to be you.”

Licking his lips slowly, John eyed him uncertainly then laughed nervously. “Yeah…right,” he murmured. “You…you’ve had sex before.”

“Sure, with girls,” Luke shrugged. “But that’s in the past.”

“So…” John stammered. “You’ve been waiting for…me…all this time?” This had to be a dream. There was no way in hell that Luke Rivers would have saved himself for John. “I…” John shook his head, another uncertain laugh stuttering up his throat. “I don’t buy that. You’re full of shit. You’re too confident to be any form of virgin.”

Luke chuckled. “Maybe I’m just blessed with a confident nature.”

“Or you’re just full of it,” John smiled.

“What would be my end game for telling you this?” Luke asked. “It isn’t like I needed to come up with a line to get you to do me.” He raised an eyebrow. “You’re already there, ready and willing to put out.” As if to emphasize his point, Luke squeezed John’s rock hard cock, dragging a groan from him.

So, the guy was right about that much. “Still…” John faltered as Luke held his stare, unwavering.

“Why do you find it so hard to believe…” Luke asked quietly and kissed him again. He worked open John’s pants then slid his hand down inside. John gasped softly as Luke gripped his raw flesh. “…that I would wait for you?”

John trembled, his member swelling, pulsing, against Luke’s palm. “Because…” he shuddered. “You’re…Luke Rivers.”

Grinning, Luke plucked another kiss from his lips. “You keep saying that like I’m someone special.” He rubbed John’s cock sensually, causing shivers to race through John’s body.

“You are,” John whispered, his eyelids fluttering a bit as a flurry of spine-tingling sensations surged through his loins. He swallowed hard and forced his eyes fully open. “I wanted you to be my first…too.”

Luke drowned him with a deep kiss, dizzying his senses. “But I’m not your first.”

John shivered pleasantly as Luke massaged him with added firmness. “How the hell…” He quivered beneath the man’s touch. “…was I supposed to know…you liked me?”

“You didn’t give me a chance to tell you.”

“You should’ve been more…” John smiled. “…assertive.”

“So it’s my own fault you gave it up to someone else?” Luke surmised with a smirk.

“Yes,” John confirmed thickly. “Definitely…your fault. Because, if anything…” John groaned and rolled his hips to the motion of Luke’s hand. “…today has proven that you are capable of being assertive.”

“Maybe I was just desperate not to miss out on my opportunity?” Luke suggested.

“Whatever you want to call it,” John breathed. “It got your ass through my bedroom window.”

Chuckling, Luke kissed his throat. “So, you gonna get all cocky on me now that you know I’m an ass virgin who’s been pining for you all this time?” He tugged John’s cock partially free of his jeans and applied fuller strokes.

“Fuck…” John gasped. “You feel like you know what you’re doing.”

Luke sucked his neck and grinned. “Hey, I’ve got one of these, too.” He dragged his tongue up to John’s earlobe. “And in your absence…I’ve played with it a lot.” Luke slowly pumped the top half of John’s shaft, skillfully working the sensitive head, as he moved lower. His warm lips wrapped a nipple and tugged firmly, to be joined by his hot, slick tongue.

“Uuh…” John groaned and arched. “Fuck…yes…” Cum juice seeped from the tip of his cock and coated his dick as Luke’s fist slid up and down his stiff shaft.

“I have many toys to play with,” Luke informed low, his breath unsteady as he grabbed mouthfuls of John’s chest, his teeth raking his skin. John shivered and squirmed a little, his erection swelling longer and thicker in Luke’s hand. “Watch lots and lots of gay porn.” He trailed the tip of his tongue through the center crevice of John’s ab muscles to his navel, rimming it slowly. “Wanted to make sure I knew what the fuck I was doing when I finally got you in my hands.” He teased John’s belly button, making his stomach quiver and jump, then lifted his head. “Has my studying paid off?”

John swallowed hard and looked at him, eyes heavy. “Too soon to tell,” he shuddered.

“Fair enough,” Luke smiled. He released John and pulled his jeans off his hips.

A rap of knuckles on the door made them both jump. “John?” His dad spoke from the other side.

“Shit. My dad,” John hissed and hurried tugged his pants up and fastened them. He scrambled off the bed and quickly raked his fingers through his hair then snatched up his shirt and pulled it on. He glanced at Luke who stood up off the bed and watched him as he walked to the door. He took a couple deep breaths to calm his pulse, then opened the door.

“Do you mind helping with…” He faltered when he saw Luke. A fleeting uncertain look passed through his eyes, then vanished. He smiled. “Luke. As you can see, our wayward son finally made it home.”

Luke chuckled casually as if he hadn’t just been moments from fucking the man’s son. “Yes,” he nodded. “I figured I better grab the opportunity to say hello before he disappeared again.”

John tried to paint on a relaxed exterior—like Luke—but failed miserably. It wasn’t his dad’s “wrath” he feared—for he knew his father strongly suspected his sexual preferences—but rather disrupting that comfortable closeness he currently shared with his dad. At this point in time, Mitch Eckley had yet to witness his son’s “gayness”. Yet that fleeting look a moment ago told John that the man had at least considered—for the briefest moment—that there might be something more than a friendly reunion going on between John and Luke. Would it have traumatized the man if he’d walked in minutes later to find the two of them naked and fucking?

What do you think, dip shit?

“Quick thinking,” Mitch chuckled, yet even now, John detected a faint nervous strain in his voice.

“Did you need my help with something?” John asked, eager to move things along.

“Oh, right,” his dad smiled. “There’s a car load of groceries that could use your assistance.”

John nodded. “No problem.” He glanced at Luke, too aware of his dad’s presence. “Thanks for coming over.” He cleared his throat. “Maybe I’ll see you later. I need to…” He motioned toward the door.

“Well, hey,” Luke grinned. “I can help.” He flexed his arms. “I think I can manage a few grocery bags.”

John stared at him. “You don’t…” he started, but Luke ignored him and stepped past him. John and his dad stood in the bedroom doorway as Luke trotted down the staircase.

“He seems like a good kid,” Mitch murmured. He looked at John. “Why didn’t you ever invite him over when you guys were in school?”

“Just because we went to school together doesn’t mean we were friends,” John said. “We didn’t run in the same circles. He was like a sports superstar in our school, and I was…not so much.”

“You two seem pretty…chummy now.”

John fidgeted beneath his dad’s gaze. Was the man fishing for something? Maybe hoping John would dispel his nagging suspicions? John shrugged. “We’re…cool, I guess. I don’t know about chummy. I was surprised he even came over.”

John strove for casual indifference. No way in hell did he want his dad to know what had been going on behind his closed bedroom door. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that they were interrupted. He didn’t really know Luke—how could he be sure if anything the guy had told him was the truth? Had he really been prepared to fuck Luke on a whim? Just because he’d fantasized about him in high school?

“He comes over every year to see if you’re home,” his dad said, then slid his arm around John’s shoulders and squeezed. “Apparently he can find the time to make it home for the holidays, unlike some other son we know.”

John groaned and smiled. “Oh no, not the guilt train.”

“It’s my duty as a parent to make you feel guilty,” Mitch grinned. “And I take my parental duties seriously.”





“Well, thank you for your assistance, Luke.” Sharon Eckley smiled and handed Luke a chilled can of soda. “Much appreciated.”

“My pleasure, Mrs. Eckley.” Luke opened the soda and glanced at John. “Did you ground him for taking so long to come home?”

John rolled his eyes as his mom laughed. “No,” she mused. “But I like that idea. Are we still allowed to ground him?”

“No,” John interjected quickly.

“Yes,” Luke countered with a grin. “You’re his parents. Parents never lose that right.”

“Thanks a lot,” John scowled. “You’re not helping, you know?”

Luke chuckled and shrugged as he took a drink of soda. “Who said I was trying to help?”

Both of John’s parents laughed.

Luke grinned and cleared his throat. “I guess I should be getting home before I get grounded.” He looked at John. “Be a good host and show me to the door?”

“After that?” John stared at him. “I should kick you out the door.”

“Well, you could try.”

“Yeah, yeah,” John muttered with a twitch of his lips. “You’re so strong.”

“Well…” Luke puffed out his chest and smirked. “I was a sports superstar in high school.” He winked at John. “Or so I’m told.”

Heat seeped into John’s face and his chest tightened when his dad seemed to pick up on his sudden nervousness. He pointed toward the kitchen doorway. “The door is that way,” he said and walked out ahead of Luke.

“Hey. You okay?” Luke asked when they were standing on the front porch. “I was just fucking with you back there.”

“I know,” John mumbled and avoided his eyes.

“So what’s wrong?”

John sighed and finally met his stare. “My dad,” he said. “I think…maybe…” he shrugged. “I don’t know. I think maybe he…suspects something.”

“You mean…about what we were doing in your room?”

“Yes,” John said. “What else?”

Luke shifted his feet and stuffed his hands in his pockets. “Would it really be so bad if he knew about us? I mean, he does know you’re gay, right? Even if you haven’t openly talked about it. Right?”

“Yeah, I…I guess,” John stammered. “I’ve never actually told him I was gay. He’s never seen me with a guy before. A boyfriend, I mean. I think a part of him is still in denial. Like…if he doesn’t actually see it or hear it, then it isn’t true.”

“Mm.” Luke nodded slowly and chewed his lower lip. He stared down at the porch. “So…you’re not going to tell him about us, then?”

“Us?” John murmured, then shook his head. “There is no us. And maybe…” he sighed. “Maybe it was best that my dad came in when he did.”

Luke lifted his eyes without raising his head. “Is this your not-so-subtle way of telling me we’re not going to finish what we started?”

“We shouldn’t have started it in the first place.”

“Why?” Luke moved closer and rubbed his hands down John’s arms. “You weren’t complaining back in your room. In fact, you seemed very much in favor of it.” He leaned in and brushed his lips over John’s ear. “You can’t just cut me off cold turkey…not now.”

John trembled, his pulse quickening. “Cut you off?” he swallowed thickly. “It isn’t like…we’re together. We haven’t even really done anything.”

Luke pulled back and stared at him. “Haven’t really done anything?” He raised an eyebrow. “So, all the kissing…” He dipped down and grazed John’s mouth with his lips. “…and touching…” His hands settled on John’s hips then slid around behind him, caressing his back and down over his ass. “…and being so hot to fuck each other…” He pulled John against him, their arousal for one another swelling simultaneously. “…was nothing?

“Luke…” John glanced anxiously at the door and pushed Luke’s hands away. “Don’t.”

With a heavy sigh, Luke stepped back. “You can’t hide who you are forever, John. Maybe your dad has a hard time accepting this part of you, but he still loves you. He’ll learn to deal. But if you keep suppressing it, you’re going to become resentful and bitter—and it’ll turn toward your dad. Hiding away isn’t preserving your relationship with your dad, it’s jeopardizing it.” He touched John’s face and kissed his mouth. “Think about that.”

John watched him descend the porch steps and head down the walk. His throat tightened as a sudden, unexpected anger boiled over. “That’s easy for you to say.”

Luke halted abruptly and slowly turned. “What?”

His jaw tight and eyes stinging, John left the porch. “Everything comes easy for Luke Rivers,” he said thickly. “I bet when your dad found out you were gay, he threw you a fucking party and bought you a trophy. But down here in peasantville, things aren’t all glitter and sunshine.”

Luke stared at him. “You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. And don’t get pissed at me because you’re too scared to tell your dad the truth.”

John’s chest heaved but he was suddenly without a comeback. Why was he getting pissed at Luke?

“You know what…” Luke started, then shook his head, his face tight, and spun away from John. “Fuck it.” He headed across the street and climbed in the sleek black sports car parked in his driveway. The deep, smooth rumble of the engine and speed with which Luke took off was a punch to John’s gut.

“You asshole,” he berated himself. “Why the fuck did you do that?”

John turned back toward his own house, a heaviness in his chest. Luke had a point, John knew he did. But knowing what he needed to do—and actually doing it—were two very different things. Right now, his relationship with his dad was good, comfortable. What if he couldn’t handle reality…and it destroyed what they had?

Was he willing to risk losing his dad?





John waited all day for Luke to return. As soon as he got back, John intended to go over and apologize. Maybe by then, Luke would be cooled down and not punch John in the mouth.

He tried to sneak off and hibernate in his room until dinnertime to avoid questions about his poor mood, but his mom corralled him in the kitchen to help make pies. He was now regretting his moderately decent cooking skills, certain that being in such close proximity with his mom would conjure up the dreaded inquiry. What could he say? He’d never openly admitted to his mom that he was gay, either. Though she seemed fully aware and not at all upset about it. Even so, he wasn’t comfortable talking to her about “boy troubles”.

“Your friend, Luke, is a nice kid,” his mom spoke up. She sprinkled cinnamon into a bowl of sliced apples. “I especially like his theory that parents retain authority simply because we’re parents.” She winked at John.

John smiled. “I don’t know if I’m in favor of that one.” He found that he was actually enjoying spending time with his mom after being away so long. Maybe he’d missed home more than he realized. He didn’t want to ruin the holiday for his parents by being in a poor mood, but talk of Luke made it hard to put the guy out of his head.

His mom laughed softly. “Well, you wouldn’t be a normal child if you did favor it.”

“Yeah, I guess,” John murmured, his smile wavering as his last words to Luke insisted on replaying through his mind, over and over. Was he seriously bitter toward Luke because he had a father who was cool with who he was? Could you be more petty?

“Is everything all right, hon?”

John groaned inwardly. He didn’t want to talk about it—or admit what an ass he’d been. “Yeah,” he mumbled.

“Hmm.” His mom went about adding spices to the apple pie mix. John knew what ‘Hmm’ meant. His mom wasn’t finished. “You just seemed kind of down since Luke left. Is everything okay between the two of you?”

“Yeah, everything is…” John shrugged. “Fine.”

She glanced at him doubtfully, but to his relief, let it go for the time being.

It wasn’t until after dinner—and a DVD his dad insisted they watch together—that John was able to make it to his room. It was nearly 9:00 and Luke had yet to return. Anxiety began to eat away at John when another hour passed without any sign of Luke.

At eleven o’clock, John gave up and went to bed. Sleep evaded him as every distant sound of an engine snapped him full awake. He began to drift in and out sleep, tossing and turning. He came awake at around 2:00 a.m. to the thump of a car door closing. He scrambled out of bed without turning on the lamp and went to the window. He could barely make out Luke’s car in the driveway across the street and Luke walking up to his house. John watched until he went inside, then waited to see if his bedroom light would turn on. Luke’s window remained dark, the curtains closed.

It was too late to go talk to him now. John returned to bed, but couldn’t shake the sinking feeling in his gut. What if he’d ruined everything with Luke? Maybe Luke wouldn’t accept his apology. It wasn’t like they were best friends or anything.

A hard breath surged through his nostrils as he laid down and stared at the ceiling. All through high school, he’d fantasized about having Luke in his bed—and the fantasy had been at his fingertips today. Why the hell did he have to fuck things up? Whether or not anything serious would have come it, John didn’t know. But what if it had? Luke Rivers as his boyfriend—until today, it hadn’t even been in the realm of possibility. What if he’d inadvertently trashed the perfect relationship?

“You are such a fucking moron,” John muttered in the dark. If he’d ruined this—he would kick his own ass.





“Hey, sleepy head.”

John groaned and tried to open his eyes. “Hmm…” His hands felt like lead weights as he lifted them to his face and rubbed his eyes, then blinked. His dad was sitting on the edge of his bed. “Dad?” he mumbled. “What time is it?” He rubbed his eyes again and looked at the digital clock on the night stand; 11:10. He groaned again. “Why did you let me sleep so late?”

His dad smiled and shrugged. “You looked pretty zonked out. Not sure I could have waken you.”

“Sorry.” John stretched and his tired eyes drifted to the window. Luke. He needed to go talk to Luke.

Mitch stood up and walked to the window, gazing out casually. “Luke was off and running bright and early.”

“What?” John frowned and sat up. “He’s…gone?”

“He left a couple hours ago,” Mitch said. “But I’m sure he’ll be back soon. It is Thanksgiving Day.”

John flopped down, rolled over and buried his face in his pillow, moaning low. “I was supposed to help mom,” he sighed. “You should have woke me up.” His thoughts weren’t on the Thanksgiving meal, though. Luke was gone again? Where would he be going on Thanksgiving Day?

Mitch glanced at him. “She insisted I let you sleep.” He returned to the bed. “But now that you’re up…” he patted John’s foot through the blankets. “…you can take over for me, so I can watch the game—since your mom recruited me in your absence.”

“The game,” John mumbled and twisted onto his back. “I don’t get the appeal.” The only time John had been interested in watching sports was when he’d been watching Luke. Even then, the game didn’t mean squat to him—just that one hot guy playing the game.

Mitch chuckled. “Come on, get your lazy butt out of bed.” He walked to the door. “By the way, you’d better have made me a mincemeat pie along with the others.”

“Uck,” John grimaced. “How can you eat that?”

Mitch cocked an eyebrow and cast him a stern look. “Johnathon?”

“I made it,” he groaned. “Don’t have a conniption, dad.”

“Don’t get smart,” his dad smirked and pointed at him, and left the room.

John sighed and sagged into his pillow. “Don’t get smart,” he muttered, and glanced at the window. “No worries there. I’m about as dumb as they come.”




Two hours after John crawled out of bed, showered, and went downstairs to help his mom, he wandered to the living room and paused in the archway. His dad sat on the sofa, engrossed in the television.

Maybe your dad has a hard time accepting this part of you, but he still loves you. He’ll learn to deal.

John stuffed his hands in his jean pockets and stared at the man. The words were there inside him, and he just wanted to get this over with…but he knew once he attempted to get it out, his nerve would abandon him. He and his dad were best friends. Was it necessary to have this talk now? Couldn’t he at least wait till he actually had a boyfriend before he dragged everything to the surface?

“Hey, John.” His dad looked up and smiled. “Your mom finally turn you loose?”

John chuckled softly. “For now.” He moved into the room, but rather than take a seat on the sofa, wandered to one of the windows. “The game still on?”

“Yeah,” Mitch nodded with amusement.

John stared out the window at the empty driveway across the street. Was Luke deliberately trying to avoid him? Did he suspect that John might come over?

“Do you want to talk about it?”

John looked away from the window and stared at his dad. “Huh?” He frowned uncertainly. “Talk about what?”

Picking up the remote, Mitch hit the mute button. “Whatever’s been bugging you since Luke went home yesterday.” He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. “The two of you have an altercation when you went outside?”

John sighed and glanced at Luke’s house once more before moving away from the window. “Sort of.”

Mitch patted the sofa cushion next to him. “So sit down and tell me about it. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a father and son powwow.”

Guilt riddled John’s heart as he sat down. It had been ‘so long’ because John had made excuses not to come home.

“So what happened with Luke?” his dad asked. “Everything seemed to be Sympatico with the two of you when you went outside.”

John shrugged then leaned forward and ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes on the floor. “I…I acted like an ass. Kind of got mad at him for no reason.”

“Mad about what?”

John sighed. He knew he had his opening to tell his dad everything, but was finding it hard to put the words together. “I don’t know,” he mumbled. “He gave me some…advice…about something, and…and I kind of threw it back in his face, basically told him that he didn’t understand my side of it because he had a perfect life and a…” John rubbed his mouth. “…a perfect family.”

“Mm.” Mitch nodded slowly. “As opposed to your not-so-perfect life and family?”

John felt like shit more than ever. “I didn’t mean it that way, dad,” he said quietly.

“I see,” Mitch murmured. “This advice he gave you. In retrospect…was it good advice?”

“Yes,” John admitted.

“Can you tell me what the advice was for?”

John’s elbows ground into his legs as he ducked his head and pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. “I…” A lump formed in his throat and he swallowed hard, his words trapped in his chest.

His dad squeezed his shoulder gently. “It may have been a while since we’ve really talked, John. But nothing has changed. You can still tell me anything. If you need help with something…or you’re in some kind of trouble…I’m here for you. You’re my son and I love you.”

John swallowed thickly and tears burned his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“For not coming home sooner,” John whispered. “I could have made the time.”

Mitch pursed his lips and stared at his hands, nodding slowly. “So why didn’t you?”

John had his opening—the starting point he needed to explain to his dad why he hadn’t visited them in almost two years. But again, the words refused to form. “I don’t know,” he said thickly. “Maybe I’m just a terrible son.”

Shaking his head, Mitch smiled. “If you’re the embodiment of a terrible son, then I’d love to see what a good son looks like—‘cause he’s got to be record-breaking phenomenal.”

You have seen the good son, John thought. He lives across the street.

Mitch sighed and squeezed John’s knee with affection. “You’re not a terrible son, John. A father couldn’t ask for a better son than you.” He released a slow breath. “I think you not coming home before now…was my fault.” He looked at John. “So if anyone is the terrible party, it’s me.”

John looked at him uncertainly. “What’re you talking about, dad? You’re not terrible. You’re actually kind of cool…for a parent.”

“Mm.” Mitch chuckled low. “I’ll try to forge a compliment out of that when I get the time.”

A wavering smile touched John’s lips then faded. “It isn’t your fault that I blew off coming home for the holidays. Why would you think that?”

Mitch gazed at him then cupped the back of John’s head with affection. “Because I know what a good son you are, John. And a son as good as you, doesn’t avoid holidays with his family without a damn good reason.”

His throat working, John looked away.

“Do you know…” his dad said softly. “…that from the very moment you took your first breath, you were the pride and joy of my life? And nothing will ever change that. I thought that you knew this. I tried to always let you know how proud I was of you, that I would never be disappointed in you.” He cleared his throat and released an unsteady breath. “But maybe I haven’t been as good and supportive of a father as I thought.”

John blinked against his tears. “That isn’t true,” he whispered with emotion. “You’re the best.”

“I must have messed up somewhere,” his dad said quietly and took John’s hand between his palms. “If my own son is too scared to tell me he’s gay.”





John stared at his dad in quiet shock. “What?” he breathed.

Warmth filled his dad’s eyes. “I know what you’ve been doing, John,” he said. “Trying to protect me from having to face the truth of who you are.” He shook his head. “It’s a father’s place to protect his son, not the other way around.” Mitch squeezed his hand. “It breaks my heart, John, that you felt like you had to hide from me.”

“Dad…” John trembled with repressed emotions.

Mitch smiled softly. “I’m aware that the poster on your bedroom door was for my benefit. But you can take it down now.” The corner of his mouth quirked. “And replace it with the one on your closet door.”

John’s cheeks warmed and he glanced away. “You knew it was there?” he mumbled.

“Yeah.” Mitch released his hand and wrapped his arm around John’s shoulders. “I should have talked to you about this long ago, but I guess I was hoping you would come to me. That you trusted my love for you enough to know that it would be okay to tell me.”

His vision shimmering, John whispered, “Deep down…I knew I could tell you. But there was this part of me that was scared.” He swallowed thickly and looked at his dad. “All my life, you’ve been like my refuge. The one place I could run to when I couldn’t go anywhere else. You were my best friend.” He wiped his face as a tear slipped free. “I was so scared of losing what we have. I didn’t think for one second that you would disown me or hate me, but…I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable with me or treat me different. I just needed you to…” his throat worked and fresh tears formed. “…to keep being my dad.”

Mitch drew him into a full embrace and kissed his head. “I will never stop being your dad, John,” he choked softly. “I will never be ashamed or uncomfortable with who you are.” He hugged him tighter and pressed his lips to John’s hair. “I am so proud of you, son. And the day you get married, I’ll be right there, prouder than ever.” He leaned back, loosening his hold, a small smile forming. “And I’ll say right now…you could do a lot worse than Luke Rivers.”

“Dad,” John mumbled, a little embarrassed, and smiling in spite of himself. “You’re kind of jumping the gun, don’t you think? I hardly even know Luke.”

“Even so,” Mitch chuckled low. “I nominate him as a candidate.”

John laughed softly and gazed at his dad. “You’re really…okay with all this?” John was in mild shock at the ease with which his dilemma worked itself out. All this time…his dad was just waiting for him open up? Man, you are a moron, John boy.

“Yeah.” Mitch smiled and feigned a hip attitude. “I’m cool.”

His heart swelling with love for the man, John nodded. “Yes,” he smiled with admiration. “You are very cool.”

Mitch chuckled and hugged him again, then cleared his throat. “So…what was the advice that Luke gave you?”

John’s warm exhilarated mood waned a bit. “He said that I should talk to you about all this,” John told him. “That even if you had trouble with it, you’d learn to deal because you loved me.”

“Smart boy,” Mitch smiled. “Sounds like a keeper to me.”

I agree, John thought. A tendril of anxiety knotted his gut, though—would Luke even want to see him again? Surely their little tiff wasn’t enough to cause Luke to turn on John. It wasn’t even really a fight.

“Why did that make you mad?” Mitch asked.

John shook his head and groaned. “I don’t know,” he mumbled. “It was stupid. I was feeling stressed, and I just blew up and told him that it was easy for him to give that advice because his life was perfect and his dad probably threw him a party when he came out, and…” John sighed heavily. “I don’t know. I was an idiot. He got mad and told me I didn’t know what I was talking about, then he took off before I could apologize.”

Resting his arms on his knees, Mitch gazed thoughtfully at the silent football game playing on the TV screen. “Not everything is as it appears,” he murmured, then looked at John and patted his leg. “Come here.” He stood up. “I want to show you something.”

John frowned and left the sofa. His dad walked to the window and waited for John to join him. John shook his head. “What?”

“Over there.” Mitch nodded toward Luke’s house. “Tell me what you see.”

“Okay…” John’s frown deepened as he looked out the window. “Uh…I see a house.”

“Look closer,” he urged. “What’s missing?”

John studied the place and shook his head. “I don’t…”

“His parents’ car,” Mitch said quietly. “It hasn’t been in the drive since Sunday.”

“What…” John looked again. As they watched, Luke’s car approached and turned into the drive. John’s heart began to pound as Luke got out, cast a quick glance across the street, then entered his house. John looked at his dad, his heart rate picking up speed. “Maybe…” he glanced out the window again. “…I should go…apologize.”

Mitch smiled and nodded. “Maybe you should.”

“Yeah.” John breathed deep and released it on a shaky exhale. He started to leave, then faltered and walked back to his dad, and hugged him. “Thank you,” he whispered. “For being awesome.”

Mitch swallowed thickly and held him tight. “It’s my duty as a parent to be awesome,” he murmured with a smile. “And like I said—I take my parental duties seriously.”





It felt like hours that John had been standing outside Luke’s front door, trying to summon the courage to knock. He didn’t know why he was suddenly so nervous to face Luke—or maybe he did. All of the sudden, everything felt much more “real”. Yesterday, in his bedroom…that had felt like a dream. Every kiss and touch surreal.

Right here, right now—with the bitter November air chilling his face—John knew he wasn’t dreaming. The stark clarity of every sight and sound was evidence that this was all happening in reality.

John was certain he had approached Luke’s door only moments ago, yet time continued to stretch out, making it feel so much longer. He shifted his feet and stared at the brass knocker on the intricately carved stained wood door. John had never been inside, but had often admired—even envied—Luke’s expensive home. It was easily the most impressive in the neighborhood. In truth, it seemed a bit “too” fancy for a middleclass zone.

“For fuck’s sake,” he muttered. “Quit being a pussy.” He rapped the knocker twice then stepped back a fraction from the door and stuffed his hands in his jean pockets. Even with his warm jacket, the chill was beginning to invade his bones, seeping through the denim of his Levi’s and into his thighs.

The dull sound of muffled footsteps behind the door kicked his heart rate up and gave him a funny tickle in his chest. Just breathe. Why are you getting all nervous? You’re like a fucking teeny-bopper.

Luke opened the door in his stocking feet, wearing black jeans with a white button shirt, fully open and exposing his thick chest and hard stomach. John’s crotch began to throb as an ache crept through his groin.

“Hey,” John mumbled.

Luke simply nodded, his expression unreadable.

John cleared his throat and swept a hand over his mouth with nervous anxiety. “Could we talk for a minute?”

Luke shrugged and stepped back, opening the door wider.

The guy was making it difficult to decipher his mood. He wasn’t acting pissed, but neither was he being overly friendly. John entered and waited for Luke to close the door.

“Do you want something to drink?” Luke asked low with a neutral tone as he walked through the small foyer. “Soda? Beer?” John followed him into a large kitchen with white marble countertops. “Champagne? Wine?” Luke turned around and John nearly collided with his chest. “Something…” Luke’s eyes made a quick sweep of John’s body. “…harder?”

His cock swelling, John swallowed with effort. “Uh, no…I’m…I’m good.” The distinct rasp in his voice caused the faintest twitch at the corner of Luke’s mouth. The recollection of his kiss weakened John’s knees and increased the substance in his shorts.

“What’re you doing over here?” Luke asked. “Shouldn’t you be having Thanksgiving dinner with your parents?” He poured himself a glass of milk then headed out of the kitchen.

“It’s…dinner won’t be ready for another hour or so.” John was beginning to feel like a lost puppy trailing after the guy.

When they entered the living room, John paused in the expansive archway while Luke sat down on a dark tan suede sofa and placed the glass of milk on a marble coaster on the thick coffee table. John looked around the huge room, adorned with expensive lamps, framed paintings that he was sure were originals—he knew very little about art, so couldn’t tell simply by looking at them, the biggest fireplace he’d ever seen, with a black marble mantle. The carpet itself made him want to kick off his shoes before stepping onto it. A massive large screen TV and entertainment ensemble took up one entire wall. A wild car chase through the city at night played across the screen.

John’s gaze came to rest on the coffee table where a thick sandwich sat on a plate along with a few slices of pickles. Next to the plate was a small jar of stuffed olives and an open can of cranberry sauce. John frowned. “Luke…” he murmured. “What’s going on? Where are your parents?”

Luke took a drink of milk. “The Hamptons, Europe, Bahamas.” He shrugged. “Who knows?”

“What?” John frowned. “I thought you came home to spend Thanksgiving with them. Did you know they were gone?”

“Yup.” He picked up the jar of olives and watched the TV as he plucked out a couple olives and popped them in his mouth. “They’re never home for the holidays.”

So why are you? John pursed his lips and started to step into the room, then hesitated before touching the lush, expensive carpet. “Should I…take off my shoes?”

Luke looked at him. “Why?”

“The carpet…”

Luke turned his eyes back to the movie. “Fuck the carpet,” he mumbled.

After another moment’s hesitation, John walked into the room. He stared at Luke’s meal. “Is this your…” he raised an eyebrow. “…Thanksgiving dinner?”

Luke looked at his food then up at John. “What?” he said. “I’ve got the essential Thanksgiving dish.” He picked up his plate with the sandwich. “Turkey.” He set it down and snatched up the can. “And cranberry sauce. I’m set.”

“A cold turkey sandwich and can of cranberry is not a Thanksgiving meal,” John said.

Luke shrugged. “It’s always sufficed.”

Always? John licked his lips slowly then sank down on the end of the sofa. “Luke…why do you come home for the holidays if no one is here?”

“Maybe I like having the place to myself. And besides,” he looked at John. “Someone is here.”

The conclusion his mind was trying to come to—it didn’t make sense to John. It seemed too difficult to grasp at the moment, and he shifted gears a bit. “Look, man…” he said quietly. “I’m sorry about yesterday. I was a dick. I don’t know why I got mad at you when you were just trying to help.”

“Forget it,” Luke dismissed absently. “Not a big deal. I get it.” A short laughed huffed up his throat. “And who the fuck was I to give you advice on how to deal with your dad?” He shook his head. “I’m probably the last one you should be taking advice from in that area.”

John leaned on his knees. “My dad thinks you gave excellent advice.”

“Your dad…” Luke stared at him curiously. “The two of you…talked?” Luke cocked an eyebrow. “Talked talked?”

“Yeah,” John smiled.


John sighed. “And he thinks I could do a lot worse than you.” His smile stretched a little. “And fair warning, he may already be planning our wedding.”

“Hmm.” Luke picked up his sandwich. “As long as I get to wear the veil.” He took a bite.

John laughed. “Okay. I’ll be sure and tell him.” He looked at Luke, sobering a bit. “Seriously, what’s going on?” he asked. “I thought you spent the holidays with your parents every year.”

Chasing his bite of sandwich with a drink of milk, Luke shook his head. “I don’t think I’ve ever spent a holiday with my parents,” he said. “At least not a memorable one.”

“I didn’t know that,” John murmured.

Luke smiled, but it died before reaching his eyes. “Most people don’t.”

At a sudden loss for words, John shifted his stare to the TV. “You’re not watching the game?” he asked quietly.

Luke gazed blankly at the television screen. “I hate sports,” he whispered.

“You…” John frowned. “What?”

Luke stood up and stepped past John. “Come on.”




“My dad had it custom made,” Luke said. “Cost him over two thousand dollars.”

John was speechless as he stared at the immaculate trophy case. Even more impressive was the immense collection of trophies that it housed behind its etched glass door—each one engraved with Luke’s name.

“Whoa,” John breathed when he found his voice. “This is…incredible.” He looked at Luke who stood next to the trophy case, eyes dull as he stared inside. “Your dad must be really proud of you, to spend so much for such an awesome display case.”

Luke didn’t reply.

“Luke?” John asked uncertainly.

Clearing his throat, Luke nodded at the case. “This…” he whispered. “…is all I am to my dad. To my parents.” He looked at John and a shadow of hurt darkened his eyes. “A trophy.

“What do you mean?”

Luke leaned his arm against the corner of the case, his face taut with a strain of tension John had never seen in him before now. “My dad has to have the best of everything,” he murmured. “As in—better than what everyone else has. The nicest house, the most expensive cars, the finest clothes.” He looked at John. “These trophies, this ridiculously expensive display case—it has nothing to do with him being proud of me. This is him bragging that—not only does he have the best of everything else—he also has the All-Star son. The superstar kid that is better than everyone else’s.” He shook his head. “He doesn’t give a fuck about me. I’m just fuel for his ego. In public, we play the perfect family and he nails the role of proud father. In private…” he exhaled slowly. “…he doesn’t even fucking know me, and doesn’t care to. I’m just another possession that makes him appear superior. All of this…” he swept his hand at the case. “…doesn’t really mean shit to him.” He turned away from the display case. “Or to me.”

John stared at him as Luke’s statement—I hate sports—was beginning to make sense.

“Yesterday, in your bedroom,” Luke murmured, a thickness to his voice. “You talked like I was something special…even out of your league.” A thin glimmer of wetness glistened his eyes. “I’m not, John. I never was. All the kids in school who wished they had my life, wished they were me…I would have traded places with them in a fucking New York minute.” He swallowed thickly. “Especially you.”

“Me?” John whispered, an ache tightening his throat.

Luke released a slow breath. “Sometimes I would see you outside with your dad, sitting on the porch steps and just talking…laughing. I would’ve given up every one of these fucking trophies just to know how that felt.” He licked his lips and swallowed hard. “The only time my dad talks to me is when he’s telling me what I’m doing wrong and to get off my ass and push myself harder.” He gazed at John with damp eyes. “That’s why I said those things yesterday, about talking to your dad. I knew for a fact he would love you no matter what. And I didn’t want you to hold everything in so long that you began to resent him. I never had a chance with my dad, but you have something really special with yours. I just didn’t want to see you lose that.”

Emotion squeezed John’s voice as he murmured, “I’m sorry…for getting mad.”

“You already apologized,” Luke said quietly.

“I bears repeating,” John told him. “I had no idea…”

Luke shrugged, the strain in his face lingering. “The worst families are the best at faking perfection.”

“Yeah,” John whispered, his gaze drifting to the display case. He stared at the trophies. “You’re wrong, you know.”

“About what?”

John looked at him. “About these trophies not meaning anything. It doesn’t matter what they represent to your dad, Luke. This…” he motioned to the trophies. “…is all you.” Luke stared at him uncertainly as John stepped closer. “Maybe your dad takes the credit because you’re his son, but these are your trophies, your accomplishments—not his. You were the one making the touchdowns, the long shots, the homeruns. You are a superstar. And not only because of your awesome talent, but because you were out there playing for the right reasons.”

Luke frowned. “What do you mean?”

“You say you hate sports. And maybe you think you tried so hard only because your dad was on your ass, but I saw how it affected you when the crowds cheered you on. I saw how you treated your fans. Maybe your dad saw you as superior, and better than everyone else, but you never acted that way. When you were out there giving your best—you were doing it for your fans, because even if your dad didn’t know you…they did. And they loved you. Not just because you played so well, but because you were this cool and awesome guy that didn’t act superior and treat people like shit.”

Luke stared at him, seemed about to speak, but remained silent.

“You should be proud, Luke,” John said softly. “Proud of your accomplishments, and proud of who you are. You’re a good guy, and that’s all on your merit. Your dad cannot take credit for that.” He looked at the trophy case. “Do you know that I was there?” His gaze shifted to Luke. “When you won most of these? I watched you earn them.” A smile formed on his lips, his throat knotting. “And I was fucking proud of you. And never once did I think you didn’t deserve every fucking award and trophy that was handed to you.” John stepped closer to Luke and absently fingered his open shirt. Luke stared into his eyes, tears glistening. “Other kids wanted to be you...” He leaned in and kissed Luke’s neck. “…because you were a great guy.” He dragged his lips to his ear. “You still are.”

Luke slid his arms around John’s waist and pulled him snug against him, kissing him strong and deep. John shuddered and his whole body came alive instantly. A soft whimper of protest squeezed up his throat when Luke withdrew from the kiss.

“Have you ever considered a career as a motivational speaker?” Luke murmured against his lips. “You’re very good.”

John smiled and pushed tighter to him. “Really?” he panted low and tugged at Luke’s mouth with his lips. “I motivate you?”

“You tell me,” Luke whispered and rubbed crotches with him—giving evidence of his powerful arousal.

John groaned. “If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is.”

Luke chuckled and drew him into another prolonged kiss. When Luke pulled out of it this time, he touched his head to John’s brow. “Thank you,” he said quietly. “For putting things in perspective. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy anything I won, because if I did, then it would make me the same as my dad—arrogant and prideful.”

“There’s a big difference between being prideful—and being proud of yourself.” John rubbed his hands up Luke’s chest. “It’s okay to feel good about what you’ve accomplished. It doesn’t mean you have an ego. Being able to look back on all you’ve achieved, and feel good about it, will give you the confidence to achieve future goals… to go after your dreams.”

Luke kissed him softly. “You’ve made me feel better about myself in two minutes,” he murmured. “Than my dad has in my entire life.” He smiled and kissed John again. “And you know what?”

“Hmm?” John nuzzled his throat.

“You’re gonna make an awesome wife someday.”

“What?” John’s head snapped up and Luke grinned—then grunted as John socked him in the gut.

Luke clutched his stomach, laughing. “Sorry,” he choked. “That was a compliment.”

“You’re the one with the veil.” John pointed at him. “Remember?”

Luke chuckled and grabbed him, pulling John hard against him. “Okay, I’ll be the wife,” he grinned, then clamped his hands on John’s ass. “You can do all the work in bed, and I’ll just lay there and enjoy it.”

Casting him a dry look, John smirked, “It’s my understanding that the woman does most of the work in bed.”

“We’ll see,” Luke snickered and ravaged his neck.

John squirmed but didn’t put up much of a fight. Despite Luke’s “goofing off”, John had seen real—and deep—hurt in him when speaking of his dad. John wrapped his arms around him and pressed his face to his shoulder. “How do you do it?” he whispered.

Luke smiled against his neck. “Well, first…we get naked…”

“Not that,” John chuckled and nudged his arm. “I mean…” he hugged him a little tighter. “…how do you stay so positive and upbeat…after growing up under these circumstances? Most people in your situation would probably either be arrogant jerks, or suicidal from all the extreme pressure put on them. What kept you sane?”

Luke pulled back and looked at John. “I don’t know,” he smiled. “Maybe it was living across the street from you all this time.” His lips quirked. “I used fantasize that my parents would abandon me and yours would adopt me.”

His tongue darting over his lower lip, John cocked an eyebrow. “You wanted to be my…brother?”

Adopted brother,” Luke smiled with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “We could’ve shared a room and when the lights turned out...” he squeezed John’s ass. “…do all kids of naughty things in the dark.”

John sighed and pursed his lips. “Sounds a lot like the fantasies I used to have. You in my room at night…” he raked his teeth across Luke’s ear. “…in my bed…” He trailed the tip of his tongue down the tendon in his neck. “…in me.”

A deep groan bubbled in Luke’s throat. “Fuck, John boy…” he shuddered. “Now that you got me properly motivated and feeling good about myself…” He gripped John’s ass harder and ground their crotches. “…can we please finish what we started yesterday in your bedroom?”

John smiled and tugged his skin with his teeth. “After you tell me one thing.”

“What’s that?” Luke moaned.

Drawing back, John met his heated gaze. “Why did you come home for the holidays every year?”

“You have to ask?”

John shrugged. “Maybe I want to hear you say it.”

A teasing smile curved Luke’s lips. “You’re so going to be the wife.”

John chuckled. “Shut up and tell me.”

Luke grinned and kissed him. “I already told you yesterday,” he said. “I kept coming home, hoping you would come home, too. That’s the only reason I made the trip.”

Warm fuzzies tickled John’s chest and made his heart beat a little faster. “You drove all the way from Southern Cali every year on the slim chance that I would be here?”

“Yeah,” Luke nodded, smiling. “By the way, you owe me a shitload of gas money for the past two years that you didn’t show.”

“Mm,” John pushed up against him. “My wallet’s a bit thin, but…” he rolled his hips. “…other things are nice and thick…perhaps we could negotiate an alternate payment plan?”

Luke grinned. “I’ll require a going down payment…up front.”





The sense of being caught in a dream dropped over John once again when he entered Luke’s bedroom. His fantasies weren’t all of Luke coming to his bedroom. He’d imagined plenty times of crawling through Luke’s window as well.

John walked across the room, surveying Luke’s expensive “accessories”; big screen TV, blu-ray player, satellite box, state-of-the-art stereo system, surround sound. It was enough to rival any teenage boy’s wet dream. “This is…nice,” John nodded. His attention shifted to the large bed, draped with a black and gold New Orleans Saints fleece throw, as Luke flopped down on top of it on his back. John smiled and walked to the window, looking across the street. “You know, it was very courteous of you to always leave your curtains open.”

Propping in his elbows, Luke grinned. “I told you, it was for your benefit. It got me all hot and horny, stripping for you.”

“Me, too,” John sighed. He glanced at Luke and they guy gazed back at him with a look in his eyes that hit John in the heart as well as the crotch. John surveyed his body, taking note of the bulge in his black jeans. “Were you telling me the truth, or just fucking with me, when you said you’d never done a guy before?”

“Honest to God truth,” Luke insisted with a playful smile. “So you going to show me the…In’s and Out’s?

Moving away from the window, John approached the bed and nudged Luke’s foot with his knee. “I thought your porn boys already did.”

Luke sat up and scooted forward till he was sitting on the end of the bed, John before him. He rubbed his hands up John’s legs. “That was just research,” he said, gripping John’s hips. “Not hands-on experience.” He shoved up the hem of John’s shirt and kissed his stomach, teasing his navel with the tip of his tongue.

His breath catching, John swallowed thickly as his cock hardened. There was a slight unsteadiness in his hands as he shrugged off his jacket and dropped it on the floor, then peeled off his shirt. Luke proceeded to drag his slick, warm tongue through the grooves of John’s ab muscles as his hands drifted to John’s crotch and massaged his package.

“Fuck…” John breathed unsteadily. A steady throb settled in his dick, pulsing down to his balls. “Mmm…” He shoved his fingers into Luke’s hair and slowly rocked his hips to the rhythm of Luke’s kneading palms, his strong fingers working John’s cock through his Levi’s. “Shit…”

Luke groaned and grabbed John’s waist, pulling him down on the bed. Luke wrapped him in his arms and rolled him over. “John…” he shuddered and kissed him deeply as their legs intertwined and bodies pressed tight, hard and hungry. Luke’s breath came quick and ragged as his lips slipped away from John’s mouth and he kissed down his body. His teeth raked lightly over John’s chest, snagging a nipple.

“Uuh…” John arched and clutched Luke’s head as he slithered his tongue around the stiff bud then sucked it hard. “Fuck,” John gasped and squeezed fistfuls of Luke’s hair.

Luke descended further, his warm, strong lips laying firm kisses down the center of John’s stomach. His tongue dipped into John’s navel, causing his muscles to jerk and quiver, as he unfastened John’s pants and tugged down the zipper. His fingers hooked the waistband of John’s Levi’s, slid them off his hips and down his legs. He plucked off his shoes and socks, then stripped John of his pants and briefs. His heated eyes roamed up John’s naked body. “Fuck, John boy,” he groaned deep. The desire and want in his eyes burned bright and genuine. “I can’t believe you made me wait so long for a piece of this hot bod.”

“Again…” John’s breath caught in his throat as Luke rubbed his hands up his legs. “…it’s your own fault.”

“Mm,” Luke moaned and pushed his legs open. “You’re not going to share any of the blame?” He dipped down and licked his inner thigh, slithering his tongue up closer and closer to John’s rigid member.

“Nope,” John whispered, voice shaking. His cock jumped and balls tightened as Luke ran his thumb firmly over his heavy sack, then followed with his tongue. “Uuh!” John gasped short and sharp, then whimpered when Luke licked over his balls and on up his shaft. “Oh fuck…”

“Feel good?” Luke breathed against his dick then swirled his tongue around the head. “Am I doing it right?”

John clutched fistfuls of the soft Saints throw, hips arching. He bit his lower lip and groaned deep and strained.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Luke smiled and withdrew. He peeled off his shirt and unfastened his pants. “You taste fucking scrumptious.” He licked his lips and wrapped one hand around John’s cock, and dropped his mouth over just the tip, sucking hungrily, as his other hand fumbled with his own jeans.

Fuck,” John choked. His heels ground into the mattress and his hips lifted higher, aching to feel his cock buried to the hilt in Luke’s mouth.

Luke pulled off him but retained his grip, stroking him as he worked his own erection free and began to slowly pump himself as well. “I want to fuck you so bad, John,” he shuddered. He went down again, taking more of John’s cock in his mouth, sucking him strong and deep as he continued to stroke himself.

“Shit…” John gasped and grabbed fists of Luke’s hair. “Fuuuck…God…yes.

Coming up for air, Luke gasped unsteadily, “Fuck, John, your cock tastes so good.” He licked up and down the shaft, then took him in again, a little deeper—and didn’t gag when John’s cock head squeezed into the back of his throat.

“Oh my God!” John cried. “Fuck! Where…where did you learn to do that?”

Luke sucked up his shaft then grinned as he slid his tongue around the tip of John’s dick. “I told you,” he replied breathless. “I have lots of toys to practice with…and lots of gay porn boys to show me how to do it right.”

John shuddered and smiled. “Thank God for toys and gay porn boys.”

“Indeed.” Luke engulfed him yet again and stroked his full length.

“Oh fuck…” John clawed his hair and pumped his hips. “Uuuhh…fuck…yes…oh god, Luke!”

Luke sucked him till John’s vision began to blur and his head spin, then sat back and licked his lips, a smile on his flushed face—a flush that spread down his neck to his upper chest. “Shit, John,” he panted. “I think I’m already addicted to your dick.” He slid his fist along John’s shaft.

“After just one taste?” John trembled.

“Must be a natural born cockaholic,” Luke smirked.

Releasing a shaky breath, John smiled. “We can hope.” He sat forward and curled his hands around Luke’s throbbing erection, and stroked him slowly, hand over hand. Luke swallowed thickly and stared into his eyes. John kissed his mouth. “What else did your porn boys teach you?” he moaned. John dragged his lips down Luke’s chest and stomach, and took Luke’s cock in his mouth. Luke whimpered and John sucked him up and down—slow, sensual strokes that caused tremors to ripple through Luke’s tense body.

“Fuck, baby…” Luke choked quietly and cupped the back of John’s head. “Oh my God…that feels so good.”

John raised up and kissed his lips. “Better than Kelly Landon?” he whispered.

“Who?” Luke panted and kissed him back.

John laughed softly. “Good answer.” He pushed Luke onto his back and worked his jeans down his legs, stripping him naked. He stared at his body. Luke was more muscular than John, though not by a lot. Even so, to John…he had the body of a god. Always had. I can’t believe he’s laying right here—naked and cock hard to fuck me.

“You okay?” Luke raised an eyebrow, lips quirking.

John leaned over the top of him and dipped down, planting a kiss in the center of his chest, trailing up his neck and to his mouth. “Never better,” he whispered and slowly straddled Luke’s hips. His rigid member dragged back and forth against Luke’s stomach as John rolled his hips, cum juice slicking his hard abs.

“Oh my god…” Luke swallowed unsteadily and squeezed John’s ass cheeks, spreading him open a bit as he stroked his stiff cock through his crack. “John…” he trembled, his breath shaky. “Fuck…I want you so damn bad.”

Smiling, John kissed him again then climbed off him and dug through his jeans, retrieving a condom from his wallet. “Lay up against the pillows,” John told him as he ripped open the small packet.

Luke obeyed and settled comfortably on the pillows, and watched John as he sheathed Luke’s cock. Low groans rolled up Luke’s throat when John coated Luke’s shaft with spit and stroked him in his hand, then straddled him again. Luke gripped his thighs and stared into John’s eyes, an intoxicating mixture of warm passion and burning lust churning in his depths.

“Oh fuck…” Luke gasped as John pushed down on his cock, the thick shaft squeezing slowly inside John’s tight body. “Fuuuck…” Luke lifted his hips, his fingers digging into John’s thigh muscles.

“Oh my God,” John choked, his breath catching, shuddering as Luke’s hard cock filled him up. “Luke…fuck…oh God, yes…” He trembled and clutched Luke’s strong forearms. “Uuuhh…shit…” His head dropped back and he circled his hips, slowly at first, undulating on Luke’s rigid shaft, drawing him deeper inside until his plump cock head grazed his sweet spot. “Fuck.” A burst of sexual ecstasy surged through him and his own cock hardened to steel, a stiff rod bumping Luke’s stomach as he rocked up and down on the man’s dick.

“Holy fuck,” Luke whimpered and gripped John’s hips. “Oh my God, John—fuck me.”

“Uuh!” John moved faster, his body swaying with a sensual rhythm as his ass rolled and rocked smoothly on Luke’s cock, gliding and stroking on his thick shaft. “Uuh…uh…fuck…Luke…uuuhh!”

“You feel so fucking good,” Luke panted and thrust into John. His grip tightened on John’s hips as he drove in deeper, harder, rocking the bed. “God…fuck…yes…yes…oh my God…uh-uh-uh!

“I want you to fuck me…from behind,” John gasped.

They hurriedly changed positions, with John on his hands and knees before Luke. A hard grunt burst from Luke as he moved up behind John and squeezed his cock into his ass again. “Oh fuck, John,” he choked then grabbed hold of John’s hips and thrust into him hard and fast, his pelvis bumping urgently against his ass cheeks, rocking John back and forth.

“Oh my God, Luke—fuck me harder.”

“Uh!” Luke drove in with force and John grunted with pleasure, then grabbed his own cock and pumped himself.

“Oh fuck, Luke…you’re gonna make me blow!” he yelled and stroked himself faster. “Uh-uh-uuuhh! Fuck! Oh God, Luke…I’m gonna fucking come!”

Luke gripped him tighter and fucked him wildly as John choked on a wail and came hard.

“Uuh! Fuuuck!” Luke yelled and unloaded, thrusting urgently, his tense fingers slipping against John’s slick, hot skin. “Oh God…oh fuck…yes…John…

Moments later, they lay collapsed on the bed, chests heaving and bodies drenched in sweat.





It took a few minutes for John to catch his breath as he stared at the high ceiling of Luke’s bedroom. Luke’s hot, damp skin burned into John as Luke lay beside him, their bodies touching.

“Wow.” Luke exhaled hard and smiled, his eyes heavy. His combed his fingers through his damp hair, his breath ragged. “That was…incredible.”

John cleared his throat. He could feel the satisfaction glowing on his face as his heart pounded for reasons other than their recent intense activity. Oh God…I think I’m in love him. He turned his head and gazed at Luke. The young man’s face had the same glow as John felt emanating from his own. A sudden swell of emotion overwhelmed him, startling him a little. It wasn’t his nature to get overly caught up in all the touchy-feely stuff, yet he had to bite his tongue to keep from blurting out how beautiful Luke was right this second, lying there in post-orgasmic bliss, skin flushed and glistening.

“What?” Luke smiled when he caught him staring.

And then the words gushed out of their own accord. “You’re beautiful.”

The corner of Luke’s mouth quirked and he raised an eyebrow. “Beautiful?”

John groaned and looked away, rolling his eyes, laughing quietly. “God, I’m sorry.”

Luke chuckled softly, then leaned over and brushed his lips on John’s mouth. “Don’t take it back,” he whispered, a tender sincerity in his voice. Warm emotion radiated in Luke’s eyes. “No one’s ever told me I was beautiful. Makes me feel…” he smiled and batted his eyelashes. “…like a princess.”

“Shit,” John laughed and shoved him away. “Maybe you should add a tiara to your veil.”

“Awesome,” Luke grinned. “I do so want to look pretty on my wedding day.”

“Oh my God,” John laughed harder.

Luke leaned over him again and kissed his cheek. “I think you’re beautiful, too, John boy.”

John started to push him away a second time, then faltered when caught Luke’s gaze. The sincerity in his eyes did funny things to John’s heartbeat.

“So your dad really approves of me?” Luke murmured and kissed him.

“Yeah.” John smiled. “He thinks you’re a good guy.”

Luke pursed his lips. “Would he still think that if he knew I’d just defiled his only son?”

“Well,” John mused. “We’ll just keep that to ourselves.” He released a deep, satisfied breath and glanced at the clock on the night stand. “Dinner will be ready soon.” He looked at Luke. “Could I maybe borrow your shower real quick before I head home?”

Luke’s smile wavered as he nodded. “Yeah,” he mumbled and drew back. “No problem.” He sank onto his back as John left the bed.

“Hey?” John said. Luke pushed up on his elbows and stared at him. “Aren’t you going to shower, too? We don’t want to be late for dinner.”

“We?” Uncertainty pinched Luke’s brow.

John laughed softly and shook his head. “You really think I’m going to leave you over here alone on Thanksgiving?”

Luke sat forward. “Your parents won’t mind?”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” John chuckled. “I’m pretty sure my dad already has us married.”

A slow grin spread across Luke’s face as he crawled off the bed. “Now that you mention it—I think I do want a tiara as well.”


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