Send Me Nudes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Zara is spending quality time with her friend, Hope when her new guy starts texting her wanting nudes. She gives him that and a little more, giving her evening an orgasmic twist.

Zara scrolled through her social media as she lay-stomach down across her mattress. Her roommate, and best friend Hope sat beside her, legs criss crossed. The music blasted from their blue tooth speaker as they scrolled and gossiped about their friends. Zara feet swayed back and forth in the air. She chewed her gum and checked out some of the guys on her newsfeed. Just as Zara was looking at Grady's profile, the guy she'd been talking to, a message came in from him. 

"What's up?" 

"H, Grady just messaged me." Zara couldn't deny the flutter in her chest at this. 

"Oooh," Hope settled in beside her, "What'd he say?"

"What's up?" Zara showed the phone, because Hope and her shared everything. 

"Tell him not much, but you'd like that to change. Then a winky face for added emphasis." 

Zara giggled. "No. We just started talking." 

"So, guys like that." Hope swiped the phone from Zara and before she could protest, she sent the message. 

Almost immediatly there was a response. "Send nudes?"

"What?" Zara screached. 

"Okay, okay."  Hope said. 

"No," Zara shook her head. 

"Come on tonight has been boring. Let's have some fun with it." Hope said then typed into the phone and spoke as she did. "I can't my roommate is here." 

"I'll send you a dick pic." 

"He did not say that!" Zara squealed as she ripped the  phone away from Hope. Just as she looked looked at her screen it pinged and there it was, his trophy cock, his large hand wrapped around the base. "Whoa." Long, hard and thick. Zara felt her pussy start to wetten. 

"Let me see, let me see." Hope took the phone back. "Hello hard-on." she licked her lips. Zara wondered if it had turned Hope on as much as it did her. 

"Yeah." Zara said as Hope handed the phone to her. 

She then typed in a reply with a simple. "Nice." 

Hope leaned over her shoulder as she replied, her breath warm on the back of her neck. 

The phone pinged again. "Your turn." 

"You've got to give him something here." Hope said. 

"For an unsolisited dick pic?" 

"You have to admit it's a nice dick." Hope laughed and nudged Hannah, her arm staying around her as she did. 


"Let's give him a boob show." Hope tugged at the bottom of Zara's shirt, she lifted her arms in the air as she let Hope remove it. Hope's hands slid down Zara's shoulders once she disposed of the shirt and to her elbows, softly then across her back, she brushed Zara's hair out of the way sending goosebumps across Zara's flesh as she did. Then her bra came undone and Zara's large breasts spilled out. Hope tossed the bra to the side, and Zara wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised when Hope straddled her from behind and reached around to cup her tits then, tugged on her nipples. "There. now take it." Hope's voice was breathless. 

Zara's chest rose and fell quickly as she lifted the phone parrallell to her boobs, she didn't show her face just her tits with the hard nipples. She pressed send, she hadn't done anything like this before, not sext nor let another girl touch her, but she wanted her to touch more and Zara wanted to touch her. 

So Hot. was his reply. 

Yes, it was.

Hope didn't move from behind her and Zara felt every breath coming from her on to the back of her neck. "Did he like it?" 

"Yeah." Zara was breathless. 

Where's your roommate? 

With the sudden arrousal Zara felt liberated and text back, Right here, she's the one who got my titties hard. 

Can I see? he replied. 

"He wants a picture of you playing with my nipples."

"Okay," Hope's breaths became heavier. "You hold the phone out and ..." Her soft hands slid up oh so delicately as Zara lifted the phone. Hope kissed the back of her neck, which made Zara's breath hitch then her thumb and forefingers were tweaking her nipples. Zara looked right in the camera lens and included her aroused face and Hope's mouth on her neck in the picture. 

She snapped and sent, but Hope didn't stop and Zara was glad for that. 

I'm stroking myself now. He replied. Zara had almost forgotten about him. 

She turned her head as Hope's mouth traveled up her neck, then met her lips. It was different kissing a girl than it was kissing a guy. It was softer and she smelled like honey. Zara turned around rising up on her knees.

Hope stared into her eyes. "Does he want more?" Her voice huskey. 

"I think so." Zara said, though she wasn't sure he did, but letting him watch them was turning her on even more. Zara removed Hope's shirt, then her bra and they were kissing again, there bare breast pressed against one another. Zara snapped a picture of this and sent it. 

In return they received another one of him, this time not only his dick in the shot, but his face with his heavy lidded eyes. "Video?"

Hope rubbed Zara's back as she checked the message. She showed it to Hope. Zara was all for this, it was turning her on just thinking about it. She was excited when Hope nodded. 

Zara gave a thumbs up and soon he sent the video request. 

He was so hot. Zara thought as his chisled face and abs appeared on her screen. His hand sliding up and down his cock. 

"Hey ladies." 

Zara and Hope were still pressed together, the phone in one of Zara's hands, but the other played with Hope's nipple. Hope kissed Zara's boob. "This is my roommate, Hope." Zara spoke breathless. 

"So hot." He licked his lips just as Hope's tounge grazed across Zara's nipple. 

Zara moaned. 

"Yeah." He groaned from the other side of the phone. 

Hope's hands moved toward Zara's shorts and Zara let her slip them off one long leg at a time, trying to get her thong panties in the picture. She was glad that she shaved today. Then her mouth was on Hope's again, and she stared into the phone. Grady stared back at her greedily still stroking that cock. She hoped someday she'd get a chance to put that cock in her mouth, but right now she was going for titties. She'd never licked a tit other than her own it it was quite arousing to have the nipple pucker against her tongue. She could see why men like it so much. Hope's fingers stroked over Zara's panties. Then moved them aside. 

"She's so wet." Hope spoke huskily while licking her lips. 

"I wanna see." Hope gazed into Zara's eyes as if asking for permission to remove them. Zara nodded, leaned on her back and handed the phone to Hannah as she peeled them off. Zara lay there spread wide, the phone zoomed in on her pussy. 

"So sexy." He said. "Hope," his voice was husky and she could hear the slapping of his masterbating on the other end. 

"Yes," Hope said as she rubbed Zara's thigh with her free hand. 

"Can you tell me how it tastes?" 

Zara felt a flutter of excitment at the thought. She'd never had a girl do that to her, and she wondered if Hope would want her to return the favor. She might like that. Hope bent over, her bottom reared up as she split Zara apart with two fingers then ran her tongue across her clit. She came up and licked her lips. "Sweet like sugar." 

"What's Zara doing?" 

Hope pointed the phone toward Zara, who's face was flush as she panted. He licked his lips and stroked himself on the phone screen. Hope handed the phone back to Zara before bending back over and licking Zara again. Zara moaned and leaned her head back, but kept focus on Grady through the phone. He now cupped his balls with one hand as he continued to stroke with the other. 

"Is she licking you again?" 

"Uh huh." Was all Zara could say. 

"Damn, you like that, don't you?" 

"Yes." Zara was breathless. 

"What are you going to do to her?" 

Zara looked down at Hope's covered bottom still in the air. Hope suckled and hummed and moaned as she lapped at her. Zara nearly lost control then. But instead she turned the phone toward Hope's ass and tugged at her shorts. Hope shimmied out of them. her panties going with them until she was bare and exposed. 

Grady groaned at the sight. "Such a tight ass." 

Zara then caressed a cheek with her free hand, Hope leaned into her her, her tongue and lips still working their magic. Zara spread her legs even wider and gyrated against her, giving more friction on her clit. 

Then she slid her hand between Hope's legs. Slick and warm, she slid her fingers up and down her slit. Hope moaned, making the feeling between her own legs that much better. Hope then widened her knees and Zara inserted a finger. It was soft and warm just like her own, but it was odd having her finger inside someone else. She stroked slowly at first, then squeezed in another finger. Hope rocked back into her. Zara steadied the phone above her and sat up, so her face was close to Hope's ass. She then looked at the phone, Grady was stroking so fast now, making a smacking noise. Zara leaned her face down and licked at Hope as she fingered her. 

Hope cried out. Grady gruntted. His entire body shaking as he stroked ferverently. "What's she doing to you? What's she doing to you?" 

Zara continued to probe Hopeas she turned the phone toward her. Hope now had her head laying on Zara's thigh as she rocked into Zara's hand. 

"Hope you're not doing your job." Hope rose and imediatly went back to licking Zara.

Zara licked Hope again the phone fell on the mattress with a thud. Though Zara could still see the screen and it was right under her chin where her tongue flicked fervently over Hope's clit. Hope rocked into her and she rocked into Hope. Lapping faster and faster, gyrating more and more until every cell in her exploded and she screamed. Hope cried out and before she could collaspe Zara grabbed the phone again. Grady's cock squirted out white liquid all over his hand. 

Hope lifted up and shimmied beside Zara, her naked body against hers. She gave her a deep kiss, Zara tasted herself on her. This began to turn her on again. 

Then Grady said, "Next time I want to do that in person." 

"Come on over." Hope said. 

"I'll be right there." 

Zara was glad for that, because she could go for a nice big cock after she ate Hope out again. 


Submitted: August 31, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Amelia Woods. All rights reserved.

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In my day, the phone calls were never so active.
Thank god for the internet.
P.s. this was a great little start to a longer story, maybe?

Mon, November 5th, 2018 11:14pm


Thank you. Yes, actually I have a story on here called Grady comes over it's another short story, but I have thought about continuing it.

Sun, November 18th, 2018 3:56pm

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