Photo Shoot Bonus

Photo Shoot Bonus Photo Shoot Bonus

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Blake 'Honey' often poses for Craven's website for extra cash, but it has never been fully nude. This time, however the mood is just right to not only convince her to pose completely nude but she gives and gets a bonus at this photo shoot.


Blake 'Honey' often poses for Craven's website for extra cash, but it has never been fully nude. This time, however the mood is just right to not only convince her to pose completely nude but she gives and gets a bonus at this photo shoot.


Submitted: May 01, 2018

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Submitted: May 01, 2018



It didn’t take long for Craven to call Blake back. She had exhausted all her funds going home and needed something quick. 

“I’ve missed you.” Craven said as she walked inside the smoky apartment. His hair was dark and slicked back. He gave her a hug, and smelled like strong cologne. “You’re my favorite girl.” He said keeping his hand around her waist as they made their way to the studio. “How are things back home?” 

“Okay.” She was a girl of few words, which was one of the reasons he liked her best, so he said. She never complained and always did what he asked. 

“Good.” He lit a cigarette up as they entered the room and she found her costume. Sitting out for her. A nude, lace thong. “I’ve been wanting to tell you that I bought some new equipment.” He said as he adjusted his lights and she stripped out of her clothes. It was nothing to get naked infront of him, routine now, really. 

“You did?” she slipped out of her panties and pulled the ones he had sitting out for her on. They were small and tight on her. 

“I’m going to get into making movies. Was wondering if you’d be interested. Pay will be a lot more.” 
That might be something she won’t be able to pass on. “What kind of movies?” 

“Porn?” He said like the word duh.

“I mean, who would it be with?” She fluffed her hair over her shoulder and applied her red lipstick before making her way to the chaise lounge. 

“Well, I was thinking of maybe some teasers.” He put the camera strap around his neck as she sat down. “Maybe some by yourself with sex toys, then we can graduate to others. I don’t have any guys yet, so it’d be with other girls.” 

Blake wasn’t sure how she thought about that. If it was guys, it wasn’t like she didn’t have sex with random ones anyway, why not get paid to do it? She put her toes on the ground and lifted her heels up, spreading her knees out. 

“I have some toys now we could always try some still shots first.” He licked his lips as he zoomed in on her and snapped. 

She titled her head back and stuck out her chest, then make a pouty face. “Is the pay more?” 

She hadn’t even graduated to fully nude yet, but after traveling home and depleting her cash, she could use it. “How much?” 

“Twice the amount.” He kneeled in front of her the camera angled from her feet up. Snap, snap. “Lay back.” 

She brought her feet up on the chaise and leaned back, she lifted one arm above her head like Rose in the Titanic. She wished her artist was as good looking as Jack. He was still kneeling by the chaise. A picture from her chest up. She stuck out her lips in a pout again. 

“We can ease you into it. Lick your finger.” 

She did what he said and he snapped a couple pictures. Now tweak your nipples. She pinched on her nipples, surprised that this routine of a thing was turning her on. She tilt her head back and let her hair cascade off the lounge, leaving her mouth parted as if she was turning herself on. 

“Now slide your hands to your panties.” 

She did as he asked and he followed her hands with the lens snapping pictures on the way. 

She spread her legs out and put them on each side of the chaise. 

“Lick your lips.” 

She did and stared right into the camera. 

“Yes,” he clicked and clicked. “Perfect.” He smiled and pulled his camera away from his face. He still knelt beside her his face close to hers. “These are great, Honey.” Honey was her stage name. 

“Now I need you to turn over on your knees and put your arms on the back of the chaise. Let your boobs fall over them.” 

She did as he asked and he took photos of her ass reared in the air. 

“Now, if you’re ready, we can shed the panties? Two hundred more for that.” 

She took in a deep breath, and nodded, because really what was the little triangle and string of fabric covering now anyway? Her bare puss. She stood up and he said, “Wait.” And hurried to stand in front of her. 

“Hook your thumbs in each side and slide them down slowly. Stare at the camera like you want it to fuck you hard.” 

She did as he asked and he groaned and praised her. He didn’t move the camera from her as he instructed her to lay back on the chaise. The lights were warm on her bare skin. “Now run her hand over your body.” 

he leaned back and closed her eyes, doing as he asked. She almost forgot he was there snapping pictures as she first felt her thighs, then her stomach and finally her breasts. She brought her fingers to her mouth and opened her eyes, the camera directly in her face she tilted her head and stared straight into it, licking her fingers. Then with her eyes still on the camera and the shutter flicking rapidly and Craven groaning and praising, she slid the tips of her fingers down the length of her body and to her shaved pussy. “How much?” she said raspily, though she probably would have done it for free right now. She was that turned on. 

“Another two hundred.” Which brought the grand total to six for the day. 

She brought her feet up on the lounge and let her knees fall open. Craven zoom in on her pussy. Click click. She started by first rubbing her entire hand over it feeling the smoothness. She’d shaved right before coming over. She hadn’t had the money to have it waxed this time. She then took one finger and slid it around her slippery clit. 

“Dang.” He said. “I’m trying to be professional here, but Honey, you’re sweet.” 

Blake then flipped her head back. 

“Look at the camera.” His voice was husky. 

She swallowed and looked up licking her lips as she swirled her fingers around. Craven between her legs snap, snapping away. “Yeah, that’s it. Just like that.” 

She wanted to cry out the faster she went. 

“Whoa, slow down. I know this is your first time, but we got to get these shots. Now I want you to put a finger inside yourself.” 

She did as he asked, pumping herself slowly as he clicked away. She wasn’t sure if she would regret this later or not. 

“You like this, don’t you, Honey?” his camera came down from his face and he smiled up at her. She hadn’t ever looked at Craven as someone to fuck before. But, today he might be enough for her. She answered his question by sliding two fingers inside herself. He brought the camera back up to his face, his elbows resting on the seat. He was so close to her she could feel his body heat on the inside of her thighs. “So wet.” He whispered. Then he angled the lens toward her face and she got off while staring into it. “Yes, Honey, just like that. That’s so sexy. You’re going to have thousands of men beating off to this.” 

She was surprised and thankful when she felt his hand touch the inside of her thigh. She opened her eyes to see the camera was away from his face and he slid his hand up her thigh. His eyes on her pussy. “Such a beautiful sight.” He continued to run his hand up and down her. “I …” he took in a labored breath. “I don’t want to over step my boundaries, but … I really want to taste it. It smells so good from here. Like honey, we gave you the perfect name.” 

Blake’s heart beat like crazy and her pussy only watered more when he spoke. “I want you to taste it.” The words came out a strangled whisper. 

He tilted his head, staring still. His hand running up and down. He looked down at his camera. “Can I take pictures.” 


“Tripod. These will just be for me. I won’t share.” 

She nodded. 

He rose from her, leaving her body feeling cool. 

“I don’t normally do this with my subjects.” He said as he twisted the camera onto the tripod. “I’m a professional.” 

“I … I know.” She hadn’t moved, she still lay spread eagle on his chaise. 

He snapped a couple more pictures. “My glorious glistening honey.” He said taking the small clicker in his hand when he was satisfied with the angle of his camera. He then settled between her legs again. “Look at the camera for me, I want to see your face. I love the expressions you have when you’re getting off.” 

Blake stared at the camera, though she wanted to watch him. Her body was waiting and anxious for his touch. Once he was settled he started with her thighs, with each kiss and lick he praised her, “you taste sweet. You smell so good. You’re soft.” Before he nestled his nose and tongue in her center she thought she was going to let loose. Finally, he buried his face in her pussy, making her buck at the hurried contact, like he was starving and she was a juicy peach. 

“Smells so good. Tastes so sweet. This is good pussy, prime pussy.” He said as he continued to lick, suck and even bite. Blake bucked under him and he held her tightly to him. She kept forgetting to look at the camera, but would look when she remembered. The click, click, click was faster, faster, faster with the rhythm of his tongue. 

“Oh God.” She screamed and finally grabbed his hair and ripped at it, bucking and clenching her thighs against his temple. He finally came up for air and grinned at her. 

“That was good stuff.” He licked his lips. “I knew you were my favorite for a reason.”


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