Jealous Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Things are starting to get complicated in the triangle of love. When Zara walks in on her lovers together she can't help but feel jealous and left out. Can Grady and Hope show her she still belongs?

Zara got a big fat F in her anatomy class. 

She trudged back to her apartment, feeling discouraged and hopeless. Sure she may not have studied, but she felt like she knew the material. 

She unlocked the door of the apartment. Her roommates, and one would say lovers, were both already home. She didn't know if she was relieved to see that or, disappointed. She kind of needed to be alone, but at the same time could use some encouragment. 

When she opened the door, she did not expect to see Hope's plump ass in the air on the coffee table and Grady underneath her lapping her up.

He tilted his head to look at Zara, then smiled, "Hey babe." Then rolled his eyes back in his head as Hope's bobbed up and down. "Damn that's nice.' He smacked her cheeks then pulled her clit into his mouth with a loud suck. 

Normally, this would have turned Zara on. And for a second she was. That was until a third head popped up from behind Hope.

It wasn't another guy either. Grady's best friend, Ian would sometimes come over and join in their sexapades, but this girl, Zara had never seen before in her life and she couldn't help but feel betrayed. 

"Why aren't you guys in class?" 

"Our class got canceld." Hope said after she pulled Grady's cock out of her mouth with a pop. He reached down and began slapping her face with it with one hand and shoved her back on it with the other. 

"Come help me." Grady looked at her with devouring eyes. 

"Who's the chick?" 

"This is Cierra. Come up here and meet our Zara." he motioned to her. Cierra stood starked naked and waved at Zara her large tits bouncing as she did. 

"Will you come help me Cierra?" 

"I sure will." She knelt down beside him, bringing her mouth to his, their tongues twisting together on Hope's bare pussy. "How'd I do on your balls?"

"You did wonderfully on my balls, sexy." 

He then reached up and fondled a tit with a moan while lapping at Hope again. 

Cierra slid a finger doting a long dark red nail up Hope's slit then shoved it into her hole and penetrated in and out. 

Hope grinded against their tonguing, then was buckling, jerking and screaming before colapsing on top of Grady. 

"Get naked Zara, we're ready for you." Hope spoke breathless as she dismounted him. 

"I'm okay." Zara had enough of the show, she walked into the kitchen and began slamming doors. 

Soon, Grady was in there, hard on pointing to the sky. "What's going on?" 

He started to put his arms around her but she moved away. It was bad enough when he and Hope were together with out her, but now they added someone new. 

"Don't touch me." 


She slammed her hand on the counter. "I come home and there's a strange girl in my house, in my place." 

"Is that what this is about?" Grady laughed. "You think we're replacing you? No, that's not it at all." he moved Zara's hair form her shoulder and kissed her neck. She hated that every nerve in her came to live at his touch. "We brought her home for you to play too." 

"But I wasn't here." 

"You are now." He began to unbutton her shirt, slowly grazing her skin on his way. "We've had a foursome with two guys and two girls, but we haven't done one guy, three girls. I know how you like pussy just as much as me." 

"I like cock too." 

"Yes you do, my dirty little slut." He smiled as he kissed her and pushed her shirt off her shoulders. While he kissed her he unzipped her jeans and pulled her out of them, then lifted her onto the counter by the waist.

She was arleady wet. 

"Girls, come on in here." He called as he knelt before her, spreading her legs out wide. "Isn't that beautiful." 

Hope and Cierra agreed standing there licking their lips in nothing but skin. 

"She has a little bit of catching up to do, our jealous girl." 

He put his mouth to her pussy and she gripped the counter, tilting her head back. 

Soon she had a mouth on each nipple. She looked down to see three sets of hungry eyes looking up at her as thier tongues lapped her sensitive spot. 

Grady's fingers began to move in and out of her, Each girl on either side's hand's rubbed her inner thigh and inched close and closer to her heat, then back. She reached down and grabbed a hold of Grady's hair. He laughed and moved away from her, pushing both Hope and Cierra between her legs.

 Two tongues going at her at once was amazing. They licked and they sucked and they moaned their tongues teasing not only her but eachother. 

Grady grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to her, shoving his own tongue, soaked with her juices in his mouth. He played with her titties at the same time. 

When she bucked and squeezed and wiggled all her sensations hightened, Grady decided she was caught up with everyone. He then pulled himself up on the counter. Cierra spread eagle beside him. 

Hope smiled and brought her mouth down to Grady's pointed cock, Cierra moaned watching them, she licked her lips then tured to Zara her tits bobbing up and down with her labored breaths. Zara first brought her mouth to those perky nipples. 

Grady moaned in approval. She gazed up and met his eyes as she licked and kicked her way down Cierra's flat stomach until she hit her sweet spot. 

She teased her clit with a quick lick before she burried her face and lapped and sucked. This was the first time she'd eaten anyone but Hope. It was different just like each cock was different. Different but still satisfying. 

Cierra cried out and bounced up and down against her mouth. 

Hope reached over and ran her hand over Zara's ass, before plunging a finger in her ripe hole. Zara returned the favor. 

She looked up a Grady just as he reached down and slammed her face against Cierra's cunt. He then leaned over and kissed Cierra, her moaning muffled by his mouth. 

"Who wants this cock now?" 

All of them wined in unison as they gyrated. 

"Line up." 

They all jumped on the kitchen counter, one next the the other their legs over lapping each others. Hope was first in line. Grady took her by the hips and slammed in to her. He grunted as he rocked in and out, sweat pouring from his brow. 

Zara wanted to lick his sweat, but she also wanted to obey him and stay ready for him. 

Cierra reached over and tugged at Zara's nipple as she kissed her neck. Zara couldn't take her eyes of Grady and Hope, but she did reach over and play with Cierra's pus. 

When Hope reached her climax, tilting her head back and screaming, Grady pulled out, but instead of going to Zara who was next in line he walked to Cierra. He plunged into her, grunting and red faced. He leaned over and kissed Zara. 

Hope's fingers worked over Zara's cunt, making her close to exploding. She didn't mind getting off more than once, but she didn't want Grady to think she'd had enough if she got off now. Even so, she rode Hope's fingers as Grady kissed her, his face knocking her back with each thrust into Cierra. She was really jealous now. Espeically when Cierra cried out in her orgasm. 

Then Grady pulled out of Cierra and slammed into Zara before she even knew what was happening. 

He banged her so hard, she knocked against the cabinents behind her and he filled her to the brim, stretching her as far as she could stretch. He pushed her legs further apart by the inner thigh as he slammed into her over and over. 

Unintelligable sounds rose from Zara's throat and she bucked against him. She wanted to use her hands and help him out, playing with herself, but each girl had a hold of her hands as they leaned over her. running their own hands over her pussy. She felt all the liquid gush from her and from Grady as he gave one final grunt to finish. 


Submitted: November 25, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Amelia Woods. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

Nothing like a good F to soothe a bad F any day! Her hee! Very hot and caring friends who know how to get each other off so selflessly!

Tue, November 27th, 2018 8:50pm

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