Hi, my name is

Hi, my name is Hi, my name is

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Georgia finds herself in group therapy for sex addicts after her boyfriend dumps her for cheating, she soon finds out that this might help her in a different way than she's expecting.



Georgia finds herself in group therapy for sex addicts after her boyfriend dumps her for cheating, she soon finds out that this might help her in a different way than she's expecting.


Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



"Hi, my name is Georgia and I'm a sex addict." Georgia looked around. Did she think it was odd this group therapy was only one other woman and man? Maybe, but the last three relationships she'd had had all ended because she needed sex all the time. 

"Hello Georgia, I'm Chase, this is Andrea." The man said, leaning forward in his seat. "Tell us your story."

"I honestly don't know when it began." She crossed her legs. "From my very first time when I was sixteen I've loved sex and wanted to do it all the time. My last three boyfriends haven't understood. I've had a hard time staying faithful and I want a real relationship." 

"What makes a real relationship." Andrea asked slipping closer to her. 

"I don't know. I guess someone I can be myself with all the time." 

Georgia wasn't sure what type of therapy this was. Chase was now closer to her as well, close enough that his thigh touched hers. A tingle went straight to her nether regions. Oh no, she can't be getting horny now, she was here for help. 

"And what is being yourself? If you love sex isn't that part of being yourself?" Chase's voice was husky and his hand slid up and down her arm. 

Georgia's breaths quickened and she crossed her legs. Not now, she needed to focus, maybe this was part of the therapy. 

"But needing to have sex all the time isn't healthy." Georgia said as Andrea's soft hand caressed her other arm. 

"Who says?" Andrea spoke softly, her lips puckered out and Georgia wanted to lean forward just enough to kiss her. 

"Everybody." Georgia barely got the raspy word out before she finally couldn't stand it anymore and her lips were on Andrea's. She'd expected a reprimand, but instead, she was rewarded with a moan and a tongue in her mouth. It was soft and sweet and she almost lost it when Chase's large hands reached around her and palmed her tits. 

Andrea's soft hands slipped under down her waist and played with the waistband of her jean shorts, then further down to the hem and back up her thigh. Bare delicate hands against her skin. Chase's mouth and tongue found the back of her neck and it sent tingles right where she wanted them. 

Andrea pulled the kiss away with a slurp and smiled at her. Her fingers inching closer to the spot, Georgia open her knees wider to give more access as Chase removed her top. 

She wasn't here to do this, but it was offered.

What do you expect when three sex addicts meet?

A long slender finger slid into her slippery pussy. Georgia leaned her head back on Chase's musclar chest and let out a moan. 

"You like that don't you?" he whisperd in her ear, continuing to massage and pinch her now errect nipples. "Tell me what you like most about sex." 

"Everything." She panted as Andrea's fingers moved in and out of her quicker and quicker. Georgia rode the hand probing her. 

Chase's hand slipped down her belly and undid the buttons on her shorts she wanted them off, but at the same time didn't want Andrea to stop, he didn't make her, he slid his fingers down to her clit and began flicking it as she bucked under them. 

"Oooh, ooh, ooooh,' She grabbed Chase's knees on either side of her as they continued their work on her and she continued to ride the wave. Soon she cried out and writhed in pleasure. 

Then clothes were strewn everywhere. She turned around and got on her knees before Chase his large, erect cock alive and ready. She licked her lips and stared into his hooded eyes before stretching her mouth around his girth. 

He groaned and shoved deep into her, hitting the back of her throat until she gagged. 

"Oh yeah." He said grabbing the back of her head.

"Let me have some." Andrea said all giggly as Georgia let the cock loose with a pop. 

Chase guided his cock into Andrea's mouth. "I have a taste for you too, baby." then he shoved in just like he'd did Georgia's. She was sopping wet again watching it. Andrea eyes locked with Georgia's and she gave her a smirk around the large cock. then she let him loose with a pop as well and ran her tongue up his shaft, Georgia joined her. Their tounges frenching around his cock, up and down they took turns deep throating and sucking his balls. Then they kissed as he probbed both pussies with his fingers at once. 

"So wet, so, so wet. I need to fuck someone." he groaned, which only made Georgia want him more she wiggled her ass and he smacked it before slipping out from under them. 

On their hands and knees facing each other, Andrea and Georgia continued to kiss, playing with each other's tits and moaning, soon Chase's cock was in her stretching her to the fullest. She let out a shriek of pleasure. 

Andrea disconnected from her and leaned back the cold floor, spreading her legs out wide. Georgia put her mouth to Andrea's pussy and began to lick and massage the wetness. 

Chase moaned his deep manly groan from behind her as he slammed in to her, jamming her face deeper into Andrea's pussy. 

Georgia probed Andrea with the rythym that Chase found. Soon Andrea's hands pulled at Georgia's hair as she bucked, Georgia let out a scream of pleasure and warm cum spillled all over her back. 

They all collapsed on the ground. 

"Who says sex isn't good for you?" Andrea said, breathlessly. 

"Isn't this a sex addict therapy session?"

Chase laughed, "We are sex addicts that were looking for a third partner."

So that explained it. 

"Want to come again next week? Same time?"

"Yes, yes and yes." Georgia said. 



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