Touch Me Anywhere

Touch Me Anywhere Touch Me Anywhere

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Needing to release a whole lot of tension in her muscles, Jen went to her local day spa to treat herself. The new masseuse James was more than a hunk, and his amazing finger tips were enough to send shivers down any woman's spine. Read more...


Needing to release a whole lot of tension in her muscles, Jen went to her local day spa to treat herself. The new masseuse James was more than a hunk, and his amazing finger tips were enough to send shivers down any woman's spine. Read more...


Submitted: September 27, 2015

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Submitted: September 27, 2015



By the time her husband left for the office, Jess was ready to make the most of her day off. She checked herself in the mirror. That little red dress showed off her tan to perfection and her legs looked hot in her black, strappy heels.

She pulled the brush through her long, black hair and touched up the lip gloss on her plump lips. As she waved to Jeff across the street, she noticed his glance fall to her long legs as she opened the car door and climbed in.

Her first appointment was to get her weekly massage. Her usual therapist was on leave and as she stepped into the day spa, she noticed the tall, broad shouldered guy that was checking the laptop screen.

“You must be Jess”, he said while taking in her full package in one continuous gaze. “I’m James and I will take you for your massage today”.

She tried to keep her eyes on the path ahead, but as she followed him to her treatment room, her eyes kept returning to his well defined ass. She tried to reply to his small talk but was continuously distracted and kept having to bring her mind back to the conversation at hand.

“You know the routine”, he said, “I’ll pop outside while you undress and get on the massage bench. Place the towel over you as best you can and underwear is optional.”

Taking in the angular cut of his jaw as he spoke, she couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his white, low rider jeans as he stepped backward and moved out of the room, letting her stare at his ass as he walked out.

She slipped off her dress and shoes and unclipped her bra, letting her naked breasts fall freely onto her chest.

She noticed her nipples were hard as she rose with each breath in the dim light of the massage room, and as she dropped her red, lace g-string she could already feel the wetness and warmth between her thigh’s forming as she thought of what the well build James could do to her.

She slowly skimmed a finger across her slit, not being able to resist it’s call’s for attention before walking over to the table.

Jess lay down on her front, draping the warm towel over her exposed body as best she could, only managing to loosely cover her perfectly rounded ass.

Laying face down with her already aching, hairless mound pressed against the white linen sheet, she knew it wouldn’t take much to get her going and would have to resist the urge’s to play with herself, just incase James were to walk in a little sooner than expected.

As he came into the still, dimly lit room he placed his warm, strong hands on her shoulders and pressing down slightly spoke softly into her ear.

“Jess, how is your body feeling today? Any areas that you want me to concentrate on?” His breath was on her neck and she felt his collar length locks tickle her cheek as he passed her ear.

She felt her pussy tighten and rocked her hips slightly forward into the massage bench, unable to hide her wanting.

“Oh, I have been working out a lot lately”, she said while biting the inside of her cheek, “My upper thighs are really tight and need some attention”, she said with a smile that he couldn’t see, hoping that might move him in the right direction.

He started work on her upper shoulders and back and she loved the slow, strong movements of his hands as he oiled her skin and worked her tight muscles, being soft when he wanted to. He moved down to her feet and gradually, frustratingly and slowly, went to her ankles, worked up to the backs of her knees and then to her thighs.

James asked her to roll over for easier access to the muscles, and Jess complied in an instant, eagerly turning to show him her beautiful breasts and expose her naked skin.

When he lifted her right leg and shifted it to the outside of the table she wondered if he could see her excitement. As he lifted her left leg and shifted that to the outside of the table she felt a shiver run down her body and she knew that he sensed it as she lay there with her legs manually spread by him.

She nuzzled her ass into the bench and as she did, she felt him place both palms firmly on the towel that by now barely covered her slippery lips. He pushed down firmly and she gasped as he did.

“You are tense, aren’t you” he said. “Is there anywhere that you don’t feel comfortable for me to touch?”, he asked coyly.

Struggling to speak as she felt herself getting damper, she turned her head and breathed “No, James. I am comfortable for you to touch me anywhere that you think is important to release this - tension.”

He drizzled the oil along both thighs. He paused and then she felt his soft, firm hands start to work the muscles down her inner thighs. As he edged closer to the towel she felt her excitement starting to build.

She felt his fingertips touch the bottom of the towel. He paused for a moment and she felt his hands edge under it onto her bare skinned hips, where he paused again.

“Is that ok?”, he asked and she felt the expectation in his voice.

“That’s good”, Jess replied, “but it could be better”, she teased.

With a slight look of shock and semi surprise, he smiled as he let his well oiled hands massage her stomach, then worked his way over her hips until she felt his fingers brush along the bare skin of her warm mound and teasingly ran back down her inner thighs.

“Ohhh”, she sighed while his hands continued their journey up along the inside of her legs, gradually working closer to her wet and ready cunt.

She lifted her ass slightly and shifted her knees further apart, thrusting her throbbing pussy toward him in desire. After what felt like forever, she felt his oiled fingers moving slowly up to her cunt.

His finger tips starting to tease her. She was already so excited from the slippery massage play that it would take very little to get her exploding for him.

James slowly slid his fingers into Jess, using her juices and the massage oil already on his digits to slide in with ease, making her moan as she flexed and tightened while he began working his hand inside.

As he used the other hand to rub her clit vigorously she bucked hard between the flimsy bed and his hard body, groaning and telling him how bad she wanted the big cock that he was keeping locked up in his pants.

His white trousers were betraying his excitement and she reached out and clasped his belt, pulling him to her and rubbing his stiff member through his pants. She took the bottom of his shirt and started to undo his buttons, revealing his masculine chest and perfect abs.

His tanned, hard torso was divine and she licked his nipples and ran her hands over his stomach and down his pelvis. She unbuckled his leather belt, undid the button on his jeans and unzipped the fly, letting his pants fall to the floor..

His cock sprung out as she unzipped. Huge and hard, it was beautiful and she wanted it inside of her immediately.

Taking it in her mouth, she worked it softly and then running her hands along his muscular thighs, she rose up and faced him. He kissed her hard on the mouth and his hands took her breasts and squeezed them.

Jess bit him softly on the neck and whispered to him that she wanted him deep inside her. She lifted her feet up onto the bed, kneeling with knees bent, spread wide and thrusting her wet pussy in his face.He sucked her cunt, his tongue working her until she could take no more.

Hearing her moans of lust, he joined her up on the massage table, yanking her hips back toward him and lunging his cock deep between her soaking lips. Huge and powerful and working her hard and to her rhythm.

He was amazing and she could see by his face that he would be ready to explode soon too. The two of them fucked each other in sync, banging against one another and hearing the smacking of James’ balls against her clit. He slapped her ass as he pounded her, getting ready to blow his whole load.

She reached behind her, took his balls in her hand and softly played with them.

Her other hand moved to his ass and she started to work that too. Before long he was ready to erupt in her and she tightened up around his shaft, shaking as she came all over his cock and let out a scream she couldn’t control. With that, James pulled out, blowing his load all over her back, smearing his juice over her perfect ass and letting it drip to the sheet below them.

Jess turned around and licked up his sperm, savoring every drop and loving the taste of his cream as it ran down her throat.

He pushed her back and took a deep breath, walked to his desk and smiled. Taking the vibrating cock ring from his draw, he grinned and walked back over to the table.

Like a teenager on heat, he slipped it over his already stiff again dick, and slowly rammed it back into her seeping cunt, lubing it up and pulling it out dripping.

James started to slide the tip of his member into her ass hole, while telling her to relax as he started to pound her, pumping his shaft seep down into her, causing Jess to tremble instantly with the vibrations of the buzzing ring inside her rear.

She came again within minutes as he exploded once again, this time spilling his warm seed into her bowels. He pulled out and they fell onto the bed in an oily, sweaty, sexed mess.

“I hate to say this, but my next appointment will be here in 2 minutes”, he smirked. He left the room and she slipped back into her dress.

“Christy is back next week”, said James as Jess entered back into reception. “Would you like your usual appointment?”, he asked.

“Oh no, I haven’t been that happy with Christy for a while”, winked Jess, “Why don’t you book me in to see you again next week.”

James smiled as he led his next client down the hall.


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