Testing_The Limits

Testing_The Limits Testing_The Limits

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


While sitting alone on yet another of his boring business trips, Daniel soon finds himself living a dream with a foreign beauty, getting to taste all the fruits that Jamaica has to offer in this cheeky backdoor encounter story. Read more....


While sitting alone on yet another of his boring business trips, Daniel soon finds himself living a dream with a foreign beauty, getting to taste all the fruits that Jamaica has to offer in this cheeky backdoor encounter story. Read more....


Submitted: September 28, 2015

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Submitted: September 28, 2015



Daniel finds himself in a bar drinking alone, when a woman with curves to die for sits down and offers to buy him a drink. He finds this a little unusual, but seeing that he is here all alone, he doesn't see any reason not to see where this goes...

I'm away on business for weeks at a time, and I always find that I really don't have time to sightsee. The most I get to do is attend a few conferences, go to a couple of restaurants, but mostly I just stay in the hotel minding my own business.

It was at a conference in Jamaica, when I found myself sitting at the bar alone with nobody to talk to but myself. In walked this ebony Goddess, with an hourglass figure that was just too perfect to be real.

She walked with grace and style, sitting down wearing that little black dress that gave her a sophisticated air of sexuality.

"Give me the house special." The bartender, a Jamaican local was known for his spicy rum drinks, and had one specialty called the tornado.

I wasn't willing to try it, but I had to admire the way that she ordered it without even flinching. She downed it in one shot, shaking her head and making this face that I found amusing.

"Something funny?", She caught me and asked. I didn't mean to laugh, and it certainly wasn't meant as a dig at her, but I just couldn't help it.

"No, I just think it was pretty cool that you jumped in with both feet." Sliding up to me on the next stool beside me, she ordered two more and put one in front of me.

Seeing that she was brave enough to give it a shot, I gave it the college try, and felt the warmth spreading through my extremities. By the time we had finished five of those potent cocktails, she had her hands on my body, with her fingernails digging into my skin.

"I'm taking you to my room, and I don't want to hear no for an answer." That was the kind of thing that doesn't happen to me, and I was damned if I was going to walk away from something so sweet.

Her ass was a marvel of human ingenuity, and as she walked through the threshold to her room, she tossed the keys onto the nightstand, while lifting the straps of the black dress and letting it fall on its own accord.

"Take off your clothes and reach into that bag by the bottom of the bed." I didn't know where this was going, but I followed her direction to the letter.

Getting naked with my cock protruding to the ceiling with all 9 inches of pure beef, I walked over to the bag and looked inside to see something that shocked me to my very core. Certainly I've heard of these things, but I had never had the opportunity to actually use them before.

"Fuck me and then I want you to take the smaller of those and stick it in my ass." Her words only fuelled my desire, and I walked over behind her, butt plug in hand, while she was bending over the bed, and I easily slipped into her sodden lips.

"Yeah, but I need more and you know what I want." Her pussy was scorching my skin, and I reached around with one hand to place the small butt plug in her mouth, making her suck it until it was covered with her own saliva.

My cock was slowly making its journey back and forth within her, and I used the spit-covered toy, pressing it against her rosebud, until it sucked it in with no fanfare.

"God, I can't believe you just took it like that." This wasn't her first rodeo, and she was pounding her fist onto the mattress, as I took a hold of her hips and banged her so hard that my balls were bouncing off the lips of her pussy.

"Yes, that's it, now I want you to take it out and replace it with the bigger black one." I looked over at it on top of the bed, and I just didn't see how it was possible that her little ass was going to be able to take all that.

Not one that wasn't up for the challenge, I pulled the other out, hearing her cry out, watching as her hole slowly began to retract. Not waiting for it to do so completely, I stabbed the other one in, pushing with the palm of my hand, watching the thing stretch her to the very limit.

My cock was taking everything it was seeing in stride, and I could feel my balls filling up to overflowing with my white-hot seed. Finally, it made an audible pop, and now the whole thing was inside her tight little ass.

"Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard, fuck me deeeeeeeeeep." Leaning over her, I pounded her pussy with everything I had, and still she was slamming back against me to go even harder.

Biting her ear lobe, I saw that she had her eyes closed and sounds of joy flowing out of her mouth like fine wine.

"You are one kinky little bitch." Her climax was momentous, squeezing the life out of my shaft, literally milking me of everything I had to offer.

I felt it all the way down to my toes, and just as she was slowly coming back to normal, she reached back and pulled out that black butt plug, making her gasp and fall forward with my cock coming out of her and spewing my load all over her black ass.

Falling down behind her, I kissed her neck and moved down until I was licking the small of her back, feeling her purr like a kitten, and then I stuck my tongue into her already violated and sensitive ass.

This made her whole body tremble, but she had no energy to put up any kind of resistance, letting me devour her back door. I had never done anything like that before, but I was really looking forward to the next conference in Jamaica.

I don't think I would have any problems finding her again, and seeing that I was willing to indulge in her little kink, I would imagine that she would be more than happy to oblige.

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