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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


James is sick and tired of his bitch of a boss treating him like crap in the office. Little did he know that Ms. Victoria was more than willing to make his time at work more enjoyable and even brings in a friend to make sure her favorite employee is satisfied.


James is sick and tired of his bitch of a boss treating him like crap in the office. Little did he know that Ms. Victoria was more than willing to make his time at work more enjoyable and even brings in a friend to make sure her favorite employee is satisfied.


Submitted: September 26, 2015

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Submitted: September 26, 2015



It was one of those boring Fridays where you wished the day would just fly by but the more you thought about it the longer it dragged on. The feeling in the whole office was similar and it seemed as if everyone was on a go slow. What made the day worse was the bitch of a boss who always kept a short leash on all the staff, and on this day with a pending project, I felt her breathing down my neck at each chance she got. “James, I need that report finished as soon as you can!” was the annoying monotonous sound she kept making.

Finally, lunch time!” I thought to myself and grabbed my jacket, heading for my office door. As I reached to turn the knob, the door opened and almost knocked me in the face. “The hell…” In entered this bitch off a boss with the same question, “How are you on that report?”

“Still writing it Ms Victoria” came my reply. “Be sure to finish it and leave it by my desk before the end of the day”, she replied in the same irritating tone.

My appetite went out the door without me as she shut it behind her and left.

“Is she serious? She told me it was due the following week, does she think I am a machine whose sole purpose in life is writing that damn report?!” I thought to myself as I just stood there facing that door and wishing I could just walk out and hand in a resignation; tell the bitch to go fuck herself.

Yes, that would be awesome, came this devilish smile, then afterwards I would go back to my suite and unwind with a glass of wine waiting for the month to end so that I could be kicked out for not paying the rent, my car repossessed and… I gave myself a mental slap back to reality, grabbed the door and was outside my office building at my favorite diner having lunch within moments.

I sat next to this really beautiful college girl who kept glancing at me with these big gorgeous eyes. She was one of those chicks from a favorite porn movie, perfectly firm double D breasts that showed over her top that was struggling to keep those babies in check, flawless skin, awesome light brown hair and wearing a tiny dress that accentuated her great legs over the knee high boots.

She got up while I was still staring and started walking towards me, “Shit! I bet she’s going to come and tell me to quit being a creep…”.

As she edged closer I propped myself up uncomfortably on my chair trying extremely hard to look at the burger and fries in front of me. She walked right past and went to the counter. I was relieved but a bit disappointed feeling like a moron for fussing over nothing.

“Hello…” came a voice from behind me and a slender hand touched my shoulder, turning to see who it was I locked eyes with the lady from a few seconds ago. Mesmerized by her blue eyes I didn’t even respond when she asked if she could join me and took a seat beside me.

“Hi, I couldn’t help noticing how uncomfortable you seemed, is there something wrong?”, She asked. I tried speaking through a mouth full of food but ended up spilling half of it on myself.

“Fuck!” I managed to blurt out while cleaning myself off with the napkin. She just sat there giggling and looking at my futile endeavor to look composed. ‘Am Jane, and am Tarzan’ I thought, “I’m James, sorry for that, what makes you say I was uncomfortable?” I asked as I felt my forehead starting to sweat.

“I don’t know, you just did”, I asked her if she would like me to order anything but she declined and said she was waiting for her glass of juice. We had a short chat about the weather and how it had changed because of global warming and I felt like killing myself, I have a beautiful lady sitting next to me and all I can talk about is the weather. Maybe I should have been a weatherman, probably have fewer working hours and if I made a wrong forecast that’s still apparently okay.

I don’t know how it happened but I found myself talking about by boss and how much of a bitch she was in great detail and she told me how she was back from college and had come to see her girlfriend. I knew she was a lesbian from the moment I laid eyes on her.

The waiter had already brought her drink and we continued chatting for the next half an hour as I kept adoring her perfect lips and kept finding my eyes in her cleavage wishing I had a shot at getting her bra to release the two hostages.

Then as fast as the conversation had started it ended with me wishing her a great Friday and heading back to my office where I sat at my computer for the next 3hrs pounding away at the project which I knew was not going to be complete but I did not care anyway.

A few minutes after office hours my boss stormed in and started bitching about how lazy I was and how she wished I was more motivated in between asking me if I thought she had nothing better to do than watch over my performance then she stormed off to her office and told me to have the work by Monday.

“Great, just fuckin’ great!” I muttered. I packed my documents and took my briefcase, walking out the office when she saw me through the glass walls of her office and motioned me to come in as I walked by.

“What now?” I thought. As I walked in, a lady was sitting in one of the seats facing her and as I sat I noticed it was the woman from the diner earlier. ‘I’m screwed’, I thought as I sat down silently.

“James, it seems you have issues working here, is there some way we can help you perform better in your office work?” I just sat there speechless as she sat up and walked towards the door. “I heard from a reliable source that you don’t like me much and think I give you a harder time than other employees?”.

I glanced at Jane and wanted to reach over and… “My boss continued, “as a leader, I like keeping all my employees motivated and productive James,” She drew the blinds and walked up behind me and asked “Is there some way I could help you perform?”

I just sat there with my mind going back to the days I used to be in the principal’s office having done something wrong.

Jane stood up and walked in front of me smiling and I thought, “how sadistic can you get, how could you tell my boss that I hated her?”... Then I felt two hands holding my shoulders and slowly sliding down to my chest as my boss asked again; “How can we help you?”

“We?!” I thought to myself as Jane slowly knelt in front of me and took a hold of my belt. By now the two hands from the lady who I assumed was Ms.Victoria behind me started unbuttoning my shirt. I couldn’t believe this, was I in some kind of dream? Had I slept while at my desk doing the report?!.

As my cock flew out of my pants, already hard as a rock, all 7 and a half inches of it, and into Jane’s mouth; I realized it was indeed happening for real. She wrapped those perfect lips around my pulsating pecker and went all the way down on it.

I realized my shirt was already on the floor as Ms.Victoria moved in to get to the rest of me. I just sat there, eyes wide open, trying to figure out what was happening. Ms Victoria moved and kneeled down next to Jane, taking in my balls as Jane was suckling around my member.

I felt her tongue slowly tickle my balls, gently touching and teasing it. Her hand then moved to encase the base of my cock as Jane continued moving up and down every inch. They then fought for my shaft, licking from my balls all the way to the tip rushing my blood south.

Ms Victoria stared at me and pushed her soft tongue into my mouth. Jane was still working on my cock, sucking the life out of it. I could feel her hand caressing and squeezing my balls, her tongue licking away every inch of my now fully erect shaft.

I couldn’t stand it anymore as lightning bolts rushed through my entire body from my toes and melted in her mouth, she sucked every last drop and took me deeper into her throat.

Ms Victoria pulled away from the kiss, took my hand and pulled it under her shirt. I quickly took my other hand and unbuttoned it as I slowly caressed her tits before using the same hand to unhook her bra. I was left staring at her gorgeous naked breasts which were those perky, B cup breasts with hot nipples.

I grabbed the right tit and started sucking for dear life as my other hand slowly caressed the other, gently pinching the nipple and exploring the whole thing as if it were an adventurer exploring a newly discovered mountain.

Jane had successfully returned my cork to its original rock hard state and was now pulling my pants and briefs over my toes. Ms Victoria pulled away once more and walked over to Jane, then both looked at me and smiled as they started caressing each other while she pulled Jane’s spaghetti strapped top over her head.

Ms Victoria signalled me to come over and I was there in a flash, going behind Jane, unhooking her bra and then pulling her skirt down her legs, exposing her black thong clinging to her perfect round ass which you could bounce a quarter off of.

I slowly started pulling the already soaking wet thong down her butt crack to her knees as she raised one leg from which I removed both the skirt and thong. As she turned to face me, I raised up to meet her lips and gave her a long passionate kiss tasting her strawberry lipstick which drove me wild with excitement.

I wanted to immediately stick my cock inside her but got lost in the kiss and didn’t notice my boss had gone over to her desk and was coming back with a dark sort of plastic tool.

I slid my hand down Jane’s back and started caressing her perfect round mound and feeling the warmth from her cunt just a few centimetres from my hand where I slowly worked my way toward. God she was soaking.

I slid my index finger into her pussy and felt it being sucked in as 2 of my other fingers joined it and started moving in and out of her as she moaned into my mouth. I then felt Ms Victoria’s hand on mine, controlling the pace of the thrust and then the plastic tool which I came to know was a butt plug, was brushing against my hand and into Jane’s ass hole.

With a slight pop and a louder moan from Jane, I knew the whole thing was in and I couldn’t wait any longer as I lifted Jane and thrust everyinch of me into her soaking wet pussy and pounded away like I was possessed. Her moans got even louder and she threw her head back as her eyes rolled to the back in pleasure.

Ms Victoria moved up behind me and started caressing my chest and balls slowly and sensually while Jane rode me like a horse as I held her thighs, suspending her in the air.

After a few minutes I let go of her legs and removed my cock soaked in her juices and dripping down my balls then turned to Ms Victoria who leaned over the Chaise that was in the office, and pointed her plump ass at me saying “Go ahead big boy” and I then I realized that she was still wearing her pants and shoes.

Until that moment I had never actually realized how perfectly round her ass was, the curves showing from her tight pants, the slight hint of her pussy forming at the crotch and the way they all stayed sexy yet decently packaged in those pants. As I slid the pants down to expose a pink Victoria secret underwear,

I used my left hand to slide the underwear to one side and started licking her juicy pink pussy which was now soaked from all the action. She started moaning and wiggling her butt as Jane went and gave her a long french while I devoured her cunt.

I rose up looking down at my dick which was pulsating blood rushing through it and at this point was larger than I had ever seen it before. I ripped Ms Victoria’s underwear off completely and rammed my throbbing shaft into her pussy which was tight as hell. I felt a little resistance while going in, then a warm embrace around my member.

”God you are tight!”. I finally spoke my first words since this whole thing started. I started driving my cock in and out, slowly in and out, and then I picked up the tempo going deeper and faster.

Jane got up and laid down on the other end of the couch and spread her legs as Ms Victoria gladly moved on top of her pussy and started licking as we both shifted to a kneeling position while I continued the assault on her pussy.

She was so wet that the sex sounds started filling the room and I pulled my soaked dick out, spreading her butt cheeks with my hands and thrust my whole dick in her sweet asshole, as she let out a loud scream, shouting “Fuck me James! Tear me apart!” I pounded away like there was no tomorrow and leaned forward grabbing and massaging those perfect tits of hers.

After a few minutes she pulled the butt plug from Jane’s ass and told me to put it in my butt. I was hesitant as I saw the size of it and Jane giggled as she took it and got up walking behind me. I started protesting but Ms.Victoria told me to stop acting like a bitch and to shut up and fuck her.

Jane took some juice from her pussy and lubricated the butt plug then slowly started inserting it into my butt, at this point I stopped pumping and stayed perfectly still as she told me to relax. I wondered how I could relax when that monstrous contraption was being inserted into my ass, it must have been at lease 2 inches wide.

Ms Victoria sat up and gave me a deep kiss and I tasted Jane on her lips… “POP” and I realized it was all in. Ms Victoria got on the floor, spread her legs and pulled me into her and I fell into her pussy and started pumping while Jane went up and sat in front of her again to feast on. I leaned onto my arms and could feel the plug touching places I had never known existed or could feel that awesome. I pumped for a few minutes but the sensations were overwhelming and I felt a thousand volts of electricity running through my entire body as I collapsed on top of Ms Victoria and drained my balls in her ass until I was spilling out of her throbbing hole.

“That was mind blowing!” I said as I lay there beside the two, who had got into a 69 position. As I watched, my cock started getting hard again and Jane and Ms Victoria started giggling. We actually fucked for hours before going home, where I eventually slept - Still not quite sure if I had dreamt the whole thing or not. Nowadays though, Ms Victoria is known as ‘Vicki’ and Jane knows me as her Tarzan. And I did finish the report and all the others like it, but now I don’t mind the over time at all.

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