Natural Red Head

Natural Red Head Natural Red Head

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


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Submitted: October 14, 2015

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Submitted: October 14, 2015



My wife and I had been married close to 15 years. I am a long haul truck driver for a national freight company, an interdependent driver/owner/operator. My wife and I drove this truck as a team until the kids started coming. We continued that way until Lynndra, our oldest, needed to start school.

Then I was a lone driver. The hours were long then because I didn't have her with me to stop somewhere just to fuck our brains out. I got used to it. It was several years ago when I suspected her of cheating on me.

I know my long trips across the country would mean I'd be up to two weeks away from home at a time and it does get lonely on the interstate. Hey! I never cheated on Liz, well knowing there is no way to get caught. Wink, Wink.

Liz is a natural red head. A real red head and all natural if you know what I mean. The attraction to her came when I seen her in the buff by accident. Her great nipples were what took my heart. Liz's titties are 36 C's, more than a good load to grab onto. Bouncing and glorious, making me want to bury my head in there every time I seen them.

I had just bought my first truck and stopped in at a truck-stop in Benton, Illinois to fuel up and grab a shower. I walked into the drivers area, got a towel and went to the showers. Well, Elizabeth was in the wrong shower room. "Lady" I said, "It's clearly marked 'Men", I told her as she tried to cover up the best she could without a robe or towel. Those pretty dark pink nipples were the hottest I had seen and just got me right there.

I told her to go ahead and finish her shower, then we could fuck. She tried to slap my face, but I tweaked one of her headlights as I ducked and she missed. It didn't take long for her nipples to get as excited as I was. We showered and, yes we had sex right there in that mens room.

Anyway, she started going with me in my truck. We got married in Vegas two weeks later. We were a team back then. I would drive 8 hours, then Liz would drive.

We put a lot of miles on that ol' truck. We crisscrossed the US for about four years until she got pregnant with Lynndra. She wanted to buy a house and stay home with our daughter so we bought a house in Carson City, Nevada and Liz was a homebody from then on.

I was making good money to give her all she ever wanted. A nice house, clothes, cars and money. Little did I know that it would cost me a great deal more than I expected.

As time when by, I noticed Liz was not the same passionate woman I married. I guess the long trips and me being gone so much took a toll. After a few months I started to suspect her of cheating on me, especially after I got home one day earlier than I told her I would be and found that the house smelled of Old Spice, not a scent I had ever liked. Liz was standoffish when I tried to hug and kiss her; "Liz, what's wrong?", I'd ask.

"Oh nothing" she said. "I'm just too busy right now." She turned to leave the room, I normally pat her butt as she walks away but when she side-stepped so I would miss it this time, I knew there was something wrong.

There were other signs that indicated I was not the only man in her bed. Liz had a different perfume. Her hair was styled differently and she never, ever went without a bra. I knew I had to find out what was up.

I called a friend of mine that is a home security contractor. "Neal, I think I need your services to install some camera equipment." I said into the phone.

"No problem Chuck, I just need to know how many placements you need and where you want them put. I can take of the rest."

The next day I managed to take Liz to dinner. While we were eating, Neal was installing the system. We were ready to leave the restaurant and Liz said she had to pee. I thought 'perfect', time to call Neal. "Hey Neal, did you get everything put in?"

"Yeah" he said, "I even put the monitor in your truck. It runs on GPS, it doesn't matter where you are, you can keep track of your home. You can pay me later, Chuck."

I was home for 10 days and my dispatcher called and said he had a load to New York City and that I could have it if I wanted it. You have 85,000 pounds of lettuce. This load needs to be there by Friday. I took it. That will give me a chance to see what the hell is going on at home.

Sunday morning I went to the terminal to get loaded, fuel up and top off the fuel tanks. I left Sunday afternoon. It was going to be a nice haul from Nevada to New York. The weather was pretty good. I took the US 50 to I 70, right to New York. I drove to Salt Lake City and pulled into a truck stop to catch up on my logbook and sleep a while.

I was lying down in the sleeper and I remembered the camera set up. I followed Neal's instructions. Neal had them placed right where I wanted them. The main camera was in hidden in a picture frame, one of me in my military days in Long Tan, South Viet Nam.

The video picture came in so clear, even in color and sound. Wow. The camera feed was coming like I was in the same room. Neal had put four cam's in my house to allow me to see every angle. The main control was in my work shop. Liz never goes in there.

Nothing had been detected since the install. I reminded myself to check again in the morning and soon dozed off to sleep.

My wife's screaming awakened me. I know that sound. I left it on. There, in my bedroom was Liz in all her naked glory, sitting on some guys face letting him give her a moustache ride.

"That dirty BITCH!, It was true, she is fucking someone else!" I couln't help but cuss out loud, watching as Liz was grinding her pussy down into this guys mouth as he rubbed her tits and pinched her perfect nipples. MY nipples.

She was screaming that she was about to cum and he sat up to meet her as her climax hit. Liz had her tongue down his throat as her orgasm slowed down and she then got up and turned around, wiggling her ass toward this guy.

"Here, take my ass, my ass will swallow you whole," she said whorishly. I was looking at the control panel and the screen at the same time. I noticed a knob Neal didn't tell me about. I turned it a little. Wow I could move the camera up and down and from side to side. I scanned the room and back to my wife. Liz would never let me ride her asshole.

She said it was repulsive and revolting. Again, "that bitch" I said. I couldn't make out who the man was. I had only seen his profile and the back of his head so far so still couldn't make out if I knew the prick. He had Liz bent over at the hips and was about to ram his average size dick up her poop chute.

Damn-it. This was pissing me off. I watched as she climaxed several times during that session. The sound was working, and every now and then I'd tinker with the volume to see if I recognized his voice. I also found the zoom toggle, and soon I zoomed in on his face. Who was this guy?

Jake? He was an 18 year old. He was the pizza delivery boy. She was cheating me with a fuckin' toy boy! He started to doggie fuck Liz, she didn't let me put it in her ass.

Much to my surprise, she allowed him to continue to attempt penetration of her asshole, and after a few thrusts, he succeeded, and slowly worked his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust.

My wife, meanwhile, was grinding back against him. Her butt fucker was speeding up his thrusts, and from the look on his face, he was about to get his nuts off. My wife was also beginning to climax, yet again. This time from having her ass fucked.

My cock was raging hard and I didn't know why. She was cheating on me with this jerk. She began to scream in ecstasy as I watched her fucking this guy. I watched as her orgasm hit, and I saw the man with his cock in her ass thrusting hard and deep and he was cumming in her at the same time.

I was exhausted just from watching this going on. They had been at it for almost two hours and I wasn't sure how much longer it might last.

I watched them a while longer. The tape ran to the end. I couldn't wait to get back home and drove straight through to New York to get the run over with. I got a couple hours sleep while they unloaded my trailer. I was back on the highway in six hours and came back empty, so I didn't take very long to drive the distance home.

I called her when I was four hours away from home and told her I would be home around ten that night. That would give her time to fuck again before I got there. I wanted to catch her in the act. I parked my truck in the hotel parking lot that is down the street from our house and reached under the passenger seat for my .38 and walked home.

Sure enough, there was a strange car in my driveway. I had 'em!. I went in very quiet, searching for her sounds fucking Jake. I walked in and heard slurping sounds coming from the laundry room. I peaked through the cracked door and there they were. She was on her knees, he had his cock down her throat.

I opened the door slowly and pulled the hammer back to the first click. Jake heard it. His average sized cock went from a ridged dick with bloody veins popping out all over the place to a wrinkled up, over cooked hot dog in seconds. Liz was wiping the saliva from her mouth and chin. I cocked the hammer back all the way, Click, Click, CLICK.

"Jake. You, you son of a bitch. Get Outta Here!" He was gone in seconds.

"Liz, you bitch; I have something you might be interested in. Come here!" I demanded.

I pulled her by the arm. "Where are you taking me?" she asked. I didn't say nothin'. I yanked her through the laundry room door to the hallway. "Let me put some clothes on!" she screamed.

"Nope, Come on!" I reached under my garage work bench and got the tape and went back in the house to the living room, opened the doors on the entertainment center, turned on the tv, slid the tape in and sat back. Liz was totally naked with the exception of her hot thigh highs and heels. I could smell the sex on her.

"Busted huh?" is all she could say. I lowered the gun barrel down between her legs and fired the empty chamber aimed right up her soggy hairless cunt.

"Why would you do this to me after all I have given you? Why Elizabeth, Why?! I have worked hard for all of this! You have had all the money you would ever hope for! The house, cars! Me and that damn ol' truck did this for you. Now you treat me this why? Why Liz, Why?!"

The video started, Liz knew she was caught beyond reason. She started crying, "I'm sorry honey, I'M SO SORRY! It's just I ah, ah. Can we talk about this?" I interrupted her, yanked her hips and bent her over at the waist as I lowered my zipper. My stiff dick wanted one more shot at that dirty pussy.

I jammed it in all the way and had my balls slapping her ass cheeks. I started thrusting my dick in hard and fast. Liz started moaning and telling me to give her more.

I kept up with this fast pace until I had my dick as wet with her pussy juice as it could be. I withdrew my cock and rammed it right up her asshole.

She screamed, "No, no. I don't like it up there! Please stop!" I had never had her ass before. I told her to look at herself on the video and watch her take it up the ass. I went even harder.

She was screaming, "Oh my God!, Oh my God take it out. Take it out!" This just pissed me off. I rammed it in hard to the bottom. I felt my balls contract. I knew if I kept it up it wouldn't be long before I would cum.

I took my cock out and turned her around and stuffed it in her mouth. "Here slut, suck on this!" I started to jack hammer her face. I could hear my balls slapping her chin and felt them beginning to erupt.

I started cumming down her throat. The last few bursts I wanted to cover her titties. Splat! Squirt!, all over them. She always hated that. She said it made her feel cheap when I would cum on her tits.

My dick was still alive. I turned her around again and bent her over the couch. With a hard shove I entered her brown eye again with a POP. "Here ya go Elizabeth, you seem to like that in your ass.

Here take this." I hit bottom, I started thrusting as fast and as hard as I could while gripping onto the carpet floor.

I was like a male dog after only one thing; to get my own rocks off. I felt my nuts tighten and started cumming in her bung.

"I want you to remember this one" I told her as the last droplet hit her bowels.

As she was regaining her breath, I looked down and in her purse I seen an appointment book. Thumbing through it and reading as I turned the pages. Liz has been doing this for three years! She was the neighborhood whore.

That really pissed me off. I reached in her purse and got her cash, checkbook, car keys and credit cards.

I threw her a shirt and pants. "There bitch, now get out of my house"


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