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My First_Cuckold My First_Cuckold

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Wanting to take their marriage to a new level, Grace and Matt bring in Larry for a night of fun and passion. And tonight, for the very first time in his life, Matt has to hand over the reins of his woman to another man. The acts that follow will get you tingling with excitement!


Wanting to take their marriage to a new level, Grace and Matt bring in Larry for a night of fun and passion. And tonight, for the very first time in his life, Matt has to hand over the reins of his woman to another man. The acts that follow will get you tingling with excitement!


Submitted: September 24, 2015

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Submitted: September 24, 2015



Very few people can understand the type of marriage my wife Grace and I have. My name is Matt; the two of us met in our senior year of college. Grace was hard to miss. She had a face and body that drew the attention of both men and women. Like me, most of the guys I hung with felt too intimidated by her looks to ask her out. Oddly enough we met in a food court on campus, became friends and spent many afternoons together over really bad food.

One afternoon we were enjoying our usual afternoon junk food when Grace said there was something she wanted to ask me. “Matt, how would you feel about taking me out on a real date? I’ve heard about a new club in the party district I’d like to check-out. Are you interested?” Needless to say my answer was yes. To be honest if we hadn’t been friends I don’t know how I would have reacted knowing I would be going out with one of the most beautiful women on campus, but since we hang-out together almost every day anyway,

I felt very much at ease with the idea. “Sure, I’d love to take you! What time do you want me to pick you up?” She said she’d be ready at about 8 pm. Grace grinned and told me she was really looking forward to our having an actual date. After grabbing her books and purse she gave me a kiss on the cheek, told me not to be late, and hurried off to her class. Since I had already finished for the day I stayed for a while longer trying to figure out how I had gotten to be so lucky.

Fortunately, I managed to put together an outfit I thought she would be pleased with. I wasn’t surprised that I was a little on edge about the date, considering it had been so long in between women. Since she lived fairly close to campus I had no problem being there on time. I nervously stood at her front door for a few minutes before I knocked; when she opened the door my jaw dropped. Grace looked stunning!

Her new dress was short enough to showcase her beautiful long legs, and the neckline plunged almost to her waist; it was held together with a delicate lace that showed-off her fantastic tits. Her beautiful long blond hair and brilliant blue eyes just added to make the perfect combination. When I finally managed to speak, I told her how absolutely gorgeous she was. She grinned and told me I didn’t look too bad myself. After giving me a light kiss on the lips she grabbed my hand and led me out the door.

The club was already packed when we walked in. I was shocked when we managed to find a small table not too far from the dance floor. Although I’m far from a great mover she seemed to be having a decent time. As I expected she drew a lot of attention from the men in the club and rightfully so. No, I didn’t feel jealous or threatened because of the attention she was getting. To be honest it kind of turned me on to know so many men wanted the beautiful woman I was with. I still couldn’t believe she had chosen me.

Things after that were a blur. We dated and became inseperable, and in time we were married and loving life together. We still went out and enjoyed eachothers company. One night a few months after being married, we were at her favorite club, enjoying drinks at our table while the DJ was on a break. As soon as the music started a guy walked-up to the table and asked Grace to dance; she didn’t hesitate. I watched her follow him to the edge of the dance floor which was already packed.

From where I was sitting I had no problem watching every move the two of them made. The number being played was slow. I expected to see the man’s arms around Grace; instead she stopped and stood just a few feet away from him. Although I’d seen my fair share of topless and nude dancers in the local Gentleman’s clubs, I had to admit Grace was putting on a much better show. Her eyes were closed as she moved her beautiful body to the very sexy music. The guy who had asked her to dance, and several others, were watching her every move.

One of the men walked over and stood directly behind her. She smiled as he pulled her back until their bodies touched. I watched as he put his arms around her from behind and cupped her tits. Another man walked over, kissed her on her lips and ran his hand up under her dress. After a few minutes he removed his hand began squeezing her nipple through her dress. I glanced up and looked at her face. Her eyes were wide-open. As soon as we made eye contact she gave me a beautiful soft smile.

As soon as the music ended she returned to the table and picked-up her purse. “Baby, let’s go. We need to talk.” I followed her outside to my car. She told me she was in the mood for breakfast so I drove her to a small 24-hr diner just outside town. We placed our order and then talked about some small stuff while we ate. As soon as the busboy picked-up our dirty dishes we ordered more coffee and sat back in our seats. I didn’t want to push her so I waited patiently to find-out what was on her mind. After about five minutes she took a deep breath and began.

Matt, how do you feel about what happened tonight? What did you think when I let those men touch my body?” I thought for just a moment before answering; I had to make sure I used the right words. “Grace before I answer your questions there is something I need to say. I love you, I have for some time! As for tonight, I should be furious with you but I’m not. Was I jealous? No I wasn’t. I watched you enjoy yourself; enjoy the attention of other men. Did it turn me on? I suppose it did a little. Would I enjoy seeing it again? That is up to you.”

Grace looked at me with a huge smile on her face. She didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes. When she finally spoke her words caught me completely by surprise. “Matt, I really love you too, but I had to be sure you were the kind of man I need to be with. That’s why I did what I did at the club. I’m looking for a particular kind of man, a man that will agree to give me complete control over what happens sexually in our marriage. I’m looking for a man who will be submissive to me sexually. Most importantly he must be willing to allow me to enjoy myself however I choose. Do you think you could be that man?”

It took a couple of minutes for everything to register. I thought for a second that she should have mentioned this earlier, but from what I’ve read men being in the submissive role works out quite well, and the relationships have as high of a success rate than those relationships that are considered to be conventional. Although I didn’t have any idea about the specifics I knew I loved Grace and I wanted to give her a marriage that made her happy in every way.

“Yes baby, I know I can be that man. I want to be that man for you.” Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She moved to my side of the booth and put her arms around my neck. We were right in the middle of the most passionate kiss we’d ever had when the waitress came to refill our coffee. Giggling she whispered she would slip us the keys to the store room if we couldn’t afford a motel.

A few months after, It was a Saturday afternoon and I had spent the morning cutting grass. Grace had been gone most of the morning taking care of her usual weekend errands. I had showered and was pouring myself a beer when she walked in the kitchen. After a quick hello kiss she said she had picked-up some extra beer and needed me to bring it in. I really didn’t give it any thought; I just did as she asked. When I came back to the kitchen she was sitting at the table sipping on a tall-boy. As soon as I looked at her I knew something was up.

“So, what does my gorgeous wife have on her mind?” Her voice was emotionless and very calm when she answered me. “Matt, we are going to have a guest tonight. While I was out this morning I ran into a guy I met during my freshman year at school. I invited him over for a few beers; he should be here shortly. While he is here you are to make sure he always has a cold beer in front of him. Do not speak unless spoken to and follow all of my instructions to the letter. Do you understand?”

I smiled at my wife and told her I understood perfectly. I watched her stand and grab her beer. “I need to shower and change. Be sure there is plenty of beer on ice and make sure everything is straightened-up for our guest.” After she left I made sure there was plenty of beer in the fridge. There wasn’t a whole lot to do to the house; she had taken care of the cleaning before she had left that morning. About a half-hour later the doorbell rang and I went to welcome our visitor. I opened the door and found myself looking at a very muscular man. He introduced himself as Larry, a friend of my wife from college. After explaining Grace was getting dressed I asked him to follow me and I’d fix him up with a cold beer.

Once I had him seated on the living room sofa, I grabbed enough beer for the three of us. I gave him his and sat down in my chair. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes later that Grace walked in the room. “Well, do I look okay?” My entire body went numb when I saw my beautiful wife; all she had on was a crop-top and a pair of bikini panties. There was no mistaking the look of total lust on Larry’s face as he stared at her tits and ass. As for Grace, it was obvious she felt perfectly comfortable with the situation.

“Well guys, since the two of you have already introduced yourselves to each other I guess we can get right to the fun. Matt, the first thing I want you to do is move the coffee table out of the way. When you’re finished get the camping mattress out of the garage and put it on the floor. I want to make sure we have plenty of room and something comfortable we can play on. After you’re done sit back down and be quiet until I need you again.”

I did exactly as she said. Although it took me a few minutes to blow-up the mattress she was very patient with me. After I returned to the chair I looked over and saw Larry had his arm around Grace cupping her breast. She had a stern look on her face when she spoke. “Remember, you are to remain perfectly quiet. You can play with your dick while you watch, but you are not allowed to cum unless I give you my permission. Do I make myself clear?”

I nodded and told her I understood. “Good! Now, stand-up and strip. I want to see how hard your cock gets when you see me fucking Larry.” I froze when I realized what she had said. Both of them were staring, waiting for me to do as I was told. My hands were shaking as I got rid of my shoes, socks and shirt. After taking a deep breath I stood and slid-off my slacks.

Looking over I knew by the expression on her face she had no intention of changing her mind. I removed my shorts and stood in front of them naked. I saw a look of amusement on her face when she looked at Larry. “Well lover, it looks like my husband is suffering from a limp dick. Let’s see what we can do to change that.” After she told me to sit, the two of them began kissing. I watched as they probed each other’s mouths with their tongues. I saw Larry’s hand disappear under her shirt; I could easily see his fingers were playing with her nipple.

When I heard a moan come from my wife’s mouth I knew she was enjoying what was happening; it became even more obvious when she slid her hand to his crotch and began rubbing his cock through the front of his pants. Grace pulled away and removed her top. Larry’s eyes lit-up when he saw her beautiful tits. As soon as he began licking and sucking her nipples she threw her head back and closed her eyes. When his hand began moving down her stomach, she spread her legs.

I watched as his hand slipped inside her panties and began playing with her pussy. It was just a matter of minutes before Grace reached down and slid off her panties; and Larry immediately began slowly finger-fucking her glistening cunt. When I saw his fingers moving in and out of her wet snatch I felt my cock begin to harden. My wife sat up and helped Larry take off his shirt. Once his shoes and socks were gone he stood-up so Grace could slide-off his pants. Licking her lips, she reached-up and gently squeezed his dick through his boxers.

I think that was when I realized I would soon be watching my beautiful wife suck and fuck another man; that’s when I decided to just relax and enjoy whatever happened. Grace looked over and saw that my cock was becoming stiff. I could see a look of satisfaction on her face as she spoke. "Matt, Larry’s dick isn’t quite hard enough to fuck me. Come over here and help me give him head.”, She ordered.

It almost seemed like my body was being controlled. I went over to Grace without any hesitation. After I knelt beside Larry she took hold of his shorts and slowly pulled them down. Although I had never even considered being with a man before, I couldn’t deny the excitement I felt at the sight of his thick cock hanging just inches away from my mouth.

She took his prick in her hand and began licking and sucking the head while looking directly into my eyes. After a couple of minutes she pulled away. “Go ahead baby; show me how much you like to suck cock!” I loved how his dick throbbed in my hand, how the veins on his shaft stuck-out. I moved my head and took about an inch of him into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much I loved the taste of him.

Even though this was my first time and I had never sucked a man, I knew I was doing something right when I felt his dick getting thicker and longer in my lips. I tried to relax enough to keep from gagging and choking when his cock touched the back of my throat; I wanted to take as much of him in my mouth as I could. Grace waited until she heard him moan before stopping me. I pulled away and looked into her eyes; I realized then that I needed her to give me her approval.

“Fuck baby, I didn’t know you liked to give blow jobs! With a little more practice you will be one fantastic little cocksucker. I’m sure all my lovers will enjoy fucking your sweet little mouth! Now be a good boy and go back to your chair. I need to get fucked!” I did as she said. After Grace got on her hands and knees Larry got behind her and slipped his cock inside her messy pussy. As he started slowly fucking her I began stroking my cock while watching on. I looked at Grace and saw a look I knew all too well; it was the look of intense pleasure.

As Larry increased his pace, she began panting, grinding her hips back against his dick. I knew from experience she was close to having an orgasm and I couldn’t wait to watch her explode on another man’s hard cock. I heard Larry tell her he couldn’t hold it any longer. He slammed into Grace and gasped as he unloaded inside her, filling her with his hot cream. She squealed and shuddered as her orgasm took control of her body.

The whole thing was hot and intense. I knew if I continued jerking-off I would cum too; but as much as I wanted to get off, I remembered what she had told me. I needed her permission first. Larry only stayed a few minutes after he dressed; Grace was still lying naked on the mattress; I could hear the satisfaction in her voice when she spoke.  “Now, it’s your turn to fuck me baby. But first you do you need to suck Larry’s cum out of my dirty pussy.”

I quickly learned that I enjoyed the taste of a man’s cum as much as I enjoyed the taste of his cock. I took my time, making sure I cleaned as much of him from her cunt as I could, licking every inch of her, from ass hole to clit. When I was finally finished she told me it was time for me to fuck her, and that I now had her permission to cum. I was looking forward to it this time more than ever and already couldnt wait for what my naughty wife had in store for me next time.

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