Lesbian In The Basement

Lesbian In The Basement Lesbian In The Basement

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kate was bored with her boyfriend Danny, but didn't know how to fix things. She decided to get some ideas from her best friend Sammy and organized a girls night in to chat and drink wine. Little did she know that this girls night would change her life forever and fix all her problems for good!


Kate was bored with her boyfriend Danny, but didn't know how to fix things. She decided to get some ideas from her best friend Sammy and organized a girls night in to chat and drink wine. Little did she know that this girls night would change her life forever and fix all her problems for good!


Submitted: September 29, 2015

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Submitted: September 29, 2015



My friend Sammy and I were your average girls, young, tanned skin ladies with long flowing hair. I had been close to Sammy all through middle school, and through College not much had changed. Of course I had only ever thought of her as a friend.. until that amazing night.

I had moved into my family's basement and had made it my own, I was sick of seeing my parents every day and of never having any privacy with my boyfriend. I sat back and was quite comfortable in my own little apartment, so I called it, until I heard my boyfriend Danny, coming quickly down the stairs.

I greeted him with a smile and gave him a graceful peck on the cheek, as he sat on the couch next to me and we hugged for a few minutes saying our hello's. Before long, I noticed the massive bulge in his pants and knew he was already loving my touch.

I would normally be on my knees already, offering my hungry mouth to suck him off with one of my delightful blow jobs, but all I could think about this time though, was that I didn't really love Danny, and that it was more of a lustful fling that made me feel good and helped out Danny's raging hormones rather than a true love kind of thing.

Without even consulting him, I decided I was having a girl's night in, inviting over a few friends from work to relax with some girl talk, wine and romantic comedies. I thought maybe they could help put my mind to rest and help me with my current relationship issue.

Before the night had begun, two of the girls had called and said they could no longer make it, having been struck down with the flu that had been going around at work. Sammy still cheerfully turned up though, greeting me with a warm hug and a smile as she entered the door.

I settled us down with some snacks and wine in front of the TV and slipped in one of the movies. We chatted and joked, and soon started doing our nails. Sammy was showing off her new stone anklet, as I sat admiring it, feeling the cool stones over my finger tips.

That's when I realized that I was focused, but it wasn't on the anklet, and I felt confused. As I stared at her ankle, I felt myself tingling at the touch of her soft skin, noticing her warmth as her foot rested on my lap.

Sammy pulled her leg back and started her conversation about her boyfriend; I was hearing the usual complaints from her. Normally I would be deep in conversation and adding my opinion, but this time after focusing on her smooth skin for so long, I was starting to notice other features as well.

The way her pink lips got wet when she spoke, the way her hair swooshed as she moved and how her perky breasts bobbed up and down with her breath. At that moment I couldn't take my eyes off her, completely in awe and realizing my crush was right under my nose.

At first I tried to stop myself thinking of running my tongue down her smooth skin, my upbringing had told me that it wasn't right to lust after someone of the same sex, but this was something I had no control over.

She smiled at me, flashing her perfect white teeth and licked her lips softly before she spoke again. It was driving me crazy. As we got deeper into conversation, I decided that I'd had enough.

Perhaps if I ran my hand up her leg, pretending to be lost in the conversation, she might get an idea of what I was thinking without freaking out and took a deep breath as I tried to muster up the courage.

I watched her lips stop moving as she stared at my hand sliding up her shin, but she didn't try to stop me. I went to pull it away before causing any awkwardness, but Sammy grabbed my wrist and yanked me closer towards her.

Our lips came together and the way she kissed me was like she wanted to swallow me, taste me and devour me whole. She was making it quite clear with her tongue that she was ready for more, and I was more than happy to grant her request to explore between my trembling thighs.

I pushed her down on the sofa bed and peeling off her top and caressing her beautiful breasts. I felt myself getting wet with the touch of her milky skin and wanted nothing more than to find out what a girl tasted like.

I didn't even take notice which panties Sammy was wearing as I was too caught up in tearing them off her. As I slipped out of my tight jeans, Sammy was dragging her tongue along my already exposed nipples and sucking them with a playful moan. She slipped a finger inside me and the feeling was better than Danny could ever have offered.

Juice started running down my legs and as Sammy lay on the pulled out bed, I kneeled down in front of her and shoved my pussy in her face. Her tongue wandered around my soaking folds, soon finding my clit and sucking and circling it with her warm tongue. I grinded myself back into her as she lapped up my wetness, purring like a kitten as she went.

Sammy grabbed a hard handful of my ass and gently slapped it a few times until I felt a slight sting as I whispered dirty words, encouraging her tongue to reach in deeper.

I was waiting for the right moment, I wanted to squirt everywhere in her face. I knew this was the one true way for Sammy to taste all of me.

I moved my legs open a little more and felt another of her fingers slide inside me, she was getting my juices worked up into a real mess and cheering me on, drawing me closer and closer to spilling my sweet nectar for her.

I beg Sammy to fuck me harder, I wanted her to finger fuck the shit out of me. Sammy was wild and I was so fucking wet with want for my first orgasm from a female. As Sammy again went in to lick my mound, I felt myself tensing up with pleasure.

She tongued my clit with her warm and capable organ and brought me to the edge. I felt my eyes glaze over and my back arch as she sucked up every drop of me as I came in her mouth with the force of ten men.

I screamed and held my breath as I endured the greatest orgasm of my life; soaking up the sight of Sammy buried deep between my thighs, looking up at me with a pleased look on her face as she lapped up my last drops.

I ran my fingers over her moist slit in return and felt her buck against me showing her lust. I wanted her to feel the uncontrollable urge that I was feeling so she would know just how hard she had made me erupt, and I wanted nothing more than to taste her like she had me.

Opening up her pussy lips and spreading her apart with my fingers, I watch her pump her sweet juice out for me. As I leaned in closer, the sweet scent of her filled my nostrils and she spread her legs even wider for me to enter.

Sammy pushed her clit against my face and let my tongue excite her whole body, her body quivering at my soft touch. I moved with the rhythm of her hips slurping her pussy and digging my tongue in deeper, helping her to reach her intense climax, lapping up her goodness and suckling on her clit.

Her moans came fast and low and the sensual expressions on her face got my pussy pounding for a fucking. Sammy watched me work her pussy, and loved seeing me making a mess of her cunt; she watched my tongue flick across her bean, and disappear within her melting hole.

My soft lips swept down her slit as she played with her tits and moaned like a school girl getting her first fuck. You could tell Sammy was loving it just as much as I was and she cried out, telling me how close she was to covering my face in her cum.

Not wanting to miss my chance, I slowly slid my finger into the first pussy that wasn't my own and felt Sammy's muscles tightening around me as I pushed in deeper and deeper down her hole.

I swivelled the digit ever so lightly, sending her into a slow groan as she pinched her nipples harder.

Pushing her thighs as far apart as they could go, I started sucking her throbbing clit, licking and teasing it with lust as my finger continued in and out of her hot snatch.

I could feel her starting to tense up, arching her back and thrusting herself into my face and as she came I swallowed up her juices as they sprayed out onto my fingers and face.

It was a moment I wanted to savor for eternity.

Sammy and I lay there together for a while afterwards, catching our breath and trying to figure out how to explain to poor Danny that his sweetheart was now interested in a kind of fun that he couldn't give her.

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