Dirty Confession...

Dirty Confession... Dirty Confession...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Needing a lift to the market, this naughty nun gets more than she bargained for. Read now to find out how she truly has a need to please and enjoy this saucy tale of debauchery and unspoken sin between one lucky Catholic and this straying mistress. Get their confessions now!


Needing a lift to the market, this naughty nun gets more than she bargained for. Read now to find out how she truly has a need to please and enjoy this saucy tale of debauchery and unspoken sin between one lucky Catholic and this straying mistress. Get their confessions now!


Submitted: September 24, 2015

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Submitted: September 24, 2015



Being born into a family of staunch Catholics, I was raised into Christianity and observed all the practices including confession which I went to every Saturday afternoon. On this particular weekend, while walking into the Church compound, a Nun walked out and came towards me, greeting me and asking if I was going to be around for long. Explaining to her that I was only here for my usual 10 minute confession, I agreed to drive her down to the local market to help her with the weekly shopping for the Church.

As I was walking out of the confession booth, I found her waiting for me on the church pew’s and got up following me to my car. We had a short chat about the usual boring stuff, you know, weather and how the Church had changed in recent years as well as exchanging names. She told me she was called Irene, followed by a short life history. She had this cute, innocent baby face which was the only thing I could see as it was surrounded by her habit. Her attire left a lot to the imagination to say the least and I had to keep whipping my mind back to the conversation.

Anyway, I pulled out of the parking lot and we headed off. As we drove on, things started to get a bit weird when she started telling me about how she saw me coming in every week on Saturdays for confession. “I still remember when I first saw you a month ago and how hot you looked…” ‘Wait a minute…’, I thought to myself turning to her with a surprised look on my face, ‘Did she say hot?’

“You had on a tight fitting shirt that showed your perfect chest, with straight jeans that I wished I could have torn off you right then and there.” She continued to speak as she placed her hand on my crotch and grabbed my cock through my pants, making me swerve almost going off the road. “What the fuck!”, I shouted out as she giggled in a childish tone.

“What’s the matter big boy? Don’t act like a woman has never touched your nice, juicy cock before.” Still wide eyed and in shock I thought I was in a dream as I tried to process the words coming from her mouth. “Are you for real?!”, I foolishly and clumsily blurted. She just smiled, caressing my hardening dick through my constricting pants. Before I could say anything else she started unzipping me to expose my semi-erect cock as she purred in a sweet voice; “don’t act so surprised, we Nun’s have feelings too.

Being confined to the convent does nothing but torture my aching little pussy.” She leaned over on my crotch and gently kissed the head of my cock and I couldn’t help but uncontrollably swerve the car again. I obviously couldn’t keep driving in this condition as the heat was already growing and I could tell she wanted more than just a suck. I decided to stop over a few meters ahead at a gas station that had parking area in the back.

Believe me when I say it was no easy mission parking with her sweet mouth still wrapped around my cock, as she slowly worked it down the full length until her lips were touching my balls and I could feel the tip touching the back of her throat. I almost blew my load right then and there but was too busy trying to drive straight. “Fuck Irene, could you slow down?!, I’m trying to drive!”

She just giggled and continued blowing me. Damn, this Nun knew how to suck dick. As I pulled up to the station she unbuckled my belt and started playing with my balls, driving me wild with want for her cunt around my shaft. I finally managed to park between a black SUV and a brown station wagon that luckily didn’t have anybody inside. She propped herself up, leaned over and gave me a hot kiss right on the lips which sent chills down my spine.

Her lips were like butter melting on mine, she slowly parted them with her tongue and started teasing me, gently licking my lips as I began exploring her mouth, engaging her in a game of touch and retreat. I placed my hands on her breasts and could feel her perky nipples protruding hard and eager to be sucked. I gently fondled the two double D twins and the more I did, the harder her sweet little buds became.

She took off the habit, tossing it aside and then took my hand and pushed it down, using it to raise the long tunic that she wore. As I reached her pussy, I realized she was wearing one of those crotchless thongs and my thumb brushed passed her soaking wet pussy lips, making her shudder and moan into my mouth. Working her soaking folds for a while, I then thrust my index and middle finger into her, barely making it through as she let out a moan like a school girl being popped for the first time.

She pulled her tunic up and over her head, revealing her beautiful naked breasts and body. She was certainly a gift from God and I couldn’t believe my luck, staring at her as she shook her long locks out from behind her shoulders and squirmed as I fingered her wanting cunt. She then leaned back, giving me a full view of her perfect naked body, making my dick start to twitch. “Do you want this tight little pussy you fucking monster?”, she asked as I nodded, unable to utter a single word. Irene smiled and raising herself off the passenger seat, got over the stick shift and onto my thighs, all the while staring into my eyes and smiling.

Had I somehow died and gone to Heaven after confessing my weekly sins?, I wondered as she started unbuttoning my shirt and peeling it off me. She started kissing me again and then started to prop herself up, thrusting her pussy so far into my face that I could smell her as she moved over my head and made her way to the back seat where I followed in an instant. I got on my knees and spread her legs, sucking that leaking cunt of hers, while she had already started dripping on to the back seat. I attacked her sweet pussy, sucking every drop out of it before slowly inserting my index finger into her again, then my middle finger, and then trying for a third.

She let out a scream and winced in pain, the extra finger being too much for her tight little hole. I went back and maintained the two fingers, working up a rhythm until she was moaning, lost in the sensations of my sucking and fingering. When I knew she was ready, I rose to my knees and positioned my 9 inch dick, which was hard as a rock, between her pussy lips. Her eyes widened as she saw my monster meat and obviously wondered how my huge cock would fit inside her.

“Please be gentle”, she whispered in fear. As I slowly inserted the head of my penis into her, she let out a yelp and retreated up the seat. I grinned, knowing this was going to be the most awesome fuck ever. I grabbed her by the waist and dragged her down over the tip of my cock, then slowly drove it deep inside. When it was half way in her though, she yelled out for me to stop, but I was lost in the moment and continued on pumping as she started slapping me on my arms trying her best not to scream.

“You begged for this dick, bitch, now take it!”, I commanded her. When my balls hit her ass, her eyes almost popped out of her head and she gasped in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I then started pumping faster, but the bitch kept crying out in pain and moaning as if it were her first fuck. The tightness of her pussy and her sweet boobs made me go deeper and deeper, and I couldn’t help myself with each thrust as her moans got louder. I swear, if anybody had walked by my car they’d have thought somebody was being murdered because the bitch was literally screaming her head off.

Realizing someone might come and find us, I stopped sucking her tits and moved to her lips giving her French to shut her up. As she moaned through my teeth I couldn’t take it anymore and shock waves washed over me as my balls tightened, exploding loads of my hot seed into her twat. I continued pumping for a while and pulled out as cum dripped out of her and I commanded her to turn around onto her hands and knees.

She immediately obeyed like the servant she was and I began pumping her from behind as she started producing gasping sounds each time I hit the G spot deep within her vagina. I pumped with all my being as she started yelling out. “Oh God! Yes! Jesus Christ! Yes!” After a few more pumps, I took my now dripping wet dick out and placed it on her ass hole, realizing my intentions she started pleading “no no no! Please don’t!”, but with one hard thrust I was in and she screamed out “Fuck James you fucking animal”.

“Shut up bitch”, I told her as I leaned forward and started playing with her tits from behind, while slowly working up a rhythm in her sweet ass. Being in her ass hole felt like running my dick through a tight ring as it grabbed hold of my cock, milking me to the point of no return as I unloaded a bucket load of cum inside her again, leaving her screaming for more. It had been a while since I went this many consecutive rounds, but this one was one for the history book’s and I would have been a fool not to make the most of my time with my dirty little Nun.

I told her to get up as I dropped onto the seat and she got on top. She started riding me like a horse with her boobs jiggling on top of me, her rosary beads peeping out from in between them. With her breath quickening I felt her pussy tightening around my dick even more and I couldn’t believe how it felt; I thought this cunt was going to cut off the circulation to my cock completely. She started grunting and pumping harder, grinding down on me and I knew her orgasm was close. I started raising my hips to meet her pussy as she came down and with every thrust I could feel myself going deeper and deeper into her until she started cumming all over my length, screaming my name as my own seed started shooting into her for the third time.

She dropped onto my chest and kept panting as her pussy started loosening around my softening dick. Irene then raised herself off me and turned around, placing her pussy on my face as she started cleaning my dick off with her mouth. I licker her own, tasting my own juices mixed with her’s and took in the sweet scent of her cunt one last time. Suddenly we heard laughing children just outside the car and immediately dropped towards the floor, hoping they’d soon leave us to change back into our more respectable attire.

Upon hearing the door shut and the car driving off we grabbed our clothes, quickly got dressed and took our places stealthfully back in the front seat.We continued on our journey to the mall where she did a quick shop and I drove her back to the Church. With a kiss, she left the car; “Until next time, you fucking stud”, she purred. Watching her walk away, dressed back in her habit and tunic, I coulnd’t help but grin, knowing that my confession would be a lot more interesting next Saturday and said a prayer of my own, thanking God for the amazing and hot gift he had just bestowed upon me.

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