Creaming Pies

Creaming Pies Creaming Pies

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Darren wanted to treat his hard working wife to something a little bit different for a change, and with the help of some hot candle wax and some well thought out foods, she was sure to enjoy the tasty treats ahead. Read more...


Darren wanted to treat his hard working wife to something a little bit different for a change, and with the help of some hot candle wax and some well thought out foods, she was sure to enjoy the tasty treats ahead. Read more...


Submitted: September 26, 2015

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Submitted: September 26, 2015



After I had arrived home from a night out with the girls, I was extremely horny and started to beg my husband for some hot, drunken action. This was unusual for me, so my husband Darren jumped on the opportunity and did not hesitate or keep me waiting just in case I changed my mind.

As we made it to the bedroom, his hands were already down my pants, feeling the soft silk of my underwear. As he ran his fingers through my red hair and across the back of my neck I was dying to escape the confines of my clothes.

I started to feel tingle’s as his fingers unclipped my bra and let it fall to the floor. My nipples became hard with the cool night air breezing across them. Darren stripped me completely and had me naked and standing before him. He let one finger caress my clit and teased my soaking hole.

He started to kiss my neck and let his teeth gnaw on my neck, making me moan with want. I could feel myself dripping down between my warm thighs as he teased and probed my tight little snatch and he knew he was making me crazy with desire.

Darren reached for a candle from the night stand and let the warm wax drip over my chest and down my breasts. It felt slightly hot against my bare skin, but left a tingle over my nipples leaving me aching for more.

His fingers again began searching for my clit, running down my naked stomach, inch by inch. His fingers gently gliding over my quivering, wet lips as small moans escaped my mouth without control.

Darren started to vigorously rub my throbbing clit and I struggled to breathe as he pushes his erection against the outside of my pussy hole, and starts to rub against me, knowing that his teasing was killiing me.

Darren gently inserted his knob into my slit, forcing his eight inches into my gash and parted my tightness with his manhood. Back and forth he pumped his stiff rod into me, making me gasp as he worked his way in deeper and deeper.

With the hot wax hardening over my tits and him ramming his length inside me, my eager pussy dripped for more and ate him up completely.

Darren leans forward against my body plunging his meat as deep as he can go into me and orders me to say his name as he fucks the living shit out of me.

As I start to scream, he fucks me harder and his balls start slapping against my open pussy. His huge cock covered in my dripping wet cream cause my muscles to tighten and clutch his shaft even harder as I swell inside and my body starts to tremble.

Darren pulls out slightly, then pushes back in again with force, before he begins pounding me roughly this time around, spanking my ass red and pinching hard at my wanting nipples. He threw me onto the bed, his cock slipping out with a slap as it his back against his stomach.

He yanked my legs up above his shoulders and ploughed back into me with the force of 10 mighty bronco’s. He continued to pound me like an animal, me gasping his name and rubbing my clit like the dirty little girl he wanted me to be. I hadn’t seen this side of him before, but I already knew I was a fan.

Being thrown around like a rag doll and treated like nothing more than a fuck toy, pleasing his every need and letting him thrust out his frustrations in my warm and inviting hole.

Darren had not emptied his load inside me yet. He wanted to enjoy a little something else first, ensuring I was having just as good of a time as he obviously was; Darren brought his face close to my open, wet pussy, smelling my lingering scent and I could feel his lips drawing closer with his mouth ready to induce extreme pleasure on my mound.

He teased me every step of the way as he ran his tongue up and down my thighs, running his fingers up and down the entrance of my sensitve, dripping slit. Little Goosebumps were forming over my skin and his touch was sending me wild.

He gently started to flick his tongue against my warm and throbbing clit, making me moan with want and begging for him to eat my mess. He left me squirming a little longer, before taking my pussy completely in his mouth and delving his tongue into my soaking hole.

He swirled his tongue like a fiend and circled my clit as he fingered my box, making me arch my back and drive his face deeper and harder onto my pink folds. I was dripping like a school girl and he told me that I tasted like one too.

He ran his tongue over my dessert some more and came up for air, pinching my nipples some more as I fondled his rock hard cock and balls.

I moved lying flat on the bed, begging Darren to jump on top of me and fuck me again. Darren knew how to fuck a pussy hard, especially when I screamed his name out loud just as he liked me to. I could feel myself cumming as he was deeply penetrating me with the scent of the seductive candle wax still in the air, pushing inside me deeper and deeper fucking me harder than he ever had.

I couldn’t believe how fast he was pumping me, his balls were slapping against my creamy cunt as I tried to push him closer helping him to penetrate me more further. I wanted my pussy to be left feeling completely satisfied, numb and red raw.

Darren was so big, rough and felt totally amazing. He let out a huge groan, grabbed a lock of my hair and gently pulled my head backwards. Energy spread throughout my body, through my nipples, down my stomach and across my inner thighs.

He felt like a raging bull, pushing harder and deeper inside me with his gurth filling every last inch of my pulsating pussy walls. My hair was pulled tightly and I was shoved backwards with every thrust forward he made. Even though I had orgasmed several times he was still raging hard and more powerful than before.

Darren’s cum shot deep inside me, filling me so much that it started leaking from my wet lips. As he thrusted in further, my pussy erupted with my cum mixing with his juices and forming wet patches on the sheets beneath us.

Darren left me laying on the bed, soon returning with a handful of green grapes. Staring at him confused, I wondered what was in store next. It wasn’t long until I found out the excitement that lay ahead.

I felt the cold grapes being rubbed against the outside of my pussy. I was enjoying the feeling but I was surprised when he pushed one of the chilled fruits inside my cunt. The coolness of the grape felt amazing inside me and I pleaded for Darren to put another in.

After he had inserted four, I felt his lips pressing against my pussy and he started a sucking motion letting the grapes pop out and into his mouth. Darren moved up closer to me and pushed a grape in between my lips so I could taste my own nectar mixed with the sweet flavor of the fruit.

His lips came up to my neck where he ran them gently around to my ear, where he nibbled on my lobe ever so sweetly, just for a few moments, before running his tongue over my collar bone, down to my nipple once again. He was jerking his own dick at the same time, loving watching me suck my own juices off the grapes one at a time.

Before he came he pulled my head down do his lap, lunging his length down my throat, letting me taste his sweet man hood still traced with my cum. He plunged deep and hard into my throat and was fucking my face like a dirty little slut, moaning as his balls tightened, ready to explode into my mouth.

My sucking and licking became a little faster as I could feel he was close to cumming and I wanted to be sure to catch every drop in my mouth. I cupped and rubbed his balls, wanting to drain them completely.

I was a good little girl and always swallowed. My pussy started creaming again when I tilted my head back and Darren let his salty juice coat the inside of my mouth and throat. It felt like his biggest load yet and it tasted amazing. I gagged for more and he obliged til we both collapsed, completely satisfied after our dirty little games.

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