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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Deep down inside, everyone is an animal and it takes a special trigger to unleash the beast within. This dirty girl has found her key on the net and with a million watchful eyes and an always eager audience, this cam slave is sure to give everyone a good show.


Deep down inside, everyone is an animal and it takes a special trigger to unleash the beast within. This dirty girl has found her key on the net and with a million watchful eyes and an always eager audience, this cam slave is sure to give everyone a good show.


Submitted: October 01, 2015

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Submitted: October 01, 2015



Every human being is a lustful beast that wants to let go of the cynical standards of the modern society and just be plain raw and dirty. The smell of blood on a battlefield and the sudden adrenaline rush is what drives men mad to rape innocent women as they claim the loot of their efforts.

The glitter of envy in their friend's eyes is what drives women to date the hottest men in town. Deep down inside, everyone is an animal and it takes a special trigger to unleash the beast within. I found my trigger through the internet.

I was fresh out of high school when I first discovered what it was to have sex. I was timid, insecure, scared, and unsure. The boy I went out with wasn't even particularly special to me. I didn't really like him and I didn't want to continue dating him but we were at the right place at the right time and I lost all self-control. After that night I realized why people lose their minds when it comes to sex - it felt so damn good.

Since the conclusion of that fateful night I felt myself crave for more. I never masturbated in my life, yet the many nights that followed my first foray into sex I ravaged through my panties like a wolf devouring helpless sheep in a pen.

I tried to satisfy my hunger but it become insatiable. At first I tried to gauge the boys I worked with and those in the community college I went to, sadly though it was never really enough. I didn't want everybody to know either, since getting labelled as a slut was not going to help me get a job or improve my social reputation.

So I moved on and tried other methods to find satisfaction. I tried dating women but it never gave the same thrill, simply because of the biological differences. I tried watching porn but I quickly grew tired of watching others do it while I was limited to sitting in a chair, growing maddeningly horny with nobody to fuck me.

It was during one of these lonely nights that I finally discovered a new way to satisfy my cravings. It would become the pivotal point that changed how I lived my life up to this day. Here was the option that gave everything I wanted and everything I needed.

I had happened across sex forums and chat rooms.

It started out when I was on a dating site. I usually just chatted around for fun and see how creative I could be when men would ask me to describe my sexual fantasies but then one user asked me if I had an account on some kind of forum and chat site. I had to admit, I didn't. I was completely clueless and told him as much, so he gave me the link and I decided to give it a try.

It was that day that I completely lost myself.

I quickly discovered a place where I could be as free as I wanted without having to go through all the inherent trouble of sleeping around with co-workers or friends who might one day just decide to betray me and toss me aside. There was always this fear that I would lose my job or my home because people suddenly pictured me as the local slut with a blue-collar job. Here, online, I found my safe haven.

I could do anything. I could chat freely about any sexual topic that I wanted and the only people seeing it were complete strangers. None of them had anything to do with my personal life and as far as I knew none of them even lived in my neighborhood, not even in the city that I lived in.

This made it my playground. I could be called a slut, a whore, or anything degrading or sex-related as much as they wished and it wouldn't be detrimental to my well-being.

To be honest they weren't lying anyway - I truly was a whore. I would chat in the general discussion rooms and let just about anyone talk with me. It didn't matter who they were, where they were from, or what their job was. I let just about anyone have their fun with me.

The best times were when people asked for me to use my web cam. I would tease them for the longest time and let most of them get tired just watching me slowly strip and dance. When I was sure that the ones remaining were worth my time I would finally get down naked and masturbate for them. I took my time however, usually playing around with my clit before I ever dove my finger inside.

Needless to say, I had the time of my life. Protected by anonymity, I embraced my inner-whore, and shared it with the sordid world that lusted after me so.

That is, until I decided to step out of bounds.

I knew it was stupid the moment I decided to make a fortune out of my venture into webcam shows. I could get into trouble on so many different levels but it was my body so I figured I had every right to do whatever I wanted with it anyway. There were always hundreds of men ready to pounce on me at any given moment and it wouldn't really be that mean if I charged them for a peak of what I had hidden under the folds of my clothes.

When I first started I had some trouble making sure they would pay. A lot of men would promise to send me money if I did what was asked of me. I was a simpleton back in the day and I was cheated out of the deal so many times. It got me frustrated. For a time I would refuse to even log in to any chat room. For a good two weeks or three I resorted back to simply fucking every man I met in the bar. Frustration turned me into a hungry slut.

I had to stop though. There came the point where I knew I hit the limit.

One Friday evening passed where I could not even remember where I was or who I was with. The morning hit me with a painful hangover and I woke up beside five different men. It was one thing to be a total whore and then another to be the one center of attraction in a gang bang session. Within the same hour I was puking into the toilet out of disgust, exhaustion, and stress.

That night became a valuable lesson for me; it was time I used my brains, alongside my body if I wanted to make a profit out of being a cam whore. I got back into my vibe, logging in regularly at different chat rooms and forums. This time however, I played it smart. I would usually open my cam and let them view me but I wouldn't take my clothes off.

Instead, I would tease them with some nude photos. One snapshot was often enough to get them hot and lose all common sense. Men think with their cocks and I used it to my advantage. Even the smartest man would cough up a dollar when assurance was given.

I realised that I needed to combine my need for physical contact with my obsession with being a sexual spectacle. With great ease I found myself a suitable partner, explained what I intended on doing, making certain he was aware that he would be performing for a live and large audience, before inviting him over with the intention of fucking his brains out for the digital cheers and jeers of my captive internet audience.

"Spread a bit wider honey," he requested.

I slightly spread my legs a bit farther apart so he could get a better peak at my pussy. I didn't want to completely spoil the fun but it had become addictive. I toyed with the lips of my pussy for the longest time, slowly trailing my fingers around as if guiding the head of his dick, letting myself get moist and hot.

There were times when I could control my own lust but this was not really one of them. I had to bite my lip to prevent myself from shoving a finger inside. To compensate, I rubbed a bit harder on my clit and gently pried my pussy lips open so he could look inside my gaping hole.

"Good girl," he said.

I saw him in the reflection of the monitor, positioned behind me, catching the faint glimpse of a grin etch on the very corners of his lips as he continued to stroke his cock. The mere sight of it got me groping every inch of my body and I felt the hunger boiling from within. He played with the tip of his penis, teasing me with the way it softly pulsed.

"Slide your fingers through." He commanded, his voice low and thick with desire.

I did as I was told. My index finger gently slid through the folds of my pussy, going back and forth. It was warm and wet. So many times did I catch myself on the verge of just shoving my finger in. I wanted more than to simply teasing myself to insanity. I wanted to fuck my brains out. He knew that I was weakening and my resolve would soon dissipate as pleasure devoured all discipline from my mind.

It did not matter. My audience had paid the price, more money was flowing in unbelievable abundance with each passing second as more perverts logged on to witness this encounter. I was all his for the taking anyway. Yet there was the hint that I could have more if I was an obedient little cam whore and so I decided to go ahead and play his games.

I had long since established any man would cough up a dollar to fulfill the insatiable desire for the female body. The strangers on the other end of the hundreds of cams watching my bedroom were a prime example. I was in charge, controlling all.

"Come on," His voice was a hand around my throat, commanding respect, demanding attention, "look into the camera and say it."

I couldn't help but grin. I felt his hands rub down on my ass as he began to pump away, shoving his cock deeper into my pussy. I leaned forward and arched my body. It was soothing to get fucked like a filthy dog and this time on my own bed.

This was one of the best positions since I could feel him go all the way, as deep as he possibly could, yet I was still in control. I could lower my face on the pillows, raise my hips, or straighten up and lean forward. Each move made a difference on how it all felt.

He smacked my ass, "Say it slut."

I looked into my web cam, licked my lips, then uttered, "I'm a slut."

"Louder damn it," He was insistent, his voice was assertive, I could not disobey, "I can't hear you."

"I'm a slut and I want to fuck every day." I giggled, between gasps.

There was just this slight moment of utter satisfaction where admitting to the pleasure of the moment made me feel like a giddy girl getting fucked for the first time again. I stared at my computer screen and watched all the viewers' type away. At this moment I knew I had them by the balls. A tide of money kept on rolling as more and more people paid to watch me get fucked like a whore.

It didn't bother me.

Earning a small fortune for getting pounded like an animal was intensely pleasing. I'd do whatever he would make me do so long as I still see dollar signs flashing on my computer screen. Many of the men watching would call me a slut and request for us to do different things but none of it mattered. The moment they caught a glimpse of my naked body getting fucked hard, was the moment I had them by the leash.

My thoughts popped when I felt him yank me by the hair.

"Roll over slut," He roared, bestial and sex-crazed, "It's time to feed you."

That made me pause for a second but there wasn't much to complain about. He could use me all he wanted so long as I get paid at the end of the day. How in the world was I to expect he'd force me to deep throat and literally break through all my barriers?

He laid me on the bed with my head hanging from the edge. It took him a few minutes to readjust the web cam but I discovered he placed it so that the audience would get to see us from the side. After that he grabbed my wrists and tied them behind my back using his necktie.

I could hear messages pop through the IM chat box on my computer, as constant and reassuring as a heartbeat. Obviously more people were jumping on the bandwagon. I had no idea what he had in mind but I was earning more money from it.

The man dangled his cock in front of my face for half a minute. For a while he toyed with me, putting it right within my reach but each instance I submitted to my impulse to lean forward and try and lick the swollen head of his dick, he would yank it back, emitting a throaty, knowing chuckle as if for the audience's benefit.

After three times of playing this game he suddenly slapped my face. I bit back my incensed complaints and eyed him angrily. The tingle and shock burned in my cheek but I let it so long as I get paid at the end of the day. How in the world was I to expect he'd force me to deep throat and literally break through all my barriers?

With two fingers he forced my mouth open. I have a small mouth so there was very little that I could do to fight back. His fingers dug deep, slowly making their way down my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut as I gagged. Immediately he slapped my face once again, harder this time.

"Don't gag slut." He chided.

I coughed a bit then opened my mouth for him. There was little to no point in fighting back. I think that made him happy. He opted on focusing on my breasts. His hands danced swiftly but firmly from my mouth to my neck and down to my tits. He gave them a firm squeeze. I didn't really have large breasts, but they fit perfectly in his strong, calloused hands. His rough skin moved over them, squeezing them from time to time. I let out a soft moan when he pinched my right nipple.

The very moment my mouth had opened he shoved his cock down my mouth. I intended to suck it with a little bit more aggravation than usual but he did not give me that chance. Instead he continued to shove it in. I felt the tip of his cock tickle the very back of my mouth and that was when I realized that he did not simply intend on me sucking his cock.

I feared deep throat sessions. I was a small girl, barely standing over five feet two. Here was a man who a good foot over me like a hulking giant and had a penis longer than my hand. In an instant I could choke and there would be no way to fight back. My hands were tied and he was holding my neck so firmly he could twist my neck in a snap.

I gagged. My chest lurched up as I tried to gasp for air. My throat constricted and squeezed. He only found it more amusing and began to shove his cock even deeper. In an attempt to fight back I tried to thrash around but he held me down. With his other hand he slapped my face several times, each time more painful than the last.

When the burning sensation grew too intense I tried to fight back but it only got him more agitated. He gripped my neck even tighter and began fucking my throat faster.

This was the first time I had ever been pushed into this situation. My jaw began to ache as it was forced open, my throat swelled in pain, and I knew I was going to pass out very soon since I could not properly breathe. Tears began to swell in my eyes but I refused to be that ridiculous. With a lot of people watching online I resisted becoming a cam slave.

Apparently he and I had opposing ideas. Right when I thought I could go through with it he gave my breasts a sudden slap. As if that was not satisfactory enough. He shifted position slightly and made sure that I faced the web cam. I could see myself in the computer screen.

With my ass poised high in the air and my body arched so low I looked like a bitch ready to get pounded by every dog in the street. In truth, I was indeed that kind of slut and for an odd reason I loved it.

I felt his finger probe my pussy for a while. He toyed with it for a short time but soon he moved his soaked finger to my ass. Immediately, I felt a tinge of fear boil inside my chest. It was rare when I ever tried anal sex, since I feared the idea of a large man pummelling through my little, petite body and ripping it wide open. That was when I panicked.

I clawed at the bed and tried to move away yet his hold on my body was absolute. He gave my ass cheeks another slap and then another. Finally his fingers moved away and his cock came peaking in through my hole.

There was no preparation, there was no wasted moment, and there was no room for mercy. As I lifted my gaze to watch myself be destroyed live on cam he shoved his cock deep into my ass. When I opened my mouth to scream, however, all I heard was a moan and my own voice begging for more.

The rest of the events progressed in a blur of bliss and discomfort, eventually my partner grew weary and left my house.

A full hour after he left I still lay in front of the computer. My eyes stared blankly at the screen and I could barely hear all the instant messages popping up from my customers. Nothing in the world mattered to me at that moment. My mouth, jaws, and throat had swelled and I could still feel some cum dripping slowly down the back of my throat and tongue.

My pussy was soaked and pulsing with pain and pleasure. My ass had bled and the culmination of pain and exhaustion prevented me from even trying to sit up properly, I could only manage a pathetic half-slouch and muse on the night's events.

I had taken down beyond my boundaries and my whole being had been shattered. I had been broken and it was beyond the physical sense of things. For the longest time I couldn't even think properly. My mind was just as damaged as my body. I was accustomed to being fucked like a bitch but never had I been treated so roughly like a mindless slab of meat.

People fuck me to please themselves, to get that gratifying physical achievement that they usually never get. This man had fucked me simply to humiliate me, to break my soul, my mind, and flesh.

Yet the mere thought of being abused all over again with a crowd watching actually turned me on. As tired as I was, as broken as I was, I still found the strength to reach down and my fingers began to play around with my swollen and hyper-sensitive clit.

At first it was an innocent rub, soft and slow, but as the memories began to flood in with vivid clarity through my head, I began to claw wildly at the very folds of my cunt.

Men considered me as their toy. Men viewed me as a disposable hole they can fuck and discard afterward. Fine. I had been broken, beat, and scarred. There was no soul left in me so what was the point in complaining?

All that was left was to take advantage of their opinions and the cash they were willing to spend on a disposable slut. Whether it was on cam or physically on my bed, there would always be men that would cough up more than they should just to take advantage of my willingness.

I was a slave on cam and in my own bed... but I was the mistress of their desires and they were paying for it.

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