Bow To Thy Master

Bow To Thy Master Bow To Thy Master

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The sweet Lady Gynne was willing to go to great lengths to be with her handsome lover Lord Garrett, even if it meant defying her highly regarded father. Enjoy this ye olde tale of punishment and love as Lord Garrett has his way with Gynne and has her begging for his aching mercy in this hot 'By Request' story. Read more...


The sweet Lady Gynne was willing to go to great lengths to be with her handsome lover Lord Garrett, even if it meant defying her highly regarded father. Enjoy this ye olde tale of punishment and love as Lord Garrett has his way with Gynne and has her begging for his aching mercy in this hot 'By Request' story. Read more...


Submitted: September 25, 2015

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Submitted: September 25, 2015



Her heart was pounding, and Gynne found that she had no choice but to pause on the stairway, her hand pressed to her chest. She could hear her father’s hired hands storming down the corridor, their boots sending echoes like thunder through the old stone castle. She knew her break was to be over within seconds, and she had to make her way outside to the grounds. As a child, she’d known all of the secret passages leading out, but upon the discovery of his daughter’s most recent use of them, Sir Mallory had them sealed.

The tunnels and passages that twisted through the bowels of the ancient castle had provided many a night of pleasure for Gynne, as her lover found his way in by her direction. She was addicted to Garrett’s special power over her. Somehow, she’d become helpless in his presence, and willing to do anything he demanded of her. And demand he did! There was no asking. Garrett was direct, commanding and dominating, and Gynne capitulated instantly to his every whim. It thrilled her to the marrow of her bones, to play the games he would dream up, and expect her to play out without question. Her thighs grew damp even now, just thinking of his hand pulling her head backward, and making his needs known in a faintly menacing whisper.

“Open thy pout, and take what I feed you,” he’d hiss, as he thrust his alarmingly large cock deep into her throat. Gynne did as she was told her excitement building even as she fought to control her gag reflex. His wicked way of having her thrilled her, and she’d looked forward to it, nearly nightly until just over a fortnight ago, when she’d been caught by her father himself. The good Sir Mallory would never think to open the door to a Lady’s chamber, most especially that of his modest, innocent daughter. But as he passed through the corridor toward his own slumber, he’d heard a man’s voice coming from behind the heavy oak door!

He’d paused, listening in disbelief, and fury rose in his chest as he heard his Gynne being commanded to pleasure herself with the hilt of the man’s sword, and her answering cry of “yes, my Lord,” which sounded eager with excitement and not in the least afraid. This was no intruder. This man was clearly a welcomed guest into his own castle, and toying with Lady Gynne as if she were a common whore!

The solid door was thrown open in his rage, and his eyes fell upon Gynne, lying naked upon her bed; legs open wide as she guided the handle of an ornate sword in circles in and around her pussy as a tall man, dressed in noble garb stood watching, cock in hand. The man had moved like a cat, quickly coming around and placing the older man in a chokehold, dagger at his throat. Gynne had screamed out for no harm to come to her father, and the man complied, removing the sword from her hand and offering a wink before bounding out of the room, disappearing before anyone could move.

A search of the castle proved fruitless, but Sir Mallory consoled himself by ensuring that every way in or out of the castle was either sealed, or manned with guards, and his daughter was confined to her chambers until he could reconcile his mind with what his eyes had seen. In spite of her father’s most violent raging, and furious threats, Gynne had refused to name her Nobleman lover. It was this state of affairs which led to her despair, until very early one morning, a clicking sound against her window awoke her with a start. A messenger pigeon, banded with the mark of her man brought a new command from him:

Make your escape on this nightfall, and I shall meet thee promptly on the midnight’s bell at the west end of the garden’s entrance. Find a way, love! Her Lord Garrett had spoken, and so Gynne must obey. Thusly she found herself in this position at the foot of the lower staircase. She’d lured her guard into her room, with the claim of feeling faint, then lifted her skirts and touched the pink naked skin, glistening in the candlelight. “Would thou like a taste?” she’d teased, and after only moments of nervous glances and stammering idiocy, the guard had dropped to his knees, feeding on her juices like a dog lapping water.

Gynne tolerated this for several moments. Although he had no skills, the guard’s mouth was warm and wet, and his motions were enthusiastic. She forced herself to think of Sir Garrett, and managed a quick, unsatisfying orgasm, and then without warning, smashed the back of the enthralled Bafoon’s head with a pewter pitcher on her bed stand. He went out cold. Snatching her skirt back in order, she slipped out of her chambers and down the corridor, her slippered feet moving silently. She’d nearly made her way to the closest passageway, and was plotting a method of dismantling the barrier, when she’d heard the shouts and alerts sound the news. The lady had escaped!

The sound of feet came from every direction and she’d panicked, unsure of what to do but run. She’d managed to evade capture by her knowledge of the labyrinth of passages, and now, as she paused for breath, she thought of her salvation. A very old passage that she’d not used in years came to mind. It came out in what used to be a field, but was now a small pond, and the opening was underwater. “I am not so fragile,” she whispered to herself. “I shall not fear the water!” The pond was also near the west end of the tangled and unkempt garden, which was where he Lord and master would be waiting.

Shrinking back against the cold, stone wall, Gynne willed herself to become invisible. She stood motionless in the shadows as a clumsy herd of the hired hands stumbled past. Thank God her father no longer had the funds to keep a castle full of guards. He had only a handful, and their posts were too important to leave, so the task was left to servants and groundskeepers. They lacked even the most basic abilities to search, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

Stealthily, she moved along the walls, until she came to a small grate at knee-level. Lifting her skirts daintily, Gynne pulled loose the rusty metal, and crawled inside, taking care to press the grate back into place. As she crawled along, the tunnel grew wider, and inches of cold, dark water turned into feet. The tunnel ended where water met tunnel-top, and there was no choice but to draw a deep breath, and plunge under, hoping to God the distance wasn’t too great to the opening into the pond.

Lungs burning, she pushed forward, through tree roots and grasses, feeling blindly for the end. Just as she felt her chest would burst, her hand felt the opening of the tunnel widen, and she surfaced, gasping; savoring the sweet taste of mildew-flavored oxygen. Her joy was jolted from her as she felt the grasp of strong hands yanks her forward from the water. Blindly she fought, but careful to resist the urge to scream, lest she attract more pursuers.

Slowly, it dawned on Gynne that the hands were not fighting her, and someone was speaking her name. And commanding her to silence! “Malady, cease your fight! ‘Tis I!” Instantly, Gynne froze, then suppressed cries of happiness as she fell into his tight embrace. “My Lord, I did as thou commanded. I am here,” she gushed, as her hands found his. He took them, and noted the chill on her skin. “Take off thy soaked garments. Be naked before me!” The heavy skirts dropped without another word, and the undergarments and blouse followed.

Gynne stood in the moonlight. Her skin was like ivory, and flowed softly in the dimness. Garrett took in her beauty and spoke while offering her his hand. “I have never suffered foolish women, or those with naught to offer but the skills of the their bodies. All beauty becomes a bore if this is a meal of one course.” He gave her a sly smile. “Thou art quick-witted, brave, loyal and cleverly deviant. Tell me, how did thou escape the guard?”

“I seduced him, and as he sank betwixt my thighs, I used his head to break my water vessel!” Gynne held Garrett’s hand firmly, and looked him in the eye unflinchingly as she spoke, and watched as he broke into laughter. “Thee and I,” he spoke between fits of mirth, “are one and the same, and meant to be together. We both seek pleasures that others would find objectionable. But I respect you.” He dragged her over to his horse, and swung astride, the pulled her up to face him on the wide, leather saddle.

“Thou will come away with me, and have my word as a nobleman, that I shall treat thou like a queen in my realm, but a whore in our bedchamber. Will this do,” he asked with a smile. “This shall suit to perfection, my Lord,” she answered immediately, then gasped softly as Garrett moved aside the soft fold of his britches, exposing flesh; a cock that was growing and thickening before her eyes. Without a word, he gripped her hips and pulled her forward, joining with her heated wetness.

“Lie close, and keep thy silent voice,” he whispered against her hair and he enfolded her in his cloak. As Gynne disappeared under the heavy cloth, she bit her lip to stay silent as the rocking rhythm of the horse’s gait moved Garrett deeper inside her, her swollen clit ripening under the sweet sensation. Moving through the woods to the road, and unaccosted through the town, Gynne enjoyed the momentum as Sir Garrett urged the horse to a trot, his cock pounding into her with every jolting step. With her head against his chest, Gynne could hear and feel his breathing increase and his heart rate building.

It thrilled her to know that he was also on the edge, and she knew she was going to come soon, but she wanted to wait until his burning hot seed exploded within her. “Don’t do it,” he breathed into her hair as they moved up the hill toward his home. “Thy shall hold back until I give you permission to come!” “Yes, my Lord,” she whispered back, strangled by her desires. “Let me feel the juices of your lust bathe my loins,” he growled. “Suckle me with thy slit, but allow no final pleasure until thy master says!”

Deeper and deeper, the thick shaft impaled her depths and Gynne fought to remain as still and quiet as she could. Her belly twitched as the muscles fought the climactic urge, and she was both distraught and thankful when the ride ended at the foot of Sir Garrett’s castle. The cessation of motion gave her a respite from the agony of her pleasure. The gratitude was short-lived, as emptiness and cold replace the heat and weight of Garrett’s cock as he pulled out to dismount. He pulled her from the saddle and led her past multiple men standing guard, and nodded at one of them.

“Follow,” he commanded. The man did as asked, without question, and the three were soon hidden away in a lushly furnished chamber. “Shed thy clothes,” Garrett ordered the guard, and again, the man obeyed without a word of protest. He stood before them in naked glory, and Gynne felt her pulse grow, pounding in a dull ache, centered in her pussy. As her eyes appraised him, she watched the guard’s cock rise, swelling with desire. A drop of liquid began to bead upon the head.

“Lick him clean,” she heard the voice of her lord and master speak, and she looked at Sir Garrett for confirmation. His hand was on his own cock, stroking slowly as he nodded. The guard stood motionless as she moved closer, then sank to her knees. Her soft, pink tongue slid with the lighters test pressure across the tip of the man’s cock, and it jerked in feverish anticipation. Boldly, she began to take him in her mouth, cutting her eyes to the side to make sure she was not overstepping her leave, but Sir Garrett was stroking with ever more intensity. “Yes, yes,” he rasped. “Take him all. Hold his ass with your hands, and pull him into thy gullet!”

Gynne did exactly as she was told, feeling her throat close around the salty taste of the man. She felt his hip begin to thrust forward and her excitement build as she knew her mouth would soon be filled with the reward of her power over him, but Sir Garrett dominated her wishes and reminded her that her reward came only at his will. He moved up to yank the the man backwards and hissed in his ear, “you shall not spill thy seed into my woman! Not until I offer you this privilege!” The guard stumbled back, righting himself and standing stoically as his cock strained in the air, looking for relief.

“You will now pleasure thyself, as we watch!” Garrett turned Gynne to face the guard and brought a heavy wooden chair to rest in front of her. He placed her hands on the sturdy back rungs, and bent her over, entering her from behind in torturously slow increments. The guard began sliding his hand up and down the shaft of his glistening cock, re-lubricated with the pre-cum dripping from him; the only thing giving away his excitement. “Slowly,” Garrett barked as he had the man match his speed. “Please, my Lord,” shivered the Lady Gynne, as the hour of tantalizing need peaked in her belly. “Yes,” he whispered. “That”s it. Beg for it!”

“Yes, yes,” she cried out, exhausted that she no longer had to keep her lustful joy quiet. “Give me thy precious liquid! Shoot thy seed into me!” The guard watched as he stroked, his breath and speed increasing as his need overtook the will to obey. Garrett matched the rhythm, pumping into Gynne as she screamed with pleasure. “Come forth,” Garrett snarled to the guard as the final moment approached. “Shove thy shaft into her throat. Choke her with thy release!” .

The guard came forward quickly and shoved his cock into her mouth, and Gynne nearly suffocated with the delicious sensation of being taken from each end. As Garrett pounded his hips against her ass, the guard grasped her head and pulled himself deep into her throat. “Now!” Shouted Garrett as she felt the spasmodic shudder burst inside her, triggering the release she’d longed for. She felt the simultaneous gush of hot cum from both her Lord and his guard fill her from all directions as her own orgasm shook through her.

She felt the contractions pulling on Garrett’s cock, extending his own shock waves of glorious relief. The guard’s movements slowed, and he withdrew his softened shaft from her lips as Garrett breathed the words, “begone, now.” The man never looked back as he grabbed his clothes on the way out, and shut the door Sir Garrett lifted the Lady Gynne without pulling out, and carried her to the ornate bed, and laid her gently upon her stomach, and crushed her with his weight as he rested upon her. It felt fabulous to her and she soon began to feel herself drifting as she felt his cock begin to slowly slide from her soaked depths.

“Yes, my Lady,” he whispered. “We will sleep now, and dream of the adventures that await.” With a kiss to her neck, the two tumbled into a blissful slumber. Both wore smiles of satisfaction.

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