Bikers Double

Bikers Double Bikers Double

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


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Submitted: November 03, 2015

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Submitted: November 03, 2015



I am Tiffany. Nearly twenty and I'm proud to say that I have been out on my own, living independently, for about a month. Although I was a little nervous at first, moving out of my parent's home into my own apartment, I remember how good it felt when I realized I was finally on my own.

I have a boyfriend, David, who I've been dating for about six months. He is really a great guy! He has never pressured me, treats me with respect, and has always encouraged me to try new things.

David and I had reserved a cabin by the lake for over the weekend. He called me about noon on Friday to tell me he had to work late. We didn't want to lose our reservations so I told him I would go ahead and drive to the camp ground; he could meet me there as soon as he could. I went ahead and loaded everything into my car. Since it was the beginning of rush hour I decided to take the back roads to avoid all the rush-hour traffic.

Everything went fine for the first twenty minutes or so. I was about ten-minutes outside one of the small towns in the area when my car started making strange sounds. Finally the engine coughed a few times and then died completely. Luckily I was able to pull it off the road far enough to avoid getting hit by a passing car.

When I tried to call David I realized there was no cell service in the area. I got out and raised the hood hoping someone would see I needed help and stop. I knew I only had a couple of hours of daylight left so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I learned very quickly that very few people traveled this road and when I saw the sun begin to set I started getting concerned. Since there aren't any street lights this far out of town I realized I would soon be in total darkness, possibly for the entire night.

I was about to panic when I heard something in the distance. Although it was faint at first, the sound slowly became louder until I realized what I heard was the faint sound of engines. Minutes later I saw what appeared to be headlights coming toward me.

After a few minutes I realized I wasn't looking at auto mobile headlights. From the engine sound, and the number of lights, it became obvious a number of motorcycles were headed my way.

When I thought about the reputation of motorcycle gangs I considered finding a place to go where I couldn't be seen. But when I realized I could be out here alone all night, I crossed my fingers and waited. It was only a few minutes before about a dozen bikes pulled-up and stopped in front of me.

The man sitting on the first bike stared at me for a few moments. Finally he smiled and introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Vince. I see you're having some problems with your car. Do you need a ride somewhere?"

I looked at the other bikers and then back at him before answering.

"I appreciate your offer but...."

Vince held-up his hand and interrupted me.

"Lady it's up to you but it's going to get very cold out here tonight and since your car is broken-down, I assume you're not going to have a heater. I doubt if there will be anyone else on this stretch of road until sometime tomorrow morning, so you will be all alone. We can take you to a place where you can stay warm and call for help."

As much as I hated to admit it he was right. And I hated to admit it, but I had always been rather intrigued by the biker lifestyle and wanted to know if it really was as hard core as I had heard. All the sex, drugs and violence associated with the name of a biker was already getting me hot just thinking about what the outcome of the night could be.

I climbed on the back of his bike and we headed down the road. During the ride I realized I probably wouldn't be able to contact David; since he was already at the cabin he would not have cell service. The most I could do was leave a voice mail explaining what had happened. There were some other people I could call but since it was Friday night, and a holiday weekend, my chances of actually reaching anyone were slim.

I looked up and saw lights in the distance. Vince hadn't said exactly where we were going; I hoped we would be close to a restaurant and motel just in case I couldn't reach anyone to come and pick me up. When we passed a sign that said we were only three miles away from Bakerville I assumed that's where we were going. I was caught off-guard when we pulled over in front of what appeared to be a bar about a mile later.

There were strings of lights all over the building. I saw a few cars and pick-ups in the lot along with a number of motorcycles. After Vince helped me off the bike he grinned and said; "Since it's a holiday weekend I don't think there's much open in town. This place may not offer fine gourmet food but they do have decent burgers once in a while. They might even have a phone you could use." I was shocked at how nice and genuine he was for a dirty biker, and was soon finding myself relaxing in his company.

I followed him to the door and we stepped inside the bar. With the exception of one or two guys who were sitting at the bar, everyone else was wearing biker colors, bandanas and patches. Vince stopped and looked around the room. After a couple of minutes he led me to a table toward the back where two girls were sitting.

The girls were both clad in leather and black tight fitting outfits and boots, rocking the biker chick look down to a tee. He said the ladies belonged to his club, the Ravens, and that their names were Melanie and Grace. Vince started to tell the girls my name when he realized I hadn't told him what it was.

I laughed and said; "I'm sorry girls, this has not been a good day for me. I forgot to introduce myself to Vince, my name is Tiffany."

The two girls smiled and told me to have a seat. Vince disappeared for a short time. When he returned he sat a beer down in front of me and pulled-up a chair. In an apologetic voice he explained - "I asked the bartender if you could use the phone. He said that the lines were down due to the storm three miles over so it wouldn't be a possibility until morning when the lines have been looked at. Sorry about that. Its an old place and there aren't many of us around to keep up maintenance." He smiled showing his condolences.

I told Vince not to worry and thanked him for checking. After taking my first sip of beer I realized how much I had to pee. Thankfully the ladies room was just a few feet away so I didn't have to worry about walking through a room of bikers. I excused myself and went to take care of business. When I returned Vince was gone leaving me alone with the two girls.

The two girls didn't really say all that much and I didn't want to seem like I was prying into their business. I finally gave up and resigned myself to sipping my beer and looking around the room. After about my forth drink I began feeling my head spinning. It must have showed on my face because I heard Grace ask: "Are you okay Tiffany, you don't look like you feel very good."

In a very shaky voice I told her, "I don't drink much, and I guess the day's catching up with me."

Melanie reached over and gently touched my arm. In a very gentle voice she said; "I rent a room in the back. It's not much but if you want to lie down for a while you might get to feeling better."

From the way I was beginning to feel, I wasn't in the position to argue. I nodded and told her I would be happy to take her up on her offer. The two girls helped me stand and then walked me through a door and down a hall. When we stopped, Melanie opened a door and the two of them helped me inside and sat me on a bed. Grace bent down, removed my shoes and lifted my legs up on the bed very sincerely. I heard one of them tell me to get some rest; she said the two of them would be back later to check on me.

I don't know how long I had been laying there before I began hearing male and female voices. I opened my eyes and saw Vince, the girls, and two bikers I hadn't met. I tried to speak but realized my words were coming-out slurred and didn't make any sense.

When I tried to move my arms they felt like they were moving in slow-motion and I knew I had drank way too much. I was enjoying the feeling as much as I hated my throbbing headache though, as I rarely got to let lose in Davids company. He was always quite tightly wound and was never very adventurous.

Vince noticed my eyes had opened. He walked over to the bed, looked down at me, and smiled.

"Are you feeling any better Tiffany? I heard you had a fair bit to drink and were a little woozy. I must tell you though, that I have something to confess. I was a little misleading when I introduced you to Grace and Melanie. When I told you they belonged to the club I didn't mean they were Ravens like me. What I meant was they belong to the club like property, sexual property to be more exact."

As he spoke I felt a tingle growing between my thighs. I had read about gangs like this, and always secretly envied the life of a working girl. I had always loved sex, and my urges had been pent up and growing for far too long. Could my dreams finally becoming true? Am I finally going to get the opportunity to get fucked like I never have before? I salivated at the thought.

I was trying to process his words, trying to understand what all of this had to do with me while secretly hoping I knew where his speech was leading. Although I was lost for a reply, he must have seen the confusion on my face as he started speaking very slowly. "Now Tiff, I want to make things clear - What we're asking, is if you would like to be part of all of this. I have spoken with the girls, and they would love for you to join them in their dirty daily duties, and judging by how wet you are, it seems that you wouldn't mind it either."

He squeezed my shoulder briefly, before he started to speak again. "If you agree, you would belong to us. You are going to be the club's new whore, a piece of ass we pass around. We might sell you if we need some quick money, or have you turn tricks to bring-in some extra cash. Tonight is your initiation, if you think you can handle it. My buddies Matt and Jeff are going to help me break you in; in other words the three of us are going to take turns fucking you. Starting to get the picture?"

I watched Vince take his knife from his belt and I squirmed in both fear and delight as he began cutting off my top. As soon as my top lay in shreds on the floor he went to work on my bra; and then finally he worked his way down to my thighs where he peeled off my tights with the slice of his knife and took the blade to my hips where he snipped my panties free from my skin.

The intensity of the situation already had me moaning, and before I knew it I had long forgotten about David and our romantic camping trip. All I wanted to do was to submit to these greasy bikers desires, letting them take turns having their way with me as I surprised them with how well I will do in my initiation.

All three men were standing around the bed when Vince pulled off the remains of what used to be one of my favorite outfits. As the room faded into a darkened blackness, I felt myself laying back to enjoy the moment, and looked up at the ceiling as the three men began pawing my tits and sucking on my nipples.

After several minutes I their strong hands slide down my legs. When they had me by the knees I helped them to spread my legs wide apart, feeling the breeze dance across my bare pussy lips as I lay naked in the dim room taking in every touch that I had longed for.

Soon I felt a different pair of hands, a softer, more gentle caress with finger nails grinding down my skin. Grace sniffed deeply as she took in the scent of my sweet pussy, pulling down her own panties as the guys watched on and spanked her ass as they clawed at me.

"Hey bitch, you ready to get some dick? Just think, these guys are going to turn you into a little slut just like Mel and me. I bet you can't wait! Fuck, maybe the guys will let me have a little of that pussy when they're done with you." She pulled her head from between my legs, sending an urge of need and want pulsing through my body. I wanted her lips on my clit so bad.

She giggled knowing how much of a tease she was, and sat on the bed beside me. I gasped when I felt her fingers begin playing with my pussy. The biker named Matt told her to quit wasting time; she could play all she wanted after they were done with her. I bit my lip when she jammed her fingers inside me, ignoring his orders.

"Damn Vince, this little pussy is fucking tight. Please can I make sure she's all ready and wet for you?" Graces pleading words were getting me so hot. I had never been with another woman before, and hearing how badly she wanted to taste me just drove me wild.

He told her to go ahead and take care of me; he said Mel would make sure all the dicks were nice and hard in the mean time. The last thing I saw before I laid my head back was Mel smiling and happily taking a cock into her mouth while she stroked another two and jerked them with her hands.

I kept hearing slapping sounds as her tongue hit their skin, moaning and groaning was starting to fill the room and I let myself get louder and louder in tune as Grace shook my clit with her finger.

Soon, she reached into the drawer of a small night stand beside us and took a long ribbed object out of the drawer. After pulling my legs further apart she put it against my pussy, letting the vibrations swirl my juices around and lubricate its way across my ass hole.

I felt it prodding and whirring deeper within me as she began easing the tip inside my ass and as I tried my best to ignore the discomfort of my first ass fucking, I couldn't stop the intense feeling of pleasure that was beginning to build-up inside me. The pleasure grew even more when I felt her tongue begin expertly probing my pussy and I almost couldn't breath between my many gasps of pleasure.

When I looked over I saw Mel on her knees sucking Vince's cock. The other two bikers had their dicks in their hands, stroking themselves while they watched Grace eating my pussy. I was desperately trying to re-gain control over my body when I heard Vince speak.

"Are you guys ready? Matt, why don't you stick that cock of yours in her mouth while I sample some of that tight little cunt of hers? Jeff, let Mel get you ready to take your turn."

I felt Grace slowly remove the vibrator from my ass. I felt her lips as she kissed my pussy after slipping her tongue inside me one last time. I felt the mattress move. When I looked down I saw Vince kneeling between my legs smiling as he slowly stroked his cock. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop what was about to happen, and I didn't want to stop it either.

As I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes I felt his weight on top of me and his cock slip inside my pussy. In and out he started to slide, stretching my hole around his thick shaft as he slammed himself into me over and over again. My hips bucked in rhythm with his and I grabbed at his ass cheeks as I thrust him in further and further to my aching cunt.

When I felt something on the bed beside me I opened my eyes. Matt was kneeling on the bed; his hard dick was just inches away from my mouth. He grabbed a clump of my hair and used it to yank me into him, leaning forward and told me to open my mouth. I did as he said and felt his cock slide into my lips and over my waiting tongue.

When I glanced to the side I saw both girls on their knees taking turns sucking Jeff, and it made me get more into the mood than I could have ever imagined. Being a pawn in their dirty sex game was getting me so close to coming that I could have screamed.

As hard as I tried to take control over what I was feeling my body wouldn't allow it. There wasn't anything I could do to prevent the orgasm I felt building inside my pussy. The feeling of having two cocks inside me at once was overpowering and I could feel myself bubbling to the surface as I slurped and sucked on the cock in my face, and slipped up and down on the dick in my cunt.

I could tell both of them were ready to blow; they had begun slamming their dicks into my pussy and mouth with out any of the care or precision that they initially showed.

Matt was first. I heard him grunt just before my mouth filled with his cream and just as I began swallowing his huge load, I felt my pussy fill with Vince's squirting come. I managed to swallow every drop of Matt's salty nectar before they both pulled out of my mouth and fell to the bed to catch their breath for a moment.

After Vince was finished he got off the bed and looked down at me. "Well little lady, it looks like you had yourself a real good time." He spoke cheerfully, a broad grin plastered over his face, "That cunt of yours is nice and tight, I'm sure my friend Jeff is going to love fucking it!"

It was only a matter of minutes before Jeff slipped his cock inside me. I heard Matt tell Grace to get him hard again so he could take his turn when Matt was done; and she wasted no time getting on her knees. After both of them had taken their turns Vince told me I should get some sleep.

"Now, we'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not you're going to commit to our group, and if you say yes, then you'll experience more cock than you ever dreamed of." He said we would be leaving on a run in the morning and I needed to be good to go if I chose to stay.

After the three guys left, Mel and Grace sat down and told me what I should expect if I became one of them. Completely intrigued and still aching for it considering I wasn't allowed to come, I sat-up in bed and listened. Mel told me I would be expected to give blow jobs or fuck any of the guys regardless of where we were.

Mel said it wasn't unusual for her to blow a guy or bend over a table and get fucked in the middle of a crowded bar and that I should be willing to do the same. Becoming the best bitch whore was an honor among the biker crowd and I had always been quite competitive so I listened with eagerness to their every word.

The conversation went on for about an hour before the girls finally left. I fell asleep immediately and slept soundly, knowing that I had already made my decision and had agreed to the new life of depravity that lay ahead hours ago, smiling to myself and dreamed of all the erotic fantasies that would follow.

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