Becoming Center Of Attention

Becoming Center Of Attention Becoming Center Of Attention

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This mistress of the night had always gotten off on the risk factor involved in her escapades, but joining the Black Monday Club would take her pleasure levels to all new heights. Enjoy this erotic gang bang full of depravity and humiliation in this Bound story now!


This mistress of the night had always gotten off on the risk factor involved in her escapades, but joining the Black Monday Club would take her pleasure levels to all new heights. Enjoy this erotic gang bang full of depravity and humiliation in this Bound story now!


Submitted: October 08, 2015

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Submitted: October 08, 2015



I could feel my chest rise and fall as I desperately tried to catch my breath. I wanted to push his hand away from my skirt, yet with each touch of his fingertips on my bare thigh, I only felt myself growing weaker and weaker to his lust.

I heard the woman in the movie screaming as the villain chased her with knife in hand and I felt the tension building amongst the movie goers around us. For a quick moment I glimpsed up at the silver screen. Almost immediately my attention was drawn away and diverted back down to the hand inching towards my hips.

He tugged at my underwear. I gently spread my legs across the theater seat and felt his fingers squeeze my pussy through the cloth. I closed my eyes and tried to shut a moan from escaping my lips. He continued to play with the folds of skin and fabric, making me wet with each passing moment.

I lost my sense of time, I lost my concentration on the movie and the people around us, and I lost my sense of stealth and privacy. By the time his fingers found their way inside of me I had already lost my mind. I knew people saw us. I knew people heard us. I didn't care. As a matter of fact I found it exhilarating.

When we were done I was soaking wet and his cum was still swimming down the walls of my throat. We never met again and I never really cared to know what his name was. All that mattered was that for the first time I had experienced what it was like to risk being wild out in public.

It was a defining moment that changed my life. Since that night I felt starved for more. I masturbated in parks, posted naked photos online, and even tried to give a decent blow job while driving down the highway. Yet instead of finding satisfaction, I only wanted more and more. Nothing could satiate my thirst anymore.

I had become an internet celebrity in just a few months and I loved that I had no idea who my dirty fans were. They could be in my local cafe, work in my building, catch my bus. Anybody and everybody could view and share the myriad of naked photos I posted online. I had videos up and would occasionally give a live show via web cam too.

Of course, I made a profit out of it all. It didn't take long for people to notice me and I was soon sifting through an abundance of mail from fans. One day as I sat down to read my email on my phone, I noticed an invitation to the local Black Monday group.

I had no idea who they were or what they did. The invitation was plain but it did sport a photo of a girl blindfolded, cuffed, and being flogged as men touched her naked body. I was going to dismiss it.

I was never into the dungeon and torture fetish thing but at the last moment I noticed one element in the picture that caught my interest - there were people watching her and they were loving it.

I went to the underground building where the event was to be held. I was in a tight, sleeveless top and a brown mini-skirt. I despise under garments so I did away with wearing a bra or panties.

I walked in, sat at a table, and waited. I ordered a glass of water as I sat there, watching as people filled the empty seats. I tried to figure out who were club regulars and who were members of the group but it was tough to tell at first.

As I gazed, I caught a woman with a tight collar around her neck. Just catching a glimpse of it turned me on. That's when I noticed there were others like her all around me. I was excited. I reached down under the table and began to play with my clit.

I started slowly rubbing it with my fingertips, feeling myself moisten and I realized I was soaking my skirt. I smiled to myself and slowly pushed my finger inside. Almost instantly I let out a moan and when I saw no one was looking my way, I continued, moving my fingers in and out in a rhythmic motion.

In minutes I was out of breath and I felt my legs begin to shake. My fingers began to work faster and I wanted to push deeper into myself. Just as I was about to hit my climax I felt an arm wrap around me from behind and a hand squeezed my left breast.

"No bra", a male voice whispered. "Your first day here and already misbehaving. Let's see what else you're missing."

I tensed. The man continued to massage my breast, slowly and firmly. I leaned back against my chair as his fingers began to dance across my chest, finding their way to my nipples. I let out a soft moan as he took my nipple and pinched. He held it up for a few seconds, making me slightly rise from my chair and gripped the edges of my seat as he twisted.

Suddenly he let go and slapped me lighly on the cheek.

"This is not the proper place", he said sternly. "You just volunteered yourself. Get off that chair and follow us downstairs."

I did as I was told. As I rose from my seat I realized there were others already heading to the clubs back room. Amongst them was the girl wearing a collar. She looked back at me and I caught the faintest hint of a smile. It made me shudder. The man who touched me led the pack.

He was tall, bald, and quite muscular. He wore a white collared shirt and slacks. Very formal. He led everybody through the back of the place and we continued until we reached a black door. The bald man looked at us, then turned and opened the door. It led to a dark staircase leading down.

We were taken to a room devoid of color or furniture. The only light was a single light bulb hanging in the center of the room and there were now roughly thirty people standing in the room, the majority of whom were middle-aged men. In the middle of the room was a round, white table. It stood right under the light, beckoning like it was waiting for me.

The bald man walked up to the table and greeted everyone, "Good evening. This Monday we'll be tackling the issue of control. The relationship between slave and master lies in the control of needs and wants. Expectations are to be met and boundaries respected. To demonstrate, we have a volunteer who will learn first hand the meaning of self-control." He glanced at me and motioned me over.

All eyes turned towards me. At that moment I felt the heat building inside me. It was the same exact feeling I had when I was in that movie theater. I could already feel my pussy moistening out of sheer excitement. I bit my lip and began my way towards him.

My heart raced. I could feel his fingertips dancing around my neck and back as he checked me over one more time. I felt a soft pulse in my gut as my nipples began to grow harder and I fought the urge to just jump on that table and spread my legs right then and there. Instead, I just stood there as he looked me over, showcasing me to the crowd.

"Get on the table."

I didn't hesitate. Without a word I crawled on top and sat. Almost immediately he yanked me by the hair and forced me on to my knees, pulling me down to rest on all fours. He smirked once, then slapped my face.

I didn't know what to make of it. I had never been forced before, much less slapped so hard in front of so many people. I felt the heat rush as my cheeks began to redden. It only made me feel more aware of myself and I tried to hide my face with my hair.

"First, let us test how well she can handle shame."

I turned my head immediately upon hearing that. That was a very bad idea though. The moment I raised my head he yanked my hair and pulled back hard. I yelped in pain but he didn't let go. It forced me to keep my head up and my mouth open. With his other hand, he reached forward and probed a finger into my mouth. I could hear voices murmuring from the crowd.

"You shall not speak until told, you understand?"

My heart pounded against my chest. I half wished I could leave but the excitement was still building and I wanted more. I could feel my pussy begin to drip. Without any underwear I could feel my juices slowly begin to trickle down my legs and I gave a soft nod.

He pushed my head forward as he released my hair and I gasped and tried to catch my breath but was interrupted as he slapped the back of my thighs and then another on my ass.

It stung but made me feel a rush down my legs and up my spine. I let out a moan and wiggled my hips, receiving yet another slap. He remained on my ass, rubbing my cheeks firmly with his large hand and I thrust back into him letting him know I wanted more. He reached under my skirt and I saw a smirk of satisfaction as he realized I was wearing no panties.

His fingers wormed their way to the folds of my pussy and that was when I gave up and surrendered my soul to the room.

"Get the cuffs and the blindfold", he said. "It's time we begin."

I lifted my head up slowly and allowed him to wrap my eyes with the blindfold. He knotted it tighly and turned my face to check if I was getting a peep out of the black fabric. He undressed me and when he was satisfied, he gave my cheek another soft slap. The burn made my heart skip a beat.

"Put your hands behind your back."

I did as he asked and he cuffed me firmly at the wrists, leaving me completely defenseless.

I wanted to shake my head, but my body responded differently. I simply nodded back. Once I did, a girl standing behind the table stepped forward and joined the bald man still playing with my cunt. Her fingers slid in me with his and I could feel my pussy stretch, causing me to moan a loud and wanting groan.

"Front or back?" The man called out. The audience hooted and shouted in return. They were united in the desire to see me squirm in pleasure. My thighs were burning, my ass was wiggling in the air, and my cunt was dripping for penetration. Instead, the man came around to my front, opened my mouth wide and shoved his cock in deep.

He continued to slam his cock down my throat, getting faster with every thrust. He would slide it out of my mouth every ten seconds to let me struggle for a short breath of air, only to slap my face and slam himself back inside.

My head began to throb and the room started to spin. I knew I was losing control. Soon, I was the one voluntarily shoving my face forward, pushing his cock in as deep as my little mouth would allow.

All the while the woman playing with my pussy continued to slide her fingers between my dripping lips. She would occasionally pause to give my clit a pinch or rub and as I felt her fingers dance on the very last inch of my cunt, teasing me with the indication that she'd probe my ass, I couldn't help but want more and more.

All the while I could hear the crowd hooting and cheering. They called for me to give up, to lose control and beg for him to just rip through me. But as time went on the voices began to fade and I could only hear the slapping squelching sounds as I was being entered from each end.

I completely lost sense of time and space. My head felt like it would burst. I was sweating and the heat was suffocating. I had lost all control.

I felt his hand grab my hair and shoved my head forward. All resistance had fled, all my will to fight back had perished. I welcomed the cock that pushed its way in deep and the sudden explosion of warmth against my tonsils.

He kept it there for a while, allowing his warm semen to drip down the walls of my throat and I lapped up every drop like a good little slut.

As he withdrew, he gave my head a soft pat. He lifted my face up and asked, "How do you feel?"

I could barely move my mouth. My throat was swelling and my jaw ached from being open for so long and I felt saliva and jizz drip from my lips as I tried to reply. I felt great, to be honest. I had never felt so alive. I was in pain but I was also burning and hungry for more. I uttered the only reply that made sense.

"Fuck me."

"Louder", he commanded again.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" I tried to scream. My voice was coarse and rough. I slobbered with the saliva and sperm still lingering in my throat and I felt my eyes begin to burn as tears filled them behind the blindfold.

"Fuck me!"

He motioned the girl still playing with me to move out of the way, and I felt a chill of suspense as his strong hands gripped my hips. His fingers dug into my skin and I squirmed in pain and pleasure.

He moved forward slowly, allowing the very tip of his cock to tap my wet and soaking clit and seemed to get off on the pleasure of teasing me by sliding his length softly between my folds instead of simply pushing himself in. I wanted to beg for him to just shove it in me but all I could muster was a senseless moan.

"Assistants", I heard him call out. I waited a while, expecting another tease but instead I felt the heat of several people standing in front of me. "Get in line", he commanded. Again I waited as they shuffled to his orders. After what seemed like an eternity he asked, "You want to get fucked, little girl?" I nodded back and whimpered.

"Then endure this onslaught and beg."

There is a point in your life where everything just seems to lose its meaning. Everything you struggled for. Everything you ever aspired to attain. All of that becomes insignificant at one point when the only thing that you could care about is the present.

It is that moment where the fire burns and devours all hopes and dreams, all purpose and order in your life, and sucks in all common sense. For me, this was my moment. I had become the central wheel, the center of attention. On this table I had sold my soul and gave my flesh to the beasts of the horde.

My new found Master had spread my legs wide and slowly began to penetrate inside my aching hole. With one hand he grabbed my hair and yanked my head up high. My mouth gaped open wide as he yanked harder. With each pull I felt him push in a little deeper.

He inched his way through me until his cock head had found its way into the entrance of my wet hole. It was then that he paused. For a moment I feared he'd just stop and tease me with an incomplete fuck. I moaned louder and begged for his mercy.

The room echoed as I screamed. Someone else had slapped my face. A softer hand this time but as I felt the tingle spread through my cheek the main man had inched his cock a little bit deeper. "Beg." He commanded, and so I did.

"Please fuck me", I requested softly. I received another slap from yet another volunteer. As the pain settled I felt the sudden familiar surge of pain and pleasure rise through me as he again inched his cock a little bit deeper. It was almost unbearable. I wanted him all the way in. I wanted to be completely filled.

"Please fuck me", I asked slightly louder. Another slap and another inch digging into me.

Time had lost all meaning. Seconds seemed like hours and hours seemed like an eternity. I could feel my heart pound against my chest as I desperately tried to catch my breath. I could feel my sweat drip down the curves of my body and I reaked with the sweet smell of sex.

Ever since that one night in the theater I had been searching for the thrill of facing the crowd while raging for pleasure and this time I actually got it. I got more than what I had bargained for. I learned what it meant to be the center of attention. I learned what it meant to become a slab of meat that just about anybody could slice and devour. It made me rot in lust, it made me swell in filth, and it made me hungry for more.

They say that the most pleasurable things in life are those that they forbid. I have to agree with that. Nobody but the members of the Black Monday group would understand the pleasure of surrendering your control to complete strangers under the pale light of a light bulb.

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