Annette's Anal....

Annette's Anal.... Annette's Anal....

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Annette is sick of having a boring and uneventful love life and is on the hunt to spice things up. An opportunity arises to head to a local club where she meets Dimitri, and the chance of going home with him was something she just couldn't pass up.


Annette is sick of having a boring and uneventful love life and is on the hunt to spice things up. An opportunity arises to head to a local club where she meets Dimitri, and the chance of going home with him was something she just couldn't pass up.


Submitted: September 23, 2015

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Submitted: September 23, 2015



Annette looked at the beautiful blond man standing in the corner. He had on a tight navy shirt and leather pants, and had a smoldering look in his blue eyes. She was mesmerized, and even though he was a fleeting image of a man in a fetish club she felt almost gravitated towards him. She looked over to see what her friend was doing and she could see Blair talking with some guys she was friends with and flirting with them as well. Annette was nervous, but she decided to take the chance and walk up to him. She tried to stride in a confident manner, but she could feel her nerves escalate with each passing step.

"Hello there. Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" the man asked only half jokingly. "No. I'm an adult", Annette replied. It was true; she was 23 years old. However with her girlish looks and cascading red hair she looked a lot younger than she thought. "Ahh. Well you seem to look a lot younger than that", the man cooed. "Trust me, even though I get carded everywhere I go, I am of age."

"Well that's good. Cause I'm only interested in girls that are adults. I don't deal with childish games. I like it to be raw and passionate", the man replied. Annette let out a small shudder of pleasure as she looked at the man. He was super attractive and she could feel her body move next to him as if drawn like a magnet. "So, what's your name? Haven't seen you in here before", the man inquired.

"Annette. But it can be something else. This is a fetish club after all. I should've used my fake name, but I trust you and I like your demeanor," Annette stated. "A pretty name for a pretty girl. I'm Dimitri. So, Annette; Do you come here much?" "Not at all. I came with my friend Blair because she begged me to come and didn't want to see me stuck at home for another night. I wanted to see what this place was all about. Apparently there are some interesting characters here", she replied.

"Oh we are. Of course, you seem very interesting yourself. I'll tell you what, do you care to find out how interesting I am?", Dimitri asked flirtingly. Annette took a moment to consider her options... Here she was at a club that was interesting, she could see women dancing in cages and they were all clad in leather and looked happy. There was enough leather and latex to never make her want to see it again; and some of the people were just plain weird.

She knew there were rooms in the back that were pleasure rooms and even though she was a little apprehensive she wanted to see what it was really like inside them. She didn't know this man, but for some reason she felt she could trust him.
"Okay," she replied. "Good. Don't worry my dear, I will take great care of you," he said calmly. He grabbed her hand and they walked into the room and with each step Annette felt like she was walking away from reality and into a world filled with pleasure.

She could hear the screams from the other rooms along with slapping noises. She shuddered at the thought. She didn't know if she could take something like that. It seemed almost uncouth in her mind. However, when she walked inside she felt like her whole body was starting to change and become something different. Inside was a bed with chains on it and a rack with various toys. There was also a set of cuffs hanging from the ceiling for suspension and a gag. The man looked at her with a small smile.

"Don't worry. You'll like this. Trust me", he said soothingly. "O-okay", she replied. Dimitri smiled and before Annette could say anything his lips were on hers. She immediately started to kiss him back, her lips melding onto his and sticking to them like a magnetized piece. He kissed her back with equal fervor, loving the plushness of the red head's lips.

She started to move closer and Dimitri's hand moved down to her behind, lightly touching and stroking it. He then grabbed it suddenly, causing a small mewl to come out of her mouth. She pulled away for a second and put her hand over her mouth with a small look of shock. He smiled at her warmly.

"Have you ever moaned like that?", he asked coyly. "N-not with someone I just met", she replied. "Relax then. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not some big creep so put your worries aside and just enjoy the moment for now", he replied. Annette tried to calm down with those words of his and it was actually easy after listening to his soothing voice. She started to breathe a lot deeper and her heart stopped racing. She looked at Dimitri and smiled.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you", he said. He pressed his lips on hers again and felt herself relax completely.

He placed his hands on her butt this time and started to massage it, causing a moan to escape Annette once again. She didn't shy away this time, in fact she embraced it. They continued to kiss and he started to peel off her tiny top. She froze up for a second, but she relaxed after a moment, letting the man undress her. He pulled the skimpy shirt off over her head and slid her skirt down. He stopped for a moment staring at her near naked body for a moment, awing its beauty.

It was truly beautiful. She had relatively large breasts and he knew from feeling her butt that it was nice and firm. He thought about what he wanted to do to her and immediately a smile ghosted his face. "Do you want to try out a fetish of mine? I know of the perfect one for you", he asked inquisitively. "S-sure,' Annette replied. She had sex a few times in the past, but all of them were clean, quite average and always in beds. She didn't do anything that even remotely seemed kinky in the past. She wanted to try it though. By this point she was up for anything and wanted to follow her new friends instructions, embracing the moment for now.

"Good. I have the perfect beginners tool for you, my dear", the man praised. He started to kiss her again as he moved his hands up to her bra, unclasping it. It fell down, exposing her perky breasts. He smiled and lightly touched them, earning a purr from her lips. He started to lightly pull on her erect nipples a little, producing a small series of moans from her. He moved his right hand to the hem of her orange panties, feeling their silkiness as he used the other hand to play with her bouncing breasts some more.

She tried to stay silent but when she felt her soaking panties slide off and expose her naked pussy, she couldn't help letting out a small gasp. The man smiled and stuck his hand to the edge of it. He started to push his finger in the slippery mess, pumping it in and out of her wet cavern. Annette let out a moan; the feeling of his digits in her made her crave the stranger even more.

Dimitri saw this and pulled his fingers out. He looked at her and smiled teasingly. "Not yet my dear. I want to give you the ultimate pleasure in a different place", he said grinned Annette looked at him with a light confusion but before she said anything he turned her around. Her back was now against his chest and she could feel the outline of his erection against her backside. Something about that place sent shivers down her spine.

He left her waiting there for a minute or two, bent over and presenting for him in all her naked glory; a little nervous and completely curious as to what was in store for her next. The thrill of the unknown excited Annette and she could feel her own juices starting to drip down the inside of her warm and quivering thighs. Being in such a dirty and compromising position was something Annette wasn't used to, but was something she was quickly learning to love.

Dimitri sauntered back over after what seemed like an aching eternity and stood beside Annette. She could see the contours of his abs and well trained body, and for a moment even took in his sweet scent. She was gagging for him, needing him to fill her and as if reading her mind, he started to unbutton his pants, removing them along with his boxers slowly to reveal his hard erection.

Annette gulped; his was bigger than any man she's ever taken and she was worried about how it would feel in her tight, rarely used cunt. It was completely erect, rock hard and ready for action, but instead of ploghing into her like she wanted him to,he raised his hand from behind his back and revealed some beadlike thing. "W-what are those?", she asked.

"Anal beads. I thought maybe you would like to feel these inside you first. Trust me, you'll love it," he said believingly. "Okay", she replied. "Good. If you want me to stop just tell me. This may hurt a little at first but after a bit you'll love it," he stated. Annette nodded and watched as this man positioned himself behind her. He started to lubricate the beads with her juices before he pushed them in slowly, one by one. The first one was uncomfortable for a moment, but as Annette relaxed it seemed to go in more easily.

The next one went in with a pop and she gasped for a second before relaxing and taking the bead in fully. She was able to get about six in before she felt discomfort. Dimitri looked at her with a curious glance. "Are you fine with this many?", he asked caringly. "I am. I think I'm good for now", she replied. "Good. I think you are too. Now here's the fun part", he grinned cheekily.

Dimitri started to twist the beads around using the love heart shaped handle and Annette let out a low groan. It felt so different than when she played with her pussy. It was almost a tightening feeling, but she felt herself loosening up and taking in the pleasurable spinning of the toy. Dimitri took this chance to push one more bead in, causing a gasp to emit from Annette. "You alright?", the man asked.

"Y-yes. It feels good - really good", she replied. He smiled and moved his body so it was under hers. She felt his cock enter her pussy and lunge into it deeply. It was strange having two things inside her like that, but she liked it. A part of her felt like she was being treated like a little slut, like a bad girl who needed punishment. Another part of her felt like a school girl being taught dirty, new things. He started to move in and out of her tight pussy, stretching the walls out.

She was able to take even more of him after a few more movements, her body getting used to the largeness of his organ and the bulges in her ass. He started to push even deeper into her until she could feel him at the entrance of her womb. She let out a small moan as he did this and Dimitri took that as a sign to keep hitting that spot. He did, and each time he got the same satisfying moans from the woman.

He continued to do this, moving one of his hands over to the anal beads and moving them in and out of her back hole. Annette let out a moan of both surprise and pleasure as he did this. She didn’t know it was going to feel so great with both of those things inside her and him playing with her like this. She could feel her body start to tighten as he pushed one more bead into her. She gasped and moaned at the touch and it sent her on the edge. Her body tightened around his hard cock and the beads and her legs shook as she felt the pleasure course through her.

She let out one last moan, but it was almost as loud as a scream and her body collapsed on the bed. At that point it was so tight that Dimitri couldn’t stand it any more. He yanked out the beads and rammed his huge cock up her contracting ass hole, producing an even more high pitched scream from Annette as he drained his balls in her cavity. After he finished up he pulled himself slowly out of her tight hole and she turned around and looked at him with a small smile.

“Did you like it?”, he asked. “I did. A lot.” “Good. Well I hope you decide to come check out our club more often. I’m happy to have given you your first anal experience here and I can’t wait til you come back for more”, Dimitri stated devilishly. Annette nodded and crawled up into the covers. She would leave in a little bit, but she was amazed at how great it all felt. Maybe she really was a fetish fan who liked it in the backdoor like that. She had only gotten a taste of it, but she was already craving for more.

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