An Amazing Sight

An Amazing Sight An Amazing Sight

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Listening and watching on in delight from a separate room in stealth, this dirty office voyeur watches his wife being rammed by another man, all the while loving it even more as he knew his dirty lady was well aware of his prying eyes. Read more..


Listening and watching on in delight from a separate room in stealth, this dirty office voyeur watches his wife being rammed by another man, all the while loving it even more as he knew his dirty lady was well aware of his prying eyes. Read more..


Submitted: September 28, 2015

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Submitted: September 28, 2015



I heard them come in the front door, their voices muffled because I was in the office behind a closed door in the back. I could hear soft murmurs and then footsteps up the stairs towards the bedroom. I was ready. The video camera's I placed in the bedroom were concealed but gave a full view of the bed - exactly where I wanted them to point.

The computer screen was showing the bedroom bathed in a soft light and I had the headphones on so I could hear the sounds without giving away my presence in the office. I heard him as he playfully grabbed her from behind and started kissing her on her neck, pulling her closer to him. She melted against his body and let him have his way with her.

I watched as this man was caressing her breasts and kissing her on the neck. She had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying the attention. She put her hands on his as they explored her body and turned her face toward him. She lifted her arm, drew it around his neck and pulled his face to her. Their lips met, softly at first but with a growing intensity.

She turned around and started kissing him harder. He had his hands on her ass, squeezing and rubbing it as they kissed passionately. I was entranced. The bulge in my pants was growing harder and harder by the second. And although I could not see it, I suspected the same thing was occurring with him. His body and hers were pressed together tightly as they kissed.

She then broke away and pulled him towards the bed. She decided to take charge and pushed him onto the matress. As he lay there, she got on her knees and began massaging his crotch. Her hands explored every detail but it wasn't enough. She needed direct access. With nimble fingers she unzipped him and ripped his pants off, pulling down his boxers simultaniously.

He was huge and incredibly stiff. She once told me that she really liked big cocks and I could see this monster was sure to please her. I saw the look on her face as she stared at it in awe. This was not about love. She was in deep lust with that giant member of meat and began to take her new play thing into her hands, gently and slowly stroking it while he lay back enjoying her touch.

I was completely engaged now - watching these two becoming more intimate by the minute and feeling the sexual tension rise between them - a tension that was reaching through the computer monitor and drawing me in with them. She knew I was watching of course, we had arranged it all before hand. But he had no clue. He just thought he got lucky and had scored a married woman without her husband knowing. He had no idea that I was watching this entire scene just a few feet away from them. That made it even more exciting!

I watched as my wife took his hard cock into her mouth. She started slowly, playfully flicking her tongue around the tip then gradually moving her mouth over him and going up and down in an almost slow motion. He began to moan with pleasure and started arching his crotch up to her, thrusting his huge load into her face. She obliged him by taking in as much of his cock as she could. He was too large for her to take it all in, but she was determined to try.

She loved the feel of a large cock in her mouth and loved the fact that he was so visibly turned on as she played with him. And I did too for that matter. She continued to please him with her mouth, tongue and hands. As her lips moved further down on him, her hand followed. I knew how very good that felt, a combination blow and hand job.

I had kidded her once by calling it her patented 'Ho-Job'. Now I watched as she applied this skill to another man, one who was enjoying every second of it. He lunged her head down and pushed deep into her throat, his ass cheek's shaking as he came into her welcoming mouth.

After licking him clean, she stopped, got up and motioned for him to move over. She then seductively helped him peel off her clothes, while she removed what was left of his. Always such an amazing multi tasker, my wife. Knowing full well that my eager eyes were on them both, she turned toward him and started kissing him again, hungrier this time, letting him taste the cum that she has just sucked from his balls.

I watched their naked bodies press tighter together, their hands holding and grabbing each other firmly. Their mouths parted and started exploring other areas - face, neck, shoulders - then I saw him push my wife onto her back as he started kissing, licking and sucking on her breasts.

It was her turn to moan and I could see the pleasure on her face. Her nipples were fully erect and this was not simply about pleasing me anymore. She was enjoying this immensely and the fact that she knew I was watching and enjoying the show only made it that much better for her.

She had loved being watched since the day we met. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she sat there playing with herself for me on the train in that first meeting a few years back. Such a naughty girl, and perfect for my voyeuristic and wanting eyes. I watched as he rose above her, parted her legs and grabbed his cock. He started rubbing the tip of his length against her, moving along her wet slit as I watched on and rubbed my own cock.

He lingered at her thighs and moved slowly and teasingly towards her waiting pussy again as she moaned in desire. He entered her and took her by the throat, man handling her sweet little body and pushing her down so he could get in deep and work his man hood into her soaking hole.

It was an amazing sight! Here I was, watching another man put his hard cock inside of my willing and eager wife, and the look on her face as he pushed deeply inside her was well worth all the time and work setting this up. My wife was in a sexual bliss while his large cock slid in and out of her. That look was one I had seen before but never from this perspective - the one of a voyeur.

The image was intoxicating. Her face was flushed with excitement and she alternately moaned and bit her lower lip as he continued to move in and out, up and down. And every time the tip of his cock was almost out, he thrust it back in forcefully causing her to gasp again.

He was obviously a skilled fucker and not allowing her to fully catch her breath was something she was loving to the point of near passing out. She was struggling to breath a little, but it was not out of distress that's for sure. I could see that she was loving it, and any hesitation or doubts she may have had before had melted away in the hot glow of his throbbing passion for her.

My wife began thrusting her hips upward to match him stroke for stoke. She wanted to feel every inch of him inside her and she was going to make sure she got her fill. For his part his stamina was amazing. He kept it up (literally and figuratively) for a very long time - much longer than I could have done. My wife was getting the fuck of her life and I was lucky enough to watch. By now I was sure she had forgotten all about the cameras.

She had more immediate things to experience. But for a brief moment I saw her steal a glance while his head was locked in her chest, and saw her mouth the words 'I love you'.

She then fell back into the moment, closed her eyes and started breathing faster and faster. She was close to coming and he knew it. He kept the pace making sure that he continued to ram his cock into her as far as it would go, and because of his size it was easily pounding her in all the right spots.

My wife was shaking now, shaking with the intensity of someone who was so turned on she could barely contain it any longer. It was then she screamed out "Oh my God!" and grabbed his ass to make sure he did not pull out.

Of course he had no intention of doing any such thing. My wife was exploding in a cosmic orgasm he had created and he was going to milk it for every bit of pleasure he could. He kept pounding away at her, in and out, up and down. He was not giving her a bit of rest.

Nor did it appear she wanted any. My wife kept thrusting up at him in rhythm, then grabbed him around the neck and pulled him down to her. As he kept pounding away without missing a beat, they kissed ferociously. By now I was frozen by the sight of this wonderful scene of my wife and her lover in a passionate dance and I couldn't pry my eyes from the screen or my hand from my dick.

Then out of nowhere he screamed and all his built-up passion exploded into her. He continued to thrust his cock deep inside her and she enthusiastically accepted every thrust. I watched as this man filled my wife with his cum and as she excitedly accepted every drop.

She now matched him with an explosion of her own, much greater than the first one. I could see this was a big one and her pleasure was overwhelming. I was extremely turned on. They were not done yet though. They kept going and going until I no longer had to watch the monitor to know what was going on.

They were filling the house with the sounds and vibrations of their climatic affair and I started wondering if anyone outside could hear the sounds of sex, making me even hotter, just thinking of eavesdroppers also getting off on their screams as I was. Then after what seemed to be an eternity, they slowed down, the sounds retreated to murmurs and they collapsed together. I watched now as he lay exhausted on top of my wife, who in turn seemed completely spent and relieved.

After a while, he roused and got up. He asked her if it was okay to take a shower and, smiling, she said yes, as long as she could join him. Fortunately I had placed another camera pointing towards the very area and my wife who was well aware of this grabbed his hand and led the way.

I switched camera views and now watched them get into the shower together. The shower was fairly small so there was not a lot of room in there. They were forced to be close, but I'm sure neither of them minded much. Any inhibitions had vanished in their mutual passion.

He reached for the soap and then started slipping down my wife's naked body, cleaning him off her as he went. As he did this, the steam started fogging up the shower glass and after a while they were more like naked silhouettes than distinct featured sex fiends. She turned to face him and again they embraced and kissed.

After a short while I saw my wife get down on her knees and begin stroking his cock. It was not long before he was hard again and when he was, she once again took him in her mouth. The visual effect was very erotic and steamy - the blurred image of my wife giving another man head in the shower, all wet and soapy. She kept this up for a while then he pulled her up and turned her around.

He had her bent over slightly and started rubbing his hard cock against her backside. The shower was drowning out any sounds they were making but I was certain she was moaning again. He continued sliding his hard cock up and down her ass and back for several minutes. There really is nothing that feels as fine as my wife's ass and he was finding out that this was a very nice place to be indeed. He pushed himself in deep and she moaned like a school girl, taking him in her stride.

He kept up with his thrusts, in and out, in and out but this time the orgasms came quicker. They both exploded again and I didn't even need the headphones to hear their screams from the room above. I was now sure that anyone walking in front of our house could hear them, but as much as I wanted to check I could not leave the office and this sight.

Once they were done they finished showering then got out to dry and dress. There was some small talk and my wife told him how great this was and she was glad her husband was out of town tonight. He laughed and said he was too. She told him she'd be sure to call if he went away again and the stranger said he'd be glad to come back whenever she rang. They both laughed, and I had my own laugh as well, little did he know.

After a while I heard them come down the stairs and go to the front door and kept myself hidden until I heard the front door shut and lock. A few moments later my wife opened the office door and said, "Well, did you get what you wanted?" "Absolutely, and from what I saw, you got a lot of things you wanted too." We laughed and then she came up and kissed me, ready to watch the amazing sights that I had just caught for us.

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