A Dancers Love

A Dancers Love A Dancers Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


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Submitted: November 01, 2015

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Submitted: November 01, 2015



Kara was practicing her moves for the fourth time that day. It had only been the start of practice and she was already getting sick of what she was doing. It was boring, and frankly she didn't really want to keep pushing herself much longer. However, she continued to do it for the sake of her recital later on that month and for her instructor, of whom was the main reason she was still dancing after all these years.

Her instructor was a sexy, older man, a man with hips that could move in a hypnotizing way. He was a very sensual guy, with a beautiful head of dark hair and green eyes that seemed to pierce into your soul. Being a dance instructor, he of course had an amazing body despite him pushing forty years old.

He had been her instructor since she had gotten into ballet when she was very young, and now that she was 21 she had started to see that this man was more than just her very attractive instructor, but saw him as a sex God capable of bestowing the greatest of pleasures within her.

She was infatuated with him and would do anything he asked of her, always wanting to prove that she was good enough during practice, and trying to mesmerize him with the sways of her body as he called out step after step.

Normally Kara didn't even think about relationships. Not only did she not care, she tended to avoid them due to the fact that she had been screwed over so many times by various men and was now focusing on her dancing so she rarely had time for guys anyway.

Now days, if a guy made an advance towards her, she didn't even bother to respond. She would rather be alone than have anything to do with the chauvinistic male species.

However, when she looked at Andrei; she felt something more. She felt that he was different. Someone in touch with his feelings and body, a man with an attention to detail and a gentle touch that she had quivered at many times over the years as he positioned her slim body into the correct stances from time to time.

Every now and then, she even found herself feeling brave enough to try her luck, wearing leotards to class that were a size too small, just so that she could show off the outline of her little pussy lips in hope of gaining his attention.

Not once though had he ever tried to take advantage of her, all those lessons alone, sliding his hand down her thigh while correcting the position of her leg as she danced the forms and it drove her crazy having her young cunt so close to his face on those occasions where he bent down to help her with her ballet slippers.

She pushed her hair behind her ear and looked at Andrei who sat there on his couch and watched her with a wary eye during today's lesson. She always felt his eyes on her, making sure all her moves were perfect. He often did this, sitting back on his beloved couch, shouting instructions and step numbers out to echo through his hall.

Thrusting her legs into the air and gliding around on her toes, she looked like an angel walking on the clouds. And today, after all these years, Andrei couldn't keep his self composed for any longer. Staring at her in her more than tight outfit, he could see how sexy she looked as he had noticed years ago, having watched her develop into a woman over the last decade, dancing for him in that room.

Unknown to Kara, and although he was still her teacher, he had developed a crush on her that was bigger than anything he expected. He had kept it at bay for what felt like an eternity, but as she danced like a vixen in front of him, he knew he couldn't resist any longer.

"Very nice today Kara. Might I say that your figure is looking better and better with each day," he remarked trying not to give too much away. Not only were her figures in the dance routine better, but he also meant her bodies figure. She had been working hard lately and her toned legs and pert ass reflected her efforts. She was very hot, Andrei must have been a Saint to have resisted her for even this long.

Her long legs fluttering across the waxed boards and her back arched in the perfect curve. Andrei licked his lips in lust as he watched on, knowing full well that she must be starting to notice the growing bulge in his tight pants.

"Thank you Andrei. Do you think we can take a break?" she asked hopefully. Normally he never gave her breaks this early, but this time the man looked at her with a coy smile and nodded.

"Sure thing my dear. How about we take five. Come over here and sit on the couch to catch your breath," he retorted with a seedy grin. She nodded and walked over, sitting so close she was resting her warm thigh on his lap.

"So Kara, are there any boys in your life at the moment or am I the only one?" he asked only half jokingly. He hoped the girl didn't have any guys that she was seeing at the moment.

That would make the whole affair a whole lot more awkward, and although he had his suspicions, he had always just assumed she wouldn't be interested in her older teacher and would be dressing in those tight get ups for some lucky guy after her lessons. He never thought her sweet little camel toes were all for him.

"Not right now. Frankly I don't have my sights on any man except for one," she admitted. It was true though; she only wanted Andrei and wasn't going to miss her chance at finally having him.

"And who might that be if you don't mind me asking? Anyone from around here?", He asked.

"Well...do you really want to know?", She replied coyly, a blush forming in her cheeks.

"Yes Kara. Come on honey, I've been your instructor for how long now? We've been through everything together. What is it?" he asked. She was the only one left in the class since it first started, the others leaving to pursue other interests and going onto college. He was right, they had been through a lot together and he had always been there for her. She wanted to finally let go and admit her feelings.

"Well...it's you," she replied. She flushed crimson at the confession, feeling awkward after telling her secret.

"Well, it's good that we both feel the same way about each other. I was starting to get a little bit worried," he replied.

She smiled and looked up in shock, and before she said anything the man pressed his lips to hers in a chaste kiss.

She immediately responded, her body going crazy in want for her handsome teacher, it was like her dream was about to come true. Kara was finally going to have Andrei as hers, and nothing was going to stop her from doing so.

He started to press his lips harder against her soft mouth, deepening the kiss and introducing his tongue as she accepted, dancing in a passionate lock as she moved on top of him. They both moaned, their desires increasing and the want for the other only growing more so.

He started to play with her perky breasts as her back began arching and her hips bucked slightly. This was better than the dreams she had. She was loving every second, every touch! She peeled off her tight spandex leotard for him, revealing her sexy little panties and perfect ass.

He pushed her down and hovered over her, eying her from top to toe, loving her hard nipples as they stood erect for him. He started to lightly squeeze them, earning a groan from the girl.

"Aww is someone a little bit aroused?" he cooed.

"Y-yes," she managed to reply in between breaths.

He smiled and grazed his fingers over her breasts, loving the way she shuddered at the cold feeling of his finger tips running over her naked chest. It was more than hot for him, having a girl half his age wanting him to take her. He couldn't believe his luck and was savoring every moment.

He started to lightly touch and graze his fingers from her tits, slowly caressing his way over her stomach and along her pelvic bones. This turned her on like crazy, knowing she was so close to getting her wish as he made his way over her panties, rubbing her warm slit beneath the fabric.

He started to lightly suckle on one of her breasts while his hands were busy down between her legs, and feeling his touch she bucked her hips in response. He smiled, loving the way the woman seemed to get so turned on by his motions.

He grabbed both sides of her panties, pulling them off to expose her naked pussy. It was shaved to help her when she was in shows, and he licked his lips when he saw this.

He started to push his hands into her hole, causing a moan of pleasure to escape her mouth and as if reading her mind, he started to dip his fingers in and out of her womanhood slowly, loving the way her tight walls seemed to take him in and greet him as he did this.

He continued on for a little bit, loving the way her body seemed to move and comply with his touch, and after he had her dripping for him, he took full advantage of the dancers flexibility, prying her legs wide open and spreading her young pussy right open on the couch.

He shifted himself down to meet her mound with his lips, her thrusting herself toward him, wanting him to eat her like no man had ever done.

As his tongue swished around her pussy and dived in and out of her hole with his fingers following, she couldn't help but smile as her fantasies were coming to life.

So many times had she dreamed about this moment but never thought it was possible due to the nature of their relationship, his age and her parents of course. So much of this was turning her on and as he slipped and slid over her pink lips she cried out in her first orgasm for Andrei.

Him licking up every drop of her juice like a thirsty dog, and running his hands up and down the inside of her thighs as she enjoyed the full force of her explosion below.

He started to undo his pants and pulled them down, revealing his hard and throbbing cock as her eyes widened in lust.

He placed himself by her entrance and started to push in as another gasp of delight sprung from her lungs as she felt the full thickness of his head enter her.

It was painful at first, taking all of his meat into her tiny, little hole, but soon she let herself relax and started to let him work her as hard and fast as he could until he was soon completely inside her. He loved the way her pussy seemed to eat him up.

For such a young girl she knew how to take a dick, and he was so happy to be the lucky man of the hour.

Staring down at her now fully developed body, letting all the thoughts that plagued him over the years crash into oblivion as he felt his balls beginning to tighten.

Dance was his life and he was a lonely man despite all the female attention he received, so draining his balls in his long time student of his was something he was indeed looking forward to and enjoy wholeheartedly.

He went in and out of her quickly, causing her to scream within the confines of the silent dance hall.

He continued this for a little bit until he felt her pussy walls tighten and enjoyed her moans as she wriggled underneath him and around his cock.

Knowing how close he was, Andrei pulled his soaking dick from her glistening depths and drove them into her tits as she squeezed them together for him, embracing his about to blow cock is her warm curves.

Within a few thrusts Andrei was squirting his seed from her lips to her nipples as she rubbed his cock in and out of her breasts and lay there smiling beneath him with a white, sopping grin.

"If you keep practicing and dancing for me, you'll be rewarded with treats like this for a long time to come, my darling".

Andrei spoke seductively with promise leaving Kara to smile with satisfaction, knowing that her dance lessons would never be the same again.

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