Inside the Warehouse (Chapter 1?)

Inside the Warehouse (Chapter 1?) Inside the Warehouse (Chapter 1?)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This was written as an email play in response to a challenge to turn myself into my "city of heroes" character at the time and make it erotic with the other person's character. The other person never responded, but here it is. Heads up: respect my content ratings. Very adult situations are included.


This was written as an email play in response to a challenge to turn myself into my "city of heroes" character at the time and make it erotic with the other person's character. The other person never responded, but here it is. Heads up: respect my content ratings. Very adult situations are included.


Submitted: November 18, 2012

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Submitted: November 18, 2012



this was originally written a while ago as the start of an e-mail play between myself and someone who never directly responded. Therefore, it looks like it is the first part of multiple; and I might be encouraged to make it so; depending on feedback, so let me know.

City of Heroes is a well-known online game which is copyrighted by its owners. No infringement intended by its mention.


I look down at the piece of paper with an address in my hand. I'm really nervous. I'm coming to meet you, but I've never met you in person or seen what you look like. More nerve-racking, you've done neither for me. You know I am in a wheelchair but that is all. I'm afraid you'll walk away once you actually see me and what little I can do, unless one of your fetishes happen to be the adult baby variety. I try to cheer myself up. I can actually do quite a lot if one is patient enough to work with me. But I've not met a person like that yet. And I somehow don't think you will be one, because you already told me that you are not really into the tender love stuff when it comes to play.

So what is going to happen to me? I start to admit to myself to being more excited than scared. The submissive part of BDSM scares me more than a little, because I am an abuse survivor. But I know there are ways to be submissive that don't necessarily involve whips and chains being applied to you. And I also want to take back all of the things that happened to me and turn them into something good. So I have opened up to the idea. What intrigues me more though is the master side. I have never been in control of my body, let alone anybody else's. Having someone else restrained like my body is all the time and letting me do what ever I wish however long it takes me is a scenario that has invaded my fantasies since I came to know you on the Web.

The address that matches the paper turns out to be what looks like a small abandoned warehouse. Confused, I look for another place. But there isn't any, so I roll towards what looks like a door and push a button beside it to open it.

Suddenly, just inside the door, I have nothing under me anymore. My chair is gone, and I'm falling. In a blink, the fall stops, and I'm standing on my legs. Standing?! And not tired. I try a step, and discover I can walk. Further inside the room, there is a mirror. I look at it.

Staring back at me is Phoenix girl. I am too shocked at the mere fact that I can walk to be too surprised at this. Phoenix Girl is my first character inside the game called city of heroes. I have turned into her exact replica. Orange hair like fire, matching tights and boots and the bird for which she is named emblazoned on her chest, which is otherwise naked except for metallic accents covering her sides and her breasts artistically. My breasts. The reflection lifts up her hands to cradle them and I can feel the results. Not only is my body nondisabled, I am a superheroine! My wheelchair is nowhere to be seen.

But I quickly lose the surprising newness of my body, like it has been mine for always. So I don't run wildly, like I have always thought I would if a miracle happened for me. I don't even want to. What do I want?

An orgasm. Strongly and now. I look around. You are nowhere to be seen. My eyes are adjusted to the dim light now, and I can see a bed and a blanket on the floor beside it. My need becomes too strong to ignore any longer, and I sink to the floor. My hand plays with my pussy through the leather like tights, and then I reach in and down to feel skin. I think briefly that this will be my first completely successful masturbation session because my body won't fight me. Very quickly, I lose all thought but how this feels. I'm sure there are instruments around me that would help me, but for now, my long finger is enough. Circles slow and deep inside on the right where it always hides first. I'm going to actually get myself off. I'm going to come...

But just before it explodes, I hear the door open again. I groan and stop, not because I'm embarrassed for you to see, but because I want to share it with you, and because I've heard that sometimes releasing too soon is cause for punishment in this world, and I don't know what you expect of me here yet.

Sure enough. "Starting without me?" Your voice. I scramble up to stand and face your beauty. There's a charged tension between us for a second, and then something inside me snaps. I have made a decision.

"Well, you are late." Not yet knowing my own strength, but knowing I will use it all, I pull you against me and kiss you roughly and deeply, pinning your arms to your sides. I don't linger long on the thought that this is the first time that I have kissed or done anything sexual with another woman. I dwell instead on the look in your eyes, a mixture of surprise, light fear, and admiration. I don't know how my eyes are looking to you. All I know is that I want to own and consume your beauty and strength, take it from you until you give it. And I want you to feel it. Every last sensation of it will dwell in your body's memory forever. If you thought you were going to be the dominant one here, you have another thought coming. At least for this round.

Still kissing you, I suck in your bottom lip and bite it, quickly but sharply. You jump and try to move away. But you can't. Maybe you don't really like being bitten. But I don't feel guilty. You will feel this. All of it.

When I have to break the kiss to breathe, I push you onto the bed we are standing near, making sure I fall with you to trap you there with my weight. In a minute, I get out of the bed to look around and see what items I have at my disposal, warning you that if you move, things will just go on longer. I find and quickly put the handcuffs to use, taking my time afterwards to choose my instruments.

I find a blindfold mask and put it on you, wanting feeling to be heightened by lack of sight. Then I go back to perusing a drawer full of instruments. You moan the word please, and I don't know if you are asking me to stop or to hurry. I'm not stopping, we both knew what meeting in person would probably lead to. And there is no hurry. Maybe you don't like some of my ideas, but there will be plenty of other times where we can discuss your likes and wishes. And I will give them to you. But for now, I am taking this.

I find what appear to be little clips and something that looks like a miniature pizza cutter. I think it is called a sensation wheel. And the clips are for the nipples and/or pussy lips. Even though I've only seen them used in one video, I'm sure I will be able to use them to your sensation and my satisfaction. I put them within easy reach.

You, seeing nothing, are squirming with impatience. I stand over you and suddenly and expertly use my thin blade weapon to slice openings in your superheroine garb for your breasts and pussy. Seconds later I am feasting on first tit I can reach. So good. Consuming all parts of it in every way possible with my mouth and teeth. Only after doing the same to the other one do I apply the clips to each already hard and long nipple. You make a shocked noise, but your body tells your pleasure is present. And I am beginning to smell you too.

I move down your body slowly with kisses. When I reach my destination, I pause to enjoy for a moment. I have never seen another woman this close. You are so beautiful. I feel a little nervous. I've never eaten anyone out either, and this time I actually do let myself hope for a second that I will not disappoint you. But your smell is making me drunk. This is mine for now. And I'm heady for a moment from the power and your gift.

I begin by tentatively licking up some of your wetness, and your body responds encouragingly. Then I just follow the map of what I would enjoy, circles and suction fast and slow and across, using my finger to provide the deep sensations. When I want you to remember this forever, I lightly graze my teeth on your clit, no actual biting here until I ask you about it. You began shouting my name, begging for the release that is imminent.

But I stop while you are this heightened. You swear in a foreign language. "Well, now you know how it feels," I say, referring to my stopping when you arrived.

I am kissing and lightly biting your lips and throat area while I reach for the sensation wheel. You know what it is at its first touch on your skin. Still kissing you downward, I apply the wheel to different spots than where my mouth is working, mostly the breasts and nipples for now. I push it into your skin enough that I know you feel it, but not so much that I think it hurts. You are making those combination pleasure and pain/fear sounds, but mostly pleasure, for you still need to come so bad and you feel everything magnified.

When I reach your pussy again, I realize that I'm not sure whether it's safe to use the sensation wheel inside there. But I take a chance, and just briefly and barely flick it across your swollen clit.

This action causes your orgasm to explode, and I'm holding you close with one arm to my face to taste and smell you while my other hand is fucking you deeply with the handle of the little wheel. I keep up with your rhythm and you go on and on, but I am not losing strength or desire to take it all from you, drunk with joy over the fact that I gave it to you, that I could give it to anybody.

When it is over, you give me a soft, almost romantic, kiss in gratitude. Then you relax into the bed and I think you are spent so I remove all of the handcuffs and other tools. I am kneeling beside you on the bed. You lay there for long minutes, basking.

Then suddenly, you're also kneeling. You are in front of me with a forceful energy. Again, tension passes between us, and I feel the balance of power shift.

I have no idea what's about to happen to me, but I know it will be one hell of a ride.

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