Becoming Whole in Her Own Eyes

Becoming Whole in Her Own Eyes Becoming Whole in Her Own Eyes

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is a VERY adult short story about what happens when some mysterious strangers endeavor to help a woman in a wheelchair gain a more positive body image.


This is a VERY adult short story about what happens when some mysterious strangers endeavor to help a woman in a wheelchair gain a more positive body image.


Submitted: November 18, 2012

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Submitted: November 18, 2012



This is my first submission here; and the first time I've gone public with this kind of story at all. But as a frequent reader of this and other sites, I often find a small but very noticeable void in the collections. Not very many characters have bodies like those of myself and some of my friends. So I decided to try to change that myself, at least in some small way. I write for those out there on a similar search as me, and for all the others who will hopefully be enlightened along with their enjoyment.

She squirmed in her chair, once again so horny, so needing, cursing the inability to help herself. Cursing the lack of anyone around to ease the ache in any way. She had a boyfriend, but he never seemed to be around during these times, nor did he ever really want to satiate all of her needs, maybe afraid of hurting her.

She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror. Maybe she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous according to most people, but despite the wheelchair surrounding her, she was pretty in a quiet way. Short brown hair, deep brown eyes that were now even darker with need, full breasts which were probably her best physical feature on her short frame, arms and legs which were not strong, but not completely useless, either.

A moan escaped her; she could feel her heartbeat in her core. She had to do something. She had to try. She logged on to an instant messenger, hoping to find her online friend, the one guy, the one person, who knew about some things that she needed badly, and was willing to play with those ideas online. She had never tried that kind of thing before, knowing her physical release would not be real from those kind of plays, but the fact that he wanted to be there with her, wanted to explore in whatever space they could make, expected her to give back, wanted to make her release deep and unending instead of stopping before it started, drove her absolutely drunk on the joy and power of the experience. The feeling was almost as good as physical release would be, and so was a desired substitute.

Sometimes, she wanted to play as a super-heroine, completely opposite her real-life body, although usually her alter got tied up and was totally helpless and unable to use superpowers against the impending repeated orgasms.

Today, now, she wanted to be taken as she was in real life, maybe even tied up in her chair, aching breasts bound tighter than they ever had been before, and legs bound wide apart, vibrator lashed to and buried in her pussy, and one up to the hilt in her ass, held there by the chair itself. Meanwhile, her feet, considered useless by some, would make a delicious receiver for the cock of her friend, tied to form a welcoming, teasing, squeezing circle around it, and she would get drunk on the elation of knowing that even bound by him, she still controlled his need. And they would come. Together. Hard.

Holy hell, that image made her so soaking wet. And of course, he was not online. Damn.

She logged on to a new adult video streaming site she had recently found for free, but the images of girls being tied up so they were actually suspended and then taken by various machines made her ache even worse than she possibly thought it could be. She logged off and closed her eyes.

Suddenly, she heard and felt movement behind her. Her eyes flew open, trying to see around her. Her vision went black as her eyes were bound tightly. Someone quickly reclined her chair, so she was almost on her back. Knowing and determined hands slid what felt like silk onto her legs and up over her torso. Then the hands began to alternately lightly trace and knead her thighs through the new silk. When the hands traced down to her feet, she cried out, both because her feet were small and sensitive, and because the sudden attention to her feet brought to mind her friend. Was he really here?

She called out his name, but heard nothing in response. She knew his voice, but had no idea how he looked. So if it was him, he kept the mystery for now.

She felt herself being lifted out of her chair and held against her visitor's body in a standing position, but with her feet not quite touching the floor. He rather roughly pulled her arms up as high as they could go comfortably, and tied them together at the wrists, with the other end of the soft cloth connected to the ceiling. Slowly, very artfully, he connected other strips of cloth around her body to the ceiling. Then he removed the blindfold and stepped back.

She realized she was in front of a full-length mirror. She became dizzy with the knowledge that she was actually standing for the first time in her life. And whole. And beautiful. She knew she couldn't fall now. Even slightly suspended and bound, she could relax because she knew she was safe.

She had never seen herself in silky hose before. She moaned a little at the realization that someone was giving her this. Firm lips covered hers to swallow the moan, but they retreated before she could relax into the kiss.

Her visitor blindfolded her again. Then, he gently pushed the silky hose down. She heard a buzzing sound and began to whimper in anticipation of a vibrator.

Not yet, his voice chuckled in her ear. It was her friend! She tried to twist toward him, but he moved to the front of her, and she realized that the sound was coming from a razor. He shaved her pussy clean and her legs smooth. She felt unsettled, teetering on the edge of orgasm just from these attentions.

He took her blindfold off again, always staying where she couldn't easily see him, only herself in the mirror, and she did have a small release when she saw her naked pussy.

But then he pulled the hose back up again, and she lost all her strength and just went limp from the feeling of silkiness over her bare skin.

The blindfold covered her eyes again, and she started twisting herself desperately to feel him somehow, any way possible. That infuriating chuckle again. Relax, my Dolly. She shivered a little to hear the familiar nickname spoken aloud. He seemed to change his mind about something, and freed her eyes again.

In the mirror, she watched him grab soft ropes and begin to loop them around her breasts. Making her see and feel every knot, every tightening. He made a web of ropes tighter than he ever had in his mind in the plays around her orbs. She began to repeatedly whimper at the pleasure and pain this was causing her, again totally limp against the cloth underneath her that was holding her up.

Suddenly, her eyes were bound again , and there was someone else in the room.

This new person did not say a word, but was soon kneeling in front of her. From the feel of the hands suddenly exploring her breasts, and tightening the knots, she knew it was another girl!

Still no words were spoken as the girl played with the ropes surrounding the bound breasts, and then completely solidified the hold by clamping something to each of the captured nipples, after quickly sucking them erect. The captured one felt energy flowing out of her nipples and surrounding her; and she no longer had energy to hold back or fight against whatever was coming next.

Her male friend stood behind her, and the new female one continued kneeling in front.

Suddenly, she felt him dive into her ass. She cried out in shock at first, trying to wiggle free by instinct; but seconds later was trying to work her way closer, trying to get him deeper. But she was helpless. She watched their reflection in the mirror until there was nothing but feeling and vision swam away. She cried out his name, begging for the release she knew would come for her if he took her as deeply and as hard as he could. But he kept up his maddeningly patient pace.

Suddenly she could also feel something in front of her. The girl was tentatively licking her pussy through the hose covering it. But then, like the man behind the captured one, she became more sure of herself and pushed the hose out of the way just enough to find and circle the captured clit with her tongue and mouth.

There was nothing else but feeling now; she was drowning in it. And both of her new friends were mirroring each others' actions; so the girl didn't know which one to focus on more.

Finally, she could focus on nothing. There was a huge wave that overtook her ; the orgasm crashing repeatedly into her. Body shaking, screaming a nonsensical string of words....

Only when she was completely spent, probably for the first time in her life, did she feel someone lifting her gently out of the ties and onto her bed, but she could not open her eyes.

When she did, she was in front of her computer again. Had she fallen asleep in her chair and dreamed it all??

She would've thought so, but then she noticed the deep aches inside her and the curious strips of linen folded neatly on her bed....

She was about to shut down her computer when she noticed a sticky note on her desktop which simply said:

Remember, sometimes dreams do come true.

She laughed, and left the room. She felt refreshed. She would tell her friend of her dreamlike experience, and eagerly await the next one.

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