Of A Blood Warlock and His Bride

Of A Blood Warlock and His Bride

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


***Short Story Companion piece to "Wolfs Bain"*** Who was Claire before she was evil? What led up to her stealing Ty from Bain and forcing Bain to banish her from Ireland? Did Claire love as well? Was she ever normal? In this Origin story learn who she was, and who would have given everything to protect her.


***Short Story Companion piece to "Wolfs Bain"*** Who was Claire before she was evil? What led up to her stealing Ty from Bain and forcing Bain to banish her from Ireland? Did Claire love as well? Was she ever normal? In this Origin story learn who she was, and who would have given everything to protect her.

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Who was Claire before she was evil? What led up to her stealing Ty from Bain and forcing Bain to banish her from Ireland? Did Claire love as well? Was she ever normal? In this Origin story learn who she was, and who would have given everything to protect her.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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So heres a nice back story of Desmond Green and Claire.

Heres some pics I find delightful.






*** Of A Blood Warlock and His Bride ***

England, Year: 706

The moment Desmond knew his life was changed was when he first encountered Bastian. A Lord of an English court. They were becoming a large kingdom. But Desmond was an Irish warlock. One of the last. His Clan was diminished. The Demon Wolf had eradicated his people while he was away. It was for the best, they were always power hungry individuals. As was he, he respected their deaths and smirked in knowing he was the only one to master their art. He was all powerful with his powers. This fact had drawn Bastian to him.

Desmond had been weak when he stumbled upon an English keep. His body weak and exhausted, his magic gone as his last battle had exhausted his reserves. He needed to replenish. Here he could rest in the forest. His blood melted off of him, the armor that covered his head melted with it. He let out a huff of pain and looked at the stab wound just over his heart. It had been close, that was the source of his own power. He couldnt afford to lose it. He waved a hand and three of his snakes appeared from his skin. Ash knelt next to him as the other two looked over him worried. "My lord?" Ash asked.

"I n-need water." Desmond muttered. "I cant move like this. The other mages will seek me out."

"Theres something wrong here." Gunner said. His long hair gleamed as he looked around. "It doesnt feel right."

"Like it's poisoned land?" Ash asked.

"Yes." Desmond smiled. "Good for my power."

"Let's let Master rest." Bethany said as she urged them to leave his side. She brushed his forehead and he nodded his thanks. He just needed the relief of not maintaining their bodies as markings on his.

"Go, give me a few days here, just bring me necessities." He grunted. Thankfully they left him then. He settled on the ground and revelled in the feel of the earth. It filtered him some energy and his blood surged with it to start the processof healing his wound. He would be here a while.


The first time he saw her she was in the garden. She was about fourteen. Her long copper hair was plaited in braids and a swash of silk. Somedays she wore it properly covered. But he prefered those riotous curls to gleam in the sunlight. Her mother would watch as she danced in the grass or picked flowers. She knew which ones were which. Often times she would look up at the sky and sigh as if she were lost in fantasy. Desmond liked thse moments, though she was human he liked to taste the enjoyment from her.

Everyday she would go outside, and watch the sky until her mother called for her. He had been lying there around two weeks when she discovered him. He had managed to get up to a sitting position and she had vanished form view. Thinking her gone Desmond let his cloaking magic fall away. Weakened by using it he had allowed himself a moment of relaxation. Then she appeared before him, her eyes wide and bright. They were a soft ocean foam green. He was caught and he knew his mind was taking a drastic turn. His usual taste in women strayed to his own age, or at least womanhood. This was a child.

She walked forward and he stiffened. "Who are you?" She asked.

"Who are you?" He asked back. She smiled and sat on the ground in front of him.

"My name is Claire." She said simply.

"Desmond." He said in reply.

"Why are you outside my home?" She asked.

"I fell here." He said, "I'm hurt cant move."

"Oh my goodness." She jumped up ready to run for help. As she passed him he grabbed her hand. She looked down a flush on her cheeks.

"I'm fine like this, I'll heal on my own." He said with a dark gleam in his eyes.

"No, you'll die." She said.

"Please, leave me be." He said and let her go. She ran off and he slumped readying his magic to cloak himself once more he inhaled and exhlaed as he tried to tie his weak magic together. he was using too much of it. It needed to replenish. He was so busy gathering his energies he found her before him again. This time she held a basket in her hands and a ring of keys. She leaned down and looked at him.

"Can you stand at all?" She asked. He shook his head and she nodded, she leaned down and forced his arm around her shoulders. He blinked in shock as she had him up on his feet in two seconds flat. What was he a sack of flowers?! He pushed his weight up even as he felt his wound reopen. His grunt was violent and agonizing. She adjusted her arms as if expecting him to lean on her. What kind of man would he be if he did that?! "Okay, were going that way, it's where the stables are."

He allowed her to lead, walking at an agonizingly slow pace. The stables came into view and he saw there was no stable hand. "Where are your servents?" He asked. This was a massive keep, surely there were servents.

"All gone, dissapeared, ran away, let go." She said and waved a hand. She moved to the left side, and he found himself inside the stables where she led him up a ladder. He fell gasping for air onto the top of the stable hands loft. There was a rather large bed there, a small bearaux and a window that looked out at the keep. He had a perfect view of a balcony attatched to a room. She helped him up onto the bed and he growled at the movement. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you helping me?" He asked. "I can heal fine out there."

"But here you can heal better. No one will know youre here." She said and tugged at his sweat soaked tunic. "Now let me see, I have some medical skill."

He glared at her and lifted his arms, she tugged the tunic up and as it peeled away from his wound he gasped his arms falling down. They tangled with hers and she fell forward. Her small breasts hit his face and his arms fell to her waist. He looked up and she looked down. If her face could have lit up even redder it would have been. She scrambled back and he let her go, her skirts sliding through his fingers. She patted her face and turned her gaze to his chest. "Alright, lay down." He shifted and grunted.

The blushing maiden was gone. She cupped the back of his head and helped ease him to the crisp linens of the bed. She then ducked away and vanished. When she came back she had a basin of water. She wiped her hands down and he watched. She lit a candle and set it on the bedside table. She lifted a small rag from the water and rang it out. She looked at him and softly started to mop the blood off of him. He gritted his teeth and his eyes set to hers. She continued her gentle washing until finally he got a good look at the wound itself. It was angry looking, his blood wasnt working fast enough. He tilted his head back as she looked at it. "What happened?" She asked.

"A duel." He said and she nodded. It really was though, a duel between warlocks was dangerous. A battle of magic and braun. He had won but not before he ended up with this wound. It would take all of his magic to focus on healing. She lifted a small bottle of something and a flask of wine. She held the flask to him.

"Here for the pain." She said and poured the contents of the small bottle onto her rag. She lifted a small curved needle and some thread. He wanted to jump up as he caught what she was going to do. She set her palm on his abs and his body went aflame with desire. Aching and weak as he was his lower half didnt object to this childs touch. He closed his eyes and settled back. He knew technically she was of marrying age. But that didnt mean he desired a child such as her. It had just been a while. He focused on his magic, his own body. Even as she started to suture him up. She sewed with an efficiency he was certain she didnt possess outside of work liek this. Even still how did she have these skills. In moments she was finished and she swiped more of the numbing liquid over his skin.

Claire set about getting him to sit, as he did his chest tugged but it didnt hurt liek it did when the wound gaped. She bound his wound and a portion of his torso. He wasnt used to this. Warlocks in his clan had been expected to heal their own wounds. Either immediatly or not. He was used to letting his blood cleanse and heal him. Having another do this, it was nice. She looked at him and their eyes locked again. He stared at a loss for what to say, until his mind remembered he was a civilized man. "Thank you Claire." he said.

She beamed at him and stood up. "Well I have to go back now, the sun is starting to set. No one will bother you, I'll bring some food later. For now, try to rest, you need to heal."

"I dont know how to repay your kindness." He said and she set her hands on his.

"You dont have to." She smiled and left then taking the basin and basket with her. He laid back and looked up at the ceiling. Within moments it was dark and he struggled up, he walked to the window and forced his hand to trace a rune on the window to cancel the candle light. It wouldnt do to have her hard work concealing him go to waste. Then he saw the light come from the room exposed by the Keep. He backed from the window but watched as Claire appeared. She looked over at the stables and he felt his breath catch. What was it about this young woman? He backed up back to the bed as exhaustion overcame him. He laid down to sleep.


She was harboring a fugitive! Surely he was, he didnt seem like a lord around here. She looked out at the blackened room above the stables. She stared for what seemed like forever, her mind working over the short cropped red hair, the color of blood. His vibrant green eyes. And that muscular body. She'd never seen a man that bare alive. Heat flushed her cheeks at the mere thought of how those muscles had felt under her hand. How he'd looked at her in a mixture of confusion, apprehension, and heated intrest. She was young but she knew intrest when she saw it. Her father had that look when he was in the library or watching the servants.

He was the most attractive man she'd seen outside her home. And injured people sometimes appeared, she usually paid them no mind. But Desmond... there was something different about him. She lifted her head from the banister when she heard the door to her room open. "Claire, come help me with dinner." Her mothers long copper hair was pulled up in a carefully controlled braid. Claire stood and followed her mother.

They made it to the kitchen and started to cook. Claire took a moment to really marvel at the lack of help they had. Before the servanst started to leave this keep had been brimming with people. "Where is father?" Claire asked.

"Working in his study, as usual." her mother sighed. "The people in town are talking, saying he's doing evil things."

"I dont think so mama," Claire said. "He just likes to know everything."

"I think so too." Her mother touched her face. "But even I have to doubt."

With that her mother spooned a ladel of the stew into a wooden bowl. She took two bowls and a loaf of fresh bread with her from the room. Claire ate in the kitchen before she took a small pot herself and a loaf of bread. She set it in one of the baskets and managed to slip outside. She made her way to the stables and climbed up to where her guest was. He was asleep when she entered, his face relaxed into slumber. She set the basket down and watched him. He must have smelled the stew so she turned and set herself on the window sill as if she werent just watching him sleep. "Claire?" His groggy voice asked. She smiled at the sound, it was rough, sweet, questioning.

She turned and smiled at him, she stood up and lifted the cloth from the basket she had. "I brought you some food." She said and picked up the pot with the cloth. She used one arm to assist him as he sat up, his long legs slid to the floor and he looked up at her. Her heart pounded as he watched her silently. He took the pot from her and inhaled as he looked down at the stew itself.

"Thank you." He breathed, she handed him a wooden spoon. He took it and she passed him the loaf of bread. She broke it in half and took a piece of it for herself. She pulled small bits to eat as he usedit to soak up the stew to eat. He ate meticulously, slowly. Every so often he would look up at her. She waited until he was finished and took the pot away. She set herself down on the windowsill again.

"So where are you from?" She asked.

"Ireland." He said and looked at her. He rubbed his face and inhaled as he started to clench and unclench his hands.

"How old are you?" She asked.

"Very old." He answered as he looked around again.

"Why are you here in this area if you were from Ireland?"

"I left to study, when I went back my clan was anihilated by the Demon Wolf." He said.

"Demon Wolf?" She asked confused. What was that?

"Oh, thats right you have dragons up near here." He said and shook his head. "A Demon Wolf is a keeper of the Dark Forest, He manages the balance of man and nature in Ireland. He keeps a barriar between man and the wolves."

"And this exists, thats not possible, I've only heard of dragons and demons in stories." She said. He blinked at her in shock.

"I know human knowledge has begun to diminish but I'm surprised." Desmond looked at her in shock. "It's as if you humans dont want to remember us."

"What should we be remembering?" She asked. He shook his head in disbelief.

"A long time ago the Sun and the Earth gave life to this world. Humans were young but they were first. After the Moon gave life to wolves, natural and not. The Night touched Earth and created Hell. Where Demons and monsters began. When he touched Earth dozens of places opened up and spewed monsters and darkness into the world. The sun banned the worst monsters to be weak in the light. But it was the Moon who decided to protect the humans and the wolves from darkness. She and the Night created the Demon Wolf, the one who feeds on evil." He said, "But the Dark Evils formed clans, and balanced their own evil. So the Demon Wolf warned them that if they ever crossed the line, he would return to devour them. It was rumored that he died centuries ago. But there is a new Demon Wolf who is honoring the oaths in place. My clan went against the oath and he slaughtered them all."

"This all happened?" She looked at him in wonder as he spoke. He looked at her curiously and nodded. He lifted a hand and from the center a small cluster of red light formed. She leaned closer and looked at it. As it hovered it burst into a dozen crimson butterflies. She gasped and reached out to touch them. She saw his fingers twist and the little butterflies landed on her arms. She looked at them in wonder. Then they evaporated.

"Sorry." He rubbed his fingers together. "My magic is still weak."

She looked at him as he frowned and reached up to his chest. She took his hand and looked at him seriously. "Are you a sorcerer?" She asked. He smiled and her heart started to race, his bright green eyes looked up to her.

"I was, until I mastered all forms of magic my clan could learn. My power is derived from my blood. I am a Blood Warlock. Immortal Clan Master of a Deminished Family." He said and held out his hand. "I am Blood Warlock Desmond Viridi."

Claire shook his hand and smiled. She watched as he settled back on the bed and he seemed amused with himself. "Or at least I am when I'm not injured and weak." He looked up at her and she watched as he seemed to consider her. "Can you not tell anyone I'm here, until I heal I wont be able to travel."

She nodded her head and swore not to tell. He took her hand and looked at it. He smiled and breathed on it. Right on her palm a bright green symbol appeared. "Seems magic lies dormant in you." He said. She looked at the symbol as it faded into her skin. "That is a symbol of your destiny. You will not be a powerful sorceress, but you will be able to work magic."

"Seriously?" She asked. He nodded and waved a hand dismissively.

"Until I heal I can show you some things. Bring a blank book the next time you come." He said and she nodded enthusiastically. She picked up the pot of his now gone food. He smiled at her and she watched as he settled on the bed and she looked outside, it was dark out. She needed to get back.

"Rest well Desmond, I will bring breakfast at dawn." She said, he nodded and she left. Her heart was still racing, her mind enthralled by the mysterious stories he seemed to tell. She wanted to know more, all he had to offer.


"It wasnt wise to show her magic." Ash said from the shadows as he appeared. Desmond looked at his servant and smirked.

"I know it wasnt." Desmond said and smiled warmly. He had seen the way her eyes lit up as he told her of magic history. He couldnt help but wrangle what peices of magic he could to show her soft crimson butterflies. Ash growled and looked away, his eyes flashing with reptilian shine before returning to normal.

"We investigated the town, and it seems many of the villagers are dissapearing." Some leave their work here and vanish in the forest, but no evidence is in the woods themselves. "It feels magical, dark."

"I could be a vanishing spell." Desmond remarked. "Perhaps someone is cloaking their tracks. Why is this important?"

"Because after you are well were going somewhere safe." Ash said and looked back at Desmond.

"Sometimes I wonder who is the master here." Desmond said and looked out the window. He knew they should keep moving, but he couldnt help but want to stay. He had watched Claire for days before she found him. She had been his only solace as he laid on he ground and tried to ignore his pain. And when her skin touched his he felt alive in ways his magic couldnt make him feel. She was young, and he couldnt bear to think of her romantically. But in his mind he invisioned the woman she would be in a few scant years. She would be perfection. "Investigate the woods, I'm not up to travelling yet, but I dont want to be attacked in a weak state."

"Very well." Ash said and turned leaving the stables. Desmond listened to his two other demon snakes leave. He looked out the window. He saw the candle flare to life again as Claire entered her room. He saw her shadow as she moved around and watched with confusion. What was happening to him? He wanted to remain for her.


A week passed as Claire returned to help him heal, she brought him food, a blank book for them to work on. He was teaching her small spells. Simple things. Like how to make inanimate objects float. How to create the light that she could manipulate. Now she could only make butterflies and small animals. But with practice she could make a light copy of herself. Today he wanted to bathe, as much as Claire offered to do it by hand for him he refused. His conflicted emotions about her would just lead to him doign something uncouth. So he forced himself to his feet, his boots felt heavy, but he managed to get to the ground before she appeared. She rounded the corner and looked at him in shock. "What are you doing Desmond?" She asked.

He smirked at her and motioned to himself. "I am filthy." he said. "So I will make my way to the river and clean up."

"I'm sure I can-" She started and he held up a hand.

"As much as you helping me might be ideal, I cant risk it." he said and she frowned. "I would rather not do something we would regret later."

She stared at him confused and he turned and started off for the woods. Five minutes into his walk he felt what strength he'd gained begin to wane. He stumbled and he paused to catch his breath. Claire grabbed his free hand and tugged. "Come on youre almost there." She urged. He allowed her to lead him. Forcing his feet to move. They came to a cut in the forest where the river trickled down to a rather deep spring here. He sighed in relief and waved a hand for his tunic vanished. He untied Claire's bandages and looked at the less angry looking wound. It was closing and his magic was returning. Which was great. Claire took his boots and walked to the tree line where she walked behind a tree and sat behind it. He chuckled.

He shucked off his leggings and waded into the water. The chill morning water rushed over him washing away the sticky sweat that had come and gone with his fever. He lifted a handful of water and whispered a cleansing spell over it to press to his chest. He sucked in a breath when he felt it ease the pain. "Master!" he froze as he heard Ash. He looked to his right and there Ash stood carrying a bag over his shoulder.

"Ah, Ash, how have you been?" Desmond asked.

"What are you doing out in the open?" Ash demanded.

"Clearly I am bathing away the grime I've accumulated. I am a civilized being." Desmond said as he lifted water to cascade down his back and arm. He shivered but smiled quite happily.

"Obviously, what are you doing out in the open with a woman?" Ash snapped. "The girl no less."

"Watch your tongue." Desmond snapped. "Claire if you would be so kind as to ignore my Servants annoying behaviour."

"I'm alright." She waved a hand from her place. He waded out of the water and smirked when he saw Ash hold out a new pair of leggings and a tunic. Desmond slipped the leather over his legs and was tying the stays when he called for Claire.

"I'm decent now Claire." He said and she walked from her place carrying his boots and fresh bandages. She flushed as she looked over his body. He knew without the bandages he was quite the sight. He liked that blush on her cheeks. He sat himself on a rock and took his boots from her. He slipped them on and held one arm up as she re bandaged him.

"What in all Hell are you doing Desmond?" Ash demanded. "I swear I made the wrong choice bowing to you."

"What is wrong with him?" Claire asked as she flinched at Ash's tone.

"My problem is you." Ash turned and sent her a glare. Desmond bared his teeth and warned his servant.

"Why? As I see it I'm helping you master." Claire said back with as much heat as thrown at her. Desmond grinned at her tone.

"Any woman could have helped him." Ash snapped. "At least with a woman he'd be done with her by now."

"Ash!" Desmond stood up as his blood armor flowed over him and infused him with an influx of his own power. He held out the hand that bore their contract and Ash fell to his knees on respect and duty. "You overstep your bounds."

"Forgive me, master." Ash said as he bowed his head. Desmond let his armor fall away and looked at Ash.

"Return to me." He ordered and Ash became a cloud of black mist. A swirl of snake coiled around Desmonds wrist. The black ink of his body was flush and smooth once again. Desmond felt his wound had healed close to perfect with an influx of his magic. He felt energized and he looked back to Claire. She was gone. He cursed and looked around. She'd fled. Either in fear of his true form, or by Ash's idiotic words. He sighed and started walking back to the stables. He wasnt ready to leave, he wanted to see how Claire would be grown up.


Claire was shaking as she walked into the stables. She carried her book and frowned when she heard the creak of Desmonds bed. She wasnt old enough for him. He was humoring her by staying. She wanted to go up, but didnt dare. She turned to leave but frowned when she saw Desmond was behind her. He'd teleported, how irritating. Too bad she had mastered that ability this morning. She phased her own body out into the forest. She felt his energy pop in behind her as he chuckled. "Damn you have been practicing." He smirked.

She gave him a withering glare and phased away again. This time she ended up in a meadow and as he appeared after her the entire area was engulfed in energy. "Dont run from me." He huffed and fell to the ground in exhaustion. "I cant keep this up."

"I bet you could if I was older." She huffed.

"Is that why you avoided me all day until now?" He asked. She looked away and she heard him growl and force himself to his feet.

"How many women have you been with Desmond?" She asked. "Would I have been next if I was older?"

"It's hard to say." He looked up at the setting sun. He came up to her and turned her away from him. He lifted her arms to drape over his own. "I am centuries old Claire, I wont touch you until you are a woman."

"So you've thought of it." She said and looked down.

"Of course I would, You may be young but you arent exactly a child. I see you and I see who you will be in a few years. A woman who could make me beg." He said into her hair and she shivered.

"I've thought of it." She said and his breathing stilled by her ear. "I want it Desmond."

"Not until you are older." He said, "I will stay here until then."

"And then after?" She demanded. "You'll leave wont you?"

"Perhaps, Perhaps not. The future is uncertain." He admited to her. "All I know is that when I first saw you I was struck by your beauty. I have never in my entire life been attracted to a woman as young as you."

"So I have to be what one and twenty?" She asked.

"When I am certain you have matured greatly I will give you what we both want." Desmond said and looked up, his head resting on her shoulder. "Shhh."

She gasped as she saw hundreds of fireflies lift from the grass. They flew up glowing and blinking. Some landed on their arms and others flew around them. "Are you doing this?" She asked.

"No, you are." Desmond said. "Your emotions control them right now. When you are happy they can obey you, angry you can clear a forest faster than a natural predetor can."

"Is that why you seem so calm?" She asked. She knew she always peppered him with questions, he always answered them.  He lifted her hand before them. His other hand dropped to wrap around her waist. She gasped and the small ball of crimson appeared in his hand. She mirroed it and a small ball of green appeared.

"When I am calm it doesnt change, but when I am Angry." The ball of crimson light started to roil and change into spikes. "And when I'm happy" It became a bloom of star bursts.

"What emotion was the butterflies?" She asked.

"Yours." He said smoothly and she looked up at him. He smiled softly and she thought that in this moment she was certain she knew what he was thinking. The small butterflies were a soft warm emotion. The beginning of something that could grow. He cupped her cheek and the butterfiles exploded around them. Her own green light became butterflies as well and she turned in his arms. "I can give you this, only this for now."

He tilted her head up and kissed her. Her stomach filled with delight, and her skin tingled. She felt his mouth move over hers. The soft press became insistant. Her lips opened and she felt his tongue lick into her mouth. She caught on instantly and her tongue lifted to lash against his. His hands pulled her closer and their kiss turned heated. Both mouths moving in sync. With reluctance Desmond pulled away. He ran his fingers through her hair and smiled. "Only this for now." he said, as if to tell himself. She nodded.

She touched his blood red hair and backed up. He settled in the meadow and she leaned against his chest as they stared at the darkening sky. She wanted to be older. Now.

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