Adventures of Zee and D: Undercover Under Fire

Adventures of Zee and D: Undercover Under Fire

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


What happens when a simple stake out job turns hot for D at the bar? Hijinks in a store room while risking their target getting away. Zee in a sexy get up and stripping skills D didn't know she had. Damn.


What happens when a simple stake out job turns hot for D at the bar? Hijinks in a store room while risking their target getting away. Zee in a sexy get up and stripping skills D didn't know she had. Damn.


Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



Location: The Panting Lion, New Mexico, Date: December 13th, Time: 20:01

Demetrius was sure this was an easy job. Taking down a heroin smuggler by getting a line on some of his contacts. All they had to do was find out a good place to hunt them down at. And that led them to the Panting Lion. A rather upscale strip club. Small, but it attracted a crowd. But it was in the earlier hours that their targets appeared. But how to get a good view on them and steal some information from them. Well that was D's plan. Distraction extraction.

The point was for Zee to act like jealous wife and come storming into the club and make a scene. While their targets, who had been identified, were distracted. D would sneakily use his smart phone to open up a secure line in the club for Rick to hack into their phones and get contact information, planner dates, and text messages. Easy, simple, perfect plan. 

That was until the plan changed. Now, Zee was a strange woman. Her ex military background made her the perfect mercenary. Her attitude kept her calm and collected, and fucking sinister in a knife fight, a fire fight, and with any deadly piece of machinery she could get her hands on. He found that completly sexy, everything about her was fucking sexy. From the way she couldn't sleep unless she was plastered against him, to the way she liked to walk barefoot around her flat and eat cold pizza. All the way to how she meticulously cleaned her machinery, kept to her personal security measures, and how she liked to battle him in work out sessions. 

But today his jaw hit the goddamn ground. Zee was not an unattractive woman. Her hard attitude and cold eyes usually threw normal people away, that's what she liked. But he saw beyond that, he saw how she didn't like intimacy often because it forced her into flashbacks of her capture and torture in her military days. But Zee was perhaps the hottest woman on the face of the Earth. And now not only did he know it but the entire club knew it. "Introducing our newest dancer Kitty Annalee!"

As the remix of a sultry beat played a christmas song filtered in as some club house beat. But right there on the stage stepped Zee. Her hair had been fitted with extensions making her deep brown hair filter in with a lighter color. The curls hung down to her breasts, which were covered in white fuzz. The red top she wore was looking like a bikini with the fringe of white fur. She was holding a long red coat around her, down to a pair of black platform pumps that clipped around her ankles. He stared ahead dumb founded until his phone rang and he blindly answered and lifted it to his ear. "Demetrius why is Zee on the stage, I thought we had a plan." Jace grumbled. "She's on our cameras." 

"If you value your fucking life Jace turn the damn camera's off." D hissed. He was still watching her as she started to move. Her face lit with a easy going smile, she flung her head back as she rolled her hips forward and dropped the coat from her arms. He sucked in a breath as he saw the small red thong she wore with fur on her hips. She had the fake as shit henna on her hip and thigh of a tribal dragon and it fucking added to the look.

"Well no, it's not my cup of tea but the whole office is in here now. Rick is taking bets." Jace said. "Out of my hands, set the phone down and let me work my magic."

D set the phone down and continued to watch as she moved with fluid sexy grace. Heat decided to pool through his blood. It all flooded straight to his cock the traitorous blood that it was. He picked up the phone and set it in his jacket pocket, they could still work from there. He edged from the bar and managed to break his eyes from Zee just long enough to survey the room. Any texting and phone checking that had been going on was now ended as all eyes were on her. D looked up just as Zee hooked her foot at the bottom of the pole, flicked her hand up and with a soft movement she was off the ground and spinning provacatively up until she gripped the pole with both hands and arched back her legs coming off the pole completly as she flipped over backwards and hung like that suspended in a sultry arc.

He cursed as he edged closer and watched her dance. She was perfect, all that fluid grace she displayed in a combat fight was translated perfectly into dancing. Pole dancing as it was. He made a mental note to add club hopping to their off time agenda. She was looking pleased with herself, un bothered by her own ptsd that sent her into flash backs. He had to keep their hands connected when they made love unless she would wake up in a cave cell. He looked up at her face to gauge her emotional level only to find her eyes were on him. Never faltering even when she turned and did and upside down pirouette. He watched her and realized she was focusing on him to do this. She smiled that secret little smile he knew was all for him.

As she flipped back up to her feet. She flung her hair back and held her arms up with a wide smile. The crowd gathered here this early in the evening erupted, perhaps ten or twenty of them. He watched as she scooped the coat back up and walked off the stage. The money on the stage was collected by a bounder who left to the dressing room. The other girl came out and he startled when a stripper with no top on came up to him. "Annalee said to send you back." She smiled and licked her lips. He lifted an eyebrow handed her a fifty and walked off with purpose to the dressing room.

Inside he saw no one but Zee. She stood by the mirror and dark smile on her face as she took him in. "You alright?" he asked.

"I should be asking you that." She grinned. "Your eyes almost fell out of your head."

"Uh, yeah." He smirked and locked the door behind him. He walked over to her and she looked up pleased with herself. "It's not often one finds his partner able to pole dance in a strip club."

"They offered it at the gym." She said and he reached out to her. She stilled but didn't flinch from him which was the signal to proceed.

"That was perhaps one of the sexiest things I've ever seen you do." He said and he leaned in to kiss her. He was surprised by her fervor, and as she tore at his shirt he set his jacket on the chair next to them and cast all the make up and wigs to the ground to free up the countertop. He lifted her up and she curled her legs around him. "Fuck."


Zee grinned as she saw how hard D was after her dance. It served the job and thats all that mattered. They usually waited until before or after a job to have sex. It complicated the mission. But this time they didn't need to ride on her disguise or his prowess in hostile environments. Today was on their ability to get information to track the runners here. And that plan was in effect. So she wasn't opposed to D sliding her thong to the side and his fingers delving deep into her core. She flashed back to the moment she first saw him at that bar ready for the signal. Waiting to get the call and set the phone down. Only she'd changed the plan, intent on getting all the info possible by keeping attention on her as long as possible.

Seeing his face stunned stupid and heat radiating from his eyes had been the bonus. The icing on the cake.

Zee let her head fall back as his mouth settled at her neck as he fingered her slowly. Every movement he made was slow. Soft, but today she was in the mood for a little rougher play. She linked their fingers and used her free hand to undo his jeans. He let out a swift hiss as her fingers curled over his cock. She loved touching him, he was soft, and hard at the same time. For the first time in her life she was happy. And being with D made all her fears go away. He was the only man that could wring an orgasm out of her and make her love every moment of it.

So today she edged his pants down and grinned as he kissed her. "Who knew we could do a raunchy hook up in the back of a strip club?' She chuckled and used her legs to yank him forward, as the angle was perfect he slid inside her perfectly. His fingers having been occupied with her clit lifted and gripped the back of the mirror.

"Fuck Zee-" He cursed and she leaned up her mouth closing over his ear, he sagged a bit his hips snapping up into her. She gasped and her free hand lifted to his shoulder to hold on. "Hold onto me." He urged and she let her hand disentangle from his. She gripped his shoulders as his hands fit to her hips and he edged her to the corner of the vanity counter while he picked up pace. He moved inside her fast, and hard. God it was perfect.

She threw her head back and let herself flow with the emotions. She let one hand fall to brace her from behind. She put her weight there and hooked her ankles. She lifted her hips into the air and added her own thrusts to meet his. He looked at her and their eyes met with miscevious delight. "Shit-" He cursed and let one hand slide under her while he kept up his powerful thrusts inside her. She threw her head back and let him do his thing while she contributed. He jerked a hand up and unclasped her top from the front button. Her breasts bounced free and he made this anguished cry that was music to her ears. "Fuck, yeah, just like that-..." He panted.

She gasped as he grunted out filthy words that made her even hotter than she was now. Their fast pace led them close to the edge and she managed to let herself fall back to the vanity. It rattled with his thrusts but freed up one hand to slide down her neck to her breasts. She cursed and watched him. The added stimuation had her bucking against him as she slammed into her orgasm hard and fast. She cried out and he moved faster. His hips losing that rhythm that had danced them back and forth this long. He bowed over her as his thrusts grew uneven. He looked up at her desperatly and the edges of her orgasm intensified bringing her headlong into a second one. She let out a second cry this one strangled and filled with heart shattering ecstacy. "D- ugh!"

D let out one of those moans that slackened his face and she watched him come undone as he spilled inside her. She lifted her hands to his head sheened in sweat. He leaned down and licked over each of her nipples before laying his head on her chest. "Fuck, you should pole dance more often. You didn't have a flash back once." 

"I didn't." She grinned rather pleased with herself for that. This moment was untainted by her fear. And she was fucking blissed out because of it. Nice.

"Oh, shit." He shot up and pulled out of her. She shuddered and hissed at the fast movement.

"D!" She snapped as shivers ran down her spine and her inner walls clenched with the loss and desire to be filled once more. She looked at him upside down as he picked up the phone from his pocket. He flushed a deep red color and lifted it to his ear.

"Are you still there Jace?" He asked heasiantly and she shot up.

"Jace?" She snapped.

"I see." D rubbed his race even as he reddened further. He looked shocked and twisted looking up. There in the corner as she followed his gaze was a vent. He walked over and lifted the vent grate. It shouldn't have been that easy to move and she saw a cameraa. "You saw all of that?"

"Sont of bitch!" She snapped. "You share that Jace and I'll murder you in your sleep!"

"Uh..." D looked at her and hastily did his pants up. "Do you want the good news or the bad partner of mine and possible sex goddess who harbors all of my heart soul and body?"

She frowned at the flattery, D only pulled that out to get out of being in trouble. "That depends, should I be mad about the news or the fact that you forgot the phone was in your pocket?!"

"They got the info, Rick is sending it to the FBI. The bad news is that this whole thing audio and all was recorded on the computers back at the office." D admitted. She felt her face flush and she glared at him. He held up his hands in surrender and she reached down into her bag to lift up a gun.

"Well then." She said, "I guess it's time to go home." She finished treateningly and D dropped the phone as he blanched. She picked it up and listened to Jace and everyone else dealy silent. "I hope you know. I'm going to make your lives hell unless all of those video's you all have uploading to your phones are gone. Be home soon."

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