Adventures of Zee and D: Mercenary Off Time

Adventures of Zee and D: Mercenary Off Time

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


For mercenary Zee there is only a few things she looks forward to. A new weapon to fill her arsenal, killing people who piss her off, and her partner Demetrius. If she can combine all three, life is grand.


For mercenary Zee there is only a few things she looks forward to. A new weapon to fill her arsenal, killing people who piss her off, and her partner Demetrius. If she can combine all three, life is grand.


Submitted: June 05, 2013

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Submitted: June 05, 2013



Location: Moscow: Date: November 3rd: Time: 23:21

Zee flicked the safety on as she began to adjust the scope of her high powered sniper rifle. She had about a half an hour until one of the african warlords would appear in the hotel room two levels down from the building she was parallel to. She brushed her chin length hair behind her ear and tugged her hat down as she softly moved the scope's magnification up just a tad bit more. Perfect. The intel said he would be here and sleeping in but an hour. Perfect precision, perfect intel, an easy job. And a couple grand back in her account.

A stomp sounded a few feet out near the door to the abandoned building she was housed in. She slooked back and saw her partner there. His stomp being their silent code to each other. An alert so she didn't pull her glock on him. Though she just might given how irritated she was at him. He walked over and knelt by her on the blanket she was perched on. He set a cup of coffee down and she smirked. He was good at making her less angry at him. She lifted it and sipped the coffee feeling it wasn't hot at all. It was at the temperature she liked best. "Were you standing out there for ten minutes exactly?" She asked.

"Yeah." He looked at her and leaned over to look into the scope, he nodded and looked down at her.

"You shouldn't have gotten in my way earlier, I might have taken him out in the lobby." She huffed. "Then we could have been locked in a dingy motel room making the most of this work trip. Instead you get to stand out in the cold for ten to fifteen minutes trying to apologize."

"Yeah, but I would rather do it again than be exposed and see you filled with bullets." He said and looked at her his blue eyes hard and serious.

"You know you need to get over this potential death thing." She huffed out at him. "I might actually get kille\d one day. You can't prevent that, and the more you act like this the bigger I become a weakness, and if I become your weakness I will leave this partnership."

D leaned over her and she found herself on her back as he set one hand on either side of her head and glared down at her. "What's wrong with that?" He snapped. "You are the only person I trust."

"I only trust you too D." She lifted a hand up and traced her finger over the scar under his eye. He'd forced a thug to look at him instead of her while they were tied up. She closed her eyes and a cold heat filled her from the center up to her throat. "But I won't be your weakness, I can't see you hurt for me."

"Then shut up and stop fighting this." He snapped and kissed her, she moaned immediatly even as her muscles tensed. He pressed deeper and their tongues swirled together. Then he flipped her over he settled behind her and she looked down into the scope seeing their Ambassador had returned early. How delightful, she might just get her wish yet. D pressed a kiss to her bare neck and she shivered. "I trust you can make the shot."

"I could do it in my sleep." She growled and lossened all her muscles one by one. She looked through the scope and calmly entered into the place she went to do these kinds of things. Metholodically she checked the chamber for a round, she turned the safety off, adjusted the scope and nodded as she saw the perfect position. The Ambassador entered the bathroom and she waited for ten minutes, fifteen, eighteen, and he emerged. He shed his towel and dragged on a pair of boxers before he flopped onto the bed. She watched as he settled on the bed arms behind his head. She waited a bit longer. And sure enough he turned onto his side leaving his back wide open for her to exploit. She aimed for the back of his head. And inhaled, she poised her finger over the trigger and on the exhale she squeezed the trigger.

The shot was silent anywhere outside their hidding place. But she saw the glass crack as the power of the bullet shot through it, and the blood spatter of the dead ambassadors head. She sagged in relief then her muscles reawakened. She sat up and D lifted the rifle up, he began to disassemble it and she lifted the coffee to drink some of it. Mostly to show D she wasn't mad anymore. The job was done. She crumpled the cup and set it inside her bag as She tugged the blanket up to stuff inside it. D lifted the sniper rifle case and helped her to her feet. And together they fled the site. 


Demetrius smirked when Zee opened the door to their dingy little motel room. They could have had something more elaborate. Their handlers had even offered to pay for one. Knowing this tiny job was the first one they had had together since they had partnered up after the cartel job in Africa. He'd been in Japan, and she had been in Paris. Now here they were. As she set the bag down he dropped the case and shut the door behind them. They moved around the room checking or bugs, placing a gun on the night stand and a knife under the pillow he was secure. Zee placed a gun under her pillow and moved to the bathroom. He looked into the mirror at himself and shed his layers as the heater kicked on. 

His eyes were still sunken from not enough sleep, but they glowed with warmth. The effect of being near Zee for this job. His goatee was dark against his chin and mouth. He was looking rather scruffed again, he'd need to shave once he got home. His arms were still bearing an array of cover up tattoo's to hide his marine tattoo's. He took off his shirt and ran a hand down his abs. His dog tags fell against his chest and he looked at them. One bearing his name, and the other bearing Zee's. Their code names, and where to deposit their bodies upon death. He settled them back against his skin and turned as he heard the bathroom door open. Zee stood there in a tank top and her black panties. He hardened at the look in her eyes.

Zee on a job meant a killer was in his view. She was remorseless, and unforgiving. Precise and tactical. She was a killing machine. An elite soldier, and an intimidating mercenary. But right now, bare legs and black painted toes, her scars visible and her hair ruffled. She was more than just a mercenary. She was a woman, and she was in need of a good fuck. Damn he was in need of a good fuck. And when it came to Zee, there was no one better.

She walked over and her fingers closed over his belt. She tugged him forward. "I missed you while you were gone." She breathed as she leaned up. One of his hands closed absently over her hip. The other cupped her elbow as she came closer. "I missed you so much I couldn't sleep."

"Nightmares?" He asked his eyebrows kniting together in anger. Her nightmares of her time in Iraq. Her squad's betrayal and her time captive. What they tortured her with, how they tortured her. If she hadn't killed all of them herself he'd have done it himself. He tugged her forward and she kissed him. His hand's lifted her tank top up and she let him remove it. As she came back they battled each other again in a mesh of lips, teeth and tongue. He cupped her breasts and liked the sound of her hiss. The way she arched into him. He relished it.

He backed her up to the bed and she fell down onto it. He flipped her onto her stomach and sank to his knees on the bed. He smoothed his hands over her shoulders and she relaxed under him. Every moment of her relaxing with him was a gift. He knew how hard it was for her to relax and become intimate with him. He didn't like to push her even when she was screaming his name. He took what little she gave him and turned it into blinding hot passion for her. And that was like a personal triumph every time she pulled out of the dark flashbacks and welcomed her pleasure anew.

He reveled in these moments for the preciousness they were. D leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck. As his hand's sank down her spine unknotting the tense muscles, he trailed open mouth kisses down her vertebrae. As his fingers skirted to the side and slid under her hips she hissed. She rolled her hips and he removed the tiny thong she wore. He looked down at her bare and open for him. His eyes trailed down her tattooed back. The black tribal coating her shoulders. She was the most perfect woman there ever was.

He palmed her ass and his thumbs slid down to her slick folds. She moaned and he smirked, he rubbed the soft flesh there, completly avoiding her clit and her opening. She squirmed in need for more and he delved down his tongue sliding across her folds. She let out this cry that let him know she was with him. With everything they did, there were signals, silent gestures. He was reading her and she was reading him, they never had to talk. And as she arched up he slipped his thumbs inside her and spread her for him. She let out a puff of air and he continued his assault with tongue and the slight pressure of teeth. 

"D-" She growled out and he shifted he stood up and she turned over to look at him. He was hard inside his pants. He kicked off his boots and froze when he found her hands on him. She smoothed her fingers over his hips and pressed her lips to his abs. They contracted as she stole his breath from him. 

"Zee-" He started as she opened his pants and they sagged a bit on his legs. She shoved them down and he remained still, unwilling to stop her. Unwilling to upset her and throw her into a flashback he forced himself to grip her arms and pull her questing lips away from his hip. "You don't-... you don't have to do that." He said and she looked up, eyes unclouded by fear. She smiled softly and her free hand came up and grabbed onto his cock. He jerked and almost lost himself to finally having her hand on him.

"I want to D." She said and leaned forward her tongue sliding out to circle the head of his cock. Which then exploded with sensation and pleasure. He jerked again and watched as she smirked up at him. The dribble of precum was swiped up by her tongue. Oh fuck that was hot. "I trust you." She breathed.

He forced himself still, he didn't touch her head no matter how bad he wanted to keep her there. He refused to make her feel forced in any way. He knew what they had done to her, and he studiously refused to harm her in any way. She trusted him with the knowledge of her pain and he trusted her to let him take her to bliss. Her tongue pressed along the underside of his cock as she sank down on him. As she came up she scraped him with teeth and shiveres erupted along his back. Christ she was good at this, his balls drew tight to his body and he pulled back. She looked up at him and he huffed out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "I'm not going to last like that love."

She smirked and leaned back on the bed, and as he shucked off the pants around his ankles he crawled to her. She took his hand into hers as he pressed it to the bed to hold himself up. This was their way of keeping her mind here during sex. Otherwise she might close her eyes and wake up in that torture room. She grounded herself here with him, and he rejoiced in seeing her watching him with desire. He leaned forward and kissed her again. It was sweet, deep, and slow. And as her free arm came up to cup the back of his head he pulled back to watch her as he slid himself home. Every wet moment of burying himself inside her was perfection. She held him sung and tight inside. Her head tipped back as she let out a moan. "I've wanted this for days D," She breathed, "You were gone too long."

"I know, no more solo jobs." He breathed and their lips connected again. He pulled back and groaned as she shifted her legs to allow for deeper thrusts. He looked into her eyes and refrained frm speaking what he felt. If he broke down and admitted he loved her she might run. So he forced that back and tried to show her the depth of his emotion for her. He thrust inside her slowly, deeply and she arched under him. Her breasts catching the light outside their room. They bounced slightly and she closed her eyes and gripped his hand tight. He leaned forward and mouthed her neck up to her ear. "It's me, only me."

"D-..." She moaned and her eyes slit open to watch him as he moved inside her. She tightened around him as he did and every thrust was just as fucking amazing as the last. He lifted her leg up and poised it over his back, she dug in with her heel and lifted her hips to take him deeper. She moved with each of his thrusts and gave as good as she got. Fuck she was amazing, fuck she was everything he could have asked for and more. He kissed her quickly and closed his eyes as the sensations of her sliding around his cock was getting to be too much. He circled his hips and Zee let out a rather loud moan. She arched tightly so he kept up the motions and she came. He watched her eyes squeeze shut, her breathy moans cease, she gripped his hand tight and shuddered. Her walls fluttered around him and he grunted as she let out a groan so perfect it trew him headlong into orgasm. He thrust twice more as his cock spasmed and the heat that built up in his abdomen surged forth in poweful spurts of his semen. Zee fell back boneless but her hand didn't leave his and he leaned forward to kiss her. The euphoria of the moment had him overly whistful.

"Zee, I-..." He froze as her eyes flicked to him to see what he had to say. He choked it back and sat up, pulling from her in a way that made them both shiver. "I'm taking a shower, care to join me?"

"Yeah." She got up and her fingers tugged him after her. He followed her into the bathroom. As she started the water with one hand and looked up at him he knew he was so fucking in love with her it was any wonder how he had lived this long without her. He smiled and helped her into the shower as hot water beat down on them. He pulled her into his arms and relaxed as every curve of her fit along him. He would tell her eventually. They were too good together to not beat his silence eventually.

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